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The Training of Slave Selena
by James W
© Copyright 2008 - James W - Used by permission
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The Training of Slave Selena 2: The Letter by James W MF; latex; corset; catsuit; mackingtosh; public; toys; cons; X

Chapter 2: The Letter

Selena arrived back at her flat dressed as she had left in the morning. Her SBR tightly belted, her heart beating wildly. James had dropped her off, first making sure she arrived safely at her flat door. The lingering kiss had quickened her pulse. She entered her flat and moved dreamily through the hall to her bedroom. There she walked over to the full length mirror and stared at her image, eyes misted over as the reflected highlights of her mackintosh gleamed back at her.

Slowly, she removed her SBR, and other clothing then her corset. Now naked for the first time since arising, she was now lost in thought. She had met her special man and knew deep down that this was what she had longed for since her first sexual awakenings. She showered then climbed into bed for the second time that day.

After a short time lying on her back quietly mulling over the amazing developments of the day she resolved to begin as she hoped things would develop; she jumped out of bed and went to her chest of drawers and got out her black latex sheets. In no time she was slipping sinuously between the cool latex; within moments she was fast asleep. She awoke to the din of her alarm clock insistently declaring that it was time to begin a week of work. She snuggled down in her warm cocoon reluctant to leave.

Her thoughts were of James and yesterday. Was it just a delicious erotic dream? And was she still alone waiting for Mr Right to come along. No! Her heart skipped a beat it was real, but still an anxiety remained. Was this just a flash in the pan? Would James feel threatened by her openness, and retreat? She needn’t have worried. The ‘phone rang and it was James inquiring if she had slept well, and would it be too much to ask if she could meet up for lunch? He hoped she had slept well between latex sheets; she affirmed that she had.

Now Selena had an aim for the day. She would meet up with her new friend. The age old question arose in her mind; what can I wear? The answer came quite naturally, my SBR and black latex pants and of course her ubiquitous corset.

Stepping out to walk the short distance to the tube she was glad that the weather still looked grey and the forecast had predicted heavy showers for the afternoon. The morning was busy for Selena. Many of her friends at her workplace asked of her week-end. Selena’s smile together with her glistening eyes told the tale. Comments about the awful weather fell on deaf ears. Rain was her special friend it went together with shiny black rubber and protection. SBR needed rain to shine, to do its allotted task. One of her close friends noted the signals, but said nothing; “all in good time” were her thoughts.

Eventually the morning session ended and with quickening pulse Selena got ready. Already quite moist within her latex panted body from her musings at odd moments, she now paid special attention to freshening her bright red lipstick and eye shadow. The belt on her SBR pulled one notch tighter than normal she was ready to meet her knight at the restaurant chosen by him. She chose to walk the short distance, it gave her a chance to compose herself as well, as giving her the opportunity to catch a sideways glance at her reflection in the shop windows as she passed by.

James was waiting for her similarly dressed. They came together smiling faces and eyes. On kissing a small electrical frisson moved between them.

“Selena, you are real! I’ve been waiting to have the image of you yesterday replaced by the reality this morning. My fear was you were just a figment of my imagination; the heady meeting of yesterday a fleeting image. Now I see you really are real and best of all properly dressed. You know I am as excited as hell by your presence, dressed as you are.”

“Oh James you really are my knight in shining armour, you look so handsome in your SBR the image makes me swoon,” purred Selena as she threw her arms around James neck and gave him another kiss. All self consciousness now evaporated.

“Come my mysterious lady join me now in the restaurant” James often dined here and was greeted by the maitre-de who took their coats after escorting them to a secluded table. Crisp linen, together with crystal glasses were noted and appreciated by Selena. Once seated, she squirmed as James lent across the table and whispered in her ear, “I’m wearing full latex suit under my street clothes in honour, of you, and for you.” Selena confided in James that she was wearing latex pants and had been so excited about the meeting.

Over lunch they discussed how they would spend precious free time together. Plans for long walks in the country properly dressed, of course. James revealed to Selena that he enjoyed motorcycling and indeed had two bikes, one a grand tourer, the other an out and out sports bike, which he loved to ride, both for the pleasure of riding powerful bikes and secondly for the joy of dressing up properly protected from the elements. Riding in the rain meant proper waterproof clothing and special care and smoothness to avoid spills. The combined excitement of being sealed in protective clothing and riding a powerful bike gave him a special buzz.

