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A Fare To Remember

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2023 - Marcus - Used by permission

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Continues from

Chapter 2

Outside the picturesque two story house the birds had been happily chirping for hours while basking in the early rays from the sun. From the branches of the birch trees next to the house one would have been able to see two sleeping occupants inside that were just about to wake up to a very different kind of chirping. 

Tara awoke with a jolt as her vaginal and rectal dildos suddenly started to slowly vibrate. Even though her eyes were now wide open she was still wrapped in total darkness due to the blindfold covering them, meaning she had no way of telling what time it was. Moaning from both arousal and vexation Tara tried to recall the number of times that she callously had been awoken by the vibrations during the night. As her arousal rose for what felt like the umpteenth time, Tara quietly cursed herself for joyously approving when Zoe suggested putting the vibrators on a cycle of 5 minutes on followed by 30 minutes off. Ever since the cycle had been activated it had done precisely what it must have been intended to do, namely keep Tara aroused and sleep depraved all night and morning. 

Adding insult to injury the vibrations had been set to such a low speed that Tara could only dream of achieving the climax she so desperately craved. Even though she felt totally drained due to her predicament, the vibrations were in fact still very welcome and Tara continued to softly moan in her gag as she worked her vaginal and rectal muscles around the intruders, feeling her juices starting to flow.

Despite wearing a hood, Tara suddenly heard the unquestionable sound of bed linen rustling in front of her, shortly followed by a loud jawn. Some additional rustling later, Tara finally heard Zoe’s lovely voice state, “By the sounds of those moans, I guess you didn’t sleep as well as I did.”

Hearing the voice of her loved one made Tara futilely try to move in her bondage and moaned loudly in her gag, wanting nothing more than to be allowed Zoe’s touch. Futile as her efforts may have been, she was at least rewarded with hearing her lover's voice again as Zoe said, “I have to say, waking up with you like this beside me is something I could definitely get used to. You look so fucking good in all that latex and bondage!”

Tara could do nothing more than loudly moan in reply and instantly feel slightly revitalised by her compliment. Hearing movement in the bed again, Tara suddenly felt Zoe’s hand caressing her cheek as she said, “I’m actually quite surprised, you know. I was certain you were going to wake me up by humming a certain tune tonight but no, you haven’t. Guess I was wrong to doubt you baby…”

Frantically working her muscles around the dildos, Tara continued to moan and groan as her arousal and excitement just kept growing, greatly fueled by Zoe’s touch and voice. 

It had been three weeks since the night Tara and Zoe met during Zoe’s late night predicament and the two had been more or less inseparable since. They had spent every weekend and most evenings after work together, mostly at Zoe’s loft apartment but occasionally made a trip to a bar or restaurant in the city. If asked about current affairs both women would have seemed completely clueless and in fact they more or less were, the outside world barely existed to them. All their spare time had been spent getting to know each other both in and outside the bedroom, with an obvious focus on what happens in the bedroom to no one's surprise. They couldn’t even stay away from each other at work, both sending cute messages back and forth as well as the occasional naughty photo taken in the office lavatory.

For the first time in her life, Tara was experiencing what people in the know meant by real true love. She had been very enamoured by others over the years, both men and women, but never like this. She had never before experienced what it feels like to truly be incapable of thinking about anything else then a special someone. And it was not just in her head either as Tara’s co-workers on numerous occasions had asked if she was alright as she had failed to answer direct questions, sometimes forgotten to eat lunch and even showed up to work on her day off. As they quickly realised Tara was in love, her colleagues had since kept teasing her about when they would meet whomever had stolen her heart but Tara had so far managed to keep the wolves at bay.

When it came to the sex it was plain and simply put absolutely epic. Even though most would have probably guessed that it would all be extreme hardcore, latex infused BDSM, it hadn’t. After that first weekend of Zoe being locked into her outfit at Tara’s behest, they had mutually decided to throttle down and do things right to not risk ruining what they had going. The duo instead spent a lot of time learning about each other’s kinks and preferences, something that had led to a lot of embarrassment and surprise on both sides. They did have a lot of sex though of course. 

Not doing much heavy BDSM there had not been many times where they had done any form of real powerplay and they actively refrained from using terminology such as mistress or slave unless it really added something to the scene. Furthermore, Tara had expressed a desire for her to focus on learning how to be a good dominatrix before letting Zoe have her way with her, something Zoe seemingly had had no problems with and in fact had encouraged.

As it was a Friday, the two love birds had as usual met up at Zoe’s apartment after work and shared a nice long shower together. Tara was still waiting for a vast order of bespoke latex items she had on order but as it was yet to be delivered she still borrowed all the latex she wore from Zoe. Having dressed in matching black open crotch latex panties, thigh high latex stockings and shoulder length latex gloves, the pair had shared a nice candle lit dinner with amazing sex and cuddling for dessert. Taking a short breather, they were now both laying silently in bed, facing each other while getting lost in each other's eyes. Poking Zoe on the nose, Tara broke the silence by saying, “Tonight we celebrate three weeks together.”

Reaching in to give Tara a kiss, Zoe started to caress her lover's cheek and replied, “Only three weeks… feels like we have been together for longer than that. Are you sure?”

“Oh yes! Co-workers keep pestering me about when they will meet you… It’s been three weeks now Tara, when will we meet this better half of yours…”

Zoe smiled and giggled before saying, “They think I am the better half huh… HA! Sounds like people I need to meet.”

“But they are right, you are the better half”

Zoe grabbed the back of Tara’s head and pulled the two into a long, deep kiss. Before the kiss had a chance to evolve into something else, Zoe backed out of it and said, “I love you so much Tara!”

Smiling, Tara replied, “I love you too!”

After several moments of additional silence Tara raised a hand to remove a strain of hair from Zoe’s face and with a mischievous look on her face, bit her lower lip and said, “So as it is our anniversary I was thinking…”

Tara paused, making Zoe raise an eyebrow and ask, “Yeah?”

“Well, during the past week this urge has been growing inside me and today at work I decided it was high time to do something about it… So… how shall I put this… I would really, really like to experience what it means to truly be… a latex slave…”

Zoe got a mock expression of surprise on her face and said, “Oh… a latex slave you say… Tell me, when you have been turned into this latex slave that you so desire, who would you be a slave to?”

“Well… I happen to know of this woman… She is intelligent, kind, funny… and sexy, very sexy… killer in bed as well… I must have dreamed of being her latex slave ever since I first laid eyes on her… Not sure you know her though… Her name is Zoe… She is the most perfect woman you can think of.”

“Huh… well… sounds to me that I need to find this Zoe and have a serious talk with her. I get the feeling she is trying to take my lover away from me.”

Zoe leaned in and kissed Tara before adding, “No but seriously, I would LOVE to have you as my plaything but truth be told I think I need some sleep tonight, don’t you?”

Smiling wickedly, Tara countered, “Who said you couldn’t sleep? I want you to use me as your latex toy… a thing… yours to do with as you see fit. If you want to sleep, then sleep. As your property I will have no say in the matter right?”

Zoe bit her lower lip and asked, “True… Are you really sure about this?”

“Yes… I want this.”

“OK… but it will be rough… real rough… are you sure you can handle that… I mean it is going to be your first time… First time going all the way I mean.”

“I know, but I can't stop and think about how passionately you talk about not being in control of your fate and I vividly remember the look in your eyes when I dominated you when we first met… I want to know what that is like.”

Raising a hand to rest her head in, Tara continued, “Also, I feel I have to experience being your slave so we can be on the same level and evolve even further… I want to be your equal… Plus the mere thought of it makes me insanely aroused!”

Poking Zoe on the nose again, Tara smiled and added, “Besides, If it proves that I’m in over my head, I just sing our national anthem and the trial is over, right?”

“That’s true… But… Oh I don’t know baby…”

Making her best impression of a fawn while fluttering her eyelashes, Tara begged, “P-l-e-a-s-e-!”

Zoe sighed deeply before stating, “Not fair! How can I say no to that… OK, let’s do it! But I want to make something very clear.”

Tara looked with keen eyes at Zoe as she continued, “If this whole experience proves to be too much for you and you end up using the safeword… I won’t agree to a retry for at least another month. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do… Mistress…”

“OK then… let’s do it!”

Like if she had been shot out of a cannon, Zoe popped out of bed and walked over to a dresser to throw an item on the bed next to Tara before commanding, “I want you to undress completely, give yourself dual enemas and then insert that… Then come back here.”

Tara’s heart started to beat harder as she saw that Zoe had just thrown a catheter kit next to her and hesitated for a few seconds to which Zoe instantly commented, “Already having second thoughts?”

Tara took the catheter kit in hand, jumped out of bed and kissed Zoe before replying, “No Mistress, I said you can use me however you wish, and I meant it! I’ll be right back.”

Standing naked in the shower, letting the first enema start to fill her bowels, Tara smiled as it dawned on her that before meeting Zoe her involvement with enemas were on a purely professional level. Now, three weeks later, she had given herself more enemas than she had probably done during all her years as a nurse. When the both enemas were over and done with, Tara took a quick shower to clean herself up and picked up the catheter kit and quietly said to herself, “Yet another first…”

Just as with the enemas, catheters were something Tara had come in contact with in a professional sense and never imagined having one of her own, let alone administering it herself. That said, she had to admit the thought of having one was highly erotic, not least since she would no longer be in control of her own bladder, Zoe would.

After donning a pair of black surgical gloves and spreading her labia open, Tara started to add some antiseptic gel and clean the area around her urethra. She then wiped the area clean and started to insert the catheter tube. As the catheter went up her urethra, Tara made some disgruntled sounds from discomfort but surprisingly still found the whole sensation strangely thrilling and arousing.

Once urine started to flow through the catheter, Tara inserted it about an inch extra and attached a syringe filled with a sterile water solution to it. Carefully pressing down on the plunger, Tara started to fill the catheter balloon inside her urine bladder and did not stop until the syringe was empty. As she removed the syringe from the catheter, a sudden feeling of humiliation washed over Tara and she quietly moaned from arousal as she retracted the catheter slightly to make sure it had settled properly. Pleased with how the catheter felt, Tara removed the surgical gloves and tossed them together with the empty syringe in a bin.

Stepping out of the bathroom and into the hallway Tara could see Zoe standing by the bed teasingly beckoning Tara towards her. As Tara had walked about halfway Zoe pointed towards the floor and Tara got down to start to sensually crawl on all fours the rest of the way. As Tara was right in front of Zoe she commanded, “Sit!”

Tara instantly got up and sat on her knees with her hands in her lap and stole a quick glance at the bed which was now filled with latex and BDSM gear. With growing arousal Tara looked up at Zoe who with a wicked smile said, “Good girl!”

Letting Tara sit for a moment, Zoe eventually stated, “Before we start to get you into the gear I want you to kiss and lick my feet. Now you know how ticklish I am so you do it GENTLY, understand?”

Biting her lower lip in arousal, Tara subserviently replied, “Yes Mistress.”

All it took was for Zoe to make a subtle inviting gesture with her hand for Tara to get down and start to very, very gently kiss Zoe’s feet. Having kissed each foot six or seven times each, Tara put her tongue out and started to carefully lick the top of Zoe’s toes before moving on to the bridges of her feet. This was not the first time Tara kissed and licked Zoe’s feet, yet it was still very special as she was not only servicing Zoe this time, she was servicing Mistress Zoe. The difference seemed ridiculous to Tara but she could not disregard how incredibly arousing the act felt compared to previous times.

Tara had no idea for how long she had been licking Zoe’s feet when she heard her say, “As much as I have to admit that seeing you down there is VERY arousing, we have a lot to get you into. On your feet!”

