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Jillian's Mouse Trap 2.5: Justice for All Things Rubber

by RbrBill

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© Copyright 2009 - RbrBill - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; machine/m; D/s; latex; bond; susp; enema; electro; piercing; torment; conditioning; toys; cons; XX

continued from chapter 2.4

Chapter 5: Justice for All Things Rubber

The next morning began with breakfast at nine.  Mistress was regal in latex since she was getting herself into character for what would follow.  Nurse Middleton was in her latex uniform as expected.  Ambrose was wearing his single foundation layer.

Mistress had been up since four, despite the long travel day, to prepare for her duties.  She took a bath in lilac-scented water.  After Nurse toweled her dry, she pulled on the lightly powdered burgundy catsuit and matching gloves.  Nurse polished the suit to a resplendent glow of rich red.  Mistress tingled with excitement and building arousal as Nurse rubbed the smooth latex skin.  The catsuit had attached open hood.  Nurse knelt at her feet and pulled black ankle boots with platform heels over her latex shod feet.  Nurse buckled two tiny locks to the ankle straps.  Her raven black hair was pulled through a reinforced opening at the top of her hood and cascaded over her shoulders.

Nurse helped her into the black above-the-knee dress she selected for the day’s session.  The dress hugged her hips and restricted her steps slightly.  It had long sleeves and a low collar.  The dress allowed the rich burgundy red to show at her neck, legs, and hands.  Nurse polished the dress to remove any powder residue and it soon matched the sheen of the catsuit.  Nurse then added a corset.  She tightened the corset closed pulling Mistress’ 23 inch waist down to a miniscule waspish 18 inches.  The corset ended just above her hips and below her ample bust.  The corset was black to match the dress with burgundy highlights on the stays matching the catsuit.  The shiny perfection of the clothing was the result of four hours of preparation. 

Mistress surveyed Nurse and did some final polishing of her clothing at the places Nurse couldn’t reach easily.  It was her duty to make certain that both she and her staff presented latex perfection to their client.  The two headed down to breakfast at 8:55 to meet the Gimp Boy.

Breakfast was interesting.  Mistress and Nurse were relaxed as they picked at the light fare of fruit and English muffins.  Mistress daubed her mouth and made certain that no food blemished the perfection of her appearance as she daintily nibbled the food and sipped her tea.  Nurse followed her Mistress’ example.  Ambrose was so aroused by the presence of these two latex vixens that he practically slobbered over himself.  He couldn’t eat a thing and he drank sparingly.

Light conversation was discussing:

- The gray weather – is it always like this here?  From November to May it is but the summers can be very nice.  It seldom snows and the summer seldom in hotter than eighty degrees.
- The remoteness of the islands – Practically land’s end.
- The proximity of Canada to the Islands
- The fetish scene in Vancouver – significant.
- The scene in Seattle – growing but still not so hot.

“Your appetite seems a bit thin this morning, Mr. Stevenson,” said Mistress as the conversation turned a little more serious.  “It is good that you choose to eat lightly.  I hope you’ve been eating sparingly for the last three days per my instructions.”

“Yes ma’am I had a loss of appetite from the moment you notified me you had agreed to come.  The anticipation plainly stole it away.”

“No worry, the system you described will take care of any feeding deficiencies your arousal has caused, right Nurse Middleton?”

“Yes Mistress, I will make certain that the Gimp Boy, or perhaps Gimp Toy is a better term, is well nourished while it is under our care,” Nurse replied.

Ambrose trembled with anticipation with these words.  His morning arousal increased two-fold with this revelation that he was already being viewed as rubber thing rather than a person.  He was on the verge of exploding right there at the table.

“Control Gimp Toy.  I will be very mad if you lose your load here at the table,” Mistress warned.

Too late.  These words of warning just blew him away and he went rigid and grunted between his clinched teeth as he shot into his sheath.

