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The Training of Slave Selena
by James W
© Copyright 2008 - James W - Used by permission
Storycodes: MF; latex; corset; catsuit; mackingtosh; public; sex; cons; X
The Training of Slave Selena 1: Meeting her Knight by James W MF; latex; corset; catsuit; mackingtosh; public; sex; cons; X


A story that charts the falling in love of an independent 30 something female and the progressive journey into realising her fetish proclivities and fulfilling her ultimate destiny of becoming her Masters 24/7 latex slave. Told over 17 chapters and contains the thoughts and feelings of this fascinating lady.

Chapter 1: Meeting her Knight

Selena had been between relationships, choosing not to go out on Saturday night. An invite from a married couple to join with friends at a bijou restaurant had been turned down. She had wanted to be alone. Selena, now 32, had come to enjoy the wearing of tight garments combined with her special love of latex. She habitually wore a corset and gained a deep satisfaction from the constraints it imposed as well as enjoying the effect it had on her shape. Blessed with a shapely body, Selena stood 5 ft 9½ ins. tall in her stockinged feet, her 28 inch waist had been reduced to 22. Many of her male friends had been shocked at first then delighted when they discovered this fact.

However, the wearing of rubber had frightened off some of them. They had been threatened by the implication that she gained sexual pleasure from the wearing of rubber, the implication being that she was ‘kinky’. Many liked the fantasy not the reality and were unable to handle the implied message. Selena had, been aware of rubber as a pre-pubescent. The smell had first caught her attention, that was years ago. The wearing of rubber gloves to wash up or do the daily chores had been more than just protection. She had actually come to enjoy the pulling on of gloves and the subtle smell of warmed rubber. Her favourite had become the natural unlined latex ones, but she had worn all sorts. Her first real purchase had been a pair of latex pants; she had actually dribbled when she opened the package and pulled them on. Now she wore latex pants permanently and had bought herself a form fitting black latex suit on her 25th birthday. This was followed by sheets, pillowcases and various personal accoutrements which she used to gain sexual release.

Selena had showered, dressed in her latex suit, made up her bed and had eaten a takeaway bought earlier. There was a film on TV which she had watched, and then she had gone off to her solitary bed. Sliding into cool latex sheets she had experienced the familiar old thrill. A trusty vibrator had been used. Selena had drifted off to sleep and had thoroughly enjoyed vivid erotic dreams. She was sad to unpeel herself from her second skin in the early morning and had showered, eaten a light breakfast and had determined to go to Camden Passage to browse.

The morning had dawned grey with a watery sun trying to break through. In the event a light drizzle had won the contest. Selena was not disappointed because she had always enjoyed walking in the rain ever since a young girl. She recalled the excitement of pulling on wellington boots then splashing through puddles. She decided to wear her old favourite, an SBR with lancer front, waist and neck and wrist straps and sou’wester. This, combined with Cuban heeled black PVC knee boots, would give her all the protection she needed for a leisurely stroll though the teeming Sunday morning market.

Once dressed in her normal attire she quickly completed the outer wear, then walked towards the mirror just inside the door of her flat to check that she was properly dressed. A black shiny figure in SBR stared back at her. She pulled the wide belt in a notch further and pulled on a pair of black leather gloves. She smiled to herself as she closed the door of her flat and walked down into the grey drizzle. Properly protected from head to toe she was already for a mackintosh walk.

In no time Salina was even shinier, the drizzle formed small glistening droplets of water on the SBR. Small rivulets of water snaked over her form as they coalesced before sliding off the impermeable material in cascades of water.

Browsing had become a favourite pastime for Selena and she enjoyed buying the odd objet d’art. She was quite oblivious to the tall dark stranger dressed similarly that was standing staring at her across the market stall. A light touch on her mackintosh sleeve combined with a warm voice saying, “Hello, how super to see a lady properly dressed for this wet morning”.

The voice, a warm brown sound, made her turn round to investigate. There eyes met for a moment and stayed fixed for a moment too long. Selena felt her pulse begin to race - and a warm blush spread upwards from her breast. She was speechless for what seemed like minutes but eventually she found herself blurting out, “Thank you, thank you - so many people don’t know how to dress properly for the rain - I enjoy walking in the rain knowing I am perfectly protected”.

