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Jessica Darling 6: Any Landing You Can Walk Away From

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2009 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; latex; leather; maids; mast; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 5

Chapter 6: Any Landing You Can Walk Away From

Jessica returned to the main cabin after showering and making herself 'presentable', to find Heather standing in the main cabin dressed in a bright pink PVC Heidi dress that barely came to mid-thigh. "I wanted to make a good impression!" Heather smiled as she twirled around showing off her newest addition to her wardrobe for Jessica before offering her a last glass of champagne.

"You were in there for a while Jessica..." Heather commented as they sat facing each other while the jet started its decent towards the airfield near Brulée's secluded factory and estate.

"In where?" Jessica timidly asked, knowing full well what Heather was referring to.

"The shower silly!" Heather giggled. "And just what were you doing in there? I know it doesn't take you that long to shower."

"I was trying to relax..."

"If that's what you call it, then I must be the most relaxed woman on the planet!" Heather laughed. "You were playing with that handheld shower just like I did!"

Jessica simply smiled at her friend as she was right. And although it had been her friend's playful offer that had created it initially, it was the imagery of Heather being encased and then fucked, even if faked, that Jessica's mind retrieved when she lightly climaxed with the showerhead firmly planted on her pussy in the plane's shower stall.

"That's why I have one of those in the bathroom in my house too." Heather giggled as Yumi announced that they had been cleared for final approach and to recommend that Heather and Jessica fasten their seatbelts.

Both women understood why Yumi made the suggestion as the large Boeing jet immediately slammed on it's brakes and the pilots threw the thrust reverser on each engine into full reverse the instant the nosewheels hit the tarmac. "I apologize. It seems the airstrip is just big enough for Madame's jet. But Madame detests the long ride from the regional airports that have the longer runways, so she insists we land here whenever the weather allows." Yumi explained.

As it was, the drive to Brulée's estate took just over 90 minutes from the airport. "I thought Miss. Brulée had an airstrip at her factory?" Jessica asked the limo driver through the intercom as they pulled away from the airfield and were informed of the estimated arrival time.

"Yes Miss Darling, Madame Brulée is privileged to have a fully operational airstrip on her estate, but it is not certified for the new jet." Came the reply. "To make the ride more tolerable for her guests, Madame ensured that the car was fully stocked with tempting delights should you require them before we arrive."

True to the driver's word, Heather found the bar to be fully stocked and several different types of chocolates, caramels, and candies. Heather made sure they tried one of each candy by the time the dark brown limousine reached pulled up to Brulée's private security gate at the perimeter of Brulée's factory.

"Damn Jessica! They've got machine guns!" Heather pointed out. Heather had seen Jessica carry and use a gun, when Jessica had to finally subdue Heather's stalker after he had kidnapped the starlet. But this was the first time Heather had ever seen anyone carrying a submachine gun aside from on television or the prop one at a couple of her photoshoots. Jessica had to admit that there was a tremendous amount of firepower apparent for something as innocuous as a candy factory.

"That's a lot of security for a candy factory." Jessica commented to the driver as they made their way from the gate to the main house. "Not at all Miss Darling, Madame does not take any chances when it comes to keeping her trade secrets secure." came the reply over the car's intercom prompting a shrug of the shoulders from Heather.

The drive to the main estate house led the women on a tour around the sprawling Brulée factory complex, although Jessica couldn't see anything in detail due to the overcast night sky and lack of lighting on the factory grounds themselves. But it was evident to Jessica that the factory had a much larger footprint on the landscape than she would expected for a 'couture confectioner' as Brulée liked to assert.

"We've arrived at the main house ladies." came the voice over the intercom as the limo glided to a stop and the door was opened by the Brulée's door-woman, dressed in a PVC tailcoat dress that mimicked the European doorman's traditional red and black color scheme.

"Welcome to Chez Brulée Miss Jensen, Miss Darling! If you would be so kind as to follow me I will take you to the main house!" The door-woman enthused as she curtsied to Heather and Jessica as they exited the car and set foot on the flagstone driveway before stepping up onto the marbled steps leading into the main entrance. The door-woman quickly, smoothly, shot in front of the women and led them into the expansive main entrance hall where a familiar face awaited them.

