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The Herd

by Miss Nyssa

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© Copyright 2020 - Miss Nyssa - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; bond; hucow; bodymod; slave; revenge; drug; feed; lactate; transform; trick; nc; XXX

Jane was a model, unfortunately now nearing her thirties. She still had long shiny blonde hair, a great 38-24-36 figure, and she had looked after her skin, but the modeling work had dried up and she had just been dropped by her agency. She had been wondering what to do when she got an email from an old high school classmate of hers. It was a bit strange to hear from her now, they never travelled in the same circles. Jane of course was the head cheerleader, Amy was the school science geek, average height, mousey brown hair and big glasses. The email was a job offer. It would appear Amy now ran a farm and wanted Jane to model for the organic milk cartons, the farm also made organic cheese and yogurt and wanted Jane for the cover model.

She had nearly deleted the mail but something made her Google the farm and its products. It appeared the farm was very successful; they only sold their products to the most exclusive stores in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Okay, her face was only going to be on a milk carton and product labels, but she’d be in the home of movie directors, producers and casting agents. Maybe there might even be a TV advertisement where she would be in their homes every time they opened the fridge. Her face would be there, maybe someone might consider her for a movie role, it might be a small chance but it was still a chance. She emailed Amy back to say she would do it and received a mail back with a time and directions.

It was a 50 mile drive east from her LA home to the farm. She got a real surprise when she got to the farm as it was surrounded by a 30 foot high concrete wall. She found the entrance gate, pressed the intercom, announced herself and the gates opened and she drove in. There were around half a dozen cows eating the grass as she made her way around half a mile down the dirt track towards a single story ranch house to the side of the house was a barn. Jane parked her car next to the house as she got out Amy appeared walking towards her from the barn. To Jane she still looked the same, same hair, glasses and still had her average build; she was wearing a white tee shirt under a pair of blue denim dungarees with a pair of rubber boots.

“Hi glad you made it, was the drive down okay?” Amy said, waving as she walked over.

“No problems.” They exchanged kisses on both cheeks, after which Amy led Jane into the house showing Jane the sofa to sit on, while she went for an armchair.

“So,” Jane started, “you seem to know how my life has gone since school, but how have you ended up her running a dairy farm?”

“This was my grandfather's farm. I used to come here on weekends and during the holidays. After school I went to college to study biochemistry then I got a job with an animal feed company. It was one of my drives to do something to help granddad. In fact I ended up helping to make the world's best selling cattle feed. After granddad died he left me the farm. I’ve been able to alter the way the cows are fed, to produce a new type of organic milk. It seems to be getting very popular, although it's very exclusive, I feel it just needs a bit of advertising or shall we say a face to go with the products. Are you still interested then?”

“Yes, very much so. Just one small question though, what’s with that huge wall?”

Amy gave a little smile. “My grandfather was a little paranoid, having lived through the 50’s and 60’s and the Cold War, he was convinced the Russians would invade or drop an atom bomb. The wall was going to either keep invading troops out, or to keep mutants out, but there’s also something else he built.”

She moved over to a bookcase which was against the far wall to Jane’s left, reached inside and pressed a hidden button. Then she pulled the bookcase towards her, revealing an open elevator door. “Shall we go for a ride?”

Jane walked across the room and stepped into the elevator. Amy followed and pressed the bottom of two buttons, the door closed and the elevator shuddered a little then began to move downwards. Twenty seconds later it stopped and the door opened, revealing a long well lit corridor; with another door at the end of the corridor about fifty yards away.

“Lets go,” Amy said, stepping quickly into the corridor. Jane followed; as they proceeded down the corridor Jane looked into the rooms on the left. She passed first what looked like sleeping quarters then what looked like a medical room, then a laboratory, then finally looking over to the right there seems to be a control room. She thought she saw a figure moving; she looked deeper into the room but it appeared empty. Stopping at the door Amy gripped the handle, turned to Jane and said, “we are about to enter my grandfather’s masterpiece.” She opened the door and Jane follows her through.

Jane’s jaw nearly hit the floor when she got through the door. She stood in an enormous cavern so brightly lit it could have been daylight. To her right was a steel barn much larger than the one up top. Next to it was a smaller steel building but stretching out before her was a huge field of grass.

