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by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2010 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; latex; tentacles; engulf; submerge; mc; cons; X

Based on an idea by EricJP65


By the end of the twenty second century, humanity had made much progress in its evolution, both ethically and technologically, but there was still one thing that had yet to be overcome…the inevitability of death.  And so it was that the earth’s largest kingdom went into mourning for their ruling queen, who had recently passed away of old age.  

But even amongst the mourning, protocols were followed.  The queen’s successor, her daughter Tanya, was quick to follow the duties expected of her.  Like the others, she mourned, but only for two days.  The remaining five days of mourning would, for her, be spent deep beneath the palace, in chambers that the public never went to, or even knew about.

At midnight on the second day, Tanya went to the lowest level of the palace, where a gilded elevator awaited her.  Instructing the royal bodyguards not to follow, she entered and descended deep into the earth, going far below the palace and into the catacombs.  When the elevator came to a stop, she exited into a giant chamber, where a pair of giant gates stood in silent vigil.

Her mother had walked this way.  Before dying, her last act was to head down here and go through these doors, a fact that only Tanya and the highest ranking officials knew.  But as to what lay beyond those gates, Tanya didn’t know.  But she would soon find out.

Taking an ornate steel key, she inserted it into the door and turned three times, then pushed it, hearing the tumblers moving and shifting.  Then the doors slid open, allowing her passage.   

Taking a deep breath, she walked inside, the gates closing behind her. 

Beyond the doors was another hallway.  The light here was dim and it was difficult to see.  Not only was she walking through the dark, Tanya had no idea what lay down here.  She knew that each ruler of her family went through her, but she had never been told what was down here, that she would find out in due course.  

She cautiously walked onwards, not knowing what to expect.

Daughter of the royal crown.

Tanya froze.  

“Who’s there?”

Please come forth.

The voice was in her head.  It wasn’t from anyone or anything Tanya had heard…it didn’t sound human.  But there was something in it, a knowing and sense of benevolence that she hadn’t encountered before.

Cautious, but curious, she continued on.

She reached the end of the hallway.  There was a great chamber there, the blue marble walls stretching high to the ceiling.  There was no floor here, only a deep pool of dark blue water that seemed to glow.

Tanya looked around, searching for the source of the voice.

The waters began to bubble.  Something rose from them, large and black, its skin as shiny as rubber.  It was something monstrous, and not like any animal Tanya had ever heard of.  She was so caught by surprise that she felt afraid, and was about to turn and run.

Please, do not run.  I mean you no harm.

Trying to control her rapidly beating heart, Tanya faced the creature.  She had a better view of it now.  It looked like a giant mound of pulsing, black rubber, as if its muscles were moving rapidly, unable to stop.  Large tentacles were stretching out, grasping the walls.

“You are the voice?”

That is correct.

“Who…what are you?”

My name is unimportant.  I came to your planet centuries ago.  Your ancestors discovered me, and built this temple around my form.

Despite the monstrous appearance, Tanya found herself getting more interested in this being, rather then fearing it.  “Why are you here?”  

My race believes that the purpose of our lives is to acquire as much wisdom and knowledge as possible.  I came to this planet to learn more about it, and determined that the best way to do this was to acquire the knowledge and experience of this planet’s rulers.  In that manner, for the past several centuries, I have been receiving and giving the combined knowledge and wisdom of your ancestors.

“I don’t understand.”

At the end of their lives, your ancestors came here and offered themselves to me.  I took their bodies and absorbed their minds, learning all I could about their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom.  When their successors came, I took them within myself and transferred the same knowledge and wisdom to them, allowing them to rule with the gathered wisdom of their ancestors.  This, in turn, allows them to rule more wisely, and to gain more wisdom from their experiences, which enriches me.

“So…I am to be the next successor?”

That is correct.  It is an arrangement I have maintained with your family, and you will be its newest recipient.

“What do I have to do?”

