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Hazel's Last Call

by Allatex

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© Copyright 2001 - Allatex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; FM/f; latex; dress; stockings; gloves; bond; straps; gag; captive; rubberdoll; video; enslave; cons/nc; X

By the time hazel had reached the house it was beginning to get dark.

"Oh well only this one to do then its off home to a warm mug of coffee" she thought to herself. Hazel had been a door-to-door canvasser selling loft conversions and double-glazing for two years and really enjoyed meeting new people.

So as she drove up to the large house which nestled in a small copse just of the main road, she felt certain she could sell one of her companies conversion kits, 'especially here' she thought to herself. She was determined to sell a conversion to these customers, as her boss had told her, "For the last three years, they have had someone call to show them the latest styles and prices, but no one has ever got the order, so as you are our best, so head office has told me, you can have a go!"

Hazel noted the sarcasm in his voice, mainly because it was her that had sent all the last returns in to the head office and got the credit of clear records and good figures, while he had been on vacation. And she was sure he knew that she wanted his job, so that was why she had been given this job, he was hoping she would fail like all the rest and that would look bad on her record. 

Hazel was in her mid thirties, slim and shapely with her black hair cut in a classic bob cut, her long brown wool coat covered her black knee length skirt and waist length jacket, both made from soft black leather. Her outfit was completed with short black leather gloves and 3 inch heeled shoes also in black. She had found that this combination usually had her male customers drooling to sign, and being as she was going to see a Mr. Hanson she had no doubt, it had a good chance of working again, so grabbing her briefcase she got out of her Jaguar, walked to the house and rang the doorbell.

After a few seconds the door was opened by a tall slim woman of about forty with a huge mop of black curly hair, as soon as Hazel saw the woman look her up and down, Hazel knew this might not be so easy, so being a good saleswoman she began to go to work on the woman.

"Hello my name is Hazel Johnson and I’m here to see you and your husband about a loft conversion, hope I haven’t kept you waiting?" she said trying to sound like she was busier than she was.

"Not at all dear, but I m afraid my husband has just had to pop out for a short while, but won’t you come in and wait for him?" the woman said beckoning Hazel to go into the lounge.

"Thank you." Hazel replied and went into the lounge. 

"Could I take your coat?" she said helping Hazel remove her woollen coat. "My word I do like your leather suit Miss Johnson, was it expensive?" she added. "Now just sit down and I’ll get us a cup of coffee while we wait for my husband." And before Hazel could say anything the woman had gone.

As Hazel sat there trying to work out how she had gotten her first impression of Mrs. Hanson so wrong she noticed a magazine on the coffee table, nothing wrong she thought till she realised it was called "Rubber Bondage". Unable to help herself she picked it up and began to flick through the pages, as she did so she saw lots of pictures of both men and women dressed in tight rubber costumes and bound and gagged!

"Oh god what are these people into?" she thought.

It was at this point that Mrs Hanson returned with the coffee unexpectedly. Hurriedly Hazel tried to hide the magazine, but she was too slow.

"I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be nosy, but I haven’t seen anything like that before." Hazel said trying not to blush.

"But you would have seen it anyway, it was put there for you to see, so you could see what we require." she said carrying on like there was nothing wrong. 

"What you require?" Hazel answered back

"Yes, as you have probably realised my husband and I are into rubber and bondage and we want you to convert our loft into a rubber playroom.” she added whilst carrying on preparing the coffee.

"You mean you both dress up in rubber and do this?" she said pointing to a picture of a bound up woman wearing a tight rubber dress.

"Yes! Tell you what come and have a look at our rubber collection!" she said grabbing Hazel’s hand and leading her up towards the top of the house.

Once at the top of the stairs they entered a small attic room, the smell of rubber was overpowering, but soon Hazel couldn’t smell it anymore. As she looked around she saw loads of rubber garments in all sorts of colours but mostly black and red, also around the room there were tables, chairs, poles and ropes and pulleys hanging from the roof.

Hazel stood there her mouth open in shock for a few moments then said, "But what do you get out of it? What does it feel like to wear this stuff?" she said stroking a rubber dress.

"Why don’t you find out?" Mrs Hanson said a smile growing across her face.

"What!" Hazel answered 

"Yes lets see now - oh yes that’s perfect!" she said grabbing an arm full of rubber stuff and handing them to Hazel. "Now you can change in here,” she said pushing Hazel into a small changing room type affair. "Now it might be a bit tight, but once on it will look great!" and with that shut the door. 

Looking at the rubber stuff she had been given, Hazel thought. 'Oh well might as well, as after this their sure to buy a loft conversion and as the boss says ‘these people are hard to please’ I’ll get this order at any cost and I’ll soon have his job!'