Selena for her part was both fascinated and excited by the prospect. “Please let me dress totally in latex then booted, gloved and helmeted set forth on the back of your powerful bike, clinging tightly to your broad back. Two as one united in a common cause! Please, please tell me when we can do just that?” pleaded Selena.

As the meal progressed they both learnt more about each other, but the hour passed oh so quickly and in no time they were both out on the street. During the lunch it had grown darker and a heavy shower had developed. James walked Selena back through the rain; a couple properly dressed delighting in each others company. A lot of bedraggled people, heads down, were busying about. James was away on business for the rest of the week, but indicated that he might be able to return on the Thursday evening if all went well. They arranged to speak on the ‘phone each evening and made plans for a weekend together.

As they kissed goodbye, James pressed an envelope into Selena’s gloved hand. “Wait until you are home this evening before you open it,” he said and was at once a receding figure in the lunch hour crowd. Selena looked first at James’s SBR dressed figure then as he disappeared from sight down at the white envelop with a single word ”Selena” written in italic. She shuddered, took a deep breath and thrust the envelope into her mackintosh pocket.

James returned to his office hung up his SBR and smiled to himself as he sat down at his desk. He had enjoyed the lunch and Selena’s company, especially the fact that she wore the same mackintosh as yesterday as well as surprising him by wearing latex pants. He was relaxed in his latex suit and decided to keep it on for the rest of the afternoon. He would need to be away mid evening, but in the mean time he needed to sort out various papers, plans and the like.

This completed he moved from his desk to an easy chair and sat quietly contemplating what had happened over the last 24 hours. The caress of latex combined with the sweet smell put him into a warm reflective mood. Clearly, he had found someone very special who enjoyed latex just as much as he. He considered the exciting possibilities of their relationship. He knew instinctively that Selena was a lady who had all the potential to accompany him on his quest. She had, he reasoned, come to the enjoyment of her fetishistic nature in her own way. She habitually wore a corset and on her own admission found sexual delight in being dressed in latex.

All he had to do now was to guide her towards full sexual enlightenment and the joys of being a kept lady. He resolved to take the first step in their relationship by buying her a properly constructed latex corset. made by a master craftsman for a Master to give to his potential slave. James stood up, stretched and went of to divest himself of his latex suit. He had work to complete; if all went well he would be back on Thursday. Putting Selena out of his mind, he prepared to leave.

Unlocking the door to her flat Selena felt both tired and excited at the same time. She was looking forward to opening the letter, but first she needed to answer a call of nature. Divesting herself of her latex pants she was thoroughly wet and if truth were told, was also quite excited. The wearing of pants was a normal daily routine for her, but today the significance was highlighted by her knight telling her of his wearing of the magic material. She sensed at the time a mutual desire to be different. She stripped off her remaining clothes and took a shower, made herself a coffee, listened to the answer phone then sat in a comfy chair with a towelling gown wrapped around her. In her hand she held the envelope. Before opening it she tried to guess what could be in it. Was it a thank you letter about yesterday; A note to keep in contact whilst James was away; or what?

Opening the envelope she saw there was another smaller envelope together with a single sheet of A4. A clear bold hand in italic writing was presented to her dark eyes. It read:

Dearest Selena,
You have quite enchanted me with your lovely ways and beauty yesterday, when we met a long held dream was realised. Now, as I sit writing this in the early morning quiet I instinctively know that we both share the same delights. I am certain in my perceptions and now propose that before you open the second envelope, you prepare yourself properly, so you may enjoy fully the message contained. Therefore I command you to dress carefully in your black latex suit. It should be shiny without a trace of talc before you sit to read the second letter.

As Selena read the words to herself she could hear James’s soft brown voice speaking. She read the message, excited by the compliments and flattered with the message, but particularly with the word ‘command’ which set her pulse racing. He was her knight to command her and she would gladly obey.

Rising from her chair, she went to her bedroom and got out her latex suit. She talc-ed the suit and thrilled to the old familiar kiss of latex. Finally she pulled up the back zip and stretched, luxuriating in the all confining caress of her suit. A wipe down with a damp flannel then a careful polish and a final check in the mirror; after all she was under the command of her knight.