"I'll leave you in Lady Taffy's hands and see to your bags" the door-woman dismissed herself, pivoting 180 degrees and marching back out the front of the house.

"Good evening ladies!" Taffy smiled as she extended a hand to Heather and then to Jessica. "Madame Brulée is thrilled to welcome you to her humble dwelling." Heather looked around at the hall, seeing nothing but marble, painted masterpieces, and statues. "Madame Brulée has assigned me the task of seeing that you are made welcome and to show you to the quest quarters. Now, if you would both be so kind as to follow me, I will introduce you to the staff."

Taffy led Heather and Jessica into a receiving room to be introduced to the house staff who had been carefully queued up to greet their new guests, or 'mistresses' as Taffy introduced Heather and Jessica to each staff member. Each staff member was dressed in traditional staff uniforms, except each was done in some type of latex or PVC. Except the material didn't quite look right to Jessica's eye. Not that she happened to be a materials expert or an inorganic chemist, but the material looked much too smooth, much to tight, much too shiny to be the standard variants. The latex stockings on each of the maid's legs were so form-fitting that Jessica thought they were body paint until she got a closer look and concluded that they were indeed some thick latex. Jessica also notice that each of the servants were wearing identical bright silver cuffs around their wrists and ankles, matched by one around each of their necks.

Taffy led the women up the long marbled staircase to the first floor of the house and towards the wing where the guest quarters were housed, with the two housemaids, one assigned to each mistress, following a few steps behind. Heather and Jessica were each given a large room in the guest wing, curiously at opposite ends of the hall from each other. "Why are our rooms that far apart from each other?" Heather asked in a somewhat plaintive manner.

"Madame Brulée apologizes for the inconvenience, however the other rooms this size are being renovated currently and are not suitable to your requirements" Taffy quickly replied, not bothering to look over to Heather instead focusing on Jessica's wandering around the room as if surveying it.

"Well, 'Miss Winery-Owner' over here needs a huge room to get her wardrobe of corsets and pants and skirts and boots to fit in..." Heather giggled as she wandered over to Jessica and put her arms around her. "All my clothes are 'little'" Heather snickered, referring to her penchant for skirts that rarely descended below the mid-thigh, "so I don't need as much room. But I was hoping the two of us would be next to each other... but... if this is the best you can do... I mean I would think there are a couple of rooms next to each other in this massive house."

"As you say Miss Jensen, I will 'discuss' the manner with the Madame and see what can be done to accommodate your wishes." Taffy acquiesced, still focusing on Jessica as if sizing up her next opponent at an upcoming chess tournament in Bonn.

Each was left in their respective rooms with their assigned maid to help unpack and assist each with any questions they may have on the house and grounds, as Taffy went to instruct the cooking staff on the ladies' wishes for refreshments before they were bedded down for the night. Jessica's care was assigned to a striking redhead who could easily have been a model had she not been raised in a family possessing a long, proud, history of domestic service.

Jessica directed her assigned domestic not to touch the black bag that had been placed on the floor beside the large Louis XVI desk in the den attached to the bedroom, instead Jessica focused her on unpacking the bags containing her wardrobe and personal items. Jessica attempted to get some information on the factory, Brulée, and Cardinalli, but the response was always the same: "I'm sorry Mistress, I'm afraid I can't answer your question, perhaps if you direct them to Lady Taffy she may be of assistance."

"You're a servant in this house, how can you not know anything about your employer and what she does for a living?" Jessica pressed the girl.

"I am only told what I need to know in order to serve the Master or Mistress I am assigned to. That is all I am required to know Mistress."

"Well, this is getting me nowhere... I wonder how Heather is doing?" Jessica finally mumbled to herself as she walked out of her guest suite and down the hall, leaving her maid to finish unpacking and turning down the linens on the bed.

