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Interview with the Carters

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2020 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; bond; latex; gag; cuffs; chain; catsuit; oral; anal; strapon; pegging; hood; collar; corset; whip; training; hum; bodymod; reluct; nc; XX

Disclaimer: All characters and situations in this story are fictional. If such individuals actually do exist, please introduce yourselves to me.

You look at me with a mixture of surprise, amusement and lust. I’ve seen that look too many times, and yet I feel I must say something. I want to move my lips. I try to move my lips. Can you see them moving? Are they moving? Can you hear me, or is it just the slightest sound of air barely moving out of my mouth? I feel as if I am screaming, but I don’t know anymore what I have control of or not.

I don’t expect a rescue. I gave up on that long ago. I’m going to try to tell someone, anyone, what happened to me. Disappearing as if I never existed.

I was broke as a college sophomore could be. Tuition, books, room and board as well as just everyday living expenses. These took every penny I had and I was still seriously in the hole. My student loans only covered a portion of these. How I was going to pay them back was something I had to seriously start thinking about. My relationship with my parents was nonexistent, which is why I decided to go to school as far away from them as possible. I was born when they were both in their 40s. An accident they said, and I think they were never truly happy that they didn’t just give me up, or the other alternative. To even suggest asking them for money was a no-go.

I was lucky enough to get a job working part time for the university food service as a waiter. I covered important banquets and special events. It didn’t pay well, but it was enough to cover some of my incidental expenses and keep me from dropping out of school.

That’s when I met the Carters at the Alumni dinner.

The Carters were influential in the legal and political communities. He was a judge and she was a partner in one of the city’s biggest law firms. They rubbed elbows with the wealthiest, most powerful and politically-connected figures. If I could make a good impression with either of them, my chances of obtaining a chance for a job interview would greatly increase. Therefore, I took great pains to cater to their every whim. I made sure their glasses were filled and they wanted for nothing.

At the end of the evening I personally retrieved their coats and escorted them to their car. Mrs. Carter looked at me and smiled. “You tried way too hard tonight,” she said, “but I liked husband did too.” She took out a card and slipped it into my hand. “We’re looking for weekend help over the next few months. Be at this address at 5:00 PM next Friday for an interview. If you decide not to come, call this number.” With that she and her husband got into their car and drove away.

I didn’t know why I never questioned her as to what kind of job they were offering. I wasn’t even sure if they already wanted me or that I was just going to be interviewed. Lots of questions that I should have, but never asked.

Friday classes couldn’t end quickly enough and I raced to my dorm room to get changed. I had little time to waste as I had to make the 2:30 train downtown, then transfer to the line to the north suburbs where they lived. I barely made it to the station and got on just in time. When I reached downtown I would have to hurry to get to the last leg of my train trip. I didn’t even have time to grab a snack.

My train pulled into the station about 4:40 PM. I left the train and looked around to catch my bearings. I had found their place on a map but I wasn’t sure which direction to walk. Now if I had a smartphone I would be able to find my way. But I had used up all my minutes and was already behind on my phone bill, so I didn’t bring it with me. Another big mistake, but this would be the least of my problems.

I found the street and then the intersection where I was to turn. I looked at all the huge homes with high fences, large trees and even stone walls. The residents loved their privacy and spared no expense to achieve it with little visual evidence that their homes were literally their castles. I managed to find their home after several minutes of jogging down the sidewalks. There was a gate with their house number on it. I opened and stepped through it. Behind me I heard a loud click. I turned and looked behind me. The gate had closed and a steel bolt had locked the gate shut. I was tempted to try the gate, but looking at my watch I saw that I only had a minute to get to the front door of the Carter’s house.

I rang the doorbell and waited. No answer. I reached up to ring the bell again, but I hesitated. They might be testing my patience. I stood at the door and waited.

After several minutes, the door opened. “Come in,” said Judge Carter. I entered the house and followed the judge inside.

The judge was a large man. Not fat, but very tall and muscular. At the alumni dinner his well-tailored tuxedo hid the fact that he was that well-built. What he was wearing now accentuated his athletic body. It was also kind of strange what he was wearing. He had on what looked like, well they looked like leggings. Black shiny and tight. I was a bit uncomfortable as he had a considerable bulge in front. It was difficult to ignore. His shirt was also tight, black and shiny. His nipples poked out and I did my best to try to avoid staring at him.

He led me to the rear of the house and out to the backyard where Mrs. Carter was waiting by the pool. If I was uncomfortable with the judge, Mrs. Carter was worse. She was wearing what can loosely be described as a string bikini. Triangles of shiny black material barely covered her. Once I saw her I knew they wanted more than a job interview. She looked at me and smiled. She rose from her lounge chair and walked up to me. Her hips swayed back and forth; the bikini barely staying in place.

I stood there trembling. I tried to say something. I wanted to tell them I wanted to leave, but her large double D breasts were all I could think about.

“It’s so nice of you to accept our invitation,” she purred, “we are interviewing for a position that will require you to stay here on the weekends. Would you have any problem with that?”

I tried to say something, but I just stammered. She smiled and walked over to a table with an envelope. She picked it up and handed it to me. “If you agree this is what you’ll receive.”

