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Kat in Trouble

by DarkShadow Eternal

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; spandex; catsuit; latex; corset; hood; boots; burglar; dungeon; chast; capture; armbinder; hogtie; enslave; cons/reluct; X

Heidi, or Kat as she preferred to be called, was almost like most typical 23 year woman around her age. She was an athletic 5'6" with long killer legs, a nice petite 23" waist, subtle firm 34B breasts, long silky smooth blonde hair, luscious rose red lips, delicate sky blue eyes, firm and tight rock hard ass that drove most men and some women nuts, nice delicate tanned skin. She also had cat-like agility with skills to match. Her eyes were cat-like themselves with their unique way to view in the dark without use of a flashlight.

Kat acquired her nickname due to her fascination and love for cats, how she moves like a cat with grace and skill with great stealth, and the fact that she loves to dress to look like a cat a lot. Kat also made a special costume for her nightly job that she loved to do so much. Her costume was a black spandex full body suit that wrapped her entire body from head to toe in its silky smoothness.

Kat had made some special additions to her costume to suit her liking and style. The hood wrapped around her head completely having only holes for her eyes and leather cat ears sewn on top. The spandex feet had cowhide leather glued to the bottom for grip and silenced the sounds of her feet. A long velvet black tail was secured to the rear of the suit. Inside the suit was a 5" long and 3" wide rubber butt plug that was used to help secure the tail to the costume better than needle and thread alone. On the upper right arm sleeve, there was sewn special pouches to hold her job specialty tools.

Kat had no living family left and chose to have little close to no friends due to her chosen profession. Kat also chose to not stay in one location for long, only a few months at a time when resources were picked slim. Kat is what you can call a professional burglar with deep passion and love.

She had recently moved to Denver, Colorado a couple weeks ago. She had spent this time scoping possible targets to hit. She had spotted this one exotic and rich looking house with 3 floors along the outskirts of town. From what she gathered was that the owner had large amounts of money and was very conservative. She learned that he had a very expensive alarm system, no animals of any kind, no cameras, he was single with little to no company coming around. Other than what she could figure, he was a very mysterious man who preferred life of solitude. She also learned that he was going on a trip somewhere. While he is gone is the time she will strike.

He had been gone 3 days now and was not expected back till tomorrow afternoon from what she could gather. She sat in the tree next to his massive sized yard waiting for the right moment for her to pounce. She was wearing her cat costume with the butt plug shoved firmly in her delicious ass help keeping her alert and highly aroused like a cat in heat. She loved the feel of the silky smooth spandex encasing her naked body. Her nipples erect with excitement and the gentle chill of the night air. Her shapely silhouette shrouded within the moonless night and almost total darkness of her surroundings.

She carefully and silently climbed down from the tree and with great stealth and cat like speed made her way across the yard. Kat using her cat-like agility and grace climbed to the third floor directly under the attic ventilation cover. She carefully pulled the cover off revealing the 2' wide whole leading directly into the pitch-black attic. She swiftly squeezes her way through the opening and pulls the cover back in place. It only takes a couple minutes for her eyes to adjust to the very limited lighting of the attic before she continues on to the small door at the end of the attic.

Kat carefully inspects the door for any alarm triggers. After being sure that there is none, she slowly opens the door revealing a small set of stairs leading to the third floor. Stealthily and swiftly she heads down to the first floor preferring to work her way from bottom to top before her departure. The entire house is eerily silent and still.

In one room, she spots a $50K home theater system with a projector and projection screen. There was a huge collection of DVD movies ranging from 200-300 movies of various forms and titles. In the den she found a nice collection of books ranging from paperbacks to hard backs of various titles, ages and styles. Near one wall was a large leather couch and a coffee table made out of solid marble frame with a crystal center. The desk was made out of mahogany with a possible $500 lamp on it next to a new $5K computer.

Apparently this guy had a lost of cash saved away and loved to spend it on items themed on relaxation. He must have some small valuables and hopefully some cash that she can carry out. She had not found any so far in her past 15 minutes of careful searching. She was currently searching the wall in the den for a hidden safe when she found a well-hidden seal. After studying the seal, she figured that this was a hidden door hiding something worth checking. The wall did not sound hollow, probably due to soundproof insulation installed.

