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Entering Rubber Society 9: The Evening of the First Day

by LatexLadyLL

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story continued from part eight Part 9: The Evening of the First Day

Katherine minced her way across the pavement to the great glass doors of her building. They slid open silently and she stepped inside. The concierge, Dwayne, if she recalled, stepped smartly around her to summon the lift to her flat.

Dwayne had been waiting at the kerb when Richard’s sleek black conveyance pulled up. “Ms. Duane,” he had said as the auto-drive slid its door open and swiveled her seat out to gently deposit her onto the pavement, “your conveyance notified me you would be returning. Please allow me to escort you to your lift.”

Katherine, still singularly bound and gagged in what seemed a skintight cocoon of tautly stretched silver latex sprinkled with sparkling diamonds, had allowed the impeccably liveried young man to help her off the extended seat and across the wide expanse of pavement to the entrance. Behind her, Richard’s auto-cab closed itself up and pulled away from the kerb, making its way back to the garage of Richard’s building.

As soon as they stepped into the lobby, the doors slid shut behind them and Dwayne tapped his wrist comm to summon her lift. Long before Katherine made her slow, mincing way to the lift, it had arrived and opened its doors, waiting patiently for its rider.

At this hour, nearly 1AM on a Friday, the lobby was almost empty, but a few people were milling about. A couple stood waiting for their lift to arrive and a young woman wearing a black cocktail dress was sitting in one of the lobby chairs. Katherine recognized her as a fellow tenant, but did not know her name.

Heads turned to watch this lovely, latex encased woman as she made her hobbled way to the waiting lift. Katherine wondered idly if any of them could recognize her, hooded and masked as she was. The couple smiled at her as she passed, the taller gentleman offering a quiet, “Good evening,” by way of acknowledgement. Katherine recognized the two as James and Nigel Harmon-Oates from the 39th floor. She exchanged pleasantries with them occasionally in the building’s lounge. Unable to do much more by way of response, Katherine nodded slightly, as much as her corseted neck would allow.

Dwayne ushered her into the lift and spoke to it. “Ms. Duane’s flat.” He looked at Katherine and said, “Good evening, Ms. Duane.”

As the doors slid shut, Katherine saw Nigel, the shorter of the two, swing round to look at her in astonishment. Laughing to herself, Katherine thought, “That’s let the cat out of the bag. By noon tomorrow the whole building will know I have joined Rubber Society.” Nigel was a notorious gossip, but a very nice and friendly guy.

When her lift arrived and its doors opened onto her vestibule, Katherine was met by the stunning vision of Simone in a black and white French maid’s uniform of gleaming latex worn over a black, total enclosure, latex catsuit.

The uniform was short sleeved and high collared, the miniskirt standing out stiffly, supported by white ruffled latex petticoats. A ruffled cap of white latex sat on her shining black head, matching a short white rubber apron around her waist. White ruffles of softest latex were also placed around her collar and around the cuffs of her short sleeves. She wore black ballet boots, mid-calf high, also made of thick, glossy latex that was so highly polished, Katherine fancied she could see her reflection in them.

A black chain ran from a matching collar around Simone’s neck to a short cross chain that ran between her wrists, attached to black rubber manacles. The vertical chain continued to her ankles, where it intersected a horizontal chain between them, connected to ‘D’ rings on the inner side of each boot.

Simone’s hood was sealed shut with closed mouth and eye holes, the nostrils sealed with transpiration rubber. She was standing across the vestibule at the doorway into Katherine’s living area, a silent, immobile statue of glistening latex, awaiting her mistress’ return.

Her range of motion was such that she could not reach her hood to change its configuration.

Katherine looked at her a moment, debating her next action. She was tired and it was very late. She contemplated doing nothing, letting her new maid stand at attention for the night while she went to bed. But, she realized, getting undressed while encased in all this latex was not a single person task. And, she found she needed to talk about her experience in Richard’s conveyance.

Mincing her way out of the lift, she stepped over to Simone and touched her hood. Sure enough, it recognized her and the gestures she made. The eyes holes emerged, oval shapes adding a sexy look to the black rubber hood. Katherine gestured over Simone’s mount and it parted into a mouth hole the shape of her scarlet lips. Katherine actually saw the mouth filling gag the hood had extruded into the rubber maid’s mouth retract, as if by magic, disappearing into the glistening surface of the hood.

Simone smiled and then opened and closed her jaw several times. “Thank you miss. May I release you from your silence?”

