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Four Prison Cells

by M88

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f+; factory; capture; cell; rubber; catsuit; mask; bond; harness; vacbed; barrel; encased; enclosed; bdsm; objectified; fpov; cons/nc; X

Bunny was one of four friends that searched and explored old abandon buildings in and around the city of Oxford. Bunny was a lively and loud character with her long purple hair dropping over her beautiful face. Her large breasts popped out of her chest so did her perfect ass. She was just under 6ft and had a slim and trimmed body. Bunny was dressed in a rock and roll style with black leggings and a leather jacket. She was also wearing white converse shoes and white Animal T-shirt. Bunny was one hell of a good looking girl.

Her hobby of searching abandon buildings, had started a couple of months ago. And meet other like-minded people through the power of the internet. There was Katrina a lovely red head with a sports woman's body. Becky was the joker of the group with her bubbly personality and big heart. Lastly was Hannah the shy, quiet and intelligent one. She was the one who picked which house, manor, mansion, farmhouse or factory they looked at.

But over the last four days all three of Bunny's friends had vanished. They had been checking out different buildings and at different times. Bunny didn't know what had happened to them. She had told the police about her missing friends. But they had done little about it. So Bunny was going to look for them herself. She had no idea where to start. But she was going to work through as many buildings as possible.

After another two days of looking, Bunny had found nothing. She was about to break into an old car factory and have a look round. It was the last place she wanted to have a tour of in the dead of night. But one of her friends had been searching the area when she had gone missing. Bunny pushed her way through some rusty old fencing and into the grounds of the factory. She heading straight for the nearest door and found that a padlock had been cut open. It was a sign some one had been to the factory. Bunny opened the dirty metal door and walked inside.

The disused factory sent a cold shiver down her spine. Mountains of car parts filled the floor, long chains hanging from the ceiling. All the old machines where frozen in time. Dirt, dust and cobwebs covered everything in Bunny's eye line. She slowly moved through the lines of equipment and saw a light right in the corner of the building. She started heading over to it. The light was coming from behind a solid metal door, which looked new. She pushed it open and saw some stairs heading down to the basement.

Slowly creeping down the steel staircase, she reached another steel door. There was a small glass window built into the metal door. Like what you would find on a large cargo ship door. She had a quick look through the window and saw a figure walking towards her. She ducked down and rolled to her left hand side of the door. Which opened the second after she moved into the blind spot. Covered by the open door, Bunny waiting in complete silence as the figure walked up the stairs. The door was closing very slowly and Bunny got her timing spot on. As she slipped in without the person seeing her. The door finally closed with a loud click behind her as she started to regret her decision. She had no idea who the person was or what he or she was doing.

She turned her attention back to finding her friends and searching the area. Another long steel stairs beckoned her forwards and deeper into the building. Bunny suddenly remembered she had the plans and photos for the building on her phone. Halfway down the staircase she got her phone out and had a quick look. Looking through the plans, she couldn't find anything about a below ground area. Or anything to do with her current location. The photos showed no evidence of the door she had first gone through. Bunny checked the plans and photos another two times. Why would anyone go to all this effort and hard work. Bunny went to put her phone back in her pocket and somehow dropped it. It loudly found it's way though the stairs and into the blackness below.

Bunny wanted to run back upstairs and get the hell out of here. When she heard a noise coming from behind her. She quickly ran down the stairs and just about squeezed under the stairs. She had two very good reasons for doing this. one was to hind in the blackness. Two was to try and find her phone. A shadowy and dark figure walked slowly down the stairs. Each step echoed around the corridor and put the fear of god into Bunny. Bunny had moved into cover so quickly, the corridor had just been a blur.

But as the figure reached the bottom of the stairs, the corridor come into view. The whole thing was made of shiny stainless steel with five heavy security doors. The door had small glass windows and a computer screen build into them. Apart from the door at the end of the corridor, which had nothing. All the doors had keypads with a code needed to enter them. The figure went all the way to the far door and entered the code. The door opened and they went inside. Bunny had a quick look for her phone in the time she had. She searched the cold steel floor with her hands, until bingo. She quickly tried to call the police. But her phone was completely broken. Bunny waited a couple of minutes, before she squeezed out of the staircase. She headed straight back up the staircase to the large metal door. She wanted to get the hell out of here.

Trying to run as quietly as possible as she made it to the door. She desperately pushed and pulled with all she had. But it was completely dead locked. She had a brainwave about what she should do. She would wait for the unknown person to leave again. She would when have a look round and escape when they opened the door. It would be a repeat of how she broke into this secret location. She once again hid under the stairs and after half an hour of nervously waiting. The door finally opened and the imposing hooded figure left the building. It was time for a quick look around.

Bunny forced her way out from behind the stairs and walked over to the first door on her right. The thick metal door sent a chill back her spine. She opened a metal plate which covered the glass window. The room was in complete darkness and Bunny could see nothing. She then looked at the computer screen and keypad to see if they did anything. She would leave the keypad alone as she had no idea what the password would be. The computer was the only way to find out what was going on in the room.

She started playing around with it. She pressed a couple of bottoms and made a light in the room switch on. Bunny looked through the glass window again and was left wide eyed. The light was shining off a rubber bondage suit and endless metal chains. She had a quick look at the computer and saw it was showing information about the set up. The computer had all the designs and plans for the bondage before her. It also had details about what was being kept inside. Bunny was horrified to find out the person in the room was her friend Katrina.

