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Preparing for Battle

Suddenly, the painfully sharp sound of a buzzer broke into my dream, and I twitched convulsively in my tight sleeping cocoon. “Commander Eltie Simmons, please proceed immediately to the combat deck! Commander Eltie Simmons, please…” mechanical sexless voice of Arti, our ship’s AI, mumbling in my built-in earphones, was persistent and unavoidable, leaving no room to escape and slip back into my dreams. Damn, what a sweet dream it was! That tall muscular handsome boy with the perfectly shaped cock had just started to unzip my base layer suit… Closing my eyelids for a second, I still could vaguely feel his touches and hear his soft breath… But the fucking AI continued its mumbling, and the dream was dissipating with each second, giving up to the harsh reality. 

I switched on the clock display on my internal screen: it indicated 4:30 am. Fuck, it looked like indeed something serious had happen, otherwise Arti would not bother me three hours after I fell asleep! Memories of hot yesterday’s night with Casey, my lover and subordinate, flashed involuntarily in my mind. Yeah, Casey knew exactly how to make me completely forget about sleep… I saw the green flashing light in the corner of the screen with Casey’s avatar beside it, as if she had heard my thoughts about her. “Dear, are you awake already?” her voice in my mind sounded sleepy. “What’s up there?”

“No idea, honey” I replied with a yawn. “Let’s get there and find out.”

Closing the call, I sent a mental order to my cocoon, and the lock clicked, letting me out. I quickly disconnected the recharge cable from the back of my head and drew out night plugs from my vagina and anus, placing it into the wall-mounted sterilization box. Dildo-shaped vaginal plug was indeed very wet, and went out with an audible slurping sound, which was not a surprise after my last dream.

I hatched out of the cocoon and it retracted into the wall automatically, where it will be cleansed, dried and prepared for next use. With one sleek movement I jumped off my upper bunk to the cabin floor and bent over Casey’s lower bunk. Her sleeping bag was twice as tight and thick as mine, and she could not get out of it by herself, since the buckles were locked. She loved it that way, while I loved to pack her in this devilish device every night, carefully tightening the safety straps and closing the locking buckles. Probably this mutual passion was one of the reasons why we fell in love from the very first night spent together in one cabin.

I quickly kissed her smiling sleepy face, unlocked the bag and helped her to free from all inserts, noticing that it was also quite wet. 

“Looks like somebody had very interesting dreams tonight,” I commented with a grin. “Me too, though.”

“It’s all your fault,” laughed Casey. “Should I remind you how you practically attacked me yesterday after the gym session?”

“Gosh, you were so yummy in these shiny leggings there; I couldn’t help but grab your little ass!” I confessed. “But enough chatting, let’s pack and go!”

“Aye aye, Commander!” She jumped from the bed and started to put on her base layer suit, as did I. It was another reason why I cherished Casey so much – despite our tender relationship, she was able to become an obedient soldier in a moment when it was necessary.

Our black shiny basic suits were made of a very thin but durable polymer, which was able to absorb all body’s perspiration and to provide our skin with necessary air and warmth. That is why the suits had to be skin-tight, like our second skin. However, if it were usual civil protective suits, it would take at least an hour to get into it. Thanks to the special military modification, which added a memory effect to this polymer, it was possible to put it on in a minute! While the suit was taken off, it was slumpy, so it took only some seconds to jump into it again. I shoved my naked arms and legs into attached gloves and toe socks, and then pulled the suit up to my torso and covered my bald head with the attached hood with eyes, nostrils and mouth openings. Then I closed the short zipper from the shoulder blades up to the head crown, after that I sent a mental order to the suit’s control. 

It started to regain an original form, squeezing me in its tight embrace, and I lost my breath, as usual in such moments. No matter how many times I did it – maybe thousands of times since the beginning of my first military training – but every time I felt like it was the first time. It seems as if I’m turning into a part of the suit, growing into it, and it becomes my safe outer shelter, protecting me and caressing me with each movement… I saw Casey’s half-closed eyes, filled with pleasure, and I knew Casey felt the same. We were pretty much similar. 