I opened the envelope and saw that there were ten $100 bills inside. If I had been thinking straight I would’ve just dropped the cash and left. But I was still staring at her huge tits. I knew what they wanted and it was making me uneasy.

She reached inside her bikini bottoms and pulled out more hundred dollar bills and placed one with the others.

“Is that better?” she asked. I said nothing. She added another to the pile and looked at me. “Will that ease your conscience”?

I shook my head no. “Why are you negotiating a price like a hooker?” I asked myself.

She added three more bills. “That’s all we’re offering,” she said “If you meet our expectations there may be more. If you agree, just say yes.”

She reached behind her back and removed her top. Two beautiful, full tits with large nipples were all I could see. I felt my cock getting hard.

I nodded my head and said, “yes.”

I was so preoccupied at looking at her that I didn’t react fast enough when the judge came from behind and placed me in a chokehold. He was squeezing the air out of me! He was incredibly strong. “Now don’t do anything foolish. Just let me squeeze a little harder and...” the judge said, and I began to go limp and black out. Then Mrs. Carter thrust a rubber ball into my mouth and, using a zip tie, secured it tight. The judge released me from the chokehold. As I collapsed on the ground he pulled my arms behind my back and handcuffed me. She finished the job by sticking a needle into my rear. Everything went dark.

When I woke I was lying naked face-up on a king-sized bed. I was still handcuffed and steel shackles were locked on my ankles. Heavy chains ran from the shackles to the foot of the bed. I thrashed around the bed attempting to free myself of the cuffs, but they were just too tight. I looked around the room. I slid around the bed and realized that the bedding wasn’t normal. I looked at the curtains and the upholstery on the furniture. They too were covered in the same material; thick black rubber! The door to the bedroom opened and both of the Carters entered. They were now also encased in rubber from head to toe except for their eyes, mouths and their crotches. The judge had a huge hard-on. He must be at least a foot in length and damn thick! Mrs. Carter’s pussy was soaking wet and her clit was clearly visible .

“Awake I see,” said Judge Carter, “this is the next part of your job interview.”

Mrs. Carter walked up to me. I saw the scissors in her hand. I began to panic and tried to get off the bed, but the shackles bit into my ankles as I pulled on them. She held the scissors to my face and then cut the plastic zip tie which held the rubber ball in my mouth.

Taking the ball between her fingers she said softly, “This room is completely soundproof, so any cries or screams you make will not be heard by the outside world. But even with that assurance we dislike noisy subjects.” A cup of a thick, grainy liquid was put up to my lips by Judge Carter.

“Drink,” she directed, and I began swallowing the stuff as he poured it into my mouth. In a few seconds an itching sensation moved over my tongue and down my throat. After several more seconds the itching stopped and my throat felt extremely dry. I tried to ask for water, but I realized that not a sound exited my mouth. I was completely mute! Something else had occurred as well. I looked down and my cock had become rock hard.

Judge Carter smiled. “Remember that disclaimer that if you have an erection lasting more than six hours call your doctor? Well along with the ‘dumb cane’ which disabled your vocal cords, there was a second substance which could be described as a super Viagra. Your cock will remain hard for at least 20 to 30 hours.” I looked at my member which was now a deep red in color, with the head starting to turn purple. The veins stuck out and I was afraid they would rupture.

I watched as the Carters then began to turn on several video cameras that had been set up around the bed. One camera was pointing down from the ceiling. The red lights glowed menacingly. The judge loosened the chains to the shackles holding my ankles. Before I could do anything to fight him off they flipped me over onto my stomach, and took some of the slack out of the chains. Mrs. Carter saw my expression of fear. I tried to beg them not to do this, but of course it was just my lips moving.

“This is all part of the interview,” she chuckled, “we want to keep these recordings for posterity.”

With that she crawled onto the bed. Judge Carter began pulling on my ankle chains, forcing me to move towards the foot of the bed. She then positioned herself in front of my face. Judge Carter grabbed my mouth and forced a large ring gag into it. He buckled the strap tight and all I could do now was feel the ring keeping my mouth open wide.

“Now start licking!” she said sternly. I wasn’t very experienced in sex as it was and now I had to go down on her. I let my tongue run alongside her pussy lips and began to eat her out as best as I could.

She bucked and moaned as I pushed my tongue deeper into her. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed it hard against her clit. “More!” she shouted. I worked myself deeper into her and licked every millimeter of her sex.

I felt something cold and slippery being pushed into my ass. I froze as I realized that it was the judge, and what he was going to do. Instantly I felt a rubber gloved hand smacking my ass! I screamed....well I tried to scream.

“Did she say stop?!” the judge shouted and struck me again. I cried again but buried my face into her drenched pussy and continued my task.

I felt the judge climb up on the bed behind me. In moments, I felt his cockhead pushing its way inside my rear. I had never attempted anal before so this was completely new and frightening. He continued to invade my ass. At first slowly a continuous pressure, and then backing up before pushing his way in further. After several minutes, the pace quickened and the judge almost had his entire cock in me. He began pumping himself in and out. He never stopped. The pain was too much, but what choice did I have? Tears went down my cheeks as his thrusts became harder and deeper.