She gave the hidden door a slight push on one side with it not giving. She tried the other side, it slowly started to budge. She continued pushing until it fully opened revealing a short hallway leading to another door. She noticed that this door had no obvious doorknobs or handles and gave it a gentle push. It did not go in further than half an inch. When she stopped pushing, it slowly swung outwards revealing a large room completely dark, too dark for her eyes. She found a dimmer switch outside the door and gave it a small turn. As the light dimly filled the room, she noticed that the walls, floor, and ceiling were completely padded with black latex and rubber. The only light bulb in the room was barely protruding out from a small indentation in the ceiling within some sort of light bulb cage.

The room was approximately 15' wide, 20' long and 10' high. Near one corner of the wall was a box that looked like an oversized fridge completely wrapped in latex. Near another corner was a small black chest. Along one wall was what looked like a set of chains and shackles. Other than those items, the room was mostly bare.

Kat walked over to the chest and was extremely curious as to what could be in it with it being in a latex/rubber-padded room. Her pussy was starting to get moist with the sight of all the latex and rubber. This material and the room somehow got her excited and her hormones going crazy with deep curiosity. She opens the chest and sees that it is filled with a latex cat suit, a latex corset, latex boots, a chastity belt, and a latex single-glove. All of this latex wear begins to turn her on even more. Her nipples become painfully erect as her pussy begins to soak her spandex with its sweet juices.

Kat first pulls out the chastity belt and studies it closely. The chastity belt was metallic lined with rubber. It had a front plug that was 10" long and 5" wide and was made from a hard rubber substance. It had ridges and tiny flexible rubber spikes. The rear plug was 8" long and 4" wide and was also made of the same rubber as the front one. The rear one only had large ridges along its entire length. Both plugs seemed different than others she had seen at sex shops. The strap that held the plugs firmly in place was 2 1/2" wide and both ends were flared. The waist strap was 3" wide and was a couple sizes smaller than her waist. Each strap had a closure that looked similar to miniature set belt locks. Each of what looked like the release buttons had a very small circle like keyhole. The style of the keyholes were unlike any she had seen before and was not sure how they worked.

Next Kat pulled out the boots. Each boot was hip high with 6" stiletto heels. The toes each were as pointed as the heels. The latex that the boots were made of was extremely stiff. At the top of each boot was the same type of closure as the chastity belt but a little smaller and with the same type of keyhole.

The corset was made from thick latex and was a bit stiff. It had stiff boning and laced up in the back with soft leather laces. It had open cups that would lift her breasts drastically. On the back of the corset were 3 similar closures as the boots and belt.

The cat suit was made of soft and shiny black latex. It was full body with an attached hood. The only holes in the hood were for the nose and a small hole at the top back for hair. The eyes had lightly tinted lenses. Where the mouth should be, there was a strange hole looking like some sort of nozzle for a pump of some kind. Inside the hood was a small hard rubber ball, she could not figure what it was for though. Connected to the front of the neck was a built in collar with a similar closure lock on the back of it and bolted to the front was a small D-ring. The rest of the latex suit looked normal with a normal zipper with flap in the back. The zipper itself looked like it connected together with the hood zipper at the back of the neck that the collar would cover.

She then pulled out the latex single-glove and inspected it. The laces were made of strong and soft leather. The top of the glove had another closure lock on it. The rest of the glove looked normal.

At the bottom of the chest that was hidden by the shiny black latex clothing was a big tube of a gel like lubricant. Kat than got an idea to try on all but the glove to test the fit. She wanted to take everything in the chest to her new place and modify them into a new cat costume. The thought of a latex cat costume to rob homes in made her hormones race with passion. She had worn latex before but never thought of it for this particular use before.

Kat immediately took off all her spandex clothing with anticipation of wearing this delicious looking latex. Her pussy was dripping with its hot juices with excitement. She first grabbed the tube of lube and immediately applied a small generous amount to the large anal phallus. As long as she did not lock the closures, she would be fine without use of the key. No need for lube on the pussy one due to her pussy already providing the lube for that itself. She places the waist strap around her waist and places the female end into the male end of the closure with a soft click. When the pieces clicked together, the little button popped up and unknowingly locked in place and would remain without the use of the special key.

She than slides the pussy phallus deep into home and her entire body shuddered close to an orgasm due to its size alone. Next came the anal plug and she had to bend over to drive it home with another shudder rippling through her body in a warm and passionate wave. The closure locked securely in place in the back as she closed it securing the belt and both pleasure inducing plugs deep and wide into both of her lower openings.

