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Factotum 3

by Pete Lowery

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© Copyright 2015 - Pete Lowery - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; MF/m; latex; catsuits; cuffs; collar; hood; vr; encased; bond; tease; denial; bdsm; machine; cyborg; oral; sx; climax; cons; X

story continued from part two

Part Three

I was getting harder by the moment. All thoughts of fucking a cyborg robot had left my mind. “It” was more ideal woman than I had ever seen.

She was splendid. Tall, poised and covered in my new favourite material, rubber.

I used to like leather, and imagined women in tight leather pants. I'd never explored the idea. My S.A.M. now blew that thought out of the water! It was rubber, latex, that I now knew I'd always wanted. I'd never knew, never known; but I realised now, that I'd not ever leave this Household, unless instructed. “Fetch me a hood, for you to wear.”

She strode to the cupboard and quickly selected. “Shall I wear it for you, Sir?”

“... No, let me see it first.”

She handed me the mask and stepped back smiling.

The hood was black, jet black and polished to a gleam. Its long neck would be covered by a collar. Two shaped pieces covered the eyes and mouth areas, affixed by magnetic clasps. I removed the two pieces and handed it back to her.

“Replace the hood of my suit please...” She quickly moved behind me and expertly pulled the latex onto my face, over my head and closed it at the back.

“There you go, Sir! Better?”

“Much, thank you. Now you can wear your mask!”

In a quick motion, she pulled the hood over her head, smoothed it into place and stood before me, hands behind her back.

I thought for a while, I guess I was nervous. “Do you have desires? Wishes? Needs? ...Sam?”

She looked a bit confused, shocked. “My only need, Sir, is to please you! Do you care to elaborate on that query?”

“No, no... I'm just not used to this 'wanton lust' ideal yet... What do you suggest, happens next?”

I could see a smile form behind the thin latex of her mask. “If you like, I could... guide activities from here, for a while, Sir?! While you get... acclimatised, Sir.”

“That sounds like a splendid idea, Sam! Carry on!”

Watching a video feed from the chair in her room next-door, Rachel thought that she'd rather see Pete rampantly bonking his way into oblivion. Mercilessly driving that big cock of his into his S.A.M. with lustful abandon. Her own S.A.M. Ralph was between her thighs serving her with its tongue.

It surprised her that Pete had taken that path... She lost interest in the display as she slapped the riding-crop onto Ralph’s naked arse to make him lick harder.

“We'll need to change, Sir, if I am to give you a full introduction!” Sam explained. Sam offered me a seat in the chair and said to wait. She walked to the cupboard and quickly rifled through to find her choices. A few items were flung onto the bed. “Everything in here is always ready to wear, Sir, it's one of my many jobs.”

“OK! Thanks again.” I grinned at her.

She stopped and looked at me as calculating something. “You're welcome!”

“I'll get dressed first.”

She removed the hood and cuffs I had so boldly had her wear and dropped them into a hamper beside the cupboard. “Worn latex and accoutrements go in here, to be refurbished.”

“OK.” I murmured as they slid into the floor and disappeared.

She lifted a large black item and sat on the bed to remove her high-heels. She placed a stockinged foot into the leg of the suit and easily tugged and pulled it over her foot as far as her knee. Just as smoothly she repeated the process on the other foot. Sitting on the very edge, she slid the suit up her thighs.

Sam slipped her gloved hands into the attached gloves of the suit, and in a swift motion, stood up and the suit suddenly covered her arms and torso.


She smiled benignly, then lifted the mask part over her head. The rear closure pulled the suit tight around her slim build and closed automatically.

She... I was definitely thinking of her as She, not It!... was toe to tip to top in a lustred layer of shining black latex. Her eyes, even, were covered by a discrete covering of tinted black. I could just make out the corset beneath her suit, and vague outlines of her stockings. She stepped up into her heels. “Now you!”

She held up the suit I was to wear and gave me a finger-curling 'come here' gesture.

I stood and was quickly beside her, with my hand out for the latex.

