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Girls Night

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+; F/f; F+/f; latex; catsuit; boots; toys insert; armbinder; collar; gag; enslave; transport; cartrunk; store; display; bdsm; ponygirl; tease; torment; denial; cons/reluct; X

Cindy was spending Friday night with several of her girlfriends drinking and talking about past boyfriends and having a good laugh about their choices in men. Linda asked why Cindy always wore her clothes so tight and why they always looked shiny. Linda was right Cindy always wore very tight clothes to show off her severally corseted waist and firm ass. The corset supported her large breasts forcing them upwards making them seem larger than they already were and leaving Cindy with heaving breasts. It gave her a forced sway when she walked enticing every man who saw her and making women jealous. Cindy explained that most of the time she wore latex or PVC and that she always preferred them over regular clothes because of the tightness and the wonderful feelings they gave her.

The conversation continued about Cindy’s clothes eventually leading to Cindy stripping off her blouse and leather skirt showing the other women the latex cat suit she was wearing under the corset that was squeezing her tightly. Up to now they had only been allowed to see part of her shiny legs from under the tight skirt. The women all gasped as they closely inspected Cindy’s latex covered body, stroking and pulling on the tight rubber. The attention was making Cindy very horny as she thought about the steel balls jingling in her wet pussy and the large plug she had stuffed in her ass. Cindy continued sitting and talking in her exposed rubber while all the women asked her questions about how it felt and what it was like and how long had she been wearing it.

Cindy said, "Follow me", and led the women to her large closet while they watched her body sway in her high heels as they followed her watching the rubber shimmer as she walked. Opening her closet the women swarmed it and started giggling as they found more items of rubber, PVC and leather than they knew existed each pulling out items and holding them up to each other. Linda had found a long hobble dress and begged to be able to try it on but even she could tell it wouldn’t fit her much larger body. Cindy pulled out a different dress and handed it to her and said, "This one should fit, it’s too long for me", and the two went to the bedroom to get dressed.

Linda stripped her clothes off and stood naked before Cindy who just smiled admiring Linda’s toned body and watched her struggling with the tight rubber. Cindy stopped Linda and showed her how to get into it by slipping into the dress Linda had picked out first. Cindy grunted as she pulled the tight rubber then stopped and said, "Would you help me tighten my corset?"

Linda nodded then asked why?

"It doesn’t fit as well if my waist is not reduced a little further", really just wanting to have someone lace her tighter. Cindy explained how to tighten the corset and Linda began pulling on the laces. Cindy stood gasping as Linda continued to pull harder not knowing that the corset would take over six inches of Cindy’s normally corseted waist. Cindy let her pull enjoying having someone to tighten the corset properly for a change.

When Linda stopped and said, "I don’t think I can close it anymore."

Cindy assumed she was tired but Linda had actually closed the thick rubber corset making the steel stays built into it dig into Cindy’s body. Linda watched amazed as the small woman’s body was swallowed up by the black latex and in a few minutes had Cindy zipped up tightly inside the long sleeve dress and stared at Cindy as she noticed how tight the rubber was. The tight dress made Cindy take minute steps in her high heels and made her waist look even smaller while it pulled tightly across her thighs and knees showing her firm body and the tight corset under it.

Linda eased herself into the dress Cindy had given her and with Cindy’s help her naked body was soon engulfed in the rubber and Cindy wrestled with the zipper sealing her inside it then zipping the slit in Linda’s dress closed. Rubbing each other’s rubber skin for a few minutes had both dresses shining and both woman panting as their arousal increased making them blush as they moved around the room. The other women emerged from the closet carrying different items and stopped and stared at Linda and Cindy as the two modeled the outfits almost making them forget the strange things they had found in the back of Cindy’s closet.

Everybody was laughing at Linda struggling to walk in the tight rubber so Cindy wiggled her way to her friend and unzipped the back slit allowing her friend to be able to walk better. Linda thanked her and said, "I was starting to like it but this makes it much easier".