Returning to the sitting room, she sat comfortably and began opening the second letter. It read:

Dearest Selena,
You will be wondering what I have written in this letter no doubt. All will be revealed shortly, but first, I must spare a moment to congratulate you on doing as instructed. You will now be reading this dressed from neck to toe in your black latex suit. I can just imagine you sitting curled up in one of your easy chairs, your lovely sinuous body encased in our ‘magic’ material. I like you, no doubt, are very excited by the knowledge that we both share the same interest. I shall be thinking of you this evening and shall, if time allows, ‘phone you, if not, it will be a great disappointment to me and I will e-mail you; thank you for giving me details. Now, to the purpose of this letter:
I know we shall be together over the week- end and I can tell you I long to see your beautiful face and lithe body. I shall kiss and hold you in my strong arms when we first meet. Until then, and I know it will seem to me, an unreasonably long time with the hours passing as days. Yet I know realistically that Friday evening will eventually arrive. Then we can spend more time getting to know each other. Although I feel we have known each other for ever. It’s funny, isn’t it how when you meet up with a kindred spirit you are at one with them and it is as if you have known each other for ever?
I have planned a special week-end which I hope will excite and give mutual pleasure to us both of us. But feel there are various things for you to do prior to our meeting. You have expressed a desire to ride with me properly protected. I shall be delighted to join with you to do just that. You will therefore, my lovely lady, need to buy one or two items which I know we shall use over the coming months and hopefully years. Before Friday you must get yourself a motorcycle helmet in shiny black. Get a full face, with tinted visor, this will allow you to see clearly, but will obscure your lovely face from the outside. I’m sure you will have endless pairs of rubber boots; you will need to sort out a pair. The ones you were wearing when we met on Sunday should be ideal; I liked the high shine on them! I shall provide you with a black shiny over suit it’s not rubber but second best. It is vinyl on a nylon base. I’m sure you will look lovely in it. It’s one of my collections but although it might be somewhat on the big side, I’ve no doubt you will look stunning in it.’

Selena squirmed at the thought of this adventure and desperately wanted to throw her arms around James’s neck and make mad passionate love. She was roused, moist in her latex suit. The letter continued:

‘We might be able to spend Thursday night together if only I can get away. I’m not at all sure, but will do my best. However I shall pick you up on Friday evening at 7.30pm. I shall be bringing my touring bike. You will need to pack only a few items as the panniers don’t hold much. I shall not tell you where we are going as I want this to be a surprise!
Now, my Selena, I have other matters which I want to speak to you about but they can wait until the weekend. Until then, I think it appropriate, don’t you for me to command you to complete a number of tasks which I’m sure you will enjoy! Firstly, I want you to remain in your suit until bed time; hopefully we shall have spoken by then. Secondly, I want you to wear your corset each day from the moment you get up until you go to bed. You tell me you wear latex pants, so of course you must continue to do so.
I long for the moment when I can be with you again; until then, keep warm my love.

Selena was now fully aroused, her dreams were coming true and she needed physical release now! But something in the back of her mind said no, wait. She got up, stretched closed her eyes and pictured herself clinging to her lovers back as they sped through the countryside. Two black mysterious figures riding as one.

Selena had eaten, but with not much appetite, kept willing the phone to ring, but like a watched kettle it didn’t. She checked her internet message box and there were none. Still there was work to be done and she set about planning how she would spend the time prior to her week end adventure.

Eventually just as she had given up hope of receiving anything from James the ‘phone rang. She raced to it heart beating wildly, but it was only a friend confirming their meeting the following evening. Selena was crestfallen. “Oh James please ‘phone me I ache to hear your voice” she intoned to the ether. It was now 11pm and she was ready for bed yet she had no desire to go to her lonely bed. 11,30pm then I’ll go she told herself. With that the phone ran and it was James.

“Hello Selena, I’m so sorry about the late hour but it’s been all go until now. Now, lady of my dreams how are you? I’ve been thinking of you whenever I’ve had a moment. I’m missing you; didn’t we have lovely time yesterday? I keep going over the whole day, especially our love making and out chat over the evening.”

“Oh yes, I’m so very excited!” Gasped Selena; a jumble of words spilling from her pretty mouth, “I’ve thought of nothing else but you, I’ve read and reread your letters, thanks for giving me a purpose for wearing my suit. I’m in it now. Oh James I long for your touch, I can’t wait until Friday, please, oh please, return on Thursday!”

Selena’s thoughts tumbled out of, her heart speaking, her latex suited body yearning for the touch of her man, her mind racing, her very being seeking a return to the intense excitement of their last meeting.

“Yes, lovely Selena, I think I know just how you feel; but wait you must, our meeting will be the better for it. Now as I can’t be with you tonight and you obviously enjoy the prospect of being under my command,” James chose his words carefully. “I think you need a reward for doing as instructed, don’t you?”