Looking in the mirror on the door of our cabin, I saw two shiny black creatures with perfect feminine forms, almost identical, differing only in small details – one of them was a couple of inches taller, another, which was Casey, had a little bigger tits and more round ass. Both were almost completely encased, only bright eyes and shiny lips were still visible, as were both our lower orifices, exposed by precisely placed openings of our suits. The image was so exciting that something deep inside of me started to scream, trying to make me grab that nice round ass, kiss these sweet lips and fuck this gorgeous beauty right now, and I was sure she would not mind it… but somehow I managed to resist, though it took all my strengths.

“Come on, dear,” I said rather dryly, trying to conceal my sudden burst of desire. “They have probably missed us.”

We put on our combat high-heeled knee-high boots, left our cabin and headed from the living deck to the combat area. On the way, I sent a request via my inbuilt communicator, asking the bridge what was going on. Being an Enhuman had many such useful advantages, such as a communication module and a tactical display, built right into our brains, as well as reinforced muscles and bones, allowing us to endure extreme overloads, far beyond the limits of normal Humans. Yes, enhanced Humans like us, or Enhumans as we used to call ourselves, were designed mostly because the endless cruel space war required brand new types of soldiers – strong, fast, durable and precise. Regular space troopers, even specially trained, proved to be ineffective in real space combat – they moved too slow, were unable to maneuver sharply enough because of overloads, required bulky devices to communicate and to use weaponry… In short, the survival of Terra Union was at risk.

So, the scientists created us – Enhumans, with genetically improved bodies, provided with very useful built-in cyber implants, enabling us to monitor the situation in all directions simultaneously, to aim the weapons and to communicate with each other and with commanders on the ship directly, using only the power of our minds. The last issue still not resolved by genetics was that only females were able to withstand the transformation into Enhumans. Nobody knew why, but male bodies proved to be resistant to the necessary mutations, and even if the process seemed to be successful, the subsequent side effects were terrible, to say the least. Death of test subjects was far from the worst of them. 

Of course, girls suffered from side effects too, but… probably in our case the word ‘suffer’ was not very adequate. The most often after mutation we became ultimate sex addicts, living constantly in state of arousal, unable to spend a day without fuck or being fucked. There were no gender preferences, no limits or borders (and no more critical days too, thank God!); we wanted and needed sex all the time, our bodies were craving for it every day, hour and minute. Yes, most of us Enhumans managed to control it somehow – with help of medicines, using different meditation techniques and so on – but anyway this control was very limited and unstable. Giving up fruitless attempts to cure us, our scientists discovered the way to use this sexual obsession for good purposes – they learned how to convert it into the special ‘fight mode’ during the battles, which gave us additional strengths, speed and accuracy. Couple of orgasms per minute – it was the price of victory every one of us was ready to pay!

Casey and I almost reached the combat deck, when the answer from Operations came to my receiver. “Commander Simmons, there is an emergency in sector B-12. Sensors have detected the field pattern of a Krayon medium battleship, attacking our civilian vessel. A Mayday signal was received some minutes ago. Sending two wings to investigate and rescue, your wing goes first, Brannan’s second.” 

“Roger,” I answered and switched to a closed channel with Casey. “We’re gonna shoot a little, baby.”

“Oh God, at last! I already thought they would never send us!” she responded with excitement.

“Yeah, it’s been a while since we were in the battle last time,” I murmured, remembering the most delicious moments of that fight. “I hope this time Ency Brennan won’t prevent us from having our fun!”

Last time Commander Brennan and her subordinate appeared at the battlefield first, and when Casey and I had joined the party, everything was almost finished, so they took all the fun. We could not forgive them for this, and now it seemed we had a chance for revenge, since Operations decided to launch us first this time.

The heavy oval hatch of the Combat deck opened in front of us, as we arrived. As usual during an emergency, the deck was crowded. Excited technicians and mechanics were fussing around our battle pods, installed at the center of the huge hangar, preparing it for the fight – calibrating devices, refueling and reloading weaponry. Many noticed us and greeted us with raised hands. We proceeded directly to the briefing room in the corner of the hangar, where the Head of Operations, Major Dibbie Paxton, was already waiting for us impatiently.

“Too long, girls,” she greeted us with her usual grumpy voice. “Emergency sequence was launched… 12 minutes ago.”

