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Factotum 2

by Pete Lowery

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© Copyright 2015 - Pete Lowery - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; vacsack; catsuits; cuffs; collar; helmet; vr; encased; tease; denial; machine; cyborg; cons; X

story continued from part one

Part Two

“Good! Very good, sir!... I'll let you out now.”

“...what would've happened if I didn't agree?!” I exclaimed.

“...well! I'd've drugged you again; probably with some hallucinogens, and had some friends place you back in your van in a remote spot, for you to wake up; probably late for work on Monday, wondering if this was real or just a dream.”

“Oh... I'm glad I agreed. I hate being late for werk!” I chuckled. I could feel the vacuum rack loosening about me.

Rachel opened the zip and reached in to remove my goggles and head-set. “Out you come...”

I clambered out and sat on the bed, slightly disoriented. Talking of 'out you come' Fuck! I'm horny! “Thank you, Ma'am!”

“You are most welcome, Sir!”

I looked at her, tall, toned, statuesque, encased in glistening latex from head to toe to fingertips, corsetted and felt my prick become more like an uncomfortable ramrod. I shifted my weight and crossed my legs differently.

Rachel looked at me humourously, then down at my crotch. “I know! I know, it's difficult... But, do you trust me yet?”

“Yes, Ma'am!”

“Good!” She pointed vaguely at my embarrassment and continued “We'll take care of... that! Later...” She handed me a glass of cold water.

“Oh...” Thank Good for that! I might explode otherwise!! “Good. Thanks.” as I took a sip. Coughing and gagging on the drink “What the...?”

“Well you said vodka and water!!”

“Yeah...” Coughing to clear my throat. “I did! How long ago was that?”

She stared at her omnipotent wristwatch “Oh... a while ago!”

“Mmm... I'd forgotten. When is it?” I knew I'd been drugged again, but didn't know how long for.

“It's now... Sunday evening. Your time.”

I blinked... but decided to ignore the 'your time' reference, thinking it'd confuse me. “What about my van?”

“It's been cleaned, refuelled and taken back to your warehouse. Victory Oil will find an email in their inbox. At first they'll wonder how they didn't see it a month ago; but when they read the lovely letter in your van, saying 'In reference to my email of... It's been a grand experience working for Victory Oil.... Bla bla bla”

“Oh...” I gaped, wondering the capabilities of the Household. “My apartment?...”

“Same! Your... belongings; we went through and decided what you should keep. Umm... there wasn't much.” She seemed to look rather sheepish about the fact.

“Where is it all?”

“That's the good good news! We brought it to your new domicile!”


“Yes, domicile. Apartment, flat, pad, home. Domicile.” She stated, as if to say Duh.

“And where is this new domicile? Pray tell.”

“I'll show you! Drink up! Come with!” She stood and drained her glass. “Let's go.”

I sculled the clear liquid, thinking that I'd mix it way weaker. My head swam a bit as she took me by the hand and lead me out of the room.

I'd been in her room for nearly two days and I remembered the large room with the machinery, briefly, before Rachel took me to the next door.

It was a solid, heavy locking door painted dark green. I glanced sideways and saw Rachels was very dark green, almost black.

She said “How quick are you?! Watch!” Her latex fingers flashed across a keypad. “Did you get that? It was your personnel code! I hope you took note.”


“Whoa!” I recognised some items as mine, from my old place, but everything else was vastly different.

“I've taught my Room to be less vocal.” I remembered her brusque commands... yesterday? The day before?

“Kool... Thank you!”


“No! Thank-you...! I'll call if I need you....” I turned to Rachel. “I was actually talking to you, Ma'am! I see what you mean about gobby machines!”

Rachel smiled, her eyes twinkling now that her eye-pieces had become transparent. She winked.

I think my heart melted a bit.

