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Knightley Enjoyment

by Nofate301

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© Copyright 2005 - Nofate301 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; M/f; latex; stockings; gloves; shower; mast; cons; X

Disclaimer: I own nothing mentioned in this fiction.  It is PURELY fictitious.


Snap, Flash.  Snap, Flash.  Over and over again the shutter clicked and then the light reflected off the canopy or whatever it was called.  Keira Kinghtley was pressed against the wall, her right hand placed delicately at her side.  Her left wrapped around her waist, and her mind else where.  She was a star now, and with that came the wonderful duty of getting her picture taken for more magazines and more television shows.  She had a movie opening this evening and was more enveloped in what she was going to wear than holding her position.

“Hold it! Hold it!”, the lead Photographer waved his hand.  He handed the camera off to an assistant.

Keira snapped back into reality and straightened up.  She sighed with a bow of her head, “I’m sorry…”

The Photographer waved his hands, “Easy babe.  Keira, hon, it’s alright.  You’re a busy girl and a huge star now…”

Now? Doesn’t anyone recall Phantom Menace? Queen’s Decoy, here. Bah.

“You’ve got a lot on your mind.  Take a seat, get some water and we’ll start up again.  Guys that’s 5 minutes and let’s get Ms. Knightley in the stockings.”  The Photographer snapped his fingers and waved the costume designer over.

Keira almost sank back into the idea of the off the shoulder Chiffon she’d wear that night by the sound of more clothing.  “Wait, what?!”  Keira stared in disbelief as costume designer came holding what looked like a single stocking.  “I’m wearing enough of this material already.”  The scent of the rubber opera gloves and her own sweat wafted through her nostrils, tingling her senses.  She shook her head, “No, I think I’m quite alright with the gloves.”

“Keira, darling, you’ve got to put them on.  We’ve got tons of film to go through.   Those fools only use like 5 pictures, but I’ve got my job and you’ve got yours.  Besides, we got a catsuit waiting for the final set.”  The photographer patted the designer on her shoulder, “Put ‘em on.”

Keira didn’t have fight left in her and no reason to give up much one.  The designer kneeled in front of her and took her right leg in her left hand.  She draped the stockings over her left, bent knee and lifted one.  She held it open to her right foot and Keira’s toe touched the material.  She jumped and shivered, “Why is it so cold?”

The designer smiled, “That’s the lubricant.  Makes it easier to put on.   Didn’t we use that for the gloves? Oh, that’s right, we used the talcum powder.   Don’t worry, it’ll warm up and keep you warm.”  She set to sliding the stocking on, and bunched it up at her feet till it was at the bottom and she drew the top of the stocking up to her thigh.  It almost reached to the one piece she was wearing.  She started to run her hand up from foot to thigh, smoothing out any air that may have gotten trapped.

Keira shuddered as the material encased her skin, giving her an ebony leg with a matte finish.  She blinked realizing she had Goosebumps on her skin.  He ran her hands over her shoulders hearing the rubber squeak.  She was surprised by how the gloves shined and the stockings didn’t.  “Excuse me…”  Keira perked up as the designer grabbed her second leg.

The designer looked up and grabbed a free second to rub her fingers on her apron free of the water lubricant she had used for the stockings.  “Hmm?”  The designer looked up as she expertly opened the second stocking without looking and slide her foot in.

“Why…”  Keira shivered again as her foot was slid into the stocking, “Why do they look different?”  Keira pointed to the gloves and then to the stockings.

“Oh…we haven’t shined them yet.”  The designer repeated the previous process with the second stocking.  She smoothed the rubber out, getting out all the air bubbles.  “We use this spray…”  She produced a small black bottle, “On the rubber and make it shine like glass.  We just had the gloves already shined before you put them on.”  She smiled and readied the bottle and sprayed the liquid liberally on her legs, up one and down the other and then reversed the process.  She took one leg between her hands and rubbed up and down and then around to make sure get the back of the stocking.

Keira sighed, being a genteel lady, covered her lips with the back of her hand, and her lip brushed gentle across the rubber.  The sensation sent a shiver through her body.  Suddenly the heat the designer was creating finally caused her case of Goosebumps to recede, but soon a new case of Goosebumps rose.  Her cheeks flushed and she could feel a very familiar feeling run through her body.  She was getting turned on!  She shook her head, No, no. Keira stop.   You’re a big girl.  Get your head out of the gutter.  She was pulled out of her thoughts by the gentle tap of the designer’s hand on her knee.

The designer sighed and stood up using her own knee to stand up. She gave a warm smile and looked up at Keira’s face, “Oh, hon, do you need to get your make up touched up?”  She noticed Keira was looking rather flushed.

Keira straightened up and shook her head, “No, no.  I’m fine.  Just, uh, kinda tired is all.”  She laughed nervously and glanced around the small studio for the photo shoot.  No one had really paid her much attention.

“Keira, baby…uh…” The Photographer expression soon changed to one of concern.  “Keira, are you alright?”  The Photographer placed a gentle hand on her shoulder and looked her in the eyes.   He couldn’t have a problem now, they were just getting started, and he wasn’t going to get paid if they didn’t finish.