“Not so fast, Sir! You'll need to be naked!”

Again?! I though, but instead said “But, you didn't!?

She paused as framing a correct answer. “When you said 'Show bio-mech, as human' I did not understand... and have not re-programmed parts originally covered in latex...”

I stopped to think about that for a second, touched her arm and said “You can fix that later... soon! But not just now!”

“Thank you Sir! I'm sorry, Sir!”

I squeezed her hand, winked and turned from her and let her unfasten the back of my suit. I pulled the hood from my face and the suit from my shoulders. It slid off easily. As it slipped to my waist I pulled my arms and hands from the gloved sleeves. A slight push and it slid to my thighs, then almost fell in a glossy pool about my feet. I stepped out of the suit.

I wondered if it had been that easy to get onto my unconscious frame. I hoped so; and figured Rachel would be well-practiced at it.

We almost collided as we both tried to pick it up and place it in the hamper, to be... whatever happened to worn latex in this bizarre place.

I stood naked in front of Sam. Her lenses went transparent, and she winked at me with a crease in her mask that I took for a smile.

I wished and hoped it was a smile... I was feeling very out of my depth and comfort zones. Her eye-pieces turned black again.

I gaped at her lithe body, all covered in the smoothest covering, tall in her heels, and so efficiently sexy.

My eyes widened as I realised I was getting harder as I looked at her. I looked down at my hard-on, then back at her... blushing.

“Blood used for blushing, Sir... detracts from blood for your erection.” she stated methodically.

“Now!...” she continued, “We need you in this suit! But first...” She placed the suit back onto a hanger and replaced it back in [what I was now thinking of as] The Cupboard. I saw that she placed it in an empty red area and then pressed a button to the side of the sliding door.

“Sir!” Sam reached out and took me by my naked and obvious hard-on. She gently stroked me, making me harder still. “Is that all you have, Sir?”

Sam knelt before me and took my cock in her mouth. Sublime is an understatement, but after two days of arousal and teasing, it's the best description. “As a cyborg I can do this!...”

I felt her take my rod all the way to the hilt!! Deep throat of the deepest kind!

I heard her voice from the Room. “...and still tell you, Sir, not to cum!”


She removed her face from my groin and stood up to take my twitching cock in her tender hand.

“Now... Sir.” she pulled me toward the measurer. “I think we need a re-sizing!! Don't you?”

I'd been as hard in my life, as a virgin teenager, at midnight wondering 'what it is like?' but never as an adult!

Her lenses had gone clear, again, strategically I'm sure. She looked deep into the eyes as she placed me, rock hard, before the device. “Wait...”

Sam positioned herself on the far side and began caressing herself. I wanted her. Now! Badly, there and then! “Wait! I said, sir! And don't you dare touch yourself!!”

I flinched back at her words and consoled myself by rubbing my chin and feeling I would ultimately get there.

“Now... look at me! Imagine the best, horniest ever fuck you've never had! That dream girl you didn't chat up in a bar. The kinky rock-chick that fucked the band, not you!... Imagine me as her...”

My cock raged as she spoke.

“You are her, aren't you!?” I stared at her. She only winked and nodded.

“Walk slowly through...”

“Damn! She is good! This is the best programming you've done!” Rachel reported as she viewed the next room. “I could'nt've done that!”

<We know, Miss Rachel, but that is why we developed SAM4! She has the MOST developed intuitive programs we have devised. Your Pete, is the test model. Beside that, he'll serve us well! As you planned. When it has the bugs ironed out, we'll even upgrade your Ralph to a SAM4. >

Yes! Yes Sir and Ma'am! I totally agree... But I do have reservations, as you know.

<We acknowledge the fact, and will take it into consideration. End.>

I stepped into the scanner, with my huge boner, looking all the time at Sam teasing me; trying to forget that she was a CyBorg and designed to a purpose; but really trying to forget that S.A.M was a cyborg and designed to get me as horny as “Hell's Teeth! Ma'am! This is difficult!...”

