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John's Seduction

by Rubee01

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© Copyright 2005 - Rubee01 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; M/m+; D/s; latex; fem; hormones; enslave; chast; denial; mc; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

John was a young lawyer, and while very successful and well paid, his two real interests in life were physical training and rubber. He visited the health club at least three times a week, and his home was well furnished with rubber clothing and bed sheets. All his time at home was spent alone in rubber. He yearned for rubber companionship, but every woman with whom he started a relationship departed as soon as he tried to introduce them to his interest in rubber. He was convinced that his life in rubber was to be a lonely one. He had a strong sex drive, spent his evenings dressed in rubber and watching rubber videos, and then retiring to his rubber bed to release his built up passion.  

One evening, as he exercised at the club, he noticed that the man next to him was wearing a rubber sweat suit. The man was well built, and lifted the weights easily. His muscles rippled under the rubber suit. John was entranced as he watched the rubber slide over the man’s body and felt his penis stirring in response to the swishing rubber. The man noticed John’s stare and, as he saw the expanding bulge in John’s pants, raised an eyebrow in a questioning look. John felt he had to respond, and murmured how much he liked the rubber sweat suit. 

“I would do anything to have a suit like that” , he said. 

Again, the man raised an eyebrow and motioned John to stand up. “Come,” , he said, “I have another one in my locker. I think it will fit you”  

The man opened his locker and brought out a rubber suit like the one he was wearing. John was intoxicated with the sight and smell of it. He had to have it! The man lightly brushed the soft rubber over John’s face and wrapped it around his head. John was weak with desire for the rubber. He felt the man pull him close as he asked him if he wanted to wear the suit. 

“Oh, yes, YES”, John replied.  

“You said you would do anything for the suit. Lets find out. Get undressed.” 

John stripped and as he stood in front of the man, who lightly played the rubber over his body. John was weak with hunger for the rubber. As the man ordered him to his knees, he again wrapped the rubber around John’s head and pulled him close. John could feel the man’s rubber pants brushing his face and felt his rigid penis beneath the rubber. It was slippery with pre-cum. 

“Lick my pants, take the rubber in your mouth.” the man commanded. 

John licked, feeling his tongue slide the juicy rubber over the hard penis beneath. He opened his mouth to taste the rubber and the man pushed it between his lips with his rigid rod as he pulled the rubber suit tight over John's head. John was on fire with conflicting emotions. He loved the rubber enclosing his head, and the taste of the rubber in his mouth, but he had a man’s cock in his mouth. He had never thought of having a man, but he felt more inflamed with desire than he ever had with a woman.  

The effect of the rubber and the force of the man’s personality kept him aroused and he started to suck as the slippery, rubber covered cock slid deeper into his mouth. He ran his tongue up and down the length of it, swirling the slippery rubber around it’s head, as his own cock started to drip pre-cum. He was overcome with desire. He put his hands behind the man, feeling his rubber covered ass, and pulled him closer as he swallowed the whole length of his rod. He massaged it with his tongue and sucked hard as he felt the rubber swell in his throat, filling with the man’ s creamy cum. The man continued to dance the rubber suit about John’ s head until he had expelled the last drop of his pleasure.  

John was ordered to stand up. As he did so his engorged and dripping penis stood out, aching for release. He reached to rub it, but the man stopped him. 

“You will constantly hunger for my rubber sex and I will satisfy you in other ways, but you will not be allowed to cum.” the man told him, as he sharply struck John’s penis. The pain wilted his erection. John was confused. He had never considered having a man, but he had thoroughly enjoyed this session. His balls ached to release his cum, but the power of this man’ s will had dominated his mind. 

“ Now put on the rubber suit.”, he was instructed. 

As he did so it felt as though the man himself was enclosing him. His mind became numb as he lost all will to resist. 

“The suit is mine, it contains my power, and by putting it on you have become mine to do with as I wish. From now on you will call me ‘ Master’ . Do you understand?” 

John had no choice but to succumb to this man’s will. He was consumed by the rubber enclosing his body. “Yes, Master.”, he meekly replied. 

Master lowered John’s rubber pants and slipped a hard curved tube over John’s penis and strapped it to his waist. He was informed that it was a chastity devise and would remove all temptation to succumb to his sexual desires. John was instructed to put on his street clothes over the rubber suit. He was told that he had one week to close out his law practice. At the end of the week he was to report to his Masters house. He could lower the pants to relieve his bladder and bowels, but under no circumstances was he to remove the rubber suit or the chastity belt during that time. Under the power of the rubber suit, John was aflame with desire for more rubber sex with his Master, but he did as he was told and quickly closed out his law practice and transferred all his cases to other attorneys. He told his associates that he was tired of the pressures of his practice and was going to take an extended vacation. 

