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A Fare To Remember

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2023 - Marcus - Used by permission

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Chapter 1

The dual toned bell indicated that the small 24 hour shop had yet another near midnight customer. With a deep sigh the young man behind the counter put the ARPG game on pause and looked up towards the entrance. His irritation quickly dissipated as he laid eyes on the beautiful woman who just entered and quickly put his phone away. He had only worked at the store for a little over three months but had been fortunate to have laid eyes on the vixen in front of him a few times prior. Boosting his self confidence he decided that tonight was the night he would conquer her and eyed his price from top to bottom.

She was of clear Dominican heritage and had lovely black hair done in a long surface cut style that bounced playfully with each step she took towards the checkout counter. Centred in her diamond shaped face were a pair of chestnut brown, almond shaped eyes below a pair of neatly trimmed round eyebrows. She wore a very modest black smokey eye makeup and classic bar eyeliner in black, perfectly complimenting her honey brown skin. Below her nubian nose were a pair of wide lips done in a matte black cherry lipstick that were practically begging to be kissed.

She wore a cropped loose fitting tank top in grey that put her slender arms and hands on display for all to admire. The top had a bold print of a flaming skull centred over what looked like a pair of voluptuous yet perky breasts hiding underneath. Around her naturally slim waist and legs she wore a pair of ridiculously tight high waisted vinyl pants in black that left little to the imagination and on her feet were a pair of thick soled, ankle high army style boots in black leather.

As the woman stood in front of the counter the young man asked, “What can I do for a beauty like you this evening?”

Raising an eyebrow and smiling, the woman replied, “I would like this filled with coffee and milk, fifty-fifty, please.”

She put a small thermos on the counter and beckoned towards a big barista machine behind the counter. Taking the thermos in hand, the man winked at the woman and said, “Sure thing baby.”

As he was packing the portafilter the young man glanced over his shoulder and continued, “I’ve seen you in here before haven’t I… You’re… eahhh… Lara right?”

Leaning up against the counter the woman smiled again and replied, “Close… Tara.”

“Fuck… Tara… that’s right, sorry.”

The young man fiddled a bit with the coffee machine before continuing, “Is that your ride out there, the black sedan?”

Tara looked out of the storefront windows at the company car and replied, “No it belongs to the company I work for.”

“Oh… so what do you do?”

“I’m a nurse at a private practice during the weekdays but sometimes pull a few extra shifts on the weekend for a friend's transport service.”

The roaring sound from the coffee machine put a temporary halt to the conversation but as soon as it was done the young man asked, “You a cabbie then?”

Tara smiled and replied, “You could say that yes.”

“Cool… cool… That’s a really nice outfit for a cabbie… you look very sexy!”

“Thank you! We don’t have a particularly strict dress code so…”

Having filled the thermos halfway with freshly brewed coffee, the young man started to top up with milk and asked, “So I was wondering, are you busy later or would you like to do something when you get off? I’m here all morning until five. We could just hang here, maybe go home to my place… or yours!”

Tara snickered, looked the youngling straight in the eyes and said, “Look, it's not that I am not flattered but I’m guessing that I am probably old enough to be your mother so… no thanks. Besides, I'm not looking for anything at the moment anyway.”

“What… are you sure? You don’t know what you are missing!”

“Quite sure.”

“So how old are you then?”

Tara looked at the young man with a ‘you don't ask a woman her age’-look on her face, but gathered she probably deserved the question and replied, “I’m 45.”

“Nah… No fucking way!”

Tara smiled, put some money on the counter before grabbing her thermos and said, “You should find someone your own age, keep the change.”

As Tara walked out of the store she could not help but sway her hips a bit extra, hopefully giving the dumbfounded man a memento of her shiny behind. Even though she had no interest whatsoever in the young man she would be lying if his attempt to swoon her didn’t make her feel real good about herself. Maybe the hours at the gym weren't a waste of time after all.

Deciding to savour some of the chill summer night air, Tara took a few sips of her coffee and walked around her car to make sure that everything was OK. Pleased with what she saw she got into the driver's seat just as a new fare popped up on the dash mounted tablet. Putting the coffee in the midsection holder, Tara set off towards the fare that was only about a ten minutes drive away.

As she turned onto the street indicated by the GPS it cheerfully informed her that she had reached her destination. The details did not disclose any street number so Tara put the vehicle in a low gear and drove slowly down the street, trying to spot her fare. The industrialised area was known for frequently sporting electronic dance clubs, thus Tara scanned the surroundings for a clubber who was in need of a venue change. She actually had several fond memories of dancing all night and morning at clubs in the area, something she still did now and then. Having driven down the entire length of the street and back again, her search still fruitless, she decided to park under the street's only working lamp post and used the dash tablet to send a message to the customer, announcing that she had arrived. Tara stepped out of the car and listened for any kind of sounds, only to find the area dead silent. If there was a club going somewhere close, it was a suspiciously quiet one.

Thinking that the fare was a no show, Tara was about to leave when she heard what she thought sounded like metallic rattling from just beyond the reach of the street light. Visions of several of the late night horror movie antagonists flashed before her eyes and Tara froze as a black shiny figure slowly emerged in the light. It took her a few seconds to process what she was looking at and gasped in surprise as she realised it wasn’t an axe murderer coming towards her but a female dressed head to toe in black shiny latex.

Her head was covered in a black latex hood with a pair of beautiful tear shaped cutouts for her eyes and two small circular openings for her nostrils. It had a rigid rubber hair tube at the top through which ash blond hair gently swayed in step with her movement. Her mouth was covered by a black rubber panel gag held in place by a quite severe looking head harness that was locked in place by numerous chromed padlocks. An abundance of saliva was oozing out from under the panel, slowly dripping down on her latex covered chest and breasts.

Following the strains of saliva downwards, Tara was awestruck by the woman’s perfect body that was totally covered by a black latex catsuit. The catsuit had a pair of breast cups that securely held her ample but perky breasts in place and made her perfect cleavage almost impossible not to stare at. Her slender hands, in which she held a smartphone, were also covered by black latex gloves that were tucked underneath the sleeves of the catsuit. As she moved, the reflections from the street light danced all over her shiny body and Tara could see that the catsuit fit her just as immaculately as the hood did.

Her waist was tightly laced in a corset made from black, heavy rubber and covered her all the way from just below the base of her lovely breasts to well below her waist at about mid hip. Clasped in front and laced in the back, the corset must have reduced the woman’s waist by six or maybe even seven inches giving her an almost unreal hourglass figure. As indicated by her movements the severely laced corset surely had really rigid boning, possibly solid metal ones.

Even if her outfit in and of itself was imposing enough to totally mesmerise Tara, she could not but be even more amazed at how easily she seemed to walk in the wedged ballet boots she was wearing. Made from black patent leather, the boots were laced to perfection and seemed to fit her feet, ankles and calves perfectly, a true testament to the love and expertise that must have been put into making them. Despite that her steps indicated that she was well versed in en pointe footwear her movement was however very much hampered by the bondage she was in.

The woman wore a severe looking posture collar around her neck, made from what looked like ⅛ inch thick stainless steel. The way it perfectly followed her neck and jawline meant it had to be a bespoke item, made just for her like everything else she wore. It looked to Tara as if it consisted of no more than three parts that somehow more or less seamlessly were held together. A left and right part at the sides and a square plate with a big o-ring attached to it in the front. Tara reckoned the collar wasn’t welded in place but it sure seemed like it since she could not for the life of her figure out how it was supposed to be removed.

Around her corseted waist and crotch she wore a matching stainless steel chastity belt in the same sleek design as her collar. Obviously made to fit the woman while she was corseted, the belt curved beautifully to follow her hips, around her waist and through her crotch for a perfect, tight fit. The chastity belt was made up by a crotch piece that ran from the back of the belt, through her crotch and was finally locked in the front together with the waist belt using a sturdy looking padlock. The crotch piece had a padlocked plate over the woman’s vulva with numerous small circular holes scattered in it around the urethral opening. Even if Tara could not see it from where she was standing, she suspected that her anal opening was covered with a similar plate.

At the sides of the belt were a pair of o-rings from which short, five inch chains in chromed metal were padlocked to a pair of wrist cuffs matching her collar and chastity belt in material and design. The length of the chains, or rather lack thereof, ment she could barely put her hands together. The woman also had a second pair of matching cuffs around her ankles that were connected with another five inch chain, padlocked at the ends to each cuff. Her ankle chain was clearly the reason for her tiny steps and also the main source of the metallic rattle that could be heard.

The last noticeable thing Tara could see was a pair of soft rubber cases buckled around her thighs holding what looked like some form of rectangular devices the size of a smartphone. The devices both had dual wires running to and under the chastity belt at her crotch that to Tara’s best guess most likely controlled somethings buried deep inside the woman.

While any normal person would most likely have been taken aback by the black latex thing Tara was not. Tara's heart was in fact racing and she felt that she was starting to get wet between her legs as the divine sight slowly came towards her. As if taken directly from her deepest and fondest sexual fantasies the woman in front of her depicted what she had yearned about for decades. Both in terms of experiencing herself and to have her way with but sadly she had never had the nerves to pursue these fantasies. The whole situation seemed so unreal that for a brief moment Tara was convinced she was dreaming or at the least hallucinating badly.