Cindy smiled and said, "Yeah fully closed might be too much for the first time, at least you have a choice," turning her back to Linda showing her that the dress she was in do not have a lower zipper.

Once the others were over their shock one asked what the item she held in her hand was and Cindy cheerfully explained it was an arm sleeve. The women stared blankly at her and said, "It’s so thick and heavy?" Cindy took it then straightened it out and handed it to Linda. As she explained to the others she forced her arms down into the arm sleeve then told Linda to wrap the straps around her shoulders and under her heaving breasts. Linda did as she was told and Cindy turned around to show the others what it was supposed to do when Linda noticed the laces and said. "Shouldn’t it be laced like your corset?"

Cindy smiled and said, "Yes, if you would like to do it up, go ahead".

Cindy backed up to Linda excited to have someone to lace her armsleeve explaining to the others that she hadn’t had anyone to lace it for her so she hadn’t worn it much. Linda tugged at the laces determined to lace it as tight as the corset listening to Cindy grunting as she continued to pull the laces. Linda noticed she could see the outlines of Cindy’s arms and even her fingers beginning to form through the thick rubber. Linda continued to pull until she had Cindy’s arms crushed together and Cindy was grunting, "I think that’s tight enough".

As the others laughed saying, "Look at her breasts, they are trying to burst out of that dress!"

Cindy’s shoulders were pulled back further forcing her breasts to strain against the latex. Cindy smiled as she looked down and could see her breasts sticking out far enough so she couldn’t see her stomach under them and smiled. Linda moved around in front and noticed the straps were now sagging and said sarcastically, "Oh here let me snug those up for you". Grabbing the straps and yanking them extremely tight and buckling them closed sealing Cindy in the rubber arm sleeve. Cindy mock struggled for the women as they stroked and rubbed her arms giggling about how tight it was when the next one held up one of Cindy’s favorite playtime items and said, "What is this?"

Cindy tried to explain what it was but continued to get blank stares from them especially when she tried to explain the strange rubber bladder attached to the half hood neck corset. As it was passed around the room Cindy continued to enjoy her arms being bound behind her even though she was having trouble breathing in the too tight corset. Cindy was gasping as she answered all their questions even telling them where she got most of her gear. The ballet boots were another topic of great discussion but Cindy’s feet were much too small for anyone else to be able to try them on and since Cindy’s dress was too tight they didn’t think they could get the boots on her to see what they looked like.

As Cindy continued to struggle the others went into the kitchen to get another drink leaving Linda and Cindy alone. Linda had been looking at the hood and said, "I think I know how it works now."

Cindy smiled and said, "It’s really fun to wear you should try it on".

Linda looked at Cindy and smiled saying, "I think I would like to see it on you first," and walked close to Cindy holding the rubber phallus towards her and forced it into Cindy’s mouth.

Cindy was torn as her friend pushed the gag into her mouth unsure if she wanted her to stop or not and stood still letting her friend lace the collar on her. The collar went below her neck flaring out over her shoulders and once laced would hold her head and neck perfectly still. It fit from just below her nose across her ears where it flared up onto the back of her head making sure she could not lean her head back.

Linda was getting more aroused as she laced the neck corset and was thinking about all the times she had heard from men, "Who’s that?" or "Man I like to meet that little lady". When they had just been chatting Linda up and happened to see Cindy walk by and was kind of feeling vengeful towards her friend.

Cindy could feel the collar getting tight and Linda was working on the upper part of the hood then worked back down making the collar form to the small girl’s neck. The increasing tension forced the rubber phallus deeper into Cindy’s mouth. Linda continued to tighten the neck corset making sure it was smooth and even as she went and by the time Cindy was starting to feel like she was being strangled she could do nothing to stop her friend from tightening it even further.