“What is, Sir?”

I stepped through the scanner, hard-on leading, and replied “Wandering around, horny as all get-up, waiting to get back into some.... I love it! I'll admit! Latex... while you and Mistress Rachel dither and ponder! It's driving me... kind of... well... distracted! And bonkers! And mad as hell!”

Sam smiled... “It is supposed to, sir! Are you enjoying it?”

“I'm loving it!... But... I... Ah!....”

“Come to me, Sir. I'll pre-occupy you while the House computes your new statistics...” Sam cooed. She held up a pair of handcuffs.

I didn't need to be told to turn around, I did it without thought. I even held my arms away from my body to assist her. Restrained, I turned to face her again.

Her eye-pieces went black again as she knelt before me. This time, it wasn't the mind-blowing deep-throat, but soft gentle kisses and tender nibbles. In my horny state it was worse than nothing.

“Oh! Sam! Please?! Please get me off?! I'll explode if you don't!...” As I said it a tiny chime came from The Cupboard.

“How about?... I get you into your new suit?! It has been re-sized to your latest measurements...” She said, standing and producing a suit from The Cupboard.

Sam took it from the hanger and handed it to me.

“Wear it!” her eyes bore into me with a scary intensity. “For me, us... please, Sir?!” she added much more softly.

I took it and inspected it. Like the last one I'd been dressed in, it was head to toe with gloves. This time it had a sheath at the front for my cock and balls.

“Like it?” Sam asked with a piercing gaze.

“I'm sure I will!” I sat and went to open the suit but found it had no opening. “How do I do this?”

Sam sat next to me and took my hand. I could feel her rubber body touching mine. She placed my thumb on a square at the top of the hood. It split down the back as far as the waist. Thanking her I placed a foot into the suit and slid it through to the foot. It was totally slick as if it was lubricated, but no lubricant came from it.

“Here...” Sam knelt to assist. “Get your foot in and squeeze all the air out first.” She did both feet, and then stroked my cock as she saw me getting hard again. “That's the way! I like it!!”

I smiled and looked away.

“I'll get you past that blushing, sir! We need blood in appropriate places... Like here...” She stroked my hard-on, then tapped my forehead. “...and here!”

She proceeded to work the legs of the suit up each leg, explaining how to push air out as the rubber enveloped me.

I groaned in pleasure. “I know... I know, Sir... It is good, isn't it?! You'll love this next bit! Stand up!”

I did as commanded and Sam grabbed my hard-on, balls and all, guiding them into the sheath. A tight band snapped closed around the base. I looked down to see my rampant manhood perfectly covered in a thin layer of latex. It seemed thinner than the rest of my suit. “Happy? Less looking, more dressing!”

I took the hint and slipped my hands into the gloves of the sleeves. I pressed the air out and pulled the sleeves over my arms and shoulders so that the suit was nearly on. I pulled the hood over my head and face, feeling the cool smooth film clasp my skin. The transparent eye-pieces were no surprise. I wondered how I would change them. “Thumb-print to close, Sam?”

“No, sir... This is were I have to help you. I am, after all, your personal assistant!” She walked behind me and squeezed the opening closed.

It sealed as she gathered it all the way to the crown of my head. “Done!

Apart from my mouth and nostrils, I was completely encased in latex; my new experience and lifestyle.

“Done?” I replied.

“Well... done with that phase. Now, we get to the good bits!”

“...May I have a repeat of that head-job?” I asked, emboldened by my new surrounds and situation.

“Yes! You may... But not yet, sir! We have other things to accomplish first!”

“Such as...?”

“I'm to introduce you to a few things...”

“Like what!?... Says who?!”

She looked at me, aghast. She seemed to pause then reminded me “You do remember that all of this...” She made a wide, expansive gesture “ provided by The Employers?!

“The Employers are providers of everything we enjoy, love and do.

“I have been programmed, tasked... to introduce you to certain things! And before you blow your load down my throat; I will show you! Is that clear, sir?”