“How big is this place, and why is it here?” Jane asked.

“My grandfather not only wanted to save himself, he wanted to save his cows, so he needed a lot of room for the herd. We’re half a mile underground, the cavern is half a mile long and wide. It turned out to be the perfect place to produce my milk. Why don’t I show you the herd?”

They stepped up to a four foot high wooden fence looking out black and white cows were scattered around. As they got to the fence, Amy let go a loud whistle. Some of the cows near to them turned and made their way to the fence. As they approached Jane could make out they were smaller than the cows she remembered. As they got even closer, she could make out more detail, and things that seemed out of place began to register. Their udders, which should have been by their back legs, were near their front legs; the cows’ hides were also very shiny, reminding her of a modeling shoot she did once. Then things finally clicked, the cows udders were intact breasts.

She yelled at Amy, “they’re not cows, they’re women, encased in latex!” Amy just smiled as a large black latex-clad hand covered Jane’s mouth. She was pulled close to whomever it was behind her, felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck and then everything went black.

Jane opened her eyes then quickly closed them, hiding from the harsh light. She tried to move but couldn’t, yet it didn’t feel like she was restrained. It feels like she was on a cold metal table that was in two halves. The part her legs were on was horizontal, her body and head seemed to be at a 45 degree angle, and it was obvious she was naked.

“Ah, she’s awake.” Jane recognized the sound of Amy’s voice.

A bit more slowly this time, getting her eyes used to the light, Jane opened them again. Amy stood in front of her, still dressed in her t-shirt and dungarees. She was not alone, next to her was a huge figure, definitely a man, standing nearly ten inches taller than Amy. But it was his clothing, if you could call it that, which stunned her. From head to as far down as she could see, he was covered in shiny black latex. Only his eyes and nostrils were open to the outside; his mouth area was sealed with a zip. His appearance caused her to do a double-take at Amy. There she noticed her clothes, though still a white shirt and blue dungarees, weren’t actually cotton; they too were latex, also her arms coming out of the short sleeves of the shirt, and her head, were all covered in transparent latex.

“Well then let’s answer some simple questions first. You have been injected with a muscle suppressant. It means you won’t be able to move or speak till you get the antidote. You are here, of course, not to do a modeling job, but to become the 99th member of my herd of latex hucows. And finally for the time being, who is my friend here? Well we’re having a school reunion; you remember Dave, don’t you?” Amy stopped talking and hugs his arm then continues.

“Despite my average looks, Dave had a thing for the brainy type, till you, Little Miss Perfect, came along. He had asked me to the senior prom, but that didn’t fit in with your ideas, high school quarterbacks went to prom with the head cheerleader, so you twisted and twisted him, till he dumped me for you. You then used him, following him to college; he of course wasn’t just any quarterback, he was a great quarterback. After his freshman season, not only a brilliant future in college was predicted but also in the NFL. For you of course this would be good for your modeling career, girlfriend, perhaps even wife, to a major NFL star. That was, of course, till Dave suffered his career ending injury and you dropped him, just like that.” She clicked her fingers.

“You didn’t even bother to make even the smallest inquiry as to what he did, after the injury. Well, let me fill in the gaps. He continued his studies, getting a degree in criminology, then he got a job with the CIA doing black-ops. After several years he quit, wanting a quieter life. He still liked the idea of security, and by a sheer stroke of luck took a job as head of security at my company. Of course when going through the security files, he found I was working there. After a bit of an awkward start, he reintroduced himself, apologized, and we became lovers. He had become much travelled and worldly-wise and had developed a passion for latex which he passed onto me. But how did we get here?

“After grandfather died, we moved in and found the bunker. We used the bedroom down here as a playroom. It also allowed me to make a room into my own laboratory, where I began research into extending the time you can wear latex. It tends to ruin your skin if you wear it too long. At the company, I was working on improving their already best-selling feed. One night I was coming home from work, when I realized I had left my phone in the lab. Upon entering said lab I found my assistant downloading my research to an unauthorized laptop. I challenged her, eventually the argument ended in a fight, during which I forced her to eat some of the prototype feed. The fight ended with my assistant getting knocked out when her head hit a table edge. Dave was on duty and saw the fight on a monitor, when he reached the lab it looked like she was dead. We were able to sneak her out of the lab and brought her here.

