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by Brad Lee

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Storycodes: MF; costumes; pvc; latex; bond; cuffs; bfold; gag; tease; torment; fantasies; catsuit; mast; sex; climax; true; cons; X

My wife and I are new to the use of fetish clothing and light bondage in our sex lives, but after reading several letters on your website are keen to progress to harder stuff.

We have a few items in our collection of outfits and restraints, they include: a green military style latex dress, a lovely blue and white latex schoolgirl outfit with matching frilly panties and a cane !! A black french maids outfit and a red and white nurses uniform both in PVC. We also have purchased a set of leg spreaders, wrist cuffs with chains, a red ball gag and black leather blindfold.

We take turns in using the restraints on each other. When it is my turn, my wife cuffs me to the bed head then places the gag in my mouth and fastens it tightly then puts my ankles in the spreader bar saving the blindfold till last so I can see what she is doing to me. In my darkness I can hear her putting on her elbow length red latex gloves. She teases my body from head to toe rubbing her latex covered fingers all over.

One of our things is we like to tell each other fantasy stories.

When it is my turn to receive she tells me stories involving me being tied up like now and to imagine two latex covered ladies standing very close to me (usually in my mind I imagine princess fatale and one of her friends) they are caressing each other intimately and performing sexual acts on each other. Expertly, my wife knows when I can take no more and with her latex covered hand brings me to an intense orgasm.

When it is her turn to be restrained one of her favourite fantasy stories is that she is a waitress at a private business mans dinner party for about 5 or 6 men. She wears her black PVC french maids outfit with a white frilly apron and black high heeled shoes. During the party as she is serving the table one or two of the men run their hands up her legs and under her skirt, she does not stop them and so this ends up in her being pulled over the lap of the host who roughly pulls down her panties and spanks her bare bottom. At this point I know she too is near so as I stroke her pussy I tell her how all the men in the party take turns on her across the table, this brings her to a shuddering climax.

Recently one evening at home we were on the internet looking at the online shop of a fetish clothing company when my wife said, “ Now that’s nice “ pointing at one of the models wearing a red PVC catsuit. My wife is 32 years old, 5 ft 6 in tall, very slim with shoulder length jet black hair and so I replied. “Yes, but you would look better in it “. I saw the wicked grin on her face and I knew then I had just taken the bait !! So I did as she wished and ordered her one.

About a week later I was busy at my desk at work when I received a text from her on my mobile phone, checking it, she said, “I think my catsuit has arrived “ so I replied to her, “Open it then, try it on and see what you think!“ About 20 minutes later another message. “ WOW! it fits like a glove, all tight and shiney, I love it!“ I could not get the mental image out of my head and I was so aroused for the rest of the day.

I had a business meeting so I knew I could not get home until about 6pm. Much later in the day she texted, “Hurry home I am so horny, I’ve still got my catsuit on and I put on my red shoes too“. These are a lovely gloss pair with 6in heels and a 3in platform.

Knowing I would be over an hour I replied back saying, “You can start without me if you like“.

She loves to masturbate but usually with me watching her. I rushed my meeting and sped home as quickly as I could. As I got out of my car outside our home I could see the only light on was in our bedroom. I entered the house and ran up the stairs, there to greet me was a wonderful sight. My wife was laying on the bed, all flushed with a big cheeky grin on her face, her new catsuit was open at the crotch and her favourite toy laying next to her.

“Show me what you have been doing you naughty girl ! “I ordered .

She slipped her hands down towards her open zip and keenly massaged her pussy and clit. Not long after she started panting and moaning followed by yet another orgasm. I told her to kneel in to a doggy style position and grasped her PVC clad hips. I easily entered her and having been aroused all day and just witnessed her wanking herself off for me it did not take much time before I emptied myself into her.

When we regained ourselves we began talking about some new additions to our collection. We agreed that we would get a bit more adventurous in our role play although she did say she wanted a latex spanking skirt and paddle and talked me into buying a latex catsuit and gas mask for myself.

I can’t wait for this to happen and will let you know.............................

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