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Inflatable Prison Suit

by M88

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Storycodes: F/m; journalist; hotel; latex; bond; cameras; video; hum; M/f; revenge; kidnap; captive; catsuit; inflatable; hobble; cell; gag; hood; intubate; stuck; cons/nc; XX

Claire was a journalist and reporter for a small local news paper. She was trying to get to a bigger news outlet and was using her amazing looks and sexy body to do that. She had become a honeypot reporter, using sex to get information and then turning that into a story. A story which had a massive impact on the person she wrote about. Normally the story was based on someone in power cheating on their wife or girlfriend. They lost everything more often than not. She always used a pen name when writing for the paper. So no one would know who she was. Or so she thought.

One of her first targets or assignments had been a local developer. He worked on new housing and schools and turned run down parts of town into high end apartments. He was given contracts by the town council and was paid with tax payers money. So when she heard stories about his sex life and what happened behind closed doors, Claire wanted the story, and after meeting up with him in a hotel bar they went back to his room. She knew about his love for bondage and latex. She had paid off the cleaners in order to get into his room early in the day. Once inside she had hidden a couple of cameras and a sound recorder, all three had very long battery lives and would last the night. She met him at the bar and they a few drinks, and before long they entered his room. She had searched the room and found latex bondage equipment. She had heard rumours about his kinks and researched them. A bit eye opening and wierd. But nothing to be worried about.

After being tied up and gagged, she was played with. He was a controlling guy and knew what he was doing. This was not his first time at restraining someone in a random hotel room. The camera recorded every slap, suck and kiss. She bit into the ball gag and struggled with the four handcuffs. One of them of her limbs. As she lay spread eagle on the soft bed. In the morning she was almost pushed out the room as she fought to get dressed. She was shutting at him as the door was slammed in her face. All part of the act and sure enough, later that day with him out the way. She re-entered the room and grabbed the SD cards. The next day it was on their website and in the newspaper. 

The council had been spitting blood at a hearing a couple of weeks later. Cheating on his wife in a hotel room paid for by tax payers. Never a good look and with feeling running high. He was sacked. He then divorced. With nothing but time and money in his hands. He closed himself away from the rest of the world. His fetish dreams turned into something few darker and cruel. After years of darkness and ill feeling. He finally thought about the night which cost him so much. His life had been a rollercoaster of emotions since that night. It took a horrible twist of fate for things to be set in motion. 

He was watching TV late at night at his isolated home. He was about to go to bed as the show he had been watching had finished. And now playing was some boring award show. He was trying to find the remote control, when the presenter said, “Now upcoming reporter of the year” and for whatever reason he turned around. The presenter said the reporters name and the camera cut to them. When the camera showed the third hopeful. His jaw dropped. The show continued and someone else won. But he had to rewind and stop. Right on the close up of her face. It was 100% her. The women he slept with all those years ago was a reporter. He did think about how the news got hold of the story. As well as how video as filmed. Now everything fell into place. 

The home he was seating in already had a brutal secret to it. Following his sacking and divorce. He had moved into this middle of nowhere house. It had a massive basement and with ever more disturbing thoughts and ideas. He had built a small prison system. He had design a prisoner outfit for long sentences. He would now have someone to try it out on. He spent a couple of weeks adding to his fantasy and making it become real. He had studied engineering and design at university so he could build stuff with his hands. He placed orders for some more kinky items and set about tracking his target. 

She was easy to find and follow. She would be alone most of the time and often head headphones in with music as loud as it would go. Taking her was simple and painless it was almost fearing. He grabbed her from her house in the early hours of the morning. Without anyone seeing him break in and carry her to his waiting van. He didn’t even sweat as he kidnapped her. She was sleeping in her nice warm bed. He placed a chloroform soaked rag over her mouth and nose. Still asleep she breathed in the chemical as he slowly forced it over her face. She never woke up to fight him off as she drifted into a even deeper sleep. She lived by herself and because of her work, she only had a hand full of friends. Her family lived in another city and only visited once or twice a year. She worked from home most of the time and only meet her bosses when she had a full story. It would be weeks before anyone reported her missing. Plus he had left no evidence at her home for the police to track. He drove her back to his isolated home and got her ready. 

Breathing deeply, Claire was starting to come back to the real world. Her vision was a blur as she tried to focus. Blackness met her now open eyes. She tried to scream and found her mouth was stiffed with…What the hell was that taste. Rubber. Her mouth was filled with high end rubber. She was lost and had no idea about what was going on. She tried moving away and found out just how helpless she was. Her arms had been pinned to her chest in an X direction. Her legs felt like they had been almost tied together. Her body felt like it was wrapped in something very tight and did not let her skin breath. She could feel whatever it was, it covered her whole body. She could also feel her sweat running along her skin. The sweat did not seem to escape the outfit she was in. So she had been put into something waterproof. It was the taste in her mouth which give it away. She was wrapped in god knows how much rubber or latex. 