Tara did as she was told and watched Zoe pick up a few things from the bed while pointing to a rug placed by the bed. Holding the same black latex hood Zoe had worn when they first met, Zoe looked at Tara and said, “Now I know you haven’t tried nose tubes earlier but I want you to wear this, OK?”

With slight trepidation, Tara looked at the long nose tubes attached to the nostril holes in the hood and replied, “Yes Mistress.”

“Good! Let me just fix your hair first.”

Zoe handed Tara the hood and began collecting all of her hair into a high ponytail before fixing it with a wide black rubber band before reclaiming the hood again. Without comment, Zoe gently inserted the nose tubes into Tara’s nostrils and when she felt that they had found their way, pushed them all the way in while Tara coughed and sputtered. Tara had thought the tubes felt OK at first, but as they entered the back of her nasal cavity and later her pharynx, she had found the ordeal rather unpleasant. With the tubes all the way in, Zoe started to thread Tara’s ponytail through the tube in the hood and asked, “You OK baby?”

The experience had Tara’s eyes watering but nonetheless answered with clear gusto in her voice, “Yes Mistress. Not very fun going in but it actually feels rather erotic now that they are in place.”

“I knew you could take it, good girl!”

Ponytail finally thread through the hair tube, Zoe wrapped the hood around Tara’s head and effortlessly closed the zipper. With her head now fully enclosed, the firm pressure of the hood made Tara moan as she watched Zoe fetch a pair of shoulder length gloves and thigh high stockings in black latex. With some expert help from Zoe to add dressing lube to arms and legs, Tara was soon wearing both gloves and stockings.

Next Zoe fetched a pair of round electric pads that measured about 2 inches in diameter with several half inch cuts that started in the middle of the pads and ran out towards the edges. Tara had never seen these pads before and thought the cuts reminded her of how a round pie or cake would have been cut up before serving. Tara also noticed that the conductive side of the pads were covered with small, sharp looking metallic studs and felt a chill run through her from somewhat hesitant anticipation.

As Zoe firmly pressed a pads over one of Tara’s nipples and areola, the pain made Tara sharply inhale as the studs dug deeply into the sensitive skin. The pie cuts allowed for the pad to rise up in the middle around Tara’s erect nipple to ensure a properly tight fit, something that would have been hard to achieve without them. With a smile on her face, Zoe started to attach the second pad to Tara’s still free nipple and said, “Just wait until I put electric shocks through them… You think you know what true pain feels but trust me… you have no idea my love…”

Even though Zoe was right in that she had no idea how bad it would be, Tara vividly remembered how excruciating it had looked when she tortured Zoe using electro shocks. The visions she had of Zoe screaming her lungs out in pain while some of her most vulnerable parts were shocked was not what had Tara longing to experience it herself. No it was the way Zoe spoke about the electro torture afterwards with such affection and endearment that made Tara bite her lower lip, both apprehensive and excited about soon getting to experience the very same herself. 

Leaving the wires from the pads hanging down Tara’s abdomen, Zoe grabbed a black latex catsuit from the bed and handed it to Tara. Already gently lubed on the inside, Tara had no trouble pulling the catsuit up her legs and made sure that the wires and catheter were aligned over the cutouts in the crotch before pulling it up and over her hips. The reinforced cutouts perfectly aligned with Tara’s anus as well for her vulva and urethra, the latter through which the wires and the short catheter tube were sticking out of. Having pulled her arms through the sleeves of the catsuit, Zoe helped Tara get the breast cups in place before wrapping it around her shoulders. As Zoe closed the back zipper Tara was literally shaking from lust and made a loud moan as the zipper was finally fully closed. 

Just as with other items Tara borrowed from Zoe, the catsuits breast cups were slightly small and pressed firmly against Tara’s breast. The pressure made the metal studs in the electric pads dig even further into the sensitive skin in and around her nipples and resulted in a surprisingly pleasurable dull pain. The feeling fueled Tara’s already high masochistic urge and she firmly bit her lower lip in anticipation as she knew the dull pain was most likely nothing compared to what was to come. 

Tara took a few moments to just stand and savour the feeling of finally being fully covered in latex, something she had fantasised about for over 20 years. Stealing a glance of herself in the full sized mirror by the bed she gently ran her hands over her body and exclaimed, “I can’t believe I never tried this before now… It feels amazing!”

Zoe smiled before kissing Tara on the cheek and said, “You look good enough to fuck for sure!”

“Thank you Mistress!”

Picking up a rubber corset from the bed Zoe added, “But you are not done yet baby.”

As Zoe flung the corset around Tara and started to close the busks in the front, Tara saw that it was the very same one Zoe had worn the night they met and flexed her vaginal muscles from ever growing arousal. When all busks were clasped, Zoe asked Tara to turn around and started to methodically lace the corset. Tara could feel her waist gradually becoming more and more compressed as Zoe expertly laced the corset tighter and tighter. With increasingly elaborated breath, Tara tried to take a deep breath and stated, “Oof… if I’m honest it’s getting quite hard to breath Mistress…”

Without halting the lacing procedure, Zoe calmly replied, “You need to breathe with the top of your lungs baby. We are only halfway there and I need the corset laced all the way, OK?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Eventually Zoe had asked Tara to put her arms up over her head to make her work easier, a command that Tara more than willingly followed. As Zoe finally tied the laces off, Tara had started to sweat in all the latex and still had some trouble breathing. Zoe stood before Tara and instructed her to breathe with the upper part of her chest and to walk a few laps in the apartment to get used to the compression. To Tara’s astonishment the severity of the compression did indeed start to feel much more bearable after walking around a bit and she even started to thoroughly enjoy the feeling of being severely tight laced for the first time.

As Tara was finishing her 5th lap around the apartment she could see Zoe holding her chastity belt with a big smile on her face while beckoning Tara towards her. With rapid and shallow breath Tara sensually strode up to Zoe, all while gazing at the metallic wonder Zoe held in her hand. Attached to the belt’s crotch piece were two huge black rubber dildos that had copper strips running along their length, meant to deliver electric shocks to the wearer. Having put Zoe in the chastity belt a few times by now, Tara knew what was expected of her and stood with her back against Zoe, slightly bending forwards with her legs wide apart. 

As Zoe carefully manoeuvred the tips of the already properly lubed dildos to align with Tara’s vagina and rectum, Tara concentrated on calming herself and tried to relax her vaginal and rectal muscles. As the tips touched Tara’s exposed orifices she gasped and started to quietly mew as the dildos were slowly forced inside her. Tara’s mews quickly turned into grunts of pain as the phallic intruders quickly started to stress the tolerance of her orifices that were not used to such big toys. Zoe was quick to pick up on Tara’s discomfort and while still pushing the intruders further in, stated, “I know… I know… they are really big… But you will love them later, trust me… Just keep breathing baby… keep breathing…”

Encouraged by Zoe’s words, Tara started to hyperventilate in an effort to ease the pain but still felt her eyes tear up as the dildos neared their goal. As Tara felt the belt make contact with her crotch she let out a sigh of relief as she knew that her tortured orifices would not have to expand any further. Making sure the wires and catheter were positioned to avoid being pinched, Zoe wrapped the waist band around Tara’s narrow waist and locked the chastity belt in place with a sturdy padlock. Stepping back to admire Tara’s recent addition Zoe smiled and asked, “There… how does that feel?”

Tara had never felt so full in all her life and quickly realised that even the slightest motion sent a wave of pleasure through her as the dildos challenged the limit of her orifices. Putting her hands to the belt to explore the rubber lined edges, Tara discovered that it fit so snugly around her waist and crotch that she couldn’t even put the tip of her finger between the belt and her body. Feeling truly chastised, Tara looked at Zoe with clear arousal in her eyes and replied, “Never felt so stuffed but it feels… It feels amazing, Mistress!”

“Just what I wanted to hear…”

As Zoe walked over to the bed to fetch the next items Tara stole another glance of herself in the mirror and was again awestruck by her reflection. Looking back at her was now not only a beautiful woman fully enclosed in latex but the textbook definition of a rubber doll, a latex plaything, an object for use and abuse. In fact she looked so perfect that Tara even had a hard time believing she was looking at herself until she realised the reflection was indeed following her every move. Biting her lower lip, Tara put her palms to her breasts and pressed hard against her own nipples while wallowing in the delicious pain the metal studs gave her. Tara’s masochistic trance was interrupted by Zoe’s voice that stated, “Enjoying yourself?”

Tara quickly let go of her breasts and looked at Zoe with shame in her eyes as she replied, “Yes… I couldn’t help it, it feels so good… I’m sorry Mistress!”

“Don’t be… I know just how you feel and I’m glad you seem to enjoy it just as much as I do…”

With a wicked smile on her face, Zoe pointed towards the kitchen area and added, “I need you to sit at one of the stools… Chop-chop!”

Walking over to the kitchen stuffed to the brink of bursting was an experience Tara very well could get used to. Even though it was only a few paces until she reached her goal, Tara was panting heavily and already felt an orgasm start to brew between her legs. As Tara sat down on one of the stools, her dildos were pushed even further into her and she could feel her vagina being filled well over its limit. Her face grimacing in pain, Tara made an extended exhale while carefully shifting back and forth in an effort to alleviate her discomfort. 

Her predicament was however quickly put in the back of her mind as Tara could see Zoe approach with a pair of ballet boots and suspension cuffs in her hands. As Zoe knelt down in front of her, Tara readily offered one of her legs to make things easier for Zoe.

The ballet boots were like nothing Tara had ever seen before. Made in black matte leather, the knee high boots were lace in the front and seemed to be designed to put the wearer's foot into a quite extreme high arch. Nothing of this was in and of itself particularly outlandish when it came to ballet boots, but the fact that the boots lacked any form of heel at all however was. As Zoe had put Tara’s offered foot into the first boot and was methodically lacing it tight, Tara reluctantly stated, “I don’t want to question your choices… but I have no… as in none… experience with ballet boots… especially ones without heels… Mistress…”

Calmly continuing with the lacing, Zoe simply replied, “No worries baby, I won’t force you to either stand or walk in them.”

Somewhat relieved by Zoe’s statement, Tara kept watching as Zoe donned the second boot and laced it just as tight as the first one. With both boots now adorning her feet, Tara raised her legs to inspect the boots' perfect fit and craftsmanship and marvelled at how sexy they made her feel. The boots did indeed force her feet into a very extreme and unpleasant arch but Tara convinced herself that she would most likely get used to it and watched as Zoe went into the hallway and further into an adjacent store room. As she emerged again Tara could see Zoe pushing a 4 wheeled contraption in front of her, a small square platform holding a metal pole. Having come to a stop in front of Tara, Zoe smiled and said, “Friend of a colleague at work helped me build this last year and I have yet to try it out. Thought you would have the honour.”

In front of Tara was a black, 3 feet squared platform with 4 heavy duty caster wheels in each corner. A vertical pole in polished metal had been securely mounted slightly off centre at the platform and rose about 3 feet high and measured 5 inches in diameter. Looking closer Tara saw that it was actually 2 poles, one inside the other, meaning the height could be adjusted using a sturdy looking hex screw. The platform also had a pair of round damper cushions placed about 12 inches apart, one on each side of the pole.

