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I Wish...

by RubbermanBD

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Storycodes: M/f; majick; latex; catsuit; transform; mind-control; mast; reluct; XX

Chapter 1

Marc couldn‘t believe his eyes. The old oil lamp – yeah, the stereotypical one – he had picked up at a yard sale and started to clean up spewed out a thick cloud of smoke, which then solidified into a really hot – again, stereotypical – Dschinniya. The gauze-like top, bottom and pants did little to hide her perfect body. Black hair down to her ass, bronze skin, piercing eyes, very clearly visible nipples punched through the thin material, and her neatly trimmed landing strip lead a viewer’s gaze down towards the clearly visible folds between her legs.

السلام عليكم يا سيدي. كيف يمكنني خدمتك؟

He couldn‘t understand much of what she said (apart from the “salam alaikum” part), but her voice was smooth like honey or aged whiskey.

شكرا لك على الإفراج عني. ماهي امنيتك؟

More words flowed from her heavenly mouth, with dark red lipstick and brilliant white teeth. Marc finally broke out of his stupor. “I’m sorry, honey, but I don’t understand a word you are saying,” he uttered, more to himself than to her, not expecting an ancient supernatural being to be versed in the art of the English language.

She slightly cocked her head, and after a moment replied: “I’m sorry, Master, please excuse my error of not addressing you in your native tongue. Peace be upon you. How can I serve you? You have released me, I bestow three wishes to you.”

Marc was amazed. Her English was perfect, not a hint of an accent. Well, perfect like the rest of her, he surmised. “Who are you? Where did you come from?” he asked.

“I’m Rashida, daughter of Hammari. I was born 4524 years ago in Kisurra, and due to my inexperience at 17 years of age, fell for the false promises of a rogue Dschinni. I was trapped in the lamp until the end of time. By being released, which can only happen once every other century, and only by a male master, I can grant wishes to my new master.”

“So, I’m the first person to clean the lamp this century?” - “Not exactly, master. The previous owner of this lamp was a woman, so even if I had wanted, she couldn’t release me. She had owned the lamp for 30 years, and the last master released me in 1903. So, you are the first male to clean my home this century. Therefore, you are my new master, and I grant you three wishes. Have you chosen yet?”

What followed were several questions from Marc as to the details and possible caveats of her offer. After all, you don’t grow up in the Internet age without looking at and reading porn, and the inevitable stories about wishes going wrong. Rashida patiently described the limits of both her power and the limits of wishes she was willing to grant (so, yeah, no “more wishes” wish or “be my sex-slave forever”, going against the former and the latter rules), and she also promised not to twist his wish in a way that he wouldn’t intend by maliciously interpreting it and using loopholes in the wording. She also said she would be forced to remain as his personal servant until his life ended, at which point she’d be confined once again to her lamp until the next master came around.She noted that her services would be limited by the natural world, so no supernatural powers, and also sex with him would not be part of her services. Marc, not wanting to be an asshole, corrected her as he didn’t want a “servant”, but rather something more classy, like an “assistant”, though he reckoned in essence it was more or less the same, just depending on the way he’d be treating her. Though, of course, considering her looks he really would love to have her as more than just an assistant...

Finally, being mostly satisfied with her descriptions and information, he thanked her and let her “turn in” while he thought about what he wanted. Rashida thanked him for his interest and dissolved into smoke again, returning to the lamp.

Marc, though having seen it with his own eyes, still couldn’t believe this was happening to him. A Dschinniya, a real lamp-ghost. And the possibility to get wishes fulfilled. Something supernatural.

Lots of ideas quickly popped into his mind. The usual, and the unusual. Marc wasn’t stupid, so he didn’t just blurt out some crap he’d regret as quickly as it was uttered.

Number one and two were pretty clear. Health and longevity, which could – from her descriptions – be covered by a single wish. She could and would not provide immortality and invulnerability, so he’d settle for good health, quick healing, and “good genes”-type long life. He could still die from an accident or murder a day after the wish, but that might happen also without the wish. The second wish would ensure he’d have a comfortable, though not lavish life. Which also reduced the risk of dying from some robbery... being really rich made people envious, and he also didn’t care much about the “0.1-percenter” lifestyle.

The third wish was a bit more tricky. His income secured by wish number two would take care of most worldly desires that could be bought with money. So he could concentrate on some not so usual ideas he might have.