Cindy was now getting scared as she could hear her heartbeat pounding in her ears and could not move her head or neck at all. In all the times she had laced it herself Cindy had never worn it this tight and tried to twist away from Linda. Linda just held Cindy still by the laces then tied them off releasing her smaller friend and watched her struggle and moan as she moved away from her. Linda watched Cindy’s eyes as they pleaded for release then said, "I’m tired of your noises!"

Grabbing the pump bulb that Cindy had tried to explain how it worked and watched Cindy’s cheeks. Cindy’s cheeks were already bulging over the thick PVC of the neck corset as Linda started pumping. Cindy moaned louder as Linda continued to pump until Cindy could no longer make any noise and her cheeks were now bulging more on top of the PVC. Linda yanked the hose from the hood and laughed as she said, "That’s much better". Linda walked out of the room leaving Cindy gasping through her flared nostrils and regretting letting her friends in on her secret. Cindy struggled fruitlessly making herself light headed before walking in the living room and seeing that everyone had left.

Cindy shuffled quickly to the window and could see that the cars were gone and she knew she had been left alone while completely helpless and screamed behind her gag knowing she had no way to release herself. Cindy’s heaving breasts were against the glass as she whined before turning to the table to sit down. Cindy was reminded of the large plug as it was pressed a little further into her sore ass. Even though she used the balls and smaller plugs often even while at work she wished she hadn’t decided on using the largest one she had as she wiggled on her rubber covered ass trying to make herself more comfortable.

Struggling again Cindy was leaning forward when she saw the note. "Sorry you’re not feeling good we are going to that store you told us about, Linda said she would come back afterwards to check on you". Cindy moaned again, surprised that almost no sound came out as she sat gasping before the extra tension from the corset made her stand again and shuffle towards the bedroom on her sore feet.

Cindy was almost wishing she had told them that the dress could be rolled up and let them put the ballet boots on her. At least then her feet wouldn’t be caught in the multiple straps that now felt like they were trying to cut her feet into pieces as she walked in them. Gasping and trying to flex her neck fighting the rigid stays now laced tightly around her neck, Cindy began struggling again. Twisting and turning as she fought the arm sleeve crushing her arms and the tight rubber around her ankles as she walked. Cindy stopped and moaned deeply as the building orgasm over took her and she stood panting through her nose as her body shook and the waves of pleasure washed through her.

Leaning against the wall Cindy slowly caught her breath and continued the difficult walk to her room finding her bed and lying back on it. Cindy continued to struggle as she desperately tried to find a comfortable position to lie in thinking about how long she had already been restrained then looking at the clock and cursing herself when she added it up. It had already been over three hours since the arm sleeve had been laced tight crushing her arms together. Finally rolling onto her side and stopping to catch her breath again before falling asleep as her body fought for air under the tight corset and rubber.

Waking when the bright light of the sun disturbed her Cindy looked at the clock seeing it was past nine in the morning and groaned as her aching shoulders and jaw throbbed. Cindy whined as she twisted and tried to use her arms to sit up finding them still securely pressed together behind her realizing it hadn’t been a dream she was still encased in the tight rubber. Her legs were still welded together with her feet still strapped into the six inch heels making her feet cramp. Cindy’s chest was throbbing from the extra tight corset that made sitting straight up impossible. Flexing her arms and hands she still couldn’t separate them at all and jerked them while trying to twist them around far enough to see the tight sleeve holding them. The straps that Linda had secured so tight did not allow her to twist them far enough forward frustrating her more.

The gag in her mouth seem to have grown overnight and now the back of Cindy’s head ached from the stiff collar pressing into it keeping her from leaning her head backwards to be able to spit out the gag. Cindy worked her way to the edge of the bed and sat panting as she whined listening to the rubber creak as she gasped for air and wondered if Linda was ever coming back. A sudden panic attack hit her as she thought about how much the group had drank and if they would even remember leaving Cindy bound and gagged and as she started struggling again flashes of her dead rubber covered body went through her mind.

