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Flight of Fantasy

by Jennifer Wilson

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© Copyright 2010 - Jennifer Wilson - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; public; fem; cd; oral; mast; cons; X

Part 1

David was waiting in the departure lounge at Sydney airport when he spotted the lady in the dark blue slinky skirt. He was thinking it was latex, it certainly looked like latex, but would women really wear latex in public, especially in the lounge ready to board a plane?

Dave loved latex and was familiar with its appearance but didn’t have any of his own as it was expensive. He did once buy a pair of ladies panties and enjoyed wearing them a few times before they ripped and used them afterwards to put on his pillow to sleep on so he could enjoy the feel and aroma of his favourite material.

Dave was on his way to Perth to help commission some machinery his company had sold over there and he was expected to be away for about 4 or 5 weeks. He was 25 years old, slim and quite fit; he had girl friends in the past but at the moment was single. His love of latex had been with him for many years and his dream was to find a girlfriend who would wear latex for him, but he was too embarrassed and scared to even suggest his fetish to any of his previous girlfriends.

So seeing this woman, whose age he guessed was around 30, wearing what appeared to be his fantasy material, got his attention real quick. The woman sat down and commenced to read a magazine, the seat next to her was vacant, ‘This is my chance,’ thought Dave and moved towards her and sat down next to her.

He was sure the skirt was latex by the way it folded upon itself and the shine, but most of all he could smell the aroma raising up from it. The skirt was pleated and dropped to a little below her knees; he couldn’t see the waistband as her blouse was covering it. Dave was desperate to feel it and slowly moved his hand closer to the part of the skirt that was hanging down closest to him. The woman seemed to be engrossed in her magazine so Dave edged his fingers onto the latex skirt, his already hard dick went rock solid with the touch of the latex on his fingers.

Dave was desperate to caresses the skirt more meaningfully but that would be out of the question, he would probably get arrested for assault or something, so he just very slowly rubbed the ends of his finger on the skirt thinking that was the closest he was ever going to get.

The air stewardess called for all first class passengers to please board now and the woman folded her magazine rose from her seat and proceeded to the desk and disappeared down the air bridge. That, thought Dave was the end of his likely only encounter with a lady wearing latex, and she didn’t even know it.

There were only three passengers going first class so the business class passengers were next to be called and finally the economy passengers which is where Dave fitted in. As Dave entered the aircraft and was directed to his seat, no. 27B he again glimpsed the lady in the blue latex skirt sitting in the front row next to the window with an empty seat next to her, as all the three first class passengers has empty seats next to them. Dave sighed and thought what a waste but maybe I might get another look at the other end when we are collecting our luggage. Just as he got level with the lady she raised her head and smiled at him, Dave taken aback just smiled and nodded back but couldn’t think of anything so say at such short notice so moved along the passage to 27B.

He seated himself between an old grey haired man and a teenager with and I-pod stuck in his ears, the old guy said hello and that he didn’t like conversation with strangers so please don’t talk to him. Great, thought Dave, 5 hours stuck between these two. A few minutes later after all the passengers were seated the stewardess came to him reaching over the young lad and whispered that if he liked he could relocate up front as the lady in 1A had requested him to join her if he wished.

Dave was obviously asleep as this was obviously a dream, but yet he was awake, he spluttered out, "Thank you very much I would love to".

The stewardess backed out and Dave squeezed past the lad, retrieved his carry on bag from the overhead locker and followed the stewardess up to the front. The lady had changed her seat to the isle one leaving the window seat free for Dave. “Thank you very much, this will be much more pleasurable than jammed in back there,” Dave said to the lady, and manoeuvred into the seat making sure he managed another feel of the skirt as he did so.

“My name is Rose and I knew you were feeling my skirt back in the lounge so I thought I may as well let you have a better feel of it”.

“I don’t know what to say,” spluttered Dave.

