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Flying into Her New Role

by Druid5

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Lucy finally threw off her sheets as she fumbled for the alarm that was beeping next to her, bleary eyed she hit the off button harder than intended. Wiping the sleep from her eyes she looked round trying to remember why she was still tired, looking down she noticed she had skipped her night clothes, the final tell tale was a slight buzzing from under her duvet. Feeling around she pulled out the now worn out vibrator shed enjoyed late last night, so good she’d orgasmed and passed out. With no one to switch it off the batteries must have worn out. She smiled and headed to the bathroom. She had intended simply to clean her toy and herself then catch up on some work before heading out, but looking at the toy she decided she could manage in her work time to catch up.

Fetching a new battery she instead settled on doing the two tasks together and enjoying it. Under the warm pleasant water she massaged her clit with the vibrator in one hand and her nice plump breasts with the other. It didn’t take her long before she was grasping the hand rail and tensing up as a wave of pleasure spread through her body. She crouched for a few minutes enjoying the feeling before giving herself a good clean along with the toy. She took a towel and headed back into the bedroom. On one side of the room was a full length mirror which she stood in front of to dry her skin, she wasn’t a stick figure but she was slim and well toned where it counted. Her golden skin, evidence of the sunny climate outside, and some cheeky nude sun bathing from time to time. Her breasts were prominent but not overly large, though her nipples were erect and stood out in the cool room. Her dark brown hair clung to her back with a few strands over her shoulder, the locks reached down to the bottom of her spine, the long hours sat brushing and tending to it well worth the effort.

She began to pick out her days clothes and settled on a smart shirt and a knee length skirt, her skirts used to be  shorter but recently a few creeps at work had been taking a few liberties and she had quickly revised her work wardrobe. She put on her underwear and then pulled a box out from the cupboard. Inside were 4 latex bands and a long piece with straps. The larger piece was shaped for her back, the top settling between her shoulder blades with straps that went over her shoulders and met between her breasts, the bottom reached just above her ass cheeks and became a strap that passed between her legs. Another strap ran round her waist like a belt where the leg and arm strap attached to.

After a few seconds of indecision, Lucy decided to take off her panties and put them back on over the top of the latex strap liking the feel of the latex on her groin. Most people wore their harness over their clothing to remove at work etc, but Lucy had always liked latex and the feel of it. She couldn’t afford any major suits or kinky items so made the most of her harness. She put the rest of her clothes on hiding the main harness. Finally the bands went on her wrists and ankles. She marvelled at how far the harness technology had come in the past decade, the early models had been a full suit and bulky backpack. Now they were small, light and comfortable. Grabbing a final item from the box, a larger latex band she left her flat and walked to the end of the hallway.

At the end of the corridor was a flight of stairs and an open doorway where a lift used to be. Instead two large cylinders of bluish light buzzed faintly, Lucy walked up to the doorway and pressed a down button on the side of the frame, a blue light glowed round her and she was raised slightly in the air and held in front of the tube, a man suddenly flew past her on his way down gliding in the tube. When it was clear Lucy felt herself pulled into the tube, the tingling feeling making the hairs on her arm stand on end, Lucy looked down, she loved this feeling. Suddenly she dropped, floor after floor flew past until she found herself slowing to a stop and floating out of the tube on the ground floor. The glow around her dissipated and she headed out on the road.

She grabbed a coffee at her local shop and joined a short queue at the side of the road. She stood sipping as she looked up at the repaired Elevated Gravrail Track. For several days Lucy had had to catch a bus into work, it had been a terrible ordeal. Roads in the city had been abandoned since the invention of the Gravrail system and the busses that still ran had to deal with holes and cracks. In the outskirts where she lived the roads were even worse, in one road the busses had to drive through a grass verge to get round a large hole with a car part way in that no one had wanted to pull out.

A decade ago an Anglo-American company had discovered a way to float objects through a field at high speed, initially this was used for heavy goods, an underground tunnel with the energy rings would allow specially designed pods full of items to reach the other end in such quick times, there was no chance of getting damaged and it was faster than any train or lorry. Soon a smaller system was designed that would allow people to wear a special suit to travel the same way, at each end the field would slow the user safely, the suit created a bubble that allowed the person to survive the excessive speeds.