Selena’s mind was racing she could hear herself stuttering a stream of inconsequential words - what would ‘brown eyes’ think of her? She went on, quite unable to stop.

“I see you are similarly dressed - do you like walking in the rain? Is your coat SBR and are you with anyone?” Selena was appalled at her utterances but they just came tumbling out. “I’m so sorry,” she finally managed to say, “you must think I’m quite mad!”

Their eyes met again and again, they stayed fixed for a moment too long. It was obvious that they were both interested in each other. Next they both burst out laughing like a couple of young lovers. He moved slightly to bring himself immediately in front of her and clasped her arms at the wrists.

“How wonderful to meet like this,” she heard him say, “do let’s walk together and continue our browsing. I should love to buy you a coffee later.” Selena knew instinctively that this figure was someone she could relate to. She was excited and wanted to know more. The fact that he wore a mackintosh and sou’wester almost exactly like hers was both exciting and intriguing. She noticed he had the neck strap tight and buckled up.

As they walked along, both now silent for a moment, he introduced himself to her. “I’m James; an architect; divorced and live locally. I’m not with anyone. But tell me about yourself, I’m fascinated by you - you have a beautiful posture and look quite divine in your SBR, it is SBR isn’t it?” He went on, “Your eyes are lovely, a cool grey which reflects this weather. Now do tell me more.”

Selena told James that she was a theatrical designer, was single and was between relationships. She went on, “My last partner thought I was too adventurous, too avant garde, you see I am rather unconventional and he was unable to cope with me. He thought my likings for walking in the rain were strange. I thought his obsession for golf was frankly boring, so we just drifted apart.”

As they walked and talked it was obvious that they were both fascinated with the other. James took Selena’s arm in his and they continued chatting away lost in mutual admiration. Little browsing took place but they did get to know each other the better. It came on to rain quite heavily and bedraggled people drifted away leaving a few stalwarts to brave the inclement weather. James and Selena noted this process and congratulated each other on their choice of rainwear.

James stopped at one juncture and faced Selena; he held both of her gloved hands in his and spoke in his soft voice, “I like the way you have tightened the strap at your waist and neck, this donates a keenness to be tight and tidy. You look the perfect figure you have a very narrow waist I must say, I love slim waists.”

He abruptly changed the subject, he went on. “You’re not cold I hope. We really must grab a coffee but I see that we have lost time somehow and the café I’d planned to take you to is now closed, see the window board. May I invite you back to my place for a coffee and perhaps a bite to eat?”

Selena jumped at the idea, knowing instinctively that she trusted the tall stranger. His smouldering eyes and attentiveness disarmed her of any worries. “I’d love to share a coffee with you. I’ve got nothing planned anyway.”

Arm in arm they walked to James car. Selena was fascinated by James and wanted very much to get to know him better. He was equally eager to know her better and especially why she was alone and not with a line of suitors following her. After all she looked quite superb dressed as she was and this was the initial reason for James interest in the mysterious mackintoshed lady. However, he had been quite bowled over by his meeting with Selena, she was it seemed to him everything he had always looked for. Could she be the lady of his dreams? Could he be the man of hers?  

They got back to James car, a sleek black TVR two-seater sports. She was about to remove her mackintosh but James would have none of it. “I’m going to wear mine; it’s only a few drops of water on the seats they will soon dry. I want to see you properly dressed sitting beside me, please don’t remove your sou’wester or gloves. There’s a short walk from the garage to my flat.”

It only took a few minutes to drive to his flat. The garage was underground. They were soon out of the car and walking towards a lift which would take them to the top flat. As an architect James had designed the block as well as his own penthouse suite which he was particularly pleased with. It had many interesting features, but more of that anon.

Once in the lift Selena stood quietly, for a brief moment lost in a waking day dream. Here she was warm, aware of the slight aroma of rubber rising which, for a moment, led her to randomly dream of what might be. James was watching her intently, studying her lovely face, in part shrouded by the full sou’wester which she wore. For Selena her thoughts were racing onto fantasies - her lover - standing behind her tightening her corset whilst kissing the back of her naked neck. She knew the next item of clothing put on would be her SBR which would be equally tightened to maximum. Oh for the mysterious perfect lover.