Flexing and twisting Cindy worked her way to her feet and carefully walked into the next room and up to the front door determined to go outside and find some help no longer finding her entrapment erotic and just wanting to be released. Reaching the door she saw the lock had been set and had no way of reaching it much less grasping the small knob to unlock it and leaned against the door crying as she tried to scream for help. Her muffled screams could barely be heard in the next room much less carry to the neighbors house so after a few minutes Cindy regained control of herself and stopped crying and moved to the kitchen.

Arriving in the kitchen she giggled as she realized she was thirsty and had gone there to get her something to drink and couldn’t even open the fridge. While she stood there figuring out what she needed to do she heard the phone ring and shuffled to where she could hear the answering machine and listened in terror to Linda’s voice. Linda explained that she would be at Cindy’s house in thirty minutes and if Cindy wanted to be released she would meet her in the drive way and get in her car. "If you don’t well that means you’re still having fun and I leave you alone until Sunday, if I have time to come by if not then I’ll tell your boss you couldn’t make it in and maybe leave you till Tuesday, your choice".

Cindy couldn’t believe what she had heard, even if she wanted to go outside she couldn’t with the door locked. The phone began ringing again and Cindy heard Linda say, "Oh yeah I left your patio door unlocked so you can leave through it, I knew you wouldn’t check it since you never open it, anyway so see you soon".

Cindy shuffled to her back door and pushed on it with her shoulder and just like Linda said it opened. Cindy eased her way onto the patio, the cool fresh air made her feel better as she leaned forward to look at the three steps leading to the ground. Cindy wondered how she was supposed to get down them and knew that in her current predicament it would take her most of the half an hour Linda had given her just to waddle her way around to the driveway. Cindy eased up to the top step and with a squeal she hopped to the next step, smiling under the hood she prepared herself and hopped down to the next step and felt her body’s momentum carrying her forwards. Cindy squealed as she hopped again and felt the ground under feet and began shuffling as fast as she could. Cindy’s pinioned arms twisting behind her back as she desperately fought to keep from falling down.

Cindy had stopped her fall and stood weak legged and panting trying to force her lungs to take in more air and the tight corset stopping her as she slowly started moving one foot by the other. Her spike heels were sticking in the ground as she walked making it much harder to move making Cindy gasp for air. Cindy stopped to rest as she reached the corner of the house and could see the driveway about ten feet from her. She could also hear people moving around and suddenly she no longer wanted to get help from her neighbors as she thought about what she must look like and stayed hidden while she waited for Linda to arrive.

An hour later Cindy had given up on Linda coming over and was about to turn around and head back to the steps. Cindy heard a car backing into the driveway and looked around the corner and saw Linda’s car backing in. Cindy forced herself to step out where she could be seen. As soon as Linda saw her friend she stopped and hit the trunk button watching it bounce open through the mirror. Cindy was now visible from the street and even though she didn’t want to get into the trunk she felt she had no option and shuffled as quickly as she could to Linda’s car and dove headfirst in the waiting trunk.

Linda felt her friend’s body bounce into the car and got out and quickly went to her trunk where Cindy was struggling to wiggle herself all the way into it. Linda grabbed her feet and stuffed them in slamming the trunk on the bound and gagged girl. Cindy twisted inside the small space until she could breathe normal again and she swore that Linda was still wearing the latex dress she had tried on last night and wondered what she was up to. Linda drove to the fetish store she had visited and parked as far away from the door as possible then popped the trunk again and helped her panting bound friend get to her feet again.

Linda prodded Cindy by pushing her and telling her to hurry up as Cindy tired to shuffle quicker in the tight latex and plead with Linda as she continued to push her harder. Entering the store Linda said, "Here’s your new model" and several ladies came up and began ooohing and aahing over the small bound girl. "Now give me the key!" Linda said firmly.

"Not until she fulfills our agreement then you might get the key if you ask much nicer".

Linda turned and stomped out saying, "Fine I’ll be back tomorrow" leaving Cindy with these strangers. Watching her friend walk away in the tight latex dress she had given her Cindy turned to face her captors and tried to whine loud enough to get their attention.