“During the night there were several arguments on what to do. In the morning he went to check on her, and on his return he said she would be okay, and that he was going out for the day to sort a few things out. He returned very late in the evening, we sat upstairs, and he told me the most amazing story and how it could, and has, led to an amazing life.

“Dave told me when he checked on my assistant in the morning, he noticed not only her breasts had grown bigger, but that she was lactating. He wiped it up with his finger; tasting it, he found it delicious. Getting a jar he squeezed her breast, milking around a pint out of her; using the processing plant to pasteurize it, he then took it to the grocers in Hollywood and Beverly hills, who loved it. Dave told them it was a new experimental organic milk and it would be around a year till full production was available but would they be interested in selling it when it was. They both said yes.

“Dave then told me of his full plan. First thing he asked me was ‘had I ever heard of a hucow?’ ‘No,’ I replied, so he explained exactly what it was: a woman who wanted to live and be milked like a cow. It had also been a bit of a fantasy of his to have a herd of hucows, a fantasy that could now be brought to life, with my help, and one which could also provide us with an easy and comfortable living.

“He had it all worked out, and a year to hopefully get it fully operational. With his plan, we divided our efforts. During the day, I kept my company job and continued my feed research, not on their feed but on my hucow feed. Dave used his CIA skills to fake my assistant’s death; after all she was an industrial spy, no-one would be looking for her. She also became my guinea pig, and helped me perfect the hucow feed. You’ll find out more about it later.

“My second job was during the night, when I worked in my lab perfecting my latex compound. For Dave, the first thing was to bring the milking shed into the 21st century and adapt it for hucows, and the same for the processing plant. Once this was done, and my latex compound was ready, we were ready to go to the next stage. It seemed he had a contact in China who owned him a favour or two, and would keep quiet. The contact not only owned a latex manufacturing plant, but also a costume design studio.

“We made a new type of latex using my compound. I made sure the compound was kept secret, we made several rolls of latex of course, mainly in our hucow black and white, but also various colors for our own use. Then we took our new latex to the studio. Dave had a design for the hucow’s outfit, which they made, one hundred, plus one extra as a spare just in case. They also made various outfits for us.

“When we returned we fitted hucow number one - as she’s now known - with her new body. Only one more thing remained: Dave began recruiting hucows for our herd, from all around the world. We got 83 volunteer hucows; Dave was kept busy clearing up their affairs and disappearances. We already of course had hucow number one, and we already knew we were going to have you in the herd, but we needed 99 in the herd to fulfill orders and so we were 14 short. Dave would go to LA, and pick up runaways and strays to make up the numbers. Of course, we saved you till last.

“So, shall we get on with it?” Amy turned and nodded to Dave, who walked out of Jane’s sight. Positioning herself behind Jane she pressed a button and part of the table folded away, giving Amy access to Jane’s head. ”Dave you can do her finger and toenails for me?”

He picked up some small scissors and began to cut her nails back as far as he could. Amy meanwhile got a much larger pair of scissors and began cutting her hair off; when she was done, as much as she could, she got some clippers and reduced the rest to a fine stubble. She then picked up what looked like an unbranded toothpaste tube and, leaning round, put it in front of Jane’s face so she could see it.

“This is another one of my inventions. While talking through our ideas, hair removal came up. Of course the only way available is also very laborious: cover in cream, wait thirty minutes, wash it off, and wait to dry. Even then, the hair grows back. This tube contains a substance that fixes all of that, and all I have to do is squeeze a good amount into my hand and massage it into your scalp.” This Amy did, massaging it in till the substance disappeared and Jane’s scalp was dry.

“There, all done. It will now work its way into every bit of your skin. If it comes across any hair, which at this moment only seems to be your eyebrows, it will be dissolved. As it works into your skin it will prevent regrowth permanently, not only to your hair but your nails as well. Dave, you can get her suit while I get her into position.”

Amy put the piece of table back behind Jane’s head, then lowered her down so the table was fully horizontal. She then took Jane’s left arm and folded it in half, placing her hand on Jane’s shoulder; then she repeated the process with her right arm. Moving to her legs, they too are folded, her calves touch her thighs, and her heels touch her backside. “You can fit the suit now, Dave.”