Selena, now lost in a world of her own making for what could have been no more than a matter of thirty seconds, was startled from her reveries by the sensation of warm breath blowing down her neck. James had moved close behind her and had managed somehow to move her high collar and deep drape of her sou’wester all the time blowing warm breath down her neck in exactly the same manner as Selena had been day dreaming about. She turned instinctively to clasp her hands around James neck. Their eyes met again for a long moment. The next instant they were searching out each others lips. The kiss was long, deep and tender.

All the while the lift had been travelling upwards. They were unaware of it stopping, but the door bursting back had Selena pulling away from James as if what she had done was quite clearly against the rules and she was in fear of being caught by someone in authority. Of course there was no-one there because this was a private lift solely for James use. Selena had been unaware of this but was now aware of the situation. She blushed as she thought of her naiveté.

James reassuring voice spoke. “Selena, please don’t worry what we did was not against the law, in fact let me hold you closely in my arms and kiss you again, you have lovely soft welcoming lips, come here before I explode.” 

He hugged her in his strong arms whilst for her part Selena flung her arms around his neck. There they stood lost in mutual delight, both still tightly mackintoshed but both excited far more than they would normally be. The essential magic of a secret longing had begun. The second kiss continued the building of the initial tension. The warm caress of lips; the delicate flicking of tongues; the sweet taste of each other combined with the unique body perfume which each had, and which was erotically enhanced by the subtle smell of rubber. The crackle of their mackintoshes as they strove to press eager bodies to each other, all played an important part. When they parted the kiss they were both breathless and excited beyond imagination. Their eyes met again and they both understood that this relationship was to be special. The next instant they both laughed again.

“I can’t believe my incredible luck,” gasped James, “I found you quite by accident, I wasn’t looking, only browsing but I found somebody to share my life for a while. Please do come in and let me take your wonderful mackintosh, although I must say I prefer seeing it on you, you are just lovely in it; it sets you off so well; your slim body, your lovely grey eyes and your beautiful face. Now let’s make that coffee I promised you, do come into the kitchen.”

He continued, “If I weren’t the perfect gentleman I should now be ushering you into one of my bedrooms to complete my quest but, that would be quite inappropriate. For a start, Selena, I hold you in far higher esteem than that and secondly, for me, I want to get to know you well. I perceive you as special and clearly you are. The process of learning all about you will be, I suspect, a lengthy one.”

Here he looked again into Selena’s grey eyes, she returned his steady gaze for a time before averting her eyes downwards.

“James, I know I am entranced by you and I want to tell you all about myself as well as listening to all your experiences.”

James returned from the kitchen. “Ah coffee’s ready, now come on let’s remove our mackintoshes; I’ll hang them up.”

They moved through into the spacious sitting room area. The first thing that struck Selena was the wonderful panorama displayed before her. She could see clear out over the London city-scape and on into the distance where old Father Thames could be seen meandering its way towards the distant sea. Curtains of rain fell to confirm a depressing day. Normally wet roofs shine but there was not enough light to effect this.

Her eyes were averted by one of the many pictures which graced the walls. It was a Bob Carlos Clark and she immediately recognised it as such. It showed a shapely lady in tightly laced corset and latex gloves sitting placidly. Selena commented about it being one of her favourite pictures. James heart skipped a beat at this information. The fact that the delightful Selena had been wearing an SBR combined with her words of appreciation meant that James now clearly put two and two together to arrive at four!

He was certain that this lady was special, her openness and honesty was quite infectious. James mind was now racing. Clearly he had to make a decision as to whether he told Selena all about his special interest and perhaps risk rejection, or to tread carefully, cautiously, and let things develop. The decision was easy; he would wait until he knew Selena better. The fact that she was so open meant that if he steered the conversation in the right direction he would find out soon enough if she was unconsciously ready for a new bizarre adventure or was not really interested beyond the superficial enjoyment of a sexual liaison.  

James turned to look at her admiringly and they continued their conversation as they drank their coffee. James asked why the picture was one of Salinas’s favourites.

“Since I was about fourteen I have had a fantasy about tight corseting, in fact I now enjoy wearing the one I’m wearing now, that’s why I have a very slim waist. Do you like them too?” asked Selena looking James in the eye.

“Do I like them? I’m fascinated by them, the combination of an unnaturally slim waist combined with the psychological implications - part of the body being under control – excites me no end. You could say I’m addicted to the idea. I must say the thought did cross my mind that you were wearing one when I saw your lovely slim waist. Now I know,” he continued, “I’m both excited and intrigued so do tell me more.”