Betting on that she wasn’t hallucinating, Tara snapped herself out of her idolisation and realised that the woman could very well be her fare or in the least in need of help. Just as Tara was about to approach the woman she could be seen stopping dead in her tracks as her whole body seemed to go taut. No more than a second later the woman made a most horrendous scream that, despite her gag, was loud enough for Tara to put a hand to her chest in both shock and despair. Almost spasming, the woman dropped her phone as she tried to reach for her crotch and chest in what looked like sheer panic but her efforts were cruelly fettered by the short chains.

Panicking herself, Tara rushed up to the woman and asked, “Oh my god… What… Are you alright?”

The woman was still screaming and jerking with her hands, making Tara feel totally useless and again asked, “Please tell me if there is something I can do… Please!”

As quickly as she had started to scream the woman suddenly stopped and went almost limp, nearly falling over had it not been for Tara catching her. She fell face first into Tara’s chest who instinctively put her arms around the woman and could not but be amazed over how wonderful the slick, shiny material covering her felt. Listening to the woman’s heavy breathing Tara reckoned that whatever the woman just endured must surely have been awful but Tara could not help but get aroused thinking about it.

A few seconds later the woman had regained her posture and stepped out of Tara’s embrace, leaving a big stain of saliva on Tara’s top. Giving Tara and the stain a quick and clearly embarrassed look, the woman shifted her focus and tried to look at the ground as best as her restrictive form allowed for. Tara was quick to realise that she must be looking for her phone and hastily picked it up from the ground and brushed some dust off of the heavy duty case. Holding the phone for the woman to take, Tara then said, “Here you go, seems the case dampened the fall.”

Extending her gloved hand as much as the chain allowed for, the woman arched backwards at the waist to be able to grab her phone while mumbling something unintelligible in her gag. Tara smiled, guessing she was being thanked and replied, “You’re welcome… Wow, I must say… You…”

Tara quickly reminded herself she was working and stopped herself before ending her sentence. Regaining a professional posture she instead asked, “Did you book a fare by any chance?”

Still panting heavily the woman looked with her beautiful grey eyes at Tara and more or less moaned “Uh-huh!” in reply.

“Right… so… Do you need any help to get to the car?”

Starting to take as long steps as her chained feet would let her, the woman grunted “Nuh-uh” in reply and moved towards the car. Tara walked but a few steps behind her and could not help but admire the absolute dream that was walking in front of her. Tara realised she was very turned on, turned on and quite frankly extremely jealous of the woman and her outfit. As the pair arrived at the car Tara smoothly walked past the woman and opened the door for her, still keeping a watchful eye on her should she spasm again. The woman started to try and get in on her own but it quickly became apparent to Tara that she would need help and suggested, “What if you give me your phone and then I will help you to get in, OK?”

The woman was still breathing heavily but managed to moan a “Uh-huh” in reply. Tara took the phone from the woman’s gloved hand and tossed it in the driver’s seat before firmly taking hold of her and as gently as possible, guided her into the passenger’s seat. The process was everything but elegant but soon enough the shiny form was sitting upright in the seat, head up and feet down. Wasting no time, Tara closed the door and was moments later sitting in the driver’s seat, leaning over to help fasten the woman’s seatbelt.

Within the confines of the car, the aroma of the warm latex was intoxicating and Tara took her time as she leaned in over the woman’s chest to help her fasten her seatbelt. Smiling to herself, Tara realised that there must be a good joke in there somewhere about the securely bound female needing even more security. Putting her mediocre attempt at comedy aside, Tara tapped the dash tablet to select their destination and asked, “Is this the right address?”

The woman had to turn her whole upper torso to be able to see the tablet due to the severity of the posture collar and corset but acknowledged by moaning “uh-huh” in reply.

Keeping her eyes on the road proved unusually difficult as Tara kept having to steal glances at the gorgeous woman sitting beside her. The rigidity of her outfit made her sit in a quite awkward pose but despite this she still managed to somehow look extremely sexy. She was still drooling uncontrollably through her gag and her breath was still very heavy. The shiny, drooling dream of a woman and the exquisite smell of hot, sweet, vanilla scented latex made Tara have to clear her throat to focus as she felt herself getting more and more aroused by the second.

By this time Tara was usually deep in conversation with her fare if they were willing but at the moment her mind was blank, she had no idea of what to say. Actually that was not entirely true, Tara had about a million questions circling in her head but dared not ask any of them in fear of looking unprofessional. Instead she kept her mouth shut despite wanting nothing more than to pick the woman’s brain. Besides, the woman’s gag would surely make the conversation rather one-sided.

As they were rapidly approaching their destination Tara’s latex-covered passenger suddenly tensed up and just as earlier, let out a gut wrenching scream as she tried to reach for her chest and crotch again. The outburst made Tara jump in fear and she had to quickly react to keep the vehicle on the road but managed to slow down to a stop at the side of the road. Quickly turning to the woman, Tara then asked, “You OK? Can I help you in any way?”

Unable to turn her head due to the severe posture collar, the woman kept looking straight ahead and managed to somehow relay “Nuh-uh” from under her scream. Tara instinctively put a hand on the woman's latex-covered thigh in an effort to calm her and could feel her thigh muscles working in a steady rhythm, just as if she was working her crotch muscles.

Tara couldn’t help but wonder if maybe she was getting off?

The scream suddenly changed into a loud guttural moan as the woman suddenly reached for Tara’s hand and despite the chain, managed to just about touch it with her gloved fingers. While frantically rocking her hips, ample amounts of saliva was practically bubbling out from behind the panel gag, steadily running down her chin and onto her chest. Moments later the woman pushed her pelvis forward and arched backwards as much as her corset and seat allowed for, all while letting out a high pitched moan from behind the gag.

Tara went wide eyed and felt a chill run through her as it dawned on her that the woman most likely just had an orgasm. The thought of not being in control of one’s own orgasms was mind blowing, in a very good way.

Staring at the woman who was still moaning and rocking her hips, Tara realised she was firmly caressing the woman's thigh and rapidly jerked her hand back, feeling a wave of embarrassment flow over her. As if caught with her hand in the cookie jar, Tara apologetically stated, “Shit, I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have touched you like that… Fuck… I’m so, so very sorry!”

Taras pleas were met with nothing more than slowly dissipating moans as the woman settled back in the seat again and her breathing could be heard returning to normal. Still feeling extremely awkward about the situation, Tara set the car in motion again and kept her eyes firmly on the road for the short distance remaining to their destination.

Having arrived, Tara got out of the car and hurried around the vehicle to open the passenger door. Releasing the woman was still belted, Tara pushed her awkwardness aside and leaned in to unbuckle her. Getting the woman out of the vehicle proved somewhat easier than getting her in and the pair were soon standing outside the car, looking up towards a two story house next to the road. Despite still feeling a bit awkward, Tara hoped to milk as much time with the woman as possible and beckoned towards the house as she asked, “That it?”

Taking small steps to turn towards Tara, the woman looked at her and replied “Uh-huh” from under her gag.

“Right… So do you need any help getting in?”

The woman tried to nod as best as she could in her collar, waving her hands back and forth while enthusiastically grunting “Uh-huh!”

“Oh the chains…. Of course, no problem, after you.”

Opening the gate in the fence surrounding the rather picturesque house and garden, Tara let the woman pass through before closing the gate behind them. Walking up the stone set path that led to the porch in front of the main entrance, Tara started to feel uneasy since there were clearly people in the house, something she for some reason had not expected. Stopping in front of the door, the latex clad woman did her best to point towards a doorbell to which Tara answered, “Sure… sorry!”

An audible “ding-dong” could be heard from inside and moments later Tara could hear heels coming towards the door making her increasingly nervous. Just before the door opened one could quite clearly hear a woman’s voice loudly state, “... and that’s not the best part, he had forgotten all about it! Just a sec, I need to see who it is… Oh, and there is more wine in the kitchen…”

The front door flung open to reveal the friendly face of a woman that looked to be in her mid 50s. She had shoulder length silver grey hair made in a straight layered style partly covering her square face. Over her chestnut brown eyes she had a pair of thick, arched eyebrows and she wore an elegant sepia brown eyeshadow. Her lush eyelashes were paired with a perfect black eyeliner and under her straight, upturned nose were a pair of bow shaped lips made in a matte sepia brown lipstick.

She wore a tight long sleeve top in black with a high neck, revealing small but perky breasts underneath, and she had a pair of high waisted slacks in a dark tan colour. On her feet were a pair of five inch heeled sandals in black showing off her well looked after feet. Around her neck hung two thin silver chains and she held a big glass of red wine in her hand.

The woman positively oozed elegance and upper class, but in a surprisingly good and sensual way.

Seeing the latex clad woman she went wide eyed and loudly proclaimed, “Huh! Someone went all in tonight I see… and is enjoying herself as well ain’t you… you minx!”

With a big smile on her face the woman then turned to Tara, extended her hand to greet her and continued, “You must be Zoe’s friend… or wait… girlfriend more likely… I’m Angela, owner of this fine establishment.”