At the top of the pole was a sleek looking posture collar in metal that was hinged in the back and could be locked using a hasp latch and a padlock in front. The collar was welded against a 2 way metal swivel that allowed for the collar to be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

It did not take Tara long to figure out what the contraption was for as she with rising arousal realised that it was clearly meant to hold someone on their knees with their back against the pole. As if reading her mind Zoe smiled and said, “Guess you have figured out what it’s for so down you go… up against the pole… knees on the cushions…”

Tara did not waste any time and as gracefully as she could lowered herself down on the floor to crawl towards and up against the bondage pole. With some guidance from Zoe, Tara was soon kneeling on the platform with her back firmly against the metal pole. Using a hex key, Zoe adjusted the height of the pole as well as the orientation of the collar until it perfectly matched Tara’s neck before closing the metal collar and locking it with the hasp latch. As Tara got used to the quite tight fit of the collar, Zoe stepped back a bit and asked, “How’s that… height ok… collar not too tight…”

With rampant arousal Tara quickly replied, “It feels amazing Mistress… Tight… very tight!”

“But not too tight I take it… good… How about movement, can you move your head?”

Tara tried her best to move her head around but the severe posture collar did not allow for as little as an inch of movement so she replied, “Not much Mistress, a little perhaps…”

“‘Perhaps’… ‘Perhaps’ sounds perfect in my ears!”

As Zoe stepped away Tara could no longer see where she was going or doing as she was facing towards the hallway and moving her head was, as had just been established, no longer an option. Her mind starting to wander, Taras started to reflect on her ever growing predicament and found herself asking if she was really ready for this. Noticing that she was still working her muscles around the intruders under the chastity belt, that the dull pain in her nipples were keeping her highly aroused and that she was properly wet between her thighs due to her current situation only pointed to one answer. Yes, yes she was.

Hearing Zoe walk up behind her, Tara could feel something being tightly wrapped around her right ankle. As Tara heard buckles rustle and felt whatever was around her ankle become tighter and tighter she figured it had to be the suspension cuffs Zoe had brought earlier. When both ankles had been wrapped and buckled, Tara could feel her lower legs being bent upwards until her heels were pressed tightly against her thighs. After Zoe had attached some additional things to the cuffs, Tara felt her feet suddenly being pulled upwards, relieving some of the weight from her knees. With a strenuous grunt, Zoe finally stated, “There, how is that? Does that help relieve your knees at all?”

Tara took a few seconds to get a feel for the strain put on her knees and replied, “Yes Mistress… thank you.”


With her ankles being pulled upwards Tara found keeping her balance harder as her body was suddenly being pushed away from the bondage pole and thus led to added strain on her neck. In an effort to balance herself again, Tara quickly grabbed the pole behind her back and could hear Zoe pick a new item from the bed as she stated, “Don’t worry baby, we’ll have your imbalance problem solved in a second.”

Returning, Zoe seemed to deliberately walk in front of Tara to show the single glove she was holding. Similar to the one Tara had put Zoe in several times by now, this one did differ in some ways. It was made in thick black leather and featured a snug pouch for the hands with a large o-ring at the end of it. Heavy duty lacing started at about where the wearers’ wrists would be and ran all the way to the top of the glove. Around the wrists, elbows and biceps were three leather straps with buckles that could be used to make the glove even more restrictive if needed. At the top of the glove was an additional strap that ran up the occupants back to about between the shoulderblades. There, a heavy duty o-ring split the strap into two, used to secure the glove around the user’s shoulders. 

Zoe circled behind Tara and over the sound of laces being undone, could be heard asking, “You wanted to try a single glove right?”

Without hesitation Tara answered with clear arousal in her voice, “Yes Mistress… Yes please!”

“Good… Palms together!”

Tara let go of the pole and put her arms down, hands palm to palm, and balanced as best as she could by her neck. Zoe proved to be very able with single gloves and soon had Tara’s hands firmly into the glove’s pouch and started to tightly lace the bondage item. The tighter the glove became, the more strain was relieved from Tara’s neck as the glove pushed her towards the pole that was now wedged between the single glove and Tara’s back. As her elbows were nearing to touch Tara became a little worried as she was already feeling some strain in her arms and shoulders but luckily Zoe stopped and tied the laces off. Next she took the shoulder straps and ran them around Tara’s shoulders before buckling them tight, effectively stopping the glove from being removed. Running her hands along Tara’s now bound arms Zoe leaned forwards and spoke into Tara’s right ear, “Tight enough?”

Tara tried to flex and move her arms only to find that she could barely move them at all and replied, “Yes Mistress… it feels wonderful… Thank you!”

“Wrong answer baby…”

Zoe had but just finished her statement as Tara could feel the strap around her elbows tighten that forced a disgruntled groan out of her as she felt Zoe buckle it in place. Her elbows were still not touching but the added tightness added yet more strain on her arms and shoulders. As Tara felt Zoe tighten and buckle the strap around her wrists she could hear her ask, “Oh… was that a sound of discontent I just heard?”

“No… No Mistress! I didn’t mean to… I’m so sorry Mistress!”

Tara was quick to beg Zoe for forgiveness, hoping her predicament wouldn't worsen even though deep down her masochistic urge wanted to test just how far she could push herself. Having tightened and buckled the strap at the top of the single glove around Tara’s biceps, Zoe leaned in towards Tara again and said, “Huh… Guess I must be hearing things then…”

Tara could hear Zoe fetch more items from the bed and was moments later back with numerous wide leather belts from which she started to wrap one each around Tara’s folded legs. Ensuring that the belts were placed high enough on Tara’s thigh to not slide off, Zoe made sure they were both equally tight and secure before working her way upwards. Tara’s waist was next in line as Zoe put a belt around it and the pole before buckling it tight, fusing Tara’s abdomen to the pole. Finally, Zoe used two additional belts to secure Tara’s chest to the pole, one above and one just below her breasts. Just as with the belt around Tara’s waist, Zoe thread the belts around the body and pole but not the arms, making Tara being thoroughly fixed to the pole without adding extra discomfort to her arms.

Testing her added bondage, Tara made a series of quiet moans as she found she could now barely move any part of her body at all. Watching Zoe step back to admire her prey, Tara looked at her lover with lust filled eyes as Zoe asked, “Not sure that is enough… what do you think baby?”

Tara’s masochistic urge had by now grown exponentially and wanted nothing more than to be taken further down the rabbit hole as she assertively replied, “I agree Mistress, I need more bondage… Look, way too much leeway!”

Tara did her best to move but managed to barely do so which almost made Zoe giggle as she sarcastically acknowledged, “Yeah… I see what you mean… We have to fix that!”

Having fetched additional belts Zoe added a pair to each leg and four extra belts around Tara’s abdomen and chest. As Zoe was going over each of the belts, tightening them an extra notch or two if possible, Tara looked her lover straight in the eyes and said, “I love you so much!”

Having just tightened the belt over Tara’s breasts an extra notch, Zoe leaned in and kissed Tara before replying, “I love you too baby!”

Just as their lips parted Zoe put a stern look on her face and gave Tara a hard slap across the face before harshly stating, “That’s for not addressing me correctly slut!”

The slap had taken Tara by total surprise and left her with a cheek on fire along with tears welling in her eyes. With greatly heightened arousal, Tara was quick to plead, “I’m sorry Mistress, please forgive me!”

Zoe callously ignored the pleas as she stood up and moved behind Tara. The cold treatment fueled Tara’s arousal even more and futilely tried to ride her intruders as she felt the platform start to move towards the bed. As she was turned Tara could once again see herself in the full sized mirror and had a hard time believing her eyes. She knew her bondage was quite severe but Tara could never have guessed how good it made her look. With her arms in the single glove her breasts seemed to shoot out of her chest and the numerous belts cut far deeper into her latexed form than it felt like they did. She immediately compared herself to the numerous top bondage models she frequently admired and felt she was now worthy to join their ranks. In fact, she could possibly even be an inspiration for some of them in this setup and Tara realised that she was proud of her predicament.

Zoe placed Tara right by one of the bedside tables and then sat herself down on the bed. Stroking Tara’s still sore cheek she smiled and said, “Right, just a few more things and then it’s finally time for bed.”

Reaching behind her, Zoe picked up two TENS units and connected them to the wires that poked out from under Tara’s crotch piece. Once done, she attached the units to one of the leather belts and sat back up on the bed. Picking up her phone, Zoe tapped the screen before stating, “Let’s see if everything works as intended shall we?”

Tara jolted in surprise and moaned as she felt that both of her dildos spring to life at a low setting. Biting her lower lip with lustful hunger in her eyes Tara looked straight at Zoe who asked, “Both work?”

“Yes Mistress!”

“Good… now then… how about…”

Tara suddenly jolted ferociously as she suddenly felt a short shock in both of her nipples and shrieked in pain before going wide eyed as she sported a huge smile. Zoe raised an eyebrow and put a smile of her own on her face as she stated, “She gets shocked and she smiles… marvellous… Just try to keep it down baby, it’s very late!”

“Oh… Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress!”

The two consecutive shocks, one to her pussy and one to her ass, induced similar outcomes to the first one but Tara managed to keep her audible response to a minimum as she savoured the lovely shocks. Being shocked was like nothing she had ever experienced before and had a hard time describing what it felt like. If pushed, she would probably describe it as if a million ants or other form of insect were stabbing at the most sensitive parts of an area with burning hot, razor sharp objects. What she could say with absolute certainty though, was that being shocked was far more pleasurable than she had ever dreamed of and surprisingly craved more of.

Her desires seemed to be put on hold for the moments though as Zoe began tapping at her phone again as she said, “Right, seems it all works as intended… Now, let’s see… Why don’t we set you on a cycle during the night… shall we say… 5 minutes of low, teasing vibrations… and then a 30 minute pause… Would that suit your perverted desires baby?”

Zoe could have suggested more or less anything and Tara would have happily agreed, fueled by her ever growing masochistic desires. With confidence in her voice, Tara instantly replied, “Yes of course Mistress!”

“Good… Now, before I put you to bed… Are you OK?”

Tara was again quick to answer, “Yes Mistress, this is far beyond what I could have ever dreamed of…Thank you so much fo…”

Zoe cut Tara short as she leaned in and took her head in her hands, looked Tara deep in the eyes and restated, “No! Baby, you misunderstand. I can see you are high from arousal right now, and trust me I can relate, but you have to give me a no bullshit answer… Tara, are you doing OK?”

Pausing for a second, Tara took a deep breath to collect herself and while looking straight into Zoe’s eyes replied, “Yes Mistress… I’m OK… In fact I’m doing far better than I thought I would.”

Reaching behind Tara, Zoe grabbed the toe box of the ballet boots and pressed at her toes while asking, “You sure? You can feel me pressing here… no numbness or buzzing feeling?”

“Yes and no Mistress, it feels fine.”

Zoe moved her hand to Tara’s bound arms and hands and reiterated, “How about your hands and arms?”

“Also fine Mistress.”

Sitting back on the bed Zoe stated, “It can’t all be just fine baby, there is no way, be honest with me!”

Smiling, Tara calmly replied, “I feel no numbness, tingling or buzzing anywhere Mistress, I promise. The bondage is taxing for sure and my shoulders are a bit sore but other than that… I’m fine… Yoga finally paid off it seems…”

Tilting her head Zoe smirked and stated, “OK… That sounds more believable…”

Leaning in to poke Tara on the nose, Zoe smiled wickedly and added, “Just remember… YOU wanted this!”

“Yes Mistress!”

Zoe was still smiling as she took a drainage bag from the bed and connected it to Tara’s catheter. With a look of surprise on her face, Zoe smiled and said, “Oooh… look at that, you are already filling it… This is SO kinky!”