“Well just place your hand in my lap” and took hold of his hand and placed it into her lap and moved it around over the latex. Dave’s dick was rock hard by now but jammed pointing down in his underpants and he tried to adjust its position with his left hand when Rose said, “Let me do that for you” and reached over undid his belt, unzipped his fly reached into his pants found his dick and eased it around so it pointed upwards at the same time pushing his hand firmer into her lap and easing it between her partially opened legs.

“That will do for now Dave until we take off and get settled in,” said Rose. Dave couldn’t comprehend just what was happening here but quickly decided that he didn’t need to figure it out just enjoy the situation.

The plane took off and after reaching cruising altitude the crew brought dinner around with a good bottle of merlot. Rose keep Dave’s hand pressed into her lap so he had to eat one handed, but when it came time to cut up some of the chicken fillet Rose did it for him like you would a child and then fed it to him whilst giving him a look that said, ‘just comply with this, and don’t protest’.  Dave was willing to let Rose do anything she liked, he was in his dream world of sitting next to a very good looking women wearing a latex skirt and having his hand caressing it and hoping there would be more to come.

After the dinner tray had been cleared away Rose asked the stewardess if the privacy curtain could be drawn across their section as they wished to catch a little sleep. With the curtain drawn Rose lowered the centre armrest to make the seats one long one like a lounge seat and then took Dave’s head and brought it down into her lap and eased it around her thighs. “Kneel down in front of me,” demanded Rose, (being in first class there was room enough to be able to do this) and as Dave complied she raised her skirt and brought it over Dave’s head and slid forward on her seat, spread her legs further and brought his nose hard up against her pussy through the latex panties that she was wearing. She completely wrapped his head in the skirt and said quietly, “OK Dave just ease your face around until I tell you to stop”

Dave, by now was ready to burst. This sort of thing only happened in storybooks but here he was with his face jammed against a latexed pussy and his head wrapped up in latex. He was in heaven when Rose reached down to his dick and slowly massaged it until it jerked and spurted all over her hand. She kept slowly stroking until the spasms stoped then withdrew her hand and wiped it on Dave’s trousers. While this was happening Dave was still working on her pussy with his nose and mouth until she shuddered with a climax and gripped his head with her thighs.

Rose continued holding Dave’s face hard against her pussy slowly moving his mouth and nose around as her juices lubricated the latex panties against her vagina. She kept this up for several minutes until she released Dave from under her skirt and told him to get back into his seat and wait there whilst she went to the toilet. She reached up into the overhead locker and brought down her bag, rummaged into it and took out a couple of items, put the bag back and went into the toilet. She was there about five minutes and when she returned Dave could see she had changed her dark blue latex skirt for a longer black skirt, which draped almost down to her ankles. As she sat down she passed the blue skirt and the pair of latex panties that she had been wearing to Dave and said, ”Go into the toilet and put these on and come back here and don’t wank off as I will know if you have when you get back”.

Dave took the latex garments off her and went into the toilet, he removed his pants and underpants and as he was getting the latex panties ready to put on he noticed they were very wet and slippery on the inside with Rose’s juices, so he brought them to his nose to have a good smell, he rubbed the gusset into his face and enjoyed the aromas of the juices and the still warm latex. Dave then pulled the panties up his legs and around his hips, they were quite tight and held his dick quite firm although the top half was poking out above the panties.

He placed the still warm latex skirt around his head and took in the smells of Rose and latex, he pulled the skirt tighter around his head and neck and massaged his dick until he felt close to a climax. His stopped at that point and stepped into the skirt and pulled it up to his waist and admired it in the mirror, he had always secretly wanted to wear some female clothing and now he had his wish but not only a woman’s skirt but latex as well. Dave really wanted to finish jerking off now that he was wearing the panties and skirt but remembered what Ruth had said about that so he picked up his pants and opened the toilet door, peered around to see if he could make it back to his seat without being spotted. He ventured out and quickly made it back to Rose and into his seat.