Tara shook Angela’s hand and tried to explain, “Sorry Ma’am, I’m just …”

Tara was cut short by a male voice shouting from within the house, “Who is it? And where did you say the wine was?”

Angela turned and shouted back into the house “Oh shush! It’s Zoe and her friend who is also possibly her girlfriend. Wine is on the counter you twat!”

“Zoe?! You mean the weird one upstairs?”

Angela turned back towards Tara and Zoe, smiled and rolled her eyes as she mockingly replied, “Yes, my weird tenant from upstairs…”

Focusing on Tara, Angela lowered her voice a bit and continued, “I’m sorry but as you can hear I have guests over, did you need anything? I really need to get back in there.”

Zoe was making a twisting gesture with one of her hands while pretending to hold something and Tara beckoned towards it and stated, “Perhaps she wants a key or something?”

Angela looked down at Zoe’s hand and said, “Oh… Oh… Yes of course… just a second…”

As Angela went back into the house she passed a female guest coming to the door. As the quite tipsy woman laid eyes on Zoe her mouth went wide open before stating, “Christ! What the hell are you supposed to be?”

Before the woman got an answer to her outburst, Angela returned with a key and forcibly moved her guest back into the house. Handing the key to Tara she then said, “Sorry about that, here is the extra key for upstairs. Have fun now, ta ta!”

Just before the door closed Angela stuck her head out and added, “Oh and Zoe… I want all the juicy details tomorrow you hear…”

The door closed and Angela could be heard walking back into the house, leaving Tara and Zoe alone on the porch. Without a word Zoe started to walk along the side of the house and Tara dutifully followed, key in hand. Having turned the corner they both ascended a flight of stairs leading up to the top floor and were soon standing in front of yet another door. Zoe pointed towards the lock as best as she could and Tara quickly unlocked and opened the door, letting Zoe step inside. Offering the key to Zoe, Tara sighed and said, “Right, here is your key. I wish you a pleasant night.”

Tara was about to reluctantly step away when Zoe walked up to her as fast as she could and grabbed her hand, ushering her inside while grunting, “Nuh-uh!”

Tara took a step into the sparsely but contemporary furnished entrance and said, “Oh sorry, did you need something else?”

Zoe looked at Tara and grunted “Uh-huh!” as she arched backwards at the hip, extending her hand as far as she could while pointing upwards. Following Zoe’s finger Tara caught sight of a keychain hanging from a wall mounted clothes rack and immediately grabbed it. Mumbling through her gag, Zoe bent forwards and tried her best at pointing towards her head to which Tara asked, “The gag… You want me to remove the gag?”

Still bending forwards Zoe grunted “Uh-huh…” in reply.

Quickly glossing over the intricate design of the head harness, Tara used one of the two keys in the keychain to unlock all 7 padlocks securing it around Zoe’s head. Putting the keychain and padlocks down on a shoe cabinet, Tara started to unbuckle the harness and once done, pulled the entire thing off. With a loud sploshing sound the panel gag came off Zoe’s mouth and Tara finally saw what had been the cause of Zoe’s muteness and drooling, a 7 inch solid dildo in black rubber. The dildo was truly massive and Tara was properly impressed by Zoe's ability to have it down her throat for longer periods of time. Realising Zoe was still bent forward, doing her best to stop the ample strains of saliva dripping down on the floor, Tara quickly asked, “Ah shit… Towel… is there a towel we can use?”

Zoe answered in a low, almost meek voice, “Bachhvoom… Ing ann to he lesht…”

“OK, let me just…”

Tara made sure not to bump into Zoe as she passed her and followed her instructions into the bathroom. Quickly finding a towel, Tara could not help but linger in awe over the myriad of latex clothing and BDSM equipment that hung up or otherwise to dry in the bathroom. Remembering their owner, Tara quickly went out into the hallway and squatted beside Zoe before trying to clean the worst of the saliva from her lips and chin. Somewhat satisfied with her efforts, Tara said, “There we go… better?”

Zoe straightened up, moved her jaw around a couple of times and then replied, “Ah…yes… much better, thanks!”

Putting the towel down next to the keychain and padlocks, Tara stood up and turned towards the open door and said, “OK then, I should probably…”

Zoe took a step towards Tara and cut in, “No wait… I… I would really like to apologise and explain some things before you go… If you let me…”

“Oh… yeah… of course.“

Tara could see Zoe averting her eyes away from her as she said, “I’d rather do it face to face so… one of the keys are for the padlocks… please… I could do it myself but it’s much quicker if you unlock them…”

Zoe held her bound wrists up and gently waved her hands back and forth, making the chains holding them rattle most satisfactory. Tara used the same key as for the previous padlocks and moments later had Zoe’s wristcuffs free from their chains and handed Zoe the key. With much improved range Zoe quickly reached for the rectangular devices strapped to her thighs and one after the other alternated some form switch while quietly mumbling something about not needing that kind of distraction at the moment. Still not looking Tara in the eyes, Zoe beckoned Tara to follow her and said, “Let’s get you a chair, please follow me…”

Tara followed Zoe through the hallway into a big open floor planned room with a kitchen, living- and sleeping area. The whole room had a very contemporary, almost Bauhaus-esque feel and made the room feel much larger than it probably was.

Zoe led Tara to a high chair next to a prep island in the kitchen and stood beside it, starting to unlock her metal posture collar. Taking a seat, Tara looked on with keen interest as it was revealed that the release mechanism for the collar was accessible at the bottom front edge where a padlock was cleverly incorporated in the design. With the padlock unlocked, Zoe was able to remove the front portion of the collar and carefully open up the whole thing as it was hinged in the back. As Zoe stepped forward to place the collar on the prep island Tara leaned forward to help her and was astonished once she got the collar in her hands. It was way more heavy than she had thought and could understand why Zoe was now moving her head in a circular motion to let the kinks out of her neck.

As Zoe started to unzip the back of her hood she quietly stated, “Just a few more seconds, bare with me.”

Zoe smiled and replied, “No problem, take your time.”

Zipper undone, Zoe thread her hair out of the hair tube in the hood and then with a determined motion pulled the hood of her head. As she did she made a distressed grunting noise and finished with stating, “Ahhh fuck… hate that…”

Tara was at first oblivious to what Zoe had found so distressing until she saw the dual rubber tubes that were attached to the nostril holes in the hood. Judging by their length they would pass far beyond her nasal cavity and most likely all the way down to the top of her windpipe when wearing the hood. The sight sent a most pleasurable chill through Tara who was yet again awestruck by Zoe and felt a bit jealous of her albeit also a bit apprehensive to experience such a severe hood herself.

As Zoe looked back up at Tara, her heart started pounding again and she felt a million butterflies in her stomach. Zoe was absolutely beautiful. Sure she looked like a dream come true in all her latex but seeing her face drew Tara even more towards the goddess standing in front of her.

Looking to be somewhere between 20 and 30 years old, Zoe’s grey, big round eyes were even more alluring now and made Tara involuntary smile and blush. Adorning her eyes were a pair of thick and immaculately trimmed, rounded eyebrows and a pair of very lush eyelashes. At the centre of her diamond shaped face was a very cute Scandinavian nose above a pair of lovely full lips. What must have been gorgeous makeup before putting her hood on was now not so anymore. Her makeup showed clear indications of crying and she also had clear welts across her face most likely due to the strictness of the hood and head harness.

Tara’s stare made Zoe look away at the floor and said, “OK, I just wanted to apologise for drooling all over you and also… well apologise for everything really… And… Oh this is so embarrassing, I even came in your car…”

Tara was trying to come up with something to say but was interrupted as Zoe continued, “As you probably have gathered by now I’m… well a bit of a freak to say the least… so I just wanted you to see my face when I say that I am very sorry for what I put you through and maybe now you think I’m a bit less of a freak… maybe…”

Zoe was still looking straight at Tara who could be seen starting to blush. An accomplishment in itself as her face was already flaming red from her previous affairs. Tara found herself lost for words and just sat there, silently staring at the beautiful woman in front of her while wanting nothing more than to tell Zoe that she greatly admired her. That she had wanted to meet someone like her for decades. That she had deep, deep sexual fantasies about latex, heavy rubber, strict bondage, humiliation, pain, the list of depravities was long and Tara suspected the two of them shared a lot of them.

Yet she just sat there, unable to even form the most basic of sentences.

Briefly meeting Tara’s stare Zoe fickle with her hood a bit before continuing, “So anyways… now you know… there is a freak out there sometimes… Anyway I digress… You must be dying to get out of here so thank you so much for bearing with me. Any normal person would have just abandoned me out there I think…”

As if someone else was pulling the strings, Tara found herself putting the heavy posture collar down on the prep island and stood up to say, “Yeah, I guess I better get going.”

Tara felt physically ill as the pair walked out through the hallway and front door. Smiling, Tara looked back at Zoe and could not believe the words that came out of her mouth, “A good rating would be nice, helps us immensely.”

Zoe smiled back at Tara and replied, “Oh for sure… and a big tip as well. I probably left a bit of a mess in the seat when… yeah… So, bye then.”