At the words ‘under my command’ Selena’s excitement was raised even further. She gasped involuntarily, but could only continue to let words tumble from her. “Oh yes please, my knight, please reward me, please,” she gasped.

“Well Selena, as we can’t physically be together tonight I think it would be fitting, don’t you? If you were to retire to bed once we have finished talking and there, dressed as you are now, but between latex sheets you will take ‘pleasure’. By that I mean you will use your vibrator, which I know you have, to bring yourself to an orgasm thinking about the love making we enjoyed on Sunday.”

Selena nearly swooned at the instruction. “Oh darling James, I can’t think of anything I would rather do just now”, she purred.

It was an hour later that a flushed faced lady took to her bed and enjoyed a shattering pleasure. She knew she was hooked on James, and dare she contemplate the first seeds of love, the real thing, not the youthful infatuation which she had enjoyed as she grew up. Exhausted by the excitement of the day Selena drifted of to sleep still clad in her latex suit, comfortable between latex sheets. She had intended to strip once she had taken ‘pleasure’ but tiredness had overtaken her.

The next day, during her lunch hour Selena visited a number of motor cycle dealers and looked at helmets. The experience of trying them on had excited her. The close fit and enclosure together with the knowledge that she would be wearing one with her lover at the weekend added to the thrill. The one she bought was shiny black with padded leather inside it. It was expensive, but she treated herself. She liked the tinted visor when she saw her reflection in the mirror. It was strange and a little exciting to look out at her reflection but see a glossy faceless globe without any sign of the wearer’s identity. She looked forward to seeing how she would look when fully dressed in the over suit. She was quite breathless. The sales man noting it put it down to slight claustrophobia on the part of the tall elegant woman. He commented on her SBR saying it what a sensible coat it was for motorcycling. Selena paid and was soon back at work.

When she got home she checked her mail, answer phone and e-mail. She was delighted to receive an e-mail from James saying just how much he had enjoyed talking to her last night and was hopeful she had found herself a motorcycle helmet. Selena busied herself prepared something to eat and made a number of phone calls, and then it was all done.

She came out of the shower naked her naturally trim waist reduced by the corseting which she so enjoyed. She resolved to re-read James’s letter again before preparing herself for the evening. She pulled on her towelling gown and moved to her favourite chair. There she re-read the letter. Each time she got to the word, ‘command’ she felt a tingle race through her body. Her knight had power over her; she welcomed the idea, delighting in the thought of being directed by her lover, powerless to do otherwise. It had been a long held fantasy for her in her day dreams and the odd sexual dream at night. She had fantasised about being controlled, overpowered by a nameless person. Now she had met a kindred spirit, who used the highly significant word openly. Selena was mesmerised like a moth in a candle flame.

She finished reading James’s letter then went to her bedroom and put on her corset lacing it extra tight and delighting in the constriction. Then she changed into her latex suit. She found her rubber riding boots and polished these to a high shine before pulling them on. Now with slightly trembling hands she got out the new motorcycle helmet. She held it in her hands; starbursts of reflected light from it. She liked the idea of being enclosed and protected. Selena pulled her long dark hair into a plait then lifted the new helmet. She had been instructed as to how to put on the helmet in the shop so she felt confident that she could manage it again. She sniffed the rich aroma of the leather as she placed the helmet on to her head. It was a tight fit but she enjoyed the constriction.

Next, she moved over to the full length mirror. The image reflected back to her was quite stunning; a lithe glossy black figure with a glossy black helmet on, an amorphous shape without features, some what alien like. She turned and twisted to catch a better glimpse of herself sideways. She stood stock still just adoring the sight; booted, suited, helmeted Selena loved both the image and the sensation. Next she got her SBR and pulled it on, wrapping it closely to her latexed body. She tightened the skirt straps around her thighs then each button was carefully buttoned up. Wrist straps were buckled tightly then the throat strap was pulled tight. The lancer front of her double breasted SBR was accentuated by the pulling in of her belt. Selena felt so good; she looked at her reflection in the mirror, perfect she thought I’m sure James will be quite taken with my image. She moved her body to get different reflections of herself; admiring each in turn. Then she had a brainwave; Aroused at her dressing and dressed as she was, she set about her task. With her digital camera pictures she moved over to her computer and commenced to compose a reply to her lover.

