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Finishing School II part 5

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; FFF/f; latex; bond; piercing; fem; pony; cons/reluct; X

Part Five

I don’t know how long I was out, but I awoke still suspended from my wrists. I stared in a mirror and saw that I was wearing an anal spreader, and butt plug, together with the female mask, the cock gag and re-breather mask (the valve of which had mercifully been turned up to allow me considerably more air). But my tights, corset, heels, dress, posture collar and most important my pouch had gone. My backside was burning and Uta was applying a cool ointment to my rear, smoothing it evenly, quite enjoying herself. The salve was cool and worked wonders, and while this was going on I continued to breathe in the heavy rubber aroma.

Sarah was opposite me, barely a yard away, still suspended from the spreader bar but her feet now were flat on the floor. She was completely naked, except for the transparent inflatable helmet. She was conscious and she stared at me. Uta now moved to her and applied the salve to her thighs and buttocks, smoothing it between her anal crack; there was no butt plug there now, so presumably she had been allowed to evacuate and clean up. Then Uta moved to her wonderful breasts, pinching her nipples and rolling them until, despite her predicament, I noticed they became erect. Uta didn’t stop there, for her other hand had already moved down to Sarah’s pussy, and then she had slipped her finger, one and then two, inside her. Sarah writhed and shook her head but could do nothing. Soon Uta removed and proudly displayed her fingers, shiny with Sarah’s secretions.

With a smile she left the room and Sarah and I were left together, facing each other a yard apart and yet utterly unable to communicate. I shouted into my huge gag but not a whimper came out. She had the ability to make noise through the tube, but completely unintelligible. So we looked at each other in silence, waiting for our next sessions to begin. No doubt the three women were away thinking up new and devious forms of torture and humiliation.

Sarah, despite (or perhaps because of) her predicament was a gorgeous sight. Her superb, tanned, muscular body was bathed in sweat and salve, and glistened under the bright lights. Her breasts, though a light red colour after her beating, looked wonderful and her nipples were still erect. I looked down and saw her pussy also gleamed with her sweat and her secretions. Somewhat ashamedly, I felt my cock begin to harden. There was no pouch to hold it back now, and I felt it rise to the horizontal and then even higher. Sarah noticed this, even through her misty vision, and could apparently see the funny side of it despite her position. I heard several grunts, which I think was her laughing and her breasts began jiggling as she continued to do so, which made me all the hornier. I chuckled into my enormous gag; it was the first bit of levity I had experienced in a while, since I had been taken away from the relatively understated attentions of Emma and Miss Broad. It seemed we had a couple of days, or maybe less, to endure at the hands of these women, before we returned to the more subtle and ordered humiliations and discipline bestowed upon us by Miss Broad and her prefects.

I was actually looking forward to seeing them again, particularly Emma, my trainer and I think, my friend. This discipline was controlled, and if necessary painful and even humiliating. But I had grown to accept it and even embrace it. Not so the cool, sadistic nature of these three. But I was awoken from these thoughts by the entrance of my three tormentors, very business-like. I breathed in deeply, through the re-breather bag, the smell of rubber now so familiar, and awaited my fate again.

I gulped on my gag as I saw what they were wearing. They were all in white surgical smocks, high necked and long sleeved and extending down to mid calf. Below that I could see white stockings (or tights) and incongruously, white high heels. It was sexy but also very intimidating. Bringing up the rear was Uta, pushing a stainless steel trolley, on the lower shelf of which appeared to be rubber surgical masks and caps, while the upper shelf was covered in a sheet. I remember being told that Sigi was (or still is) a doctor and had done operations in the past, and I was becoming quite nervous again.

My cock however had a mind of its own. It probably remembered Sarah in all her glory, and remained erect. Sigi saw this and smiled. Placing a finger on the shaft, she said quietly.

“Mmm, I think we’ll have to give this fellow some attention tomorrow, oh and these two as well.” She cupped my balls, gently squeezing them. I felt so vulnerable, I mewed into my gag. Thankfully she changed the subject.

“Well it’s late and we have to prepare you for the night; we have another very full day tomorrow, one which you may not like, either of you. We were thinking earlier how apparently inseparable you two are, or think you are, so we will make you inseparable tonight.” Under normal circumstances I might find this interesting but knowing these women I began to worry about what they had in mind. They began to pull on tight rubber caps followed by tight surgical masks made of thin latex. They tied them tightly and I could see the outline of their noses and mouths through the latex. As Sigi breathed in, the latex stuck to her face and she seemed to almost be getting a high out of this.

All three were encased in shiny white rubber, their masks billowing in and out as they breathed. The only uncovered areas were their eyes and hands, however white gloves came next, and all three held them out, fingers down in a professional manner, as the other thrust her hand in, like a surgeon would do. They stretched their fingers and finally seemed satisfied with their somewhat theatrical performance. Sarah and I watched in silence. I of course was still gagged with the thick cock and Sarah still had the helmet on.

Like a conjuror producing a rabbit from a hat, Mia pulled away the sheet from the top of the trolley. Laid out on black velvet were a series of steel rings of varying diameters. I noted none of them were completely closed but they appeared to have self-locking ends.

“Before we leave after tomorrow we thought we would leave you with something permanent to remember us by, especially for Maxine. So here they are, rings for remembrance. These one inch ones are for nipples, two for each of you; these are labia rings for Sarah, four of them, two for each side of your pretty lips, and finally a larger ring for Maxine, to put over her scrotal sac, under her cock. But…maybe that won’t be so permanent, eh Maxine.”

She laughed at her tasteless joke, and I knew just what she meant; she would, I was sure, just love to get me under the knife and make my transformation of a more permanent nature!

“We thought that if you had an anaesthetic it would spoil the fun, for us that is, so we will dispense with that. In this case I think ladies first.” Without further ado cuffs were placed round Sarah’s ankles, then Mia and Uta either side of her pulled on them and Sarah squealed through her helmet tube. Her legs were stretched wide to a 90-degree angle and the chains fastened to walls either side of her. She was stretched out in an “X”, her feet six inches off the ground and her weight evenly supported by wrists and ankles. One of the effects was to expose her pussy, totally defenceless and there for all to see. She was barely able to move at all, only roll her head. Everything else was stretched taut. Sigi picked up the first large ring and explained.

“We will pierce the nipple with this sharper end, pass the ring through and bend it closed, there is a tiny hole in the other end and a small self-locking catch. Just to make it all the more permanent, we will place a drop of epoxy glue over the join for a perfectly, smooth seal. Simple really, permanent and painful too.” She chuckled and the three “nurses” moved to Sarah, who grunted and tried to move but only her head shook in denial. With a glimmer in her eye Uta rolled and squeezed Sarah’s nipple. Despite herself, she could not stop it from soon becoming hard. Quickly Mia swabbed it with antiseptic and Sigi, like threading a needle through a button, professionally pushed it through Sarah’s nipple. Sarah yelped as the ring was pushed through, then with some effort the ends were brought together and Mia then very carefully allowed one drop of the colourless glue to fill in the small hole of one end. She then squeezed them together to join for a smooth seal. The process was methodically repeated on the other nipple, with Sarah unable to do anything. Even though her head was still encased in the two skins of transparent rubber, as she was only a yard in front of me I could detect a grimace of pain. Beads of sweat were now rising on her skin. Uta held the rings firmly between her fingers and pulled them up, pulling Sarah’s breasts away from her body, as Sarah squealed.

“Excellent, a good seal.” Sigi said. Mia and Uta now pulled on the series of pulleys and Sarah was raised fully three feet in the air, but still unable to move anything but her head, her weight still evenly balanced between her arms and legs. Her glistening pussy was now at chest height and stretched wide.

“Now these four smaller rings will go into her labia, two each side, about an inch apart. This will also be painful, I assure you.” At least Sarah had been shaved earlier and would not have to deal with her hair being in the way, but that was a small consolation. Again Mia did the antiseptic swab, as Uta gripped the outer lip and stretched it for Sigi to unceremoniously push the sharp needle through. There was a loud scream from Sarah but they continued as if nothing had happened. The rings were squeezed closed and Mia applied the glue and then squeezed them together for a nice smooth finish. After only five minutes she was now “adorned” with four rings through her labia, accompanied by much flapping of her rubber encased head.

But it had not been a pleasant experience for her, sweat now poured from her neck and chest and dripped down her stretched thighs. I was surprised that there had been very little blood at all; maybe the antiseptic had also been a coagulant as well. Her breath came in huge lungfuls and she groaned through her breathing tube. They however were not concerned in the least with her suffering, but stood back and admired their work. The rings looked very strong and I saw how hard it was for the women to close them. How they could come off I didn’t know. To avoid any infection Mia once again bathed the area in antiseptic. I kicked myself, for despite the pain she had gone through, I thought, in the most selfish of moments that they really looked quite sexy.

But it was to be my turn next.

Sarah was lowered back to the floor, although her legs were still stretched wide she could at least stand and give her arms a rest. But the girls ignored her and busied themselves with me. The cuffs and chains were attached to my ankles and I was stretched wide as a wishbone. I thought I would snap but the three of them knew their anatomy. A quick swab of my nipple, followed by Mia giving it a squeeze and then with finger and thumb pushing it out from my chest, then without any preamble Sigi pierced it! I screamed into the large gag and felt tears rise in my ears. She squeezed the ends closed, again Mia dispensed a droplet of glue and this was followed by a faint click. This procedure was then repeated on the other side, with quiet efficiency. Sigi then held up the last ring, about three quarters of an inch in diameter.