Now the planet had been transformed, each city and town was joined by a Gravrail, every road had the pylons crisscrossing, and computers controlling speeds so there were no crashes. Larger systems for freight still ran underground but small containers could be sent through the overheads. There was even a connection over both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, no country was unconnected. The different Gravrails needed different types of harness. Buildings lifts just needed a basic waist harness. An intercity Gravrail needed the harness and limb bands to control a person’s movements for safety like the one Lucy had, then finally a more complete harness and helmet was needed to survive the speed of intercontinental Gravrails.

Lucy soon reached the front of the queue and put on her headband, the clear plastic came down over her distinct blue eyes and suddenly the screen came to life, on one side several adverts popped up with the latest crazes, her other eye saw the available options for her travel. Work had provided her with this latest harness, the headband let her select her route by voice skipping the hassle of the old map boards. Lucy simply said the word work and felt the familiar tingling over her arms, the glow surrounded her and she was lifted slowly up off the street toward the tube filled with people heading towards the city. Lucy felt her leg bands force her ankles together, her wrists pulled into her sides. She was rotated so she was looking down at the road and she sympathised with several people at the nearby bus stop, those who couldn’t yet afford a harness.

She looked forward toward the city in the distance and waited, floating effortlessly. Then without warning she was propelled forward, joining the morning rush, her eye shield allowed her to keep her eyes open and watch the flashes of buildings and people as they flew by. Her eye piece had a map of her route and showed her flying along close to 200mph. The hour long bus ride completed in just a couple of minutes. The buildings flying by got bigger and bigger and Lucy found herself gliding into the slower outer part of the tube.

Eventually she slowed right down, yet instead of stopping she was sent right into a large building and suddenly turned vertical speeding up to the higher levels. At the 42nd floor she slowed and finally slid down to a stop. Enjoying being back to smooth rides into work, she headed to her office in the side of the room. From her window she could see some of the nearby roads with Gravrails above, most people got out of the system at a crossroads near the old railway station. Lucy was lucky; her company was a part of the international Gravway Corporation and could afford to tie the lift rails into the city network.

Her day went slowly, endless calls to deal with minor problems in other departments, a couple of presentations to her bosses on possible improvements. As with most days she failed to completely avoid Richard, the office perv. He took great delight in making crude comments and sly moves that would allow him to touch or press against the female colleagues, it wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t had such poor hygiene, and his breath could knock out those who were not careful.

At lunch Lucy had headed down to the lower levels to one of the loading bays, the company would contract out manufacturing jobs, and then receive the parts to be assembled and sent with its engineers to new Gravrail projects; it also acted as a storage and distribution hub for new harnesses. Lucy was involved with the components section. Today she wanted to ensure several expensive items had arrived, and possibly bump into Tony. They’d had a night of intense sex after a works do and Lucy was hoping to make something of it. The loading bay was quiet at lunch times as everyone headed to the break room. Lucy walked through the maze of crates and packages.

Her component was sat on the edge of a packing station, a large pylon section ready for installation in a new section of Gravrail up north. The piece was nice and shiny direct from the factory, yet up top there was a single large scratch nearly half a meter long. Lucy swore, the photos showed it in good condition at the senders end, clearly the company workers had caused it. Keen to inspect the damage she climbed on to the packing plate for extra height. Before she could get closer her arms began to tingle and she was surrounded by the glow of a grav field, she couldn’t turn round as she was floating. She called out for help but the clanging of machinery nearby would mask her scream from the break room.

Below she could just about make out a familiar chuckle, it had to be Richard's laugh. Lucy looked down at the packing plate and saw two prongs rising up, a black material began to feed out from them. A smooth plastic touched Lucy’s ankle and straight away the two prongs began to rotate, spinning round with the plastic trailing out. Lucy’s feet were soon wrapped tightly together, the prongs and plastic began to rise higher and higher, her legs beginning to disappear beneath layers of black plastic. The momentum of the plastic should have begun to turn her body but her harness was holding her tight, the layers began to spread over her ass, the pressure clenching her cheeks, the latex strap pressing into her ass, the tight material was hugging her figure outlining every curve and crease.

Up and up it covered her torso, her hands pulled tight into her side. She screamed as loud as she could for help but still the plastic rose. Now it began to lap the bottom of her breasts, the first two passes sliding under, but the third managed to gain purchase and pulled the breasts tight against her, squeezing them in. The plastic covered them up quickly and was now covering her neck, despite the tension, she could still breath though it was uncomfortable, she held her head straight to try and keep her mouth free, terrified now that it may cover her completely, the plastic touched her chin, wrapping it in and holding her in position.