The door closed and Tara was left alone outside. Still trying to figure out what was clearly wrong with her, Tara walked down the stairs and out to her car. Getting in, Tara saw that Zoe was right as there was an ample amount of juices pooling in the passenger seat. Thankfully the seats were leather and she had the mess quickly tidied using a few napkins.

Tara now had chills continuously running through her and she still felt sick to her stomach. Driving around aimlessly, she tried to fathom what was wrong with her. Why had she frozen like that, she never froze. It couldn't be that she was shy, could it? No, she was over 40 for Christ's sake. On the contrary she had always felt confident and forward, maybe even a bit too forward at times depending on who you asked. Still, when she finally had what she had been wanting most of anything for a long time right in front of her, she fumbled it. No, she didn’t fumble it. She froze, having fumbled would have meant she atleast did something instead of absolutely nothing.

Looking at herself in the rear view mirror Tara outloud told herself, “You fucking idiot, she even invited you into her kitchen!”

Just as she had finished berating herself a buzz could be felt at the back of her pelvis and she immediately knew what it was. Sure enough, after some digging she produced Zoe’s phone from under herself and looking at herself in the rearview mirror again said, “Second chance… better not fuck this up stupid!”

Making an everything but lawful u-turn, Tara headed back towards the house at great speed.

With her heart pounding Tara knocked at the same door she had no more than twenty minutes ago stepped out of. For what seemed like a lifetime she stood and quietly told herself, “Don’t freeze up, don’t freeze up, don’t freeze up…”

The door suddenly opened a few inches and through the gap Zoe could be heard asking, “Yes, who is it? I’m in the middle of something…”

Tara fumbled with her words again but eventually blurted, “Phone… you forgot your phone in the car… I drove you home earlier…”

The door fully opened and Tara was again looking with sheer admiration at Zoe who had put both the hood and posture collar back on. With a look of surprise in her eyes she took the phone and said, “Oh… thank you so much! I wasn’t even aware I had forgotten it…”

Tara looked straight into Zoe’s beautiful eyes and froze, making for yet another long moment of awkward silence. As Zoe started to close the door again, thanking Tara again for the phone, it was as if something slapped Tara in the back of her head as she quickly stated, “I’m so sorry but I just have to…”

Tara did not have time to finish more of her sentence as she firmly pulled Zoe towards her by the o-ring in her posture collar and pressed her lips against Zoe’s. Zoe was at first taken aback by the sudden onslaught but eventually put her hands around Tara’s waist and stepped in closer as she allowed for their tongues to start playing with each other. Closing her eyes, Tara suddenly felt like she was exactly where she had always been supposed to be.

Standing on her toes to be able to fully kiss Zoe, Tara realised she had forced herself upon Zoe quite uncalled for and reluctantly let her tongue and lips retract from their embrace. Looking Zoe deep into her eyes Tara let go of the collar and said, “I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to force myself upon you like…”

Zoe put one of her gloved hands to Tara’s lips and cut in by saying, “No… don’t… I wanted so much for you to come back… and you did. Come… I think we have a lot to talk about…”

Taking Tara’s hand, Zoe led her through the hallway and into the kitchen, offering her the same high chair she had sat on earlier. Taking a seat opposite Tara, Zoe was the first to say something, “When I saw you getting out of your car earlier… you have no idea of how elated I was that you were female… I had the worst scenario imaginable in my head as I booked the ride… But there you were, not only female but probably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in a pair of tight vinyl pants…”

Zoe stopped herself and smiled while raising an eyebrow before continuing, “Come to think of it, I don’t even know my saviour's name…”

Tara realised Zoe was right and quickly replied, “Tara… My name is Tara…”

They both giggled as they leaned in over the table to shake hands and properly introduce themselves. As they sat back in their chairs again Tara put her fingers to her nose and commented on how much she loved the aroma of Zoe’s latex. Smiling, Zoe hijacked Tara’s line of thought as she started to reveal more or less everything regarding her avid love for latex and BDSM.

It had all started in her late adolescence when Zoe had come across a website containing latex-clad people involved in allsorts of BDSM practices. It had such a huge impact on her that she found herself thinking of nothing else during the next couple of weeks and had instantly started to fantasise and look at it when masturbating. It had not taken long after the initial discovery until she was putting most of her money into latex clothing, BDSM equipment and advanced sex toys. Being a lonely child of divorced parents she had no problem milking her parents for some extra money and soon had a vast collection that was way too extensive for her age. Everything was awesome except for the fact that she was way too shy to dare to share her interests with anyone apart from people online, especially people she fancied. Having a pair of really conservative and nosy parents didn’t exactly make things easier.

As she turned 20 she realised that living with her dad was starting to become a real problem and it was only a question of time before he, and in extension her mother, would find her ever growing collection of fetish paraphernalia. It was something she feared more than death and hoped to be able to avoid at all cost if possible. Having studied computer science and programming languages she had managed to land a very well paying job in the city and with her parents blessings decided to move to a place of her own. With sheer luck she found Angela through a rental agency and moved in more of less directly after that. Zoe had at first not thought anything special of Angela, she was a very friendly older woman who was in need of a tenant and her loft apartment fitted Zoe perfectly.

Tara cut into Zoe’s story by asking, “Hang on, Angela. What’s the deal there?”

Zoe looked inquisitively at Tara as she got up from her chair and walked over to the kitchen counter. Taking a sports flask from the counter Zoe asked, “How do you mean?”

As Zoe was sipping on the flasks content, Tara replied, “Well apart from her being an absolutely gorgeous woman she seems mighty in the know regarding you and especially your interests. If I didn’t know any better I would say she knows a lot about you, like a lot! She didn’t even bat an eye earlier when she saw you… well dressed as this.”

Zoe smiled, got back into her chair and retorted, “Well, if you would have let me continue… By the way, do you want some?”

Zoe was holding the flask towards Tara who asked, “What is it?”

“Nutrition shake… Vitamins, electrolytes and all sorts of other goodies. My diet when I’m locked in the belt.”

“No, that's fine. Thanks though.”

“Suit yourself… Where was I… Yes, It so happened that Angela walked in on me not long after I moved in while I was indulging in some pretty nice self bondage. I was in that very bed, full latex, gasmask, magic wand strapped to my pussy, tied in a strict spread eagle, the works… And suddenly there she was standing by the bed looking down at me. Probably the single most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me… well at least up to that point.”

Taking another sip from her flask, Zoe continued, “Anyway, being the awesome person that she is, she just squatted down beside my bound form and after having made clear that I was bound of my own free will, calmly stated that I was most welcome downstairs for dinner as soon as I was ready.”

“No way… really?”

“Yeah… really… Later over dinner, I… well I did what I am doing now… told her everything regarding my sexual fantasies and desires. She, on her part, just listened with great interest and even made a few suggestions on how to improve on some of my more elaborate ideas and setups.”

Tara could see that Zoe cherished the memory with great fondness as she continued, “What she was concerned over however, was the safety of it all… or rather the lack thereof. So then and there she became not only a very good friend but also my chief safety officer. Since that day I have never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed around her, even when she helps me get into bondage or helps me insert things into me… or even if I happen to have an orgasm in her presence. I don’t know what it is exactly but she is special… real special..”

“So you and her… Are you a thing then?”

“No… Not in the way I think you mean at least. I wouldn’t have minded though, I’m clearly drawn towards older women. Her involvement starts and stops at helping me to get set up and helping me get free afterwards if needed, nothing more. That and being my backup if anything should happen. If she wanted more I believe she would tell me, besides I’m so thankful for what she does for me that I wouldn’t want to risk our relationship… Why do you ask?”

“No reason, I just find it interesting that she is your go to person and not someone your own age. I mean there has to be plenty of people out there who would do anything to help you. Or be your lover for that matter.”

“For sure, but I think I just got very good at taking care of myself if you know what I mean and… look at me… way too shy to actively go out and look for a partner who would understand, let alone cater to my needs…”

Tara could see that Zoe linger for a moment on her own argument before adding, “But to answer your question regarding Angela, I guess it mostly comes down to convenience. I mean she lives right below me so if I ever would need help fast, she is the one… And I kind of find her really sexy, a thing for the elderly and all that…”

Zoe leaned in towards Tara before continuing, “But you are even more beautiful than her… and you are what, pushing 40?

Tara laughed out loud at Zoe’s guess and quickly corrected her, “45 my dear, I’m 45 years old. How about you, 25-ish I would guess?”

“Close… I’m turning 24 this fall…”

“Well… As I already have stated once before tonight, I’m old enough to be your mother. Yet I have to tell you Zoe, you are by far the most interesting and amazing person I have ever met… Not to mention the most beautiful…”

Zoe seemed to be trying to hide the delight Tara’s compliment gave her but even her eyes blushed as she replied, “Oh… Thank you… I… The same… But I already said that, didn't I…”

Zoe cleared her throat before continuing, “Where was I… Oh right… Tonight… Well tonight was supposed to be my pièce de résistance so far if you will. I have been planning tonight for months and I was so stoked to finally be able to do something I have been dreaming about for a long time. Full latex and bondage outdoors with the risk of getting caught.”

