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Julie's Party

by DogsBody

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© Copyright 2009 - DogsBody - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; latex; vacbed; display; susp; electro; oral; toys; cons; X

It had been a long week at work but the weekend was finally here and it was a weekend I had been looking forward to for several weeks now. Our friend Julie had invited my partner, Sam and I to a party at her house, the exciting bit was that it was to be a fetish party and there was to be plenty of rubberwear in evidence along with plenty of toys to keep everyone entertained.

Sam and I had been together for five years now and between us had acquired quite a collection of rubber and bondage gear, most of it used in binding me in some sort of way. I just love to be tightly bound in rubber while Sam teases me, of course knowing how I like her teasing me; sometimes her tease is just to leave me bound in my bondage in the corner while she watches Star Trek on the TV.

One of my favourite outfits is what Sam refers to as my “Caterpillar Suit”, a spandex sleep sac, with internal sleeves to restrain my arms. I have spent many an enjoyable evening laying in that while wearing my rubber sheath briefs and rubber hood, which has no eye holes, just one for the mouth. Usually while in my sleep sac, I am fitted with my E-Stim electro stimulation kit, comprising a large round butt plug electrode and a further electrode which sticks to the head of my cock before it goes into its sheath in the rubber briefs. When Sam turns on the E-Stim and sets it to sound activation mode, after sealing me inside my sleep sac, I am left to writhe around on the floor in time to whatever sounds are emanating from Sam’s chosen TV program. Apparently I look like a caterpillar trying to inch its way across the floor, hence the name “Caterpillar Suit”. Sam would then join me on the floor when the ad breaks came on to twist or pull on my nipples, or perhaps play with my cock through the rubber sheath. When Sam’s chosen TV program ends, or she gets suitably worked up, she usually climbs down and sits herself down on me so that I can get to work on her pussy with my tongue. With a quick tweak of the E-Stim’s controls she can have me bucking away like mad below her, while all the time my tongue is working is magic on her sweet juicy pussy.

Anyway, enough of my daydreaming about past experiences, this is about today and the party. Time was getting on and it was time for us to be getting ready to party! Sam had chosen for herself a lovely long red latex dress, with a split up one side that lead all the way to heaven, while I was to be wearing my black latex catsuit. This was a catsuit I’d bought at the Skin Two Expo a couple of years back and it had built in feet, with the sleeves ending in mittens that could either be left open to allow use of my hands, or zipped up and locked to render my hands useless. First up Sam slipped into her dress and I got to work on polishing it to give a nice mirrored shine. The tight latex makes Sam’s bum look good enough to eat and I spent considerable time polishing it and certain other areas, I swear you could almost see your face in the reflection but Sam said I’d taken too long and would pay for it later. I was enjoying looking at her shapely body in that dress so much, I thought it would probably be worth whatever punishment she thought I’d earned for taking too long.

Now it was my turn. First up was the electro butt plug and after I bent over, Sam lubed it up and set about inserting it where it belonged. As is always the case, it didn’t want to go in at first but Sam worked it back and forth a few times and slowly my body began to accept it and it eventually slid into place with a reassuring pop. Then Sam took hold of my manhood and gave me a gentle massage, once it had had the desired effect and my manhood had grown to a suitable size, she slipped a cock ring tightly around the base and then proceeded to stick an electrode (which would complete the circuit with the butt plug) onto the head of my cock. I now pulled on the ready lubed latex briefs that I was to wear under my catsuit, these would hold the butt plug firmly in place, while having a sheath that covered my cock and left it sticking out like some sort of obscene coat hook.  It was now time to put on my catsuit, so having squirted generous amounts of lube into it, I started pulling it up my legs, until I could feel my feet slip into place at the bottom of the legs. It is always a tight fit and as I pulled it up around my waist, I could feel the pressure increase and the butt plug was pushed home a little harder, reminding me it would be around for some time to come. I threaded the wires for the two electrodes out through the end of the zipper and then as always, I needed help getting the upper half on and zipped up but with Sam’s help the zipper was soon all the way to the top, where Sam locked it with a little padlock, guess I wouldn’t be taking it off for a while.

Time for a quick rub over with some latex polish and it was off to the car for the journey to Julie’s house. Fortunately, our car was parked in the garage, so the neighbours didn’t get much of a view, assuming any of them were even looking.  The trip to Julie’s was fairly uneventful, it being late evening although every time we hit a bump the butt plug reminded me that having a sports car and stiffened suspension isn’t always such a good idea. Soon enough we were at Julie’s house, which being a converted farm house was fairly secluded, while still having plenty of parking available out front. We parked up and Sam pulled a holdall out of the boot, I’d not seen her pack this and wondered what she might have hidden away within it. Julie was at the door to meet us and with several hugs and kisses we were soon inside and looking around.