Now, Marc was – for everybody who knew him – just your average late-20s guy. Steady job, nice friends, a simple clean home, currently single. Somewhat of a computer geek, though not quite looking like most of the nerds. What nobody knew about was his kinky side. Not necessarily the typical, simple hard-core porn stuff many guys are into, but more elaborate and to the point. He loved women with decent bodies in tight clothes, like spandex, latex or leather. He wasn’t picky as to the women’s assets, more like an “equal opportunity hot looks” guy – nice rack, sure. Nice ass? Yeah. Hourglass figure? Give it to me! Long, slender legs? Pretty face? Anytime. He didn’t necessarily need G-size jugs, or a fat wide ass to get turned on, he liked “complete packages”, be it the everyday neighbor beauty, a cheerleader, or a supermodel. Sure, a couple more “extreme” women would come to mind, too. And apart from a couple more specific wishes, he finally settled on something he expected would be able to fulfill his occasional desire for “something special”, some extraordinary bed-time companion.

The next day, after a good night’s rest, he carefully wrote up and double- and triple-checked the wording of his wishes to be brought before Rashida. He then called her from the lamp, and started out with his financial prosperity wish. He’d have “license payments” coming in from multiple companies for supposed patents and services, at certain rates with adaptation to inflation, ensuring he’d have a worry-free life up to the day he died. He’d also made sure that the amount would automatically adjust to new tax rules, so that his net income after taxes paid was relatively constant (after all, you can’t escape death or the IRS, so better make sure you pay your taxes). He also made sure he’d have an initial “lottery win” to allow him to get started in a new home, with all necessary amenities, without having to save up money for a while.

After Rashida had confirmed his wording, and asked him a last time whether he wanted her to grant the wish in the way she repeated, he confirmed. Without any grandeur or a “poof” Rashida just said, “granted." That was all. Marc pulled out his phone and checked his bank account. Partly as expected, but also somewhat surprisingly, the requested amount of money was shown as the new balance! Marc had a hard time containing his excitement. Here he was, not even thirty, and a seven-figure balance in his account! He also noticed that two additional transfers had been added, adding up to about a quarter of his monthly “income”; these would be appearing about once a week.

Next came his wish for health. His wording of the wish was rather long-winded, trying to make it very clear to what extent he wanted to be resilient to sickness and injuries. After all, he didn’t look forward to surviving some horrible accident for decades, suffering from unimaginable pain. As it was, supernatural healing beyond biological limits wasn’t anything Rashida could or would grant. Again, she repeated his request in her own words, and he confirmed. He had also added some requests in that would improve his body appearance and abilities, up to and including his ability for controlling and extending sexual “function” at will and to the desires of his (potential) sex partner.

Again, all she said was “granted." Considering the late addition to his wish, he willed his dick to get hard. Very hard. Within seconds, it did. And very successfully so – he couldn’t remember his member being as hard ever in his life. Next he concentrated on having his dick “perfect” in Rashida’s eyes. Which caused him somewhat of a surprise. “Sorry, Marc,” Rashida said, noticing his shocked look, and obviously being able to read his mind, “but even with you being my master, I’m still not really attracted to men...” At which point Marc understood the weird feeling in his crotch. He quickly thought about having his average-sized dick again, which to his relief promptly returned.

Finally, there came the time to ask Rashida for his third wish.

“I want some way to transform a person into any woman I choose, real or imaginary. She should desire to have sex with me for as long and as often I want. Once I decide I don’t want anymore sex with her, she will then change back, and will have no memory of what happened from the moment of initial transformation”

Rashida looked at him for a moment, thinking about his request. “This is pretty peculiar. Definitely something I haven’t been asked before” – “Well, is it within you ability to grant?” - “Yes, sure, master. Let’s see, you want to make anybody into somebody else who you think of or picture, they should then be extremely turned on and desire sex. Once you’ve been satisfied, they can turn back to who they were originally, and will be none the wiser as to what happened while they were someone else? Do you have any way of selecting how they should look?” Marc thought for a moment, then replied “How about an app on my phone, I add a picture to it, and once the person looks at the picture, they change!” - “Hm.” Rashida uttered, “I guess that would work. So, is that your wish?” - “Oh, and the app will of course be available on any mobile phone, tablet or computer I use!” he added as an afterthought, ensuring that in case his current phone would ever break, get lost, or be replaced, he’d still have access to his personal “magic”.