As this Selena began telling James of her delight and desire and why she had chosen her SBR this morning rather than another of her mackintoshes. It was clear to James that Selena had erotic potential, essentially unrealised, which if handled correctly could lead onto an exciting future. As they talked about themselves, they both became fascinated by the other and were eager to both disclose more about themselves. Of course James had travelled this way before and was aware of the hidden unconscious desire of such women. They needed that special someone to release their inhibitions; to unlock their potential. He smiled inwardly at the word ‘unlock’. It was strange he mused that to ‘unlock’ he needed to lock the trainee into a way of life. This involved keeping them under lock and key control thereby allowing them progressive freedom from any former preconceived ideas as to what sexuality was about.

“So you see,” continued Selena with growing enthusiasm, “my SBR is special because it completes one of my fantasies about being protected from the elements. I know SBR is special because when a young girl my Dad wore one when riding his motorcycle; my Mother also had one. I always envied them their special coats, whilst I had only my single texture rubber lined Mac. I was always fascinated by the shine of theirs and the way they wore them always belted, buttoned up tight with chin strap tight. They would cling to each other so sexily on their motorbike. I was always excited by the sight of them setting off, I vowed then to get myself one day. I used to fantasise about dressing up in one and riding at high speed completely protected from the elements. Do you know I have always loved to don wellingtons and raincoat and splash my way through puddles. Even today I get a real kick from doing it.”

Selena realised that she was revealing more of herself than she had intended and felt rather silly. She went on – “You must think I’m mad; please forget whet I’ve said, put it down to my fascination with you."

“On the contrary,” James returned, “my experiences are similar to yours, in as much as I love wearing proper mackintoshes even though as a young boy I was made to wear one and hated it intensely. However, the seeds were sown and I found myself actually wanting to experience the unique sensation wearing one brings. Now I’m addicted to wearing mine and do so on every occasion possible. The feeling of being protected from the elements is special. Now,” he continued, “come here, sit down beside me and let me kiss you. Let’s celebrate that we both have similar interests and are, I suppose you would ay, eccentric!”

Selena rose from the leather chair she was sitting in and moved towards James. Her eyes were quite misty. She knew now that she had found a special ‘friend’. Her breathing was shallow, her heartbeat quickened. She moved, eagerly to confront James, but instead of sitting down beside him, she stood quite still for a moment looking down into her new found friends upturned face. Then in one complete movement she was kneeling at his feet, both hands on his thighs and moving forward to receive a full kiss from her man. Their lips met warm interesting and sensuous. They were lost in each others embrace. It was as if they were immediately at one together, relaxed, comfortable but terribly excited. Deep satisfying sighs left their entwined bodies as they sought to come together, each knowing that this was the start of something special. Yet, instinctively unconsciously aware already that time didn’t matter, the long wait had brought a potential for deep satisfaction.

The next moment, emotions had completely overcome Selena and she was urging James to take her now. She was flushed; moisture on her forehead told the story. She was fully sexually aroused and wanted to a point of deep need; almost an ache, to make love; to couple to abandon herself in the thrilling sexual imperative of physical release, to feel the deep satisfaction of the physical joining together. 

James equally aroused by the experience, lifted Selena to her feet, not a moment releasing the kiss. They stood embracing, James completely taken by Selena. She clung to him the more, lost in a wonderland of feelings. She knew now beyond question that this was the man of her dreams. Flashing glimpses of endless fantasies spun around her head. James had released some pent-up force which Selena had been guarding for the right prince to release. Now, she needed to taste the joy of fulfilment, to drink deeply from that source of cool spring water, to quench an unconscious desire now made conscious by James. Still coupled in that long kiss, James lifted Selena in his strong arms and carried her towards his bedroom. Selena, eyes closed, knew she was being taken to his bed. There was a certainty in her knowledge, she was to be taken, coupled, and completed by this wonderful man.