“That does it!  You have no manners at all, Gimp Toy.  Please leave us while we decide what to do with you for this lewd display.”

He left the room and Nurse practically bit off her laugh.  “That Toy has it bad, really bad!”

“The sooner he signs the release forms and we get him into his bondage, the better,” Mistress said quietly.

“Sign here, here, here and here,” Nurse pointed to three places on the four documents before him.  The three were at the home office desk and finalizing the legal part of the session.

“What am I signing?” Stevenson asked.

“Good grief, Toy.  This is the liability release from any injury that might occur as a result of my professional treatments provided at your request.  It protects you from neglect on me or any of my staff and protects me from anything that might happen to you that is not a result of negligence by me or any of the staff.

“This one explains the precautions taken while we perform the medical aspects necessary to perform the session.  The third one releases payments for my services from your bank account.  The large sum requires a signed release.  The fourth one provides for a limited partnership and power of attorney during the period that you are incapacitated in the session. 

“This last one is a bit unusual but it is necessary because of the long term nature of the bondage,” she finished.

“Only a week?”

“I wanted to ask you about that.  I am free for up to three weeks.  Would you be interested in trying the bondage for that length of time?  Since I am receiving a substantial fee already, I will only add incidental expenses to my billing.”

Ambrose again visibly shook at this idea.  Three weeks in that exquisite rubber torture! 

“Agreed,” he said with no hesitation.

He signed all of the documents without even reading them he was so under the spell of rubber and these two magnificent latex vixens.

“Then we begin, Rubber Toy,” Mistress pronounced.

They went to the dungeon room where all of the needed equipment, tools and clothing were waiting.  Jillian hung suspended in the corner.

“First remove all of your clothing,” Nurse Middleton said.

Toy removed everything.  Nurse took him to the bath area and gave him a thorough bath in scented oils, and soaps.  He felt the tingling warmth and Nurse completely scrubbed him from top of the head to the toes.  He was blindfolded during this process as part of the session.

After a thorough drying, he was blindly led to a place where Middleton proceeded to pierce his scrotum at its base and the head of his cock.

“Hey,” he grunted.  “I didn’t say anything about piercings!”

“Silence, Toy.  The piercings are needed to complete the full experience.  You pierced her didn’t you?  Besides they can be removed after three weeks and you’ll be back to normal in no time.  We made sure everything that touches the pierced areas are sterile so no infection will develop,” Mistress explained.

His nipples were already pierced so that wasn’t required.  He’d learn later that his tongue would be mercilessly speared with some large jewelry of its own.  She put Smaller locking studs in his ears.

After the pain subsided, she began to pull the inner suit for this session on.  The thin latex began to cover his limbs and eventually reached his crotch.  She slipped his cock and balls into a tight sheath, a cock and ball sheath with a very narrow rubber ring edged opening.  The cock raked the tight circle and Nurse tenderly stretched and eased the balls into place before the tight ring snapped into place at the base of his scrotum, effectively locking his love wand in the sheath.  The tight rubber caressed and inevitable arousal just increased the tactile pleasure from the tight stretchy rubber.  The slippery inside let them into the rubber prison so easily.  He felt her fumbling and tugging on his cock and he tensed with new anticipation.

“Easy, Rubber Toy, I need to work the ring and the stud on your cock through the tiny slits in the sheath.”

He felt the easing of a plug into his ass.  This plug seemed so much larger than others but its narrow neck allowed his muscles to close over its base comfortable though the presence of the monster inside was very noticeable and sent shivers through his whole being.

She continued pulling the suit on his body.  It was sleeveless and had shoulder straps that slipped easily over his shoulders.  He felt a hard tug on his pierced nipples as she slipped them through some small and tight reinforced slits in the chest of the suit.  The piercings effectively locked the nipple tip outside of the suit.  He could tell his nipples were erect and prominent.  Cool air wafted the exposed nubs while the building heat of the rubber beneath provided stark contrast and awareness of the exposed points of aroused flesh.  He felt her soft glove easily slide over one of the tender things and shuddered in anticipation.  She gave it a hard, quick pinch and his, “Ouch,” made her giggle.