Jessica walked into Heather's suite to the accompaniment of her friend's distinctive squeal. Jessica immediately scrambled and trotted as fast as could be accomplished in her boots to the source of the noise, the impact of her boots quieted by the plush Persian carpets strewn throughout the suite. It was with a mixture of relief and humor that Jessica found her friend's only peril was one of being too close to a few of the very powerful jets in the whirlpool tub set in the corner of massive bathtub.

"Jessica!!! You've GOT to try this! This is the best whirlpool I've ever seen! It's got multiple speeds, multiple jets, it's even got multiple 'settings'! My favorite so far is 'pulse'." Heather had positioned herself in the corner of the whirlpool and draped her luscious legs over the edge of the tub so her crotch was positioned directly in the path of at least two, maybe three of the jets.

Jessica walked into Heather's bathroom, and couldn't help but laugh at her friend. Here she was, having spent over 12 hours in a plane, another hour or so in the back of a limo, traveled an entire continent and one ocean, and all she wanted to do was play with herself in the whirlpool.

"Where's your maid?" Jessica looked around.

"I asked her to get me some of that delicious white wine you had sent over here. She wasn't sure the cellar 'stocked' it, but I told her that I had it on good authority that there were a couple of cases of it laying around." Heather replied as she pushed herself a few inches closer to the whirlpool jets.

"Come on Jessica!" Heather pled again, before she pulled her legs back into the water and began to flick a few splashes at Jessica who was standing a few feet away.

"I can't Heather, I've got to head back down the hall and get some more work done. I really wish I could just stay, but I just wanted to see if you were getting settled in." Jessica replied as she set a towel on the edge of the tub and sat down next to Heather. "I know you think all I ever do is work, and maybe you're right. But I've got a lot that I have to get done while I'm here this week."

Heather sat up in the tub and settled next to her friend. "I know, I'm sorry for being a pain. I know I pulled you away from your work to have you here with me. But I thought you might like some time off."

Jessica wished she could tell Heather the truth, that she was really here to work a case, but she couldn't take the chance that Heather might leak something to Brulée. Jessica was certain Brulée had something to do with Cardinalli's disappearance, exactly what she wasn't certain of but Brulée had to be involved someway, somehow. And she didn't want to worry her friend who was truly enjoying herself and having fun.

Jessica returned to her assigned suite, having left Heather to enjoy herself and the wine the maid finally returned with, and sat down at the desk to check her computer to see if any of her various government contacts had come through on her request for blueprints or layouts of Brulée's factory or estate house. And as she had come to learn a long time ago: Nothing can be done in any bureaucratic governmental system without someone, somewhere, having to file plans or paperwork to justify construction, state environmental impacts, detail industrial waste disposal, etc.

One of Jessica's insiders had sent over a copies of a series of permit applications Brulée had submitted seeking approval for some massive underground construction on the site of her factory a little over three years ago. "That's odd..." Jessica realized as she reviewed the diagrams that were submitted with the applications, "These look like whatever Brulée had built runs not only under her factory, but under the house as well." Studying additional information pooled from various sources further reinforced Jessica's understanding that whatever Brulée had hidden under her estate had some type of access point from within Brulée's house.

Jessica noticed something sitting on her pillows when she finally turned to bed in the wee hours of the morning. It was a 'Day's Activities' schedule printed on fine French paper. "Days activities?" Jessica roller her eyes. Starting at 06:30 Heather and Jessica were to be served breakfast by their maids and then their baths would be drawn. Promptly at 09:00 they were scheduled to be met by their assigned makeup and hair stylists and then they were expected - “expected?” Jessica snorted - to be in the main study downstairs to embark on a tour of the house and the estate promptly at 10:30.

Then they were to be taken on a tour of Brulée's factory promptly after lunch at 14:00. From there Heather and Jessica were 'allowed' some free time before dinner, which would be served in the private dining room at 19:00.

"Well, Brulée's nothing if not time-conscious" Jessica commented to nobody as she turned out the light and curled up in the fine linen sheets and pillow top mattress and fell asleep.



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