She had a quick ran through it her mind what was going on. Somehow she had not started to panic as she tried to stay focused on working out what was going on. So she was covered in rubber/latex or a mix of the two. The feeling was the same all over her body and that meant she was wearing it from head to toe. Her arms had been made completely useless as she was unable to move them. Her legs had a bit of movement in them, but not much. She was clearly gagged as her mouth was filled with rubber and pressure was building on the area around her mouth. She was in darkness so a blindfold was in play. Or she was wearing some type of latex mask. Her ears felt like they had been filled with something as well and her hearing was almost nothing. She could still breath through her nose and the smells of latex and sweat entered with each intake of air. 

She had no idea how bad it was. She was indeed covered in shiny black latex from head to toe. The reason she could barely move was down to the fact the latex was inflatable. She was wearing a normal full body latex suit and a full body inflatable latex suit. The inflatable suit kept her arms in a straightjacket like design with her hands in latex mittens for added bondage. Her legs were in a hobble dress like design. So they had a small gap in the middle and her latex enclosed feet would stick out the base of the inflatable suit. In the middle section between her legs was the toilet system. The latex suits had two thin slits for her pussy and ass. Jointed to these slits was a large plastic latex bag. The bag ran from her feet to the slits and was built into the walls of the inflatable suit. That way in would stay in place. She would only be able to get small steps in this outfit. The both suits were skin tight and covered in cream and oil so they had a amazing shine to them. The layers also made the wearer very hot and sweaty. With her body under total control in was the turn of her head. 

Getting the head helmet just right had been a massive pain in the ass. He wanted it to remove everything from her. But at the some time to keep her alive. It was made from very thick and strong latex. It needed to be laced closed at the back of the hood. Before he placed the helmet on her head, he had put ear plugs deep inside her. Placed a latex blindfold over her eyes and a muzzle gag over her mouth. The gag reached inside her with a huge rubber ball that pinned her tongue and stretched her jaw. A leather panel than enclosed her mouth and with a head harness built into it. It was easy to lock the gag and the blindfold in place. The leather panel had a small hole in the centre of it and sticking out of that hole was a small plastic tube. She needed to be fed and watered.

The helmet covered all the bondage items beneath it. The only thing to escape the black latex was the plastic tube. He had then added her food and water supply to her outfit. Two massive clear rubber bags had been linked to the plastic tube. At the moment they were just hanging down the front of her face. He had built a beautiful plastic head harness to hold the bags in front of her mouth and around her cheeks. The harness also had plastic straps that would tie it to the latex helmet. It made her look like so odd as if she was puffing out her cheeks. The straps went under her chin, around her head and over her head. The straps had been pulled very tight and padlocked shut. The rubber bags had enough food and water for 2 weeks. The system was on a timer and she would be feed once a day and given water three times a day. The water bag was bigger then the food one. Both had vitamins and other health stuff added to them. She would be able to taste the horrible food as it entered her body. The last thing added to her setup was a large leather collar that would keep her head very rigid and upright. 

Claire had no idea about most of the bondage she was in as she lay there feeling sorry for herself. The padded room she was locked inside was big enough for a bend rubber bed and a small standing area. The whole room was a circle to add to the discomfort. The rubber walls reached the high ceiling and only stopped when it was double her hight. The ceiling was not covered in rubber as it was lined with a number of devices to make staying in the cell even worst. Built into the celling was a couple of high powered heat fans. So the small cell would be roasting hot, if he wanted her to sweat. Also hidden away up there was a large solid plastic bowl which was linked up to a urinal in the house above her. The bowl had a small rubber tube hanging from the button of it. A valve was placed at the end of tube and would open when the right weight was put upon it. This would mean her cell would be covered in piss and seeing as how she was gag. It would not be a good thing.

Claire could not just lay here and let this happen to her. She needed to fight. Which was perfect from another one of the toys in the ceiling. Cameras and sound recorders. He had his phone setup to give him notification if his prisoner made sounds over a preset level. Or if the heat or motion sensors got triggered. He was having a meal at the time and needed to head to the toilet in order to watch. It was well worth it. With the volume turned up and headphones in. He could hear every last squeeze and pop of the latex suit. Adding to the enjoyable sounds, was her moaning and screams as the panic set in. Everything worked as it was designed to. He wanted to be there when she first come back round. But this was a very important meeting. He was meeting the man, who would take Claire and break her completely. She would only return to him, when she was no longer human. They had been talking about the cost and what would be done to her. They had even shard some pictures of the last girl who had been trained. 

They agreed on a timescale and price. It was now only a matter of time, before Claire stopped being human and had everything good about her ripped out. She had no idea about this as she bounced off the walls of the small padded cell. She was dripping wet inside the latex suits as sweat ran all over her body. Some of it was running down her legs and into her latex covered feet. She had used up so much energy in trying to break free and gotten nowhere. She had learnt a couple of things. One the room she was in as very small, two the outfit she was wearing was well built and meant to last. Three she would have to wait for a change to escape. Four was the fact she may never be free. 

She collapsed onto the bed and started crying under the hood. She was breathing deeply as the smell of latex and sweat filled her nose. This was her world now.


To be continued.

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