“OK. So, on whatever phone, tablet or computer you use, a program can load any picture of real or imaginary women. Anybody who will then be shown that picture will turn into that woman, and will be completely turned on, desiring sex for as long and as often as you wish. Once you are satisfied, they will turn back and not remember their time while being transformed. Is that your wish?” - “Yes," Marc replied.


After a short anticlimactic pause, Marc noticed his phone vibrate. Pulling up the screen he had a notification about a new app having been installed. He started it, and was greeted by a simple dialogue that prompted him to either enter the URL of a picture, select one from local storage, or use the camera to capture an image. Marc selected a picture from one of the Latex Facebook groups he was in, then held the phone up for Rashida to see. “Sorry, master, but this magic does not apply to me. Though I must say, your taste is quite – hm – special. Would you like me to dress similarly?”

Marc answered “yes” before he even thought about the implications. Within seconds, Rashida’s gauzy clothes had vanished, leaving her completely naked for just an instant, before a black, shiny very short mini-dress with long arms and a deep plunging neckline materialized on her. “Wait, didn’t you say once the wishes have been granted you’d be just a normal servant, ahem, assistant without special powers?” - “A woman needs a wardrobe, don’t you agree? Also the no magic part only applies to any services I deliver, not to myself. Otherwise, how would I get back into my lamp?”

Marc barely heard her words, so stunning did she look in the skin-tight latex. Sure, naked women are hot, transparent clothes even more so. But skin-tight latex... Her nipples were still poking noticeable dents into the elastic yet restricting material, and her ass looked amazing, accentuated by the hemline which just barely reached over the globes of her behind. Judging from the non-existent panty-line, he knew she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the dress... just as it should be when wearing latex. Which left Marc happy. Very happy. Not only was he looking forward to a long, healthy and care-free life, with sufficient money, and sex with any hot woman he could desire, he also had a magical assistant he could play “dress-up” with, albeit most likely without the prospect of ever getting her in bed. Or at least not her in person... a copy, on the other hand...

Chapter 2

While the prospect of getting himself any woman he wanted in his bed (or rather, the copy of any woman’s body he wished) was tempting, he decided he’d put his priorities in getting a new place to live and a decent car. The latter was a quick fix, heading out to a local dealer he dropped off his old clunker for a couple bucks trade-in rebate, and left the lot with a 2 year old, low-mileage Camaro. He’d always been a sucker for muscle cars, and while the new mid-engine Corvette would have been nice, he decided he didn’t want a brand new car, but a C7 wasn’t to his liking. So, Camaro for now it was, maybe in a year or two...

Next was a nice home. He didn’t want a “mansion” or villa, apart from the fact that due to his frugal wish he “only” wanted to spend something in the range of 500k to 1mil, which in his area would be sufficient for a very nice home in a decent neighborhood, albeit nothing huge. He and Rashida, should still be able to take care of the place without paying for some cleaning service. “Yeah, always the stingy type,” he thought to himself.

After browsing the local ads and house offers on the Internet, he settled for four places all represented by the same real estate agent. He scheduled a meeting with her at one of the homes, after which they’d go and take a look at the other three.

He’d asked Rashida before they headed out to change into something a little more sensible, which ended up being shiny black leggings, leather corset on top and a see-through blouse over it. She sure understood his preferences in women’s clothing. And he sure liked the way she changed her clothes, disintegrating her then-current latex minidress into thin air, her new clothes just appearing on her naked body. He appreciated that eye-candy very much.

Stacy, the agent, was already on site when they pulled into the driveway. She was dressed in the typical business attire, with a green blazer obviously part of their company CI; he assumed she was somewhere in her forties, still decently in shape for the age, though not anything in the “MILF” category for his taste. Though he thought that might be something he could change.

After a quick introduction they went inside, with her expertly describing all the amenities the house offered, infos about the grounds, as well as the HOA. While the house was nice, it was pretty much squatted in between the neighboring properties, leaving little real privacy especially in the backyard. Sure, it was more at the lower end of his planned investment, and he could fix the privacy part with a taller fence, but he decided he’d rather pay more for something less “public”.

Number two ended up being at a cul-de-sac, again, a nice house from the first impression, but seemed to require quite a bit of work, which could take many weeks - or months - to finish. He didn’t HAVE to move in quickly, but he WANTED to get away from his crammy apartment. And staying in the house while it was being fixed was more or less out of the question.