I thought about the way she switched from using my name, to 'sir', to 'Sir' and looked at her long and hard. Well... as hard as I could from behind a latex mask. “You're not as submissive as you seem, are you?!”

“No, sir. Only when appropriate.”

“I see...” I suddenly thought I'd try an experiment. “Room! Have sam show its basic form!”

Oh-oh... what's he doing? Are you watching this, Sir; Ma'am? We have a potential glitch!...

<We're always watching everything Miss Rachel!! Yes, we see it; and are observing with interest, as to what happens...>

OK... I'm sure about this.

<We know, Rachel, we know. Trust us. End>

Rachel was astride her own S.A.M. Ralph. It's cock was at a medium sized setting and Ralph was tightly mummified beneath her. She rocked back and forth on its cock as she continued to watch the video display of the next room.

“Very well!...” Sam walked briskly out of the room into the bathroom.

Oddly, I hoped I hadn't hurt her feelings. I waited.

The door slid back but she did not appear for more than a few minutes. “Is this what you wanted to see, sir?!”

Her face and hair were as I'd originally seen, but she had bright red eyes. I was shocked. Her shoulders and hips were purely mechanical, her arms and legs were gloss black but still mechanoid. Her torso was a mix of mech and flesh, none of it covered by rubber. “Happy?... Sir?”


“May I revert to my previous state, now?!”

She actually seemed very bloody pissed-off at me!

“Yes. Sure.” I didn't know what else to say.

Sam turned and walked back into the bathroom, miffed.

“Green eyes!” I shouted after her on a whim. After the shock of seeing the bio-mechanoid version of her, I couldn't remember the state I last seen her.

Standing in a new room, I mused... wearing a bizarre latex suit, with my cock and balls displayed in a sheath; having been almost drafted into the service of an unknown shady 'Employer' by some chick in rubber that scared the daylights out of me, and made me horny as all lust... I'd been given a demanding sex-machine and I was hoping I hadn't offended the aforesaid cyborg!!

“This is not...! My usual weekend!” I said to no-one in particular.

“No, sir!I realise that... And I am sorry for my attitude, earlier.” She reappeared in the black all-covering suit with the darkly tinted eyes and high-heels.

“It's OK... I wasn't being easy, either!”

“No, Sir! I acted outside of my parameters. That is seriously erroneous!!”

I could tell none of her facial features and her body language was non-existent, tall and straight backed. I looked closely and could not discern the stocking tops, gloves nor the corset beneath her suit. “I've forgiven you...!

“Now... you were going to help me into this room...”

She looked down for a brief moment, submissive again, or showing a showing a pre-programmed act of contrition? I didn't know. Lots lately, was going over my head. So far over my head that it all had vapour trails from the thin cold air up there.

Sam led me by the hand and guided me to the chair in my room.

“Just sit here and relax, Sir.”

I settled into place, getting as comfortable as I could, Sam helped me by kneading my body and caressing my new perfect latex covering.

“We'll start by fixing your legs... then I'll show you a few tricks before we continue, OK?”

“Yes, Ma'am!”

She stared at me, as I wondered why I'd just called a cyborg 'Ma'am' then moved to strap my thighs apart and to the couch. She playfully batted my cock to and fro, making it more rigid still.

Another set of straps went above my knees, more just below. My ankles were last, leaving my feet free. She stood back, almost admiring her craft-work.

“Cross your arms.”

I did so.

A mechanical arm extended from the side of the seat and unfolded before me like an invalids tray. “That's your work-station. You can use it for any [allowed] access you like. Holo-vids, nutrient menus, writing... Umm... you're not allowed to write 'grammes to friends of family, yet... notes for work, study, etcetera.”

I looked down at a fairly standard k'board. “OK”

“The reason you can hear me, is because sound is coming from tiny speakers in your hood. Your hood is soundproof. Any head-covering item in your cupboard is soundproof.

“Look down and see DISPLAY on your board, press it.”