She pointedly looked at her wristwatch, even though she has got the inbuilt tactical display with clock, same as ours.

“I suppose both of you, especially Commander Simmons, understand clearly that this is not a joyride. We are at the frontier, and everyone should be ready to gear up as quickly as possible. No matter how hot their last night was.”

Her eyes smirked mischievously. I knew that look of her, as we served together for quite a long time – it meant she had something on her mind. Of course, all cabins were under constant video surveillance, it was a matter of security, and everybody was aware of it. And, of course, she was not going to blame me for having sex with my subordinate – it was not only allowed, but even highly recommended. At last, in combat we would depend on each other, and the better and faster we could communicate, the safer our lives would be, same as our chances of winning the fight. Since we were able to talk mentally via inbuilt radio, it took us much less time to translate our messages and replies, than it took for normal people via usual radio, and the translation itself was more stable and noise-resistant. Yes, it worked the same way during sex, so our sex was not only for pleasure; it was also a good practice of our mental communication!

I smiled for myself and sent a wink to Casey, but replied to her commander with a very official voice, standing rigid with arched back.

“Our fault, Ma’am! Won’t happen again!”

“Okey, okey, stand easy,” she grinned. “Now let’s go to the briefing.”

We followed her, and I admired her body as usual – tall, muscular, tightly packed in her skintight deep-blue official uniform suit with platform boots… I could not help but remember those times when I was a young ensign and started to serve under her command… and to sleep in her cabin, of course. Maybe she remembered it too, and that is why she gave us this small preference before the Brennan’s wing. Of course, arriving to the battlefield with the first wave of attack meant much more chances to die, but who cares if it also meant much more orgasms to get!

Other ship officers were already waiting for us in the briefing room, as well as Brennan and her mate. They looked at us rather puzzled, obviously surprised with the launch sequence, announced by Operations. Major Paxton walked directly to the main presentation screen, not paying them any attention. 

“So, as all of you know, last month Krayons became very active in this region, visiting it more and more frequently. We were patient up to now, but this time they have crossed the red line, attacking the civilian transport. We have to answer, and our answer must be very convincing, so that they will forget the way here forever.”

With these words, Major recalled an overview map of the area to the three-dimensional screen. The red mark obviously meant the Krayon battleship, the yellow one near it – that unlucky civilian, while blue dots, scattered around, represented our military vessels. Blue dot, closest to Krayons, was blinking, and next to it was written "Vespa", the name of our ship.

“At last, we’re lucky this time,” I translated to Casey.

The Krayons were a humanoid race and had common roots with us humans. During the dark times of first humankind space expansion, their ancestors found a new world, called ‘Kray’ and invaded it. The planet looked perfectly suitable for colonization, but its double solar system proved to be very insidious, pouring it with a mysterious radiation. Its effect started to reveal itself only several generations after – people started to mutate, with each new generation losing human features and acquiring new ones, making them monster-like in the human’s eyes. No one now remembered why the war had started. Krayons blamed us Terranians, we blamed them. It had lasted for several hundred years already, devastating planets and whole systems, killing millions of people, both military and civilian. In the end, we became too different to share one Galaxy – only one race of two should survive!

Less than ten minutes later the briefing was over, and all the tactical and navigation directives were uploaded right into my brain. The mission seemed simple – to arrive at the area and destroy Krayons, then search for the civilian transport and rescue any survivors. I already felt that sweet tremble, as always before the fight, even though I was not connected to the battle pod yet. Casey felt the same, as she kept sending me the praying signs, dying of waiting for the command.

But finally the loud buzzer signal blared over the Combat deck, and all pilots were called to equipment rooms. Process of gearing up was quite complex, and each pilot was assisted by a technical crew. I stepped up onto a gearing platform, and two lovely technicians, dressed in snow-white skin-tight suits, started to put the encapsulation suit on me, over my base layer suit. The encapsulation layer was needed to provide the pilot with maximum protection from all possible dangerous external conditions, such as toxic gasses, radiation, hazardous microbes and so on. Connected to its own air supply, it sealed the pilot completely. Being sealed airtight – that was another moment I always adore as it gave me the warm feeling of ultimate safety and protection.