“Good boy Dave, now let me check if you behaved yourself “ and reached under the skirt and onto his dick. “OK, so you can do as you are told, I think we will get along just fine” and commenced to massage Dave’s dick slowly and than played with his balls through the latex panties.

“Now what I don’t want here is you shooting all over my latex skirts, so I will put this loose latex bag over our friend down there so you can cum into that”. Rose pulled the bag over Dave’s rigid dick and balls and caressed them until he climaxed and shot his load. Rose eased the latex panties back over Dave’s balls, still enclosed in the bag, and pulled the skirt down over his knees.

Rose said “Well Dave, your going to look pretty silly from now on as you will have to continue wearing the skirt until we get into the taxi to take us to my place for some more fun”.

Part 2

Dave’s mind was in turmoil, here he was dressed partially in women’s clothing that all the world could see and stare at and think what sort of guy would wear a rubber skirt in public, but at the same time he was ecstatic being able to wear the latex panties and skirt especially as they had only just come off a beautiful women who he had brought to an orgasm only minutes before. He could tell Rose was serious about him having to continue to wear the latex skirt and panties so he just accepted his fate and followed Rose off the aeroplane and down to the luggage carrousel.

He didn’t have to look behind him to know the stares he was getting, dressed as he was, but it occurred to him that maybe a few of the onlookers might just be a bit jealous of him being able to show off his latex skirt in public, he assumed there would be other guys that secretly wished to wear not only women’s clothes but latex ones as well, and on top of all that be with a good looking women also dress in latex.

Eventually the luggage appeared on the carrousel so Rose and Dave retrieved theirs and made it out to the taxi rank and into a cab. Dave was a bit happier now that they were inside the cab away from the prying eyes and being able to caress Rose’s skirt some more. Rose reached under Dave’s skirt and into his panties and removed the latex bag she had put on his dick and balls earlier in the plane. She brought the bag to her nose to take in the manly scent mixed with the warm latex and at the same time massaging Dave’s dick through the two layers of latex skirt and panties. Dave loved all this attention to his dick and himself being able to caress this wonderful black latex skirt that Rose was wearing, he was wondering what else Rose had on made of latex; would her bra also be rubber? He was hoping he would find out.

Dave did find out about Rose’s bra soon after they arrived into her apartment as she stripped of her blouse to reveal the blue skimpy bra supporting her full breasts in all its latex beauty. It only just covered her nipples and Rose took hold of Dave’s head and brought his face up against the soft latex. Dave locked his mouth around her right nipple and sucked for all he was worth as Rose pressed his head firmly against her breast. Dave’s hands went for her bottom and under her skirt to massage her through the latex panties. Ruth’s spare hand was giving Dave’s dick a real workout through his panties until he shuddered with an orgasm.

Rose then took him to her bed and told him to get busy on her cunt and that he had better do a good job or there would be consequences. Dave crawled under her latex skirt, eased her panties to the side to reveal her love lips and gently smoothed his mouth around them and licked the slim gap up and down tasting her freely flowing juices. Rose pulled her skirt tight around Dave’s head and pressed him tightly into her groin. Dave’s tongue entered Rose and found her clitoris and after a few minutes of serious tongue lashing brought her to a climax as she gripped his head between her thighs.

They both rested on the bed for a while to recover from there activities and Rose asked Dave why he seemed to enjoy wearing her panties and skirt. Dave said that doing so excited him and seem to make him a little feminine and added that it wouldn’t surprise him that most men would enjoy dressing in women’s clothes given the chance. He especially liked wearing her still warm latex panties back in the plane and that he had really struggled not to jerk off in the toilet.

Rose got up from the bed and made coffee for them both and a light snack and stated that they would have to go shopping tomorrow for some suitable gear for Dave to wear as most of her own wardrobe would not fit him very well. Dave was wondering just what she had in mind for him but did not ask as he was sure it could only be for his and her enjoyment and in any case he loved being with her and the longer he spent close to her the better he felt.