“Here... I'll help you with some devices... This one...” She pulled a frame from the wall. “Is your standard measurer. Just like any side-walk tailor, but this one will record some bio-metrics as well. Heart beat, health status, nutrient requirements, weigh, BMI etcetera... Step through, a bit slower than normally.”

I did so, a bit hesitantly and suddenly reminded of the fact I was wearing a tight-fitting latex suit, not just jeans and t-shirt.

It beeped, bleeped, bip-bipped and then beeped again. An orange indicator came on at eye level.

“Don't worry about that...” Rachel told me as she slid the device away into the wall.

“Over here, is your comm-console!” She pointed to a desk appearing from another wall. It held the usual screen and virtual keyboard.

“Umm... A chair, would be good, to go with that.”

“...and over here... is your chair! It will go anywhere in the room you want it. It's got bio-metrics, virtual keyboard, massagers, waste removal... if you don't wanna get up... and full function of many systems of the House. Access limited, of course.”

“Flash!! I like it all.” I looked around, stealing a look at Rachel on the way. Nothing was extraordinary or unique, but it was well arranged and integrated into the small space. “What about eating?”

“Let's log you in... and I'll show you! Have a seat, sit down.” I made myself comfortable in the chair. I recalled Rachel had a very similar device in her room.  “There are no straps, on my version!” I laughed to her.

“That's in the Options Menu. Let's log you in, eh?”


A screen unfolded before me, showing options. Rachel gave me a chip and indicated where I should insert it. I did so and the room sighed “Mmmmm THANK YOU PETE! WOULD YOU LIKE TO RECORD BIOMETRICS AND STORE A PASSWORD? IF SO PLACE YOUR PALMS ON THE HAND RESTS AND KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!”

The hand rests glowed and an arm containing a lens and flash appeared before me. Faster than I could tell it read my retina patterns and folded away. Blinking, I told the room I'd do the password later.

A menu, food menu, came up on the screen. The headings were: FOOD YOU LIKE / FOOD YOU NEED with a list below each. “Oh, dear! That's a bit scary! But I do like spinach!”

“Don't worry, it'll be trying to fix things fast! The longer you're here the more the two lists will coincide. Wait for the next bit... It's worse! Touch :SKIP.”

I selected SKIP. Another menu appeared FITNESS PROGRAM / PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES

“Fuck Off!! No way! ...I can't run 50kilometres!”

Rachel was holding her sides, she was laughing so hard. “Rest... Hoo hoo ha ha! It's suggested! Not mandatory!! Oh ho ho ho! Ha! The look on your face...”

She took a deep breath and explained that the system had no idea of my metabolism or activity levels so it concluded the way to lose X weight was to burn Y megajoules. She wiped the tears of laughter and said “It'll adjust as it gets to know you!”

“Oh. Thank Good!”

“But you'll probably need to spend some time in the gym...”


She looked me up and down. “Probably lots of abs and pecs, I suspect!”

I left that and asked “Jobs? Daily Routine?”

“I'll show you that on Tuesday... No hurry. You're in a different world now, sir.”

“Tuesday?” I queried.

“It's Sunday, today. Tomorrow is Orientation Day... just like at school, but much more fun!” I could still recognise a smile beneath her thin tight-fitting mask. “The first day of the rest of your life...” The smile widened, the twinkle in her eye deepened.

“...OK... with no job, nowhere to live... I now have a new job, new place to live, new clothes; which are quite special, I have food, 'net, relaxation... what am I missing?!” I asked, hesitantly.

“Do you remember saying to me 'Friend, lover, sensuality... lust...'?”


“Wellll... We've not known each other for long, but I think we've become friends... Wouldn't you say?”

“Yeah!” I admitted, remembering how I'd thought so highly of Rachels nature, if not methods, and her attitude.

“Well! We're friends... I've shown you the basics of sensuality, in and on rubber... Let's You , Sir; and I, explore the other two!...”

It took me a second to go through the list... I'm usually not that dumb, honestly, but I'd been drugged twice; stripped, and evicted and quit my job; without any control over the situation... but barely resisting it either... and ended up wearing the best feeling new clothes I'd ever felt.