Number three was nice as far as the house and garden went, but being rather close to the highway (which he missed when checking the map - it seemed further away, but at least in reality, the noise was still rather annoying).

So, as he reckoned was usually the case with all house buyers, Marc expected number four to most likely to be the best out of his choices. He knew it had the biggest piece of land to it, and from the satellite images, the neighboring houses were a bit farther away. This was confirmed when they arrived. The driveway to the double garage was some 200 yards, and it had to be about the same distance to either side to the next houses. The house was a nice two-story place, and it even had a basement. While the base size wasn’t overwhelmingly large, the ground level was set up quite nicely, with a large open living and dining area leading to a rather big kitchen with central cooking isle and lots of cabinet space. It also had an adjacent storage room with another big freezer and plenty of room for storing food. A small-ish office space and a guest toilette completed the ground floor. The second floor had a master bedroom with large bathroom and a walk-in closet, which together rivaled Marc’s current appartment’s footage. Three more rooms were there, which were currently designated as a guest room, a children’s bedroom, and another spare room. Plus another smaller bathroom. Overall, only the kitchen and the master bedroom still had furniture, the latter being “only” a queen-size double bed, which Marc supposed he’d replace with at least a king-size, possibly bigger.

They then took a short look outside, where the property extended quite a bit into the fields. In total it had a size of well over an acre, and with the old trees lining the property borders towards both neighbors, they’d have plenty of privacy for enjoying their time both inside and outside the house. Marc imagined the backyard would be a perfect place to add an outside pool and jacuzzi; the grounds were laid out perfectly to catch lots of sun from late noon until nightfall.

Of course, again as to be expected, the last property was also the most expensive, coming in at almost 900k, but considering all facts, it would be money well spent. The three of them headed for the kitchen for some contract talk, and Marc was able to get a sizable discount based on a couple of - if he was honest, minor - flaws, and let Stacy know he would be buying. She was positively surprised that he’d be able to transfer the money without any delays for bank approvals, as soon as the contract and registration would be finalized. After some smalltalk, Marc reckoned this would be as good a time as any to test the possibilities of his third wish. Not having prepared anything, he pulled up his Facebook feed, scrolled through a couple of new posts in one of the Latex groups, and quickly decided that some nice young hotty with decently sized tits and ass in a red transparent catsuit would do nicely for a quick testrun. He copied the link to the app, and - almost hesitant - held the phone up to Stacy when the countdown was at 2. She looked puzzled for a second, then froze. Marc was afraid Rashida may have tricked him and Stacy would be cussing him out or worse, for showing that pornographic picture to her. But nothing like that happened. Instead, Stacy seemed to start shimmering, and then with a blinding flash of light, she changed into an exact copy of the woman in the picture.

Marc was awestruck. In part because it had worked, but mostly because - apart from Rashida - he had never been close to a woman as hot as this, much less one dressed in one of his fetishes. Stacy looked irritated at first, gazed down at herself, noticing the change in both her attire, and her body. Marc looked over to Rashida, but she just smiled a knowing smile as if to say “It’s alright, just wait a moment."

“What ... what is going on? What just happened?” came from a shocked Stacy’s mouth. “Did you do this to me? Why am I dressed like this?” She was obviously and understandably rattled by what had happened. Sure, when a normal everyday person is facing the reality that something magical just happened, you can’t expect them to be able to comprehend it. “I ... I’m ... naked” she noticed, even though that wasn’t quite the case. But to all intents and purposes, the transparent catsuit didn’t leave anything to the imagination. “What happened to me? Why do I sound differently? And what... what are these huge tits ... where did they come from? They aren’t mine..." Still, Stacy was struggling to make heads or tails of that new situation. Her left hand came up to the long blonde locks falling down almost to the top of her tits, her hair being almost twice as long as before. “What ... what did you do to me?”

Rashida smiled at her, “Don’t worry hun, everything is fine. Just give it a moment to adjust. Nothing bad will happen to you, quite the opposite," then continued towards Marc, “she’ll be ready in a few moments..."