Katherine nodded slightly and waited while Simone stroked her gas mask gently, allowing it to fall into a waiting rubber gloved hand.

Simone set the mask aside on a small table, then with the utmost sensuality, leaned down from her ballet heeled height to kiss Katherine’s sealed lips. Katherine did not retreat and despite being still confined by the tight rubber cape, leaned into the kiss as well, savouring the feel of Simone’s tongue against her rubber hood. She returned the kiss, probing from behind her hood as much as she could and felt Simone’s tongue dancing over hers, a thin membrane of silver latex preventing any actual touch.

Straightening, Simone cupped Katherine’s head in her left hand and with the other began a slow, deliberately provocative stroking motion that convinced the bright silver hood to open its mouth hole in a shape identical to Simone’s. Katherine’s pink lips emerged, seeming to grow through the retreating rubber.

“May I remove your cape, miss?”

“Yes, you may. Then let me settle onto the sofa. I need to talk with you a bit.”

“Yes, miss. Certainly, miss.” Simone stepped behind Katherine and released the diamond sprinkled rubber cape which restrained the arms so amazingly well. Katherine flexed her arms, still wrapped in shining latex, as Simone took the cape to the coat closet and hung it up.

Katherine turned and moved into the living room, then suddenly stopped. “What have you done?”

Her usual minimalist furniture, upholstered in black and white leather, was gone. In its place a sofa and two chairs, upholstered in brilliant red rubber had emerged.

“These arrived while you were out, sent over by your office. The delivery people have moved your original furniture into the storage locker for your flat. This note was attached.” Simone handed Katherine a slim, flexible screen with a paper-like colour and texture. Katherine tapped it with a gloved finger and a message appeared:


In light of your commitment to explore Rubber Society customs and to become acclimated to our ways, I have had all your furniture replaced with latex equivalents. I do hope you like the colours. Your furniture may be restored from storage after Lord Waldron’s party.

If, that is, you so desire.

Yours, truly,


“The bloody cheek of that woman!” Katherine steamed.

“Mistress Rose is very forthright, miss. She meant well, I am certain.”

“I am sure she did,” Katherine sighed. “Help me out of this gown and into something for sleeping. I am exhausted.”

“Yes, miss. Simone stepped into Katherine’s bedroom, returning a moment later with a bundle of gleaming purple rubber draped over one arm. She laid this on the chair, its colour complementing the red rubber upholstery.

Katherine looked at it a moment, then felt Simone behind her, removing the evening gown. It was necessary for her to put her arms up as Simone deftly peeled the dress up and over her head. She set it aside, then began unlacing the corset, first from around Katherine’s neck, then the rest of her torso. Katherine let out a contented sigh as the corset loosened to the point Simone could lower it and have her step out of it.

The undressing was slightly hampered by Simone’s chains limiting her reach and her range, but she seemed very used to that and her movements were a paragon of efficiency and never once did she jerk or stretch her chains to their limits. Much practice must have gone into her abilities to manipulate both mistress and garments while hobbled so severely.

Finally, Katherine was clothed in just catsuit and boots. She looked dubiously at the red rubber sofa. “It’s – it is not going to swallow me, is it?”

Simone let out a light laugh. “Oh no, miss. Please sit and I shall remove your boots. Did you experience absorption in Sir Richard’s conveyance?”

“You know about that?”

“I have served Sir Richard in the past. His specialized conveyance serves his particular kinks and is very well known in Rubber Society. Quite the thing, actually.”

“It swallowed me, Simone. I was terrified. Well, for a moment I was terrified.”

“You did not enjoy it? He did not warn you?”

By this time Simone had removed the tight boots. She helped Katherine stand and unzipped the catsuit, revealing Katherine’s naked body. Simone peeled the hood off Katherine’s head, extricated hands from gloves and gently slid her legs and feet from their rubbery confines.

“He did not. He said I should enjoy the ride. I did at first, with the first two controls – you know about this, don’t you?”

“Yes, miss. I have enjoyed the pleasures of Sir Richard’s conveyance and other such confinement systems in the past.”

“Well, it was a complete surprise when the seat began to open up and drag me down. But, I have to admit, once inside, the pressure holding me and the stimulators coming on again, I came three more times before the conveyance delivered me to the building. It was amazing. I have never experienced fright followed by pleasure in such intensity. But it seems silly to have it in one’s conveyance.”

“Well, miss, I love being confined and enveloped in an inflated rubber cocoon. Sir Richard does as well and enjoys being able to experience it as he’s traveling.”