Mistress was observing the transformation of her client from computer mogul to rubber slut.  It was so easy.

Toy waited in darkness as Nurse adjusted the rubber and smoothed it out.  He shuddered from her touch and wondered at the delights ahead.  Now he felt her pulling another garment up.  He could tell this was a bit heavier rubber but it also seemed to only be a pair of shorts.  When she got it to his cock and ass, she worked the aroused cock into a series of tight rubber bands.  He couldn’t tell how of these bands were part of this device, but he knew there were at least four of them… probably more as they tightly gripped his manhood.  The last band fit right at the base of the head of the enraged cock.  He felt the bulging head squeezed by the sheath and the shaft encased in the multiple rings.  Then she slipped another series of rings over his balls, binding them tightly.  A slow pain swelled from his crotch as the things were encircled in a tight rubber vice.  The shaft was covered in heavy stiff rubber but the head was open to delights in its much thinner rubber.  The stud and ring were seated against the outer rim of the ring just behind the aroused head, locking the cock in position.

Mistress began to work a much heavier suit onto his body.  The suit was tight and the rubber thick, stiff and cold.  Toy felt it gripping his legs as Nurse worked the thing up.  As his body heated the suit, he could tell it was more pliant to his movements but the most restricting rubber suit he had ever worn.  She had him stand to pull the suit over his hips.  He felt his cock slip into another sheath and Nurse again worked the ring and stud through some reinforced opening at just the right place.

Nurse rolled long gloves onto each arm.  The gloves went to his armpit.  Then the heavy rubber of the suit was being worked onto his arms.  The inside of the suit was very slippery with a gel and the rubber against rubber slid effortlessly onto rubber-clad arms.  His fingers and thumbs easily glided past thick wrist bands into a pair of very thick and stiff mitts.  His fingers were comfortably curved and separated but he could not bend or close them into a fist.  He touched his leg and could tell the hands were locked into two useless paddles of thick foam filled rubber.

The suit pulled to his chest and he felt a hard pinch as Nurse squeezed then released what had to be clamps at the base of his nipples.  He remembered the two rings piercing the base of those nipples.  By the time she had them added he was ready for about anything.  Again there was some fumbling around the nipples and a subtle snap.

“There, the rings are now through the nipples slits.  Those silver loops look so good against the shiny black!” Nurse exclaimed.

Mistress admonished, “Keep to your job, Middleton or you might find a place in one of these suits.”

She fumbled at his nipples a bit.  “I cemented little latex patches over your nipples, now only the rings are exposed.”

Nurse closed the suit to just below his neck.  The heavy rubber clamped down tightly on his entire torso.  He shook as the heavy press aroused his most carnal desires.  He was becoming the Rubber Toy he fantasized.  She began to tighten the lacing of the built-in corset.  Unlike Jillian’s corset, this one required human tightening.  It was a long process to get the thing cinched down completely.  The result was a vice-like arrangement of rubber, boning and Kevlar.  Nurse folded a wide rubber strip over the laces and sealed it shut concealing the laces behind a smooth rubber skin.

Mistress removed the blindfold to reveal the first part of his transformation.  The suit was not new to him but the extreme shine and the way the nipple rings and the other studs sparkled was amazing.  He also noticed that the exposed head was bald, not just head hair bald but all hair was gone.

“Now for your first hood.”  Nurse took an open face hood and slipped it over his hairless head.  It had anatomic ears that fitted against his lobes and then some sort of plugs slipped deep into the ear canal. The studs actually seemed to keep the plugs in place.  Sound snuffed off.  He looked questioningly and said, “I can’t hear.”

“We can communicate through the transmitter,” he heard Mistress’ electronic voice in his head.