Moving through the hallway into the kitchen, I noticed what looked like a large rubber sheet hanging from the wall, with a hose coming out of the bottom of it. A vac bed? I’d heard of these and seen several on the internet but had never seen one in the flesh so to speak.

Julie then came over to Sam and after a quick chat, Sam told me she had a treat for me – I was to get to try the vac bed out tonight! I’d fantasised about being in one of these things for some time, the idea of being totally immobilised while still available to be touched and teased was a very enticing idea. It was still early and it was suggested that if I was to try out the vac bed, I ought to do it before the party got too crowded. No time like the present I said, so with that Julie and Sam lead me out of the kitchen and back out into the hallway to where the vac bed was located.

Sam reached into her holdall and pulled out my latex hood (the one with no eye holes – just the one for the mouth) and also held in her hand a breathe through gag.  The idea being that the breathing hose on the gag would be pulled out through a hole in the front of the vac bed to ensure that I could breath easily – ah, she really does love me, I thought to myself. Having slipped off my shoes (didn’t want anything damaging the latex of the vac bed), I soon had the gag inserted and its solid mouth piece filling my mouth. Then Sam took out a pair of earphones from her bag and said I was to wear these under my hood.  Well, with the gag filling my mouth, I wasn’t going to be discussing the matter, so I popped the earphones into place. The gag’s breathing hose was then passed through the mouth opening on the hood, which was then pulled over my head and zipped up tight, forcing the gag deeper into my mouth and holding the earphones firmly in place.

I was now blinded and unable to speak, although with the earphones not yet connected to anything, I could still hear, albeit somewhat muffled by the latex of the hood. Julie said to Sam “time to get him into the vac bed” and with that Julie held one side open while Sam guided me into the opening, stepping sideways with one leg and arm first, followed by the rest of my body. My first thought was “wow that’s cold”, despite being at room temperature the inside of the bag felt cold to the touch, even through the thin latex of my catsuit. Julie then reached in and fed the breathing hose from my gag out through an opening in the front of the vac bed, while she was doing this, Sam was busy guiding my cock and the wires from the electrodes in my bum and on my cock out through another opening in the front of the vac bed. This was a tight opening and felt good as it squeezed down on my cock as Sam pulled it through. Julie then proceeded to zip closed the side of the vac bed, while Sam connected the leads from my earphones and electrodes to their respective devices, although both remained turned off for the time being.

I was then instructed to raise my hands, so I was almost standing in an “X” fashion and with a quick check from Julie that I was comfortable and breathing normally, she reached down and turned on the vacuum pump. Wow was that a rush! Within a few seconds I couldn’t move a muscle and the breath was literally taken away from me. I felt the rubber closing in all around me, my legs, my bum, all the way up my chest and even tight around my head and face. The vacuum was soon complete and Julie switched the vacuum pump off. I tried moving and found that I could just about flex my arms but the miniscule movement I managed sprung back as soon as I relaxed – the rubber of the vac bed was now stuck fast against the rubber of my catsuit and the only give was the limited elasticity of the rubber. The initial rush over, I relaxed and found I could in fact breath normally, or as normally as one can when sucking in air through a hose attached to a mouth filling gag/plug.

Seeing that I was ok and “comfortable” in my position, Sam began to explain that knowing how much I fantasised about total rubber enclosure, she had been planning this evening with Julie for several weeks. She went on to explain that this was a special vac bed made by a company called Kink Engineering, special because unlike most of these things, it had a one way valve in the outlet hose and together with the clever zip, made a near perfect seal, all of which meant that the bag would stay tightly sealed for a considerable time without needing the vacuum pump to run continuously. This was apparently important as I was to be spending the rest of the evening on display in this vac bed. Although I was wearing a hood with no eye holes and couldn’t see a thing, the front of the vac bed was clear and I was clearly displayed to all comers as they walked past me from the lounge on their way to the kitchen and back.

Just as the thought that I would be on full display, available for anyone to touch and stroke as they pleased, Julie added that thanks to my electrodes, I was going to be shocked and teased all night too. Sam turned on the electro stimulation and I could immediately feel a warm buzz as the electricity surged through me from the electrode in my butt to the one on the tip of my cock. Sam knew me well and had adjusted the voltage so that it would keep me interested but be too low to allow me to get off on it. It was then that Julie chirped in to add that that wasn’t all, apparently they hadn’t connected my electrodes to my normal E-Stim unit but to a custom one that Julie had. This custom one was, apparently, connected to several PIR motion sensors located in the main lounge / dance area. She then went on to explain that although only on low now, as more people circulated through the party and onto the dance floor, the voltage would rise and fall in proportion to how much movement the PIR sensor detected on the dance floor. If the party really took off, I would be in for some serious stimulation in my butt and cock! With that Sam turned on the Ipod connected to my earphones and I was suddenly listening to loud party music, completing my sensory deprivation – someone could walk right past me or stand directly in front of me and I wouldn’t know, unless they decided to fondle me while there.