I did and a 3D holo-display appeared above my shins. “Oh wow! That's big! OK, gotcha!”

“Good! Now, see ENVIRONMENT?”

“Yep.” I replied, selecting the item. I saw S.A.M. CONTROLS as well and pressed that key.

“Nice try, sir. But you've not gotten any major controls, yet!” I'm sure she smiled.

“Review the options of temperature, clarity, alarm clocks, and all the rest... That is how you set the Room. Default settings are comfortable to most... See the PRIVACY option? Don't bother! It won't work.”

“OK...” I tried a few things; turned the lights on and off, changed the temperature, changed it back... Set an alarm, deleted it; opened the skylight, closed it.

“Kool. Got it.” I hit EXIT. The screen went back a stage.

“OK... Permissible menus will be highlighted, non-allowed menus will be subdued. We'll tell you when you have access to higher levels of permissible states.

“Now... see the figure icon?”

I looked and found a symbolic figure of a man. “Yep. Click on it?”

“Yep!” Sam replied.

I tapped my finger on thin air and the menus appeared. It was divided into two. One was headlined by a symbolised male: highlighted. The other side was headed by a female symbol: subdued.

The menu said:






“You will be told what and where to wear certain items... This it how to select options from 'The Cupboard'! Have a wander through...”

As I looked, Sam began to strap me further onto the chair.

Bands went around my waist, my stomach, my chest... I tried really hard, to keep my mind on the job.

“Apart from your Dress-Of-The-Day and Tasking... later you'll be able to select what you want to wear...” She looked at me and grinned with her eyes. “...and how You want me!”

She gently pressed my head back to the chairs headrest. I saw the holo-display lift so I could read it easily, as Sam strapped my head to the padded chair.

My arms were still free, so I reached down and stroked and felt my now best friend.

She caressed my hand as I stroked her legs, guiding my fingers to her arse, then to her hips.

I tried to be sneaky and work my way to her crotch but she stepped aside and looked at me.


In a flash, the bench-top disappeared with the armrests. Straps appeared and wrapped around my arms. They were quickly pinioned by my sides, totally immobile.

“This is the next phase, sir; now that you have forgone the instruction!”

I found my self unable to move; merely capable of flexing within my new bondage.

“Remember! Miss Rachel did say that bondage options were available on your chair. But, I can access them; you can't! Yet!”

I groaned, remembering Rachel saying that... I tried to relax and let it happen.

She stood closely, her lenses going very clear and her green eyes staring into my eyes. “Now... Sir! I'll give you a quick instruction on States!”

“Please!?..” Was all I could reply to the fixed staring glare.

“This colour... as you have selected green...” She paused letting me take in her emerald irises “Is OK!”

I nodded.

“This!? Is all Yours...!” Her eyes swiftly shifted to a soft purple.

“This one!... Means you'd best look-out!! And you are all Mine!” Sam’s eyes turned a blazing but steely shade of ice grey.

They stayed grey, with a touch of green... I sat still, as I couldn't do anything else.

“OK!... I'll keep that in mind!” Very much in mind, I whispered.

This chick is scarier than Rachel! Best I watch my mouth and actions... I told myself.

Sam walked away leaving me bound in the seat. She went into the bathroom, then emerged to stare at me before walking out the front door.

I was alone and stunned, confused and locked in a place I didn't know.

Time went very slowly. Totally immobile, I could only move my hands fingers and feet. Everything, every square centimetre of me was covered in tight black rubber.

The lenses, the eye-pieces clouded, darkened and went black. I was now blind, immobile and suddenly remembered Sam saying 'Your hood is soundproof'. I was deaf as well.

I remembered hearing the soft humming of air-con but couldn’t recall when it had stopped. Was it when I had donned the hood, or earlier? Many thoughts ran through my head. Some reasonable, some irrational. I was quite comfortable despite the fact I could not move.

For a moment I thought I heard a door sliding open, but remembered the hood was soundproof, so I must've imagined it.