He knew what was next.  That huge gag slipped past his lips and deep into his mouth.  He bit down automatically on the thing as the teeth slots came into position.  His tongue slid into the little pouch designed for it.  What he didn’t expect was Nurse pulling his tongue forward in the pouch and punching two studs through the roof, tongue and floor of the pouch locking his tongue securely in place.  His eyes watered in pain from this sudden attack.  He grunted a protest as best he could.  Nurse just swabbed down the wounds with antiseptic that stung his mouth and brought more tears to his eyes.   

She pulled a heavy modified gas mask to his face.  This mask had fittings in place of the voicemitter that snapped into the oval ring on the gag piece.  It had flexible tubes that Nurse fed into his nostrils before she finished pushing it against his face.  A complex network of rubber straps locked the mask tightly to his face. 

She pulled on the suit hood.  The hood had openings and reinforced rings that matched the gas mask inlet, outlet, eye ports and voicemitter and snapped in place securely.

Nurse began to push the feeding tube into the gag opening.  He was practiced and ready to swallow the thing.  She was a bit angry that this guy was so compliant, but then he didn’t know the permanence of the situation he was being placed in.

They finished the head enclosure with the security helmet that had the Plexiglas face plate.  This hood was quickly pulled in place and its neck piece glued to the suit.  Nurse finished off with the posture collar of rubber-lined steel that secured everything in place.

Breathing system and waste tubing was attached and Nurse lowered the chains from the ceiling.  She attached the chains to Ambrose’s wrists and lifted him above the floor.  She spread his legs out and made sure everything was nice and tight.

Weighted balls were hung from the nipple rings and cock ring.
Mistress explained what the cock bondage was about.  This had not been part of his original suit and it was a bit of a surprise when this new suit, which was made to his specifications, had those extras on it.

“This suit has some very special features.  The cock rings are my idea.  I reviewed your original order to Tight-in-Latex and decided to improve on it.  The cock rings will massage and pulse your tool.  Your balls will be squeezed and massaged as well.  The vibrator in your ass will make sure you are aware of the extent of your deprivation.  You will feel electric pulses in your nipples, your cock, and your ass… in fact many places.  The suit has very heavy and secure rings attached at you shoulders, wrists, arms, waist, legs and ankles.  Of course we must put you into the hidden room under the floor for the full experience.”

He dropped into the pit and knew that the punishment was starting.

The plug and phallus electrodes suddenly ignited!

Shocks first twitched, then coursed with revolting pulses through his most sensitive flesh.  Now, howling incoherently against his gag, he writhed and shook dementedly while he was disciplined; but the punishment got much worse! The ring immediately at the base of the enraged head began to vibrate fiercely, rapidly driving him into shivering and writhing fits of excitation while a wail of desire and arousal pushed up his throat.  

Now he discovered another evil secret of the suit.  When the silent yell of lust flowed from his throat, something in the collar sensed the muscle contraction.  A sizzling series of painful electrical pulses were unleashed through the piercing that bisected his cock, passing directly through the now supersensitive nerve centre of sensual universe!  Hot bolts shot into his nipples as he twitched in the bonds. 

Simultaneous jolts shot through his tender ass, as that plug sent bolts of lightning that joined the pulses attacking my tender balls.  His tongue burned as electrical current passed into it.  He tried to pull it back from the source but those evil piercings held it tight.  The pulse surges united in one attack through his crotch.  The pain was acute and totally unexpected, and he screeched in silent agony as his legs jerked spastically against the restraints.  It went on and on!  Those weighted balls swung with his tortured jerks, pulling on his cock, tugging at one nipple than the other in their swinging traverse.  His masochistic desires were overwhelmed!  He was panting hard in desire.  Tears ran from his eyes as the sexual pleasure/pain cycle filled his universe.