With that I was left to enjoy my dark, immobile world. The vac bed quickly warmed up and soon I couldn’t tell it was there, other than for the fact I was squeezed tight and couldn’t move a muscle. I must have been standing there a good 30 minutes by now (I could only really tell time by trying to count how many songs had played) but they were right about the fancy seals on the vac bed, it was still tightly sealed and not showing any signs of getting loose.

As the evening moved on, I stood there with my butt and cock throbbing from the electro stim while enjoying the tightness of the vac bed’s hold on my body. Although I couldn’t see or hear what was going on around me, I could tell when a popular party song was being played in the other room as the voltage in my cock would rise (due to the PIR sensor detecting more movement on the dance floor), leaving me fighting and struggling against the vac bed’s firm hold over me – I always lost and remained steadfastly in position within my rubber prison and I was enjoying every minute of it.

I lost track of the number of times a passerby would tweak or suck my nipples through the rubber that held me in place. Some also played with my cock, which coupled with the constant electro stim had me practically begging to cum but whoever they were, they always seemed to stop just that little bit too soon, leaving my cock throbbing in mid air and me feverishly on edge. A couple of times, Julie (I assumed it was Julie, since I had no way of knowing) would turn on the vacuum pump, just to ensure that the vac bed’s grip on me remained firm and unyielding – it sure did!

On one occasion, I was pulled from my rubber trance by someone’s finger tracing a circle around my nipples, first round and round around my left one, then across to my right and then a figure of eight pattern back and forth between them. The tight rubber holding me seemed to amplify their touch and it felt fire tracing back and forth across my flesh. She (he? I hopped it was a she), then traced a line down from both my nipples towards my crotch and started fingering and squeezing my balls before moving on to my throbbing cock. Then it stopped and just as I was wondering what had happened, I felt a pair of soft warm lips on the tip of my cock. By this stage, I was to say the least highly aroused and my whole body tensed at the touch. Then I felt the lips moving down my shaft and my cock being drawn into the person’s mouth.

This combined with the ongoing electro stim and the ever firm grip of the vac bed had me wondering how long I could hold out before exploding into the sheath that contained my desperately throbbing cock. The answer was not long, as the mouth moved up and down my cock a few more times, I suddenly felt the distinct feel of a tongue massaging the tip of my cock through the thin rubber of its sheath. I couldn’t hold out any longer and my whole body convulsed as my cock shot out a hot load into its sheath over and over again. The tension that had built up inside me all evening had finally reached a crescendo and my body was releasing it in one long uncontrollable orgasm. I thought I’d rip through the rubber sheeting of the vac bed but it held firm and as I came down from my orgasm, my body went limp and I sagged in the rubber of the vac bed. At least I felt like I sagged down into it, the rubber of the vac bed held me firmly in its grip and I doubt any real movement was visible from the outside.

As I regained my senses, I realised that whoever it was that had been playing with me so well had disappeared back into the party and I was again alone, although the constant buzz from the electro stim was now an irritation I desperately wanted to remove, even if only temporarily. The party went on and as I stood tired but happy in my rubber world, I could tell it was winding down as the number of people stroking me on passing had dropped and the voltage of the electro stim and died down to a gentle hum, meaning the dance floor was empty.

I was drawn back to the real world, when the music in my ears stopped, followed shortly after by the electro stim doing likewise. Then I heard Sam’s voice asking if I was alright and telling me it was time to go home. Julie unzipped the vac bed’s side and I needed support from both girls as I soon found my exhausted but oh so happy body struggled to stand upright. As I was lowered onto a nearby chair, Sam removed my hood and then popped the gag out of my mouth. My jaw was sore from having had the gag in place for so long and I was still dazed from my earlier experiences but I blurted out these words “We’ve got to get one of these things!”. 

“We already have”, came Sam’s reply, “its your 40th birthday next week and this is my present to you.”

What did I do to deserve a woman like her? Whatever it was, I had to keep on doing it, thats for sure.

Sam told me later, that between herself and Julie, they’d seen many different people playing with me but Sam never did tell me if it was her or not that gave me the blow job...



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