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From Lab Rat to Slave 8

by Edrubber

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© Copyright 2016 - Edrubber - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; D/s; postop; captive; cell; latex; bond; punish; bubble; cond; mc; hood; catsuit; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/nc; XX

story continued from part seven

Chapter Eight

I was practically hanging by my head with liquid and nourishment being fed through the tube, enemas forced every so often how long in between was impossible to know and bladder being automatically relieved. It was becoming evident that I was being stored.

There was a catch to my suffering storage, every movement in my rectum with the enema butt and the tube movement in my pee hole and even the forced enemas, produced an incredible orgasmic experience that I am sure the pain inflictors had no knowledge of.

The psychic effect of discomfort and blockage of mental activity was already being defiled by my physical and mental resolve. I was busy planning how to appear in total fright, how to produce tears at will and how to appear to be trembling and perspiring in a terrified appearance. I had a lot of work to do and was hoping to be left hanging there for a long time. At times I would rest from my mental exercises by imagining cutting his dick with a hand saw rather then a sharp knife. I was reminded of a story of a soldier incarcerated by the Japanese, in a sound proof and totally dark chamber where as he mentally constructed a hydrogen engine part by part thus maintaining sanity.

I had been told by Thom that it would take two weeks before we would be either trained or terminated, it seemed to me that more then the two weeks had already lapsed.

There was someone in the dungeon and I felt the pee hole being relieved of the tube, then the butt plug, and at last the gag and stomach tube, the harness that kept me standing for so many days, was removed and lastly the rubber hood was also removed. Hans was standing in front of me and had an expression of terrified surprise as he looked at my face. At first I thought he was surprised to see me there again but then I felt the burning pain in my face and neck where the rubber hood had been blocking the oxygen from my skin for such a long time. Hans removed the rubber straight jacket and the burning pain was equally felt however I was able to see my upper body completely covered by large red sores.

Hans cuffed me to a metal eye hole in the wall with a short 3 feet chain and left the dungeon. Although the condition was painful scary and uncomfortable, I was happy to use it mentally to promote my resolve. Hans came back with a pair of high heel leather boots fitted them on me then made me walk naked and hands free in front of him directing me when to turn. We ended up back in my original cell of when I was first transformed. There was already rubber and a couple of oxygen tanks standing next to the bed.

Hans ordered me to stand next to the bed and fitted a large rubber bag over my head and down to my waist where he tighten a belt around my waist to the point of making my breathing difficult.

The rubber was filled with oxygen and I was inside a balloon in the dark. I heard the sound of casters rolling in and felt a harness fitted on my lower part so that I was sitting and inside the balloon. The large metal door was clung shut and I was left again to my mental plans. Now instead of a hand saw to cut Thom’s dick off, I was thinking of blow torch or soldering iron either would be slow, painful and efficient. I could almost smell the burned flesh. I had decided not to kill him he was going to live as something else other then a male. The possibilities where immense.

It appeared that I would be inside the cocoon for some time in view of the skin flair up I could see that sleeping was going to be very difficult if not impossible because the affected skin could not come in contact with the rubber. Most victims of kidnappings end up adoring the perpetrator because of mental brain washing they have a name for it syndrome of something, in my case I was on the same wave until he took Jacky a totally innocent bystander to commit her to a sentence of horror for the rest of her life. Even if I died inside this balloon tonight, I would die happy imagining Thom in horrific pain with his penis bubbling in infernos burning. Absolute hate was keeping me alive.

I heard the metal door indicating somebody coming in than the balloon started to move a lot on my right side then the left, for a period I heard nothing but I knew they had not left because the door had not been closed, suddenly a loud voice asked if I could hear, and I answered yes master because I had been told that everyone was my master. I just then realized they had installed speakers on the balloon and the total emerge system was about to start. Instead of being in a sound proof dark cell, I was in a dark cocoon with their professing sounds. The brain washing started with “ YOU ARE A SLAVE YOU ARE NOTHING, NOT A PERSON, JUST SCUM TO BE USED FOR THE PLEASURE OF SEXUAL ORGANS YOU DO NOT HAVE A MOUTH YOU HAVE A DICK AND CUNT PLEASURE HOLE YOU HAVE TWO OTHER FUCKABLE HOLES YOU ARE A FUCK THING YOUR EXISTENCE IS SOLY TO SATISFY DICKS AND CUNTS. I kept silent and did not make faces because I had no idea what this cocoon was equipped with.