Dave, holding a mass of black and white latex, moved to the end of the table nearest Jane’s feet. He then flicked the latex out, like he was spreading a table cloth. Moving around the table he positioned the latex around her; Jane felt him put what felt like a sleeve over her folded arm. He kept pulling down, till her elbow fit into a kind of cup.

“Oh, she can’t see,” said Amy, moving the latex off Jane’s head. Now Jane could just about see her arm, covered in black and white latex, with a cow’s hoof at the end of her elbow. Dave proceeded to do the same to her other arm and both legs. Leaning over Jane he gathered the latex up by the outside of her shoulders and pushed down, then he moved down to her chest and did the same, but only after he pulled her breasts through the openings of the suit. He then did the same by her waist, then hips, finally positioning the opening that left her pussy exposed. Then, with relative ease, he picked her up and turned her over, placing her on the table to stand on her hooves.

Amy pulled the attached hood over Jane’s head, positioning the holes for her eyes, nose, and mouth. Dave continued to pull the suit around Jane’s body; when he finished, Amy handed him a small type of electric clothes iron. “Dave is now going to seal you into the suit. It might get a little hot, but not as hot as it’s going to get,” Amy said, rather mysteriously.

Jane felt a flap of latex go round the back of her neck on the left side to the centre of her neck, then it got very warm; the same happened on the right side. Dave worked his way down from the neck to her backside, pulling the suit together, sealing it as he went. Jane waited helplessly for the next part, and as Amy was looking straight at her, Jane’s eyes widened in surprise, and a small tear formed.

“Aaaahhh, no need to cry Jane. Every cow needs a tail, it just so happens yours is attached to a six inch butt-plug. Just be thankful he used lots of lubricant.” With his last action Dave sealed the suit, between the tail and the pussy opening.

Dave then attached a piece of metal to the entire length of one side of the table, then the same to the other. Finally a third piece was placed on top, joining the two sides, leaving Jane in a sort of box that has the front and back open.

“So,” said Amy, “what happens now? We come to the final stage of your fitting. One problem we had when we came up with the suits, was of course all the hucows are different sizes, and making 100 different sized suits was impractical. The easy way out was to add another part to the compound mix, and fit the suit to the hucow. This is what’s going to happen to you. The box you are in, the bottom, sides, and top, all contain heating elements. They will raise the temperature inside the box to fifty degrees Celsius. It will be like a very, very uncomfortable hot summer day, in the desert. It will get extremely hot in there. The suit will begin to shrink, and it will feel like it’s crushing you. In fact it is bonding with your skin, and when finished, it will be your skin. It will breathe just the same, ensuring your natural skin underneath survives, but more importantly it means you can wear it for the rest of your life, with no ill effects. As a little bonus it’s practically indestructible; it cannot be cut or damaged in any way. So let’s proceed.”

Amy flicked a switch on the end of the table, and as she had promised, the heat began to build and build. Jane nearly passed out, but somehow remained conscious. She felt like she was being squeezed, and squeezed, all over. Ten minutes later, it was over and the heat was turned off.

Dave removed the top and sides from the table, while Amy fetched a stool and a trolley. Sitting in front of Jane, she raised Jane’s head a little, pulling her nostrils up; using a special gun she pierced a hole in her septum, then inserted a grommet into the hole. A thick brass ring was placed through the nose which she then crimped shut.

“There, you can’t even see the join,” Amy said, spinning the ring through Jane’s nose. Reaching over the table, she picked up a collar; hanging from it is a small brass cowbell. Amy fitted it tightly round Jane’s neck.

Amy looked straight into Jane’s eyes, and said, “I bet you didn’t know you’ve already spoken your last ever human word. Have you ever seen the Pixar film ‘Up’? In it the bad guy has an army of dogs; they all have collars that allow them to speak human. Well, I’ve done some sort of reverse engineering of that. Your collar, from now on, will only allow you to ‘moo’. So now, why don’t I let you see the finished article?”