She holds up the latex corset and admires it shiny blackness and the smooth feel of its sensuous material. She places it around her waist and the feel of the latex on her skin sends her mind into a latex dream world. She tightens the laces up till both ends of the corset meet and squeezing her waist down from its normal 23" waist to a sensuous 18". She attaches the end pieces of all 3 closures together locking the corset firmly in place. Her body was now a dainty hourglass figure with her delectable breast pushed firmly up and out.

Next came the latex suit. Kat applied large generous amounts of lube on her and into the suit almost emptying the tube, leaving only enough for the boots. As she slid the suit up and around her body, the latex hugged her body tightly. After the suit was pulled all the way up to her neck and onto her arms, the hood came next. She placed her mouth tightly onto the rubber ball inside the hood as she started to thread her hair through the necessary hole in the top. When her hair was completely through, she finished pulling the hood completely over her head wrapping it in its shiny skin.

She smoothed out the latex skin and pushed all the remaining bubbles out of the suit making the lube swirl completely around her body. She twisted and pulled the zipper of the hood and suit together sealing her body into it. Next she pulled the attached collar around her neck and locked its closure firmly in place sealing her completely in her unknown latex and rubber fate.

She applied the rest of the lube onto her legs and into the boots before firmly pulling them all the way up to her thighs and finished with locking the closure pieces firmly together. The boots shined deliciously on her legs. The feel of the latex wrapped around her entire body made her feel strange and powerful.

Kat rubbed her hands up and down her entire body enjoying the feel of her tight and unrelenting second skin. She imagined herself robbing houses in this sensuous latex costume after some modifications to make it like her original spandex cat costume. She let the latex send her into a heavenly latex induced dream. Her pussy and ass were beginning to convulse lightly like the plugs themselves were vibrating gently and deeply in her.

She began to rub her latex buried sex trying to manipulate the dildos buried deeply into her, attempting to send herself into a latex induced orgasm. Her mind must of been playing tricks on her for she thought that her guests slowly came to life deep within her and driving her into a deeper passion and latex lust.

After a small wave of orgasms and her finally regaining her breath, the plugs felt like they went to their normal still life. She walked to the rubber covered fridge-like box and opened. To her surprise there were restraints of all sorts of shapes and sizes. There were whips and paddles of various shapes and sizes. Kat also saw dildos, vibrators and phalluses of various shapes, sizes and materials. There were other things there that she did not recognize made of various materials and of different shapes and sizes. It was apparently obvious by now that the owner of this house and exotic room was definitely into a BDSM lifestyle and loved latex and rubber with a deep passion.

Kat rummaged through the articles in the fetish cabinet till she saw what looked like a palm-sized black rectangular box with a hole that looked similar to the nozzle piece on the hood. She placed the box to the little nozzle piece and pushed the box onto it. Suddenly and surprisingly the rubber ball in her mouth began to expand. She tried hard to pull the box off but it was lodged on tightly. The rubber ball began to expand more and more till her cheeks began to distend and her mouth was forced open extremely wide. The box finally came off as soon as the rubber filling her mouth completely was expanded at its fullest.


Kat tries hard to figure out how to release the air in what she now knows is a blow-up gag. She gives up about 10 minutes later with no luck. The only way to get the gag out of her mouth is to remove the hood from around her head. She reaches behind her neck and feels for the button on the back of the collar. The button does not give and the collar refuses to release her from the suit's latex grasp.

It only takes Kat a couple minutes to figure out that the closures locked automatically and will only open with the special key. She digs around the cabinet and chest furiously looking for they keys and found none. Fear flows through her mind as she realizes that she is locked into her self-bondage of latex and rubber. Her only hope now would be cutting the suit off, but she did not have the necessary cutting tools on her. She would have to make her way to the kitchen to find knives or scissors to use.

All of a sudden, the plugs buried deeply in both of her love channels sprang to life at full force. As the now buzzing plugs suddenly distract her, a pair of strong arms grabs her from behind and forces her to the padded ground. She screams loudly into her gag as her arms are forced behind her and she feels them being slipped into something strong. As her arms are pulled tighter together along their entire length, she realizes that whomever was holding her down was strapping her arms into the single-glove that she saw earlier in the chest. The plugs in her continue to buzz loudly in her, her mind starts to focus on the buzzing guests lodged in her instead of the arms securing her tightly into the devious glove.

