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Storycodes: Solo-M; fem; latex; cd; M/mm; kidnap; bond; bodymod; nc; X

Mark and Tony shared an apartment together, they had been friends since high school. At school they were considered geeks, always together and A-grade students. They both majored in various sciences and now worked for the same corporation in the Advanced Technology department.

Their latest project was a material called fleshtex. It was as flexible as latex but had a real skin feel about it. Once perfected it was going to change the sex toy industry. Mark had been putting in a lot of extra hours for past few months, working late and spending a lot of time on his own little project.

The two friends were both around the same size, pretty small that was. At around 5’ 6 ’’ and weighing around 110lbs the guys were not too lucky with women. Mark had been developing a face mask from the fleshtex, along with a set of false breasts. He was able to pick colour of his choice and decided on his own skin. Secretly he’d always fancied dressing up as a woman, although he wasn’t gay.

Mark finished up at work and slipped his mask and breasts into his ruck sack. It was late and most of the staff had already gone home. He made a quick stop in one of the other labs, in here they were developing a new form of fake hair. It was a remarkable piece of kit, It started as just a small latex cap. On the inside was a small recess were you would put a small microchip to create a particular style and hair colour. Mark found the one he wanted and slipped them in his bag. On the way out he would normally have his bag checked, but Mark knew the guard pretty well and always stopped for a quick chat. After about five minutes of football talk he said goodbye to the guard, who didn’t check his bag.

At home he walked in to find a note from Tony saying he was at the local bar having a few beers. Great thought Mark some privacy to try his new experiment. After a quick shower he went to his room, grabbing his back pack he emptied the contents on his bed. First he took the latex hair cap and inserted the chip, the hair would take around thirty minutes to formulate before it grew to the required length. The growth would only take five minutes itself. He placed it on his head, making sure he had it positioned right. Next was the mask, the fleshtex was truly remarkable, it had been through many trials and was suitable for long term wear. It would also allow the hair from the cap to grow through it, creating the perfect look.

Mark put the mask on his head, it completely covered his head down to his neck. He made some final adjustments until he was happy. The mask didn’t need any make up, he had already made sure that it was made up in the lab at work. The colours of the red lipstick and eye make up would last for as long as the mask would. He checked the mirror, happy that everything was in place he attached a small chip under the flap of the neck. The fleshtex started to shrink and stretch over his face, he watched in the mirror in amazement as the mask formed. Within a few minutes it had finished the process and Mark couldn’t believe the results. He was now looking at a drop dead gorgeous bald woman’s face.

Mark was getting excited, his cock was as hard as he could remember, and he fumbled around in his bag to find his breasts. He pulled them out of the bag and inspected them, they were designed to be worn like a normal top. He slipped them on and positioned them before inserting the chip to shrink them onto his body. By the time they had shrunk he was staring in the mirror at his 36c cup breasts, he desperately wanted to masturbate but resisted the urge.

Mark reached under his bed and retrieved a large chest with a padlock on, he unlocked it and opened it up to reveal a selection of women’s clothes and shoes. Most of them were normal clothes but a few were on the kinky side. He selected a handful of items and proceeded to get dressed. First was a leather corset, he slipped it on and began to tighten it. It took all of his strength to finish lacing the corset, but the results were well worth it.

Mark now had an amazing figure to go with his new breasts which were even more sexy now they had been pushed up by the corset. As he studied himself in the mirror he noticed his hair was starting to grow through. He sat and watched as the hair grew down to mid-back length. The finished product was amazing, not only was his new brunette hair ultra realistic but it was perfectly styled as well. Mark was now looking like a perfect woman from the hips up. He looked down and decided he needed to shave his legs.

Twenty minutes later Mark was back from the bathroom fully shaved, he even done his pubes. His cock was starting to get hard again, so he grabbed a pair of black latex knickers and pulled them on. It was awkward but he managed to tuck his cock between his legs before pulling them up. Next he slipped on some nylon stockings and clipped them up to his corset. All that was left was his black dress and 3’’ stiletto heels with ankle strap.

The transformation was complete, he looked perfect. As he paraded around he had a wild thought. Mark quickly tidied everything up and found a small handbag in his chest of goodies. He grabbed some cash and his keys, then left the apartment and headed for the bar were Tony was.

Mac Deveraux was the CEO at Deveraux Corp, he was just getting ready to leave the office when the phone rang.

`Deveraux, speak’ he said.

`Security here Sir, we’ve had an unauthorised chip go active’.


`Downtown Sir.’

`Retrieve it, and whoever has it, and bring them to me. Immediately.’

The line went dead as he slammed the phone down.

As Mark walked up to the bar entrance a black van pulled up next to him, at the same instant, Tony stumbled out of the bar door. The side door of the van slid open and small wires streamed from the van and stuck to Mark, who instantly dropped to the floor. Tony, being an upstanding citizen saw the woman being tazered and tried to intervene and save her. Unfortunately he suffered the same fate and both were dragged unconscious into the back of the van.

When Mark awoke he was sitting in a plush leather chair, he was also nursing a major headache.

`I see your awake my dear’ said Deveraux from his own chair across the room in the dark.

`Where am I, and who the fuck are you’ said Mark.

`Well it seems that you're not quite the beautiful lady you appear to be, judging by your voice.’

Deveraux stood up and moved into the light.