All week he could think of little else but his rubber Master. The rubber suit kept him in constant sexual desire and he continually dripped pre-cum. He hungered for sexual release, but the chastity belt prevented any attempt at self gratification. By the end of the week he was so eager for his rubber Master that he could hardly concentrate an the drive to the address he had been given. John approached the door to Master’ s house. Before he could knock, the door opened and Master stood there in full rubber suit and separate sheath. His erection stood out, full and hard, pointing straight at John. 

“Who do you belong to?” he asked. 

“I am yours, Master.” John heard himself reply. He did not know where the words came from, he had not thought of them, but he knew they were true. 

“What will you do for me?”

“ Whatever you wish, Master.”, and John knew he would. The rubber suit dominated his every thought. 

“Kneel!” Master commanded, “Remove my sheath.” 

John did as he was told and kneeled with Master’ s bare juicy penis pointing at his mouth. On command, John slid his lips over the slippery rod, tasting the pre-cum oozing from it. Instinctively he knew what Master wanted, and swirled his tongue around the head of it. He had never tasted a man before, but he was encased in rubber and under the spell of his rubber Master. He was more sexually aroused than he had ever been before, even though the chastity belt prevented any release. Eagerly he sucked the wonderful cock into his mouth, running his tongue the whole length of it. 

He could feel Master start to pump, and shook with pleasure at the feeling of the slippery rod sliding in and out between his lips as Master fucked his mouth. He relaxed his throat as Master plunged his whole length into him, and felt the penis throb as Master pumped his cum into him. He shook with pleasure as he felt the beautiful creamy cum pouring down his throat. He swallowed hard as he consumed every delicious drop.  Master slid his limp penis from John’ s mouth and ordered him to rise. He looked deeply into John’ s eyes, making sure John was under control as he gave his orders. 

“You are now completely mine. My seed is in you. It is a part of you forever, and will control you. You will love me and obey my every command. You will be eager to please me, and get great pleasure from fulfilling my desires. You will never get an erection unless I command it. You are my rubber toy to do with as I see fit. Do you understand?” 

John returned Master’s gaze and willingly replied, “Yes, Master. I love you, and I love rubber. I need your love. I will live only to give you rubber pleasure.” 

Master instructed John to strip, and when he had done so, removed the chastity belt. In spite of his state of eager sexuality, his penis hung limp. Master pointed at it and commanded it to rise. His organ immediately sprung to a full erection, dripping pre-cum. John was eager to release his pent up seed. His balls ached for release, but master commanded him down and he immediately went limp. Master smiled. He knew his control was complete.   

Master took John in his rubber arms and held him close. John thrilled at the feel of the Master’ s rubber body rubbing against him. Master leaned his head forward and gave John a deep passionate kiss. John eagerly sucked in his tongue as it explored the inside of his mouth. He could feel Master’s hard manhood pressing against his belly and was overcome with desire. He could feel Master’s seed burning within him as it took over the last shreds of his former self. He was now a total rubber slave. As the kiss ended he gave voice to his passion. 

“Oh Master, I love you, I love rubber. I want you and need you! Make rubber love to me” 

“That will come soon enough, my rubber girlie-boy slut, but first we must see to your training.”  

Master led John into the next room. His eyes widened in anticipation as he viewed the room. It was furnished completely in rubber. The center piece was a large bed completely done up in rubber. One side of the room was completely taken up with closets that were partly open to reveal hundreds of rubber outfits. The other side, and the ceiling, were covered with mirrors. John watched as Master went to the closets and selected a number of items. He brought them to the bed and one by one gave them to John. The first was a rubber girdle with attached straps for stockings. John thrilled as he pulled the slippery rubber up his legs. It was difficult to get it over his hips as the top band was small and thick, but finally it snapped in place around his waist, pulling it in and accentuating his hips. This was followed by white rubber stockings, which John eagerly pulled on and attached to the girdle. Next was a pair of thin frilly rubber panties which thrilled John as they softly enclosed his rear. He was steadily dripping pre-cum even though he could not get hard. The panties quickly became slippery with his juice and felt even more wonderful as they slid over his penis and balls.   

The final piece of underclothing was an inflatable bra. John could see in the mirror that he had been transformed into a rubber girlie-boy. Somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind, he rebelled at the thought, but Master’s seed quickly repressed the thought and John became happy with his new look.  