In the meantime, I kept trying to concentrate on Mrs. Carter. I had brought her to orgasm multiple times, despite the immense pain of the judge’s huge cock pushing deeper and harder into my ass.

Suddenly the judge stiffened and I felt his cum shooting into my rear. He came, pumped his cock into me, came again and finally pulled himself out of my ass. I felt his hot sticky cum dribbling out my hole. I felt relieved that it was over.

They both rose from the bed leaving me there. My mouth and ass were sore, but intact. I turned over and saw that they were both in the bathroom. Soon Judge Carter returned to the bed. His cock was still rigid. Obviously, he also had taken the drug which would keep him hard for hours. He had also cleaned himself a bit.

He looked at me. “My turn,” was all that he said before climbing onto the bed and positioning his cock in front of my mouth.

I began to lick his cockhead and then slowly allowed it past my lips and into my mouth. Before I could go further I felt Mrs. Carter behind me. Then without warning she pushed the strap-on dildo deep into my rear. She began a hard, brutal rape of my ass. Judge Carter grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. I began to choke but he paid no attention to it. I would nearly pass out before he withdrew his organ, only to invade my throat once again, but even deeper and harder.

I took the entire lengths of her strap-on and his cock for what seemed like hours. The worst was not over until I felt his cum flowing down my throat. I wanted to spit it out but he kept his cock inside me until he saw that I had swallowed every drop.

They left me on the bed while they stripped out of their rubber suits and took a shower together. I looked at the red lights of the cameras as they continued to record me shaking and trying to recover from the assaults. Once out of the shower they released me from my steel restraints and re-bound me with zip ties. I was taken to the bathroom where Mrs. Carter placed me in the shower and cleaned me off.

“Not bad for the first time,” said the judge.

‘You’ll need to be trained in how to behave, and all sorts of kinky things. If you learn quickly, you’ll find things to be quite tolerable. If you don’t, the consequences will be very, very painful,” she added.

The judge removed the ring gag and unbound my wrists, but then clicked the handcuffs on once more. A rope had been attached to a small pulley in the bathroom ceiling. He tied one end of the rope to the cuffs and then began to pull on the other end. My arms were drawn up to the ceiling until the tension was too much. I tried to beg him to stop, but he gave the rope another couple of pulls, then tied it off on a steel ring set in the wall. Checking the tension on my arms he then walked over to a small table which was covered in white rubber. He brought the table over and removed the covering revealing several old- fashioned straight razors and a leather strop. He picked up one of the razors and began sharpening it with the strop. I was paralyzed with fear as he took a can of shaving cream and began applying the contents over my body.

He started with my face and carefully began shaving my eyebrows and what little bit of stubble I had. He continued down my neck, shoulders, back, arms, chest until he reached my waist. He took a chair, sat down and continued downward. He took his time going slowly down my legs. He changed razors to ensure I got a nice, close shave. He did my ass and then finally my pubes. He took a damp towel and wiped off the shaving cream residue. Except for my head I was completely shaven smooth.

Once I had been cleaned, the judge let me down from the ceiling hook, unlocked and re-cuffed my hands behind my back. He then led me back to the bed which had been made up with clean rubber sheets. He pushed down on my shoulders, forcing me to kneel in front of Mrs. Carter.

“Now we have to get you properly dressed to serve,” she said.

As I kneeled on the floor, the judge placed his hand under my chin and with his other hand began to spread a slippery substance over my head and face. Then he placed something over my head. Something rubbery. In a few seconds, a rubber hood was pulled down over my head. It was tight and even with the lube, the judge struggled to place it on me. My head had to go through a small neck opening. There were no zips or lacings; it was one entire piece of molded rubber. The hood only had eye and mouth openings. The hood eventually encased my entire head and neck.

The judge took me by my arm and pulled me to my feet. I was directed to a dressing table with a small bench. The table had a mirror and I saw myself for the first time wearing the hood. I knew it was me in the mirror but I couldn’t recognize myself. The hood completely hid my features. In fact, the molded rubber allowed for no facial expressions to show through. The only holes in the hood were just for my eyes and my mouth.

The cuffs were removed. Mrs. Carter opened a drawer and removed a pair of rubber gloves and began placing them on my arms. They were shoulder-length and like the hood, she needed a great deal of lube to get them on me.

Rubber thigh-length stockings were next. As with the gloves and hood they were tight and took a while to pull them on.

The judge stood me up and Mrs. Carter placed a rubber corset around my waist. The judge held me as she began to pull on the laces, narrowing my waist inch by inch. My breaths became shallower as the corset squeezed tighter.

Mrs. Carter stopped the lacing and checked to see if I was OK. “Well, I won’t go any farther this time, but eventually you will have a nice narrow waist.” She then took two small padlocks and secured the corset at the top and bottom.

I was re-seated on the bench. Mrs. Carter brought over a chair and sat in front of me. She opened another drawer and took out some items. She opened a small bottle and dipped a brush into it. She took the brush and began to paint my lips in a clear liquid. “Keep still,” she said. She covered my upper and lower lips in the liquid, then began applying it to my nipples.