Amy picked a mirror off the trolley, one foot square in size. Jane looked in the mirror; her face, apart from the eyes, nostrils, and mouth, is covered in black and white latex. Around one eye she has a large black patch. Moving down, she saw her thick nose ring. Amy moved her hand to Jane’s face and gripped just under her lip, with her thumb and forefinger, and pulled, gently moving Jane’s lip. Then, just using her fingernail, she scraped at the join of the hood around her eye. It found no purchase on the shiny covering. “There you go. If your skin wasn’t bonded to the hood, I could have pulled it away from your face. Just a small example of what has happened to the rest of your body.”

Jane looked back into the mirror, moving to the top of her head, where she found a couple of small horns. On the outside of the horns are her new cow ears. The ears have yellow tags attached to them, on the tag it says, in bold black print: 99.

“That’s your new name; hucow 99, or just 99 for short. Never again will you hear your old human name. Well, time to move on to the next stage. Dave the muscle antidote, if you please, then place her on the floor.”

Jane felt Dave grip her breast, and the sharp sting of the injection. He lifted her off the table and placed her on the floor. Amy walked in front of her and attached a black and white lead to her nose ring.

After a few minutes of waiting, Amy led 99 around the room, to get her used to her hooves. As the muscle suppressant wears off, she led her into and along the corridor, eventually into the cavern through the gate, and into the field. They approached a trough, with some hucows around it, who moved away when they saw Amy approaching. When they reached the trough, Amy dipped her hand in, gathering a handful of feed pellets and forcing them into 99's mouth. Seeing that she had no option, 99 chewed and swallowed the pellets. Then again twice more.

Amy pulls on the lead to get 99 to look up at her. "Now 99, I will explain to you just how special my feed is. It had various qualities, first of which is that it is highly addictive, even more so when combined with a procedure you will find out later. Also it removes your need to poop, so your butt plug tail is now permanent, with no need to remove it. 

“Secondly, as you have seen with the other hucows, it will grow your breasts to their optimum size: just so big as to not touch the ground. So your breasts don't grow to an unmanageable size, it will regulate how much you need to eat; once full your craving will cease. You will not produce breast milk, you will produce real cow’s milk, that has an incredible taste and health properties. My competitors have tried to find out my secret but as far as they and the authorities are concerned its real cow’s milk. That’s why I have a few real cows on the surface, if they look over the wall or fly a drone over, they see nothing but a normal dairy farm.”

With that Amy removed the leash from 99's nose, and she and Dave walked back to the door, into the control area. 99 just stood there, trying to get a grip of her situation. She noticed some of the other hucows getting closer, especially two. Looking at their ears one is tagged 14, the other 67.

14 came nearer and let out what seemed to be a gentle and friendly moo. Now standing directly in front of 99, she moved forward and rubbed 99's face cheek with her own, again sounding a friendly moo. But it’s too much for 99. With all the power she can muster, she shoulder-barges 14 away. She tried to also scream at her, to go away, and for the first time heard her new hucow voice: a loud, but still obviously angry, “moo” emanates from her. 14 turned to look at 67, who just flicked her head in a gesture that said “let’s go and leave her alone,” and they walked off.

99 walked off in the other direction. The underground field is huge and it wasn’t too difficult for 99 to find a quiet spot to be on her own. She lay down on her side, and in her mind takes in all that’s happened to her. She started to cry, trying to wipe her eyes, only to find of course the hands that would wipe away her tears are useless. With no point in crying she tried to sleep, and despite not so long ago waking from her enforced sleep, she did manage to doze off.

Not knowing how much time has passed, 99 was woken by the sound of a loud hooter. Not knowing what was going on she stayed lying on the ground, out of the way of the other hucows moving in the direction of the large barn. She suddenly saw Dave, approaching on an electric quad bike. He reached down and picked up a stick that was attached to the bike and held it like the lance of a medieval knight at a joust. He circled round 99, getting close he jabbed 99 with the stick. Pain flowed through 99's body; it wasn’t a stick, but a cattle prod. With no other option she got onto her hooves and moved off in the direction of the other hucows.