After her arms were secured tightly, the strange arms than forced her legs together at the ankles with leather cuffs and than pulled back behind her back. Her legs were than secured to the ring at the end of the glove to the single link chain connecting the ankle cuffs. She than felt a strap being wrapped tightly above and below her knees holding them tightly together. Next her hair was braided with a leather strap and attached to the base of the glove pulling her head sharply back. She was now bound tightly in latex and rubber in a strict hog-tie, mouth firmly gagged and both of her lower openings convulsing around the pleasure inducing plugs.

Kat's entire body begins to get rocked with wave after wave of orgasms as her body succumbs to the latex, bondage and the pleasure induced vibrations induced by the very live vibrators buried deep into her sweet and delicious lower openings. Her mind now blank and her body convulsing with each mind numbing orgasm. After about 26 orgasms, the vibrators stop and her body relaxes in its wrappings from total orgasm induced exhaustion. Her eyes are totally blurred as she feels herself get rolled onto her right side. Her eyes slowly begin to focus through the tinted lenses as she views a male figure in front of her.

"Congratulations m'dear. I had no idea that I was going to get a volunteer to become my sex slave so fast. I have a feeling that you wished that you did not break in and discover my little dungeon in the making. Oh well, too late for you and perfect for me. I guess that I will have to finish this dungeon of mine sooner than I thought."

Kat suddenly woke up after hearing these words. She struggled as hard as she could against her latex bonds but found quickly that she was stuck.


"No use screaming my bound beauty. This room is completely sound proof and I have a good feeling that no one will be looking for you. Another thing, this is what you deserve for breaking in and attempting to rob me. Good thing that I finished my trip sooner and came home early or else I would have never found you. It was great joy watching you undress and locking yourself into my latex m'dear. It was a very stimulating show for me to watch. Good thing that I kept the remote to your new buried toys in my desk or else I would of not been able to stimulate you and bind you even tighter without a fight. You do have a very delicious body that I will have complete control over from now on. And since you already happen to love latex and rubber by the look of your pussy before you bound yourself up, I have decided that I will keep you dressed most of the time in the most tightest and delicious latex outfits of my choice. You will be tightly bound most of the time as well. What do you have to say about that slave? I see that you are speechless so that means you agree fully to my terms. It is not like you have a choice though, you did trespass and attempt to rob me. I have full legal right to do with you as I choose. This is private property as well so don't bother hope about being rescued."

Kat hears his words and feels them sink into her mind like burning hot daggers. She also notices a small golden key hanging around his neck, most likely the one that opens the locked closures securing her to her new fate. Deep fear and sadness slowly flows throughout her entire body as she slowly begins to realize that she is doomed to a life of servitude as a fuck doll to this devious and seemingly demonic man.

"Good night my latex slave, for I am off to bed to dream up with more I want to do to you. For tonight, you will be rocked with multiple waves of orgasms while being bound up tightly in your new room."

With saying that, he reached into a hidden crevice in the padding on the floor and pulled out a small chain and locked Kat's collar D-ring to it. He then pulled out his remote and turned the vibrators on max before leaving the room and closing the door to the latex cell and leaving Kat in total darkness.

Soon afterwards, Kat's body again succumbed to waves of orgasms induced by the latex, bondage and lively plugs. Her mind again became blank with pleasure and her body convulsed in its bindings. Her fate now sealed by her own greed and passion.

* * *

It has now been a month since Kat was enslaved. Her heart, mind, body and soul have now been completely drained of their will and now belonging to her master. A salve had been applied to her entire body minus her head retarding all growth of hair. Her hair had been braided with a leather lace and a metal O-ring braided into the end of her now waist length blonde hair. Her master's mark branded permanently on the back of her left shoulder blade.

She is currently held in a very rigid latex body suit from head to toe. She was placed into a body mold and covered with liquefied latex. It took a couple hours before the latex hardened completely turning her entire body into a latex statue. The original chastity belt from her first night was secured tightly on her and a giant rubber pump-up penis gag with air tube holding her mouth firmly open. Her statuesque body was put on display outside next to the door. She is currently being punished for disobeying an order given to her master. She has been as this latex statue for 3 days now and won't be released till her master gets back from his week vacation in New York. Everyone on the streets think that she is only a statue and marvel at its design and female likeness. Orders have already been placed for replicas in her master's mail box.

Her past forgotten and individuality stripped away, she was now a complete latex slave for her master. She decided a long time ago before her will gave away, that if she did not do the crime she would of not be doing the time. Now she must pay forever in a life of servitude for her choice to rob this man. Her biggest mistake was finding the room and letting the temptation of latex get the best of her.

The end for now, and possibly another beginning.


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