Rose said “I think we should have an early night, I know it is only 9-30 but a long cosy cuddle under the sheets will be welcome for me at least. I have a nightie for you to wear, it is my favourite but I will let you have it for tonight until we buy you one of your own tomorrow”.

Rose brought out the nightie and Dave delight it was fashioned in beautiful mid blue latex, it had a ruffled frill neck quite high so it would come right up to the chin. The long arms were finished with a matching fringe as was the hem at the bottom. Rose undressed Dave and helped him on with the latex nightie, it had to go over his head which when it came to the neck hole was a bit of a struggle as it had to stretch and Rose was very careful not to tear the latex. The nightie came down to just above Dave’s ankles and Rose said, “Perfect fit except for your flat chest but we will fix that tomorrow, let me give you a big hug in you lovely latex nightie”

Rose undressed and put on a smaller sleeveless nightie in black latex and crawled under the bed sheets with Dave following her. They cuddled for a while before falling asleep.

The morning broke and Rose awoke Dave by gently stroking his dick through the blue latex and as he began to stir the dick grew and stiffened, Rose rolled Dave onto his back and pulled up the nightie to around his waist. She then hitched up her own latex nightie and lowered herself onto his dick and slowly rotated her hips around and up and down until she could sense Dave was about to climax. She stopped and waited a minute for him to cool a little whilst she concentrated on the latex nighties they were both wearing and his dick deep inside her until she felt her climax was near, she then thrust hard against Dave swivelling her hips until they both climaxed together.

After another cuddle and rest they both got up and showered but as Dave dried himself Rose said “You wont be needing any of your old clothes as I have a few special things for you this morning, starting with fixing up that flat chest of yours”.

Rose brought out a black latex bra and fitted it around Dave, she filled the cups with silicone bags to give him a nice pair of breasts. Rose then helped him into a pair of latex panties and suspender belt, next went on a pair of very long black latex stockings and were attached to the suspender belt. A latex corset was then fixed around Dave’s waist and fastened tightly from behind with strong laces which pulled his waist into a more female shape.

Rose asked Dave whether he preferred a dress or blouse and skirt, Dave was unsure and really would not have minded either but went for the blouse and skirt anyway. The blue latex pleated skirt went on first, it was a shorter version of the one she put on when on the plane and it fitted Dave quite well, the white latex blouse then went on and hung loosely over him except over his new breasts where it fitted lovely and showed off his now female figure. The blouse was very feminine in having pinches and pleats and ruffles on the bodice and sleeves, the neck line was high just like the nightie he had worn to bed.

Rose then attended to some make up to his face to improve the image including some lipstick and eyeliner; she trimmed his eyebrows to a slim curve and eventually was pleased with the result. A shoulder length brunette wig was the finishing touch to bring Dave to a gorgeous latex beauty.

All this time Dave was so turned on he was in seventh heaven and had a hard on like you wouldn’t believe so it was fortunate the latex panties he had on were strong enough to hold his dick against his tummy and not stick out ‘tenting’ his skirt. The latex corset also helped here as it went down quite low.

The shoes were the only thing that Rose didn’t have so he had to wear a black pair that he had brought with him and Rose said that the first bit of shopping would be for a more suitable pair. So he had to wear his black lace up shoes, which looked a bit silly, but then ‘what the hell’ he was dressed up in latex with a wig.

A cab was ordered to take Rose and Dave to the shopping centre and whilst they waited they enjoyed a cup of coffee. Rose asked Dave, “How do you feel about wearing all these ladies latex clothes Dave? You look happy enough about it so I suppose it’s all your dreams come true is it?”

“Rose, it is difficult for me to explain how I truly feel, it’s a combination of excitement of wearing your latex clothes and apprehension of going out in public like this, and I do want to do it for myself and to please you as well. I know this may sound completely daft but I am close to being what I would be if I could be, that is I would like to be a lesbian, always dressed in latex and with a latex lover.”