“This will go behind your cock and fasten round your scrotum. There is another small ring attached to it for fastening chains and so forth. I don’t know how long we will have it on you for, I haven’t quite decided yet if we can do something more permanent with these.” She grinned as she rolled my balls in the cup of her hand. Again, I remembered she was, or maybe still is, a doctor, who had done sex change operations in the past. I tried to clear that from my thoughts as I was hoisted in the air. Mia roughly grabbed my cock and raised it, exposing my balls in their sac. With her other hand she pulled my balls down and Sigi squeezed the head of the sac and placed the ring round it, then with some effort squeezed it nearly shut. Mia carefully applied the glue and squeezed the ends together. I guess it was some form of crazy glue, for it seemed to set immediately. The ring wasn’t particularly tight, but I was aware of its continuing presence. I was certainly glad at that moment that I was completely bald down there. I looked down between my ringed nipples and the re-breather bag resting on my chest at the rubber covered heads inspecting their work.

After they seemed satisfied they lowered me back to the floor. My nipples throbbed but not as badly as I would have thought. Maybe I was getting used to pain. At floor level Sarah and I exchanged looks, both of us suspended, pierced – her labia and my scrotum, both firmly gagged and fettered. We shook our heads together; they were leaving tomorrow night or maybe the next morning, I hoped we would be able to hold out.

“Well, time for bed I think. We will allow you to do your ablutions as you won’t be able to during the night.” She chuckled as we were released for the chains, they removed my butt plug – oh, the relief - my anal spreader and then the re-breather bag and gag. I was now only left with the female mask and wig, which they chose to leave on me. I wondered if the glue holding it to my head was permanent!

My mouth and lips were sore and I swallowed a few times to alleviate the discomfort. Then they deflated Sarah’s helmet and pulled it off. Her face was a bright pink and her hair was matted to her skull, but….she still looked great to me. We knew better than to say anything and she coughed and retched a couple of times and then began to breathe a bit easier. Uta took her arm, she clearly had a “soft spot” for her, and led her to the bathroom, her hand resting on her bruised behind.

I waited my turn; Mia and Sigi said nothing but continued to look at me, maybe thinking of their next session. After ten minutes Uta and Sarah returned, Sarah glowing from a quick shower. She was not embarrassed by her nudity, she never was, and she still had a stubborn streak in her, and was still not cowed by these women. She had been whipped, enema’d, pierced, gagged and plugged by them and she still held her head high, and this gave me courage for what was to come. I was allowed to go to the bathroom alone. I showered quickly; I did not have to wash my face or hair, as they weren’t mine! It was strange afterwards looking in the mirror as I brushed my teeth to see this new face bordered by blonde hair staring back. My pierced nipples were now just a dull ache.

When I returned the three of them had prepared for bed. The huge bed, with its latex sheet pulled back, and the floodlights on underneath, seemed to await them. The women were finishing dressing, in identical black catsuits, one-piece from top of head to tip of toe. They had a single back zip and once in would need the help of another to extricate them. They were superbly form fitting, they looked like identical performing seals, all sleek shininess. Only by their height could I identify them. The only exposed areas were holes at eye, nose and mouth; and their nipples (all pierced and ringed), pussy and arse, where thickened rubber edges bordered and emphasised their two orifices. Sarah stood to the side, naked and cuffed and saying nothing but watching in silence.

Laid out on the bed were a series of dildos and vibrators, some ribbed, some with straps; several were quite large. Sarah was looking at them with some trepidation, for she knew she would be getting to know them on a more intimate basis soon! Sigi came to me.

“We are looking forward to an evening of delight with Sarah. You, Maxine will be able to watch, but we have a couple of things planned for you as well.” Mia was getting a pile of clothing and other articles from a closet and I could see that this was probably going to take a while.

It appeared that I was to be dressed first, and after I stepped into the anal spreader and my cheeks were pulled apart I was told to bend over by Sigi. I knew what was next. But this butt plug was different. While it was four inches long and two inches at its widest diameter, this one had four metal strips embedded into the rubber along its shaft and around its narrow neck. It was gleaming with lubricant and Sigi had little problem inserting it into me. My ring had loosened considerably with the anal training I had been subjected to over the last few days. The curved base plate settled snugly to my cheeks as my sphincter gripped the narrow neck.

Quickly I saw that I was to spend the night in a variation of the inflatable body bag, as Mia brought it to me. I was getting used to them by now, and this one had no helmet and ended at a stiff collar. It also had a good-sized hole opposite the crotch area, and I shivered at the thought of what they could do to me there. It had a zip from the belly button up to the neck and as I stepped into it, obedient and silent, I saw the now familiar internal sleeves for my arms. Quickly it was zipped up, my cock and balls ringed by the large hole.

A compressed air hose was connected to a valve at my hip and very quickly the bag was inflated, the rubber gripping me fiercely, my legs together and my arms trapped at my side. I had been watching Sarah during this and gave her a smile of encouragement, for I knew that she would probably be enduring more than me during the night. She smiled back; she was a fighter all right.

There were leather straps every few inches along the bag, running horizontally, and Mia and Uta began to close these, making the rubber cocoon grip me even tighter.  D rings were at the shoulders and these were attached to chains from the ceiling grid together with a chain attached to a D ring at the rear of my thighs. I was then lifted to my tiptoes and my thighs pulled marginally back. I was now suspended, but almost vertically, just leaning forward a touch and almost over the bed. I was under no illusion that I was going to watch the night’s “entertainment” from very close up.

Only my head (and cock and balls) were now exposed but they soon took care of that. First came a tight full head thin rubber helmet with eye, nose and mouth holes, that flattened down my blonde locks, and then a full head gas mask with an internal thick rubber cock. Without any instructions I opened my mouth and took it in, tasting the cool clammy rubber as they zipped it down and tucked it into the collar of the inflatable bag. My head was now encased in three layers of rubber. At least there was no re-breather bag and my breathing through my nose was fairly unobstructed. I was now in my rubber prison, dangling powerlessly at the end of the bed, unable to do anything but watch the night’s proceedings. They now turned their attentions to Sarah, who now knew that offering resistance would be pointless, and probably more painful in the long run.

It appeared they weren’t going to dress her to any great degree. However they did place thumbless mittens over her hands and tightened them at her wrists. Then they made her step into an anal spreader similar to mine that separated her cheeks and also pushed out her newly ringed pussy.

And that was it. I think they wanted her unmasked so I could see, and they could see, all her reactions to their “attentions” during the night. They then took her to the bed and laid her out on the floodlit surface, a sacrificial lamb indeed. She stared at them; venom in her eyes, but this seemed to just amuse them.

Mia and Uta made themselves comfortable either side of her and started to stroke her while Sigi stood and explained the “rules” that were in play!

“Well, we’re going to have fun with Sarah now, and who knows, maybe Sarah will relax and appreciate our attentions over the night. Now Maxine, you are not just going to hang there and do nothing. Oh no, we have a little test for you, which may indeed prove quite painful. We have left your cock exposed as we are going to put you, and it, to a test. While we have our playtime with Sarah here, we will also be watching you. Should your cock here show signs of getting excited at seeing Sarah taken by three women, and let’s face it, that is a serious fantasy for many men, then you will be punished with this.” She held up what looked like a TV remote.

“This is a remote control device, not for a TV but for you, Maxine, or rather what’s inside you. With this I can give you a very nasty electric shock through that butt plug you have in your tender anal passage. Yes, I can give you a short, sharp shock, or a pulse shock every few seconds. It’s a wonderfully devious invention; the strength and the frequency of the shocks can be varied so you will never know when they will be coming.” The three of them laughed at this, as poor Sarah looked horrified.

“We know you love Sarah, and seeing her naked, well almost naked, and ravaged by three rubber clad cuties like us should excite you I think, and of course for that you will pay, painfully. Now if you are thinking of just closing your eyes, I wouldn’t recommend it for one of us will be keeping and eye on you at all times. If we see you close your eyes as you cannot take any more of watching poor Sarah, then you will get the pulse treatment.” Stupidly, I tried to get at these crazy women, a really dumb thing to do, but just swung from the chains, and they just laughed.

After Sigi dimmed the lights so there was only the floodlighting from the bed, the three of them settled down with Sarah.

If you do the maths, then you quickly realise that Sarah had a very limited chance of repulsing the assault! Two arms (with hands mittened) against six very experienced and co-ordinated ones; a bum hole well loosened and now exposed by the anal spreader against dildos and fingers and vibrators. Of course, initially she fought them off, even with her hands in the rubber mitts she managed to push off one but then that only allowed another to come at her from another angle. Throughout the first assault the other three women had a wonderful time; they giggled and laughed and tickled and licked. They did not resent Sarah’s resistance, they encourage it and teased her. It was certainly a sight - three sleek, shiny rubber clad women all over a naked victim, hands and fingers everywhere, legs entwined, tongues beginning to flick out of the slick masks.

And what did I do, could I do - nothing of course. Leaning over them, suspended in my latex cocoon, cushioned and comforted by the snug rubber inflated around me, only my cock and balls exposed and my only movement being my tongue around the cock in my mouth. I just continued to watch this performance below me, wanting to do something and yet…..fascinated by the tableau. Mia was the first to strap on a double dildo, thoroughly enjoying pushing her probe up inside her, her bright smile in perfect contrast to her black mask.

Uta and Sigi had turned Sarah over, Sigi was kneeling beside her and had her arms behind her back while her other hand was under her stomach and rubbing her newly ringed labia. Uta was flat beneath Sarah and with Sarah’s head held between her hands was gently kissing her, moving her tongue past Sarah’s resisting lips. Mia was now behind Sarah and easily lifted her up to her knees. Skilfully Mia slipped a condom over the dildo and then drew surgical gloves onto both hands, there was a box of them by the bed and I had a feeling that they would be put to use during the night. She then licked her finger and explored Sarah’s rear. Sarah moaned and tried to eject Mia but she was held by Uta who had moved a hand to her nipple and was gently turning the ring. Sigi meanwhile now had moved a finger inside her and was manipulating her clit.