I looked around for a mirror. I just knew there'd be a big one, somewhere! There it was, by the door! I took Rachel by the hand and propelled her toward it.

“Hey!?” But she hardly resisted.

I stood her in front of the full length mirror, holding her arms behind her back, palms to elbows. I placed my hands on her thighs, pinning her arms lightly against my stomach, and pulling her arse into my crotch.

I slid my hands over the front of her body, avoiding her crotch. I roamed over the legs, corsetted belly, feeling her tits and hardening nipples, stroking her neck and sliding briefly over her masked face. “Magnificent!”

“Oh, Sir!”

“Oh Ma'am!” I peered into the mirror and what I saw; I liked a LOT!

Rachel, my new Friend, totally enclosed in lustred black latex... Behind her, was Me, dressed almost identically and loving the new experience and feeling her wonderful body, latex on latex enhance the feel, more than skin and skin could ever do.

I even wondered if I would get a corset like hers; maybe even shoes to match?...

“I need you in some different kit, Sir!” She said, breaking away. She leant close and whispered in my covered ear, “I'm as eager as you, believe me!! But I want you dressed differently! Come with me...”

“Oh FUCK!” I gasped. “I'm going to explode, Ma'am!... You've been doing this to me for two days, give or take!! Please?!”

She stared at me, coldly. So cold, I felt a shiver! She looked at the floor and repeated in no-nonsense terms... “I'm as eager as you, believe me!! But I want you dressed differently! Come with me...” Her looked permitted no mistakes as to exactly Who was In Charge.

“Yes Ma'am! Sorry Ma'am!”

Without another word she strutted to a cupboard. “You'll find everything I require you to wear... in here!”

The closet was filled with many items of latex, in quite a few colours, but mainly black, pewter and silver. A row of footwear stocked the bottom of the space. A shelf at the top held hoods and hats, I think, because I was busy watching Rachel selecting items for me.

They were all smaller items, I saw. No changing outfits, just adding to what I wore. She tossed them on the bed and closed the cupboard.

She strode to my chair and made herself comfortable. I saw her key in her own code and settle in.

“You've made me a bit angry, Pete.” I could feel her frown from beneath her mask. “Put that lot on, and be quick about it!”

Her tone allowed no hesitation. I took up the first piece I reached and found a pair of boots. They must've weighed two or three kilograms each. I quickly slid my covered foot into each and powered up the closures. They gave me an extra 20cm in height, but encumbered me with the weight.

Some synth-leather cuffs, I recognised, and scrabbled to find two pair, but found four pair. The biggest I discarded and fit a pair about my wrists, the second pair fit around the boots over my ankles.

I held the third pair up to Rachel, questioningly.


“Thank you, Ma'am!” I held them between my arm and body, threading the strap through buckle.

The largest set... I held to my upper leg and asked “Thighs?”

“You're learning!”

They were quickly on. A broad thick belt could only be designed for a waist, so I wrapped and strapped it into place.

Only two items remained. I saw one was a helmet, so I took the other. It was a thick soft but rigid collar, which I started buckling around my neck.

“I'll help you with these last two...!” Rachel stood and walked to me.

As she strapped the collar about my neck, nudging and tugging to add to the affect, I'm sure, I remembered that the other 'last two' was lover and lust. “Do you like this, Pete?”

“I love you doing it to me, Ma'am!” As my hands weren't cuffed or restricted in any way I stroked her thighs as Rachel finished my collar. I was clasping her arse as she broke away to fetch the helmet.

“This, is special! You'll use it a lot, in times to come...” She looked directly at me through her darkened lenses. “Sight, sound, air... and many attributes via the House... You'll come to appreciate this.”

Rachel lowered the helmet over my head. I wriggled my head into the instrument and she strapped it on as it came to life. I could see, but I knew it was through the eye-shield of the machine. Sound came to me through multiple speakers, giving me directional audio.