The women were too busy talking about how they were going to use the little girl and a mean person like that shouldn’t be as lucky to have a pretty little slave like this one taking Cindy’s gagged face in her hands as she said it. Cindy stood shocked at being called Linda’s slave and as one woman attached a rope to her armsleeve she said. "I agree and to hand her over so quickly just because we wanted to teach her a lesson!" Cindy still didn’t understand teach who a lesson? But could do nothing as her arms were hauled up high behind her forcing her to look at the floor and moan.

The women walked around her saying different ideas of what they should do with her for the next twenty four hours before having to give her back. One of them said, "Too bad we have to keep her gagged and in her armsleeve we could have real fun with a beauty this size". Cindy was still shocked as she felt someone grab her foot and lift it up as far as the dress would allow then let it go quickly and said. "She didn’t say we had to leave her in this dress though". She started unzipping the tight rubber stopping only to retighten the neck corset before working Cindy’s dress down to her feet.

Cindy didn’t want to be undressed by strangers but could do nothing to stop them as they noticed her catsuit under the dress and said. "She really does like her rubber so I think we should give her more" the other two yelled their agreements. The three headed off in different directions all returning a few minutes later laughing and saying let’s get her dressed so we can start having some fun with her. Cindy continued to struggle as one of the women removed one of her shoes then forced her foot into another. Cindy was allowed to lower her foot she could see it was a thigh high pony boot and as she realized this her other foot was raised and soon it was stuffed into the matching boot.

The women continued to laugh as Cindy was allowed to straighten up and one of them laced the boots tightly forcing Cindy to stand on her toes on top of large horse hooves. Cindy tried to protest while another woman locked leather cuffs around her ankles and attached a very short chain to the cuffs effectively hobbling Cindy. The next item was a long black skirt designed to limit the wearers movements but leave her ass open for spanking. They forced Cindy to raise her legs and slipped the skirt under her feet and pulled it up tightening the buckles in the back until her firm latex covered ass stuck out proudly. Cindy could only feel the restriction on her legs and the feeling of her ass being squeezed.

Next they raised her head and wrestled a hood over her head then laced it tightly forcing Cindy to breathe out of two small holes under her nose and to see out of even smaller ones over her eyes. Once the hood was laced Cindy stood gasping and stomping her hooved feet while the women pulled a leather jacket over her head.

Cindy was confused until she felt something being tightened around her waist and chest making her breathing even harder then as her arms were lowered completely she could feel them lacing another arm sleeve over her latex one. Cindy was prodded in front of a mirror and stood staring at the beautiful pony girl standing proudly in front of her. Her head covered in thick black leather with tall plumage sticking out from the top. The reigns were attached to the sides of the helmet and with the black neck corset under it Cindy was incapable of any head movement.

The slight sounds she had been able to make was now completely muffled by the thick leather over her face as she had to gasp even harder to breathe. The jacket had actually been a bolero style armsleeve that laced tightly around her body and held her already incased arms tightly inside a leather armsleeve. The boots had been laced so tight Cindy could make out her latex suit bulging over the tops of the boots through the skirt. Cindy had been transformed into a perfect pony girl and could do or say nothing to stop it, and was beginning to wonder if she wanted to.

Cindy spent the next few hours being trained to trot correctly and led around by her reigns while her trainers whipped her ass with a riding crop while she attempted to trot in circles. The balls in her pussy and the large plug filling her ass shifting and moving around making her very horny as she desperately tried to stimulate herself further. Cindy also spent much of the day with her arms pulled up behind her while her ass was used as a whip demonstrator. Each lash of the whips making her whine and twist as she was whipped by almost everyone who entered the store. The impacts were sending waves of pleasure and pain through her body as many of the lashes hit the base of the plug driving it deeper and making her whine louder.