Turning to me with a bright smile Mia pushed the head of the dildo onto Sarah’s rear. Sarah gasped and Uta clamped her lips on hers, tenderly stroking her breast with one hand. Mia pressed in another inch or so, holding her hips for better leverage. Then, accompanied by a groan from Sarah muffled by Uta’s lips over hers, Mia was in to the hilt, and began to ride her, in and out, in and out, two inches at a time.

It was then that I saw Sigi turn and look at me, and then down to my groin. She smiled evilly, and took the remote in her free hand.

“So Maxine, you do get turned on by this.” I hadn’t even noticed it, so engrossed I was in the scene below me, I had a hard erection. Yes, I suppose I had been turned on by it, and I was a bit ashamed at the thought.

“Well, I’m sure Sarah will agree with me, that if you like to see her assaulted like this you deserve a good shock, yes? And Sigi aimed the remote at me and pressed a red button.

I can’t describe the feeling, but it was as if a bolt of lightning had shot up my rear, it was white hot and seemed to connect with all my innards. I convulsed inside the bag and swung on the chains, I bit down on the cock gag and mmmffed through the mask, I could feel sweat almost pop through my pores. It seemed to last maybe three seconds or perhaps four, and when finished I was gasping for air through the mask.

“You will learn quickly, Maxine, or you will have a rough night, I fear. This is a real test, of the head over the cock; of mind over body… will be a real test of your willpower. I wonder which will win?” And she dropped the remote and returned her hand to Sarah’s crotch as if nothing had happened. The shock had worked however, as my cock had very quickly gone limp, it was much better than a pale of water – and much more painful too.

Mia had set up a steady rhythm, reaming Sarah’s rear, and she now seemed to accept her fate. Uta continued to rain kisses on Sarah’s lips, and then her cheeks, forehead and eyes, which were now closed, accompanied by tender whispers of encouragement and endearment. And then Sarah began to shake and shudder and Mia turned and smiled at me, with under the mask I’m sure a look of triumph. In expertly synchronized movement, Uta and Sigi changed positions. Mia’s dildo remained in Sarah’s rear but they manoeuvred her so now Mia was on her side and Sarah was in front of her, facing out and still impaled. Now it was Sigi’s turn with the double dildo, and she slowly inserted one end inside her, then settled in front of Sarah on her side. After rubbing the end along her labia, no doubt still tender from the piercing, Sigi thrust into her. Sarah was now impaled front and rear, her arms held by Mia behind her.

But they were not finished, as Mia turned Sarah’s torso so her upper body was now facing the ceiling. Uta was at her head of the bed, and she tenderly leaned over Sarah (she had clearly taken a fancy to her) and kissed her lips, which were now in a grimace. She then shuffled forward and planted her crotch over Sarah’s face. Like a mother hen getting comfortable over her eggs, Uta adjusted her position until she was comfortable, accompanied by muffled moans from Sarah. Uta whispered her instructions that I didn’t hear, and as Mia and Sigi thrust in her front and rear in a well co-ordinated rhythm Uta wriggled her hips and instructed Sarah on the finer points of cunnilingus.

Quickly it appeared that Sarah was an attentive student, for Uta, who was clearly hot for Sarah anyway, soon came with a hard series of grunts. But she didn’t move off her, she wanted to milk Sarah’s talents for all they were worth and for fully half an hour she remained sitting on her face, occasionally rising slightly to allow Sarah some “fresh” air.

Again, this vignette got the better of my body over my mind, and I felt my cock harden. I tried so hard to concentrate on something else, but Sigi turned to me and with a smile, zapped me again with the remote. The second time around it was no less unpleasant than the first, the spasm of pain and white heat jarred through my system again. I wriggled and convulsed as she continued with the shock for at least four or five seconds. By now I was sweating profusely in the inflatable bag, I could feel it coursing down my chest and back and settling at my feet. I sucked and bit down on the cock, as the waves of nausea passed over me.

Then they changed positions again. Uta had evidently awarded Sarah such a high cunnilingus rating that it was now Sigi who wanted a piece of her tongue and teeth. She was now sitting on the bed, her legs wide with Sarah’s head embedded in her crotch. Sigi held her by her hair but it was more an act of tenderness than to keep her head there. I was now getting a sense that even if she hadn’t, then there was so little fight left in Sarah that she probably wouldn’t have moved away. Sarah was up on her knees and Mia had now stripped the condom off her dildo and she had embedded it in Sarah’s pussy. Uta was concentrating on her abused bum hole and seemed to be offering consolation by licking and kissing the reddening orifice while sliding a gloved finger slowly in and out.

These images were too much for my body and my cock to ignore and I felt myself harden again. Sigi calmly took her hand off Sarah’s head and as she lay back on the bed, zapped me again. As the shocks went through me, I heard her say, between taking gulps of air, as Sarah was working hard at her crotch.

“You won’t learn….will you Maxine? We can’t be bothered to keep an eye on you all night as Sarah is proving such a……wonderful companion, so I’ll….turn this down…to a gentle prod shall we say and put it on slow variable intermittent… you won’t know when the next… coming. It should last most of the….ah…ah….night so if you wish you can sleep. We won’t mind now, we have better…oh…things….ah….to do.” She grunted and shook, laughed and then patted Sarah gently on her blonde head.

And so as the night continued, I was subjected to intermittent shocks in my rear. They weren’t anything like the power of the earlier ones but as they came at different intervals I couldn’t prepare for them. They only lasted two or three seconds but they were, to say the least, disconcerting! But with me taken care of, this allowed them to concentrate on the fun and frolic with Sarah.

Soon it was Sarah who was rewarded for all her hard work, a very democratic gesture I thought wryly! It was now Uta who was between Sarah’s legs, lapping and kissing her wet entrance while Mia now sat on her face, receiving Sarah’s favours, Sigi meanwhile was sucking at her breasts, rolling the rings between her teeth.

Shortly they removed the mittens from Sarah’s hands. This was surely their sign that they “trusted” her, that she was now, I expect they thought, one of them. And she did not resist at all, she continued to offer her talents to them, now without duress. After she had licked and lapped at Uta’s crotch, I saw Uta take her head between her hands, kiss her and whisper something to her. Sarah seemed to think a second and then nodded. Soon they had strapped a double-ended strap-on dildo to her, and she was entering the kneeling Uta from the rear, firstly in her pussy and then withdrawing and entering her bum hole. Sigi and Mia were kneeling either side of her, fondling her tender nipples and kissing her neck and breasts. And she seemed to truly enjoy riding hard this woman who had fallen for her.

So, as we entered into the small hours of the morning all the possible combinations had been tried and tested – three on one, two on two, all four together, Sarah sucking on a thick dildo attached to Sigi as she sat on a dildo with an internal gag strapped to Uta’s face. Finally they lay sated on the bed in a heap of arms, legs and torsos; three sleek, black bodies entwined with a naked, tanned form. Their faces, the three women’s masks and Sarah’s pink and slightly puffy face, were coated and smeared in juices and their pussies were pink and enflamed. Sigi and Mia were now half asleep, in a relaxed 69 position; their arms entwined with legs, heads resting on crotches.

As I drifted to sleep, and I was now getting used to the occasional throb from the dildo, I saw Uta lean over, place a kiss on Sarah’s lips, which was returned, and gently take her hand place it to her lips and kiss it, then press it to her crotch. Sarah, in a dream like state, maybe even unaware I was there anymore, did not resist, but smiled in her half sleep and pressed her fingers against Uta as they too drifted off.

When I awoke the next morning, I saw that Sarah and Mia had gone and Sigi and Uta were lying on the bed, having an affectionate and friendly cuddle. It looked rather innocent if it wasn’t for the fact that I had known what had gone on the night before. They rose, stretched and Sigi gave me a not too friendly slap on my cock. Then she turned off the remote and they both left for the bathroom, leaving me swinging in my rubber cocoon, awash in my sweat. There must have been a pint sloshing around my ankles, and yet amazingly I didn’t feel too bad.

There was a gentle throb from my pierced nipples, my jaw ached from the cock gag, and my arse was well stretched but I felt quite warm and comfortable swinging in the snug bag.

I don’t know, did this mean I could get used to everything they threw at me? Was I in fact becoming an addict to this treatment? I was still worried what may befall me over the next day or so at the hands of these women, but somehow I knew I would survive. I put the thought aside as Sigi and Uta entered and lowered my bag to the bed.

They were both wearing outfits of the “nurse” type mode and I wondered what treatment they had in for me now. They wore white short-sleeved gowns, high necked but with a very short tennis-type flared skirt which barely covered their white frilly panties over their white tights. It seemed as though they were either going to administer some nursing procedure on me or go for a game of tennis! Unceremoniously they pulled me out of the inflatable bag and Uta wiped me down with a towel. Then, they removed the metal and rubber plug from my arse and the relief almost made me faint. They led me to the gyn/ob chair and placed my feet in the stirrups and extended them to their fullest width. Then they strapped my arms and legs in several locations. I noticed they had still not taken off my female mask and blonde wig that they had glued on my face the night before. I was beginning to get concerned about this. Maybe the glue really was of a more permanent nature? No, I thought, it couldn’t be.

Mia entered the room with Sarah, and I was immediately aroused by her appearance. Mia had dressed her in her school uniform again, but this time it was a bit of a parody. She wore a short dark blue tunic to mid-thigh, white blouse with black gloves tucked in, and blue striped tie. There were white self-hold stockings and I could see as her skirt swung and she sat down on the bed, white panties. She wore accentuated make-up, pink blush and bright pink lipstick. To complete the farrago, her hair had been parted and braided into two pigtails above her ears.