The final piece of rubber clothing was a maids uniform complete with attached gloves. It had a short skirt that barely covered John’s ass. His frilly rubber panties showed nicely from under the skirt. Master paused to view his creation. He was delighted to have a rubber girlie-boy maid, but there was more to be done. He handed John a glass of liquid and ordered John to drink it. It had an unfamiliar taste but was pleasant enough and John drank it down. Master informed him that it was a hormone that would grow his breasts. He would be required to drink it every day. Eventually he would no longer have to wear the inflatable bra, but would fill out his rubber uniform with his own large beautiful breasts. He also told him that he would no longer be John, but that he was now Joan, his rubber girlie-boy slut.  

Joan looked at herself in the mirror and was admiring her new self when Master came up behind her and wrapped his rubber arms around her. She could feel his erection pressing against her. Suddenly she was overcome with desire for this wonderful rubber man and dropped to her knees, opened his zipper, and took him in her mouth. Master pulled back, took her by the arms and led her to the bed. He threw her down on the rubber sheets, spread her legs, and removed her panties. Lifting Joan’s legs over his shoulders, he pressed his slippery rod against her anus and quickly slid it in. Joan quivered with pleasure as Master thrust his tool into her. Her hips rose to meet his thrusting as she pumped in time with him, eager to feel the full length of him inside her hungry ass. Her penis, even though it was forbidden to rise, dripped a steady flow of pre-cum. Their rubber bodies rubbed wonderfully together in mutual passion as Master and slave became lost together in a rubber heaven. They ground together in rubber bliss, pumping and thrusting, until Joan could feel Master’s balls pushing against her ass. She knew that she had totally enclosed him, and was consumed with love as she felt his magnificent rod jumping and spurting, unloading his seed deep inside her. The seed rose to become part of her, absorbing into her mind and body, to bind her to Master forever. She knew that she totally belonged to him, and would happily do anything he asked.  

Master rose from the bed and told Joan that he was fully pleased with her loving and that as a reward she would be allowed to unload her sperm that had been aching in her balls for so long. Master handed her a cup and, pointing at her penis, told it to rise. It immediately sprung to a full erection and Joan started to rub it. Master handed her a cup and told her to unload her sperm into it. Joan started to pump her penis and almost immediately started spurting her rich creamy cum into the cup. She came and came. It was more than she had ever produced before. She could feel the power of Master squeezing every last drop from her. He finally released her from his grip and she stood there with the cup nearly full of her cum. Master commanded that she would love the taste of cum, and told her to drink it. She raised the cup as if it were a fine wine, inhaling the delicious aroma before taking a sip. It was wonderful! She rolled her cum around in her mouth, savoring the flavor before swallowing it. She wanted more and raised the cup, taking deep swallows as she shook with the pleasure of drinking her own creamy cum.  

As Joan’s cum was absorbed into her body, she could sense a strange shifting of power. Her seed was stronger than Master’s! She knew that she could not yet let Master know this, but plans started to develop in her mind. She had come to love being a rubber girlie-boy slut and was not about to change that, but the relationship started to change. Joan said nothing to Master and continued to play the part of slave, but her control over Master grew from the strength of her psyche.. 

Over the ensuing months, with regular doses of hormones, her breasts had grown into large beautiful orbs, completely filling a rubber bra, and by this time her control over Master was now complete. She demanded more and more sex from him until he was exhausted and unable to perform.  Joan suggested that he needed help, and directed him to return to the health club and recruit two assistants. After a few weeks of searching for just the right subjects, Master returned home with two handsome young men, both of whom were totally clad in rubber. Master had already planted his seeds of domination in them and it was easy for Joan to take over control, first by planting her seed deep in both their asses, and then by making each of them drink a cup of her cum.  Joan now had three rubber boy-toy slaves to attend to her every desire and take care of all the household chores.. 

The assets from the sale of her former law practice were more than enough to keep them comfortably, and she spent her time in her rubber bed having rubber sex with one or another of her boys. Her desire for rubber sex grew constantly, and she started to require two of her slaves at once. Then her need grew to having all three. She never left her rubber bed, and was constantly pleasured by penises in both ends while the third slave attended to the needs of her rampant organ. She was insatiable and demanded constant sex from her slaves. The household chores were being neglected and Joan realized that she needed an addition to her male harem.  Again she instructed her former master to go recruiting, and again he was successful. He brought three new slaves to her who were quickly implanted with her dominant seed, bringing them under her total control. She now had six obedient rubber slaves, and set them up in rotating shifts, so that three fresh rubber boy-toys were constantly filling her need for rubber sex, while the other three were cooking, cleaning, feeding her, and, most importantly, keeping her growing rubber wardrobe in good condition.  Her life was complete!


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