Holding up a thin transparent pink peignoir, she helped Katherine slip into it. Unlike the earlier, restraining one, this garment belted in front. It still provided gloves attached to the ends of its sleeves and a pull on hood which was attached to the back of the ruffled collar. When closed, the high collar covered the bottom edge of the hood.

The transparent pink rubber showed Katherine’s nude form through its gossamer, latex surface. She shrugged it on, taking care to run her hands properly into the transparent glove at the end of each sleeve. Simone pulled the hood over her face, adjusting the eye and mouth openings for Katherine’s comfort. Then she flipped the peignoir’s collar closed. The collar closed itself snugly around Katherine’s throat, hiding the edge of her hood beneath a double layer of pink rubber.

She then wrapped loose, thin latex around Katherine’s naturally small waist and Katherine was surprised to see the robe hold together tightly around her waist. Simone ran a rubber gloved hand up the edges of the peignoir to Katherine’s neck, then down to the hem and the garment had closed upon itself. It was loose and fluid around her legs and up her torso to the neck, but the waist, like the collar, was snugly fastened and just a bit constricted. The effect was to show off Katherine’s figure inside gossamer pink latex. That did virtually nothing to hide Katherine’s physical charms, her upright breasts and naked Mons.

Katherine patted her rubbered face lightly with slick latex fingers. She had been feeling odd with no gloves or hood; now she felt more properly clothed. ‘I’ve only worn rubber for a day, but I already expect to be covered in it,’ she thought.

As Simone slipped matching transparent pink latex slippers onto her feet, Katherine asked, “Why doesn’t any of this rubber stick to itself? I thought latex was slick looking but tended to stick and adhere. It doesn’t – does not – even stick to my skin. It is as smooth as silk.”

“I am not a chemist, miss, but as I understand it, the latex my mother manufactures is treated with additives that prevent it from becoming sticky from perspiration or skin oils. She told Sophie and me there used to be a treatment clothiers used after a garment was made but now the extra molecules are just inserted by the fabs as the manufacturing process is underway. Modern latex will always slide across your skin and across itself. It is so slick that fabrication is the only way to manufacture it. The older latex could be laid on a work table and glued or sewn. Modern fabbed latex cannot because it has no friction with other materials… or at least very, very little. That is my mother’s explanation.”

“Hmmm” Katherine hugged the peignoir close to herself. “No wonder it feels so light and pleasant.”

She changed the subject, “So, my experience in Richard’s auto-drive was just him exercising a kink?”

Simone smiled. “And letting you know what sort of person he is. Sir Richard enjoys surprising people, but enjoyably so, not like a practical joker. I am certain he meant well.”

Mollified, Katherine said, “Yes, I think I can see that. And it was very, very pleasant once the initial shock was over. I rather enjoy being held and enwrapped as I have been all day now, but that truly took the cake. The inner sanctum of his rubber seat was billowy but firm; it massaged me and comforted me but pressed on me with astonishing power. It’s – it is – hard to explain. I felt a bit lost, or invisible, as if I had disappeared. I half expected someone else to sit on the seat while I existed inside it. I am not articulating this very well.”

“I know, miss. I experienced it as well, many times as a girl, then later after I reached my majority and became Sir Richard’s servant. Sophie and I used to love riding in his conveyance, dressed in party dresses and pinafores, then being sucked into the seat. We would jump into his conveyance and immediately flick the absorption switch. Sophie always held her arms behind her and let it take them first, then pull her body in and her head would disappear last. If she was wearing her gas mask her goggles and mouth filter would be the last thing to disappear. She has appreciated the Venus de Milo look since she was eight.”

“Party dresses and gas masks? How old were you?”

“Eight to twelve, I guess. We were always going to a friend’s house for tea or over to one of Mother’s clients to help with a fitting.”

“In latex?”

“Oh yes, miss. We were always in proper latex clothes. After all, we were born in Rubber Society.”

“Were you sexually active then?”

Simone looked shocked, despite the tight hood encasing her face. “Oh no, miss. We were just little girls. I was a virgin until I was 19. Sophie still is. But I will say that being encased by Sir Richard’s seat was one of the things which confirmed for me that I desire total rubber enclosure, constraining rubber encasement, and surrendering to the higher power of rubber discipline.”

“You sound almost religious about it.”

