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by Edyta Zaborowska

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© Copyright 2014 - Edyta Zaborowska - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; latex; catsuit; hood; corset; gloves; boots; gasmask; bdsm; strapon; slaves; true; cons; X

One definition of the sexual foreplay: “In human sexual behaviour, foreplay is a set of emotionally and physically intimate acts between two or more people meant to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity”

My personal foreplay is much different. Let’s see how my ideal foreplay must be:

1. I´m doing a good hour of intense sports such as jogging, sports bike racing or horse riding - best just before sunset, in rain or slush weather.
2. After arriving home I undress completely. My house slaves have to take care of the dirty, wet and sweaty clothes and lingerie,
3. I take a hot bath with some chocolate, red wine or champagne, a cigarette, rose petals and an intensive body shave,
4. I dry myself with my towel, and put on some lotion on my skin.

click image for larger version Then I go into the bedroom and dress up in the following order (the laundry must be previously prepared by my partner according to my instructions on the bed, look at the picture!)

5. first I put on my cupless bra and crotchless thong (fine latex, black or red),
6. the lotion ensures that I can slip in my body suit (latex, black), I pull the front zipper from the butt, over the crotch up to the neck (Phew, what a feeling it is over and over!),
7.  I put on my black underbust corset made of solid latex over the body suit,
8.  I mustn’t forget extreme makeup, lipstick, rouge, eyelash extensions,
9.  then I carefully put on the latex mask, close the zipper on the back of the head (latex, black),
10.  I put on my latex gloves and latex stockings (fine latex, black) over the bodysuit. I love wearing latex in two or three layers!
11. I don the garter belt (solid latex, black) and attach the clips to the stockings,
12. then follow the leather boots, preferably those over knees from “Anna dello Russo”,
13. I finally I put the gas mask over the latex mask. I exhale the smell of latex under the gas mask. It literally makes me mad!
14. I decide on the instrument of the corporal punishment ( my choice almost always falls on riding crop!),
15. I put a classical CD into the player, take the strap-on in hand.
16. The game may begin, I enter the room.

Often it takes several hours from point 1 to 16, where partner(s) have to wait patiently until the Mistress is ready.

Unfortunately it is not always practicable in the form I wrote above, and if so, I only make it in my own home. But if everything fits, then it is the most beautiful foreplay of what a woman like I could imagine. And then my partner can appreciate damn happy that I 'm already so stimulated by the foreplay that I fully give myself into my sadistic dominant aspect in me: the Black Swan!


Edyta Zaborowska is in real life a German-Polish author of fetish stories. Her autobiographical novel “Fly with me, my Black Swan!” was published in July 2013 and is available now.
Summary of the book: The book embraces the twelve months of  from 2007 to 2008 when Eva, a plain and unimposing women from Poland, discovered the world of BDSM, latex and female bisexuality to finally become a Dominatrix.  After taking the plunge into this bizarre life, her whole world was rocked and she changed completely. Not only was her sexual life altered totally, but her normal life also changed from a shy and timid woman into a confident Mistress.


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