I felt a tingling then a stinging sensation in my lips. I tried to raise my hands and wipe my lips but the judge held my arms and made sure I remained sitting on the bench.

My lips began swelling and then the stinging sensation began on my nipples. They too began puffing up.

The stinging lasted for a couple of minutes. When I looked in the mirror my lips and nipples were very swollen and extremely sensitive.

“A bee venom extract,” said Mrs. Carter. “The effects won’t last as long as your cock, so you’ll need it reapplied in about eight to ten hours.”

She went back to work and with another brush began coating my lips with a cherry red lip gloss. She colored my nipples in a bright pink. Purple eyeshadow was applied and a pair of thick false eyelashes were glued on.

She directed me to stand up and spread my legs. In a few minutes my now hairless cock and balls were covered in a bright baby blue color.

I was reseated and Mrs. Carter placed a pair of black high-heeled pumps on my feet. There were straps on the shoes and soon they were pulled tight and tiny padlocks ensured that they would stay on.

The judge had something in his hands. I couldn’t see what it was but soon I felt something stiff around my throat.

They lifted me up and brought me over to a full-length mirror.

I stood in front of it, staring at the reflection. I did not recognize myself. Then again, was there anything left of me to recognize?

My arms and legs are covered in the tight, shoulder-length black rubber gloves and thigh-high stockings. My head is sealed in the rubber hood with only my eyes and mouth uncovered. The rubber corset squeezes my waist inches smaller than what I used to be. The five inch black pumps are locked on my feet. I had a feminine appearance, but my painted and erect cock and balls made it clear that I was male...or was I? Was I even human anymore?

But it’s the collar around my neck which makes things so unreal. My rubber fingers touch it. Wide, thick and formidable. Leather with a rubber lining; hiding the laminated metal band which makes it impossible to cut. It too is locked on. A steel ring embedded in the collar is just below the metal tag. The tag which simply says “YOT”. “YOT”?, No, stupid. You’re looking in a mirror. It says “TOY”.

In the mirror’s reflection I could see that the judge and Mrs. Carter were both smiling.

“Very nice,” said the judge.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Carterm “now it’s a matter of our new Toy learning its place.”

“Then let’s begin,” he said. He took my arm and we left the bedroom.

“Needless to say, you passed the interview with flying colors,” Mrs. Carter said to me, “and there will be plenty more in store for you. But now you must be trained.”

I was guided out of the bedroom and down the hall. A door was opened and I was brought into a smaller, windowless room. Mirrors completely covered the walls. I could see myself from every angle in the multiple reflections. A ballet barre was on one wall while a black line was painted down the center of the wooden floor. On several hooks were multiple whips, each unique in length and type. There was a single tail whip hanging next to a cat-o-nine tails, which was sandwiched between a riding crop and bullwhip.

“Now to get you used to your new position, stand at the beginning of the line,” she commanded. I walked unsteadily over to one end of the painted line.

“Walk,” she said. I took four steps when I felt the single tail slice over my rear.

“No!” she said with a firm but measured tone in her voice. “Start over, one foot in front of the other and sway your hips. Walk the entire length of the room. Then turn and walk back.”

It was hard enough walking the line, but I had to do so in these horrid pumps. I faltered and she struck me with the whip again.

“Start over,” she said, “I want a nice, sexy walk. You’re going to get this right even if it takes the rest of the weekend...and then some.”

So, I went back to the beginning of the line and did as best as I could. Eventually between several painful strokes of the single tail I managed to make several trips up and down the line without stumbling. She should have been satisfied, but of course there was going to be more. My turns were still too masculine for her and I had to learn how to do it more gracefully. It was a difficult and painful process to maintain balance and poise while walking in heels and in a manner that had been completely unnatural for me.

I looked up at the ceiling and saw the red light of another camera. “Why not?” I thought. What was one more humiliation to me? As I walked my cock stood out and my balls bobbed up and down with each step.

I don’t know how long I was put through this, but my ass was not only sore from the inside as a result of the fucking I received, but it was sore from the outside as well where the whip was applied.

“‘I think that is enough to start,” said Mrs. Carter. She took her rubber gloved hand and placed it on my reddened cheeks. “I don’t want you to be too damaged. However, I’m well-prepared to do everything it takes to mold you into a proper Toy.”

She took my arm and we left the room. I continued to walk as I had learned.

“Sway those hips, Toy,” she said “and walk straight, shoulders back. I will not tolerate slouching.”

We walked past the room that I had been ‘interviewed’. Instead we walked down the hall to a much larger bedroom. This was the Master Suite of the house. A huge four-poster, canopied bed was against one wall. Rubber sheets had been placed on the bed. At the foot of the bed lay a length of heavy chain connected to shackles, similar to the ones I previously wore. The end of the chain was padlocked to a ring set in the footboard of the bed. Looking at the bed I could also see that other steel rings had been placed along the four pillars and the top railings. Obviously, these were also to be used for securing people.

“It’s late, and we have to get up nice and early. There will be a great deal for you to learn,” said the judge as he adjusted the handcuffs. He then locked the shackles on my ankles. Then he took the ankle chains and clipped them to the handcuffs.