“I am, miss. Being a submissive latex maid enclosed in layers of latex, unable to see, speak, or hear, pressurised in a sleeping bag or immobilised in an vacuum bed is truly mystical; at least, for me it is”. She grinned impishly at Katherine from behind her hood. “And very sexy. I find myself aroused just thinking about what you had to endure. I wish we could share that sometime.”

Katherine, wrapped in shimmery, transparent, pink latex, her head and face tightly encased by the peignoir’s rubber hood, smiled, then yawned, covering her mouth with a gloved hand.

“I think I shall go to bed, Simone. I have nothing scheduled for tomorrow and I shall have a lie in. Did you make up your room and bed?”

Simone pouted a bit. ”Yes, miss, but I was hoping to sleep with you. I made your bed up as well.”

Katherine realized the little maid was angling for a chance to be with and make love to Katherine again. She was interested, but tired. ‘What the hell,’ she thought, ‘I could stand waking up to a cuddle. This dressing gown is arousing me anyway.’

Aloud, she said, “Take me to bed, Simone. You may sleep with me.” She reached out a lightly latexed hand to the little rubber maid. “But I mean sleep. We can play in the morning.”

Simone jumped up and clapped her hands, “Yes! – Yes, miss. Come. I shall put you to bed.”

Simone guided Katherine into the bedroom. Once more, Katherine stopped, staring dumbfounded through the eye holes of her pink latex hood. “The bed too?”

“Yes, miss. Come, I have a nightgown for you, then we can get ourselves into the bed properly.”

Katherine’s platform bed had been replaced with a similar design but one which boasted black rubber sheets completely sheathing it and a thick black rubber duvet with red rubber edging. A rigid frame surrounded the bed about halfway up the mattress and the sheets seemed to be attached to it or wrapped around it somehow. The pillows were also covered in black latex, nearly invisible against the sheets.

Simone led Katherine to her dressing table and a Japanese screen with Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave of Kanagawa’ appliquéd on its three latex panels. A mass of white rubber lay gently draped over the screen. Katherine stared at it.

“My screen is embroidery on satin.” She turned, “You told Rose.”

“No, miss. Mistress Rose already knew you had a Hokusai screen. She sent up this latex one to replace it.”

Katherine laughed, “Of course! I mentioned I had acquired the Hokusai screen three months ago. I even showed it to her on the site where I ordered it. She remembered? My god, she’s amazing.”

“Yes, miss. She is amazing.” The emphasis Rose put on the words reminded Katherine she was to watch her speech patterns. But just now she was too tired to much care.

Simone released her from the pink peignoir, freeing her hands and gently pulling the hood off her head so it hung down over her breasts. Simone helped her out of the peignoir and took the white nightgown from the screen.

“This will be perfect for you to sleep in, miss.”

The nightgown was sparkling white latex, with actual sparkles in it. It was very lightweight but fully opaque. There were ruffles at the high neck, the arm cuffs, and around the ankle length hem. Simone draped the full length, white rubber night gown over her head. It came with a hood attached to the ruffled collar and gloves at the end of the ruffled sleeves. It was loose and thin, flowing gently across her skin.

After Simone helped her fully into the nightgown, drawing the tight hood over her face, making sure her hands were properly in the gloves, Katherine stared at herself a moment in a mirror on the wall. “This is lovely, Simone, but why is it hooded? I do not expect I shall sleep very well in a hood.”

“Miss, I think you will find it most conducive to slumber.”

Simone led Katherine to the bed. “If you will just slide in, miss, I shall seal you shut for the night.”


Simone smiled at her. “Once you lie down, I shall seal your nightgown closed at the hem so your legs and feet are properly bound.”

“I see” Katherine wondered if this acclimitisation to Rubber Society wasn’t going too far. “And you will sleep…”

“Next to you, miss. I shall put on my sleeping costume and climb in on the other side. Then, I will fasten the top sheet and activate the vacuum. We’ll be in perfect immobilisation until morning. We can cuddle until the vacuum seals us shut and we cannot move any more.”


“Yes, miss. Your bed is now a vacuum bed, double sized for two people to be restrained. Almost all Rubber Society members sleep in vacuum beds of one style or another. I usually sleep upright, slightly tilted back, on a vacuum bed that immobilises me completely for 7 hours. Most people of your status and stature sleep horizontally unless they are deeply submissive slaves to someone. It is a great gift you give me, allowing me to sleep lying next to you.”

Katherine was well aware of vacuum beds. They were quite popular and one saw advertisements and photos of them everywhere. She understood, in principle, what they were for and what they did, but Katherine had never tried one before. She found she was actually a bit eager to experience the sensation. The pictures always made them look outrageously sexy in her eyes although she could not have said precisely why.

