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by M88

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Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; captive; bond; cartrunk; latex; catsuit; sleepsack; bond; straps; hood; gasmask; toys; insert; sarcophagus; encased; tormented; sendep; longterm; sexslave; cons/nc; XX

story continues from part one

Part 2

Sarah couldn’t believe she was listening to her own extreme bondage fantasy as the car continued on. The boot was small and left her little room to struggle. She was bound by handcuffs around her wrist and ankles with a padlock joining the cuffs together in a hogtie. Leather straps kept her legs folded against itself as her movement was reduced by the bondage. A leather strap was also wrapped around her elbows. She was completely naked apart from the bondage equipment as she moaned into the gag. She had had duct tape looped around her head to cover her mouth. The bottom half of her face was silver thanks to the tape.

Breathing loudly through her nose, she listened to her story again and again. Wishing she had taken that bit out or changed that part. She had gone into great detail about what she fantasised about happening to her. No one could deliver her dream bondage could they. She could feel pussy juice and sweat between her legs and the car drove on. She loved how the duct tape compressed her face and stopped her from opening her mouth. 

Not that she wanted to scream or shut, she was far too turned on for that. She struggled with her bondage to see if it was all real. Her hands and feet stayed trapped within the metal cuffs. The leather made a soft creaking sound as she moved around. How long would she be in the car for? The darkness gave her no information as to how long she had been in the boot for. God she had no idea when she was taken from her flat. She remembered having a few beers as she watched some hardcore porn around 1am on Sunday. She had to guess it was still Sunday night or Monday morning. She had spent the day at home and could not think of anything that stood out. She cleaned her flat and…oh. She got a package. She had ordered a new rubber butt plug and the guy who delivered it to her door. Had another small package for her. He said she got a free pack of sexual simulation pills. 

She had taken all of them before she started watching porn and drinking beer. She would wank herself to sleep some nights and wanted to try the new stuff right away. She would rub her wet pussy until she ran out of new porn films most nights. Then she would lock up her house and go to sleep. She had a feeling the pills did nothing for a sex life, but put her to sleep as soon as she mixed them with too much alcohol. 

Someone knew she watch porn throughout the night on the weekends and that meant she had been watched. It suddenly hit her that her own story was the reason behind her being taken. It was a popular story on the website and got lots of comments from people. She had inspired someone to turn her dream into real life. 

Even if it was illegal and against her will. Someone loved the idea of doing that to her, more then she wanted to do it to herself. Which scared her to her core as the whole idea of her story was for it not to happen. It was meant to be out of reach. She could go over the top with her bondage and torture as it was never going to happen. Or so she thought. She just wanted a minute to talk to the person driving the car. She wanted them to charge their mind about the whole thing and take her home. 

Not that the car would stop till it reached her final locations. Her heart was racing as the car hit what seemed to be a dirty road. She was a sweaty and shaking mess as the car slowed to a stop.

She could hear almost nothing through the recoding of her story playing in her ear. She almost jumped when the car boot was open. A large figure stood over her with a medical surgery mask covering his lower face. He was wearing a black hooded jacket with the hood up. She could only see his eyes as she stayed completely still. She was too scared to move as his latex gloved hands wrapped around her bound body. She was then lifted out the boot with a massive tug and just put down on the driveway. The cold hard ground made her struggle as he put the car out of sight.

She thought she would see an old farmhouse or an unused factory as her new home. But oddly a fishing boat was waiting for her. The fresh sea air rolled across her skin as she looked out the corner of her eyes. It was night time and apart from the boat, nothing lit up. No one was around and everything was silent. She could just make out a wooden hut in the darkness. The car had been put in there and she could now hear his footsteps as he come back to her. The floor was made from hard wood and it made a creaking sound as he walked. 

She moaned softly as he reached her. He just dragged her onto the boat as her knees rubbed against the wooden harbour. He pulled her by her hair as she shouted into the gag. It was a painful way of getting onto a boat. When she was on the large boat the fact she would not get back off filled her mind. She was taken below deck and put in a small steel room. The door was locked on the outside and she was left in the pitch black. The room was cold and uncomfortable as the boat moved away from the land and onto the open seas. Sarah was staying completely still in her hogtie. She was feeling sore and tried. She just could not stay awoke anymore and she knew the second she shut her eyes something would happen. But around 15 minutes later she went to sleep. 

He waited 5 minutes before unlocking the door as quietly as possible and slowly opening it. He had been watching her for months and had read her fantasy 100 of times. He would make her dream something she could feel. She would need to be out of it for his plan to work so he injected her with a very powerful sleeping agent. She was in a deep sleep even before the needle went through her skin and even if she had been awake. She could only struggle and was unable fight back. 

He spent the next three days getting her ready. He was hoping her catsuit fit her as perfectly as she wanted. Her sex toys had been put into place and wired up. Getting her into the condom like suit was very hard even with lots of lube. Which mixed in with the itching powder and horse hair, he put in the suit already. It should still work he thought to himself as he popped the suit over her shoulder. He was delighted when the catsuit was finally in place. It looked like he had painted her from the neck down.

He found making her gag the hardest part of the whole thing. He had to contract lots of companies and hope they could do it for him. One of them could and he was putting the finished item in her mouth right now. It looked amazing has her tongue and teeth fell into place. He pumped the gag up as much as he could. He knew she wanted it as the adhesive set rock hard. He used roll after roll of tape to gag her as he continued the session. Ear plugs and blindfold followed. 