And so she began to remove her own clothes. Once she was naked she saw that she had been given a black rubber dress, stockings, gloves and thigh high rubber boots, so she began by putting on the rubber stockings, which were very tight.

Seconds later, she had pulled on one of the long rubber boots and found it reached up to her thigh, as she pulled up the zip the rubber boot became very tight, moments later she had them both on. As she stood there she could see how her legs had become sheathed in a skin of tight black rubber. At first Hazel could hardly bend her legs, but when the thick rubber of the boots got a bit warmer they became very soft and easy to move around in. 

'Now for the dress', she thought and picked up the rubber dress, holding it up she saw it was a simple sheath dress with long sleeve’s and a front zip which went right up to the neck, where there was a wide rubber strap, which acted as a collar of the rubber dress. Soon Hazel had stepped into the rubber dress and was pulling it up and over her hips, as she pulled it higher up her body it got very tight across her thighs and bottom.

Next, Hazel put her arms into the rubber sleeves and slid the rest of the dress on, once on Hazel saw that the rubber skirt part of the dress had been pulled incredibly tight over her thighs, so her entire lower body was coated in tight black rubber. Reaching down Hazel slid her hands over her rubber covered body and realised that she was becoming turned on by this kinky rubber outfit. Grabbing hold of the zipper she began to pull up the front zip, as she did, it got tighter across her breasts and shoulders; at one stage Hazel thought the zip would not close but with a finale effort she managed to get the zip to the top.

When it had zipped right up she pulled the 3-inch wide strap tightly around her neck. As he stood there she began to run her hands over her rubber covered body again, next she pulled on the rubber gloves which reached to her elbows, they were a bit too small but once on they felt all right, then she just stood for a while stroking her rubber covered body.

"Well, well if it isn’t a kinky rubber doll!" she said laughing to herself. "What would my boss say if he could see me now, he probably wouldn’t even say a thing, mind you some of the things he has said in the past he would probably get turned on by this kinky rubber stuff!!" she said breaking into a large grin.

While Hazel had been putting on the rubber costume, she hadn’t noticed it had gone quiet in the other room, so when Hazel went back into the room she was confronted by Mrs Hanson, now dressed in a full rubber catsuit, boots, cloak and hood with holes for her eyes and mouth cut out sitting in on a throne the other side of the attic room.

"My word Miss Johnson that rubber uniform looks like it was made for you, come here so I can have a closer look!" she said stroking a rubber strap she held.

When Hazel began to walk across the room she found just how tight the rubber stuff she wore really was and the way it creaked and squeaked as she moved slowly across the room. "My god how do you stand these clothes being so tight and so thick, it’s almost impossible to walk in this rubber dress, I think I’ll have to take it off!”

"Not just yet! Please try to get here so I can have a closer look." Mrs Hanson said walking towards Hazel and meeting her in the middle of the room.

"You know that rubber uniform looks so good on you, it shows off your slim waist so much better than your leather things did, but lets finish getting you dressed shall we?" she said holding up a long black rubber trenchcoat.

"You want me to put on that rubber coat as well as all this other rubber stuff I’m wearing, I won’t be able to move at all in that?" Hazel replied.

"Now come on my dear, only this lovely rubber coat left then you will be fully dressed like our old mannequin doll used to be, look I’ll show you!" and with that Mrs. Hanson went to the throne and came back with some photos which showed a mannequin doll wearing all the rubber things she now wore, and tightly strapped to a pole with some rubber straps.

"You see this is how we used to dress the doll before it was punctured and had to be thrown away!" Mrs Hanson added, "Now if you would please..." and with that she held open the black rubber coat for Hazel to put on.

Why she did it, she didn’t know but soon Hazel had slid her arms down the sleeves of the rubber coat and Mrs. Hanson had begun to button it up, once all the buttons had been fastened she pulled the wide strap belt tightly into Hazel’s waist and secured the loose end around the back of the coat.

"There now my dear all nicely rubberised and wearing a rubber uniform, would you like to see how you look as a rubber mannequin?" she said pointing towards a full-length mirror on the other side of the room.

As she looked at her reflection in the mirror Hazel felt strangely turned on by the rubber uniform she now wore, as she slowly made her way across the attic room she found that the rubber trenchcoat was even tighter that the rubber dress.

Once she was standing in front of the mirror she saw just how tightly that the rubber coat had been fastened on her. Soon after Hazel had arrived at the mirror she was joined by Mrs, Hanson who stood behind her, "Well Miss Johnson don’t you make a lovely mannequin?" she said stroking the arms of Hazels black rubber trenchcoat.