Her bottom lip began to cover and Lucy closed her mouth to avoid the plastic from going into her mouth. It covered her mouth completely ending any calls for help. Then just as it reached her nose the plastic stopped, the prongs however still spun and rose higher. Her hope of that being all ended as the plastic began again over the top of her nose, also covering her eyes, her vision gone she could only feel as the plastic continued to the top of her head. The plastic twisted to cover her scalp also covering the sides it had missed to leave her nose free. When the packer had finished, all that was left was a floating statue in black plastic, a perfect rendering of a female form. Only a slight arch was left, the base of her nose allowing her to breathe, though only shallow breaths would be possible, the plastic acting like a corset on her chest.

Richard pressed a few buttons and soon Lucy’s bound form was tipped on to her back and lowered down. He ran a hand down the smooth shell enjoying the feel and the shape, he lingered on the breasts, kneading them and chuckling at the motions of the stricken women. He knew he couldn’t pass his actions off as an accident and would either have to suffer the consequences, or he could try to make the most of the opportunity, he had friends who were looking for certain females. He had the packer move Lucy’s form into a shipping pod, the bottom was filled with a soft air filled cushion that wrapped round Lucy as she was lowered in.

Once in place Richard played around for a few more minutes, pressing on her breasts and groin and enjoying her reactions, one hand travelled to his pants and began stroking his hard cock. Only a sound of people returning to work brought him out of his fantasy, he lowered the pods lid and secured it, inside Lucy was aware of all noise suddenly removed. Then a new gentle pressure from above covered her and held her in a soft embrace, the pressure revealed a small pipe at her nose that was allowing air in, the pipe a last minute thought by Richard. He had found and stuck on a label and altered the details to a place he knew his friends could collect the pod before heading back to ring them.

Lucy was left alone and in silence, unable to call out or even move, any movement she tried was prevented by her coverings or the cushion around her, only slight vibrations from outside reached her. She felt herself being turned upside down, outside Tony and his team had found the pod and its urgent request form. They took no time in lifting it to the dispatch bay and placing it in the Gravrail launcher. Inside her pod Lucy felt her arms tingling and her harness was beginning to pull, it was reacting to the Gravrail as well as the pod as it was shot on its way to the freight network. The harness was tugging towards her head and the strap between her legs was pulling into her groin and her ass.

While she was scared and confused, Lucy was also feeling aroused. True she had been wrapped and forced into some kind of pod to who knew where; she was also warm, cosy and had a movement in her groin. The plastic layers round her body excited her, she was in a situation she had fantasised about before, mummified and completely at the mercy of others. She could feel her pussy getting damp, her only regret was that her clothes had been left on before the wrapping, even though the thought of Richard undressing her was more a nightmare. The motion in her groin was frustrating now as it wasn’t enough to tip her over the edge, it was just a gentle pulsing. She could feel it eating away at her. At times she was aware of the pod rotating, sometimes she was the right way up, others on her side. She was curious as to what was taking so long though, the Gravrail was quick and this amount of time meant she must be travelling quite a distance.

What felt like hours to Lucy were in fact just fifteen long minutes, enough to travel through several cities and beyond. Her pod came to a gentle stop and Lucy only knew she’d arrived when her harness stopped tugging and her skin stopped tingling. The pod was placed in the delivery centre with her stood upright, a code was placed on the side and then it was left for the owner to collect. Lucy inside was beginning to sweat, the pod was sealed tight bar a single hole where her pipe was located. Her clothes were at saturation point and a slight pooling had begun at her feet where the plastic left a space. She fell into her daydreams and spent hours in blissful peace. Only an urge to pee had threatened her experience, knowing she was already soaked in sweat she simply gave in and let the warm liquid join the pool at her feet rather than stay in agony trying to keep it in.

It was early evening when the pod was shaken by mechanical arms, a computer laser scanned the barcode on the side and had begun to lift it out to a waiting pickup truck. The pod came to rest on the truck and luckily for Lucy was kept upright. She could feel small shakes as the truck headed out to a lonely barn, the road uneven enough for Lucy to be bounced round in the air cushioning. Once again the feeling of being moved then a slight tipping backwards. After a short pause the pressure on her front began to subside and coolness hit the plastic. All of a sudden sound pierced her silent world; several male voices could be heard all admiring the shape laid out in the pod. She felt several hands begin to molest the plastic, pressing on her groin and breasts. Fear and repulsion mixed with excitement. The hands stopped as a women’s voice barked out instructions. Lucy could feel the hands return, this time they were lifting her out of the pod.