The big surprise was when the voice said ; REPEAT AFTER ME; I AM SCUM silence and since I did not react the volume was louder YOU, PIECE OF SHIT, I SAID REPEAT AFTER ME;

I AM SCUM. I repeated; I am scum. The voice said ; LOUDER, I yelled I AM SCUM. AGAIN ME; I AM SCUM. AGAIN. I AM SCUM AGAIN, I AM SCUM and this kept going for at least another hour. Then the voice changed to I AM LOWER THEN SHIT REPEAT, and that went on for another hour then I WAS MADE TO BE FUCKED. The part that made me stick the soldering iron into his urethra was I LOVE MY MASTER REPEAT. Every time I repeated I pressed the soldering iron on his dick a little deeper and repeating their words and how many blisters I burned in his dick and when I ran out of dick I actually shoved the soldering iron deep inside his ass. I eventually passed out and woke up on the bed with regular linen cuffed wrists and ankles. I woke up rested so they must have allowed me to sleep after I past out.

I apparently was totally recuperated from the skin rash.

Hans came in carrying a bunch of rubber which turned out to be a complete catsuit hood and all and after putting the stiletto boots on me he placed a leather collar on my neck that read fucking scum. Then clipped a chain to it and led me out of the cell and we walked all the way to the Master’s office. I was leaned over the plush leather sofa and Hans left after which Thom came in naked with an enormous hard on and with out saying a word came behind me and shoved his dick inside my ass all the way in at once. As he started pumping I went into the same contortions and reactions as the last time I was fucked, which hastened Thom’s ejaculation and made him lay on my back breathing heavy and mumbling. He said; what are you? I answered; I AM SCUM MASTER. He said; what else? I LOVE YOU MY MASTER. He seemed satisfied and just stayed inside of me until I could feel his dick getting large again.

He took his dick completely out of my ass, got up and went over to a drawer and came out with a condom and a tube of lube mumbling there is no telling what kind of scum disease that unused pussy might have so you get on your knees, install the condom on my dick then suck on for a while until I tell you to stop and bend over the sofa again. I did as ordered and imagined biting his miserable dick off then spiting it on the floor. The many hours I had training myself, paid of as I lovingly sucked him and gently handled his balls occasionally kissing them. He was looking down at my performance all the time then told me to get up and bend over the sofa. I did and he slowly entered my pussy which made me wonder how come he was being gentle with the so called piece of shit scum.

He pumped and moaned more then usual and then it happened again I went into the almost seizure and it immediately precipitated him into ejaculation. He again lay on my back for about 5 minutes then caressed my rubberized head and kissed the back of my neck. He called Hans and told him to take me back and take the rubber off before cuffing me to the bed for the night.

As I walked back I was smiling inside knowing that I was one step closer to the soldering iron. At this point I was worried and wondering what was happening to Jacky. If we ever found a way out of this mess I knew that Jacky would have to be de-programmed. As I laid in the bed, I would tremble every so often with the after affects of the fuck. I realized that I was in fact a fuck machine and had something more then any other woman or man.

The kiss in the back of my neck told me that the transfer to a different environment was at hand. I was a man at one time and know that that the dick establishes all life style and this was about to be proven. Thom was at a cross roads between a demanding independent woman that could own a lot of his kingdom which he was not about to relinquish no matter how much love was a part of and taking the same woman and force her to do his will with out danger of consequences. But now things changed again, he had something he never had before and he was going to protect it from any danger even myself.

I had him by the balls or dick and I was going to use it to the max. His dick was as good as burned off. The following time the metal door opened I was given the miserable rubber poncho only now they were shiny black and made to put the stiletto boots then was marched corridor after corridor and finally an elevator and we went down to a clinic where I was put between two metal poles and was chained in a spread eagle totally naked. While waiting it came to mind that it would be funny if someone would come out with a soldering iron. A person in a poncho and rubber hood came in and started attaching sensors all over my abdomen a metal sensor was introduced inside my pee hole one in the space between my pussy and my ass a small bullet size gadget was shoved in my pussy with a very thin wire coming out and taped to a belt around my waist that held other small electronic boxes with all the wires coming into them.