Mrs. Carter brought over a large rubber-covered dog’s bed and placed it on the floor next to the footboard of the bed. She pointed to it.

“Sleep, Toy”, she said. I looked at her and I laid down upon the bed.

I could hear the judge and Mrs. Carter getting into their bed. The lights were turned off and except for a small light in the bathroom, it was pitch black. Exhausted, I fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I felt the first rays of sunlight on my body as they peeked through the small gap in the bedroom curtains. I opened my eyes thinking that I had been dreaming everything. Then reality set in when I realized that I was chained to the foot of their bed. I tried to stand up but all I could do was a deep squat.

I peeked over the footboard and saw the Carters sleeping in each others’ arms. Then Mrs. Carter’s eyes opened. She smiled at me and nudged the judge. He responded by kissing her and stroking her breasts.

Shortly the judge mounted her and began a long, slow fuck. She responded in kind with moans and other encouraging sounds. They went at it for at least an hour as I watched.

After her fourth orgasm they stopped, kissed and rose from the bed. Mrs. Carter took the key to the shoes I was wearing and opened the locks. She then released me from the handcuffs and ankle chains.

“Follow, Toy,” she said, as she and the judge proceeded to the bathroom. A very large shower stall dominated the bathroom. She opened the door and all three of us entered.

On both sides of the shower were multiple heads and other bathing implements. They each went to a side and opened the valves. In moments, hot water shot out the spray heads.

“Now bathe us, Toy,” commanded the judge. On one wall was a soap dispenser and a washcloth. I pumped soap into the washcloth and proceeded to cover the judge from the neck down. Once he was fully covered I did the same to Mrs. Carter. I switched back to the judge and began to lightly scrub him with the cloth.

Taking the hand shower from the wall, I began to rinse him. I made sure that every ounce of soap was gone. As the last traces of foam went down the drain, I felt the judge’s hands on my shoulders. He turned me around and pushed me to my knees. Of course, there was no doubt what he wanted and I proceeded to take his cock into my mouth.

I sucked on his cock as the water cascaded over my own body. Mrs. Carter began to bathe me as well. She took the hand shower and turned on the water massager. The water hit my body and the stiffness and discomfort from last night subsided. She opened the faucet further and changed the massager settings to a stronger, more concentrated spray. She aimed for my now very sore asshole and practically pushed the attachment up my ass! I shook as the force of the water and the soap residue stung my very tender hole.

I had no time to protest as the judge’s cum filled my mouth and I had no option but to swallow all of it. As I finished, I was spun around and soon I was once again eating out Mrs. Carter’s pussy.

I had to also shampoo and condition their hair. It was not easy, as the judge was a tall man, and he would not sit or bend over for me to reach his head. I continued the shampoo and condition treatment, including their pubic hair. Once on my knees again I was anticipating the judge giving me another ass fucking. Instead he turned off the water and pulled me to my feet.

We left the shower and I was given towels to dry them off. I completed the task as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once I was finished I was allowed to dry myself.

The judge and Mrs. Carter returned to the bedroom. He dressed himself in latex leggings and shirt. Mrs. Carter also put on similar leggings and a shirt, except they were in pink. As I said they were similar, except that these had removable panels in the front and rear.

My shoes were locked back onto my feet and Mrs. Carter reapplied the bee venom liquid and touched up my makeup. I saw my lips and nipples swell up once more. The judge handed me a glass containing the ‘dumb cane’ and made sure I emptied it.

“Last night was only an introduction to your training," said the judge, “as time passes you will perform your duties fully and without error. You will do exactly as told the first time, every time, without hesitation.”

“Stand up,” commanded Mrs. Carter. I rose and she took a leash and clipped it to my collar.

“Follow,” was all she said. I walked behind her, one foot carefully in front of the other. Making sure my hips and ass swayed back and forth as I was taught.

I followed her downstairs to the main foyer. She turned and headed to the kitchen. There she tied off the collar to a coat hook near the back door.

I stood still as Judge Carter joined us. He went to the fridge and took out eggs, bread and some other items. Mrs. Carter set the table in the breakfast nook. They continued to make breakfast and the judge made an omelette for each of them.

He walked over to where I was standing and unclipped the leash from my collar. He walked back to the breakfast table and sat down. Then he snapped his fingers twice and pointed to a spot on the floor next to him. I guessed that I was to kneel next to him, so I walked over and parked myself at the place where he was pointing.

“Look at my fingers,” he said, and kept pointing at the floor, but with his two fingers apart, “this means knees spread.” He placed his fingers together. “This means ‘Knees together’,” he said. “Remember the difference.”

As he ate his breakfast I remained on my knees awaiting his next command. I then heard Mrs. Carter’s fingers snap twice. I looked at her and she gave another hand signal. “This means rise, Toy,” she said with a smile on her face.

Throughout breakfast I watched, listened and did my best to memorize the various hand signals.

When they had finished eating I was told to wash, dry and put away the dishes and flatware. Once I was finished the judge left the table and once more snapped his fingers. He gave the signal for me to follow him outside to the patio.