“That is not your eyes! It's a few centimetres above you... Here give me your hand.” She guided my hand to the top of the helmet and I saw my hand block the cameras, one by one, as there were three. One wide angled, and two more focused and tight.

“You'll be using this quite a bit, day to day, so learn it.”

I looked around the room and observed the cameras views and intensity. I took four paces back and framed Rachel in my sights. As I concentrated the view seemed to zoom.

“It will zoom automatically to a point of concentration... to reduce that look around more!” As I did, the view widened.

“Whoa! Wow!”

“It's old technology, Pete. The Special Forces have been using this for decades!”

“Oh...” I was disappointed to find that I was not 'cutting-edge-technology in my new job.

So I looked at Rachel again, focusing on her fabulous black clad shape and wonderful body.

“Look at the wall behind you, sir.”

I turned to view the wall and saw a moment of Rachel then visual feedback as I looked at me looking at me looking at me looking at....

“Look away!” she snapped. “Try not to do Visual Feedback... it fucks with the system...

“Your vision was projected to that wall... so I could see exactly what You were watching...”

Before she could say anything else; I blurted “...and I was watching You, Ma'am! Because I think you're wonderful, and lovely, and nice, and caring, and I may be making an utter arse of myself as I speak because... I think it might not be reciprocated in the way I hoped... Oh dear!

“Am I making a fool of myself; Ma'am?”

I felt my heart slump, thud and writhe on the floor like the death throes of a wounded, landed guppy.

Rachel looked at me, with what I saw as pity while she cut the inputs to my helmet, leaving me blind and deaf.

Her fingers probed my lips, forcing my jaw open. I felt an object pushed into my mouth, a dildo. She tightened the chin-strap of my helmet to hold it in place and then proceeded to inflate it until my mouth was full.

“Turn around!” Came from the speakers in the helmet.

I did. She connected my wrists tightly and connected my bicep straps and hauled them closer. With my arms pinioned behind me, I felt worthless, more humiliated than I had cause for. She pulled off my new boots but connected my ankles closely and strapped my thighs vigourously.

“Just how hard is your dick now!” She asked in a shout.

I hadn't though about it but I was rock hard with her treatment. I realised I was being tested and answered “This hard, Ma'am!”

I turned to her and showed my jutting hard-on, beneath the latex.

“Room! Release.” Instantly, I was free!

Not only had my fetters been released, but the zip at my crotch had sprung open and allowed my cock to swing loose. “Oh!”

I tried to cover it, but was commanded not to “Ah-tensh – shun!”

I snapped to attention, as I cursed Marine Drill.

“Oh! Very good, Corporal! Good to see drill still working! ...Stand-at Ease!”

Fuck!  My left leg lifted the regulated height of 50cm and slammed into the deck as my hands went behind my back, right hand over left.

Rachel paced back and forth in front of me, grinning. “You know those drugs I administered...? They will have you remembering ALL of this!”

“Ma'am, yes, thank you. Ma'am!”

“You noticed I was also an Allied Earth Colonial Marine... I am impressed at your insight.”

“Ma'am...thank you. Ma'am.”

“Did you know, I wonder... My position?”

Without hesitation “Ma'am. No Ma'am.” I answered in a not-quite-lie.

I had guessed she was an ex-TechMech Sargent from her demeanour and working under a vehicle when I arrived. But when she started delivering substantial administrations of narcotics... I'd guessed she was an officer, of some sort.

Not that I minded... She was still sexy as a … sexy thing, could ever be. And she talked to me! And got me like a rock.

It was the mention of the Central Administration that ticked me, that she was a spook. Another of those damned deniable Agencies that didn't exist.

That was a bit of a soft-on... I'll admit! These spooks are a different gig.

The mention of this House and the [supposedly] non-Government influence had me interested again.

“I figured you were a TechMech Warrant Officer, hired for your skills... Ma'am.”