She looked a little tired, which was no surprise considering what had gone on the night before. She gave me a look, almost a guilty look, but I didn’t feel she had anything to be guilty about; she did what she had to do, to survive. And she did it extremely well. I gave her an encouraging smile, there were certainly no hard feelings on my behalf, and I was relieved to see her smile back. Sigi spoke.

“Despite have a wonderful time last night, it is important that Sarah understand her role here, and that is to be submissive to the three of us. We all enjoyed your talents Sarah, but you do understand that we must continue your training and subjugation. I feel that Uta in particular may want to go easy on you, but your training must go on, yes?” To my surprise, Sarah nodded and glanced at Uta, who returned an encouraging smile.

Uta sat on the side of the bed and raised her short skirt, exposing her tights and panties; she looked at Sarah and patted her thigh and Sarah got the message and bent down and leant over her thighs. Uta spread her legs to get comfortable, Sarah draped over them. Then she raised Sarah’s tunic exposing Sarah’s superb rear enclosed in the tight white rubber. Prising Sarah’s thighs apart, she began to rub her fingers over her pants and down to her crotch. I could hear Sarah gasp and rub her groin against Uta’s thighs. Uta then said quietly.

“Sarah dear, I will not hurt you, not after how wonderful you were last night, but you understand I must do this. You know your place dear, so be brave.” And with an open hand she began to slap Sarah’s latex covered bottom. I hoped the noise of the slaps, accentuated by the latex, was worse than the pain, but I saw her bite her lip and clench her eyes as Uta rained slaps on her quivering bottom. But she was good, and obedient, for she did not move her arms from resting on the floor, nor did she flap her legs or move her bottom away from the slaps. After I don’t know how many, Uta stopped and then tenderly massaged Sarah’s buttocks, accompanied by low moaning from Sarah.

“Well done, my dear, you were strong for me, and that is good.” Uta almost whispered, and she helped Sarah onto her knees. She took her in her arms and gave her an encouraging hug, then kissed her on her lips, which Sarah certainly did not repel. Again Sarah looked at me a bit guiltily, the look on her face saying, well what would you expect me to do? I nodded and winked at her. I was not one to cast the first stone here, not after all I had been through. Uta told her to sit on the bed and approached her with a large red ball gag and harness. She raised her eyebrows as if to say, you know the rules and Sarah compliantly opened her mouth as Uta pushed it in and adjusted the straps around her head. She then cuffed her gloved hands behind her back, stood back and said.

“You’re a good sub Sarah, you’ll do anything I want now, won’t you? You want me to be your dom?”

And Sarah looked up at her, bit down on the gag and nodded slowly. Uta leant down and pecked the red ball, running a hand across her breasts. For them this was a rite of passage for Sarah, because now it seemed to Uta, and the other two, that they had transformed Sarah from a highly sexed, spirited, independent woman to being their rubber sub; a plaything that would serve them gladly in any way they wished.

They had achieved what they had set out to do; she was their acquiescent rubber doll now; all her orifices were available to them; she was a beauty all right, and so talented. The transformation had been made successful, not so much through pain and torture (although a bit of that didn’t hurt the cause at all) but for the most part, with Sapphic love.

The three of them now concentrated on me. Sigi spoke.

“Well tomorrow we will be gone. We’ve had a wonderful couple of days, the best stay we’ve had ever, thanks in no small way to Sarah here. We want today to be special too,” she grinned at me, “particularly for Maxine here.” She gripped my nipple ring and gave it a slow twist. Then she took my cock and balls in her hands and fondled them; she seemed to be thinking, as if coming to a decision.

“You are quite something Maxine, I know you have the latex mask and your wig on now but under that you are a real beauty. It seems a pity to waste that. Snip, snip, and all of these could be gone.” I began to feel very uneasy again. “Maxine, you’re nearly there already, fully depilated, and with your tight corset on, you can pass any day as a female. We could take care of these for you; and with some hormones, voila, we have made the transition. We could do that this evening…..”

“Now look,” I gulped, “this had gone on enough. I can see the cross dressing, the punishment and the rubber immersion…..but….but what you are talking about is not a joke, I like the way…..arrghh, mmmfff.” Quickly she had stuffed a pink rubber ball between my lips and Mia helped her strap it behind my blonde locks.

I stared dumbly across at Sarah, who sat on the side of the bed, still cuffed and gagged; a look of consternation etched on her face.

“No, Sarah won’t be able to help you Maxine, but she would get a new girlfriend to play with. I’m sure you would get on well together. Sarah is now very familiar with the wonders of torrid rubber sex between women, we can vouch for that. Anyway, we’ll have a think about this today; we don’t want to rush into any quick decisions, as…..for this one….it is rather final….there will be no return from this!”

She was really enjoying herself, warming to the theme, seeing how worried and powerless I was. Uta was sitting next to Sarah on the bed, not missing a chance for a sympathetic hug. She held her arm around her in a motherly way, but her other hand was gently rubbing her tender nipple through the thin rubber blouse. Sarah was sympathetic with my plight but I could see she was also becoming aroused by Uta’s expert attentions. But Sigi continued on her theme, as I stared up at her from the gyn/ob chair.

“We can do the operation in the early evening, remove Maxine’s unnecessary appendages here, create a proper woman’s orifice here, and then you won’t have to play these dress-up games. You’ll be the real thing. It will not be the same as ours of course, but it will function. I have performed a number of these operations over the years. Of course in the past all the other patients were willing volunteers. Maxine is not, but the transformation will do wonders for her. It is quite a long operation but they have all been successful. We will allow you to sleep it off during the night and early morning, and then while you are recovering your new friends from the school can come and see you.” She was thoroughly enjoying herself, and was now playing with my cock and balls again, rolling them in the palm of her hand. She looked me hard in the eye.

“Of course, you could go to the police, but I don’t think so. The scandal and public humiliation would be terrible; you wouldn’t be off the front pages for a month. So I think it would be best for you to disappear and start a new life – maybe on your own, maybe with Sarah here. You seem very close indeed, but this will be a real test, won’t it? Do you stay loyal and become…..lesbian lovers? Or does Sarah love you because of your cock? She’s very good at lesbian love Maxine; you two could become quite the item. Now I’m sure this is all a bit of a shock to….both of you. So we’ll go and have something to eat and leave you two together to ponder your future.”

Uta slipped a dog collar around Sarah’s neck and fastened it to the head of the bed, then kissed her on the red rubber ball that filled her mouth and then her forehead. The three then left us.

Sarah struggled to sit up, she was so sexy in the parody of the schoolgirl uniform – even the gag and her clenched teeth digging into it. For the next twenty minutes or so we tried, uselessly, to communicate, but our eyes expressed everything. I was already resigning myself to a different life, a very different one. I knew I could take the latex, in fact I now liked it, even craved it, but to be a woman….not dressing as one, but to be one permanently, well that had me terrified.

It was all right for a while, flirting, showing my panty line, the grip of the corset, the towering heels, the pert, false boobs, I was actually finding it quite a bit of fun. But forever….for life? I wriggled in my chair and tried to calm myself while Sarah looked at me - a mute observer. Would she leave me if they carried out their plan? How could I expect her to stay? If we were to be compatible then would she have to change to a man? My thoughts were getting out of control! But the idea of us being lesbian lovers? She certainly got into the spirit of things the night before but I would get the better of the deal, I think.

Soon the three women returned. They said nothing at first, knowing our thoughts must have been in turmoil. Mia wheeled in the trolley while the other two pulled on surgical gloves and then their tight, thin surgical masks. All in white, they had a very clinical and sinister appearance. Breathing in the rubber mask deeply, Sigi said.

“This will be a prelude to our work later today. I propose to do a number of small procedures that I’m sure you won’t find very pleasant. Firstly we’ll take off your wig and female mask; you have a beautiful face underneath and very shortly you will have the real body to go with it. Now we don’t want any scenes so if you make so much as a peep, then you will be severely punished, I promise you, and Sarah too, so bear that in mind. We’ll remove the gag first and then the wig, female mask and skull cap. Then we’ll gag you again, I have a feeling despite my warning you will have something to say. Anyway, I like gagging you.”

She laughed as she withdrew the gag. I said nothing as Mia and Sigi, with some foul smelling liquid, carefully pulled off the wig and then eased off my mask, then finally the skull cap underneath. My hair, so well designed by Emma, was soaked and matted to my head, but I had little time to dwell as Sigi shoved an inflatable cock gag into my mouth and inflated it. There were no straps but she inflated it so high I was not able to eject it.

“Now the first procedure, you will need to accompany your surgery, a whole series of hormone treatments and we’ll begin with the first injection now. We’ll start with a real booster today. You may feel a bit odd, but after tomorrow all will fit into place.” I wriggled in my bonds but could do little as Sigi inverted a syringe and after Mia had swabbed my arm and provided a tourniquet, plunged it expertly into a vein. As the liquid went in Sarah began to struggle but Uta held her, in a comforting way. Sigi withdrew the needle and placed a small band-aid on my arm. As she was doing this, Mia had returned from the bathroom with a large bowl of hot water and shampoo on the trolley.

“Now the next part; we are going to shave your head. I love shaved heads, so submissive and so androgynous – man or woman, it doesn’t matter, so sexy and so vulnerable. It also makes it much easier to put on helmets and masks. From your point of view, it also enhances the feeling of the rubber on your head; you will now have your whole body in full contact with it. It is very sensual. You will be able to wear all sorts of wigs; you can be what you want, well, limited of course to a woman.”