The patio was large and like everything else concealed from prying eyes. Large evergreen trees not only prevented the neighbors on either side from viewing the Carters, but they also acted as a screen to reduce any sounds, such as someone crying for if that could occur. The house was situated so that their back yard was bordering the lake. However, their property was high enough on the bluff so that boaters or those walking along the public beach would never be able to see anything.

There was a large rose garden in one corner and a gazebo in another. To the unsuspecting visitor it was a picture-perfect North Shore home. But I suspected that these features had dual purposes.

The patio was about forty feet square of concrete and tiles. A single line of tiles ran along the parameter of the concrete. The judge gave the hand signal to kneel and spread, which I did immediately.

“You have learned only a couple of hand signals," said the judge, “This morning, you will be taught the twelve basic hand signals, as well as distinguishing specific whistles and other nonverbal commands. Eventually you will memorize and comprehend well over one hundred and fifty of these commands.”

I was given the signal to rise. He pointed to the line of tiles and gave two quick whistles. I started to walk along the line, remembering to always sway my hips in a feminine manner.

Hours went by as I was drilled in these commands. Walk, stop, kneel, spread, rise, bend over, etc. I kept my eye on his hands, making sure that I never missed his next order. When I was out of eyesight I learned the various whistle patterns or finger snaps, and then to watch for the hand signal.

Mrs. Carter appeared on the patio. She had added a strap-on to her attire. She looked at the judge who gave her a nod. She gave a hand signal - the one for ‘offer’. I went to my knees, placed my head to the ground, spread my knees, grabbed my asscheeks and pulled them as far apart as I could. I felt the cold lube and soon after, the dildo.

She continued to pump my ass with the large rubber cock while she grabbed my balls with one hand and began to slightly squeeze them.

“Don’t you dare cum, Toy,” she said to me in a firm tone, “you are forbidden to cum, no matter what happens. To make sure of that, you will never, ever, enter me or any superior with your cock. Only my husband will have the privilege of fucking me with his cock. You will never touch your cock...or else. This is why I colored your cock and balls blue. It is to indicate to others that you are never to receive sexual pleasure with your cock. You will provide us with hours of pleasure, while you receive none.”

She unstrapped the dildo and left it in my ass, with me still holding the ‘offer’ position. I waited for the next command; and waited; and waited. I could feel the sun overhead and eventually moving behind me. All the while I held position, knowing that they were watching me. They were waiting for me to move from the spot, or to release the grip I had on my ass. My body ached from staying like this. My knees, hands and especially my ass hurt as I held the dildo inside me.

I heard the judge whistle. I slowly moved my head towards him. He gave the hand signal to rise. I held the dildo inside me just to make certain that this wasn’t a trick.

He gave the signal for me to spread my legs. I did so and he then took hold of the large rubber cock. I let it slip out of me. I felt a great deal of relief as the large mushroom-shaped head left my hole with a small ‘pop’.

I followed him back inside the house. My legs were unsteady and I almost forgot how to walk, but I quickly recovered. We went into the living room. They sat down in two wing chairs in front of their wide-screen television and I was ordered to kneel between them. The judge turned on the remote to the TV and then to a DVD player. As I watched alongside the Carters, there was an all-to familiar sight on the screen. It was the recordings the Carters took last night.

“I’ve edited it down to the best parts,” the judge said as I watched myself on the screen. I wanted to turn away or close my eyes, but I knew they were not going to let me avoid this torture. So, I watched as I saw myself repeatedly serving them sexually. Sucking cock; being fucked. Enduring the humiliation of my submission to them. When it was over I was crying.

“Now you’re ruining your makeup, Toy,” said Mrs. Carter as she cleaned my eyes with a tissue. “Toys don’t cry. They don’t laugh or make any other noise. Toys are objects without any feelings.”

The judge added, “Toys also have no gender or sexual preferences. Toys exist to serve all who wish to use it. Toys have no limits as they have no purpose except to be used.”

“We will determine how, when, where and who will use you,” said Mrs. Carter. “You will serve us, our friends, our guests, clients, business associates or anyone else who is invited to our home.”

“You will also become our domestic slave and will perform whatever tasks we give you,” continued the judge. “You will perform these tasks immediately, completely and without hesitation or question.”

The Carters rose from their chairs and gave me the signal to rise and follow them. I obeyed and we went into the kitchen. Mrs. Carter opened the refrigerator and took out a container. She went to the blender and emptied the contents into it. She switched on the blender until whatever was in it had turned into a soupy mixture.

The judge whistled and gave me the signal to kneel and spread at his feet. I did so, watching Mrs. Carter as she took a bowl out of a cabinet and filled it with the soupy mix. She placed the bowl on the floor and gave me the signal to crawl to her. As I approached her I could see that the bowl was actually a dog’s dish. On the bowl the word TOY was printed. In the bowl was the brown soupy mixture. I looked at the bowl and then at Mrs. Carter. She gave a new hand signal. “This means ‘Eat’, Toy,” she said.

I looked at the stuff she had given me. I put my face to the bowl and sniffed. It smelled like beef stew. I was apprehensive about eating it, but I knew that if I didn’t I would be punished. Besides, I was hungry and I hadn’t eaten anything since Friday morning. I took a lick from the bowl. It was beef stew, just liquified by a blender into a sloppy mess. I quickly ate the bowl’s contents as I wasn’t sure if they would order me to stop. I cleaned the bowl, licking off every drop of the stew.