However, gearing up in a sealing suit was not an easy task. It was made of a quite thick and rigid polymer, maybe three times thicker than our base layers. Therefore, if it did not have the same memory effect, it would probably take an hour to get into it. Luckily it had, so the first part was relatively easy– I had to push my legs and arms into the legs and sleeves of the suit, and my head into the hood. As soon as I managed to do it, one technician started to close the zipper, while the other got down to pushing the internal sheaths of the suit into my vagina and ass. Of course, the sheaths were thinner than the whole suit, so I felt the nimble fingers of technician fondling inside me, and could not hold the soft moan of pleasure. She knew that I felt her, and it seemed she did not hurry purposely, taking her time to tease me. Maybe I should invite her to my cabin after the mission, I thought to myself; it would be nice to play a threesome with her and Casey…

Meanwhile, it was time to put on the integrated hood of the sealing suit. There was the only opening in the whole suit, for the air supply, and after closing my zipper, the first technician was going to push the thick bulb of the mouthpiece into my mouth. It was necessary to secure my tongue and cheeks on sharp turns. “Say goodbye,” she winked, and I barely managed to mumble, “Fuck you bitch”, as the soft elastic bulb with internal tube, connected to the external corrugated hose, filled my mouth completely. Its base plate covered my lips from outside and immediately stuck together with the hood. How ironic – “fuck you” proved to be last words I would say with my own voice for a very, very long time. The technician pumped some more air into the bulb to provide the airtight seal…, and some more…, and more… since I loved the bulb to fill my mouth really tight, and she knew it. I felt it press from inside on my cheeks, pushing them against the internal hood.

Now I was finally in complete darkness, with not a single piece of my bare skin exposed. I felt calm and peaceful, yet aroused and concentrated. Clear air was coming from the reservoir, strapped to my back, and returning back there to be recycled, so my air supply was practically endless. It was the same with my water supply, provided with base layer right through the skin and recycled back from perspirations of my body by the encapsulation layer. Even in case of urination, this layer was able to absorb and recycle the urine back into the water. 

Internal tactical display came alive, and I could see the green “Seal complete” mark and my medical indications, including heart rate, blood pressure and excitement level, as well as the same of my beloved partner. Casey was all right, as far as I could see, and I sent her a mental wink: “Are you ready to be squeezed?”

“Always, you know it,” she exhaled, and her excitement immediately jumped up by several degrees. I sent the command to our encapsulation suits to restore its original size and form. “External view to displays,” I commanded next, since I loved to watch as clumsy figures in strange baggy suits are transforming into perfectly shaped faceless statues, and I knew Casey loved it too.

I felt as the tight suit started to compress against my body, tighter and tighter with each second, crushing my waist and chest. I knew it was necessary to provide the required fitting, but the pain was excruciating, and at the same time this pain was a pleasure for me. I knew I was strong enough to withstand it, and I knew its purpose was to protect me and make me even stronger, to be able to resist all threats from any hostile environment. Then came that moment, when my intruders started to grow into me, stretching over my inner sides, and I moaned in excitement. Being taken in my vagina and in my ass simultaneously was always my favorite.

Unfortunately, it was over soon as the suit had restored its original fit, cast from my own body form, reduced by a couple of inches in every dimension. Since it was not provided with its own camera, I switched the view on my screen to an external view and stepped off the platform, heading to the armory. It was a little bit awkward to walk, seeing myself only from outside, but I was already used to it. The hardest part was to accept the fact that this immaculate black figure with a tiny waist, temptingly protruding boobs and small, round ass was actually me! 

My body was rigid, squeezed in the tight embrace of the encapsulation suit. The arms and legs were difficult to move, although the suit was slightly thinner at the elbows and under the knees. Balancing carefully on my high-heeled combat boots, I felt the suit gently massage my entire body, including the most sensitive parts, on every step. The armory was not so far from the gearing platform, maybe ten meters or so, but for me this track was always the most complicated part of the whole procedure. I did not always manage to get through it without having an orgasm or even two.

This time I was lucky, but Casey, coming to the armory door from another gearing platform, was obviously in trouble. I saw on the display that her pulse and excitement rates had suddenly risen skyhigh, and at the same time she collapsed on the floor halfway to the door, panting and convulsing. “Oh sweetie,” I translated to her, “come on. What’s it?”