She did not see the latex sheets on his bed. She did not see the erotica, the plain deep red walls or the black deep piled carpet. She did not see the mirrors, the set of fetters, and the dumb waiter in the shape of a serving wench. In fact, she saw only the endless stream of highly erotic images which continued to stream though her minds eye. But she did feel the many sensations which raised her libido to a fever pitch. Now she desired to feel James enter her very soul. She had never been so sexually excited in all her years. It was as if a veil had been suddenly lifted from her eyes, from her soul and allowed her to experience all those repressed desires. Selena knew that release was coming, a growing mounting passion seeded like a storm by some hidden trigger, which once released, unleashed the full vigour of the maelstrom.

She was gently set standing in his bedroom with the instruction “keep your eyes shut.” There was no need for such instruction as Selena was deeply passionate and romantic to boot. With eyes tightly shut, she felt herself being undressed, right down to her corset, her latex pants were removed to reveal a beautiful trimmed pubic area. Both now naked, apart from Selenas corset, she was gently picked up again in strong arms and with them gently lowered onto the latex sheet. She knew instinctively that she had been received by a special material.

She was too near to climax to be any thing but momentarily aware. However, her body, her mind knew the implicit message. The unexpected sensation of the latex caress drove her relentlessly onwards to her urgent quest for release. The next instant James slid deeply into her cleft. Firmness and strength touched her, ignited her towards a growing crescendo of abandonment. Now lost beyond the point of return, Selena felt herself overcome with desire. She gave full vent to a shattering climax. And unspeakable delightful sensation came throbbing upwards from an unconsciously deep level. her vaginal muscles opened closed, opened closed, clenched, unclenched in rapid orgasmic cycles as her desire to hold firm onto James implanted member gave way to an uncontrollable need to feel herself entered, embedded and fulfilled.

Clinging together as though they wanted to engage in a symbiotic union; now both lost in their desire. An ecstatic scream would have issued from her open mouth, but nothing came for a second or two then, all was lost. Selena gasped in joy. A deep throated gag which hung in the air for a moment, then a series of unutterably delightful releases which communicated joy at a deep wordless level left Selena’s open mouth. Selenas release gave way to James climax. He felt overpowered by emotions which Selenas climax had released and cried out as he let himself go and came to his own climax.

In their joint celebration of desire they were now at one together; bodies linked as one, limbs entangled, cling together lost to all cares, but joyful having found each other.

For a timeless moment they lay together after their mutual release. The warmth of their bodies creating its own perfume, mixed together with heady aroma of the latex. They were both lost for words, yet both knew that they had cemented a chance meeting together. They were now tied together, a consensual relationship in which they both wanted the continuation and exploration of each other and their special interest.

For Selena, now breathless from her exertions, as well as the added constriction of her corset, knew she was excited beyond anything that she had ever experienced before. She was still very much aroused, and her unfulfilled desire built up over the years had found true release, yet was not satisfied with one orgasm. She was unknown to her consciousness, now focused, and indeed hooked, on her new lover.

They laid quietly in stillness enfolded together, each unable to voice the pleasure or the secret they both now shared. It was James who spoke first, but not until he had sought out Selenas moist lips and had exchanged a deep kiss.  He held Selenas head in his hands, palms against her flushed cheeks, and looked deep into her slate grey eyes. They were both searching for words to express their joy but the meeting of eyes told all. They both gazed into each others eyes seeking to understand; to see more clearly what was hidden deep within each other.

James at last spoke, “You should be locked up in a cage, you are too precious to be let loose. Why Selena you are quite exquisite. You excite me beyond belief, I know you are so very special and I sense you are like me in may respects or I am like you – you sensuous lady.”   

Selena rolled onto her side spread her legs wide, arched her back and returned in a dark husky voice – “I have never experienced anything quite like that – you certainly know how to treat a lady, and yes, I should love to be locked up by you in a cage, so we could continue to make love.  You sexy man!  How did you know I liked latex sheets?  In fact I’m incredibly turned on by them.  I have a set of my own which I love sliding between, they are so exciting, and the aroma overwhelms me.  You obviously have the same feelings.  Do you have other latex wear?” Here she added, “ I have a lovely cat-suit which I wear when ever I can, but have felt odd and isolated because I have never met another person who really gets a ‘kick’ from wearing and using of rubber, only others who are followers of fashion for fashions sake.  Now I have found you and you obviously know all about the scene and are very much into it.  Do tell me more, at once, I am bursting to know more”.