I heard the judge whistle and he gave me the signal to follow him on all fours. I crawled behind him as we went up the stairs and into their bedroom. Mrs. Carter had already changed into her catsuit and laid down on the bed, her legs spread wide. I was given the ‘offer’ signal, which I immediately obeyed. I soon felt something enter my ass. It wasn’t a dildo. It was much shorter but a lot thicker. It was painfully stretching my hole wide. Then it became quite narrow and my hole closed around it. The judge then pressed against the intruder and it suddenly began to buzz and vibrate.

The judge signaled for me to climb up on the bed. The thing in my ass distracted me and I soon felt a heavy rubber strap against my rear. I took my place between Mrs. Carter’s legs and waited for the next command. She was already quite wet and ready for me. She smiled and fingered herself. The vibrator was making me horny as well, but she had not yet given the order. Then I felt the need to cum. No! I told myself, cumming was forbidden!. At least I still had some ability to remember that. I fought the urge as bet as I could while watching her play with her clit and hearing her moan with pleasure.

“I don’t think Toy can take much more,” chuckled the judge, who was enjoying the show while zooming in with the camera on my face.

Mrs. Carter looked at me and gave me the signal for me to eat her out. I complied and brought her to several orgasms during the course of the evening. While the vibrator had not stopped at least I could concentrate on her rather than just sit there watching her. Eventually she signaled for me to stop. She was exhausted but extremely happy. The judge pulled the vibrator out of my rear and gave me the signal to kneel and spread. My ass was still buzzing from the effects of the vibrator. At first I anticipated his wanting me to suck his cock. Instead he directed me to crawl and follow him.

We went back to the first bedroom. He gave the signal for me to assume a deep squatting position. I lowered myself until I was almost sitting on the floor. My knees ached and it was not easy to keep my balance. The judge positioned a camera in front of me and turned it on.

“You have been a very obedient Toy,” he said. “You’ve done everything we told you, with only a few instances where we had to apply discipline. You also have done very well in pleasuring the both of us. You still have much to learn in terms of providing sexual pleasure, but we believe you will learn quickly.”

The judge took from the dressing table drawer some documents and laid them on the top. Then he stepped behind me, unlocked my collar and removed it from my neck. Then he took hold of the rubber hood and began to pull it off my head. It was not easy as I had worn it since Friday evening. Eventually it came off. My face and head were covered in sweat and my hair was greasy and matted. He stepped back behind the camera and retrieved the documents. He laid them at my feet, then sat down in a chair and watched me struggle to keep from falling.

After several minutes, my legs were getting wobbly and numb in places. My knees had gone from a mild ache to a burning pain. I could take it no longer and croaked, “Please,” to the judge. I could talk! It wasn’t very loud, but at least I could say something.

“Yes, the dumb cane has worn off, although your cock is still hard," said the judge, “but, finish what you need to say.”

I looked at him. I didn’t understand what he wanted. As the pain in my knees grew, I realized what he was expecting me to say.

“Please...Sir!” The judge sat there without saying a word. “Please...Please...MASTER!” I cried out.

The judge signaled me to kneel and spread. I did so. There was still some pain as my legs were still flexed, but it was better than the squat.

“That’s all you had to do. Acknowledge me as your Master. My wife you will call Mistress, when we allow you to speak. Otherwise you will remain silent," said the judge “There are some last little items to take care of and you will officially become our employee... and our Toy.”

He took the documents from the table and placed them in front of me. “This is an employment contract. It notes that you have agreed to work for us for a period of three years. You will be compensated this amount here. These funds will be deposited to an offshore bank account in your name. Extensions will be determined on the anniversary date of this contract.”

I looked at the contract. Nothing in it referred to my being a sex slave, servant or the type of work this was. It was purposefully vague so that any lawyer could see nothing sinister in it.

“You will sign this contract. Then you will sign the other two documents.”

I was given a pen and the judge pointed where I was to sign. He then placed another document in front of me. This was a Power of Attorney. I read it. Like the Employment Contract it was vague enough to say that I was giving control of my major decisions to the judge and Mrs. Carter. I signed it, not realizing later what this meant. Then the judge handed me the final document. At the top was written, in large script, ‘Letter of Understanding’. It said:

“This Letter notes that the undersigned has with full knowledge and understanding hereby surrenders its rights and freedom, in exchange for the agreed upon item of value.

The undersigned henceforth while in the service of its OWNER(s) will obey all instructions and perform any and all tasks given to it. The undersigned understands that disobedience or failure to comply will result in discipline, the type, intensity and duration determined solely by its OWNER(S).”

I looked at that word again “OWNER(S)”. This was a slave contract. Oh, it didn’t say “slave” but this is what it meant. I looked at the judge.

“Technically, Slave Contracts are not legally binding," said the judge, “I could not use this in a Court of Law. This is more symbolic than anything else, although it is evidence that you were not coerced into this.”

I continued to read the letter.

