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From Lab Rat to Slave 13

by Edrubber

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story continued from part 12

Chapter 13

We had a lot of control because we had been distributing Thom’s directives and orders through e-mails for the past months. We now had to issue his orders ourselves. We got pushed into a corner and had to improvise and I did not like improvisations, I always needed to plan every detail of any important move and boy,,, this was the move of all moves. We knew that he would be kept sedated for the next couple of days and then what?

The story we came up was, we left the gurney near the O.R. and went looking for the doctor and when we got back the gurney was gone and we assumed the doctors where already caring for him. I planned to start a full investigation as soon as the mistake was found out. The big question was, how is he going to react when he wakes up as a woman? He did not have the hormone treatments before surgery but, a large amount of estrogen was fed into his vein for days after the surgery and had to be continued for a couple of months in pill form to prevent a possible cardiac reaction. He is a criminal, a murderer and deserved to die but we did not have the moral courage to do it so we would have to improvise as the problems arouse.

I had his personal lap top that was open when he collapsed so I simply did not close it and kept recharging it since I did not have his password. I was getting way over my head because a lot of e-mails where coming in French and Dutch. I was depending on Google translations but they left a lot to be desired plus the fact that they involved deals and dialogs of which I had no clue. The only advantage I had on keeping his lap top was a vague idea of the growing crisis involving his disappearance.

I am glad that I did not take Jacky’s suggestion to send for the jet by sending an e-mail because it would be difficult to explain how a missing person that was sedated in a hospital bed sent any e-mails.

It was time to think many times before any moves. The handler was complaining that he had disappeared for close to 24 hours already so as the hospital manager after having everyone look for him in all the wrong places, I called the police and reported him missing. It was amazing to watch a police investigation being conducted for almost two days knowing that he was under their noses. The club doctor called me to make good on our deal but I had to cancel it telling him we were in a crisis trying to find Thom. I even got on the phone and called the airport to find out where the jet was. Then announced to the police that I called and the jet was in the West Palm Beach airport.

Jacky and I were interrogated separately but our stories where rehearsed so well that we started to believe it ourselves, we left the gurney and I went towards the O.R. looking for a doctor and Jacky went towards the emergency also looking for help and when we met back at the spot where we left him the gurney was gone so naturally we thought he was being taken care of. The investigator asked how come we did not go looking for him at the emergency, and our answer was, we had a crises of the security guard calling for us because he was insisting in calling the police and having Thom arrested for assault on me, but we were trying to avoid the bad publicity.

Lucky for us when they interrogated the security guard he confirmed that he did want to get him arrested for assault and further declaring that the guy was out of control and an ass hole. They asked me how come I did not make a complaint against him after him actually assaulting me in such a serious manner. I said; he is the boss and there was much more to gain by having this over his head then to having him arrested and loosing my job.

The news of his disappearance hit the home office and the stuff hit the fan. There were a lot of enemies there and ambitious individuals that saw the opportunity for advancement. They nominated a substitute C.E.O. until Thom or as they were all wishing, Thom’s body was found. The jet was called back to Europe to pick up the new C.E.O. and bring him to Florida.

We were praying for this guy to be different because he would be the next Master temporarily or perhaps permantly.

The police was looking for the orderly that was assigned to prepare the patient and take him into the O.R. and found him in the Palm Beach General in a deep coma from a motorcycle accident. His tragedy was a help for us. I was getting ready to face the music and started imagining how it would be to be in jail. It was becoming impossible to stay ahead of the police investigation now that it was known his billionaire status.

As it was expected he was found in blissful sedation and no one had any idea how this happened. The first people under fire was the team that perform the surgery slowly because of the training never noticed it. To their defense, they never know the patient personally so as patients are brought in, their wrist I.D. is checked to confirm who they are. In this case the I.D. was still on Thom’s wrist. The one that they were thinking probably made the switch by mistake, was in a coma. The new C.E.O. sent me an e-mail to meet him at the airport to fill him in on the facts.

The Dr. that performed the surgery asked to speak with me in private, the handler asked if he could have a confidential meeting with me. Suddenly I was very popular. Since the handler was already there we went to the parking lot to discuss what he had in his mind. He was worried that something was going on with Thom because he was the one that sent him away at the time of the incident. I told him we should get together and go over all the videos in the hospital and any possible bug they might have of any conversation. He told me the hospital did not have cameras installed in that area yet because the contractor had not installed them yet.

As far as any sound bugs they had them in the club in most areas and cameras in most areas but not here. He continued; there are bugs and cameras in the sedan. I said; I have to talk with the surgeon next and I will keep you advised.

I don’t see that you have any worries.

I met the doctor and invited him for a walk outside because I was tired of being in this office I needed air.