By the end of the day Cindy was exhausted and extremely thirsty as she stood in her pony boots dangling from a rope that had been attached to the top of the hood and pulled tight keeping her from moving except in small circles. Cindy stood wishing she was still alone in her house instead of being abused by people who thought she was someone’s slave and showing no concern for her well being. As the sun set Cindy was barely able to remain standing, she had been tightly bound for almost twenty four hours and was feeling very faint as she was forced to bend forward again. Someone else was testing their new whip on her sore ass making Cindy squeal as each lash sent waves of intense pain through her body. Cindy finally collapsed to the floor hanging by her tethered arm sleeve.

Waking Cindy could see the three women clearly and as she took another drink she realized her head was free of any restraints. She flexed her arms and could feel they were still encased in at least one arm sleeve but she was glad to have her mouth empty and grateful for the cool water. The three women fussed around her coming and going as they were needed in the store but always one stayed with Cindy comforting her and saying how much her mistress had not be straight with them.

"She’s not my mistress," Cindy was finally able to croak out stopping the two women who stood over her. They looked at each other then asked what she meant and Cindy tearfully told them the story. The women were doubtful at first trying to figure out how someone could get someone who was unwilling into so much rubber. Cindy explained she liked rubber and was already wearing the corset and catsuit but in her haste to explain her other equipment she had trusted Linda too much and ended up alone and bound.

The women believed her and quickly removed the two arm sleeves as Cindy grunted and tried to flex some life back into her numb arms and flexed her shoulders. The women explained why she was there telling Cindy of the visit from the three girls and how big of a bitch Linda had been. When she had asked about a chastity belt for her slave the women had convinced her to try one on then "lost" the key to it telling her she would have to stay and help them look for it. Linda had made a deal with them to let them borrow her slave for a day if they gave her the key so they had agreed. They not only got to teach the bitch a lesson they would get to play with her slave for a day.

Cindy was standing and pacing in her pony boots when she said she desperately needed to go to the bathroom and dashed off to relieve herself and remove the steel balls and large plug that had been tormenting her. Returning to the three women that had been torturing her she drank some more water and asked what was going to happen now? The three all said, "Pay back is in order don’t you think?"

Cindy agreed with them and listened to them as they planned out what they were going to do. Cindy had been allowed to remove the corset and cat suit and had found a nice leather dress that fit her perfectly after she had been laced tightly back into her corset. Cindy asked if she could wear the pony boots again as one of the women helped her into them she introduced herself as Lori and apologized for the confusion.

Cindy stood up in her leather and pony boots and said, "It was fun, well some of it was fun and now I have new friends so let’s get her and call it even". The four worked together to set up their plan and waited for Linda to arrive. After receiving a call from the shop Linda returned to it stomping in still in her latex dress and said, "Where is she? I don’t have all night!"

Lori met her and led her to the back of the store where Cindy waited still in her leather dress and pony boots ready with a thick leather bag. When Linda came through the door she covered her head as the other two women pounced on Linda and quickly had her hands cuffed together behind her back. Linda was struggling and cussing as the three looped a rope around her kicking ankles and pulled it closed drawing Linda’s legs together. Linda fell to the floor still struggling and cussing as Jamie the eldest of the three sales women wrapped her arm around Linda’s neck and held her firmly until Linda’s body went limp.

Jamie jerked the bag from her head and checked her breathing. Looking up at the others she smiled and said, "Ready" the women picked up the unconscious Linda and carried her to the large table and began working on her lifeless body. Lori was removing Linda’s shoes while the others stripped her of the latex dress and loosened the belt. While a corset that had adjustable openings around her tits was being wrapped around Linda’s waist Lori inserted two large vibrators into her pussy and ass. Linda was rolled over and the corset was tightened around her waist pulling her in just over six inches then the steel belt was adjusted to fit over the corset pulling it in slightly and relocked.