Even though Tara was unable to see as her neck was fixated in the posture collar she felt a wave of delicious humiliation flow through her as it dawned on her that she really had no control over her fate anymore, not even her bladder. Given little time to ponder her loss of self governance, Tara went wide eyed as Zoe picked up the next item from the bed and held black rubber head harness with a panel gag in front of her. 

The harness and panel gag was not something to write home about but the 7 inch, black rubber dildo that was attached to the panel gag certainly was, at least for Tara. For the first time since she had convinced Zoe to let her be her slave, Tara was feeling very apprehensive and started to plead, “Mistress… I… I’m not sure about this… Maybe we should choose anoaaaAAAAAFHHNNNGR… oooOOOshhhhhhnkfffph…”

Tara’s pleas were cut short as Zoe carefully timed her assault and harshly shoved the dildo down Tara’s throat and held it firmly in place, making Tara immediately start to regurgitate, cough and sputter. Tara’s eyes were watering and in no time tears were running down her cheeks as she was fighting with everything she had to break free from her bondage and keep herself from vomiting. After what felt like an eternity, Tara had overcome the worst of her gag reflex and managed to register that her tormentor was shouting at her, “… hey… hey… HEY… Calm down… calm down baby… calm down… breath through your nose… through your nose… in… and out… in… and out…”

To Tara’s relief, Zoe’s voice and guidance helped her to calm down and was slowly getting used to her oral invader. As Tara had calmed considerably Zoe started to pull the head harness around Tara’s head and buckled it tight. Leaning in, Zoe kissed Tara on the panel gag and said, “I know the gag is a bit much but I need you to take it… OK?”

Tara was still trying to quell the last gag reflexes but managed to grunt “uh-huh” in reply while tears were still running down her cheeks. Wiping some of the tears from Tara’s cheek, Zoe smiled and said, “Good girl… good girl…”

Reaching for the front of the panel gag, Zoe pulled something that came off with a plopping sound and Tara could instantly feel that she was now able to breathe through the dildo. The added freedom calmed Tara even more and could see a look of compassion on Zoe’s face as she stated, “It’s hollow so you can breathe through it if you want. No unnecessary risks, OK?”


“Good… well… I guess that only leaves this.”

Zoe was holding a black rubber blindfold in her hand, the kind that had individual cups connected with a short strap in between them, the kind that did not put any excess pressure on the eyes and were perfect for prolonged wear. Just before putting the blindfold over Tara’s eyes, Zoe smiled and said, “Sleep well my little slave… Oh, just so you know… If you somehow wake me up during the night… there will be hell to pay… Do you understand?”



Tara found herself in total darkness as Zoe placed the blindfold over her eyes and strapped it tight around her head. She could feel a tap on her nose as if Zoe gave her a final goodbye before she could be heard moving around in the bed, followed by almost dead silence.

It took Tara a few moments to fully appreciate the situation she had gotten herself willingly into. This was not one of the usual play sessions she and Zoe had enjoyed more times than she could count over the past weeks, this was the real deal. This was what she had dreamt about experiencing for so many years and never thought she ever would. But here she was, dream about to come true, loving everything about it.

Tara was trying her best to savour what little stimuli her vibrating dildos offered as she heard the bedcover being tossed aside and figured that Zoe must be getting out of the bed. Yearning to feel her lover's touch, Tara did not have to wait long as she moments later suddenly and without warning felt her breasts being harshly groped and fondled. The dull pain in her nipples and areolas that was caused by the sharp metal spikes that were digging into them had kept her company during most of the night but had since long dissipated to such an extent that Tara didn’t register it anymore. 

However the attention her breasts were now given not only reminded Tara of the pain but amplified it to such horrendous levels that Tara started to shriek at the top of her lungs and began to cry from the truly horrible pain. Disregarding Tara’s apparent torment, her breasts kept being fondled as Tara heard Zoe’s demeaning voice ask, “Nawww… does it hurt baby?”

Tara was trying her best not to scream but could not help it, the pain had come way too sudden and was way too intense to be ignored. Despite her muffled shrieks and sobs, Tara managed to answer Zoe by screaming “UH-HUH!” in reply.

Zoe just laughed as she started to roughly slap Tara’s breasts with her hands for several moments before finally stopping. Tara was still crying profoundly but had stopped screaming and tried to gather herself as best as she could. As she could feel saliva ooze out from under her panel gag due to her crying, she realised that the ferociously, throbbing pain she now felt in her nipples were somehow making her more and more aroused. To add to her misery, her 5 minutes of tantalising stimuli from the dildos were over and Tara made a loud groan out of despair as the vibrations inside her yet again stopped. 

Tara had lost count of how many times the vibrations had yanked her from what little sleep she had managed to get during the night but each time they did she wanted nothing more than to be brought to an orgasm, only to constantly be denied such pleasure. Deep down Tara knew all too well that the vibrations were nowhere near as powerful as was needed to bring her to an orgasm and you would think any hope of it happening would be gone by now but it wasn’t. But all rationality in the world would not change a thing since it would all quickly be dismissed by Tara’s rampant desire to cum, no matter how far-fetched such a goal might seem. 

Still sobbing, Tara jolted in surprise as she suddenly felt Zoe caress her cheek and could hear her say, “There, there baby… It can’t be THAT bad can it? You love pain… don’t you?”

Tara was somewhat conflicted in her mind but her body didn’t lie. No matter what she thought, the wetness between her legs and heightened arousal spoke for itself and could not mean anything else than she did love pain, in fact it seemed like she loved it more than she could have ever guessed. As reality sunk in, Tara suppressed her sobs and sighed deeply before reluctantly grunting “…uh-huh…” in reply.

“So you want more?”

“… uh-huh…”

“That’s a good girl! Do you want me to keep torturing your breasts or do you want to try something else?”

Tara thought for a brief moment before grunting, “Huuung hiiing eeuulshhh…”

“Something else?”


“Oh, changing to door number two… Bold!”

Tara could hear Zoe get out of the bed and move about the sleeping area before she moments later returned to sit back down on the bed. Feeling Zoe loosen a buckle at the back of her head, Tara had to squint her eyes as the blindfold suddenly came off and she was blinded by the bright sunlight that flooded the apartment. As her eyes eventually adjusted to the light Tara could see Zoe sitting on the bed with her legs spread wide apart. 

Zoe’s messy morning hair glowed like a halo in the backlight and perfectly framed her goddess-like aura, making Tara wish for nothing more than to worship and service her. Zoe was still wearing her black open crotch latex panties, thigh high stockings and shoulder length gloves she wore last night and had most likely been sleeping in them. 

Playfully sucking one of her index fingers while gently squeezing one of her erect nipples with her other hand, Zoe stared at Tara with passion and lust in her eyes. With a pop Zoe pulled her finger out of her mouth and slowly lowered her hand to her crotch to gently spread her engorged labia lips to reveal her wet pussy. Gently biting her lower lip, Zoe raised an eyebrow and tantalisingly asked, “You want a taste, slave?”

Tara made a useless effort to move towards her lover but was to no one's surprise held in place by her strict bondage. With desperation in her eyes, Tara vividly grunted “UH-HUH!” in response, still pointlessly fighting her bondage. Zoe smiled wickedly and started to gently caress her clirotis as she continued, “Seems someone is quite eager to please their Mistress… Is that so baby?”


“Well… I can’t let you eat me out just yet… but… I could have you help me cum… Would you like that slave?”


Zoe smiled at Tara’s reply and inched forwards on the bed until her crotch was right at the edge. Leaning to her side, Zoe picked up her phone and a magic wand vibrator that she placed against her moist pussy before starting it at a low setting. Throwing her head back, Zoe started to loudly moan as she rocked her pelvis back and forth, gently riding the head of the vibrator. 

Watching her lover pleasure herself made Tara’s arousal grow exponentially and was soon moaning in unison with her Mistress. As Zoe increased the speed of her vibrator slightly, she raised her head back up to look at her phone and tapped a few times on its screen. Still riding the vibrator, Zoe then bit her lower lip and made a final tap on the phone.

Every muscle in Tara’s body suddenly went taut and her brain needed a few milliseconds before it managed to fully process the electric shock induced pain now present in her pussy and ass. To try and describe it would have been pointless as it was truly one of those things that had to be experienced for the uninitiated to even begin to fathom. For the lack of a better word it was truly horrendous and if Tara would have been able to form even the most basic of thoughts she would have done anything, no matter how vile and disgusting, to make the pain stop. 

As if her brain had shut down completely for a few seconds to only focus on the pain, Tara had involuntarily held her breath. But that was about to change as she all of a sudden made a gut wrenching shriek into her gag as she started to try to escape her bondage with every fibre in her body. The outburst of energy made Tara’s mind snap to and with sheer panic in her eyes managed to focus on her beautiful tormentor who was still riding her vibrator with lust filled eyes. Her lungs suddenly void of air, Tara made a sharp inhale before making a second gut wrenching shriek as her pussy and ass kept being tormented and feeling like they were literally disintegrating. 

Before Tara had used all of her air again the shocks suddenly stopped and she experienced a feeling of suddenly being held up by her bondage again as her body fully relaxed. Tara was loudly whimpering as tears ran down her cheeks, making her vision of her lovely tormentor all blurry and distorted. Her mind now free to compose thoughts again, Tara realised that she was scared, really scared. 

Any sane person would by now be humming the national anthem as loud as their gag would allow for to be set free yet Tara wasn’t as it wasn’t the fear of having to endure the abhorrent pain again that scared her. No, it was the fact that she was getting more and more aroused as she waited, somehow longing to be forced to endure such pain again that did. It was a realisation that Tara was not at all prepared for and one she didn’t feel totally confident in accepting no matter what the facts were telling her.

Confident or not, Tara braced as she seconds later saw Zoe increase the speed of her vibrator just before tapping a few times on her phone and gave Tara a wicked smile. Somehow the shocks were even worse this time and Tara again found she was unable to breathe as she started to pointlessly fight against her strict bondage. This time not only her pussy and ass were shocked but also her nipples got their fair share of the seering torture.

Several seconds passed before the torture finally made Tara shriek into her gag and was joined by Zoe who made a scream of her own, a scream of pure lust and release. Forcing herself to focus on her tormentor, Tara could see Zoe wallow in one divine climax after the other while she furiously rode the head of her vibrator. By the time the shocks stopped Tara had been near collapse and was now hyperventilating while desperately fighting to remain conscious.

Unable to keep her eyes open, Tara could hear Zoe loudly state, “FUCK ME… that was so A M A Z I N G !”

Managing to open her eyes Tara could see Zoe lying on her back, panting heavily with the vibrator still firmly pressed against her crotch. After inhaling deeply, Zoe tossed the vibrator aside and exclaimed, “You were absolutely magnificent baby… I never knew I was so into torturing people… fuck… wow… There must be something wrong with me I’m afraid… Holy shit balls…”

Tara’s pussy, ass and nipples were still buzzing as she saw Zoe slowly get back up only to go wide eyed as she lay eyes on Tara. With clear concern on her face, Zoe dashed out of the bed and kneeled in front of Tara and said, “Fuck… Baby, baby, baby… are you alright?”

Smiling with her still tear filled eyes, Tara managed to grunt a meek “… uh-huh…” in reply. Wiping the tears from Tara’s eyes, Zoe smiled and asked, “Are you sure baby?”


“Good… good… Damn… you look a mess… Rough night?”

“… uh-huh…”

“I bet… Let’s get this thing off of you.”