He told me that John had spoken with him asking how painful would a person be after the surgery and could the pain be contained and with what drug and would it be addictive. H continued; he was in a position of causing this i.d. change did he ever discuss curiosity or personal intimate desires for change?

I said; he asked a lot of questions how I was accepting the change and how did it feel to be able to enjoy both sexes and how unique it was to be part of such minority in the world. Since that is his field I could very well fathom such questions. Of course they became more relevant now. We will learn more about it after he wakes up of course. The doctor responded; that is what worries me that he will not admit that it was his wish to get it done and now will blame everybody to save face. I said; you have a very good argument Dr. come to think of it his passing out was very strange it is definitely something to think about.

I loved the doctors thinking and was intent on spreading to everyone including the new C.E.O. this would definitely throw the investigation in a different direction.

It was the second day after the surgery and everyone was asking if he was awake or when etc… They asked his surgeon who told that he was having a lot of irritation in the areas affected and if he was to wake up he would be in unbearable pain for that reason he was going to keep him sedated for another 5 days to a week.

Third day, the new C.E.O. arrived I had the handler drive me to the airport to pick him up. Mr. Jess Hasten about 4 years younger then Thom came of the plane in a sports jacket open shirt jeans and tennis shoes. When he saw me he opened a big smile walked towards me a little faster, when I extended my hand he took a closer step and hugged me. He said; I read your file, you are one amazing person and now that I see you I am shocked of how beautiful you are, you look like a magazine model or movie star. It look’s like we are going to be working together from now on. Do you have any news from Thom? I asked; haven’t you heard? He was found, he interrupted and in a serious manner ask is he dead? I said no he is alive but under sedation for another week at least.

He said; darn, I was hopping he be dead we have been investigating his clinic and found out a lot of bad stuff he has been doing. It would be easier if he were dead. I said; well, he is alive but there is a catch, he was somehow mistaken for one of the patients going for transgender surgery and had his genitals transferred. He is in recuperation but it will be some time for him, this surgery takes at least 8 months to heal and it is very painful. He started laughing so hard he even started choking and finally with tears in his eyes he said that is better then dead, he is fucked no pun indented. Why don’t you guys take me to the hospital, then to this club you and Thom been working on, does it have accommodations for me? Or should I go to a hotel?

I said; it has a very nice suite for you. He said we will rest tonight and discuss what we are going to do with all this mess tomorrow.

He asked; does Jacky work with you still? I said yes she is my assistant, he said; I hear you two make miracles happen. I said ; well now I guess you will be the judge of that. He said; we only recently found out about his dungeon and slaves and all the crap that went on in connection with that transgender clinic he runs. Well, we cleaned up and got rid of the dungeon, the slaves, but we are keeping the clinic because it works and is providing a service. I came now to see if we are going to keep the hospital here. By the job it did on him I can see that it does a service very important to humanity, ha ha ha ha ha.

I decided to be skeptical to this abundance of humor and liberation. I was not going to volunteer any information that was not asked or damaging to a possible deceiving put up show from this guy. We arrived at the hospital, I introduced him to Jacky as the new C.E.O. and our boss, he gave her a hug as he did me, and then asked if we could give him a tour of the place.

We walked the whole place including Thom’s room where he was sedated with the stupid wig we put on him, intubated with breast pumps.

Jess after looking at him or her for a while commented; I think he is going to make one hell of an ugly broad, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

He asked why these guys, referring to the handlers, always stayed so close and why one to each one of us, are they your body guards?

I said; Jess we were slaves in that dungeon you said you dismantled, he got us here to manage his investments but kept these handlers to make sure we obeyed his orders and remained his slaves, We did such good job that that he had no choice but to allow us to go out and do the work needed but these handlers kept next to us at all times to prevent us from trying to escape.

He called the handler and asked his name? the handler answered Arnold sir, he said; Arnold, go get a cup of coffee or something and don’t come back until we call you to drive us somewhere we are changing your job. Arnold said but I have strict orders from the Master sir to stay with these two slaves. Jess said; well Arnold The master is now the Missis and I am the new boss and we don’t have or speak about slaves anymore unless you want to face some jail time, slavery is illegal you know. He said yes sir and left the room. Jess said; Gene, putting all this slave stuff aside is there any chance that you and I could have a nice diner with a good wine then later sleep together?

I know I’m being straight forward but you are irresistibly sexy and beautiful and since you were a slave you must have had some hard sex. I’m suggesting a perfectly normal respectful sexual night. There will be no hard feeling if you say no but I want to warn you I am going to keep asking until you agree.

During dinner he asked me if I and Jacky would agree to continue managing the enterprises for salaries of course, and we will have to see if we can change that so called bdsm club into a good luxury hotel you think you girls can do that? I said; we will have to investigate the zoning laws but at the very least we can turn it into a spa membership resort. He said; that’s why you are the manager.