Zoe continued by explaining that she wanted to go some distance from home, not too far but not real close either. She wanted to be somewhere where she felt unsafe yet still close enough to be able to walk home in ballet boots within 2-3 hours. At the mention of ballet boots Tara cut in again by asking, “Sorry, I keep interrupting you but about that, you must have taken ballet classes right?”

“Oh yes, since I was 5 and all the way until I was 16. Not sure mother would approve of how those skills are utilised today but she doesn't need to know, now does she.”

Zoe continued to explain that the gist of the evening was to set herself up in latex and bondage and then have to walk all the way back while risking being seen, all while enduring stimulation and pain. Everything was planned in minute detail except for one thing, she had forgotten to ask Angela if she could be her safety backup. Running downstairs to ask, Angela told her about her dinner guests before she had a chance to tell her of her nightly plans. So Zoe reluctantly decided to postpone the plans and did for about 30 minutes before making what turned out to be a rather bad decision. Zoe was already mentally committed and very aroused at the time which meant her urge more or less got the better of her. So in the end she convinced herself that it would probably be alright since in the end all she was doing was going for a walk, what could happen.

Having packed a canvas duffle bag with what she could not hide under an overcoat for the bus ride, Zoe had set off and was half an hour later hiding behind an abandoned warehouse, getting the last things ready. Fast forward another half an hour and all of Zoe’s regular clothing was securely locked into the duffle bag and she only had the final details of her setup before her great adventure began.

All that remained was to snap the remaining padlocks shut and secure the keys to open them. Zoe had decided to bring keys to be able to remove her gag, her posture collar, her wrist cuffs and all of the chains just in case something unforeseen would happen. But just holding on to the keys would be too easy and quite frankly take most of the thrill away so she had also brought a metallic case that had a timed lock. With the keys inside the case she would have the ability to partially free herself, once the set time had run out of course.

What she did next could most likely be attributed to her by now rampant arousal and her masochistic urge as she had decided to crank up the random electro shocks to her pussy, ass and nipples way more than she had planned and tested for. Afraid that she would lose her nerve she quickly snapped the last padlocks shut, thus sealing her fate and all she had left was to secure the keys in the metallic case. The sensations she felt, knowing that she had just made things way more painful for herself, was indescribable and she was literally shaking from thrill and arousal.

Rolling her eyes in embarrassment, Zoe continued the story, “So there I was, already feeling an orgasm start to build up and trying to open the metallic case which is easier said than done in the gloves. Then, to no surprise at all really, I was hit with some of the most exquisite electric shocks I have ever experienced… I mean they were D I V I N E…”

Zoe’s eyes were now practically glowing with excitement and she put a big smile on her face as she continued, “I think part of me wanted those shocks to continue forever while other parts of me wanted nothing more than for the horrendous pain to go away… Anyway, the pain eventually did go away… and that was when I realised I had dropped everything I was holding.”

Zoe chuckled before continuing, “Not the end of the world right… Yeah… except for dropping both the case and keys down a drainage grate…”

Tara had to firmly press her lips together to stop herself from laughing as she found Zoe’s predicament rather comical. Seeing Tara’s reaction Zoe herself giggled and carried on, “Yeah, we can laugh at it now but at the time I was actually scared shitless. I immediately knew I had fucked up royally and realising Angela was none the wiser regarding my escapades only made matters worse.”

With a sigh, Zoe continued, “Now one could ask why I didn’t just walk home. Good question with no good answer. I think the mere shock of the plan failing made me lose most of my rationality… Maybe I was afraid that Angela would think less of me for not informing her… Maybe both…”

Zoe continued to explain that her fear had eventually dissipated some as her dildoes had thankfully started one of their vibrating cycles which heightened her arousal. Almost as if her arousal sharpened her mind she devised a rescue plan to arrange for some form of transportation to get home safely no matter how embarrassing it would be. With a huge smile on her face, Zoe added, “And that brings us to you… my saviour… I’m so grateful there are apps to book fares these days…”

“So those electric shocks hurt a lot then?”

“Yes they did…”

“Like very much?”

“Very… try to imagine searing pain that basically shuts your brain down… All you experience is pain basically… “

Zoe bit her lower lip before adding, “... but I really, really love it… I mean it did make me cum in your car… so yeah… Pain is one of my primary kinks, when applied in ways I like of course.”

Tara realised Zoe was not at all the timid woman she had been just 15 minutes ago. She now showed confidence and pride in admitting to loving things most people would regard as utterly sickening. Wishing she had such confidence herself, Tara sighed deeply and said, “I have to admit that I’m quite jealous that you act on your fantasies and dare to pursue them. Me on the other hand have had fantasies about these things for over 20 years and never, ever, dared to do something about it. The most daring thing I have ever done is masturbating to images and videos of others doing what I dream of doing myself.”

Tara smiled and gently pulled Zoe’s hands to her mouth and kissed them before adding, “But now here I am, sitting in the kitchen of an amazing 23 year old whom I want nothing more than to spend time with… like a lot of time with… I think I have feelings for you that I don’t even understand myself.”

Tara let go of Zoe’s hands and with an expression of doubt in her face continued, “Does that make sense to you… Fuck I don’t even know what I am doing… or saying…”

Zoe stood up, walked over to Tara and said, “I agree, it makes no sense at all… But you should know that I feel the same way.”

Before Tara could react Zoe leaned forward as elegantly as her outfit allowed for and kissed her. The pair savoured each other for almost a whole minute before Zoe stepped back and with a wicked smile on her face added, “Now… Why don’t we do something about those fantasies of yours… It might be because I’m very… very… aroused… but…

Zoe paused for dramatical effect before continuing, “Would you like to stay the night… and act as my safety while I indulge in some much needed bondage and self inflicted torture?”

Before Tara even had a chance to answer Zoe added, “I have some new gear I haven’t had the chance to try yet but I’d really like to…”

Tara felt a wave of joy and arousal run through her and quickly cut Zoe off by stating, “I thought you’d never ask.”

Zoe’s face shone up as she said, “Awesome! Oh this will be amazing… I’m thinking I dictate my own predicament and you can help me set things up. After that you can just enjoy the show and watch… or maybe interact if you’d like… Would that be OK?”

Tara stood up and gently took Zoe’s hands in hers before answering, “I’m content with just being in the same room as you. I’ll help you set up in any way I can and after that you should really focus on your own pleasure. Don’t think about me, I figure something out.”

With a smile Zoe led Tara over to the sleeping area where a pair of wardrobes, a huge dresser and a big full size mirror on wheels stood beside Zoe’s king size bed. Stating that they contained a part of her collection, Zoe opened a drawer in the dresser and pulled out a sturdy looking single glove made in thick, black rubber that she tossed on the bed and said, “That is what I need help getting into… and the bondage setup…”

Tara got aroused by just imagining Zoe in the single glove and gently bit her lip as Zoe continued, “Before that I think a quick rundown of my current set up is needed. That OK?”


Tara’s arousal kept growing as Zoe continued, “The latex you of course already know of as well as the collar, cuffs and chastity belt.”

Tara nodded and acknowledged Zoe’s claim by stating, “Yes, for sure.”

“Right, what you don’t know is that first of all I can’t get out of the chastity belt, at least not for the time being.”

Tara looked inquisitively at Zoe who continued, “The keys for the plates covering my pussy and ass are over there on the dresser.”

Throwing a quick glance at the dresser, Tara saw the keys and uttered “Uh-huh” as Zoe pointed to the big padlock in the front of her chastity belt and added, “The key to unlock and remove the entire belt is in a safe in the store room over there in the hallway. It’s, surprise surprise, a timed safe and will not open for another…”

Zoe looked at a wall mounted clock hanging in the kitchen and stated, “... 37 hours. So roughly sometime Sunday afternoon.”

Tara went wide eyed and said, “Wait… doesn’t that mean you won’t…”

Zoe cut in and finished Tara’s sentence, “... won’t be able to get out of most of this until Sunday afternoon. Correctomundo!… Remember, you are dealing with a freak.”

Tara bit her lower lip and raised an eyebrow showing Zoe what she thought about it all and with a smile Zoe continued, “It gets better, buried deep inside me down here are two wonderful rubber dildos that are enhanced with copper strips meaning that they can not only vibrate, they can shock me as well. The rear one can obviously be taken out by unlocking the plate for sanitary reasons but the front one comes out as the belt comes off.”

As Zoe patted her chastised crotch, Tara put a wicked smile on her face and said, “You are amazing, I told you that right?”

“Yeah… Think you mentioned that earlier… Now, even though painful shocks to your pussy and ass are divine, why stop there?”

Tara looked questioningly at Zoe and replied, “Yeah, why stop there…”

“Exactly, so I also have a pair of bespoke electro pads encircling my nipples to deliver those sweet, painful shocks to them as well…”

Tara went wide eyed to which Tara laughed and said, “Though you’d like that! Now to control those… Do you have your phone with you?”

“No, I left it in the car.”

“Right, no worries, we can use one of mine.”