Keira jumped at the hand, she started to stumble over her words and her thoughts came in waves.  She closed her eyes and took a moment to gather her thoughts.  She opened her eyes to see the photographer with this pathetic “I’m not gonna get paid if you don’t pose” look.  She put a hand to his chest, “I’m fine.  I just need a minute alone, maybe a shower to cool off.  I’m feeling a little over heated.”

The photographer looked around and realized they had the floor to themselves.  “We can use one of the rooms from the hotel.”   He pulled out his master key and opened a door and showed Keira in.  “Take all the time you need.   Don’t worry about the make up and the hair, we’ll do it over.”  He closed the door and the soft click of the door locking followed.

Keira blinked a few moment and then the scent of the rubber she was still wearing hit her in the nose.  She spun and ran to the door, “Wait what about the clothing?!”  She pounded on the door a little hoping to be answer.

“You can take the black singlet off, but the gloves and stockings are water proof. Knock yourself out.”

Keira was slightly dumbfounded, keep it on?!  She chewed on her lip slightly.  She couldn’t, but getting them on was such a hassle.  She looked at her arm and then down to her legs.  She could see her self in her arm the rubber was shined so well.  Her hand trailed to her back and drew the zipper down.  The cool air soon got between her skin and the clingy material.  She let go of the zipper as it stopped just above the small of her back and then placed a finger between her neck and the collar.  She shivered at the sensation of the rubber on her neck.  A breathless sigh escaped between her glistening lips.  A shoulder was soon freed from the material and then the other shoulder. 

The soft light of mid-day was filtered through the drapes and danced on her beautiful skin.  The material fell to her feet.  She had a small flash of doubt when standing naked in a new place.  She covered up slightly, her forearm brushing up against her very sensitive nipples.   Another gasp from her lips and a flush of her cheeks.  Her other hand hovered over her mons.  She caught herself being so worried and shook her head loose from the doubt.  She stretched for a moment and then turned back toward the door for the bathroom.  She slipped in and her feet padded gently on the white tile of the floor.  The large mirror that greeted her on her right gave her a small shock.  The very beautiful and very perfect body she had was just as if not more than before with her limbs encased in this strange material. 

She turned from the mirror and let her hand trail behind her and her gaze as she glanced at her pert bottom and gave it a quick pinch.  She squeaked and smiled to herself as she leaned into the shower and turned the water on.  The warm water soon came rushing out of the shower head.  She tested the water with her hand and shuddered at the sensation of the water drumming on her skin, yet not.  She slipped a foot in and enjoyed the sensation on her leg as the vibrations of the water played up her leg.  She could feel her own heat just fuel her desire.  She stepped all the way into the shower and the water hitting her body, the two different sensations felt even better.  She reached to her right to pull the plastic curtain closed when her eyes caught her own in the mirror.  She couldn’t help but think she looked so amazing.  She let the curtain go and her gaze kept going to look over the curves of the beautiful woman that was now slowly running her hands over herself. 

She moaned as a hand grabbed hold of a nipple and started to squeeze it.  It pulled and it tugged and she moaned louder and louder.  Her hand opened and grabbed her entire breast, she wanted to feel the material all over her most sensitive areas.  Her other hand was pressing down on her mons.  She could feel the heat building again.  The hand snaked downward like something with a mind of it’s own to play through the small patch of black hair.  She twirled her finger in the hair enjoying the feeling and then the arm sliding down her stomach as her hand pressed against her pubic area.  She cooed forgetting about the water, half lidded eyes strayed back to look in the mirror.  She leaned back to allow the water to hit her pelvic area.  She swallowed her doubt back and gave her self to the sensation. 

Her fingers spread the soft flesh hiding her now engorged button.  Her middle finger brushed lightly against it at first.  Letting the familiar warmth spread through her stomach.  She started to pant as her middle finger moved forward from the fleshy button and slide into her.  Her fingers slipped around the outside rubbing her sensitive lips.  The middle finger started to pump into her slowly at first.   Her legs started to quiver, and she didn’t even notice her moans growing in volume and in frequency.  Her other hand was working her breast without coaxing from her mind.  Her body was now doing what it could to reach the plateau.  Her middle finger now found it’s rhythm, running over her clit and into her.  She pelvis started to rock with it until her body froze in a forward thrust.  She screamed, the finger remained in, but the other hand went out and grabbed the soap holder before she fell.  She lowered herself shakily on to her knees.  Her finger still inside of her.

She licked her lips, his chest rising and falling very rapidly.  A voracious, yet satisfied smile came across her lips.  The water just running down her crown.  Her hair hanging over her face.  A pounding at the door finally spurred Keira from her thoughts.  She swallowed trying to get her breath back, “Yes?” came her strangled cry.

“Keira?!” It was the photographer, “Keira are you alright?”

“I’m…”  Keira took a moment, “I’m fine.  I just…”  Keira reached up and turned the water off, “Slipped and almost fell is all.  I’m fine.  I caught myself and I’m not hurt.”

“Ok, sorry.”  There was a pause.  “Not to rush ya, babe.  We gotta get this photo set done.  Plus putting on the catsuit is a pain.”

Keria let a wide smile spread across her face. 

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