“Last night in bed with you with each of us snug in our latex nighties was heaven for me, I want to do this forever with you, and I always want to be covered in latex day and night.” Rose replied. “Dave, I have always wanted a latex lover to play with and enjoy myself, and you came along so maybe it is meant to be for us, so as long as we can get along together all should be well.  I think as you are feminised now a more suitable name would be Davina, how does that sound to you”.

“I love it, and the sound of you calling me that will please me very much,” replied Davina.

The cab arrived so Rose and Davina got in and were driven to the shops, the cab driver didn’t seem to notice anything special about the ‘girls’ but then cab drivers have usually seen just about everything.

They entered the shoe shop and got a great deal of stares from the staff and customers as they wandered around the displays. An assistant came to them, a woman around 25 and enquired what they were looking for. Rose said, “A pair of low heals for Davina here, she is deaf and cannot talk but she can lip read so she will know what you are asking”

Davina was thankful for Ruth’s idea on this to save him some embarrassment, however it was very obvious that the woman realised that he was not a female but a guy in rubber drag. The assistant was professional enough to not make a big deal of this and proceeded to offer Rose a few pairs of low heal shoes for Davina to try on. Due to Davina having somewhat larger feet than your average female there was only two pairs that would fit him, one dark blue pair with 2” heels and the other a red pair with 3” heels. Davina struggled a bit with the blue pair and wobbled up and down the shop but managed to not fall over. Rose told the assistant they would take both pairs and asked Davina to find his credit card from his purse. The assistant noted the name on the card as David and wondered why would a guy get all dressed up in women’s latex clothing and pretend to be deaf as well, but it takes all kinds she supposed.

With Davina still wobbling along they made it to a coffee shop and he was thankful to sit down and rest his feet as they hurt like hell. God knows how he will get along with the 3” high red shoes. Davina and Rose were receiving lot of unbelieving stares as customers stopped conversations to take in the latex girls, well one was a girl and the other obviously not, but trying hard to be one. Rose then, whilst all were watching, placed her hand on Davina’s breast and massaged it slowly and seductively, mouths gaped open and a few looked away and giggled, other continued to stare in disbelief. Davina's mind was in turmoil, here he was in public with his lady friend rubbing his ‘breast’ through the latex as if it was perfectly normal, and his dick was about to burst, his hard on was so intense. He wished Rose could reach down and satisfy it (and it wouldn’t take very much to do that) but had to be content with her fondling him higher up.

With their coffees finished they made their way down the street to the special shop that Rose frequented regularly to buy most of her latex garments. The female assistant welcomed Rose and Davina and told Rose that they had just received a new shipment of high quality latex from Europe and that she was sure there were several items Rose would be very interested in. Rose told here that the main reason for today will be to fit out here new friend Davina, but she would look for a couple items for herself.

Gail, the assistant, took Davina and Rose to the rear of the shop where the bed wear garment were and Rose selected a nice red nightie for Davina to try on, it was similar to the blue one he had worn last night except it was more fitted at the waist. Davina was helped off with all his latex clothing until he was down to his panties and bra and pulled on the red latex nightie over his head being careful once again not to tear the soft latex around the tight neck area. The nightie fitted very well as he paraded up and down and twirled around for the ladies.

Davina was really enjoying this now having two latexed ladies (Gail was also dressed in a silver latex, a short mini skirt and matching tee top) admire him and running their hands over his body especially his bottom and breasts, he was wishing they would pay some attention to his dick which was having trouble staying inside the latex panties. Gail could well see that Davina’s dick was all excited and wanting to be played with but before she did she asked if he was going to buy the nightie as she didn’t want to spoil it with his cum.

Rose said they would by buying the nightie so Gail knelt down in front of Davina and stroked his protruding dick gently for a minute or two then lifted the hem of the nightie and placed her head under it so her mouth could do full justice to the angry throbbing dick and it soon spurted lots of spunk into her mouth. Gail sucked it dry and gave his ball a licking for good measure before she emerged from under the nightie.




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