She chuckled as she ran her hand through my hair. Also on the trolley I now saw a safety razor and knew this was no joke. But I did not struggle any further, what was the point? They were going to do what they wanted, if I fought them or not. I was a defenceless plaything to them. My beautiful hairstyle that Emma had created was going to go. I had strangely got to like it.

Mia didn’t seem impressed however and after wrapping a towel round my neck, grabbed a chunk in her hand and with a pair of sharp scissors cut it close to my head. I gulped into my gag, as handful after handful was cut off. Within a couple of minutes my hair was reduced to an ugly uneven crewcut, and now I almost wanted them to shave it clean. Mia then lathered up some shampoo into a thick mousse and massaged it onto my skull. I stoically looked to the front, pretending it wasn’t happening to me, my cheeks puffed out by the gag and the pump dangling from the tube at the front. She matted the mousse down on my skull, like a white skullcap, stood back and admired it. Then she took hold of her razor, showed it to me with a giggle, and then began to shave my skull. She was very professional and intent on her work, moving my head from side to side like a real barber. The sensations were quite odd, it was not painful but it was almost as if I was being assaulted.

Shortly I was completely bald; Uta brought over a mirror and showed me all the angles. Meanwhile Mia applied some oil to it, rubbing it in and bringing it to a fine shine. The result was a shiny pink/white bowling ball. I now appeared almost sexless, and yet androgynous; a blank canvas on which anything could be added – to make me man, woman, or in my case…..convertible. They knew what they were doing, they were creating a new person, in their image, a new woman, and more important, a real woman….me!

“Now, that wasn’t too painful was it? Maybe a little humiliating but no real discomfort. Well I’m afraid the next procedure will hurt. To emphasise your complete submissiveness, we propose to put a ring through your nose, not the sides but the somewhat grisly septum. Then you will be able to be led round like a prize bull, or in your case……cow. With a leash attached to the nose ring, believe me you will be very obedient, the slightest pull can be quite painful.”

Everything was happening too fast. Sarah now just lay on the bed, her knees drawn up to her chest and her arms still cuffed behind her. She looked at me sympathetically and bit down on her gag. She was resigned, like me, but probably wondering what would happen to her next. They pushed my now bald head back to the rest behind me, Uta placed a gloved hand over my mouth and nose and I breathed in the sweet aroma of latex. As she pushed my head back a thick rubber strap was passed over my forehead and eyes, blacking everything out. My nose was now raised, and very vulnerable. Two rubber fingers applied some foul smelling liquid to the inside of my nose, I presumed it was an antiseptic and coagulant, and I hoped it would deaden the pain as well. They waited a minute or so as I sat there, blind and mute. Then I felt a pinch in my nose, and I knew the ring had been pushed through the muscular section. It hurt, but not as much as I thought it would. I smelt the faint smell of the glue that Mia applied and then heard a click as it was locked on.

They removed the strap and I looked into the mirror Uta held, and saw a bright silver ring about a half inch in diameter resting just above my upper lip. No blood came; the astringent obviously had worked well. But the sight in front of me did shock me, a sight of complete subjugation – I was completely bald – face, head and body; gagged; pierced and ringed through nose and nipples. There was also a ring around my scrotum – but then I was being told that would not be necessary soon!

“Okay, the last procedure will be a couple of tattoos, to remind you of our time together. Uta is a real expert in that field.” And Uta produced a tattoo gun; it was electrically operated, and she inserted an ink cartridge. Relative to my future “procedures” and what I had endured already, I was feeling almost casual about this one.

“Well, our rubber slave, our rubber dolly, where shall it be?” She teased me. “Some private places and some public, I think. What are private? Your breasts, buttocks and your new vagina – you must get used to the new terminology, Maxine.”

She chuckled as she gripped my cock and balls. Then she pressed a button by the chair and with a hum the chair reclined backwards until I was almost facing the floor, with my legs in the air. They released my legs and they flopped down, but Mia, on her knees facing me, grabbed them and Uta stepped over them and rested herself on the back of my thighs. My view now was straight up Uta’s skirt and her frilly white panties. I could not move an inch, fettered and gagged, I was nearly upside down with my exposed buttocks facing the ceiling – and Uta’s tattoo gun. She teased my sphincter and then went to work with the gun.

It was only mildly painful, discomforting really, and I just tried to concentrate on the beauty of her latex covered backside and legs, and not on what she was doing to me. After a while she finished, and the chair hummed back to a horizontal position, and my legs were strapped again in the stirrups and spread wide. Then Uta moved between my legs, threateningly holding the gun up in the air, and leant over and started working on my groin. This was a lot more sensitive and I winced and grunted into my cock gag as she continued. Nothing was said, they were back to their business-like mode.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mia take a break and sit beside Sarah. She helped her sit up, then began to play with her breasts through the thin blouse, and quickly had a hand under her short skirt. Sarah wriggled but could do little, while she may not have minded the attentions of Uta, she didn’t care for Mia one bit. This of course didn’t bother Mia at all. Uta finished my groin and now moved to my left breast.

“How are we doing, dear rubber dolly?” She patted my bald head and playfully tugged my nose ring. “A little more pain and we’re through. Think on it Maxine, no ugly cock and balls, just a pretty vertical smile.” I could see her smile under the surgical mask, and then resume work on my left breast and then the right. I could see her work now; she worked fast and was very skilful. Soon she had finished and stood back to admire her work as the others joined her.

With a mirror they invited me to look at Uta’s work. First they inverted me quickly and showed me my buttocks. I had trouble reading the letters in the mirror but finally made out on one buttock “WHIP ME HARD HERE” in letters a half inch high. On the other cheek and in red letters the same size, with an arrow pointing to my sphincter “COCKS AND DILDOS WELCOME HERE”. I groaned into my gag, well, subtle they weren’t!

Next, they showed me my groin area. And in a half crescent over my cock were the words in bright shiny black “ALL NEW RUBBER DOLLY”. Finally over each nipple in a curved red line was “SLAVE TO RUBBER”. Well, I thought, I think pretty well everyone would get the message. A bra and a pair of panties would cover most of it perhaps, but I wouldn’t be taking public showers for sure, or going to any nude beaches!

The girls were pretty impressed with all this and decided to have a quick fondle on the bed, the three in virginal white, now with the masks removed and poor Sarah, still cuffed and gagged and with her skimpy schoolgirls costume on. I could not bear to look and so closed my eyes and tried to relax.

But of course my curiosity, and lurid imagination, got the better of me and I began to watch them with Sarah. Quickly they had her cuffs off and then her tunic and blouse. Again it was six hands against two and Sarah had little fight in her. They did however leave her stockings and gloves on, but the bra and panties were pulled off with gleeful abandon by the girls, thereby showing off her new nipple and labial rings. They manoeuvred her onto her back and immediately Uta had her panties off and tights down. Removing Sarah’s gag she then squatted on Sarah’s face, while Sigi’s face was buried in her crotch. Mia contented herself with licking her nipples and twisting her rings. This went on for a short while, accompanied by the quiet moaning of Sarah.

Sigi (licking her lips with a cheeky smile) and Mia soon left Sarah to Uta, who was now on top of Sarah in a 69 position. Sarah was not cuffed but offered no resistance and I could see her head bobbing at Uta’s crotch. Sigi and Mia approached me; they would do my dressing while Uta was getting more intimately acquainted with Sarah again.

“Well I think it is time for Maxine to do her farewell tour. By tomorrow she will be a new woman – so to speak. This will be your last time as an imitation pony girl, after tomorrow you’ll be the real thing. We won’t bother with a washout this morning; we’ll do it this evening before the operation. We’re going to take you and Sarah out for a ride in our three seater buggy.”

Quickly they raised me from the gyn/ob chair after Mia had attached a thin chain from the ceiling to my nose ring and taken the slack out. I could do nothing, my hands were free but simply by having a chain attached to my tender nose I had been rendered helpless.

I was completely naked, save for the gag and anal spreader (and the nose, nipple and scrotal sac rings of course) and now they soon had my cock and balls in the pouch. I thought it ironic that I had complained about the sharp rubber needles on my cock before. Well that was nothing compared to what was to come. I would happily put up with this discomfort for the rest of my life now! Sigi chuckled as she pulled the straps back between my legs and attached them to the tight belt of the anal spreader. She gave the pouch a not too gentle pat.

“We won’t have to worry about these ugly things soon. We’ll dispense with the corset and false boobs today; I want to show off your pretty ringed nipples so we’ll get you back into the tube corset.” It was a real struggle getting it over my thighs and it inevitably pulled my belt upwards, painfully tugging on the pouch and spreader. But shortly it was clamped around my waist and again I marvelled at how small and contoured my waist was now. A different leotard came next. It was the colour of deep burgundy and, I saw straight away, reinforced cutouts at breasts, buttocks and a reinforced hole with three studs opposite my anal ring.

“This is a female leotard but I’m sure we can squeeze you into it, although it will be a tight fit down here.” She patted my pouch again as I stepped into the cool, clinging rubber. Quickly they pulled it over my hips and it fit very snugly over my smooth mound at the front, where there was a hard wedge with rubber nodules on it that pushed the needles inside the pouch further into my cock. My buttocks were exposed by two large cutouts and the tattoos were clearly visible. I slid my arms into the sleeves which ended in thumbless mittens with D rings at the end. As they zipped me up to the high collar I felt a further tightening at the waist. The cutouts at my “breasts” were about four inches in diameter and reinforced with thicker rubber. Sigi roughly grabbed each “breast” and pulled it to her. On releasing her grip I noticed that the thick rubber gripped the flesh, giving it the look of a breast through the cutout, albeit a fairly small one. The tattoos to my breasts were clearly visible here too.