He soon had her head taped up and was putting the latex bondage hood over the tape. That was a nightmare to get on as the hood only just fit and lacing it up was not easy. But after some time into was padlocked on and the gas mask had enclosed her face. He had made the medical device at home and it worked perfectly as he closed the collar around her neck. He tightly closed the top half around her forehead and tightened the vertical metal poles as the whole thing was rigid. He strapped her body together as tightly as he could. 

Forcing the latex and strap covered body of a sleeping and bound women into a skin tight latex sleep-sack was back breaking. Inch by inch he moved the latex over her body, He got the waste tube through its built-in hole, but only just. He had to pull the latex so hard to close the zip, he feared he would rip it. But with the sleep-sack finally on and with things moving quicker as he got the rigid metal bar and cuffed to her feet and neck. Bondage layer two was done.

It was just as she had dreamed, the straps outlined clearly by the latex sheet. The metal pole was sitting nicely along her body and looked great against the black latex. The smell of latex filled the room as the boat slow rocked side to side. He needed to lift her into the sarcophagus and to do so he picked her up by the metal pole. Her body was completely still in the total bondage she was in as he struggled with her. The sarcophagus was a couple of feet off the floor as he bent-over it and almost dropped her inside it. She made a soft thump sound as she hit, but she only fell a couple of inches. He then chained her into the sarcophagus as tightly as he could. She still had the outline of a person as he locked the chains in place and closed the lid. He padlocked the two halves together and linked up the wires and tubes.

She had been out for 38 hours and had spent 8 of them inside her new home. He had left all the toys off for now as he watched her. Would he hear her wake up inside her dream bondage device? Would she love it or have to learn to love it over time? He then heard her breathing pick up. Her rate of breathing had been level throughout the time she had been under. So she was starting to come around now or had just opened her eyes. Sarah had just opened her eyes and saw only darkness. No light whatsoever entered the sarcophagus. Let alone her bondage hood, tapped head or blindfold. She could hear her own blood flow as the ear plugs blocked out all sound. Breathing was almost impossible as she choked on her gag and feeding tubes. She tried to pull and push against her restraints as the horror of her dreams hit her. 
But everything she wanted was in place. 

It was then a horrible smell filled her nose as she had wished in her story. Seeing as she was trapped aboard an old fishing boat. The stink of fish and not a shock as she inhaled deeply through her nose. As the hours passed she never got use to the smell as she struggled to even breath. Why had she wanted this in her fantasy as the stink flowed into her gas mask. Her bondage was hot, smelly and sweaty as she just waited for more of the torture she had asked for. 

5 Months later. 

The boat was rocking violently as the driving rain hit the deck. Her sarcophagus tripped from side to side. Added pressure was being put on the screws and belts which kept it in place. Inside Sarah was unable to move even with the boat dropping up and down. She was weak and unhealthy as the weeks of torture and isolated had worked away on her. She only had one thought in her mind and that was what was going to happen next.

She knew what would happen to her after this punishment was finally over. The next part of her story would only start after she was broken and mindless. She was trying to keep hold of her soul and brain. But after so long the defences she had, had been watered down and weakened. She was going to go soon. 

1 Week later 

After a week of sickening punishment and torture, she was gone. He had pushed her over the edge of madness and could now move on to part two of her bondage. He was amazed it had taken so long to break her as he headed back to port. She was silent one minute and screaming as loudly as she could the next. She had in some way asked for this and that feeling of a job well done followed him back to land.

They arrived back at the same empty port they had left from. He docked the boat and tied it to the harbour. He then unlocked the sarcophagus and unlinked all the tubes and wires. Then removed the chains holding her in place. The boat had a horrible wet latex and sweat smell. He unlocked the cuffs around her neck and feet and took the latex sleep-sack off. Her medical collar and head harness come off next as he freed her from her own bondage dream.

 Undoing all the leather straps was next and the buckles had been damaged by her struggling. Then the gas mask, bondage hood, gag, ear plugs, blindfold and electrical tape had been removed. Finally he cut off her latex catsuit. 

Her hair was soaking wet and in knots as it hung over her face. Her body was thin and her muscles had wasted away. Her nails had grown long and her whole body was dripping with sweat. Huge red marks showed where the straps and other bondage equipment had been. He then popped the sex toys out of there holes. Her own waste and cum was covering both of them. Her stinking holes had marks all over them for the tortures he had done to her.

She had her eyes tightly closed as the light blinded her. He handcuffed her wrists behind her back and lifted her on to her feet. She could hardly walk as he forced her towards the wooden building at the end of the deck. He unlocked the wooden door and they headed inside. A staircase was waiting for them and they went down stairs. Sarah was breathing heavily as she knew what she had asked for. If she was stronger and uncuffed she would have run away. 

A small well lit room was at the bottom of the stairs with a white medical bed in the centre. She was taken to the bed and put on it, after removing her cuffs. She was put spread eagle and her hands and feet cuffed to the corners. Her knees and elbows then got cuffed. So did her neck and stomach as her new bondage setup was completed. She had huge bed sores from her last bondage session so laying down was very painful. The words of her second story filled her head as she saw herself writing. 

She would be put to sleep and have heavy medical surgery done to her. She would become just a fuck hole without vocal coils, teeth, arms, legs and ear drums. A special latex condom suit was waiting for her as was a huge bondage collar. The medical face mask was put over her mouth and nose. In 27 hours she would be a sex slave to him forever.



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