My mind started playing tricks on me from the sensory deprivation. Although blindfolded by the darkened lenses of the hood I wore, I could see green and red clouds, tinged with silvery white, forming and swirling in my closed eyes. My mind heard the beat of my heart, the blood rushing through my veins. Without a doubt, I heard myself nervously swallow.

I recalled my summary of my predicament “in a new room, wearing a latex suit, with my cock and balls in a sheath; drafted into the service of 'The Employer' by a wondrous chick in rubber, that made me horny as all lust... given a demanding sex-machine” that tied me down and left me here... alone and wondering WTF!?

“How long do you think you have been here, Pete?...” The voice came softly from the hooded suit.

I was thinking objectively about a subjective answer, when I realised I hadn't thought to recognise the voice, other than female.

“Umm... half an hour? An hour, maybe?” I murmured, suddenly dry in the mouth.

“I see...” Again, distracted, I didn't pick the voice.

I felt smooth fingers on my cock, stroking and squeezing.

“Oh! OH! That feels ...nice! But be aware of playing with loaded weapons!!” I warned whoever it was, as I became instantly very hard again.


This time I thought it was Rachel. Or maybe Sam... I didn't know.

A different voice, male, told me. “Pete, you've been selected, and offered, a position in The Household. We will give you everything you need, and desire... within reason.” I became a bit soft, as I heard the masculine voice. “Within the next few weeks, days maybe, if you assimilate quickly... You'll be given gradually more and more access to the features of Our little Household.”

The hand at my crotch caressed a bit more fervently, but with little effect.

The male voice read my thoughts... “That is not my hand, Pete. It is your S.A.M.s fingers on your cock.”

That worked and I became harder at the thought.

“I am in a different part of The Household. You will probably never see or meet Me; or the Mistress of The House.”

I nodded, unsure of what to say or how to address the amiable voice.

“I'll place you back into the tender hands of Sam, and Miss Rachel, and depart with Welcome Pete. Enjoy your stay!”

“Thank you, Sir!”

“Carry on. Well done!” Reminded me of my time in the Marine. It usually came when the C.O. The Commanding Officer was particularly pleased with the efforts of his unit.

Blind, bound and deaf again, I was thinking about the time I'd spent in the Marine. It was mostly good, with a few close but solid friends. Times of terror and imminent death lasted for such brief moments they faded amongst the R&R Leaves we spent on far flung planets. Except at night, when the cold sweats and sudden waking occurred, less now, but still...

R&R, rest and recreation; we called I&I, Intercourse and Intoxication as a play on words at the sporadic 'Interruption and Interdiction' fire the artillery would aim at the rebels we usually fought.

I was there. For an age, for too long; then discarded before I was ready to leave. I always thought “I loved the Marine more than the Marine liked me!'

So I was dropped off on Earth; where I'd been conscripted, paid off, and told not to come back.

I was thinking about The Household... being sort of like being the Marine, but a sensual fetishy version and 'off-the-books' secret... when the hands on my balls squeezed, causing me to flinch in my bondage.

“Finished day-dreaming? Sir?”

“Argh! Sam!?...”

Another slight squeeze, gentler but nastier and longer. “Who else?”

“Welcome back! ...I missed you.”

Part Four

“I'm sure you did, Sir!... But I never actually left. You saw me walk out the door; but you didn't see the door close... Did you?!”

I thought about that and answered “No! No, I did not!”

She stroked my hooded face and neck, softly, tenderly. “I was here the whole time...”

I softened, reassured somewhat. “Thank you! Sam, thank you.”

She lifted a leg across me and sat on my lap.. me, still bound to the kinky dentists chair. Her weight was slight, but divine. “You're getting very horny at that, aren't you; Sir?!”

I drew a deep breath and told her “Sam... I am as horny as a horny thing that is as horny as a very horny... thing!”

My eye-pieces suddenly went tinted instead of black. I could see her on my knees. My hard-on increased by a few notches.

“What would you like?... I mean, what would you really like?!”