“Not to worry.” She said, placing a finger through my nipple ring. “With an extended hormone treatment, we’ll get these babies to grow. Maybe down the road you will get some implants, make you nice and busty; your new boyfriends will like something big and firm to hang onto while they fuck you.” I knew she was teasing me, brutally, but nonetheless those images horrified me – a bald, busty beauty being screwed, in a “regular” manner or even up the rear, never mind sucking cock - and that beauty was me!

A high posture collar in matching burgundy was buckled around my neck and then my arms were drawn back and pulled high behind me and attached with a short chain to the collar. The effect of this was not only painful on my arms but it pushed my “breasts” forward in a visually titillating way. Fortunately, like Sarah, I am quite flexible, but they did not leave me much play. They released the chain from my nose, which was a relief, and anyway, I wasn’t going anywhere. They pulled burgundy and black self-hold stockings up my legs, smoothing them out to the tops of my thighs. If my mind hadn’t been on events in the future, I would have appreciated them, for they were quite striking.

Then came the boots, and I was not surprised to see they were in the design of a horse’s hoof. They were in matching burgundy and black, and laced up to my knees. Inside, my foot was well supported but my heel was acutely elevated, equivalent to a four-inch heel. The sole of the foot had the shape of a hoof, with even a steel horseshoe underneath. This was not a boot for racing in, although walking would be all right. But we were not to be raced, we were to be paraded throughout the school and I was to represent a branded, (well, tattooed) ringed, rubberised, bald and bitted filly. As I stood, getting used to the hooves, they bent me over and I awaited the butt plug tail. It was not long in coming and Sigi pushed it in with ease. She stopped however and said.

“I think Maxine is really well stretched now Mia, that was very easy; we can use a size larger now.” And as I bit down on the gag, she withdrew the “smaller” plug and replaced it with one which I noted had the metal strips down the shaft, and at the narrower neck. No doubt they required some extra sport in subjecting me to further shock “therapy”, as if my current predicament was not humiliating enough. I thought initially the plug would split me, even though it was well greased, but she pushed and then stopped to allow my ring to adjust, and then laughing she pushed again. Finally she pressed and the widest point slipped it, as my sphincter gripped the narrower neck. Sigi pressed the studs together and then the long tail, in jet black, was screwed into the small socket and twisted until it sprouted at a 45 degree angle from my rear. As I was raised erect and wiggled my arse, I could feel the tail swish and tickle my buttocks.

“We have some final additions, your bit and harness for one, but you can go and stand in the corner there while we take care of Sarah.” I clip-clopped over there, feeling the plug moving within me, and the tail swishing from side to side. During my dressing, Sarah and Uta had been “occupied” on the bed and I had glanced over to see them entwined together. Uta was the aggressor and after receiving pleasure from Sarah’s tongue she had pulled her tights and pants back up, and spent the rest of the time with either her own mouth firmly planted on Sarah’s face giving her deep kisses, or on Sarah’s crotch. While Sarah may have wanted to rebel, Uta had her in the 69 position for much of this time with her own rubber-covered crotch on Sarah’s face. In any event, there was no fight from Sarah. As Sigi nodded to Uta, she looked up, turned round and quickly gagged the unresisting Sarah with an inflatable gag similar to mine.

 So they dragged her off the bed, stripped her of gloves and stockings, and dressed her in an anal spreader and then a similar leotard to mine. There were holes for her boobs to be held and exposed and a small reinforced hole at her bum hole with stud fastenings, and two larger cutouts at her cheeks. But it was the crotch that was, understandably, different. There was a reinforced oval with four horizontal reinforced slits, two opposite each other either side of the oval. I was quickly to find out how ingenious this design was.

She was zipped up and her mittened hands folded and chained to the posture collar. The expression on her face changed little, her cheeks were puffed out and her face, perhaps smeared a little with Uta’s juices, remained unemotional. Her superb, firm breasts were thrust out through the reinforced cutouts and her nipple rings glinted under the spotlights. They bent her over and a butt plug was inserted inside her. I saw that it was smaller than mine, but it did have the metal strips - so Sarah was in for a shock too! She grunted as it was pressed into her and the tail screwed in, but she made no attempt at resistance. Now Uta squatted between Sarah’s legs and gave her exposed vulva, which was still wet from her earlier attentions, a lick and a tender kiss. As Sarah gasped, she gently prised back the tight rubber and pulled the labial rings on the left side of Sarah’s pussy through the two horizontal slits.

They were a perfect alignment and she then slid a narrow rectangular ring about one inch long through the two labial rings and pressed the self locking ends together. She repeated this on the opposite side. So now Sarah’s labia had been pulled open and locked to the rubber leotard, leaving her pussy exposed by the oval opening. All this had been undertaken in complete silence, Sarah breathing hard and biting on her lip while Uta occasionally looked up at her, smiling proudly as she adorned the woman she had clearly grown attached to – in her own perversely cruel way. I knew that if Sarah was walking any distance the rings and the rubber surround would be rubbing and pulling her lips, exciting her. It would be a cruel cocktail of arousal and torment. Stockings and boots identical to mine were placed on her feet and she wobbled at first, acclimatizing herself.

We were now identical fillies; the only difference being Sarah’s ample breasts, my tattoos on breasts and buttocks, and my shiny bald head. She would be tormented and aroused by the rubber and the rings rubbing her vaginal lips and I would be tormented and aroused by the hard bristles of the pouch on my cock.

And now they left us. We stared at each other, mute, identical gags dangling from our distended mouths. We weren’t chained together or to anything else, but we were powerless to do anything. She plaintively looked at me and clip-clopped over on the hard rubber tiles. She leant against me; her ringed breasts rubbing on mine, her crotch beginning to rub against mine. I know she was trying to offer comfort, but her rubbing was actually causing me pain. I shook my head and she tried to smile, then stopped the rubbing and just leant against me, breathing slowly through her nose. We stayed like this for some time, just with our own thoughts, reserving energy for the travails ahead.

And then the three women returned, too soon, for me at least.

And my God, what a sight they were. I don’t know if you have ever seen those dressage events in the Olympics, where riders get their horses to prance around and do very clever things in a ring, but the three of them were dressed identically to the women riders in those events. The one difference was that it was in rubber. Long flowing black skirts to mid-calf over shiny tight rubber boots, long-sleeved white rubber shirts with high collars and a white tie, black jacket to mid-thigh buttoned up the front to their chests and split up back and front to allow them to saddle up, and tight black gloves gripping the inevitable long whips. But it was the headgear that was the final touch – short black top hats about six inches high perched on top of their heads over their tightly groomed hair, and complete with black veil pulled loosely across their faces. Either they were ready for dressage or a funeral! I thought wryly that maybe it was both, the end of Max and the beginning of Maxine. Despite these morbid thoughts however they looked absolutely stunning, their faces beautifully made up and the hats and veils adding a severe almost theatrical touch.

Sarah and I separated as they approached and without any ceremony, save Uta running her whip down Sarah’s exposed vulva, we were taken down to the stables. I found at least the hooves were quite comfortable and easy to walk in, I had come a long way indeed. Although they were the equivalent of a three inch heel, or more, the wide sole helped my balance. From the corner of my eye I could see Sarah adjusting quickly too. As we clip-clopped into the stables I felt the tail swish against my bare cheeks and rubber-covered thighs and the big butt plug move within me.

Mia attached two small bells to my nipple rings, as Uta did the same to Sarah, firstly giving her nipples a playful pinch.  Before they put on the elaborate bits and harnesses Mia made our faces up, with bright red lipstick, striking eye shadow and liner. The bits and bridles were however different; instead of a standard horizontal bit to bite down on they had adapted a two inch thick and two inch long rubber penis gag which was thrust into my mouth. It tasted rubbery and was spongier than others I had been gagged with, but it filled my mouth as I bit down on it. Smooth rubber straps passed under my chin and through the chin support of my collar, either side of my nose to connect at my bald crown and then round my face to the back of my neck. This allowed my nose ring to remain exposed. These were all tightened and I glanced across to see Sarah undergo the same cool, efficient treatment.

A flowing black plume was then screwed into the thimble at my crown, and I could feel it tickle the back of my bald head. Thin chains were now clipped to my nipple rings and pulled up through a ring at the front of my penis gag then through D rings at my shoulders and back to the buggy. It was clear we would be controlled by them pulling on our tender nipples rings and gags. We were backed into the buggy and chained at the hips; the arms of the buggy attached to our outer hips. As Mia and Sigi sat down and prepared for their ride, Uta had one special, intimate treat for Sarah. She stood in front of her and held up a single bell attached to a small crocodile clamp. She carefully raised her veil and laid it on her hat; she was stunning to look at, the ultimate cool Nordic beauty.

“Sarah, my dear, this is a token of my appreciation of all your talents these last few days. I’m sorry it is likely to hurt, but I know you will be stoic. Do it for me, dear; you look so wonderful right now, this will be the icing.” I got the feeling that she genuinely had the feeling that Sarah was now her own little sub property, or if she wasn’t then maybe she didn’t even care. She was playing it as if she was the one that was regretting doing what she was doing. She squatted down and began to lick and kiss Sarah’s exposed vulva. Sarah began to moan as Uta rubbed her clit, and soon her legs began to shake. Then Uta said.

“Hold on sweetie, this will hurt a little, but give it a couple of minutes and you’ll be fine.” And she carefully clipped the bell to Sarah’s enflamed clit. Sarah moaned, shook her head as best she could with the posture collar and stamped her hoof but Uta stood and held her by her shoulders.