Linda now lay laced into a very tight and extremely rigid corset with both of her holes filled under a tight steel chastity belt. Jamie laced the openings around her breasts pulling them tight making Linda’s breasts bulge and swell while they turned red. Cindy wrestled the lower half of a thick rubber catsuit up Linda’s legs and up to her narrow waist. Two of Linda’s captor laced thigh high ballet boots onto Linda forcing her feet into the boots. Lori and Jamie began pulling the thick rubber up Linda’s waist and chest. Lori said stop and dashed into the store returning with a small suction cup and two small rubber o-rings and sucked Linda’s nipple into the cup and slid the o-ring on to her nipple trapping it in its engorged state the repeating on the other nipple.

Jamie stood giggling and saying, "You’re mean, remind me not to make you mad".

Lori smiled and said, "I’m mean? I learned this from what you did to me".

The two continued to laugh as they wrestled the rubber over Linda’s body feeding her arms through the sleeves. Now fully sealed inside the tight rubber the trio rolled Linda over again. While Lori laced the full hood neck corset on the helpless Linda filling her mouth with the large gag Jamie and Cindy inserted her rubber covered arms into the thick leather arm sleeve. Lacing it exceptionally tight and working the wide straps over her shoulders and in between her trapped breasts determined to give Linda a crash course in being a slave.

Linda was waking as the trio was slipping the leather body sheath up her legs trapping Linda’s rubber covered body under another layer. They tightened and buckled the straps squeezing even more air from Linda’s body as she woke fully and began to thrash as the girls set her on her pointed toes making her moan as the pain from her trapped feet increased as they supported her weight. Linda’s eyes were frantically searching for some way out as she was turned to face the mirror and she suddenly stopped fighting as she looked at her leather covered body and studied her narrow waist and featureless face and head.

Linda whined as Cindy walked up next to her and said, "You are now the new model, I can’t believe you were going to leave me trapped alone for no reason and I called you my friend!" Linda whined as her eyes widened when she was told she would spend the next few days being trained as a slave wrapped in leather and latex so she would experience exactly what she had left Cindy to deal with.

Linda was whining and moaning as she twisted her arms from side to side desperately trying to find a way out. Lori loosened the straps slightly below her knees and swatted her with a thin cane whip telling her to walk. Linda squealed loudly as she felt the lash of the whip and heaved one toe forward and tried to move her bound body. Slowly Linda was able to ease her way, with some help of the other girls, to where they had set up a rope sling attached to the ceiling beam. They tied the other ends to the straps of the arm sleeve and Linda’s leather covered head.

After she was tied to the beam Jamie stepped in front of her face and told her that when she had learned to walk correctly in the shoes and corset then she could move on to her next challenge. Jamie continued that Linda would remain bound and gagged until she had completed all three challenges. Linda was told that once she had completed them she would be released. Whether it took her a day or a month was up to her. Jamie explained to her that she would not like the nutrients a slave gets or having to be given enemas so she should strive to complete her tasks promptly.

Cindy stepped into her view again and said, "Don’t worry I’ll tell your boss you are unable to come in for a few days!"

Linda mummphed at Cindy. Jamie stepped back up to her and explained that if she thought someone would believe her story about being forced to do this just she should remember our cameras have you and your friends coming in last night. You dressed in your latex and then returning twice today still in your latex, and there are four of us to deny doing anything other than what you begged us to do. Linda slumped in her bonds knowing she was right and no one would believe she hadn’t done this voluntarily and began walking in small circles wobbling in her toe boots. Linda hearing Lori yell at her, "Remember heel toe" as the trio watched her struggle to take each step. Linda was panting through her nose feeling her pinched nipples rubbing inside the thick rubber and the large phalluses moving inside her.

When the vibrators were switched on low the girls laughed as they could hear Linda squeal and begin to moan as the vibrations aroused her tortured body. The girls went out front laughing as Cindy said, "How long can you keep her like that really?"

Jamie answered, "Well since we don’t expect to play with her again we don’t have the normal concerns of how much can she take, and since we don’t want her to die I figure at most two maybe three days?" Jamie continued, "But I’m sure she will give out completely in less time so it won’t really matter".