Zoe reached in and unbuckled the head harness before taking a firm grip around the panel gag and stated, “This might feel a bit weird…”

Tara coughed and sputtered as the 7 inch dildo came out of her throat and ample amounts of saliva started to run down her chin and onto her chest and breasts. Working some of the kinks out of her sore jaw, Tara swallowed what saliva was still in her mouth and realised that it indeed felt as if something was missing in her throat. Zoe had meanwhile taken a glass of water from the bedside table and was now holding it to Tara’s mouth who greedily drank it all in a few gulps. Smiling at Zoe, Tara licked her lips and thanked her by saying, “Thank you Mistress.”

Tara’s voice was coarse and sounded a bit as if she had a sore throat, which she kind of had. Leaning in towards Tara, Zoe kissed her on the forehead before gently grabbing the tip of her chin and said, “You are welcome baby…”

Pausing for a smile, Zoe continued, “Just to make sure, I ask again… You good?”

Tara smiled as she contemplated her predicament for a moment but with confidence in her voice finally answered, “Yes Mistress… I’m good… More than actually.”

She did not lie, all things considered Tara felt amazing and was for all intents and purposes probably going through one of the most self-defining moments of her life. Sure, her strict bondage and lack of recent movement meant her body was more or less aching all over by this point. Sure, she felt drained as she had not slept properly. Sure, the electro torture she had just endured had been beyond horrific but still she wanted more of it, all if it. The latex, the bondage, the humiliation, the stimulation, the denial, the pain. All of it.

She wanted to be an obedient toy, to be used as nothing more than an object that could be abused for no other purpose than its user's pleasure. She wanted to be pushed further and further just so she could see where and if she truly had a limit. She wanted more of it all partly to please Zoe but mostly, and more importantly, she wanted it all for her own sake.

Zoe tilted her head with a questioning look on her face and asked, “So… you want to continue then?”

“YES! Yes please, Mistress.”

Zoe just smiled in reply and got up to fetch the hex key from the bedside table before returning to Tara. Loosening the screws in the swivel that held the posture collar in place Zoe changed the tilt of the collar before tightening the screws again, securely locking Tara’s head in its new position. Tara was now looking slightly upwards at an angle of about 45 degrees but could still see Zoe as stepped up on the bondage platform and towered over her with phone in hand. With a wicked smile on her face, Zoe slowly moved forwards until her crotch was mere inches from Tara’s face and said, “You look very cute down there baby… I don’t think I need to tell you what I want, do I?”

Tara could not but stare at the beautiful vulva that hovered right in front of her face and eagerly replied, “No Mistreuuuffffhhhh…”

Tara was cut short as Zoe took a hold of the back of her head as she stepped in and tightly pressed her crotch against Tara’s face. A euphoric moan could be heard from between Zoe legs as Tara ardently started to suckle her lover's engorged labia lips and clitoris. Tara used what little movement the posture collar allowed for as she did her best to lap up and savour as much of Zoe’s juices as possible. It was far from the first time Tara had licked Zoe’s pussy but somehow the salty and slightly metallic secretion tasted so much better than usual and Tara felt her arousal steadily grow as she kept licking and sucking. 

Her service did apparently not disappoint as Tara could pretty soon hear that Zoe was panting heavily and softly moaning as she gently rode Tara’s face. Shortly after, in between her heavy breaths, Zoe suddenly stated, “Fuck me… You are… sooo good at this… keep going… keep going…”

Zoe’s praise fueled Tara’s arousal and she tried to outdo herself, solely focusing on her lover's pleasure. Tara jolted and audibly yelped as she suddenly felt her dildos spring to life and start to slowly ramp up in speed. The pair, fused crotch to face, was soon moaning in unison between breaths and Tara could feel the seed of an orgasm finally start to build. Even though she was starting to get very tired in her tongue, Tara kept going as the mere possibility of achieving an orgasm was now on the table. Between moans and heavy breaths Tara moments later heard Zoe command, “Whatever you do… you … do not… cum… without permission… Is… is that clear?”

Tara was unable to free her face from Zoe’s vulva due to the collar and merely grunted “Uh-huh!” in reply as she kept licking while the constant yet slow increase in speed of her vibrators kept pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm. Tara soon started to worry about failing her Mistress since she was suffering from pretty bad tongue fatigue but could suddenly feel Zoe press her crotch even more firmly against her face as she screamed in ecstasy. As Tara was lapping the additional pussy juices from Zoe’s orgasm she was rapidly nearing her own peak and tried her best to beg for permission from under Zoe’s pussy, “Mhhhaiii aa cnnnung…”

Zoe quickly stepped off Tara’s face and loudly asked, “What?”

Her face now free from her lover's pussy, Tara repeated her request, “Please Mistress… may I cum?”

Stepping off the bondage platform, Zoe looked malevolently at Tara and unemotionally stated, “No…”

Tara felt the dildos suddenly die completely, leaving her just at the brink of achieving an orgasm. Desperately trying to ride her intruders to go over the edge Tara went wide eyed and loudly pleaded, “No… NO! Fuck! Please Mistress… please let me cum… I want to cum!”

Zoe glared at Tara who instantly realised her mistake and with clear fear in her eyes quickly changed her pleas, “No Mistress wait… I didn’t meaAAANNNGKRSHHHAAAFTS…”

Tara’s nipples, pussy and ass were all suddenly on fire as Zoe used her phone to give her a long and powerful electric shock. Without the gag, Tara’s horrendous shriek practically echoed between the walls of the apartment until the horrible pain suddenly disappeared just as fast as it had emerged. Panting heavily as she gathered herself, Tara saw Zoe lean in over her face and sternly state, “I will NOT tolerate foul language, is that understood?”

With tearfilled eyes, Tara tried to quell her sobbing as much as she could before answering, “Yes Mistress… I’m sorry Mistress… please forgive me…”

“Do not do it again!”

“I won’t Mistress… I’m so sorry…”

Zoe’s demeanour suddenly changed drastically as she softly smiled and started to caress Tara’s cheek while saying, “Hey… hey… I know how frustrating it can be… were you close?”

Tara had stopped sobbing and meekly answered, “Yes Mistress… very…”

“Naww… My poor baby… Tell you what, if you want you can have a little treat. Would you like that?”

Tara had still not given up hopes of being allowed to cum and quickly replied, “Yes please Mistress!”

“OK… open wide and stick your tongue out!”

Zoe beckoned Tara to open her mouth with her index finger and Tara was quick to comply. As she held her mouth open as wide as she could with her tongue sticking out as far as she managed, Tara could see Zoe work her jaws in a circular movement. Sensing what was to come, Tara frantically worked her muscles around her intruders and moaned quietly as she saw Zoe pout her lips and let a long string of saliva slowly drip down onto her waiting tongue. The whole thing felt extremely humiliating to Tara who was almost quivering from arousal as more and more of her lover’s saliva pooled on her tongue.

Using her still gloved hand, Zoe cut the saliva string with her index finger and commanded, “Do NOT swallow!”

Tara tried to keep her tongue as still as she could while she had her eyes locked on Zoe who was silently looking back at Tara with a big smile on her face. Lowering her hands, Zoe started to gently fondle Tara’s breasts making the dull pain in her nipples instantly become sharp and intense. With pleading eyes, Tara could but meekly groan in pain as Zoe fondled her breast with ever growing firmness. Seemingly entertained by Tara’s predicament and pain, Zoe continued her innocent torment for quite some time before asking, “You like this… don’t you baby?”

Tara was for the lack of a better word in heaven as far as she was concerned and instantly grunted “UH-HUH!” in reply. With a wicked smile Zoe continued, “So does that mean you get off on humiliation as much as you thought you would?”


“I keep falling more and more in love with you… You may swallow.”

Tara did not hesitate and greedily retracted her tongue, trying to savour as much of her lover’s saliva before swallowing it. Wasting no time, Tara quickly opened her mouth again and stuck her tongue out in hopes that she would be awarded further. Giggling, Zoe raised an eyebrow and added, “You perverted little whore… You really DO like this!”

Zoe firmly grabbed Tara by her cheeks to force her mouth to stay open as she started to amount new saliva in her mouth after which she spat Tara in her face three times in quick succession. The saliva hit Tara all over her face but mainly around her forehead, eyes and nose. Briskly letting go of Tara’s cheeks, Zoe backed away from her and stated, “You’re welcome!”

“Thank you Mistress.”

Tara was wallowing in humiliating bliss as she carefully licked her lips, trying to catch as much of Zoe’s saliva as possible. A huge glob of spit had landed right over her right eye and parts of the sticky mess was caught in her eyelashes while the rest was covering part of her eye, slightly impairing her vision. Realising that Tara’s eye was covered in parts of her mess, Zoe looked regretfully at Tara and said, “Oops… you got some in your eye there… Do you want me to remove it baby?”

“No, please Mistress… leave it as is… please…”

Poking Tara on the tip of her nose, Zoe smiled and said, “Sure thing baby… It actually suits you really well, you know.”

Tara could hear Zoe walk over to the kitchen area and after which she could be heard preparing something. As she was returning, Tara heard the unmistakable sound of a protein drink being shaken in a bottle. Sure enough, when Zoe came into view again Tara saw her vigorously shake a sports bottle in her hand with a smile on her face as she said, “Need to get you something not coming from my body… Should probably make something for myself as well…”

While Tara admired her beautiful lover she started to reflect on her experience so far. That she was enjoying herself was obviously an understatement, that much was clear and nothing she was questioning. Even though she was aching and hurting all over due to her strict bondage and even though she was totally drained from last night and the recent torture, she was still highly aroused.

There were some concerns though. 

Since figuring out she had a deep desire to experience the more extreme aspects of latex and BDSM, Tara had a hunch that most of her dark fantasies would probably be just as good in reality as they were in her dreams. So far it seemed as if this assumption had been correct all along but what she had not reckoned on was that she would find such absolute bliss from the harsh treatment, torture and humiliation. 

There had evidently been a ardent masochist living inside her that had been asleep her whole life but now, once she had been awakened, wouldn’t shy away from begging for more harsh treatment, more extreme torture and more degrading humiliation. Tara’s concerns lie in that she had a sneaking suspicion that her inner masochist would make sure to get her way if Tara let her, no matter what the cost.

A sudden knock at the door pulled Tara back to reality and froze as Zoe shouted, “Who is it?”

A muffled shout from the other side of the door could be heard saying, “It’s just me.”

Angela's unmistakable voice made Zoe go wide eyed as she shouted, “Oh… Just a sec!”

With a mischievous look on her face, Zoe leaned closer to Tara and whispered, “This could be interesting…”

Picking up her phone, Zoe tapped the screen a few times before skipping towards the front door while shouting, “Coming!”

Tara jolted as her vibrators sprung to life at a very slow speed and started to moan quietly. With equal parts dread and excitement she watched Zoe nearing the front door as all of a sudden she made another jolt as she received a very brief shock in her ass. The shock was not very painful but still strong enough to elicit a yelp from Tara who bit her lower lip in excitement just as a second, equally short shock hit her nipples. Tara managed to quell her yelp into a muffled groan as she tried to hold her breath to better hear the conversation about to take place at the entrance as Zoe had just opened the door.

“Hi Angie.”

“Hi… Oh… Sorry to come unannounced, is this a bad time? I heard you were awake so….”

“No, no… we’re in the middle of something but please, come in.”


Tara suddenly felt a million butterflies in her stomach as she saw Zoe walk back into the apartment with Angela in tow while she was experiencing recurrent, brief shocks that seemingly hit her nipples, pussy or ass at random. As the pair approaching Tara had come out of the hallway and into the open floor area Zoe proudly exclaimed, “We are having a bit of dirty fun but just so happen to be at a sort of intermission. Please, grab a stool.”