“With the signature on this Letter, the undersigned has agreed to relinquish its previous identity, and henceforth be known now and forever only as ‘TOY’.”

There was a place for me to sign and date the letter. A second signature was for the judge to acknowledge my acceptance.

My hands shook as I signed all three forms. What was I doing? I asked myself. What I was doing was to whore myself out to the judge and Mrs. Carter and accept all their perversions in exchange for money. I could have held out, left them when the weekend was over, and kept my self-respect. But I had given that up when I first said yes to Mrs. Carter and her huge tits.

The judge then gathered the documents, signed them and then handed me a card.

He adjusted the camera and pressed another switch. “Read what’s on the card, then look into the camera and repeat what the card says.”

I read it.

“This slave is now called ‘Toy’. ‘Toy’ belongs to its Owners and ‘Toy’ will obey them as long as they wish to keep ‘Toy’.”

I now felt the weight of what I was saying. I hesitated. I then felt the judge’s riding crop on my ass!

“Start over Toy!,” he said gruffly “This time all the way through.”

I complied. The last line was: “Toy will do whatever Toy’s Owners say and Toy knows that it will be punished if Toy does not obey.”

“Very good, Toy.” said the judge. He pulled the hood back on my head and relocked the collar. “It didn’t take as much effort as I first thought to get you to sign the contract.” He gathered the documents and opened another drawer. He pulled out my wallet and began to empty it. “Let’s see, driver’s license, student id, the usual,” he said. He turned on a shredder next to the table and dropped everything into it, including the contract.

“Your interview went so well that instead of having you as a weekend slave, we decided to make it permanent. Signing the contract was more of a psychological tool. To see if we broke you down enough that you would sign it. You didn’t disappoint us. As I said, the contract itself is not legally binding. However, we will have you trained to the point that you will never think of escaping. There is much for you to learn. Days and nights of training to make you a perfect Toy.”

Mrs. Carter entered the room. “I see you gave Toy the good news,” she said. “We haven’t had a worthy Toy for a long time.” She looked at the judge. “I’ve made the calls and they’ll be ready for pick-up on Tuesday.”

The judge pulled on the leash and I knew there was no going back. They took me back to the playroom. In the corner was an old wooden trunk. The lid was open.

Mrs. Carter took an inflatable butt plug and shoved it up my rear. Then she pumped it up until there was no way I could possibly expel it. The judge took what looked like an oversized condom and pulled it over my cock and strapped it in place. A tube ran from the rubber into a large plastic bag.

“We don’t want you making a mess in the Toy Box,” chuckled Mrs. Carter.

“All toys go back into the Toy Box when not in use. Get in!” said the judge. He saw me shaking. “Nothing to fear. There are plenty of air holes in the Toy Box.”

I looked at them. Mrs. Carter gave the hand signal for “Down Toy.” There was no escape. I stepped into the trunk and lowered myself in. Mrs. Carter took the dildos and other things they used on me and threw them into the trunk. The judge closed the lid, and I was in darkness. The last thing I heard was the locks clicking shut.

Have you been listening to me? No, you haven’t heard a word. Maybe I was just imagining you could hear me. Maybe they did cut my vocal cords, or at least alter them so that I would never be able to speak. That was when the plastic surgeon worked on me. The one who altered my face and pumped all that filler into my lips. Huge lips to a toothless mouth. Yes, the oral surgeon did an extensive job on me. Thick lips, smooth mouth, studded tongue. Toys have to suck cock and eat pussy at all times. Toys must please and do it with 100% efficiency.

You look at my feet. Yes, look at them. The orthopedic surgeon took a lot of pride in his work. The heels to the shoes are incredibly high. I’m in a ‘en pointe’ position... Permanently.

As for the rest, I am a Toy. I’m not a man nor am I a woman.


You take the neckline of my rubber French Maid’s uniform and pull it down, exposing my breasts. You play with my nipples. I’m 54-18-36 FF cup; more a cartoon figure than a living person. 18 is Mrs. Carters ‘lucky number’, so they went by that in figuring out my sizes.

Yes, there is more but you’ll find out. You tell me to lift and I take hold of the skirt and petticoats of my skin-tight uniform and pull up. You see my cock, hard and throbbing. It’s more reflex now rather than actual sexual desire. Like other things, it too has been altered. 18 inches in length. Useless because of the multiple piercings through it, including the OO gauge ring through the head. My balls each 18” in circumference. They aren’t real. Oh no. They are implants as well; placed into my extremely stretched-out scrotum.

You walk behind me and tell me to bend over and lift. I do so. Showing you my rear hole. The one filled with a dildo made from a mold of my own modified cock. It’s difficult to keep in and I squeeze my ass muscles hard to keep it from falling out.

That is why you are here. That is why I’m trying to tell you what happened to me. The Carter’s have grown tired of me. I’ve been used so much over the years that my ass is no longer tight enough for the judge, and I’m not as good at eating Mrs. Carter’s pussy as I used to be.

I stand at attention and look at you.

You don’t understand! Behind you are the Carters! You don’t hear them as you are too busy playing with me! She has the hypodermic in her hand and he is reaching for you.

Turn around! Turn around! This isn’t a job interview!




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