My lenses vaguely cleared some more, as I saw her sitting astride me and feeling her rubbery body in long smooth stroking moves.

Her hands moved down her body and along her thighs and back. At some stage, she clasped her crotch and clutched it tightly. “This is what you want, isn't it... Sir?! You want your submissive little Sam, to let you fuck her... Isn't that so?”

...a split second of thought had me saying “No! Not quite... I want you to teach me. I want you to take the lead, here and now! Look into my eyes, Sam... This means 'I'm yours!'...”

She stood and got off me, faster than I thought possible.

I twitched and thrust at the loss of her presence.

She looked into my eyes, grey steel showing and glowing with menace. “Do you really know what you've asked?!”

“No. But I don't care!...” I blurted.

“Very well...” She turned and walked out of my view as my vision went back to black.

“Relax, Sir... I'm going to show you some things you may want to do for me! ...and I guarantee, they'll be appreciated!”

The chair below me began to vibrate and shift. I tensed at the feel, then relaxed at the realisation.

I felt my arse, my sphincter, being played with... a sense of tickle and push. It touched and forced into me with surprise.

Surprise that I was penetrated, surprise that I allowed and enjoyed it.

The phallus that came from my “personal” chair, squirted cold lube into and onto my ring. It pushed and teased, a few times and then I felt myself give in and accept the invader.

I felt the artificial cock slide into me... I felt it enter and expand.

I never knew what my prostate was until I felt that cock touch it.

“There you are... Sir!”

I lay, bound, blind and listening to a Cyborg assistant who was directing a mechanoid penis into my arse.

“Here I am...!”

“Are you still as horny?!” Sam asked me.

“More than ever!”

I heard her say “I'm sitting on the lounge in the far corner... but; I can do this!”

The affect was soul-destroying and immediate!

My dick, my balls, my arse, my coit, my belly contracted and spasmed, rapidly and fast, desperately hard.

“Aaaarrgh!” was my only response.

“...but... I want to be nice to you, sir.”

I noted the 'sir' instead of 'Sir' and took relief from that.

Sam approached me and slid her body along mine. She told me that...

“I don't think that's in your nature, Sir... So... I'll continue with this...”

Unseen lubricant seemed to appear from nowhere as Sam slid her way along my bound body. She looked into my eyes as I saw grey purple and green so mixed I couldn't tell.

Her eyes levelled with mine as they flashed Purple, I felt her slide my cock into her cunt.

“Let's go, big boy!”

I thrust as hard as I could in my bondaged state. She rode me like a champion!

I came and Sam twitched and bucked, squeezing and holding me tightly.

Long moments past, maybe ages, probably seconds... I held her as I could... bound and strapped. “Let me go! Please?”

The straps disappeared and I wrapped my arms around her, almost crying, sobbing in relief “Thank you Sam! Thank you. Please... Relax and lay with me, like this...”

Sam did... slumping into my embrace and gently holding me back. “...Thank you! Thank You.”

I held her tightly and whispered into her ear “That was magnificent!... Please forgive me!”

Sam sat up, abruptly, and asked “Forgive you? For what?!”

There was no 'Sir' or 'sir' involved... “For what, do you need forgiveness!?”

I was still fully involved, with my sated cock buried deep inside her. She was fully straight-backed on me. My cock in her.

I mentally stepped-back... I looked into her eyes which had gone from grey to green to purple; but now were turning grey again...

“Sam...” I held her to me. She succumbed, slumping into my embrace.

“I thought of you as ...a ...a ” I stammered.

 “ a CyBorg?! As a fuck-tool?”

I hesitated at the mention. “I... well, I wouldn't put it like that...”

She gave her pussy-muscles a twitch. “I would! That's what I am here for, Sir!...”

I sighed, in an uncomfortable relief.

“Did I do a good job?”

“You did!! Big time!...” I held her tightly, even more tightly. Sam responded in kind, hugging me back and squeezing my cock with her cunt.

To be Continued

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