Rubber Toy knew the cycle well.  It pulsed and pushed.  It drove his body to the extreme of arousal and demented desire.  It was total pleasure with pain and the two intermingled into absolute finality.  The pleasure torture of lust, a pleasure torture of pure unadulterated rubber fantasy turned his insides to raging fire.  Wild thoughts of fantasy surged through his demented mind.  His air cut off and he gasped for breath as his cock throbbed, then air flowed into the mask.  Gawd, he was throbbing.  Toy couldn’t see but he knew his cock was raging and thrusting in its rubber prison.  The weight seemed nothing compared to the animal lust coursing through him.  He hung there tugging and pulling at his bonds.  He grunted and thrashed in empty space.  He writhed in pain pleasure ecstasy and frustration. 

Toy knew that he descended into the depths of a personal hell that permitted no respite or release.  His Mistress had planned this game thoroughly.  In his loins, the fire of electricity ebbed and flowed.  His masochistic fantasy raged in his tormented mind.  His wild struggling and writhing, bouncing there in isolation in mid-air quickly disoriented him from whatever grasp of reality he previously had.  Toy was forced to concentrate his full attention on his tortured erogenous zones.  The electro shocks changed constantly in cadence and strength until he was a raving madman.  He passed out from the intense agony. How long was he out? 

He awoke to the evil squeezing of his family pride.  They began to increase in tempo of squeezing and massaging his enraged phallus relentlessly, until it was the shaft of some bizarre engine of pressure, pain, and pleasure!  Along its girth, the hugging rubber rings raked his sensitive and taut skin, teasing him again to higher and higher planes of agonizing sexual arousal.  He thought that he would go utterly crazy from the turmoil of the sensations being forced into his mind.  This process continued unabated for long hours, until he was crazed with a desperate need to achieve release, then finally, with a burst of completely unendurable sensations, he was willingly forced over the edge to a titanic orgasm.

Toy’s air shut off as he plunged into a bottomless abyss and a raging and explosive blast of carnal lust.  He shook in the bonds. 


He knew he wanted to shout hysterically as the surge of erotic lust spread from his loins to engulf his body in pulsing bursts.  The orgasm just rolled and rolled as he shook, strained and moaned into the gag.  He thought the orgasm would never end but he knew it must.  The heavy rubber was tested and held.  He shook as the raging orgasm ebbed and rose in seemingly unending and building waves.  Stars flashed in his blinded eyes.  The tsunami force of the turned his entire body and mental core into a flooding plain of scintillating sensation and he passed out in an overwhelming tidal wave of whirling starbursts mixed with the white-hot lances of searing, agonizing shocks. He hung limply unconscious while the torments tapered off.  At some point the airflow began again and he slowly regained consciousness.

“That was quite a show Rubber Toy,” Ambrose came alert as Mistress’ electronic voice filled his head.  “I hope you enjoy many more of those wonderfully explosive episodes as much as I enjoyed watching.  Nurse and I had quite an aroused experience of our own.  I’m sorry my professionalism fell to the wayside as we watched, but your show was so enthralling.  It was truly magnificent!”

“Now that you are secure in your little bondage suit, I thought I should let you know that the papers you so easily signed were not completely as I described.  The first was not only a services contract but it also signed most of your liquid assets over to me in return for the services.”

“The second was a full Power-of-Attorney which we will get notarized by my solicitor’s associates here in Seattle and present to your solicitor.”

“The remaining documents were our marriage license and certificate.  I’ll sign in my place and have them certified in Las Vegas before filing them with the local County magistrate.  Then I can go about obtaining a resident visa.”

“I like it here and will enjoy carrying on my business on this wonderful Island.  I have another of those marvelous beds on its way.  I think you’ll be much happier in that and much less maintenance.” 

“As for Jillian, I’ll see what can be done to salvage any remnant of her sanity but I fear she may have to remain with you in her bed.  Maybe we can synchronize the two systems to give simultaneous shows for my guests who will visit.  After all I wouldn’t want the two of you to be just stomachs to keep full.”

With that, Mistress signed off and the enema cycle began.



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