“I’m so sorry, Eltie, please forgive me, I’m coming, I’m coming,” she mumbled, trying to recollect herself from the floor. Used to such incidents, technicians quickly came to grab her and put back on her feet. Still slightly staggering, she finally reached the armory door, where I hugged her, feeling her heartbeat pounding through the layers of our suits.

“Sorry, baby,” she whispered into my mind, “I shouldn’t have remembered our last night during the suit squeeze.”

“What a silly girl you are!” I slapped her buttock playfully. “Don’t you know you have to be very careful with things you are thinking about, especially during the preparation?”

Holding her by the hand, I nearly dragged her to the armory, where our mission suits were already waiting for us, with their frontal parts opened. Since we were universal soldiers and had to keep our efficiency on any possible battle scene, there was no single universal combat suit, and the selection of our mission suits depended on which mission we were assigned to. Light suit with camouflage field generator and hand-held weaponry was designed for missions on the ground, streamlined suit with propulsion engines and torpedoes – for tasks in liquid environment, and the heaviest, my most favorite one, armored suit – for space missions, where the encounter with heavily armed enemy was expected.

Stepping backwards into the rear part of my suit, I carefully positioned my backpack with air rebreather into the special receptacle, and then placed my head, arms, butt and legs inside corresponding parts of the suit. Following my mental order, the front part started to close, rotating on its hinges. When two parts met, I heard the sound of latches clicking one after another in a row, locking me inside this tight confinement. Same moment the hydraulic system of the suit had connected to my mind, so I could control its movements, and my screen started to display the view from its head mounted camera. Technicians checked my suit from outside and raised their thumbnails, indicating that it closed correctly. Now I was ready to take my place in the battle pod.

Checking Casey’s medical indications, I made sure, if she was finally all right. “Ready to dance, baby?” I asked her. “Absolutely!” she answered firmly. I knew her intonations, and this reply reassured me completely. I informed the Operations on our status and received an order to mount on the pods.

Next phase of the preparation procedure was the most severe. Despite being motorized, the armored suit itself weighed a lot, and if our bones and muscles were not reinforced, we would collapse immediately after releasing from the dock, with every bone broken. However, even with all our strength, it took us enormous efforts just to walk in it. I always wondered why, having designed such a powerful and almost perfect suit, they did not take another step further and did not add some small wheels to transport us from armory to our pods? 

Panting through my gagged mouth and sweating as hell inside my tight inner layers, I started to move one leg after another in the pod’s direction, keeping my balance and trying not to crash into something. The view from the external camera in the corner of my display shows me the huge faceless robot-like figure, barely keeping the feminine shapes under massive armor plates, awkwardly staggering its way to the launch platform with the pod installed in the center. Thank God, I did not have to climb there myself – at least, here our engineers came up with a winch and hooks. Technicians quickly snapped the latches on my shoulders, and the cables, tightening, started to lift up the suit with me inside it. Finally, I could relax for a minute, waiting for the crew to position the suit against the pod’s receptacle.

I took my time to overview the pod from above. Our pods were quite small vessels, oval shaped, about ten meters long and three meters wide, with one main and several secondary plasma propulsion engines, providing it with high speed and outstanding maneuverability. That’s why our battle pods were such a dangerous and threatening weapon against much bigger Krayon’s battleships with its huge firepower – we attacked quickly, stung them with our torpedoes, dodged their fire and their slow-moving fighters, and left, leaving only their burning remains behind. Two or three wings of Terranian pods were able to destroy a big battleship, guarded by the whole fighter squadron!

Now my pod was resting in a horizontal position, with its upper part separated; the oval receptacle in the middle invited me to come down and fill it with my body. The winch moved me over the pod and started to lower. In accordance with my order, armor plates covering my crotch, raised, revealing my lower orifices, both ready to accept the pod’s shaft, merge with it, make me a part of it…

I almost trembled in anticipation when the winch placed me precisely in the center of receptacle, and I lowered down on my four, taking the position which I will keep all the flight along – with my legs and arms spread wide apart, my head, breast and stomach resting on the soft support pad, ass raised. Inserting the heels of my boots into the special clutches, I heard them click, holding my feet tightly in place. Same procedure I performed with my arms, gripping special handles with both hands and feeling as it snapped, disabling me from any more movement. I missed that intimate feeling of immobility, preceding the forthcoming coupling with the pod, both welcomed and inevitable – no usual sex entertainments could replace it! 