Stacy seemed to get a grip on her new reality and coming out of her shock state, and tried to cover up her crotch and breasts with her arms and hands, suddenly getting more aware of her “nudeness” even though she had already noticed it earlier. But when she touched both zones, a slight moan escaped her mouth. Followed by her right hand pressing harder into her crotch. Her slightly opened mouth let out another moan, and another when her left hand had pinched her rapidly hardening right nipple. She threw her head back and let out yet another deep moan, then turned to Marc. The irritated look she’d had earlier after her transformation had changed. He could almost see a fire in her eyes - a fire of desire, of lust, of arousal. Her hand pressed harder against her crotch, found the zipper, opened it, then used the new-found opening to aggressively attack her sex, though even pushing deep inside herself couldn’t sate her hunger. Her hunger for Marc. For his dick, deep inside her. She needed to impale herself on him.

Slowly, like a tigress on the hunt, new Stacy got up, and with her right hand still fingering her clit, an almost constant moan emanating from her half-open mouth, she slowly walked towards Marc in her platform high-heels, slowly, almost deliberately putting one foot before the other, her hips performing an almost hypnotic sway. Stacy couldn’t think, couldn’t see anything but the man right there in front of her. The heat in her sex, in her breasts, burning with a desire that threatened to dissolve every synapse in her brain.

Marc saw her move on him like a predator, though he knew in reality the roles were reversed - he was the one who had made her into the sex-craving person now in front of him. All she did was a direct result of his wish - he had transformed this formerly middle-aged woman into a hot girl barely of legal age, dressed in latex that rather presented than hid her assets, and she was hopelessly addicted to him. Smiling, he got up, took her left hand that still lingered on her breast teasing her nipple, and led her towards the staircase and up to the master bedroom. Rashida couldn’t help licking her lips at the sight of the transformed woman, completely under the spell. She followed her master and his temporary pet upstairs, savoring the sight of Stacy’s ass in the tight embrace of the latex suit. Marc didn’t bother closing the door, so she just silently followed the couple, remaining at the doorway, which would still allow her a clear view of the couple’s love-making. Or rather fucking. There was no love. Just unbridled, wanton desire.

Even if he hadn’t wished for his total control over his dick, he would have been harder than ever before in his life. This woman was the epitome of everything that turned him on. Hot body, pretty face, and a perfectly fitting, extremely sexy latex suit, accentuating her figure. And on top of all that, she was real, right in front of - or rather now under - him, and all she could think of was fucking him. Without consciously willing it, Marc grew his dick even further, longer and thicker. Plowing into her, he felt her tightness, felt himself hitting the end of her cavity. Her moans grew in intensity, finally screaming with every single thrust Marc made.

What felt like a small eternity filled with unbelievable sexual tension and excitement to both Marc and Stacy, finally ended in an explosive orgasm for both. Marc couldn’t imagine himself having such an extended, intense orgasm, while Stacy - with Marc still deeply inside her - had simply lost her consciousness, while still bucking subconsciously. Marc slowly pulled out and stood up, looking down at Stacy. “Satisfied with your wishes?” Rashida asked, smiling at her master.

“Very, thank you, Rashida. You sure kept your word.”

“Thank you, master. It’s my pleasure. Literally.”

Moments later, Stacy was once again enveloped in a flash of light, when it subsided she was back in her original body and clothes, yet still unconscious on the bed. Marc turned to Rashida, who gave him an affirming smile and nod. Marc went over to Stacy and carefully tried to get her to wake up. Slowly she came to, disoriented. “What happened?”

“Oh, you just blacked out when we took another look at the walk-in closet, so we put you on the bed. Are you feeling OK again?” Marc replied. Stacy looked around, but seeing no evidence that anything undesirable had happened, shook her head, then slowly rose and got up on unsteady legs. Marc and Rashida helped her stand by holding on to her arms, then led her back downstairs. After a couple of minutes, Stacy felt fine again, so she thanked Marc and Rashida, and excused herself in order to get back to the office. She would prepare all the papers and contact Marc about an appointment to sign them. She then left them a pair of keys and headed out.

Marc just looked over to Rashida, smiling at her, partly wishing she’d consent to having some sex with him, but he knew that was out of question. “Well, I guess I have a new home now... thanks to you. And, I’ve had the best sex of my life, also thanks to you.”

“Well, it was your wish, I just took care of it. I’m glad you are happy, though.” Even though he knew sex with Rashida wasn’t going to happen, Marc grabbed her hand, pulled her to himself, hugged her and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Thanks again! You are wonderful!” he said. Rashida just smiled, then they both headed out back to his home.


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