Zoe walked Tara over to a phone different from the one she had used earlier laying on the kitchen counter. It had only two things installed on it and one of these was a command app for the dildos and TENS units she wore on her thighs. Firstly, the app controlled the level of vibrations in the dildos Zoe had buried inside her. Secondly, the app also controlled the shocks discharged by the TENS units to Zoe’s pussy, ass and nipples. The app itself was pretty self explanatory and had an UI that was easy to understand and navigate. When it came to the power of the shocks Zoe felt she needed to state that when in the green it was uncomfortable, when in the orange it was fucking painful and when in the red it was searing “I want to die”-painful. Learning about the shock levels, Tara looked mischievous at Zoe and asked, “So I should keep it in the red then?”

Zoe looked up at Tara with pleading eyes and replied, “Eahhh… maybe… I actually don’t want to know beforehand, makes it more exciting. Set them how you want.”

Raising an eyebrow, Tara added, “Famous last words…”

Zoe smiled nervously as she continued to showcase how to make your own, or select predefined programs that would control the cycle of vibrations and/or shocks over time without having to manually control it in real time. Flipping through several programs Zoe ended up showing the program she had done for tonight's adventure and explained how to set power levels, time restrictions, randomness, loops etcetera. It was all a bit much all at once but Tara ensured Zoe that she was sure to figure it out.

The next thing Zoe brought up came as a bit of a surprise to Tara but made a lot of sense all things considered. Scattered around the loft apartment were numerous high quality surveillance cameras that transmitted both video and sound and could be accessed via the second app installed in the phone. As Tara flipped through the various cameras she saw that more or less all parts of the loft were covered, some areas from several angles and a few of the cameras even had pan and zoom.

The cameras were apparently one of the safety features Angela had suggested and had access to the feeds so she could keep a watchful eye on Zoe whenever she did some form of self bondage. Not wanting to risk forgetting to give Angela access whenever Zoe indulged in her hobbies, the cameras streamed around the clock and Angela could access them whenever she needed or wanted. The stream went through a private server so even if Angela went outside of the Wi-Fi range she could still watch the feed as long as she had an internet connection. The thought of being able to watch Zoe during her predicaments from just about anywhere aroused Tara a lot.

Having shown how both apps worked, Zoe turned to Tara and said, “Right, there is one more thing. I have a verbal safe word to alert Angela, and now also you, that I am in more trouble than I want. If you hear me humming or singing our national anthem I want out of whatever predicament I’m in as fast as humanly possible.”

Tara realised the magnitude of what Zoe had just said and with seriousness all over her face reiterated, “National anthem, get you out fast as hell, gotcha!”

“Good! It’s nowhere near a perfect system but it’s better than nothing. Thankfully I have never needed to enforce it.”

Zoe stepped up close to Tara, put her hands on her shoulders while looking her straight in the eyes and added, “With that said I want you to promise me something right here and now.”

“I’ll do anything you want!”

“Once I’m set up and ready I want to be kept like that for no less than 8 hours, you understand?”

“You want a minimum of 8 hours before I let you out.”

“Good, and I want you to treat me rough… like real rough! Maybe not all the time but when you do… you go all in! Oh, and no matter how much I scream and plead for you to stop, you do not stop unless…”

“Unless you humm our lovely national anthem.”

“I knew you were awesome the moment I saw you!”

With a soft, warm gaze Zoe smiled and said, “Tara I…”

Zoe stopped herself and averted her eyes from Tara who gently caressed Zoe’s cheek as she asked. “What?”

Zoe just smiled again and replied, “Never mind, I’m way too aroused to stand here talking, let’s go!”

Taking Tara’s hand, Zoe practically dragged her back to the bed and started to remove her wrist and ankle cuffs before tossing them on the bed. Gathering a few more items needed for her predicament, Zoe put them all on the bed before walking over to a hand cranked winch attached to the wall and started to unwind it. The winch wire ran up the wall, across a part of the ceiling and then hung down via a series of sturdy pulleys attached in strategic places along the way. At the end of the wire was a heavy duty shackle that Zoe lowered until it was about chest height. Next, Zoe fetched a heavy extension spring from the bed and proceeded to attach it to the shackle. As she was done she walked back to the bed and said, “I need you to gently smear some of this lube on the inside of the single glove, understand? Oh, and please keep it on the bed, It gets really slippery if any of the lube ends up on the floor.”

Tara nodded and went about doing as Zoe had asked of her. Picking up the single glove she was amazed over the quality and craftsmanship that had gone into making it. Made from multiple layers of thick, black rubber it featured a snug pouch for the hands with a large o-ring at the end of it. A very sturdy looking zipper ran from where its user’s wrists would be to the top of the glove, that would extend all the way to about the middle of the biceps.

Around the wrists, elbows and biceps were three reinforced straps with lockable buckles that could be used to make the glove even more restrictive. At the top of the glove was an additional, reinforced strap that ran up the occupants back to about between the shoulderblades. There, a heavy duty o-ring split the strap into two additional straps that were used to secure the glove around the user’s shoulders. The only thing Tara could not wrap her head around was an additional o-ring attached at the top of the glove that seemed totally superfluous but surely had some form of use that Tara just did not see at the moment. Dying to put Zoe in the single glove Tara looked over at her to see how she was doing.

Zoe had walked over to a big rug laying in front of the full size mirror and began to polish her latex with some shine and a soft cloth. She had been very shiny before but was now somehow at least partly even more shiny and Tara was again getting lost in the reflections that danced over Zoe’s beautiful body. Seeing that Tara was done with the single glove, Zoe held the cloth towards her and said, “Here, I need help. Can’t reach all over sadly.”

Tara practically jumped out of bed and was moments later shining Zoes back and a few other places she could not reach due to her restrictive outfit. Running the cloth over Zoe’s body sent more chills through Tara and she had to finally force herself to stop polishing before starting to wear on the latex.

Putting the polish and cloth aside, Zoe turned her back against Tara and asked her to get the single glove. Putting her arms and hands together behind her back Zoe then guided Tara who soon had Zoe’s hands and arms firmly seated into the glove. With surprising ease the heavy zipper trapped Zoe’s arms inside the glove as Tara pulled the slider all the way to the end making Zoe moan loudly and exclaim, “Fucking hell! That feels sooo good…”

Zoe exclaimed “Wow!” as she was astounded by how the single glove literally fused Zoe’s arms and elbows together inside and could not help but run her hands along the bound limbs. With a hint of worry in her voice Tara asked, “Are you sure though? It looks very, very tight!”

“Oh yes… I am very sure!”

“OK then… Well you look amazing in it!”

Zoe next instructed Tara on how to lock the zipper and then had her tighten the three straps really tight before locking their buckles with padlocks. Taking a moment to walk around in the single glove, testing it out by trying to twist her arms, Zoe finally came back to where Tara was waiting and stated, “Oh I can get used to this… Feels A M A Z I N G !“

After giving the single glove some much needed polish, Zoe asked Tara to fetch a spreader bar from the bed and moved over to the expander spring hanging from the ceiling. Zoe then told Tara to tightly fasten the rubber cuffs on the spreader bar around her ankles and lock their buckles with padlocks. Tara was then to adjust the length of the spreader bar to Zoe’s preference and secure it using its adjustment mechanism. Stepping back to have a look at her work, Tara saw that Zoe’s feet were now being forced apart a great deal. So much so that Tara was afraid it would become very unpleasant in the ballet boots very fast. Before commenting on it Tara reminded herself that unpleasantness was probably just what Zoe was aiming for and kept her concerns to herself.

Next Zoe told Tara to attach the free end of the expander spring to the extra o-ring at the top of the single glove. Tara smiled to herself as the o-ring’s use was now crystal clear and moments later had the ring fastened to the expander spring using a heavy shackle. Already having figured out where things were going, Tara was already on her way to the hand crank as Zoe asked her to raise the wire and spring until she said so. As the wire went taut Zoe told Tara to stop and to make sure to secure the ratchet switch on the winch.

Gently testing the spring, Zoe looked at Tara and said, “I have never tested this set up so I need you to give me a push.”

Giving Zoe a gentle push, she expertly tiptoed despite the spreader bar and quickly regained her balance. Smiling at Tara, Zoe started, “That all you got? I need to properly test it… put some love into it!”

Tara walked up to Zoe again and with added determination pushed her so hard that it at one moment seemed as if she would topple over. She watched in amazement as Zoe somehow still managed to recover from her extreme tilt and with a huge smile on her face stated, “Yes, works just as planned! Helps to keep me upright if anything should happen but does not grant my feet any relief. It needs some refinement for sure but this will do for now.”

Helping Zoe into her bondage was just as pleasing as Tara had thought and felt that she was becoming accustomed to further Zoe’s predicament fearfully fast. Her high cut panties were at this point more or less drenched in her own juices and would surely have stained her pants if they hadn’t been vinyl. Tara’s concerns regarding her panties were interrupted by Zoe who with clear lust in her eyes looked at Tara and stated, “Now, my blindfold and gag if you please!”

Tara was about to do as she was told when she suddenly felt a deep urge to take charge and slightly tilted her head while looking Zoe straight in the eyes and replied, “No…”

Tara could see that Zoe was totally surprised by her sudden change of demeanour and remained silent as Tara slowly approached her. As Tara was standing right in front of Zoe, she firmly grabbed her by the cheeks and stated, “Don’t worry Zoe, you will get what's coming to you but before I cover those beautiful eyes and mouth of yours I want to admire them for a while longer… After all, I won’t be able to see them for … what was it… 8 hours, was it not…”

Tara unceremoniously let go of Zoe’s cheeks and took a few steps back before adding, “Is that OK with you Zoe?”