Eventually catching the rest up she moved slowly forward; the hucows are funneled towards the barn till 99 found herself in a single file lane, created by metal crowd control barriers. She got to a point where the lane split in two, with one lane to the left and one to the right. A barrier on a pivot blocked her way to the right lane so she had to go to the left. Entering the barn she found an all steel corridor. She can't see much, other than the backside of the hucow in front. which soon disappeared. 99 stopped, not knowing what to do.

From above came a banging sound. Looking up she saw Dave waving the cattle prod, in both a warning way, and another to say to 99 to keep moving. She moved forward a short way, when the side of the wall to her left moved across, blocking her way, and a door opened on her right. Looking inside she found a small, all-steel, pen. There were four holes in the floor, and a larger hole in the far wall. More banging came from above, with Dave waving the prod indicating for 99 to go inside. She stepped in, realizing there is no other option. She was to put her head through the wall hole, and her hooves found the floor holes. When everything was in place, the door behind her closed and her feet and head were restrained. She was made immobile, all she can do is look across the open space of the barn to see the heads of other hucows.

Out of the corner of her eye 99 spotted a sort of remote control car, with a large pole sticking out of the roof, with an iPad attached to the top coming towards her. She had seen these things before, children used them to be in class when sick at home, or business men using them to attend meetings while out of the country. It came to a stop right in front of 99, and Amy’s face appeared.

"Hello 99, this is the last time I will speak to you as an individual. After this, you will just be a member of the herd. This is the final part of your induction. Of course, you may have realized this is not just a barn, but a milking shed. Just like any other cow, you are to be milked, but there will be an addition to the procedure, which you will get to see."

The image changed to inside the pen, and a side view of a hucow. "As you can see, this is from inside your pen. You can tell it’s you, as your breasts are still their original size. So let’s begin."

From behind her front legs a panel opened in the floor. Two cups rose up and 99 watched them, feeling them attach to her breasts. From behind her back legs, another panel opened; 99 saw a large vibrator, on the end of an arm, which then bent like an angle-poise lamp. The vibrator pushed her tail aside, 99 watched and felt the end of the vibrator enter her vagina.

Amy’s voice spoke again, "Now we’re ready to begin. I'll do this manually, taking it slow, so you fully understand what’s going on. So, in turn your breasts will be milked, but also your vibrator will move. Let’s begin with a little suction on your left breast and the vibrator moving into you. Then some suction on your right breast, and the vibrator moves out."

99 in turn felt the suction move from her left to right breast, and the vibrator moved in and out. Amy kept saying, “left, right, left, right, in, out, in, out,” speeding up every so often before finally handing over to a computer. 99 felt an orgasm building up in her, but before she received it, the suction stopped, as did the vibrator, and the cups and vibrator returned to under the floor.

Amy’s face returned to the screen. "Ah, never mind 99, you'll get it next time. As I said at the trough, this is the second part to your feed addiction. The more feed you eat, the bigger your breasts get, the more milk you produce, the longer it takes to milk you, and the more orgasms you can have. Quite the addictive cycle, isn't it? And of course, the more milk you produce, the more money I make. Now your fellow hucows are impatient for their milking. Goodbye 99, have a pleasant and productive life."

The screen went blank, and the screen car moved away. All was quiet for a short while, then the sound of mooing hucows began to fill the milking shed. The noise was so loud, it almost became unbearable to 99's ears, but eventually it began to get quieter, until she felt the restraint loosen round her neck and ankles. Looking across, she saw the front of the pen split in half, one part going into the roof, the other half the floor. The hucows moved into the middle of the milking shed, and began the trek back out into the field.

Joining them, 99 began to understand the addiction Amy was on about. She was craving an orgasm, but the only way to get one was to eat the feed which would give her another need to be milked. She begins to try and push through the herd, to be first to the feed trough. In the control room, Amy watched on a monitor. Her view was lost as Dave came into the room and stood behind her.

"There you go Dave, your dream come true. Your own herd of 99 hucows."

Behind her Dave unzipped the cover of his mouth. "You know, I've never been comfortable with odd numbers. I much prefer even ones. The more significant, the better, you know? One billion, one thousand, one hundred. That’s why I had 100 suits made. It didn't feel right to just order 99. One other thing though, I didn't order the extra one as a spare. I ordered it for you."

Before he ended his sentence, and before Amy can process what he’s saying, he injected her in the neck.


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