James continued, “You gather correctly that I’m very much into the scene.  By that I mean I’ve been enjoying wearing latex for some years now and know just about all there is to know about it.  Indeed, I’m very much into constraint, the wearing of tight apparel; your corset, for example and your tightly belted mackintosh all turn me on enormously. You see, I’m addicted to latex or as I term it, my “special material” I’ve enjoyed all things rubber since my first sexual awaking all those years ago. Now, latex, rubber and any shiny material, including polyurethane, SBR, leather and plastic are all exciting materials to me.”

Selena lay back in the strong arms of James and took in the words and detail of James’s bedroom.  Her eyes darted from one erotic image to the next.  She felt secure and excited by all that had happened and eager to know more about this special man. Gazing deeply into each others eyes they were both eager to know more about each others likes and dislikes.  They lay entwined together for some time; the light gradually fading as the heavens continued to celebrate their coming together with wave upon wave of rain.

It was James who made the first move from the bed.  He rose naked and excused himself.  Selena couldn’t take her eyes off his well proportioned figure and tight muscular buttocks as he disappeared into the en-suite bathroom.  She lay back in the warm sheets glorifying in the sensuous kiss of latex and the special erotic fragrance of the sheets.  She stretched, yawned and reflected on the chances of their meeting only a few hours ago.  She knew she had met Mr Special even though she hardly knew James, her feminine instinct told her quite clearly that this was a kindred spirit, indeed her lifelong partner.  It was a sixth sense which many females possess and which few men are gifted with. 

Selena thoughts were interrupted by James’s returning and the invite to share tea or coffee together in the living room whilst they continued their chat.  James offered Selena a latex dressing gown which she readily accepted and got a buzz from the cool silky latex as she pulled the gown tightly around herself before tying the belt.  James pulled on latex pants and arm in arm they moved into the living room. He disappeared to make a pot of freshly ground coffee. 

Selena curled up on the leather sofa like a cat who had found a bowl of cream.  She gazed out onto the rapidly darkening sky; the first twinkle of lights piercing the gloom.  She so enjoyed these days, indeed she eagerly looked forward to wet days so she could dress up properly and enjoy the wetting process knowing she was utterly protected from the elements in her beloved SBR or indeed any of the many mackintoshes she had hanging up in her  closet waiting for just  such a day.  She knew now, with certainty that she would no longer walk alone on such days. A tingle of excitement caused a quickening of her pulse.  She wriggled down into her seat, her corset tight, reminding her of her delight in its constricting embrace.  She had worn it since early morning and would continue until she eventually returned to her own bed.

Her thoughts were interrupted by.  “Do you take sugar?”  James had returned from the kitchen.  “You know I shall have to learn all about you, your likes, your interests where you live, work, friends in fact everything about you.  I know it will take time, but feel we have the rest of our lives to do that, it’s a strange,”  he went on, as he poured out the coffee,” but in many respects I feel as if I’ve already known you because in my fantasies I’ve dreamt about someone like you .  Today, I’ve met the lady of my dreams. You have a lovely figure, long dark hair and smouldering eyes. Your lips are soft warm and eager, your taste, when I kiss you, is sweet.  I can tell you I’m hooked on you already, yet we’ve only known each other for a short time.” At that he lent forward and gently planted a kiss on Selena’s forehead.  Sitting together they talked about there central interests and how they both became first interested in rubber and latex.

James was in his late 30’s had a good circle of friends, many whom shared his interest.  He had been married before. It had ended in mutual separation and subsequently divorce. There were no children.  He had been single for five years, had had various lady friends, but none who had a love of latex in their own right.  They enjoyed the experience they had with James but none of the liaisons had been long term.  Having enjoyed sharing latex with his first wife he knew in his heart of hearts that only another special female who had discovered the joys of latex in her own way and was addicted to it in her own right would potentially be the life long partner he long for.

Selena, lounging comfortably head in James’s lap, listened intently; with each revelation she became increasingly excited to the point of “aching” for James’s physical attentions.  She was so very moist.  Yet although they caressed as they talked they delighted in hearing about each other in a mutual exchange of trust.

Eventually, time interceded.  The hours had passed all too quickly and it was very late in the evening.  Neither of them wanted to part but the realities of life made a natural close to the first meeting.  Both would have loved to spend the night together but Selena had work on the morrow and there were documents at her flat which were needed first thing in the morning.



continued in part two


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