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Installation 1: Mannequin

by Cdpx

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© Copyright 2008 - Cdpx - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; wrap; plaster; mould; mannequin; latex; display; mast; cons; X

Installation 1: Mannequin

It had been dark for few hours now. As an artists model she had been on some strange assignments, assumed some strange poses and worn some odd clothing but now she was being paid to be cast as a mannequin for a maker of shop dummies. She was to be the new shape, her face and body in shop displays, staring back at the strolling window shoppers.

She had initially been partly covered in cling film and then the plaster had been poured over her lower body and then allowed to set. Next the top half of her body was cast and then just her face. It was a simple pose, lying down with her toes pointed and her fingers splayed out. It was quite relaxing too. That was yesterday and now it was the final session.

She wondered what was happening now as she had been perfectly still for some time. Suddenly she realised that she was moving, as though she was being moved into an upright position. This sitting  must nearly be finished, she thought. A little boring really, just lying around trying to stay awake. in fact she was sure she had dozed off a few times.

This time round she had to lie in a rubber lined mould into which she fitted perfectly and which constituted the back half of the dummy, then the front half was placed over her. She had two tubes to breathe through which were inserted gently into her nostrils. The temperature seemed to increase somewhat, perhaps they had to melt the plaster and try again.

Oh well, she thought. I'll just get some more sleep then. Not so bad.

The rubber mould fitted flawlessly around her. Her toes were pointed like a ballet dancer on point and her fingers splayed out like a goalkeepers.

There was light and sound all around her suddenly. She heard loud music and saw bright  lights in front of her. She tried to turn her head but found that she couldn't. She tried to move her eyes but her field of vision was limited to directly in front of her. She tried moving her fingers, hands, arms, toes, feet, legs anything but they just wouldn't budge. She couldn't even open her mouth.

What was going on and where was she now ?

She tried to breathed deeply and caught the aroma of rubber.

Now she realised that she could feel something tight around her whole body. A constant, steady pressure.

It was rubber, she had worn a rubber top and gloves to a party before and the look and feel had been fantastic but why couldn't she move ?

Her arches, calfs and thighs were all in a straight line as she was standing on the very tips of her toes. She felt hot and sweaty, a thin layer of sweat covered her body. she was totally enclosed, surrounded by rubber, unable to move. She felt a distant unease in her loins begin to increase.

What was that !

Before her eyes, a rubber clad figure ?

She stared hard and then realised that she was looking at a mannequin opposite her, clad in shiny, highly reflective black latex, wearing knee high ballet boots that had nine inch heels on them. A black leather corset covered its torso from the stomach to just under the rubber enclosed breasts. On the head was a mask with eye and mouth holes revealing long, large lashes, blue eyes and pouting red lips.

Someone was walking over to the mannequin. She could see them opposite her.

Hang on a minute they've just appeared in front of me and touched the corset.

Oh no, that's my refelection I'm looking at.

I'm the mannequin.

Part Two

Suzie squirmed in her latex prison.

She looked again at the figure opposite which was her. Not now though, an Amazonian figure of fibreglass and rubber. She was sweating, all over; her body was bathed in sweat. She was hot all right but not just with the heat of being enclosed.

Oh no. She felt a tingle all over.

'It was a good job she wasn't claustrophobic', she thought.

She wriggled what she could, her toes, fingers, nose, and ears, one of her party tricks. Her sweat drenched body slid a few millimetres in the all-enveloping rubber.

She was feeling very turned on. Her nipples were now erect like chapel hat pegs.

She thrust her hips forward in order to touch the rubber and encountered a little rubber covered protrusion which pressed on her clitoris and found that her own lips were pressed against internal rubber lips which encased her own. These could be useful she grinned to herself.

There was nothing else, she couldn't use her hands or squeeze her thighs together or really rock her hips and she didn't have any anal or vaginal intrusions, which she thought about and wondered what they would feel like. In her few years on the planet she'd never been really adventurous about sex. Her experience with men was nil, boys one but not anything to get excited about. A quick fumble behind a pub in the dark with a drunken teenager like herself. It had always amazed her that boys had been scared of her and her fierce intellect. She'd always been independent and dressed as she pleased, Goth, punk, hippy, beatnik, indie kid you name the tribe she'd tried the look.