Cindy smiled as she said, "I guess I should go home, but I don’t have any appropriate clothes to ride the bus!" looking down at her dress and boots.

Lori smiled and said, "If you’ll hang out with us and maybe let me play with you awhile I’ll give you a ride home".

Cindy said she would like that and asked if she could be put back into the arm binder and hood until they left. Lori and Jamie smiled at each other as they agreed removing the leather dress and letting Cindy zip herself back into the latex catsuit before lacing some new toe boots on Cindy’s feet. Cindy was having fun again as the women flitted around her tightening the arm sleeve and even reopening her suit and installing new plugs inside her damp pussy and ass saying she deserved a little fun.

Cindy was holding her breath as the plug was slipped into her ass making her moan deeply then felt the zipper being closed. Cindy was thinking she wasn’t ready for the neck corset when she felt them slipping her into her rubber dress and decided to offer no resistance even though she had really wanted to be without it. Once it was zipped up Lori smiled as she wrapped the neck corset around Cindy’s neck and laced it almost as tight as Linda had and gave the gag a few quick pumps.

Cindy was free to roam around the shop struggling and twisting in her confines. Cindy struggled with each step but once the vibrators had started she forgot her difficulties and wandered around on her own watching people come and go. Some customers stopping to comment on her attire and others stroking her rubber covered body while she purred inside the rubber. Cindy visited Linda several times before the shop closed nudging her when she would stop moving and walking around her as Linda struggled just to keep moving.

The shop went dark as Cindy was beginning to tire and everyone said good night and took turns whipping Linda before strapping her to the table and leaving her alone for the night. Cindy had watched the women clean up and secure Linda and waited for them to release her but as they were leaving Lori called her to the back door and said, "Let’s go, unless you want to stay here for the night?"

Cindy looked back at the store thinking she might want to stay, the last few hours had been really fun and she had liked having others play with her. She finally turned to Lori and walked out the door with her and followed her to her car still her prisoner. The walk seemed exceptionally long for Cindy as she stumbled several times on the uneven pavement.

Cindy was wondering when Lori was going to release her but had little choice as Lori opened her car door and Cindy plopped down into the seat. Cindy’s already sweat covered body feeling the heat from the air making her sweat worse as she sat helplessly strapped into the seat. Lori drove and chatted with Cindy who could not turn to see her new friend or answer with more than a grunt. As they neared Cindy’s house Lori asked her, "Do you want to be freed now, or would you like me to leave you bound for the night?"

Cindy sat thinking as Lori pulled into her driveway, her thoughts were that Lori would come in and play with her some more and spend the night so she grunted once for staying bound and Lori smiled and agreed and helped her into the house.

Cindy walked into the living room and could hear Lori in the kitchen. Cindy heard the door close and lock and shuffled on her pointed toes towards the kitchen in time to see Lori backing out of the driveway leaving Cindy alone to struggle in her rubber prison. Cindy screamed into her gag but Lori was gone. Cindy grunted in disbelief at being left alone again and shuffled to her bed and flopped back on to it wishing Lori had turned her vibrators back on before leaving her. In her exhausted condition Cindy fell asleep almost instantly dreaming of Lori teasing her for days and being forced to make Lori orgasm several times before Lori returned the favor.

What Cindy didn’t know was Lori was going home to get her night things and some additional toys to tease Cindy with until she had to leave the next day. Lori hoping she and Cindy could become very close friends having been attracted to Cindy since she first saw her at the store.

Linda lay strapped to the table moaning, her arms cramping badly, her shoulders aching from the strain but her worst pains came from her jaw and from her o-ringed nipples that now throbbed with every breath. The plugs had gone quiet and now were hurting her as the tight leather crushed her legs together and the mass of straps that were holding her tightly to the table crushed her arms beneath her and allowed no movement at all. Lying there Linda tried to plan her revenge, after many hours alone and in pain deciding to just leave these crazy women alone once they released her, when ever that might be.

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