“I think you may be a fucking skilful liar, Pete... It is Pete; Corporal Pete?... I wonder!” Placing the doubt in my court.

She took me by the hardened dick, and led me across the room. “Ma'am... If you keep doing that... I'll cum in your beautifully gloved hand!” she stopped... and looked at me with a warning.

“Yes ma'am.” I decided to turn the military jargon down a bit, to back-burner.

“Very well then... May I show you, some other features of your room?”

Beside the lack of a bed, something I thought I'd get Rachel... [Kolonel Rachel] into, and onto in the folds of rubber I recently learnt to love... there was nothing else I could think of...

“I'd like to introduce you to SAM!...”

I drew back wondering WTF?!

“Sam... is a symbiotic autonomous machine... S.A.M!”

SAM stepped out of a hole in the wall looked at my hard-on and spoke. HELL0 PETE! WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO SUCK YOU OFF? OR WOULD YOU LIKE TO BEGIN FUCKING? AS AN S.A.M. I HAVE...”

“NO! No, thank you!” I almost shouted. I noticed it was looking at my proud cock which started to go limp at the new company.

SAM was obviously a cyborg. Parts were metal or plastic, others flesh. She (SHE? IT!) was very well made and designed. A long set of lovely legs, wide-ish hips, narrow waist, generous bosom and a slender neck. It was dressed as per the House rules. Long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders.


“...You do, yes.” I was stuffing my thickened rod back into my suit. The closure fastened as I touched the edges together. “However, I'm a little bit preoccupied. Please, sit and rest a bit... I'll get back to you,” I turned to Rachel, wide eyed, and whispered...

“Ma'am, please! I'm a sucker for a hard-sell...”

“Yes! I saw all the krap you've bought from the Tri-V ads!”

“Well if she keeps that line up... I'll be fucking a machine!”

Rachel looked at me in amazement. “That's exactly what she's there for!!... Would you rather wank?!

“You've been telling me you're hornier than ten bulls, and you turn down a fuck from a sexy piece like your Sam? I don't get that!!?”

We stared at each other in uncomprehended stunned confusion.

“You do realise... you can rename her? I've called my S.A.M. 'Ralph' after a favourite old cartoon! Do you want to see it?” She went for her wrist control.

I placed my hand over hers. “No! Thank you, but no.”

“It's got a huge cock! I vary it to my mood!” She grinned, without blushing. “Sometimes I make it a girl!”

I turned and walked away.

I looked into the mirror and saw myself. It still surprised me when I saw the gloss black figure with the only skin being around my eyes instead of me. “How about I rename it Rachel?”

“Oh... you want to fuck me? Do you?”

I turned to face her. “Yes, indeed, ma'am! Very much so!”

“I see. Hmm... Give it time, sir, give it time.”

I didn't know what to say or do; so I said and did nothing.

“Sir... settle in. Explore your room and what's in that closet.” She pointed. “Sam?”


“Has the domicile conversion completed? Everything ready?”


“Very well... Pete, take a quick walk with me.” Rachel took my hand and led me out the door into the cavernous machinery room.

“What is all this, anyway!” I indicated with a broad sweep of my free hand. I was trying to avoid my embarrassment.

“It's mainly an equipment storage area, some it used and forgotten, some waiting to be used. Over there...” She pointed to a large pile of stacked crates in the far corner. “Is spares for nearly everything. Ha.. and then some!”

She was still holding my hand. “But you can't change subjects that easily, sir!”

I thought about rejecting the notion. “But I can try, can't I, ma'am?”

“You can, Pete, but you must realise you are a babe in the woods here! I've... We've, seen it all before!”

“We, being?”

“We... Me, the Household, The Employers.”

“I see...”

Rachel did that long hard look that I was beginning to regret. “I don't think you do, sir. I don't think you do!

“Let me explain! This place, this address that you came to... The Household, is all about sensuality, hedonism, lust, and pleasure. Yeah?”