“There, there, you’ll be fine, they are not too tight, circulation will flow all right and there will be no permanent damage, but it’s just a reminder of my power over you dear, and how much I care for you.” She had a funny way of showing it, I thought. They all sat now, in a row in the buggy. Then I heard Sigi’s voice giving us our instructions.

“Now then, my pretty fillies, I shall have the reins and it would benefit you to obey them, otherwise you will have very sore nipples, I fear. The rules are easy; you are now experienced in this, after your victorious efforts with Emma. A pull to the left and you go left, and so forth. Now for the fun bit - your pace. Uta and Mia have in their hands, remote controls for your butt plugs. They can alter the power of each shock and the speed of the pulse. Now here you have to pay attention, my beauties. You will keep pace with the pulse of your butt plugs, Mia and Uta here will co-ordinate the speed; it can change from a slow of 60 pulses per minute which is a steady walk, up to say 140 per minute which is a nice brisk trot. The power of the shocks can be increased too; if we feel you need to raise your knees in an accentuated dressage manner we will increase the power of the shocks. You are a bright couple, I’m sure you will learn fast.” She laughed. “And then of course we have our whips to add a little incentive. Your nice round globes are just too attractive to resist, I’m afraid, and your tattoo Maxine, is a good bull’s eye to aim for. So, off we go.”

Simultaneously I felt a sharp whip on my right buttock and deep shocks reverberate through my anal passage. Quickly I moved off with Sarah mmmffing beside me. We tried to get to the rhythm as fast as possible as the shocks increased. I bit down on the rubber cock in my mouth, trying to concentrate on my pace. The bells on my nipples rang out and I could hear Sarah’s too, including her clit bell. Finally I got the rhythm and Sarah and I now stepped out on the cobbles in perfect unison, left, right and left again. What a proud sight we were; shiny crimson leotards and stockings, high hoof boots clip-clopping, tails swishing our exposed cheeks and shiny thighs, shiny lipsticked lips gripped round large cock gags, and nipple and clit bells ringing out.

After we’d gone maybe fifty yards the shocks in our rears increased and I glanced out to the side and saw Sarah raise her knees. I copied until we were parallel and I heard Sigi call out.

“Well done my beauties, excellent.” And then my right nipple was pulled to the right and my head with it as the chain tightened in the gag ring; we pulled to the right and then straightened again and we were on our way to the main school building, to be shown off as obedient, dumb ponies, no doubt. I found it hard to concentrate on keeping in pace with Sarah as my mind kept coming back to what would befall me tonight. Nonetheless I tried to incur as little pain as possible and kept in unison with Sarah. As I took each stride it was accompanied by a shock in my rear and a spasm through my cheeks which in turn swished my tail in an exaggerated way. This of course greatly amused the three women behind me.

I heard Sarah mmmfff into her gag continually, and I glanced across and down at her. It was difficult to tell if the noise was all in pain and torment for the clit bell, as it swung between her legs and was jarred by her thighs, was clearly also producing a pleasant side effect, for I saw a glistening secretion forming on the tops of her thighs, and there was only one place where that could have come from!

We passed four girls on their way to tennis, all decked out in delectable white rubber; they stopped their chatter and looked at us as we trotted by, their faces a mix of initial amusement and then, perhaps, even sympathy. I thought Sigi would take us to the school, but she led us behind it, to the wooded area at the rear. We carried on, clomping on the softer earth, which was better to trot on. Finally we came to a clearing and I felt my nipples rings being raised up and the shocks in my rear becoming slower. We slowed to a walk, and then to a stop. The shocks continued but they were just a twinge every two or three seconds and of no real discomfort. I found it funny thinking that, a huge butt plug in my rear giving me electric shocks and I didn’t find it that bad – oh, yes, I had come a long way. While Sigi took a blanket and hamper from the back of the buggy, Mia and Uta came round to us.

They released the reins from the chains and folded the chains round an available branch, just like the cowboys in the western movies. And just like the horses in the westerns we stood docile and silent, collecting our breath. Mia came to me and wiped off the spittle from my mouth and chin, flicked my tail with her finger, laughed and then returned to Sigi. Uta was as expected much more attentive with her charge. She stood in front of her, not really taunting her, but certainly enjoying the power exchange. She rolled back her veil and whispered something in her ear that I couldn’t hear. She tenderly fondled her breasts and Sarah moaned quietly, and then moved a hand down and out of sight. Sarah groaned and stepped back but Uta smiled and held her nipple rings; then her hand returned glistening with Sarah’s juices. She licked a couple of fingers with a smile and then very slowly wiped the remainder over Sarah’s lips, the rubber cock gag and then around her nostrils. Sarah would now be assailed with the perfume of her own juices.

After giving her a gentle slap on her exposed cheek Uta returned to the others and they proceeded to have a pleasant picnic in the glade. They seemed almost oblivious of us, two silent ponies leaning against each other, our weight moving from one side to the other as we raised our hoofed feet for relief. They sat on their blanket and munched on their delicacies, as we stood by them, utterly unable to do anything but stand there. It was as if we were from a different world. There was the popping of a cork and much laughter and clinking of glasses. They were having a wonderful time – and Sarah and I stood by them, nipple ringed and hoofed, butt plugged and tailed, sucking on large rubber cocks - it was a strange scene indeed. Sarah was clearly thinking what I was, that in the evening our relationship would change irrevocably, and I felt her lean into me and offer comfort.

Uta came to Sarah again and dipped a rubber gloved finger into her glass of wine, then ran it over her exposed vulva, Sarah breathed in hard as Uta then bent down nudged the clit bell away with her nose and licked it slowly dry. She ran her hands over Sarah’s boobs again – I noticed her nipples were now erect – and then returned to the blanket and the conspiratorial smiles of Sigi and Uta.

Sarah looked at me somewhat guiltily, but I shook my head trying to say, how can I blame you?  When you have the opportunity to take pleasure – take pleasure! She nodded and leant against me, her rubber suit squeaking against mine. We heard movement along the pathway and turned to see an old friend. Walking along the wooded path was Amanda – my favorite model, with her first pupil in tow, the unfortunate Imogen.

It seemed like years ago when Emma, Amanda and I had gone to pick her up. Evidently poor Imogen was a slow learner, or Amanda was a very hard taskmistress, for she was also dressed as a pony girl, but with a few additions from Amanda. She trailed Amanda, struggling in her hoof boots, decked out in rubber leotard and stockings, her arms already in a cruel back prayer, which must have hurt, and attached to the back of her high collar. We could not see the expression on her face for she wore a full head mask complete with plume, and a rubber bit from which saliva dribbled down over her chest. From her backside a tail sprung and I could see from all her gyrations she was naively trying to somehow eject the butt plug. At her crotch I could see the outline of the base of a dildo embedded in her and attached to the suit. So poor Imogen was filled in both orifices and being tormented and excited at the same time.

Amanda was clearly taking to being a domina like a fish to water! She pulled Imogen along by a leash attached to her collar. Imogen seemed to offer token resistance, but Amanda had a short whip in her hand and would I’m sure would use it if required. Amanda was dressed in the school prefect uniform of black rubber skirt, stockings, and tight blouse over black gloves. She looked wonderful and had that way that all models walk, almost crossing their feet over – she could have been on any fashion walkway in the world, but here she was with a sub girl dressed as a rubber pony girl in tow – and loving it!

She saw us and approached slowly, tugging gently on Imogen’s leash. The three girls on the blanket turned and smiled, they obviously remembered Amanda from when she was a pupil, and Amanda remembered them; I wondered if she had ever fallen into their clutches.

“Amanda dear, congratulations on your….promotion to prefect. I understand you want to stay here, that is wonderful, and already you have a pupil to take care of. I see you have her in pony training already, excellent. Although my dear I see she is still tugging at the leash, if I were you I would use that whip more often, it’s not for show you know.” The other two laughed at this and Amanda smiled affably, I liked Amanda a lot; she would stand up to these three.

“You remember I was once a student here Sigi, so I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Sometimes you can get things done faster with honey than vinegar. Imogen will learn all right and when she steps out of line she will feel this whip all right, but I will bring her along at my pace, Sigi.” Sigi smiled, but I knew she would have loved to take on Amanda, but as a prefect she was now untouchable.

“I don’t doubt it my dear, and I heard you took care of that man of yours, good for you.”

“Well, I have to thank Maxine for that, she saved us all on that one.” She smiled affectionately at me.  “By the way do you mind if I have a few words with Maxine and Sarah before I go, I would love to stay but I have to get Imogen on the horse carousel and get her running in these hooves for a couple of miles.” Imogen groaned at this but Amanda gave her a hard look and she lowered her eyes.

“Of course, go ahead, but I fear that there will not be much of a conversation.” They all laughed at this, Amanda less vigorously. She approached us (pulling on Imogen) and spoke quietly, placing her hands on each cheek. Now, I thought, here was an opportunity for me to communicate what was going to happen to me this evening and get Miss Broad to put an end to this insanity.

“Hello, dear friends, Emma told me about how you got involved with these three. I’m so sorry, but Miss Broad still seems to have a soft spot for Sigi. My, look at you, Maxine, those are quite the tattoos and the rings. I hope they don’t hurt too much. She’s really gone to town on you. I’m sorry about your hair, I loved the cut Emma gave you, but well… will grow back, don’t worry.”

I tried to scream out to her that they planned to emasculate me that night, but what could I do with a big rubber cock in my mouth, silencing me?  I mewed into the huge gag and pointed downwards with my eyes to my groin, but she didn’t seem to get the message.

“I like the tails.” She said, I think trying to lighten the mood. “I bet they are bigger than Imogen’s, she’s wearing her first so the plug is fairly manageable, although you would think she had a torpedo up her arse the way she moaned about it, I have to say I quite enjoyed putting it in, better to give than receive, eh; and goodness knows I have been on the receiving end.” She looked down at Sarah’s exposed vulva and the clit bell. She wasn’t shocked and it was clear she had seen this before.