"I suppose there I do look a bit like a mannequin, but then anyone dressed in this rubber costume would look like a mannequin wouldn’t they." she answered.

"Good I’m glad you like think so, there’s nothing worse than a slave who doesn’t like her rubber uniform!" she said grabbing Hazels arms and pulling them behind her back.

"SLAVE- RUBBER UNIFORM what are you talking about. Ouch!! Let go of me!!" she shouted trying to get free from Mrs. Hanson’s grip, but to no avail for soon Hazel's hands had been handcuffed behind her back.

"Good that’s better, now we can begin to prepare you properly for your Master’s homecoming.”


"Come now my dear, you did say you wanted to see how it felt to wear rubber didn’t you? So I thought why not, but when I realised that you looked like our rubber slave doll, I thought you should try some bondage as well?"

"BONDAGE!!! No! You mustn’t I don’t want to be tied up like a doll, please let me go!!" she said trying even harder to escape from the handcuffs.

By this time Hazel had been manoeuvred backwards and soon stood with her back against a metal pole, once there Mrs. Hanson put a strap around Hazel’s neck and the pole and secured it, then another around her ankles then her knees and finally her waist.

"Let me go!! Don’t do this to me!! " Hazel shrieked.

A few minutes’ later Hazels arms were released only to be quickly held by her sides by another rubber strap. As Hazel looked around the attic room in a forlorn hope of escape, she always seemed to end up looking at her reflection in the mirror opposite, what she saw there made her strain against her bonds even harder as the sight of herself wearing a tight rubber dolls costume and strapped to a pole began to worry her!

While she had been looking at her rubber reflection she suddenly felt something being pulled over her head, looking in the mirror Hazel saw that Mrs. Hanson was pulling some sort of rubber helmet on to Hazels head, try as she might she couldn’t stop it and soon Hazels head and neck were also covered in black rubber.

Once it was on Mrs. Hanson pulled up the high collar on the rubber trenchcoat and fastened the neck strap tight around Hazels neck, now the only part of Hazel not covered in black rubber was her face.

"There now Miss Johnson nearly finished, soon you will be just like our dolly used to be before she was broken!!" she said

"LET ME GO -YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME, I’M NOT A DOLL YOU KNOW!!” Hazel screamed then began to cry.

"You will find Miss Johnson-ooooppps! -I mean number 3! because that is what you will be called from now on rubber dolly number 3, that you will not talk except when we want you to and we have ways of making this so!!" she said grabbing Hazel's nose.

This of course stopped Hazel from breathing, so as she opened her mouth to grab a breath Mrs. Hanson pushed something into Hazel's open mouth. Before Hazel knew it she had been gagged with a rubber strap with a large rubber ball on the inside, which as the strap was tightened was forced into her open mouth. Looking in the mirror Hazel saw her lower face had been covered with a wide, strip of black rubber which was now being strapped into place behind her rubber helmeted head, once this was done another strap which went over the top of her rubber helmet from the front of the gag was secured to the back strap of the rubber strap gag. 

"There now number 3, all strapped up and gagged and ready to be entertained!" Mrs. Hanson said and with that went over to the other side of the attic clicked on a intercom and said, "Finished!" 

"Very well set it up and I’ll be right up with it," came back the reply.

So for the next few minutes Mrs Hanson set up a television and a video and sat on the throne and waited.

Not long after Hazel heard the door open and footsteps walk across the attic room.

"Hello number 3 or should I say Hazel!" On hearing this voice Hazel went wild for she knew who it was, it was her boss this had been planned all along, he had arranged all this just to trap her and dress her in this tight rubber costume.

"Hello Hazel, you look so much better in rubber than you did in leather- but where are my manners Hazel, this is my wife Barbara and welcome to our home, and of course now it’s your home too!”

"MUNNUGHHUPP!!!" was all that came from dolly number 3.

"Now, now number 3 is that any way to speak to your new Master, I think we are going to have a great time binding and gagging you in the future." he said stroking her breasts through the tight rubber uniform. "But on to the show " he said and with that the video started.

Hazel couldn’t believe her eyes, for what she saw was everything that had happened that day since she had arrived at this house including her getting changed in the small room, the whole house must be covered in hidden video cameras.

"There now Hazel did you enjoy that, we are going to sell copies of the video to all our kinky rubber friends, I think we will call it 'Hazel's Rubber Conversion!' Yes that will do nicely as a title and soon my dear we will begin a new video called "Hazel the Rubber Doll in Bondage!'

And with that both he and his wife left the loft and turned out the light.

Soon all was dark, the darkness only broken by the sound of the sobbing of a rubber dolly strapped to her pole.


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