She found all the information on her friends life, body, hobbies, sex life and background. It was all on this computer system. She then had a look to see if she could open the door or release her restrains. All she could find was the layout to the bondage set up. Bunny could not believe how extreme the bondage was. She was wearing a thick and full, rubber bondage suit. The suit covered her whole body in thigh black rubber. She was also wearing a full face breathing mask with a glass front. It looked like it had been modified from a full face driving mask. The mask was also made from thick rubber and pressed against her head. The mask had two holes coming from it. Bunny looked at the computer and found one was for air and the other was for food.

Tightly wrapped around her friends whole body was a large metal harness. The harness tied itself around her stomach, shoulders, boobs, ass and pussy. There was a large holes in the metal work around her orifices. Bunny read the next bit off the computer. "Rubber bondage fuck toy". Her friend had her legs folded over in a frog tie and her arms tied behind her back in a reverse prayer. Heavy metal cuffs kept her limbs from moving. The reverse prayer pushed her wrists and elbows together and restrained her upper arms to the harness. She was also wearing heavy rubber bondage mittens. She was also locked in a huge metal collar which squeezed her neck. The collar also linked into the harness and arms cuffs. It also stopped her from removing the diving mask.

Her legs had been frog tied tightly together with large metal cuffs and pulled apart by heavy chains. Katrina was bring suspended from the ceiling and immobilized by the chains. They locked on to each part of her restraint system and worked as one. Bunny could just about see her friends eyes through the mask. They looked filled with fear.

Bunny pulled herself away from the window and moved to the next cell along. The image of her helpless friend cut into her brain. She used the computer to open the window on the second cell on the right hand side. She was once again meet with an unbelievable bondage sight. A stunning rubber vacbed, which had to modified into a chair. The vacbed had been built into an inescapable bondage chair. Large metal poles where bolted into the ground and made up the legs of the chair. The vacbed was kept airtight by a metal frame around the whole chair. This stopped the person trapped inside from moving backwards and forwards. Bunny could see the clear outline of the person imprisoned inside. She could also make out some restraints through the shiny rubber. It looked they the person was wearing two spared bars and a chastity belt.

The spared bars were around her ankles, neck and wrists and kept them miles apart. The chastity belt was outlined perfectly in rubber and Bunny could see the padlocks on it. She could also see two plastic tubes entering the vacbed from the ceiling. The tubes ended around the prisoners face, which looked odd. Bunny had another look at the computer and found out the person was wearing a mask. The tubes once again give the person air and food. The mask itself was a reworking, rebuilding and conjoining of a gas mask, bondage hood and diving mask. The hood had a built in gag and one way blindfold. The air entered the mask through the gas mask and the food tube went up the nose. The diving mask was locked against her head tightly and had a camera built into it. Bunny soon found out who was in the cell, it was Hannah. She also found out what the cell was used for, it was for leisure. The cell had a TV build onto the wall and a fridge for beer.

You could watch the face cam on the TV and spend the evening enjoying Hanna's helplessness. Bunny moved onto the next cell. By now she was getting good at using the computer and easily opened the window and found out who was inside. It was the last of her three friends, Becky.

The name of the session was called "Pain Slut". The bondage was very creative and had been skillfully done. She looked like sitting on a chair with her arms folded over. She was restrained to a metal frame in an upside down "Y" shape. The metal frame to bolted to a metal gyroscope. Which was controlled by using hydraulics to move the circles. Becky was cuffed to the frame at her ankles, above and below the knees, upper legs, stomach, chest, neck and head. She had duct tape covering her mouth and eyes. Her hands and arms had been cuffed together and locked to the frame as well. Along the walls of the cell of endless bondage toys and torture devices. Her body was already covered in red marks.

Bunny then had a look in the last remaining cell. She quickly got the computer up and running. She opened the window to see a solid metal barrel chained to the floor. Oddly the lid was off and a load of fetish equipment was placed next to the barrel. She could see a rubber suit and a heavy leather straitjacket. Rubber bondage hood and heavy metal collar. Plus a spared bar and loads of chains. She looked through the computer to found out what was going on with this cell. But nothing was on the system and she found out the door was unlocked. She slowly went inside the empty cell and looked around. The barrel was made from thick metal and was bolted as well as chain to the floor. The lid was covered in large padlocks and had three small tubes coming out of it. The rubber suit and hood looked amazing in Bunny's eyes. The straitjacket give her nightmares as did the other restraints.

It was then she looked up at the doorway and found the shadowy figure staring right at her.

That was 3 hours ago.

And with Bunny looking at the light for that would be the the last light she would see for what could be a long time. The metal lid to the barrel is locked in place. The computer system is updated and the door deadlocked. Sitting in the cold metal barrel in full rubber and very well restrained was a fearful Bunny. The straitjacket was unbelievably tight and had been padlocked to the sides of the barrel. Her legs had been locked in cuffs and chains. The barrel was huge and Bunny was able to stand up inside. The three tubes had been put in place. One went through the hood as well as her gag right into her mouth. Which was used for food and water. The second went up one of her nostrils and was for air. The last tube was used to fill the barrel with what ever her kidnapper liked.

Bunny and her friends would be in for a long and unhappy ride.


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