I was worried because they were all the same corporate conglomerate and if they in fact where cleaning up house, they would have turned Thom into the authorities for murder and get their butts out of the fire. Plans for extradition should have been filed Thom should have been indicted for his crimes.

It could be they wanted to clean house with out a scandal. But, they were powerful and we where insignificant in comparison. Several people where murdered, many kidnapped and imprisoned, and it could have been only Thom or the organization placed him as head of a very profitable underground enterprise and now has to find where the holes are and plug them up. At least I found out in the confusion that we had no implants.

As soon as I was near Jacky we would need to plan strategy. My gut was telling me that all was not well.

As we left the restaurant I asked Jess how he wished for me to present myself to him, naked? Or dressed in rubber? Or in any other manner of his pleasure and as I asked, I lowered my head in a submissive slave type gesture.

He said; wow, I sure would like to see your fantastic body in a tight rubber suite. I responded; yes of course master, should I arrange for a rubber straight jacket or wrists or ankles cuffs? He answered; no, you seem to know how to obey commands and orders. Deep inside my heart sank my guts where right. Now the decision was get protection from the police since they where involved or play the game with Jess and wait for a better opportunity?

When we got back, I showed Jess to Thom’s room and asked him if he would permit me to clean myself inside and shower and get dressed in rubber in order to better serve him and all this I did with my head bowed and my eyes down. He answered; yes go ahead. The master in him was beginning to show.

I was in the shower and Jacky came in, I opened the water to full blast and whispered in her ear, to continue playing the slave card and we would talk tomorrow. When I came back to our room, I dressed in the cat suite with the hood leaving my pony tail out and went into Thom’s room and found Jess standing by the dresser in a robe. He looked at me and his jaw dropped after which he exclaimed... I,I,ahh I , think thhatth iss the hottest thing I have ever seen.

I kneeled in front of him and answered I am glad you are pleased Master, what are your orders? How may I best please you Master? He said; get on the bed with your belly down and some of those rubber pillows under your belly. I went over the drawer, got the condom out and the lube then looking at him asked; will you wish for me to install the condom Master? He answered as he was taking off his robe and to my surprise exposing a 10 inch by 3 inch weapon. I had to wrestle some to fit the condom. When I finished he sat on the bed and showing his true colors said; get on your knees bitch and suck my dick for a while, I will let you know when to stop. I responded; Yes Master and got to my knees and obeyed. He was getting ready to come but stopped me and told me to get on the bed on my belly, then proclaimed that I was going to get the fucking I need from a real Master. I thought, ( aha, ahahh).

He slowly played by brushing the head of his monster up and down my ass crack then slowly pushing the large head inside, it was painful but pleasurable. Then I felt that long thick weapon enter me inch by inch until his hips hit my back side with his balls banging against me. It was hard to believe that it all fitted in my back side, but it did and felt great.

He was playing with my breasts and nipples and was very close to get the surprise of his life. He was pumping hard and moaning a lot when my sex thing kicked in and I went into overdrive and he stopped pumping, held it inside yelling HOLLLLYYYY SHITTT WAOOOO GOODD BBITTCHHH YYOUU THE BEESST OHHHH, I involuntarily gave him the ride of his sex life and knew I was starting a new problem.

As with Thom, he just stayed inside after coming and came another two times before taking it out and laying on his back and falling asleep. It was 3 30 a.m. and I knew we were going to be sleeping late. I woke up with him caressing my back then kissing my back and neck then caressing my ass cheeks hard. He got up and went into the shower and just before entering it he said; you better get up and get ready to go to work. I answered yes Master. He said; Once we get to the hospital or any other public place you will not refer to me or anyone else as Master. I said; I understand Master.

As we came out of the room Jacky was there all dressed up and ready to go to work I made a signal with my eyes that she knew from the past, so, she just dropped to her knees and lowering her eyes to the floor, said; Good morning Master I am at your service. Jess fell for it and just said; you may get up and follow us to work and don’t call me Master outside and don’t kneel. She responded understood Master. The handler drove us to the hospital and to my surprise stayed by our side as before. As I looked at Jacky, she blinked acknowledgement of what was happening. For now we had no choice to go along until the next opportunity would come up.

At the hospital there was only one detective walking around seemingly uninterested killing time. They probably came to the conclusion that it was Thom’s secret wishes to have the surgery and he caused the confusing outcome. I saw Jess talking with him outside in the parking lot for a long time and figured that maybe for now we would be safe. I would have to devise some method of self defense in case we where in danger of being drugged or forced to be transferred to the plane. The department of medical licensing and medical facilities sent an agent with a subpoena mandating that all surgeries be suspended in our facility until a system was devised to avoid such serious error to be duplicated. This created a crisis because all rooms where full waiting now indefinitely. We would have to decide on discharging all until we attained our license status or, work with the State and county to resolve the situation urgently.

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