Angela appeared in full view from behind Zoe and was about to sit down at the kitchen island when she stopped dead in her tracks and staring straight at Tara, exclaimed, “Oh hello… Tara luv!?… Is that you?”

The butterflies in Tara’s stomach had gone rampant and waves of exquisite humiliation washed over her as she bit her lower lip in excitement before answering, “Yes Mrs Hale… Good mouuah… morning…”

Tara jolted and stuttered mid sentence as her pussy got shocked and could see Angela slightly tilt her head in surprise as she was clearly pondering over what she was looking at and went, “Huh…”

Leaning against the kitchen island, still shaking the sports bottle, Zoe looked at Angela and asked, “What?”

“Oh… nothing really… It’s…I just… I just never pegged Tara for the submissive sort… Shows how good I am at judging others' character doesn’t it…”

Lazily pointing in Tara’s general direction Angela added, “Do you mind?”

Smiling, Zoe beckoned Angela towards Tara and cheerfully replied, “Not at all, help yourself.”

As Angela approached Tara could see that she was inspecting her predicament with great interest and genuine admiration. Despite still being slightly visually impaired due to the saliva in her eye, Tara was able to get a real good look at her lover's landlord.

As always, Angela looked immaculate. She had her lovely silver grey hair made in her trademark straight layered style and she wore a delicate black eyeshadow paired with a perfect black eyeliner and matte deep red lipstick. 

She wore a puff sleeved blouse in white under a pair of high waisted suspender pants in black. Her feet were adorned with a pair of open toe pumps with a 2 inch platform and 7 inch heel in white leather. Angela’s immaculate nails that were done in a perfect classical french manicure style that complemented both her blouse and footwear.

Having made a full circle around Tara’s bound form Angela stopped in front of her, made a circular motion with her index finger towards Tara’s face and asked, “The mess on her face… saliva?”

With a wicked smile Zoe tapped her phone and replied, “Yes it is.”

Tara gasped as the vibrators slightly increased in speed and could see Angela look down on her with a big smile as she said, “My my luv, you are full of surprises aren’t you?”

Before Tara had a chance to reply Zoe cut in, “For sure, we have managed to experience a lot of firsts today… well since yesterday actually.”

Angela turned to Zoe and with surprise in her voice asked, “Since yesterday?”

“Yeah, loverdoll over there wanted to experience the real deal so she has been like that since before we… well since I went to bed last night.”

Angela looked at Tara with an expression of shock on her face as Zoe continued, “Since then my baby has experienced full latex coverage, strict bondage, electro torture, orgasm denial, humiliation… And so far she seems to love it all, don’t you baby?”

While listening to the list of things she had been put through Tara was frantically working her vibrating dildos as the wonderful shocks kept hitting her at random, eliciting the odd jolt now and then. Having Zoe and Angela talking about her rather than to her made Tara feel like she was being treated as a mere object rather than a person. Suddenly realising that both women were looking at her and waiting for a response, Tara quickly answered, “Yes Mistress.”

Angela turned to Zoe again and asked, “So the spit on her face… That part of this humiliation thing then?”

Zoe took a few steps towards Angela as she replied, “Uh-huh… Give it a try if you like.”

Angela looked to be somewhat taken aback by the offer and said, “No… I shouldn’t… This is all your thing… I wouldn’t want to impose…”

Putting her gloved hand on Angelas shoulder Zoe looked straight at Tara before cutting in and stating, “I bet you Tara would like nothing more than to be spat in her face by you.”

Angela suddenly looked somewhat excited and asked, “Really?”

Still looking at Tara, Zoe smiled and forwarded the question, “Tara?”

Wallowing in delicious humiliation, Tara looked straight at Angela with clear desire in her eyes and replied, “Mrs Hale, I wouluwhoa… I would love for you to spit in my face… please…”

Angela still looked hesitant and stated, “Oh, I don’t know…”

“Come on Angie, live a little!”

As Angela swiftly leaned in over Tara’s face, Tara managed to open her mouth and stick her tongue out just as Angela fired a glob of spit that hit on Tara’s left cheek. Tara could see Angela's eyes flash in excitement as she gathered more saliva before spitting Tara in the face a second time. The volley was not as coherent this time around and left a spotted pattern of saliva all across Tara’s face who had instinctively closed her eyes at the incoming volley. Quickly opening her eyes again, Tara could see Angela sporting a huge smile on her face as Zoe remarked, “Tara… what do we say?”

“Thank yoOou… Mrs Hale.”

Turning to Angela with great anticipation on her face, Zoe then asked, “So?”

Still looking at the mess she had just added to Tara’s face, Angela raised an eyebrow and stated, “Well… That was actually way more satisfying than I care to admit…”

Fist bumping Angela lightly on the shoulder, Zoe laughed and stated, “Ha! Knew you would like it…”

Popping the sports flask nipple open, Zoe held it to Tara’s mouth and harshly commanded, “Drink!”

As Tara started to down the protein shake, Angela took a few steps back and said, “Well… You are busy here… Thanks for letting me…”

Looking back at Angela, Zoe quickly cut in by saying, “Wait a minute! What did you want when you came up here?”

“Oh… Well I’m going downtown for brunch and possibly some shopping so just wanted to check if the two of you wanted to tag along, that’s all.”

Smiling, Zoe looked Tara straight in the eyes and said, “Brunch you say… sounds really nice if I’m being honest… Baby, would you mind awfully if I joined Angie on her excursion?”

Tara’s heart skipped a few beats before starting to pound harder as she felt a wave of both excitement and arousal flow through. The prospect of being left alone in her current predicament while Zoe went about her day greatly fueled Tara’s masochistic urge and instantly grunted “Nuh-uh!” in between swallowing. Leaning in and kissing Tara on her forehead, Zoe smiled and said, “Thanks babe!”

Zoe then turned to Angela and asked, “You don’t mind waiting for me do you, I promise I’ll be quick? Just need a quick washdown and a change of clothes obviously.”

Angela seemed a bit surprised by Zoe’s proposal and answered, “Aumm… Sure, I guess I can wait.”


Tara had just finished her protein shake and watched as Zoe tossed the sports flask in the kitchen sink before hurrying back and into the sleeping area to collect a pair of items. Walking back to Tara, Zoe suddenly turned to Angela and said, “Know what… You can do this can’t you? It will save us some time.”

Handing the items to Angela, Zoe added, “You just need to feed her.”

Angela looked bewildered and before she could ask for clarification Zoe continued, “This goes around her head and into her mouth, this is for her nose… OK?”

Zoe then walked behind Tara and readjusted the swivel holding the posture collar so that it was forcing her to look straight ahead again. As Angela approached Tara she could see that she was holding what looked like a head harness gag of sorts in one hand and a dual nostril plug in the other. Still looking somewhat confused, Angela held the items up and said, “Yeah that much I have already gathered but what I need to know is what I’m supposed to feed her, don’t I luv?”

Walking up to Angela, Zoe put a gloved hand on her shoulder before pointing at the collection bag connected to Tara’s catheter and happily stated, “Her urine of course… Have fun!”

As Zoe dashed down the hallway and into the bathroom, Angela raised an eyebrow and looked inquisitively at Tara who bit her lower lip and raised an eyebrow as if to say ‘yeah, I’m that kind of sick’.

Seemingly comfortable with her task, Angela walked over to the kitchen island to put the items down before walking back to Tara and asked, “This thing can move right?”

Getting shocked in her nipples by the random pattern, Tara stuttered as she replied, “Yes it can Mrs… Mrs Hale.”

Walking up behind Tara, Angela put her hands on Tara’s shoulders and started to gently push her over to the kitchen island. Her touch made Tara exhale deeply from relief and pleasure as it surprisingly relieved some of the pain in Tara’s strained shoulders. Having parked Tara right in front of one of the stools by the kitchen island, Angela took a seat opposite Tara and stated, “Now that Zoe is elsewhere I have to ask you something Tara and I need you to be honest with me.”

Looking Tara straight in the eyes, Anglea continued, “Are you doing this of your own free will?”

Tara was a bit surprised by the question but quickly answered, “Yes of course Mmmoh… Mrs Hale.”

“Bah… stop it with the Mrs Hale thing… I need a straight answer.”

Tara smiled and reiterated, “Yeah, I’m doing this… doing this of my free will.”

As if her long experience as a nurse kicked in, Angela said, “Good! How about numbness in limbs and extremities?”

“None, I’m surprisingly good… It hurts all over but… Oof… that’s apparently how I like it…”

Running her hands all over Tara’s bound form, Angela checked the tightness of the straps and asked, “Is that so… All of this gets you off then luv?”

“Yes… yes it does… believe it or not…”

With a smile, Angela added, “Not judging… just fascinated…”

Reluctantly taking her hands off Tara, Angela picked up the dual nostril plugs from the table, held them up against Tara’s head and laughed. Shaking her head, Angela took hold of the back of Tara’s head and pushed the plugs into Tara’s nostrils while stating, “I was just about to tell you to stay still, you believe that…”

Making sure the plungers were firmly pushed into Tara’s nostrils, Angela asked, “How’s that, can you breathe through your nose at all?”

Tara closed her mouth and tried to both inhale and exhale through her nose but it was truly blocked by the plungers and stated, “Nope… nothing.”

Seemingly having a hard time staying away from Tara, Angela began to run her hands over Tara’s body again and said, “Lovely… I have to ask… Ever since I came up here you have been jolting and speaking kinda funny…what’s that all about?”

Smiling, Tara replied, “Heh… Zoe’s idea oaaafh… Zoe’s idea of a joke I guess… I’m repeatedly having electric shocks going off at random in my pussy, aaaAaah…ass and my nipples.”

Angela went wide eyed with a wicked smile on her face as she calmly stated “Aha… makes perfect sense now.”

Reaching to pick up the head harness, Angela stated, “Seems this is next, luv.”

As Angela picked up and held the harness in front of Tara she saw that it would hold a panel over her mouth, just like any other panel gag. However this one had a funnel attached to the outside of the panel that could best be described as the lower part of a urinal, only smaller. Anything going into the funnel would be fed through a hollow, 3 inch penis gag and into her mouth. Taking her chance before being gagged again, Tara stated, “You are taking all of this very goOOOod I must say… If I didn't know any better I would say that this is not your first time.”

Smiling, Angela held the penis gag to Tara’s mouth and said, “Well… Open up…”

Tara did as she was told and Angela firmly pushed the gag into her mouth and wrapped the harness around her head. As she started to buckle it in place, Angela continued, “… this IS actually my first time doing anything like… whatever this is called… But… ever since Zoe moved in and I learned about her sexual preferences I have been very curious about it and have of course done one or two internet searches on the subject.”

Angela paused for a moment to make sure the harness was level on Tara’s head before resuming, “My curiosity of these fetishes and BDSM practices only increased as I got more involved in helping Zoe get into her outfits and predicaments and gradually I started to admitted to myself that I was really intrigued and excited.”

Pausing to grab Tara by her chin, Angela looked straight into Tara’s eyes and stated, “Not that I would ever subject myself to anything like your present predicament or any other slavish demeanour for that matter. I do not have a single submissive bone in my body you see.”

Letting go of Tara’s chin, Angela then looked the head harness over and asked, “How’s that, too tight?”


“Want it tighter?”