Moving my butt back a little, I ordered the pod to take me. I felt the warm, smooth, rock solid shaft poking into my vagina, stretching it, sliding inward, slowly but unstoppably, filling me, and even when it seemed I’m completely full and it should stop, it kept moving and growing in size, because the pod knew my real extents better than me. And when it stopped, the upper part of the pod started lowering from the ceiling, covering my back, with another shaft, protruding from its bottom right against my ass, impatiently longed to be filled.

They coincided precisely, and I moaned softly when they met. That was the only thing I missed, the only gap to be closed – and now I was complete. Generously lubed by the technical crew, it popped inside me with a slurping sound and settled there snugly, calming and reassuring me merely with its stable presence inside me. Latches were clicking around, and the air started hissing, pushed outside through the valves, replaced by quick-fastening elastic gel, pumped into the pod to fill all its interior. It will keep my body immobile and protected from overloads during the whole flight. When the procedure was finished, I could no longer move an inch, completely restrained and squeezed by my multiple protective layers, but it was not an unpleasant feeling, rather the opposite.

Shame on me, I completely forgot about Casey. Not surprisingly, though, since the procedure of connection to the pod always took us both over entirely. “Hey baby,” I translated to her and immediately felt her warm touch in reply as if she was beside me, despite the fact that her pod was flying in several miles behind.

“How are you, dear?” she asked in that calm voice that I knew she only used when being connected to her pod. “How soon do you think they will launch us?”

“I hope, very soon,” I answered and switched to the operation channel. “Simmons reporting. Wing is up and ready, requesting launch.”

“Request granted,” answer came immediately, “proceed to launch zone.”

I felt the pod slightly shake and tilt, being moved by the crane. Launch sequence codes were running through my display like an endless river of symbols. Finally the movement finished and the pod was turned with its frontal part upwards, and all my weight together with the weight of the armored suit pressed me onto the shafts. I supposed before that they already reached my limits, but they did not, obviously, as now they have plunged a lot deeper. Or, to be exact, I was impaled upon it.

“Commander Simmons, report on your status,” mechanical voice of AI disturbed me from taking delight in my invaders. Quickly running through the display, with both my and Casey’s pods indications in green zone, I replied, “Wing is ready to launch.”

“Launch approved. Ignition in three… two… one… GO!”

Everything around me began to shake as the pod rushed up into space. However I barely felt it, kept from the overload by amortization gel surrounding me. Of course, gravity took its grip on me, pushing me down, making both shafts plunge into me even deeper, which, mixed together with the growing vibration of the pod, inevitably led me to the first orgasm of the day - a common thing for most pilots at launch.

In my mind, I felt Casey’s fingers convulsively grasp my hand, as she always did when we both came together, simultaneously giving and receiving pleasure from each other. It lasted all the time while the pod was gaining the cruising speed, which took about five minutes, and was probably the longest orgasm I had for the last several months. I was panting heavily through my gag, feeling as wave after wave of sweet shiver seized my whole body, from head to toes. Drops of sweat started running down my spine, as the base layer suit was unable to absorb it completely. Thank God the launch procedure was fully automated and controlled by Operations, not requiring our actions, so all that was left to us was to tremble from excitement, sweat in our tight layered suits and moan into our gags. 

Everything comes to an end, so the speeding up phase of our flight has finally finished, as have our orgasms. Still we had a long way to go – the pods were fast but not faster than the speed of light, and it would take us several hours to arrive at the scene. “Incoming request to shaft control,” I saw the blinking indicator with Casey’s avatar beside. “Access granted,” I replied and immediately felt as my intruders started to pulsate and slowly slide back and forth, obeying her orders. Knowing her skills in keeping me aroused while not letting me cum, I was sure our flight was going to be quite… entertaining. “Okay, Casey, I will take my revenge on our way back,“ I thought, closing all incoming channels and preparing to dive into the warm sea of pure pleasure…


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