Dearest James,
Guess what, I’m sitting here writing this e-mail to you dressed in a manner which excites me and I hope you as well. (You need to open the attached ‘photo’s to see just how.) I have a lovely, sexy, glossy black helmet, leather lined. I do love the smell of leather as well. The tinted visor is perfect, it makes me anonymous; I like that! I am dressed from tip of toe to crown of head in black, glossy black, I must look quite strange to anyone coming across me now, yet I know our special interest makes this the norm, and I don’t care who sees me! I feel sooo good. (She purposely let the ‘o’s run on to emphasise just how she felt.) I’ve got on my corset which, as instructed, I’ve worn all day long. I took a shower when I got home but the corset went back on. I dressed in my lovely black latex suit and riding boots. Over this I’m wearing my SBR I felt an overwhelming urge to wear it. So here I am sitting at my computer delighting in the erotic sensation and longing for the week end to come. Dear James, I can’t get your image out of my mind; you are actually here with me, now I want to feel you, your warm breath and strong arms.
I’m planning to pack lightly for the week end as instructed. She enjoyed underlining the words, ‘as instructed.’ Then finished by writing, I’m missing you, your willing woman.

She sent the message to James’s laptop which she hoped he would pick up before tomorrow.

Rising from her chair she decided that to complete the outfit she needed black latex gloves. She would buy some tomorrow. She got out a copy of Skin Two and looked up suppliers. ‘yes’ she thought, ‘I’m going to become James’s fantasy come true. I shall become his latex lady. This is something I’ve always wanted but didn’t really have the focus; but now things have changed!’

On Wednesday Selena got herself a pair of black latex gloves, elbow length. She had been fascinated by the whole range of clothing and equipment and had spent quite some time browsing. She was quite self conscious but friendly staff had eased her worries. She kept reminding herself that it really didn’t matter as it was something others enjoyed. After all there were endless adverts for gear and this meant only one thing, there must be others in their thousands out there who enjoyed the delights of rubber!

Wednesday evening James ‘phoned mid evening, but Selena was out with a friend; they had arranged to eat out. It was during the meal that Jane’s friend, the one who had noticed Selena’s misty eyes at work, asked her about her love life. Selena could hardly contain herself and was ready to discuss the new love in her life.

“Oh Jane, I’m so happy, I think I’ve meet Mr Right, I can hardly contain myself. I think I’m falling in love. I know it’s stupid as I’ve only just met him, but I’ve got those special feelings; and she added, I’ve never felt like this before.”

“You lucky thing,” Was all Jane could say? She had known Selena for years and had seen her various relationships develop then end. She had noted that all went well for quite a time, but eventually the relationship petered out with Selena complaining that they were not compatible on certain important points; although she never explained what the stumbling block was. Never-the-less she encouraged Selena.

“Enjoy yourself, but do tell me something about your new lover. I’m jealous as hell, you lucky bitch!” Jane teased.

“Well, he’s tall, over 6ft I can’t bear any of my men being shorter than me. He’s got the softest brown eyes, together with a tight bottom and a rich brown voice.” The two of them went on chatting, with Selena doing most of the talking. It was clear to Jane that her friend was infatuated with her new lover, and yes, her feminine instinct did perceive the deeper undertones of love; she did hope so as Selena was a real catch for the right man. The week end sounded fun; she wished she could meet her own Mr Right. Her present relationship was going along well, but in her heart of hearts she knew it was too ordinary.

Thursday was for Selena a day of mounting excitement. Work passed in a daze of dreams. She couldn’t get out of her mind the images of James, one, dressed in his SBR when they first met and one of him, bare-chested gazing down into her eyes as they made love for the first time. Selena felt a growing physical demand for love making again; she needed the deep penetration which James was a master at. She imagined the long delicious love play leading up to the act. Her lunch time break allowed her to indulge her fantasies. When she returned to the office she was really quite dreamy. Jane noticed the look.

“Don’t worry Selena, only a few hours to go before your knight returns!”

“I’m counting the hours” came the reply.

Leaving work, Selena felt light headed at the prospect of James’s return. Her corset felt good, her latex pants moist from her excitement of a days anticipation and her SBR tightly belted; souwester pulled on and tied under her chin she was eager to commence the adventure. She moved with a lightness of step as she walked to the underground.

Arriving home there was a brief message on the answer phone from James saying he was longing to be with her. He had spent every spare moment thinking of her; the image of her on the Sunday in her SBR and sou’wester, the image of her lying on her back, eyes open, looking deep into his eyes as they made perfect love was pure delight.