A large male covered in rubber from head to toe came in carrying a rubber hood and after slapping the one with the poncho on the head, hastily covered my head tightly with it cutting my vision and almost all hearing. A brazier was fitted on my boobs and it had some sort of small plastic cups covering my nipples with some gadget that massaged the nipples driving me up a wall with desire. What I noticed that was different was that my pussy was leaking some kind of fluid big time. They slaked the chains holding my arms up then I felt a finger with lube in my ass hole next I felt a body come behind me and put his arms around my hips and pull my ass against him sliding his dick up and down between my cheeks. While he was beginning to penetrate my ass hole, the nipples gadget was going and they inserted a long 2 inch diameter cylinder in my pussy and turned on a fantastic vibrator.With in seconds I went into my uncontrollable gyrations and just did not stop until it was all over and they turned and removed everything. Even without any touching or aid I would go into occasional violent shaking and after orgasms.

They had not realized the pot of gold they had created and were now going to test reactions to be able to exploit it and I was the first but I had been in a coma for seven months after the surgery and I was severely tortured upon coming out of the coma. There where so many variables to be examined. When I got back to the cell I noticed that I had the leather belt with the little box and the wire going into my pussy with the bullet thing was still in there probably recording reactions. After they left, I took the rubber poncho off and laid on the bed and every so many minutes went into these orgasmic after shocks it got longer apart as time went by and finally I fell asleep and when I woke up it was gone. The door opened I was taken to the shower area, given an enema then a long shower with shampoo and afterwards powder perfume cosmetics a silk night gown and I was walked over to the famous office. They walked me to a bedroom I did not know existed and made me lay on a rubber covered bed. I was left there wondering if I should be doing something.

He came in, got naked went to a closet and brought back several 10 or 12 inch rubber straps then laid on the bed and ordered me to get on top of him facing him, then told me to guide his dick into my pussy after this was done Hans came in and wrapped the straps around both of our legs and securing them then one more strap around our waist and securing it. I was ordered to put my head on his shoulder and start pumping his dick with my pussy. I was able to delay my orgasms by thinking how some day there no longer would be a dick and balls on the body that I was laying on.

The inevitable happened and it was violent but this time we were tied together and he stayed where he was and experienced all the after shocks we found up that every after shock my inside of pussy and rectum would contract and release rapidly and with a dick in there it was like fucking hard without the need of moving. He kept moaning and mumbling how great it was and I kept silent thinking of how he would be remembering this when he no longer had a dick. Since he just stayed in the reactions kept multiplying with out any effort from me. He eventually turned us so that he was on top and the process continued.

I fell asleep and woke up having one of those violent orgasms and noticed him just looking at me evidently he just had come. He reached over, removed the straps and told me to turn away from him then came in close with his leg between mine and his dick just lying between my ass cheeks and that’s how we fell asleep.

When we woke up he said; you are sleeping on a bed again only because you are the best most incredible fucking machine ever but, we will produce more like you then you will be back in the dungeon. I dared say yes Master. He told me go take a shower. I went by myself to the bathroom and was allowed to be there until I finished and after drying my hair and blowing it dry, I put my make up on and the camisole I was brought here with then walked out and knelt in front of him with my eyes down. He was dressed and putting his tie on and as he was leaving he said stay there until Hans comes to take you back and he left the room. I stayed kneeling until Hans came for me and I was returned to my cell.

When we got to the cell, the skirt, blouse jacket and shoes I was wearing when I was recaptured by Thom was laying on the bed and beside it a suitcase and next to it a second suitcase. Hans told me to get dressed fix my hair and make up then wait for him to come and get me. I asked Master Hans, what is in the other suitcase? He answered; slave Jacky’s things. I am coming back for both of you. After a few hours the door opened and a handler pushed Jacky in dressed in the poncho and stiletto boots wearing a rubber hood. I could not have recognized her if Hans had not told me. As she entered she dropped to her knees lowered her eyes to the floor and said I am at your order Mistress. Hans told me to get her dressed and ready to travel. Once she was ready Hans took us to Thom’s office and had us sit on the sofa to wait for the Master.

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