She was placed standing and felt a sudden rush of air as the plastic at her ankles was cut. A mix of sweat and pee drained out to the disgust of one of the male voices while others jeered. Lucy could feel the plastic being cut away up her body, first her legs were freed then her arms though they were held tightly. Once her limbs were free she felt her shirt and skirt cut and removed along with her underwear, her breasts hanging free. They also relieved her of the harness and bands. Finally her head was uncovered. She blinked at the brightness of the lights and her captors took the shock as a signal to let go, her legs weak from the bindings failed her and she fell to the floor.

Her eyes focussed and she looked around, she was in a large barn, old stables lined one wall, a cold floor in green colour lay beneath her. Turning the other way she looked at five men all in black boiler suits, two were holding hose pipes which were aimed at her. “We’ll get you cleaned up” one said as he turned on the hose. Lucy screamed as the cold water hit her with force, she tried to stand up but the floor was now too slippery, the force of the water sending her sprawling. The second spray joined in hosing her all over, Lucy had to concentrate on trying to save her face form the jets, yet this left other sensitive areas to the mercy of the water.

The men howled with laughter as they directed one of the sprays at her groin, the water hitting her pussy with such force it stung, water was surging in and cleaning her fully. When she tried to turn to crawl away on all fours they simple aimed for both her ass and her groin, she fell on her stomach and cried as the water pounded her skin. The water was turned off and Lucy was left a wreck on the floor. Unable to get up she sobbed and shook with the cold.

Nearby a few items were being brought out from boxes, another harness similar to her work one, except this was a custom make. Lucy watched the men bringing the pieces towards her, when she looked at the strap at the bottom of the harness she gasped, the piece that went between her legs had two large inserts that would be held in tightly. Despite having had similar fantasies, Lucy had no intention of such an invasion of her body, she began to crawl away but was easily caught by the men. She struggled against their solid grip, her wet skin helping her somewhat. As one limb wriggled free, another was quickly grabbed, her left leg was gripped by two pairs of hands as a third managed to slide the latex band onto the ankle.

Straight away it was frozen in the air in a grav field normally used for moving farm produce. Her ankle held firm Lucy was losing her battle, one by one her limbs were rendered immobile by the bands and left her hanging suspended in the air. At the end of the barn the female in charge was manipulating the controls. With her touches, Lucy found her legs being spread and her arms stretched above her head in a spread eagle position. She could only shout and plead as the group of men began to slide their hands up her back with the main harness. She gave a shudder as their touch tickled. With one holding the thick latex piece in place, another quickly put the belt strap round her waist, the piece was pulled tight and held her hips still.

The two men that looked like brothers stood in front of her and poked at her pussy lips, then they moved on to her ass, she squealed as they tugged at her opening pulling it all directions. They decided that her ass was too tight and left her sight for a few minutes. When they returned they were carrying a training dildo and a large bottle of lube. Lucy protested as the dildo was coated in a slimy layer of lube, before being raised to touch her ass hole. It was cold and smooth and a slight application of pressure sent it up into her ass. Lucy cried out in shock, she had only tried anal sex once and decided that hole was only for its natural use. Now inside her a toy was wriggling round.

The toys pipe that was still dangling ended in a small valve and bubble. One of the brothers began to slowly press it in, the toy inflating and expanding in Lucy’s ass, she felt herself being stretched beyond anything she'd felt before, she desperately tried to push it out but it was already far beyond her. It finally stopped expanding as she thought her ass would rip apart, her head tilted back as she tried to bite down to avoid screaming again. She then waited for the next toy to enter her pussy, as it did it felt different, it was rough and warm, she looked down to see one of the men slowly pushing a rubber coated penis into her wet pussy.

It had been a while since she had anything in there other than a vibrator, she was sickened that it felt so good. He pushed up deep inside then drew out slowly, back and forth he stroked her suspended form, he began to increase the tempo and Lucy was soon groaning as he rammed into her. His soft start now just a rhythmic humping hard and fast, Lucy was nearing her climax but he reached it first, his load caught in the condom as he pulled out one last time. Lucy grunted in frustration before the twin approached cock in hand, once more he began slowly and gently, a let down from the frantic pace she’d just had. Soon enough he was banging into her with fury and this time Lucy came just before him, both breathing hard and savouring the wave of pleasure.