Starting to retighten each buckle, Angela continued, “Submission is not at all for me, what I would like to explore is the dominant side of these things. Try it out to see if it floats my boat or if I’m just the kind of woman who likes to watch from the sidelines…”

Angela glanced across a few of the surveillance cameras in the apartment and added, “I would be lying if I said that I only use the feed from the cameras up here for security reasons, if you know what I mean…”

Rolling her eyes and raising an eyebrow, Tara grunted “Uh-huh…” in reply which made Angela smile broadly as she continued, “Anyhow, I pretty much consider Zoe to be the daughter I never had… so… I would never ever risk our relationship by getting more involved in her escapades than I already are…”

Holding Tara’s head in her hands, Angela smiled wickedly as she added, “You on the other hand… You my luv, is a whole other matter… Another matter entirely…”

Ever since they had met Tara had been quite attracted to the 53 year old in front of her but never to the extent that she was right now and couldn't help but submissively moan in response to her words. Angela seemed unfazed by Tara’s moan as she let go of her head and instead took hold of Tara by her chin and stated, “All done, is that sufficiently tight for you luv?”

Still enamoured by her current caretaker, Tara grunted “Uh-huh!” in reply to which Angela smiled and said, “Good!”

Angela let go of Tara’s chin and with ease had the collection bag detached from Tara’s catheter and held up over the funnel in no time at all. The sight of the around half litre of yellowish urine made Tara moan subserviently and she could see Angela sport a huge smile as she opened the tap on the bag. There was a soft tinkling sound as the urine hit the bottom of the funnel and started to steadily flow into the hollow penis gag. Before the urine had flowed into her mouth, Tara suddenly blocked it with her tongue as she was all of a sudden afraid that it would not live up to her expectations, thus ruining her fantasies about it. Having nearly filled the funnel with urine and noticing that Tara was not swallowing, Angela closed the tap on the collector bag and raised an eyebrow as she stated, “Not a good time to have second thoughts luv, is it?”

Tara realised that in order to breathe she was going to have to swallow all of the urine currently in the funnel before and quickly started to swallow her golden nektar. As soon as the urine started to flow over Tara’s tongue an almost cathartic wave of humiliation washed over her as the reality of what she was doing hit home. The first gulp of the bitter and slightly sour urine made Tara’s arousal instantly skyrocket and she did not hesitate to continue swallowing. Frantically working her muscles around the still vibrating intruders, Tara moaned in between gulps as she could feel herself slowly working her way towards the build up of an orgasm.

Several gulps later there was a slurping sound, indicating that the funnel was finally empty and Tara took a deep breath as she looked at Angela with an unmistakable look of submissiveness and arousal in her eyes. With a mischievous look on her face, Angela raised an eyebrow and asked, “Good?”

Tara was breathing rapidly, trying to catch her breath, but managed to grunt “Uh-huh” in reply in between her breaths. With eyes locked at each other, Angela slowly leaned towards Tara and let a big pool of saliva slowly drip from her pouting lips and into the funnel before opening the tap on the collector bag to let more urine flow into it. This time there was no hesitation and Tara began to swallow her urine as soon as it entered her mouth. 

Angela was passionately observing Tara as she almost euphorically savoured the foul liquid and commented, “I can’t fathom how this can turn you on… Forced to drink your own stale piss at the hands of your girlfriend's landlord…”

Tara briefly paused to brazenly roll her eyes and assertively grunt “Uh-huh!” in reply before resuming to swallow. Snickering, Angela gently ran her fingers across Tara’s cheek and chin as she added, “You really are a sick and twisted one, aren’t you… absolutely captivating… Zoe is one lucky woman…”

Just as Tara felt like the beginning of orgasm started to brew between her legs she started to suck air instead of urine and saw that the collection bag was empty. With sad eyes Tara made a disgruntled moan as Angela lowered the bag and connected it to Tara’s catheter again before stating, “Sorry luv, that’s all there is.”

Angela then reached in and pulled Tara’s nostril plugs before she started to unbuckle the head harness. As her panel gag came off, Tara licked her lips for any leftovers as Angela put the head harness down next to Tara on the bondage platform. Just as Angela was about to say something Zoe came out of the bathroom and loudly asked, “How are we doing?”

Angela smiled at Tara and stood up from her stool before answering, “All done.”

“What? I missed it… aww… But I wanted to see… Fuck!”

Walking straight up to Tara, Zoe tapped her phone and Tara felt her dildos cease to vibrate and the random shocks stop. Having gotten quite used to the constant teasing from both, Tara groaned in disappointment as Zoe smiled at her and added, “Guess I’ll have to wait to see you drink piss until next time then… Won’t I babe?”

Smiled wickedly, Tara looked up at her refreshed lover and replied, “Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress!”

Zoe had put her hair into a single, high ponytail and done her face with lovely black smokey eyes and a desert taupe lipstick. She was now dressed in a loose fitting, apricot coloured ribbed hoodie and a pair of tight, high waisted stretch faux leather pants in black. On her feet she had a pair of ankle high leather boots with a 2 inch platform and 7 inch heels with lacing in the front.

Passionately kissing Tara on her forehead, Zoe turned to Angela and said, “A few things, then we are off, cool?”

“Of course luv.”

Zoe walked over to one of the wardrobes next to the bed and returned with yet another head harness with an attached panel gag and gave it to Angela. As Zoe walked away towards the hall, Angela smiled as she stepped up to Tara and said, “Now this is properly bizarre.”

The panel gag Angela was holding had a cutout in the centre of the black rubber panel that measured somewhere between 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. In the cutout was a metal tube that was lined with black rubber on the outside that would insert about an inch into the wearer's mouth. Plugging the cutout was a chromed sink plug that had a 6 inch long ball chain attached to the bottom of the cutout, keeping it from getting lost. The panel would be held in place over the wearer’s mouth with an elaborate harness made from thick, reinforced rubber straps with buckles.

Angela did not have to further instruct Tara as she already had her mouth wide open as the gag was put to her face. To get the tube into Tara’s mouth was a bit of a hassle as it barely fit in between her teeth but with a bit of fiddling on Angelas part it was soon properly wedged in place. As Angela started to tightly buckle the head harness in place, Tara made a loud disgruntled grunt as her jaws were already starting to ache due to the extreme strain. Angela paid Tara little attention as the harness was already tightly buckled around her head and proclaimed, “There… That looks very good on you luv!”

Knowing her pleas were pointless, Tara looked up at Angela and by mumbling incoherently into her gag, unsuccessfully tried to thank her. 

Meanwhile, Zoe was returning and was carrying what looked like a quite heavy metal cube or box. The box was about the same size as a medium box that you would use for shipping and was nearly equilateral. Tara did not have time to inspect the box in detail as Zoe quickly went behind her and called upon Angela to come help her. Angela was quick to oblige and Tara could moments later feel something being attached to the top of the metal pole she was bound to. 

With a hint of what was to come, Tara began to quietly moan as the pair behind her talked things over for a moment before she suddenly felt something being attached around the top of her posture collar and screwed in place. Next, Zoe returned to stand in front of Tara and extended her arms behind Tara’s head as if to get ready to receive something. Tara’s suspicion proved to be correct as moments later she felt Angela make sure her ponytail was out of the way as the metal box slowly came down over her head until it perfectly sat against its base that had been attached to the top of her collar. Tara’s head was now effectively boxed in on all sides except for the one in front of her face and her field of vision was now greatly limited. 

Sudden loud metallic thuds from the sides of the box made Tara groan submissively and could see Zoe grin as she picked up her phone to take a snapshot. Flipping her phone, Zoe held the resulting photo in front of Tara to see and stated, “Is that a perfect fit or what?”

Seeing herself trapped inside the metal box greatly heightened Tara’s arousal again. The box was made out of quarter inch thick steel plates that had been lined with thick rubber sheets on the inside. Most of the edges were welded together while others were hinged and allowed for the box to be put over its occupants head after being attached to the bondage pole. Once all sides had come together to form a box, the unwelded edges were secured by numerous heavy latch locks that could be padlocked if desired. At the moment, the hinged front plate was still open and hung down in front of the box and Tara could see that it had a plus sized smartphone attached to it with its big screen facing outwards.

As for the fit, Zoe was right in that it looked to be perfect. From what Tara could tell from the photo, there was no more than maybe an inch or two of free space around her head to spare on each side. As Zoe put her phone down, Angela came around for a look and exclaimed, “Oh that is very nice… real nice fit… Where do you get this stuff?”

“Friend of a colleague… She’s a mechanical engineer.”

“Of course she is!”

Smiling, Zoe stepped up on the bondage platform and squatted in front of Tara before she said, “OK baby… that’s about it… Before I go though, I just want to say a few things, OK?”

Tara looked meekly at Zoe and grunted “Uh-huh” in reply before Zoe continued, “First of all I just want to say that I am so proud of you for soldiering on even though it’s your first time doing anything this severe.”

Zoe’s words of praise greatly lifted Tara’s spirit and briefly, just briefly, made her forget about the by now quite severe pain in her joints and body parts in general. Wanting nothing more than to embrace and kiss her lover, Tara dutifully endured her predicament and listened as Zoe resumed, “Now, you do not need to worry about air in there since I’ve had this baby fitted with valves that will ensure a good circulation… Ummm… I think that’s it really… Yeah, that's it I guess…”

Zoe started to close the front plate but suddenly stopped and added, “Fuck… almost forgot.”

Reaching in, Zoe pulled the sink plug from the gag which came loose with a popping sound and placed it on the bottom of the box. Starting to close the front plate again, Zoe blew a quick kiss and said, “Bye baby, love you!”

Seconds after the box was fully closed, Tara heard two very faint thuds she figured must have been the latch locks snapping in place and now found herself faced with two immediate realisations. 

First of all was the complete darkness she was now in. Tara had foolishly expected some light to find its way into the metal box but no, it was pitch black inside of it. 

The second thing was the almost deafening silence. Tara had barely heard the latch locks slam in place and all she could hear now was the faint clicking of valves as she breathed and the thumping of her own heart.

The total isolation was nothing like Tara had ever experienced before and found it both extremely arousing but also very deeply daunting. As Tara felt like a mild panic was starting to brew her dildos sprung to life at a low speed, making her jolt and yelp from surprise. Mere moments later the smartphone attached to the inside of the front plate lit up, displaying a live feed video from what must have been Zoe’s phone. Suddenly looking straight into her lover's beautiful face again, Tara instantly felt much calmer and quietly moaned as Zoe stated, “Aaand there… Can you hear me baby?”

Elated to see Zoe again, Tara joyously grunted “Uh-huh!” to which Zoe replied, “… and I can hear you… perfect!”

Tara could see Angela suddenly come into frame, look into the camera and add, “Oh that is very nice… and she can see us as well?”

Still looking into the camera, Zoe smiled and replied, “Uh-huh… OK baby we are going now… I will keep an earpiece in at all times so I will be able to hear you if anything goes wrong.”

The screen suddenly went dark and Tara was again totally alone in the dark void with nothing but her vibrating dildos and the repetitive sound of air valves clicking as company. Focusing on her own arousal, Tara managed to keep any attempt by her mild panic to start brewing again and slowly came to terms with her new surroundings. 

It couldn't have been long before the screen in front of her suddenly came to life again and it took Tara a few seconds to wrap her head around what she was looking at. As it finally dawned on her, Tara realised the screen was relaying the direct feed from one of the apartment's many surveillance cameras.

The feed came from one of the cameras in the kitchen that was pointing towards the sleeping area and perfectly framed Zoe and Angela, looking at Zoe’s phone, just to the right of her own latex covered, bound form. Suddenly Tara could hear Zoe’s voice as clear as day as she stated, “There… I think she is connected to the surveillance loop now… So… let’s try something here…”

While still marvelling over that she was able to see herself in her extreme predicament, Tara could see Zoe remove her earpiece before tapping several times on her phone. 