`Oh shit’ said Mark. `Mr Deveraux, please………….’

Mark was cut short as Deveraux raised his hand.

`Well you obviously know who I am, the question is who are you? And where are my microchips?’

`Sir my name is Mark Thompson, I work in ATD, the chips are in……..err….my….err…, Sir.’

`Interesting, very interesting’ said Deveraux as he came closer to inspect Mark. He grabbed Marks chin and moved it from side to side. `Not to bad for a first attempt, but you’re a long way behind,’ he said as he waived to a security guard to the rear of the room. Before he knew it, Mark was tazered for a second time.

This time Mark awoke in what looked like a hospital. It was in fact one of Deveraux’s secured labs. Mark couldn’t move and felt very sore in his groin area. A few minutes later a Doctor appeared. `Don’t worry, you’ve been temporarily paralysed until the wound heals. In the meantime just relax and you should be out of here in a few weeks’.

Mark tried to respond but the paralysis had obviously been everything. The Doctor checked a few things and left.

Six weeks had passed, Mark no longer felt any soreness in his groin. The medical staff had been in many times but not one person had told him what had been done. Finally a Doctor spoke to him. `Ah, now then young man it appears you are ready to depart us.’

At last thought Mark, he could find out what had been done. The Doctor injected something into Marks arm, then all went blank.

When he awoke for the third time he found himself standing spread eagled. Ropes held him in place and he was blindfolded. At least he had his feelings back he thought. A few minutes passed then he was being dowsed in some form of liquid, it was stinging him a little but wasn’t too bad. Finally he was cleaned off with warm water. Then he heard the familiar voice of Deveraux.

`Welcome back Mr Thompson, I trust you enjoyed your stay with my medical staff?’

`What have you done to me?’ Marks voice was croaky.

`Just a minor modification to your body, nothing to worry about’.

`Modification? What the fuck have you done’ shouted Mark, his voice cleared a bit as he shouted but sounded high. There was a sudden light as his blindfold was removed.

`See for yourself’ said Deveraux.

Mark looked down at his body, apart from being completely hairless he didn’t notice anything wrong. Wait a minute he thought, where’s my cock!
`Where’s my cock?’ he shouted, this time much more feminine. `Oh shit, my voice, what the fuck have you done to me?’ said Mark as tears formed in his eyes.

`Don’t worry too much, your still a man, technically speaking.’

`What’s with my voice and where’s my cock?’ said Mark trying to keep his temper at bay.

`You’ve had some surgical procedures done, obviously, we’ve tinkered with your voice box and the Doctors have somehow managed to hide your Adams apple. As for your cock, well it’s been relocated shall we say’.


`Yes, the surgeons have opened you up and re-arranged your penis to be on the inside. Your balls have been removed completely. There is no vagina, just a small obtrusion for you to pee.’

Mark was in shock, more tears were rolling down his face.


`Various reasons really’ replied Deveraux. `For starters, you stole from me, I don’t like thieves. Secondly, you seem to enjoy being a woman and last of all, I need you for my experiments.’

`What experiments’ said Mark.

Deveraux signalled to someone behind Mark, then three assistants came forward with a body suit. It was made out of fleshtex and had only one opening at the neck. Mark started to thrash in his bonds, there was no way he going to let Deveraux get away with this.

A fourth assistant appeared and gave Mark a sedative. He felt his body go limp but was still conscious. He was let down and placed on a table, the four assistants then went about fitting the suit on him. Finally a mask similar to his own creation was put on his head. Deveraux gave the go ahead and a microchip was installed at the back of his neck. The suit did it’s shrinking trick and before long Mark was transformed once again. Except this time it seemed to feel more permanent. Another injection and Mark felt his limbs come alive. He got off the table and went to a big mirror on the wall, the reflection was an image of beauty. He stood there for a few minutes, feeling his breasts and face. The fleshtex was ultra sensitive, much more than his own version. He seemed to accept his position and turned to Deveraux.

`Will I ever be able get this reversed?’

`It’s possible, the suit could be removed and the surgery reversed somewhat, but, your cock will never work properly again. I’m afraid you’ll be better off as you are, besides you won’t even remember who you were after the first year my little slut.’

`Sorry, did you call me slut?’

`Yes, I did slut, and from now on you will address me as Master, is that understood?’

`Fuck you’ said Mark as he made a run for the door. He got all of around five paces before he felt the now almost familiar tazer in his back.

Mark came around to a burst of pain in his shoulders, the armbinder pulling his shoulders painfully back as his elbows almost touched. His legs were also hurting as they were bound at ankle, above and below the knees and thighs. In turn they were bent up and his ankles were tied off to his thighs. He could feel a large plug up his arse and a huge ball gag harness was tightly strapped to his head. His head was pulled back by a rope attached to his ankles. It was a vicious hogtie. On a table next to him was another woman in identical bondage, they were both in pain with tears rolling down their faces.

Deveraux entered the room, he looked at his two new slaves and smiled. `Welcome to your new life my little sluts. From now on you will devote your life to pleasing me, you are both incapable of receiving pleasure as you’ve probably gathered from your hole-less pussies. They are just for show, but rest assured I will make full use of your other holes.’

He got up and left, laughing as he left the room.

The two women looked at each other, each wondering what the other did to get in this mess. They probably would never realise they were once flatmates……



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