Lucy hung in the air exhausted and her ass full, the men left the room along with the lead female. With dim lights and no sounds it was only a short time before Lucy dropped off. While asleep the group were putting finishing details to her new harness, changing sizes of straps and inserts, testing it was all working. Once done they just needed to finish putting it on. Lucy was always a deep sleeper and failed to wake while they passed the latex straps over her shoulders, the strap passing between her breasts, except this one had a ring on either side which went round each breast before attaching round on her back, the strap forced the breasts to stand out more. The strap at the front then attached to the waist strap as normal.

A long thin piece with a number of tightening rings was placed near the back of her head, through the rings her locks of hair were pulled. It was flexible and allowed the ponytail to swing as normal, but it could now be manipulated and used to pull her head. For the next part the training dildo had to come out, they let the air out and slowly pulled it. A tugging on her asshole was enough to wake Lucy and she at first clenched up trying to stop them from hurting her, but soon she realised she wanted it out more than ever. As the men tugged, Lucy pushed with all her might and was rewarded with a wet plunger noise and a deep ache in her ass.

Her reprieve was short lived, no sooner was the dildo removed, the anal plug in the harness was lubed and pushed in. It wasn’t as large which meant it went in easier. Her pussy was next, a larger insert was simply thrust up into her this time, her body felt like an overstuffed turkey, her holes well and truly full. The leg strap came up and attached to the belt leaving no way for the inserts to wiggle let alone get forced out.

From behind her the women’s high heel clacking sound drew her attention, she leaned her head back to try to see her only to find she had a head band which also had an insert but for the mouth. The women raised it over Lucy’s head to try and fit it, Lucy tucked her chin against her chest to dodge it. Instead she discovered how well her hair could be pulled, the harness pulled it back forcing Lucy to look up, her mouth at the right height. She clenched her teeth but a shock passed through the inserts in her ass and pussy, screaming from the sharp pain the penis gag soon pushed down her tongue locking it in place, straps secured it with the headband screen, all connected to the latex harness on her back.

The group stood back to admire their work. Lucy was suspended spread eagle  with latex straps round ankles and wrists then weaving round her supple skin. Lucy simply hung not knowing what to think. The female below walked to a console a pressed a few buttons. The effect was instantaneous, Lucy’s harness began to move her into a new position, her back to a wall. Several rods made contact with the harness and held it in place. On the screen in front of her eyes, a small text scrolled up, “Docked with cleaning station, beginning internal cleansing.”

The binds held her head and body rigid as a sudden liquid began to run through the mouth gag, it tasted awful but couldn’t be stopped. In her stomach she could feel a strong build up of gas, it was building quickly yet with her anal plug it had nowhere to go. And yet as that thought formed, the anal plug also began to pump a liquid into her, her bowels were now being filled. She struggled for a few minutes before the two plugs finished, the anal plug instead began to suck, she was getting an automated enema, a feeling she was new too. It was one she wished she never had. The gas and liquid was explosively heading out. Cleaned and drained the system had a new message, “Applying food supplement”.

Again a liquid was forced down her through, this time it was both sweet and salty, a taste she was very suspicious about. The food was only a small amount and the system was happy to send her out, it simply said “Preparing Hold”. Lucy’s bindings began to move around her, her ankles began to move together and then rise behind her knees, bending at the knees, this put pressure on the inserts inside, pushing them further in. Her arms were also brought down and then bent behind her back, crossing over they pulled her chest out and her breasts were pushed into the rings and squeezed. Lastly her hair pulled back and down to rest between her ankles, the hair holding the arms in place. It had put her in a strict hogtie in which she couldn’t move.

Looking into the eyes of the female captor, she was treated to a short blow of a kiss, “You look stunning my dear, a fitting new addition to our business. Just as other companies have had to change with the invention of the Gravrail, so has mine. Standing on street corners no longer helps, we must send our ‘products’ to our clients. We send paying customers a sex toy to use as they see fit, then simply return to us. The machine cleans you up then selects the next customer to send you to. When not needed you can simply ride the Gravrail in quiet locations. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you entertained while you wait!”

At that moment the anal and pussy plugs both sprang to life, vibrating, pulsing in size and applying a small electric pulse. Lucy was aching all over already, and now her body was shaking with the experience. Around her her skin began to tingle and a glow surrounded her. The hogtie rose up and began to move into the Gravrail. Buildings flew past, barking dogs, public parks dark and empty, a few people walking below all in a blur. Lucy saw none of it, her eyes closed, her body contorted and being abused. At 200mph she had her strongest ever climax, her inserts still moving inside her as she sped her way to her first client of her new job.....

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