As Tara saw herself go taut and fight against her bonds from a 3rd perspective at the same time as she actually did it was truly a monumental mindfuck. Every muscle in Tara’s body was fighting for release as horrid electric shocks raged through her nipples, pussy and ass and was again shrieking due to the atrocious pain she was experiencing. Eyes glued to the camera feed, Tara experienced both pure masochistic bliss at the same time as her heart bled from pity over the bound woman in the feed who seemingly wanted nothing more than for the horrible torture to end. 

As the pain finally stopped a few tears were running down Tara’s cheeks and she was panting heavily as she recovered from the torture. Still watching the feed, Tara could see Angela turn to Zoe and ask, “What did you do?”

“I gave her some pretty extreme electro shocks!”

“I didn’t hear a thing…”

“Me neither…”

Tara watched as Angela walked up to her bound form and leaned in close with an ear to the metal box covering Tara’s head. Seeing Angela beckon Zoe to go again, Tara braced and made another shriek in her gag as she was once more drowning in searing pain. As she recovered once the shocks had stopped, Tara could see Angela get back up before walking back to Zoe and said, “She is being shocked for sure, you can just about hear her screams when you are close.”

Raising an eyebrow as she smiled, Zoe callously stated, “Good to know… Let's finish up here and go, shall we.”

Tara watched with a mix of anticipation and horror as Zoe seemed to make further selections on her phone before pausing to say, “Nah… I’m being too lenient… let’s see…”

A few taps and selections later, Zoe added, “There, that should keep her on her toes. Shall we?”

“After you luv.”

As Zoe and Angela turned to walk towards the hallway, the camera feed stopped and Tara was again enveloped by total darkness. It seemed she had audio as Tara could still hear heels clacking on the wooden floor and shortly thereafter Angela’s who stated, “Did I mention that I love your outfit?”

After hearing what must have been the front door opening, Tara heard Zoe reply, “You did not, but thank you so much! We just need to make another quick stop and then…”

Zoe’s voice was cut short by the sound of the front door closing and being locked shut. Intently listening for any other sounds but her breathing and the clicking air valves, Tara was expecting to any minute hear the door open and hear the voice of her returning lover. But with heightened arousal Tara slowly began to accept that she was abandoned and had, for all intent and purpose, truly been left to her own devices. The new reality of her predicament was a welcome one as it somehow pushed her arousal even higher which helped to keep her mind off the steadily growing pain in her joints and limbs.

Time was near impossible to tell from within the box. Tara was one minute void of any visual stimuli only to have the screen in front of her light up to show a feed from one of the many surveillance cameras. It all seemed very random, even the time passing between being in total darkness and watching herself from the 3rd perspective. Tara was just about to drift away in her fantasies as the screen flickered and she could hear Zoe’s voice stating, “… the talking, you are the neighburgh.”

She was now looking at a video feed that showed Zoe from an extreme worms-view perspective, as if she was holding her phone at her waist with the camera pointing upwards. Tara could not help but to be in awe over the fact that even from such an extreme angle, Zoe still managed to look like a divine goddess. Zoe was standing next to Angela outside the entrance to a house and Angela could be heard stating, “No, wait… someone’s coming.”

The door could be seen open to reveal a young man who said, “Hi… Can I help you?”

The young man could not have been much more than 18 years old and wore a simple white t-shirt and black jeans. Angela was seen taking a step forward to answer, “Hi, I’m Angela. Not sure if you remember me but I’m your neighbour from across the street.

“Oh of course… Mrs Hale… Hi… My parents are out of town for a few weeks so it’s only me here I’m afraid.”

“Ah… No worries… Zack is it?”

“Sure is.”

“Right… I was wondering if you could do me… us, a favour?”

“I sure hope so, what do you need?”

“You see we have a new pet… a dog… and we are about to leave it alone for the first time and were wondering if you could be sort of a backup if anything happens?”

“Ummm… sure! I don’t see why not, I love dogs. What breed is it?”

“It’s a… a…”

Angela could be heard fumbling her words and Zoe cut in by stating, “… she’s a Dominican bitch… Hi, I’m Zoe. I rent the loft over Angela’s.”

“Oh… Hi… So she is your dog?”

“Yes she is… well Angela helps me tend to her sometimes.”

“Ah cool… Dominican… never heard of I think.”

“Not very common here… in fact not very common on this continent I think… Imagine a German shepherd crossed with a Labrador. Loyal and fierce as can be yet docile, very docile.”

“Oh, sounds like an amazing breed. Is she a puppy then?”

“No no, she is a rescue… apparently grossly mistreated by her former owner.”

“Oh… so sorry to hear that. Well I have nothing planned so of course I’ll help. What do I need to do?”

“Nothing really, unless I call you. I have surveillance in the loft and monitor her all the time. I just need you to be the first responder if she happens to end up in distress.”

“Sure thing, sounds easy enough.”

“Awesome, here is the key. You will find her straight ahead once you are through the hallway.”

“Straight ahead, through the hallway, Dominican bitch. Gotcha! Her name?”

“Oh… Tara, she listens to Tara.”

Handing her phone over to Zack, Zoe could be heard stating, “I will need your phone number.”

Tara had watched the entire conversation with ever growing arousal as being left in the care of a complete stranger and possibly found excited her alot. When Zack’s phone number was finally stored into Zoe’s phone, thay all exchanged pleasantries and were just about to part ways as Zack commented, “Oh, Zoe!”


“Not sure if you know but we have a dog as well, a Border Collie. Maybe we could take them for a joint walk sometime?”

“Ummm… sure, maybe. Let me get ba…”

Just as suddenly as the feed had started it stopped and Tara was left in total darkness again. Patiently waiting for the screen to light up again so she could see herself, Tara started to notice faint vibrations in her pussy and held her breath as if trying not to scare them away. Moments later the vibrations started to speed up and kept doing so at a constant pace making Tara start to breath heavily and loudly moan in her gag.

Tara caught herself starting to fantasise about Zack deciding to check on Zoe’s bitch, only to find a bound rubber slave in its stead. Realising what he had in front of him he would start to add to her torment by viciously caneing her breasts and thighs, add more straps to further her bondage and get himself off by rubbing his massive cock between her breasts. Sitting on the bed to recuperate he would silently watch her with clear distaste as he saw her as nothing more than a worthless piece of furniture, an object he could do with as he pleased and had every intention of treating as such.

Falling deeper and deeper into her fantasy, Tara felt an orgasm start to brew just as her nipples suddenly began to suffer from continuously being shocked and started to scream into her gag from intense pain, all while the vibrations kept growing in power. Frantically working the dildos while being ravished in her fantasies, Tara was now shrieking out of rampant arousal and pain as her pending orgasm was rapidly getting closer and closer. 

The shriek suddenly changed key and amplitude as it was no longer a shriek of pain and pleasure, it was now a shriek of utter despair. Tara had dared to believe that she would be granted the climax she had deserved for so long by now, but the shocks had suddenly stopped again and the vibrations had quickly been reduced to a mere tantalising pulse at slow speed. Finally going silent, Tara closed her eyes as fresh tears began to run down her cheeks. Tears of distress, misery and mental fatigue.

While sobbing and trying to keep as much saliva as possible from flowing out of the gag, Tara slowly came to the realisation that her pain and pleasure were in the hands of a couple of devices that were void of emotions, will or an agenda. They were simply doing what they had been told to do, just as Tara in turn simply endured whatever they had on offer. Somehow finding a sort of solace in their symbiotic love-hate hate relationship Tara stopped to cry and meekly moaned as she was again allowed to see her tortured self in the camera feed displayed in front of her.

Tara was spent, finished, worn out and defeated as the randomness of her torture had eventually proven to be to much for her. She had no idea of how long she had been kept in the seemingly never ending cycle between darkness and security feeds, pleasure and pain. She did however know that she had not been able to cum yet even if it had been very, very close a couple of times when the combination of torturous pain and lustful vibrations had been just right.

The thought of humming the national anthem had crossed Tara’s mind several times by now but each time she was about to start, her masochistic urge came out of the darkness to comfort her. Wrapping itself around Tara like a protective blanket, the urge would time and time again gently soothe her and make her realise that if truth was to be told, Tara knew that she was exactly where she wanted and badly needed to be. 

Further, her urge would point out that if she gave up now she would instantly regret her decision once the first straps came off and then it would be too late to change her mind. She would no longer be in constant states of varying levels of pain and arousal and it would most likely be some time before she would get a chance to experience an equally extreme predicament.

Trying to put her mind off the horrible pain she now experienced in her shoulders, Tara jolted as the screen came to life again and she could hear the distant sound of people talking and laughing. Looking at the video feed, Tara instantly recognized it as being from next to the city's many canals, right by a very popular shopping area. As the camera slowly panned she saw all sorts of people doing various activities before the view changed and Tara was instead looking at Zoe and Angela sitting on a bench, having some soft serve in the sun.

Putting her sunglasses on her forehead, Zoe smiled and said, “Hi baby! We just had a lovely lunch… and now we are having some ice cream. Is everything OK back home?”

A tear of joy ran down Tara’s cheek as seeing her lover enjoying herself had jerked her out of the bog of self pity she had been spending way too long in. Clearing her throat, Tara meekly grunted “Uh-huh!” in reply and could see Zoe shield the screen from the sun before going wide eyed and stating, “Oh baby… my poor baby… Is it that rough for you?”


“Nawww… Have you at least managed to cum yet?”


“Wow… Really? That sucks! Hang on baby…”

Tara could see Zoe hand her soft serve to Angela before seemingly tapping on her phone while saying, “Let’s see… if we do like this…”

As the vibrators jumped into action and Tara felt tantalising shocks in her nipples and ass she immediately started to loudly moan and looked with keen eyes straight at Zoe. As her stimuli gradually grew in intensity Tara felt an orgasm start to brew again and could hear Zoe say, “Does that feel good baby?”

“… UH-HUH…”

Zoe smiled into the camera before continuing, “Me and Angie are not done yet so we will be a couple more hours, is that OK baby?”


“Thank you baby… Are you getting close?”

“… uh-huh…”

“Good… You have to ask for permission first, don’t forget that!”

Tara felt like she was floating on pink clouds, all while being sexually pleasured by an entity that knew her body and mind inside and out. She felt nothing but pleasure at the moment, no pain, no ache, no misery whatsoever. Constantly getting closer and closer to her climax, Tara saw Zoe lean in even closer to her phone and whispered, “I was talking to Angie and you made quite the impression on her today… She even admitted to wanting to borrow you some time and have her way with… Would you like that baby?”


“I knew you would… Say… How about I piss all over you when I get home and make you clean the floor with your tongue …”

Imagining herself on all four, licking the floor clean from Zoe’s urine was exactly what Tara needed as she felt she was on the verge of cumming and instantly grunted, “Neeah aai cuung kleeash, Niishhkreshh?”

“If you can cum?”


After sensually biting her lower lip, Zoe callously replied, “Sorry baby, but no…”

The branch gently swayed as the blue tit youngling landed and started to clean its beak. With rapid head movements, it scanned its surroundings and could, if so inclined, look straight into the windows of the two story house next to it to marvel at the display presented in clear view. 

A woman totally covered in black shiny latex, bound in a very taxing and unforgiving vertical hogtie, fighting with every fibre of her body to get free. Denied, no matter how hard she tried, by her tight armbinder and numerous leather belts that were never going to give up and grant her release. Her silent screams of despair, muffled by the metal box that fully encapsulated her head, as she was frantically trying to keep her arousal up and reach the climax she so desperately needed, but just had been robbed of.

The branch gently swayed as the blue tit flew off again, leaving the tortured woman to suffer, a victim of her own devices.


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