Zoe’s voice sounded remarkably subservient as she quickly answered, “Yes… yes of course…”


Tara walked over to the kitchen and fetched the sports flask, shaking it while she walked back and stood in front of Zoe again. Holding it up to her mouth Tara said, “Why don’t you use those lovely lips of yours and suck the rest of this down, I think you are going to need it.”

Zoe wasted no time and instantly put her lips around the spout and started to swallow the remains of the flask as fast as she could. A loud slurping sound indicated that she was done and Tara tossed the flask on the bed before gently caressing Zoe’s cheek as she stated, “Good girl… very good girl…”

Zoe looked Tara in the eyes and meekly replied, “Thank you Mistress.”

The pair both went wide eyed at Zoe’s remark, seemingly equally surprised by it. With a wicked smile on her face Tara broke the silence by saying, “Wow… So it’s Mistress now…Huh…”

Zoe quickly tried to remedy the situation by saying, “Shit I’m sorry! I don’t know why I said…”

“No, no… It’s quite alright… In fact… I really like it… If you feel comfortable with it you may call me Mistress if you like.”

“Thank you Mistress!”

With a huge smile on her face Tara put a finger to Zoe’s chin and wiped a strain of nutritional shake off of it. Holding her finger to Zoe’s lips she then said, “You spilled some…”

Zoe devotedly started to suck Tara’s finger, slowly and sensually. Even though the small amount of shake was sucked clean almost instantaneously Zoe kept sucking Tara’s finger, letting her tongue gently caress the digit in her mouth. Leaning in real close to Zoe, Tara quietly whispered, “You have no idea how aroused I get when you suck like that… I bet you would lick anything with that tongue of yours, wouldn’t you?”

Zoe moaned “Uh-huh!” in reply, still sucking Tara’s finger.

“It’s a shame you are strung up as you are, otherwise I would have you on your knees servicing my boots right now. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Another, most affirmative “UH-HUH!” could be heard just before Tara quickly retracted her finger from Zoe’s mouth, making a popping sound as it did. Backing up a few steps, Tara began to remove her tank top, followed by her black lace bra and tossed both garments aside before she continued, “Then… if you were to do a good job, I might have allowed you to eat me out until I came…”

Zoe tried to take a few steps forward but was effectively held in place by the ceiling wire and expander spring. With deep desire in her voice Zoe stated, “Please Mistress, I will do anything to please you…”

“Anything huh? Good to know…”

Tara stepped away to get the phone that controlled the dildos and TENS units and then stepped back in front of Zoe. Selecting a predefined program tara then looked at Zoe and asked, “Would you mind awfully if I borrowed some of your latex Zoe?”

“Of course not Mistress, use anything you like…”

Starting the program, Tara smiled and said, “Thank you!”

Zoe started to loudly moan and rock her pelvis back and forth as her dildos started to slowly vibrate inside her. Tara stood for a few moments and just observed Zoe riding her intruders before she hastily stepped up to her and delivered a hard slap to Zoe’s cheek. Zoe yelped in response and looked totally oblivious as to why she had gotten it but quickly said, “I’m sorry Mistress…”

With clear irritation in her voice, Tara stated, “You don’t even know what you are sorry about! You always thank your Mistress when she gives you a treat, is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress!”


Tara gently kissed Zoe on the cheek she just slapped before she squatted down to untie her boots and remove them. Having removed her socks as well she put them in the boots, stood up and started to remove her vinyl pants. Trying to give Zoe a bit of a show, Tara did her best to sensually remove the pants but it was easier said than done with the extremely tight vinyl. Pants off and tossed at the bed, Tara slowly removed her black high cut panties and playfully let them swing around her finger. With a wicked smile Tara brought her panties to her face and gave them a good whiff before stating, “Damn… guess I’m even more aroused than I thought…”

She then slowly but deliberately put a hand to her pussy and put two fingers inside of herself before bringing them back up to her mouth to gently lick them clean. With a surprised look on her face Tara then walked up to Zoe again and said, “Yeah… definitely more aroused than I thought… Guess you really turn me on… Do you like that you turn me on Zoe?”

Biting her lower lip, Zoe looked straight into Tara’s eyes and replied, “Yes Mistress, I like it a lot!”

“Good! Open up.”

Zoe opened her mouth without hesitation and was instantly rewarded by having Tara’s damp panties shoved into her mouth. Having poked her panties far into Zoe’s mouth, Tara tapped her on the nose and stated, “Don’t drop them, understand?”

With her mouth full, Zoe merely moaned “UH-HUH!” in reply. Turning around, Tara walked away towards the bathroom and left the steadily moaning Zoe behind her.

As soon as Tara was inside the bathroom she closed the door behind her and whispered to herself, “What the fuck am I doing!”

Even though Tara had acted very confidently, the truth was that she had a lot of conflicting feelings at the moment. She had just left a woman half her age that she barely knew at all, bound with no chance of freeing herself, with her soaking wet panties shoved into her mouth. She even slapped her in the face. Even though that all felt frightfully natural she had in fact no idea of what she was doing. What if she did something that really hurt Zoe for real. What if Zoe just used her to pursue her kinks. What if her feelings towards Zoe were not reciprocated.

Looking at herself in the bathroom mirror she tried to gather her thoughts but realised there was no idea trying to make sense of it all right now. What she did know was that she had a beautiful woman bound in the next room, seemingly willing to do anything for her. Had the roles been reversed she knew that she would also do anything to please Zoe, no matter how shallow their relationship was at this point. Taking a deep breath Tara decided to just go with it and risk it all because a chance like this would most likely never present itself again.

Feeling a bit less stressed, Tara took her time and collected a few items she had eyed last time she had been in the bathroom and gently put them on the counter. All being made in black latex with red trim, Tara started with a pair of high cut panties that she pulled up her legs until they settled over her crotch. The feeling was amazing and Tara let out an audible moan as she slowly shook her head at herself for not having tried latex earlier. The Panties had an open crotch design and Tara made sure they were perfectly positioned over her waxed crotch before continuing.

Next was a balconette bra that proved to be a bit of a hassle to get into but eventually Tara was pleased with the fit. Zoe apparently had slightly smaller breasts than Tara but the feeling of her breasts more than filling the cups was very arousing and Tara was more than happy with how it looked.

Sitting on the toilet seat cover, Tara took a pair of thigh high stockings and started to pull them up her legs. The hassle Tara had with the bra proved to be nothing compared to the stockings. It took several tries before Tara got the hang of how to best put them on and she felt a bit flushed when she was done. To stop them rolling down her legs she donned a suspender belt around her waist and clipped the stocking to it.

Last but not least were a pair of shoulder length gloves that with prior experience from the stockings, soon adorned Tara’s slender arms.

Looking at herself in the bathroom mirror Tara just smiled as she both looked and felt extremely sexy. Finding some latex polish she carefully polished the latex to a perfect shine before grabbing a pair of 5 inch platform pumps with open toe in red patent leather. Crossing her fingers Tara silently exclaimed “Yes!” as she apparently not only shared dress sizes with Zoe but also shoe size. Giving herself a final once over, Tara took a deep breath and stepped out of the bathroom.

Admittedly being a bit of a shoe fetishist, Tara did not have a huge collection of heels but she did have a lot of experience of walking in them. With her best, confident catwalk stride Tara walked up to Zoe who was still dutifully keeping Tara’s panties in her mouth. Doing a slow pirouette, Tara smiled at Zoe and asked, “You like?”

Nodding her head as much as her posture collar allowed for, Zoe moaned “UH-HUH!” in reply.

Tara stepped up close to Zoe and was now thanks to her heels equal in height. Remaining silent and just listening to Zoe’s moans, Tara started to gently run her hands over Zoe’s bound form, experiencing latex on latex for the first time. The feeling and sounds were extremely arousing and Tara could have kept going for a very long time but pulled herself from Zoe and walked over to the bed. Picking up a black latex blindfold, Tara turned towards Zoe and loudly proclaimed, “Turn towards me.”

Seeing Zoe manage to skillfully balance while taking small, arduous steps to follow her command, Tara felt her pussy tingle and barked, “Move it! We don’t have all night.”

Zoe dubbed her efforts and was moments later facing Tara. Fully into her dom persona Tara instantly remarked, “I said towards me!”

Taking two tiny steps further Zoe looked at Tara with an inquisitive expression on her face as Tara stated, “Good girl!”

Walking up to Zoe with the blindfold in one hand, Tara held up the other under Zoe’s mouth and said, “My panties please.”

Zoe started to work Tara’s panties out of her mouth and with a bit of effort they finally dropped into Tara’s hand. Looking at the panties and then back at Zoe, Tara sighed and started, “Fuck’s sake, you got saliva all over them!”

Zoe went wide eyed and immediately pleaded, “I’m so sorry Mistress!”

While Zoe begged for forgiveness Tara took her panties and started to smear the saliva on them onto Zoe’s face before letting them drop to the ground and state, “Yeah you better be sorry, I can’t use them now that you solid them can I… You will pay for that!”