Selena’s heart quickened as she at once knew they both shared the same images. In that moment, that unconscious moment, Selena moved one step nearer the realisation of love, like the escapement movement in a clock clicking one notch on. Immediately she felt an overwhelming desire to cry out to her lover, but he was not there; her voice would not be heard; her message of love lost to the cosmic wind. Instead she moved quickly to her computer and typed the following:

Come quickly, I need your gentle touch, I’m wet with desire. I’m yours to play with; come play with me, make love to me with your words, touch and understanding.
Your fantasies are mine! I can’t believe it, we have the same! You in your SBR, you gazing down into my eyes as we made love, Oh James, I can’t wait any longer, I shall wither away like a flower out of water. I need your gentle care!
Until we meet, take care, my love.

Still dressed as she had come through the door, Selena now took off her SBR, stripped, showered and waited for a message from her lover.

At 7.25pm James phoned; thanked her for her e-mail and returned all complements to her. He seemed somewhat distant and Selena knew at once that tonight was not to be.

“Darling Selena, I’ve tried every means to finish my commitment today but I’m afraid I just can’t get away. I shall be lucky to finish by midday Friday. You can imagine just how I feel but there is nothing I can do about it. I’m so disappointed, I did so want to surprise you, but there it is.”

“Oh James I shall explode and die! I’m so charged up, I so desire you,” Selena was lost for words. She felt bereft deflated and so disappointed.

“I promise you the week end will make up for the disappointment and it’s only another day. Remember absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Then changing the subject he continued. ”Oh, by the way, don’t forget to pack your SBR!”

“James I will do anything for you, I am yours to command. Just tell me, instruct me, and I will comply!” There was a moment’s pause as James took in the message.

“Well, lovely lady, as I can’t be with you tonight, I think I should instruct you to enjoy yourself with your vibrator. Yes, this will be a challenge for you. I do want you to enjoy yourself, but, and here I emphasise ‘but’ you are not to take ‘pleasure’ you can come right up to the brink but don’t you dare climax! I want you to achieve orgasm with me deep inside you. Do you understand?”

Selena drew in breath. “You spoil sport! I am sure I shall only need to touch myself and I will explode! I am so randy. Just thinking about you, let alone talking to you” she added.

They spent another hour and a half teasing each other before they rang off. The last minute each was trying to say goodbye, yet they seemed unable to make the break. They were like a couple of adolescents.

Selena didn’t feel like eating, so skipped her evening meal. She busied herself packing for the weekend. Her luggage, when finally assembled, would have needed a jumbo sized suitcase! She had to be ruthless. She knew she could only take the essentials, but she kidded herself they were all essential! Eventually by 10.30pm she had reduced the pile to Toilet bag, make up, blouses, tee shirts sweater, ‘fleecy’, jeans, leggings, stockings, stiletto’s, suspender belt, and of course her SBR.

She would wear her latex suit, corset, pants, gloves and riding boots. She was sure she had missed out something, but couldn’t think what. All of this was laid out ready to be packed into the pannier liner which James would supply. An early night would mean she would be fresh for the morrow and it would, hopefully allow her to sleep the passing hours.

Lying between latex sheets, completely naked she was aroused; focussed on her lover. With her trusty vibrator she commenced playing with herself, her nipples harden immediately as she squirmed under the insistent nuzzling of the vibrator. Images of her lover soon had her on the brink of orgasm. ‘Oh for release,’ but she instinctively knew that by waiting she would gain amazing release when the time was right; and anyway she was under strict instructions to ‘play but take no ‘pleasure’. Selena waited heart pumping for her arousal to diminish. She lay quietly in the darkness for some time before she began playing with herself again. Three near ‘pleasures’ and she was aching for James’s touch. Eventually she drifted off to dreams of highly charged sex with her lover; taking nocturnal pleasures deep within the night. Her knight taking her over completely; she was unable to resist his demands.

Awaking after sleeping for some time, she lay half asleep at her most vulnerable thinking about the meeting with her lover on the coming evening. Sleep eventually over took her again and it was the alarm which finally ended her sleep.

Showering she shaved her pubic area, this added sensitivity to her vaginal area and allowed close skin contact when wearing latex pants. Drying herself, she powdered her body pulled on her pants and enjoyed the new sensation of latex clinging closely to her mons and pubic areas. She then proceeded to lace her corset pulling the laces in that little bit tighter than normal. She had done as commanded and worn it each day from the moment she got up to the going to bed at night.



continued in part three


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