“What about turning in the night, Won’t – will we not - be stiff and sore by morning? I cannot imagine sleeping in one position the whole night.”

“No, miss. I think you will discover there is no need for turning in the night. And we shall have such incredible dreams. Your delta wave synthesizer will work with the vacuum bed as well as it did with your previous bed.” Katherine, like many people, used a delta wave synthesizer to drive her into deep REM sleep, getting a much more restful night’s sleep.

“How do we get out?”

“The bed is automatic. Seven hours after we are first vacuum packed it will release us. I will arise and make sure you are up, then bring you breakfast in bed if you like.”

“And breathing?” Katherine had noticed no provision for air to flow into the vacuum packed restrainee.

“The bed monitors us. Fresh air will be available to us through the rubber of the bed and our hoods. If need be, we will be freed. We can breathe through the latex, of course. Remember, Transpiration L-”

“Latex,” Katherine finished for Simone. “Yes, I recall.”

Katherine moved slowly to her bedside. She sat down, then acquiesced as Simone gently laid her on the rubber sheet and moved her legs into the bed. The maid sealed the white night gown shut at the hem, the ruffles dancing slightly at her touch. Katherine was not surprised to find she could open her legs only a bit. She had expected tightly restraining rubber around her ankles, but there was none; just a limited width to the soft white gown. She was now completely encased in loose latex, but realized that, when the vacuum was turned on, her nightgown would be pressed tightly between her loins and inner thighs.

Her arms were similarly free and she laid them over her rubber covered breasts in a corpselike pose.

“Simone, if I wake up dead, I shall haunt you forever,” Katherine said with a little laugh. She laid back and relaxed. “When in Rome…” she thought.

Simone laughed, “I have never lost a vacuumed sleeping companion, miss. But you probably want to lay your arms at your sides.” Katherine did as she was bid.

Simone bent over her and she stared into the gleaming black rubber of the maid’s hood. As she watched, Simone stroked her own face and the hood sealed up completely, closing eyes, mouth, and even the nostril holes. A frisson of concupiscent excitement passed through Katherine as she saw the hood transform her maid into a non-entity, a sexy looking black rubber object. Why was that so damn sexy?

Simone reached out and stroked Katherine’s hood gently and lovingly. The white rubber began to grow over her mouth and eyes just as the black had for Simone. Katherine stared at the maid’s solid gleaming black cranium as the white rubber congealed around her vision, gently wiping away all focus and sight. In a few moments she was just as blinded, silenced, and even deafened, as her servant.

The world was whitish, however, not totally black. Katherine had the sense she was in a dimly lit featureless white dome. Perspective was gone and she could not tell, with just her eyes, how far away the white rubber existed. But she knew that shortly it would be compressed onto her face and eyelids by the tightness of the vacuum bed’s inescapable embrace.

The dimensionless white dome of Katherine’s vision darkened slightly and she suddenly felt Simone pressing rubber sealed lips against her latex covered forehead, her sealed eyes, her rubbered cheeks, her encapsulated lips. The two lovers struggled for a moment, Simone holding Katherine’s hands tightly to her side, trying to find an opening for their tongues. The twin layers of rubber formed a perfect barrier between them and they wound up sliding tongues over each other through rubber, pressing sealed lips together, but never quite being able to connect, flesh to flesh.

Nonetheless, both felt happy and satisfied when Simone backed. Katherine closed her eyes to the white world she now inhabited and a moment later and she had shut her eyes and drifted into the early stage of sleep.

She woke up slightly when Simone climbed into the other side of the bed. She felt the young girl pull the rubber sheet up over the two of them, covering their hooded heads. Katherine was about to turn over and say something when she recalled she was currently silenced, gagged as surely as if her mouth was filled with Richard’s big di… ‘Where did that thought come from?’ Then, she heard a rushing noise and felt the bedcovers over her tighten.

The vacuum pump ran silently, but the air it sucked from the two women’s enclosure beneath the rubber bedclothes made some noise until full vacuum packing was established. The smart pump would then cut itself off and the bed would maintain its internal decompression. The sheets tightened. The duvet was draped over the end of the bed, unneeded and unnecessary. It was useful decoration for when a sleeper did not wish to be vacuum packed.