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress…”

Trying her best to ignore Zoe’s wonderful pleas for forgiveness Tara placed the rubber blindfold over Zoe’s eyes and clasped it’s strap around her head. The blindfold was like no other blindfold that Tara had seen during her internet adventures in that the part that went over the eyes were two individual cups connected with a short strap in between them. In a way they reminded her of pool goggles only with bigger and more sleek parts over the eyes and not transparent of course. Tara figured they had to be more comfortable for long term wear as they would not press against the eyes as much as a normal blindfold would probably do.

Pleased with how the blind fold sat over Zoe’s eyes, Tara asked just to be sure, “How’s that?”

“Perfect Mistress, total darkness. Thank you!”

While picking up Zoe’s head harness with the panel gag and 7 inch dildo, Tara casually replied, “You are most welcome Zoe…”

Standing in front of Zoe again Tara grabbed her by the back of her head and pressed her lips against hers as she forced her tongue into Zoe’s mouth. Zoe was not late to accept Tara’s tongue and they were soon doing another tongue dance together. Withdrawing from the kiss, Tara grabbed Zoe firmly by the cheeks and asked, “Ready for 8 hours of suffering?”

“Yeaashh Misshhtreshhh!”

Letting go of Zoe’s cheeks, Tara readied herself to put the dildo down Zoe’s throat and said, “Open up!”

Zoe dutifully opened her mouth as much as she could to which Tara stated, “Good girl!”

Letting Zoe wait for a few seconds Tara added, “Zoe?”


“I think I might have fallen for you…”

“Wha… scchhhngkk… graaaaaahhhnnn…”

Before Zoe had a chance to speak Tara forcefully shoved the dildo down her throat and held it in place as she methodically started to tightly buckle the head harness around Zoe’s head. Zoe was grunting under the gag but it was all unintelligible and Tara did her best to try and ignore her. As Tara was putting padlocks on all of the buckles in the head harness she said, “Shhh… Shhh… You can tell me later… OK?”

Zoe calmed down some and grunted “Uh-huh” in reply as Tara caressed her cheek and added, “I can’t believe my luck to have met you… and that you so willingly are going to let me torture you…”

As Tara walked back to the bed and picked up the phone, Zoe could be heard moaning pitifully behind her gag as her predicament most likely started to sink in. Walking back to Zoe, Tara made some adjustments in the control app before she leaned in real close to Zoe and said, “I want you to promise me something…”

Zoe waited for a few seconds and then replied, “Uh-huh…”

“You have to promise to let me try something similar to what you are going through now… and to be just as unforgiving as I plan to be with you… Can you promise me that Zoe?”


“Thank you! Have fun…”

As Tara pressed the touchscreen on the phone, Zoe went taut in her whole body for almost three full seconds before she started to scream on the top of her lounges. Tara firmly held her finger on the touchscreen and smiled wickedly as she watched Zoe endure what must have been horrific shocks in her pussy, ass and nipples. Tara had set the power to all three well within the red but still had room to spare before reaching full power. Mesmerised by the gorgeous latex doll in torment before her, Tara wanted the moment to last forever and kept the shocks going for well over 30 seconds before deciding to stop them. Zoe’s legs immediately gave way as the shocks stopped and she ended up softly swaying up and down in the expander spring. She could be heard crying uncontrollably and her broken state fueled Tara’s arousal who harshly stated, “Oh be quiet! You wanted this, remember?!”

Tara bit her lower lip and felt her pussy tingle as she saw Zoe immediately starting to work her way back up from her suspension until she was proudly standing up again. The level of resolve Zoe manifested was something Tara had never seen in another person and made her love for Zoe grow even more. Letting Zoe stand and catch her breath for a while, Tara walked over to the dresser and took a cordless magic wand vibrator from one of the drawers. Getting comfortable in the bed with a clear view of Zoe, Tara set the magic wand at a low speed and started to massage her pussy and clitoris. The wonderful vibrations immediately set Tara on a slow buildup to an orgasm and quickly picked up the phone with her free hand. As she pressed the touch screen again she gasped in lust as Zoe made a gut wrenching scream in pain but this time managed to stay standing for several seconds before ending up helplessly suspended in her bondage. As Tara stopped the shocks several seconds later Zoe once more showed great resolve and was quickly on her feet, wailing in her torment.

What followed could only be described as a competition between Tara and Zoe. Tara kept torturing Zoe with shocks, trying everything from long continuous ones to several short ones in quick succession. She tried every combination she could think of in an effort to break Zoe’s resolve. But Zoe kept getting up, time after time, greatly increasing Tara’s arousal as she was now steadily getting closer to an orgasm.

For the next 10 minutes Tara kept torturing the poor woman in front of her until she finally came so hard that her eyes rolled back into her head. Tara’s scream in pure ecstasy nearly outdid that of Zoe’s screams of horrendous pain and Tara kept cumming over, and over again. Nearly blacking out from her pleasure, Tara let go of both the magic wand and phone and loudly stated, “FUCK… ME! That… was… INCREDIBLE!”.

Totally spent, Tara rolled over and out of bed and on shaky legs walked up to Zoe. Putting her hands around Zoe’s cheeks Tara started to comfort the still crying woman, “Shhh… Shhh… I know baby… Are you OK?”

Zoe chipped for air and meekly moaned “uh-huh” in reply. Tara kissed her on the panel gag and continued, “Thank you so much Zoe… That… That was the best orgasm I have ever had… Thank you….”

Zoe started to calm down but was still sobbing while massive amounts of saliva bubbled out from under the panel gag onto her chin and slowly trickled down on her chest and breasts. Using a finger in an attempt to clear some of the saliva from Zoe’s chin, Tara quickly realised the futility in her effort and while giggling, stated, “Look at you baby… you are drooling all over yourself…”

To Tara’s surprise a faint chuckle could be heard from behind the gag to which Tara commented, “Having been horribly tortured and still manages to laugh… You are the best, I hope you know that!”

Tara smiled as a meek “Uh-huh” could be heard from Zoe and continued, “I’m going to get my phone in the car. Do you want me to set you on a program while I’m away?”

Proving her resolve was still strong Zoe nodded her head as much as she could and moaned “Uh-huh…” in reply. Kissing Zoe on her cheek, Tara whispered in her ear, “OK baby, see you soon… Oh… Just so you know, you have 7 hours and 42 minutes left…”

As Zoe meekly moaned in reply to Tara’s last statement, Tara walked over and picked up the phone from the bed. Selecting the randomised program that Zoe had made for herself to endure during her earlier excursion, Tara smiled and engaged it. Almost instantly Zoe started to loudly moan and gently rock her hips as her vibrators were most likely now vibrating instead of shocking her. Starting to get aroused again by Zoe’s moans, Tara managed to find some of Zoe’s normal clothes and put on a pair of black sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Throwing Zoe a final glance Tara walked through the hallway and out the door, closing it behind her.

Having walked down the stairs and onto the porch Tara was suddenly scared shitless as she heard a voice coming from a dark portion of the porch asking, “Leaving already?”

Squinting her eyes, Tara could barely see Angela standing in the corner of the porch with a glass of wine in her hand. Taking a deep breath to collect herself Tara replied, “Damn it Angela, you scared the living shit out of me!”

“So sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“No, no… It’s alright… just scared me is all…”

“So are you?”



“No, just getting my phone from the car.”

“Ah OK… Do you want to come in for a glass of red?”

“Thanks, but I probably should…”

Stepping into a more brightly lit part of the porch, Angela cut Tara short by saying, “Please, I’m dying to get to know Zoe’s girlfriend. The Hardings left an hour ago so it would be just you and me.”

“Oh we are not… Zoe and I just met.”

“You just met?”

“Yes, earlier tonight… She called a cab and I picked her up.”



“Well now I have to get to know you! Please! From what I’ve heard Zoe is not going anywhere is she?”

“No she is not… You heard that… Of course you did…”

“No bother, I’ve used earplugs when I sleep for years. Do come in, will you? My role in Zoe’s adventures seems to have come to an abrupt end it seems. And I would love to meet my successor.”

“I wouldn’t say that… I think you still have a role to play…”


“You know what Angela, I will take that glass of wine please.”

“Marvellous! I’m dying to see what you have under those sweats… And don’t worry about Zoe, I have a lovely 75 inch TV in there we can stream her cameras to… Great sound system as well.”

Tara chuckled as she walked towards the main entrance and said, “I’m sure you do, I’m Tara by the way.”

“Tara, what a lovely name… Oh and Tara, just so you know, you have your phone in your hand… Just saying.”

“Oh this is not mine, it’s Zoe’s… It’s for… Know what, why don’t I show you what it’s for.”

“Can’t wait! Oh I really like your heels… No, do keep them on…”

As the door closed behind the newly acquainted pair downstairs, Zoe started to scream her lounges out again as another cycle of horrendous shocks hit her. Despite the horrible pain, or rather due to it, she felt an orgasm was ever so slowly starting to build. But Zoe sadly knew all too well that the exquisite pain she was enduring at the moment would most likely stop long before she even got close to that sweet, sweet release. Just the way she liked it.


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