“Umm... yeah.” I offered.

“If you like to get your rocks off, you can. If you like being tied up, you will be. If you want to dominate, we provide the partner... Me; I like a lot of things... I also like working on vehicles and fixing 'bots, and I do! Y' with me so far?”

“I think so...” I murmured.

“This is your potential utopia, Pete. Nirvana on Earth. Not only free, but you get paid!” She beamed and gave a wide gesture with her arms.

I nodded, realising my chances. “OK!”

“Now... Ess Ay Emm's... S.A.M.'s... Not the love of your life, I know! Not the one you'd dreamed of, I know. But!... It is the opportunity to explore You! Whatever you've ever desired, regardless!

“Change its hair colour, shape, colour of skin, anything, make it an alien, have it as a Legal-aged boy, for all I care... whatever you wish. But! It will not go away! It is the room, and your connection to the house. No getting away from that.”

“So... I'm stuck with a cyborg bedmate?”

“Oh, sir... Not just any cyborg! S.A.M.'s are the cutting-edge-technology! Not even announced, yet! You and I, are test Beta-testers for this!”

She saw my disbelief.

“All the mechanical bits, Sir? Just tell it to hide them, and they'll be gone... No! This is were testing comes into it! Say 'show as human flesh' and they'll be covered! ...There's some interaction issues that must be fixed.”

“Hmmm... This is sounding better. Thank you Ma'am!” I smiled with a nod.

“Now!... You and I... Pete.”

Oh oh! Rachel was using my name...

“It will happen! I promise to blow your tiny little brain when it does... But, on my terms, when I say!... Can you live with that?”

It didn't take long to contemplate, “Yes, Ma'am! I have no choice do I?”

“No, Sir, you don't.”

I paused wondering how much of an arse I could be... “You'll have to accept, Ma'am, that I'm massively hot for you, and I can't help that! Especially if we're to werk together!”

Rachel nodded slowly, obviously pondering the fact. “Well Bargained and Done, Sir! I thank you, for your honesty.”

Just don't bend over too much in front of me!  I thought.

Rachel tapped away on her wrist-comm and looked satisfied. “Let me take you back to you place, and reintroduce you to your S.A.M.”

“Sam.” I said.

“...Sam girly, or Sam boy?!” She grinned and took my hand and walked briskly to my door.

My door opened at our arrival. Rachel stopped and propelled me in. “Off you go! All this chit-chat about bonking has got me in the mood for my Ralph! Off you go... Have fun! Bye.”

The door slid shut, leaving me alone with 'Sam' who was waiting patiently, sitting where I had told her to. I stood still, appraising her.

Her? It? My S.A.M. was too human-like to be a machine and thought of as 'it'. She sat, waiting as I had told her, long legs crossed modestly. I looked at the mechanical parts and remembered Rachels warning about vague instructions.

“Sam stand up.” She did so. House rules demanded that she was wearing rubber; stockings, garter belt, bra and shoulder length gloves were silver latex. A corset and high collar were black, like the high heeled shoes she wore.

“Yes, Sir, as you wish!”

“Make your hair, black, in a shoulder-length cut...”

It transformed as fast as I could speak the words. “Wow!”

“I am glad you like it, sir!”

I saw mechanoid shoulders, hips and jaw/neck. I cautiously instructed “Show bio-mech, as human.”

“Yes, sir!” She walked away, into the privvy.

“This requires some time, sir. I'll be back soon-ish!...” as the door slid closed behind her.

I'd often used the term 'soon-ish' and to my mind it meant when I get around to it. So, I sat down and removed the cuffs from my arms and legs, thinking I should replace them on Sam.

No sooner than I had finished, Sam reappeared from the bathroom. It was fully human, with no mechanical parts showing. I passed the cuffs to her and told her “Wear these!”

She quickly donned the cuffs, ankle, thigh, wrist and bicep. “Ready sir!”


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