She pressed herself against the protrusion. Her clitoris rubbed on the smooth surface of the now slightly wet rubber nodule, perhaps a flash in the moulding process, she didn't know, she didn't care, just that it was proving to be pleasurable as she gyrated her hips the micro movement she was allowed.

She moaned and took shallower breaths. Her eyes dilated slightly. She shivered with anticipation. Her eyes stopped focusing on the outside world and gazed inwards. Focusing on the one point of pleasure in her world. Her lips were becoming engorged as well as her clitoris the hood of which slipped open allowing her moist clitoris to directly touch the object of her desires. Her whole body flushed in sympathy with her mind. She was getting very worked up. The muscles of her tightly clenched buttocks were busy working overtime.

Her prison was swimming in sweat as the sinews and muscles of her body tensed and contracted, her hips thrust forward and backward in their micro movement, her breath came like a steam engine and her fingers and toes pointed and strained to break free and taste the air outside the fibreglass. Then she felt her body tensing, tensing, her mind focused on the impending explosion of ecstasy and pow! She exploded with joy, relief, happiness, euphoria, an orgasm of such ferocity and power that she had never experienced before.

In the afterglow of that orgasmic experience, even with so much energy taken from her she felt wide-awake, her senses heightened and attuned to every little nuance.

She looked around her as best she could, straight ahead. She examined herself, well not bad. Mind you those aren't my breasts or nipples, that isn't my groin on display for all and sundry. I do like those boots and the corset and even the hood and gloves. She had been something of an exhibitionist and extravert but that had always been hiding behind a look, within a like minded group of people.

Now, in London, studying for a degree in art appreciation, she was where she wanted to be. Ok, so she took a job as an artist's model during term time because it paid well for sitting about on her arse, in her opinion a thing of beauty, and it was only a body, many of which she herself had drawn in life classes, and she needed the money.

Now in the summer she needed a job in order to stay in the smoke rather that go back home to the quiet dullness of the provinces. She loved it in London. This though was a different gig. Well paid, for a husband and wife team of artists. Carlos and Valentina Dewhurst, or DUO Design for this piece, a commission to produce a shop dummy or M.A.P. (Masters at Play, Carlos had called it) for their own art works. He considered themselves to be master craftsman. She had been taken on for the summer, to model and help with the making of art pieces and even installations.

She must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing she knew her view had changed, she was looking at nothing but a white expanse. She heard and felt the vibrations of a hammer and chisel striking her outer form.

'I hope they know what they're doing', she thought somewhat concerned for her safety. Then she heard the whine of an electric saw blade. She panicked and started screaming and shouting but no one could hear her. Then the whirring blade stopped and the top half of the dummy was lifted off. The air around rushed over her dried sweat encrusted body and bought a shiver to her.

"Well that went rather well," came the voice of Carlos.

She got up unsteadily and looked around.

"Hello again, Suzie." said Valentina.

She was back in the studio where the last moulding of her body had taken place.

"We've got some great pictures and video footage of you in situ," said Carlos excitedly.

Valentina wrapped a robe around Suzie's shivering naked body.

"How are you? Ok? How about a shower? You look like you need one," said Valentina reassuringly.

"I'm all right." said Suzie blankly. "What was all that?" she asked.

"We made some dummies of your body for a client and then cast you as one for an installation we put together for that same client," Carlos explained.

"Oh, I see, I think." said Suzie bewildered. "Who?" she asked.

"A friend and patron if you like," replied Vanessa, "Sabine Von Braun."

"Oh right, of course." Suzie said still no wiser.

"While you're having a shower you can think about an offer we've got. We've got some more work, installations. Of course you'll receive a bonus for this overtime, but we'd like to use you. You'll get about a hundred pounds a day when you are required on top of what we're already paying," said Valentina earnestly looking into Suzie's eyes. 



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