A few black tentacles emerged from the water, snaking towards Tanya, rubbing themselves around her legs.

The process of transferring knowledge and wisdom requires complete absorption of the individual.  I must take you within me.

“You’re joking, right?”

While I appreciate the value of humor, no, I am not.

“So…how exactly does this work?”

The process takes five days.  Regrettably, it will destroy most types of clothing, including your dress.


Realizing what she had to do, Tanya hesitantly started to take off her clothes.

Do not be ashamed of your body.  It is natural.

“In case you haven’t noticed, going around nude isn’t very well accepted in my country.”  With a final tug, she pulled off the rest of her clothes, standing naked before the creature, arms instinctively covering her most sensitive areas.

It has been programmed into your mind to be ashamed of being nude.

“Thanks for pointing that out.”

Are you ready for the process to begin?

More tentacles began to rise from the creature’s body, moving towards Tanya.

“Will it hurt?”

There will be no physical pain, but you may experience mild discomfort.

“And my mother went through with this?”

Yes, as did your father, and their parents before them.

Tanya figured that if they could do it, then she could too, especially if the good of her kingdom depended on it.  Duty called, sot so peak.

“Very well.” She said, nodding.

The tentacles moved up and around her body, coiling around her waist, arms, and legs, gently restraining her.  They lifted her off the ground, moving her over the water, and over the mass of writing rubber.  

Below her, a large hole appeared in the black mass, revealing what looked like a throat that led deep into unknown depths.  Tanya gulped, but did not resist as the tentacles lowered her towards it.  Two larger tentacles came out of the hole and wrapped themselves around her body, tightly restraining her, yet not uncomfortably so.  

The smaller tentacles released their hold as Tanya was taken down into the throat, which promptly sealed itself behind her.

For the next five days, there was silence in the chamber, save from water gently lapping around the massive creature occasionally shuddering.

At the end of the last day, the hole opened once again.  An exhausted Tanya was hoisted up and out of the creature, her hair wet and slick, sticking to her tired face.  The larger tentacles transferred her to the smaller ones, which carried her back to firm ground, where they laid her down, then gently released her, slipping back into the water.

Tanya stared up at the ceiling.


Her mind felt like it was going to burst from all the information that had been transferred.  There were no individual memories per se, but all the experiences and knowledge of her ancestors now resided within her.  She felt different…smarter and wiser.  It was a thrilling experience.

“That was…amazing.”

I am pleased you enjoyed it.

Tanya’s groin was still pulsing from the tendrils that had inserted themselves inside her, as did her ears, mouth, and nose.  But the pleasant afterglow from the experience lingered, giving her a wonderful feeling of euphoria far better then any sex she had ever had.

“Can we do that again sometime?”  She asked.

You are not the first to ask.

“Everyone else asked for it?”

Correct.  My species rewards individuals who submit their knowledge with feelings of extreme pleasure.  It is useful in convincing them to return to us again and again.

“You sound like a drug dealer.”

A fair observation.  But think of it more like symbiosis.  My kind receives knowledge and wisdom, and in return we give the same back to those who submit to us, as well as pleasure.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Tanya grinned.  “Works for me.”

The euphoria you are experiencing will last for one week, upon which it will fade.  If you wish, we can do this again once every year, to pass along all that you have learned.

“For the rest of my life?”

Yes.  And on the last time, you will be absorbed, to experience a year of pleasure as a reward for your efforts.

Tanya grinned.  Suddenly, this seemed like a very beneficial relationship.

But do not forget that you are being entrusted with this information so that you may rule wisely and efficiently.

A fair exchange, Tanya thought.

You must to return to the palace, The being said.  Your subjects await you.

Rising, Tanya dressed, looking at the being fondly.  “You sure we can’t do this every night?”

You would become addicted to the pleasure, rather then focusing on your duties.

“True enough.”

Finally dressed, Tanya turned and headed back towards the exit.

We shall meet again Tanya.

Tanya smiled.

“I look forward to it.”




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