“Mmm, I had that done to me a few months ago, it can throb a bit but Sarah, you really can get used to the pain and make it work for you, embrace it; I did, and well….there are times here when I will want to be a sub, just for a while, maybe if you two stay, I do hope you do, then you can take me on as your sub for a while.” She smiled her model smile, and I could think of no one else I would rather be a master (or mistress) to.

“Look I have to go, keep your spirits up now, I’ll see you soon.” I pleaded with my eyes and screamed into the gag but it was no use, she probably just thought that I was complaining about my present predicament and not what was about to happen to me. She pecked us both on the cheek and pulled on Imogen’s leash as she left with a semi-friendly wave to the three picnickers. I had hoped for a more sympathetic attitude from Amanda, but this was the reality of the school, piercing, and tattooing were certainly not uncommon here. I just seemed to get the brunt of them and the tattoo messages weren’t exactly subtle. But more importantly she didn’t even get the message I was trying to convey, it was a chance missed and I kicked the ground with my hooves in anger.

I realized that I had got to the point that I craved rubber and submission, and I missed Emma and her jolly schoolgirl strictness, I liked the gags (if they didn’t throttle me) and the highest of heels and every kind of latex garment, even the tight corsets, and I think Sarah did too now. It was fun, painful too, but kinky, pervy fun. But these three women were of a different kind however and what they planned for me was almost inconceivable.

They had finished their picnic and had packed everything away. They attached the reins to our chains and we were on our way again. The shocks in my rectum increased in pace and I speeded up, my tail swishing my thighs and my bells ringing. I had noticed that during the last half hour storm clouds had been gathering and it looked like we were in for a hard rainstorm. No staff or pupils were around and it was as if we were out for a pleasant walk, except for the pony gear of course.

After about ten minutes at a gentle trot, I felt the first patter of rain on my shaved head. At first it was a warm summer rain and not uncomfortable, but within a couple of minutes it got heavier and began bouncing of our rubber costumes and running down our bodies. The costume was so tight and form fitting there was no way it would get between the rubber and me, I had though already worked up a good sweat while pulling the buggy.

We pulled up outside the school entrance, a pull on my nipple rings forcing me to stop. Then I felt the severity and frequency of the shocks in my rear decline to a “comfortable” level. Our reins were hooked by the front door and the three women ran in from the pounding rain, giggling like, well…..schoolgirls. Sarah leant against me again, rain pouring off her costume. She looked so shiny, sleek and sexy, even if her hair was now matted. No matter what she was doing she always oozed a sexual aura. Our make-up was a bit of a mess though, the lipstick smeared around the gags, and eyeliner and shadow now spreading down our faces. She snuggled close for comfort and warmth; I was cooling quickly as the rain hammered down on my bald head, a strange sensation.

She looked up plaintively; she knew we had missed an opportunity with Amanda and my time was running out. For the next ten minutes we just stood there, moving from hoof to hoof. Then who should appear but Emma. I was so happy to see my old adversary, trainer and mistress. I was terrified of her at first, I suppose, but I had grown to respect and have a great affection for her. She was stern, fair, sexy and a marvelously skilled domina; knowing where the limit always was, and knowing when you could take more. She was someone I could trust and revere - absolutely - and right now I wanted desperately to return to her “care”.

She was dressed in her prefect’s uniform of short skirt and blouse, with sexy stockings and high heels – so stern and yet so provocatively sexy. At her waist were the tools of her trade, ball gags, inflatables, blindfold, cuffs, and a short whip. She saw us and came immediately, ignoring the rain and embraced us both. Here was perhaps my last opportunity, and I mewed into the gag, as did Sarah. Emma did not say anything for a while; I think it may have been a bit emotional for her. We separated and she stood back and gave us a big smile.

“Well……you have…..survived so far, Maxine, and you too Sarah. Sigi and her friends seem to be on a special mission this time, with the two of you. They still appear to have Miss Broad’s ear so I don’t know what is next for you.” She looked down at the ground, deep in thought. “I do wish you were still with me.” God, I thought, so do I, if only I could somehow communicate with her, I stamped the ground again and nodded in the direction of my cock and balls, but still she didn’t realize what I was trying to say.  I mmmfffed again into the gag, imploring her, but she shook her head. She knew I wanted to talk, she didn’t know the reason of course, but it would be worth her job to remove our gags – she would be back as a pupil in no time and subject to severe punishments. She examined us with a clinical and appraising eye, noted the butt plugs and my pouch with approval, and then examined the tattoos and the rings in professional detail.

“Well Maxine, they’ve done a real number on you here. These must have hurt.” I nodded and she gave me a sympathetic smile.

“Tattoos can be removed, not to worry.” I knew they could but that was the least of my concerns!

“Not very subtle messages, are they?” She said, trying to lighten the mood. I felt humiliated and yet still unable to get across what I had to say. What was to happen to me went way beyond her level of dominance. She gently felt my nose and nipple rings, passing her finger over the shiny objects, shaking the bells and yet showing concern. I pleaded with my eyes, for God’s sake just take out the gag for one minute and listen! But no, she didn’t for she turned to Sarah.

“And you too got the treatment, my poor Sarah. God, they did a real job on your labia; that must have hurt.” She fingered her clit bell and Sarah moaned.

“I would love to take this off…but you understand I can’t.” Sarah nodded. “Anyway, it would hurt even more when I had to put it back on, all the blood rushing to the end. Better to stay a bit numb. Oh, my poor things.” She looked quite distraught. Lord, if only she knew the whole story!

Her hair was now matted and her wonderful costume shone brightly under the torrential rain. Then she quickly left us, without looking back. She returned a couple of minutes later however with a roll of paper towels and two long rubber capes with attached hoods. First she wiped our faces of the messy make-up.

“Even without your make-up, you’re still beauties, both of you.” She smiled pensively. She draped the capes over our shoulders and pressed the studs down to our knees, careful not to pull on our chains.

“I can’t do anything more for you than this, I’ll probably be punished for this even, but I don’t care. It will keep you a little warmer.”  As she pulled the hood over my bald head she rested her hand on it and said.

“Oh, I was so proud of the haircut I gave you….and now…it’s all gone. I’m so sorry. It will grow again I know, and we have all types of wigs here for you, but it seems such a shame. I know I come across as a hard dom sometime, but I see you like this and I feel I want to…..” Oh, for God’s sake shut up and release our gags, pleeease, I mmmmfffed. But it was no use.

She seemed close to breaking up and I moved forward and rested against her, like an obedient pony, and she hugged me, and then Sarah. I knew she didn’t want to stay and see us like this; I had now given up trying to try to say something about what was going to happen to me, for it was useless, she kissed us on our foreheads and left without turning back. Sarah snuggled up to me offering as much comfort as she could, but I was now quite forlorn. We stayed like that for half an hour or so as the rain poured down, beating loudly on our hoods, but now at least we were protected by the pungent warm rubber around us.

With the beat of the rain I could hardly hear anything until we were joined by a group of about 5 or 6 young pupils, they couldn’t have been more that seventeen or eighteen, who had come from a class. They were so fresh and innocent (?) in their uniforms, sharing umbrellas between them. At first as they surrounded us they giggled in embarrassment. But then they began to inspect us, lifting the capes to display poor Sarah’s clit bell and the butt plugs which were still on pulse cycle, and then they saw my nose ring and tattoos and my bald pate under the hood. A couple of aggressive ones felt my pouch and then the butt plugs, and we could do nothing, just stand there like a pair of mute mannequins until a prefect arrived, took one sympathetic look at us and shooed the girls away to another class.

Finally, with the rain now stopping, the three women returned, with Miss Broad and Camille in tow. They took off our capes; they didn’t seem interested where they had come from, and I saw a look of shock on Camille’s face. She looked wonderful in a short latex red mini dress and matching stockings and heels, a real vixen, but her expression was one of real sympathy. Miss Broad clearly didn’t want to lose face here to these women and inspected the rings and tattoos. This was my last chance and I tried to make eye contact with Miss Broad as I mmffed into the gag, but she seemed more interested in my pony uniform and all the additions. Sigi spoke again.

“Oh don’t fret, Linda, the hair will grow again and a page boy wig will cover it for now.” But I can see she was quite shocked at the lengths the women had gone to this time. She fingered my nose ring gently, then my nipple bells, noticing the lurid tattoo. I mewed again and pawed the ground, but Miss Broad just turned to Sigi.

“You know Sigi, you just might have stepped over the bounds this time. Maxine here is my favourite pupil, the best I have had for a long time, maybe ever, a natural sub, and one who loves rubber. We can probably remove the tattoos, painfully, but you have done a pretty good job with the rings I see. Even with the bald head though, Maxine, you are still a stunner.” Again, I wanted to scream at her, did she know what was going on?  She placed a hand on my bare head.

“Sigi is leaving tomorrow, and I understand she has a treat for you; now Sigi, I won’t give you any more warnings, I want Maxine and Sarah back tomorrow, in good shape, all right? I have grown very attached to them, as has Emma and Camille here.”

“Oh, stop worrying Linda, we’re just going to have some fun with them.” I screamed into my gag but it really was no good. Miss Broad seemed to sense something, but with a withering look at Sigi simply said nothing. I shook my head in frustration and mewed one last time but all she did was take my head in her hands and kiss me on my forehead and pat my bare cheeks. She repeated this with Sarah and then with her arm through Camille’s elbow she returned to the school……and my last chance at escape from my fate was gone!

04.09.06 continued in part six

* * *

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