Katherine relished the strange sensation of being vacuum packed in tight black rubber for a while. It was incredible, she found. The smooth, continuous, perfectly even pressure was like wearing a second skin over her second skin. Her nightgown was present, but she hardly felt it. Her libido was highly active and she began to think of how nice it would be to have Simone stroke her through the rubber sheeting when the delta wave device activated and gently drove her into a deep dream state.

After first settling her in the bed, Simone had backed away from the drowsing Katherine, rising and then stroking her own hood to open the eye holes slightly. Enjoying the constraint, she had gone to her own room across the hall and as quickly as she could removed her black and white rubber French maid uniform. She changed her black total enclosure catsuit for a dark red one, then slipped across the hall back into the other room.

Katherine’s steady breathing through the small nostril panels of Transpiration Rubber told Simone her mistress was already sleeping. Moving silently in rubber sealed feet she proceeded to the other side of the bed. She made sure the timer and monitor were set, the duvet draped over the end, then climbed into the bed, sliding deliciously on the sheet. With a quick flip she pulled the top sheet over them both and it automatically sealed itself with a shaped field to the bottom sheet. Simone reached up with her right hand, stroked her face, and shivered as she felt the rubber crawl over her eyes.

She lowered her hand and touched other controls embedded in her suit at the waist. The vacuum pump started and the rushing air filled her ears for a moment. She was a bit distracted, however, as her amazing rubber suit also flowed into her vagina and anus, filling them with massive plugs. She grunted a couple of times in pain as the plugs grew, but was even more silenced than Katherine as a large penis shaped gag had extruded from the suit’s mouth covering, forcing her lips open and filling her oral cavity.

All this activity was coordinated with the increasing vacuum she and Katherine were experiencing, pressing the slippery, slinky, and stretchy rubber over their every curve. Simone barely had time to get her hands in place at her sides before the final pressurisation of the vacuum bed was complete, immobilising she and Katherine completely.

Simone smiled in her red rubber enclosure entombed inside a black rubber vacuum bag, lying next to her mistress who now slept soundly. Katherine had stirred slightly and Simone knew she had been relishing the new experience of a vacuum bed. Then, the delta wave device came on and put Katherine into a deep REM sleep.

Moments later, the programmed plugs inside Simone electrified, filling her body with the painful sensations she wanted so much.

The stimulation was very high and far beyond the simple tap-tap-tap sensation Katherine had experienced earlier in the day. Simone was being jolted and shocked in a variety of ways, many pleasurable, many painful. It had taken her years of experimentation to determine just the right mix of pain and pleasure that satisfied her enormous need for punishment, pleasure, and kink.

Katherine would sleep tonight. A good 7 hours before the vacuum bed released them. But for 6 of those hours Simone would suffer and come, her body immobile, her mouth clamped tightly around a rubber penis, her loins quivering in response to the electrical stimulations from vaginal and anal plugs.

At some point, Simone knew, she would pass out. The almost continuous orgasms she felt in response to the painful electricity coursing through her would continue, unabated. Her conscious mind would be disengaged and she would achieve the nirvana, the loss of identity and of all thought, that she had so eagerly sought for much of her life. Her body would continue to jolt and to shiver in response to pain and the pleasure it caused her. Her mind would take a vacation.

She would come back about 30 minutes before the bed released them. She would have that time to get her heart and breathing under control, her muscles would stop quivering, and the tears on her face would dry up staining the inside of her tight rubber hood. The gag and plugs would retreat into the amazing material her mother had used to make the suit and she would be refreshed and renewed for another day.

Simone was very happy that Katherine had responded so well to her initial introduction into Rubber Society’s rituals, protocols, and apparel. She was ecstatic that the newly rubbered woman would invite her into her bed and had seemed perfectly willing to indulge in all sorts of sexual activity with her. Simone had helped many persons with their introduction to rubber Society, but had never encountered someone so willing as Katherine. The woman did not seem overly eager, but was amazingly experimental and seemed to relish new experiences.

Simone smiled to herself as another wave of painful pleasure began to sweep her away. She wondered what Katherine would make of this sexual preference. Probably take it in stride. Katherine seemed very accepting and non-judgmental of others’ kinks.

Simone’s last conscious thought as the pain of the electrical shocks drove her over the cliff to yet another orgasm, its intensity multiplied by the total immobility of her vacuum packed existence, was of her mother. Simone thanked Sylvia every night for the suits, the plugs, the programming, and the bizarre stimulation she had given Simone. Her mother had made her happiness and contentment possible by providing her with the pain she so very much craved.

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