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If you'd like to see your story on this site, then please send your story to me. I'd love to see your stories.

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These stories concern people bound in latex, tied up whilst wearing latex/rubber or enclosed in latex/rubber and may contain sex scenes and are therefore adult in nature.

The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the author. These stories remain the copyright property of their respective authors.

The stories contained on this page have been sent to me by the author to be posted on this site and therefore licensed by the author.

Any attempt to recreate the scenes contained in this work of fiction may result in injury. Care must be taken. Neither Gromet, Grometsplaza, it's agents or the authors of these stores accept any liability for actions or injuries that may result in people emulating the ideas, themes or scenes contained in any story on this site.

Play safely - live another day.

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New Stories
  • Jailbird
    Solo-F; M/f+; warehouse; breakin; discovery; cells; slaves; voy; gimpsuits; caught; drugged; bond; latex; catsuits; hoods; bdsm; whip; torment; urine; oral; mast; climax; cons/nc; XX
  • Angela's Story
    MM; Solo-M; M/m; bond; rope; latex; catsuit; boots; cd; multi-layer; rubberdoll; toys; insert; gag; bfold; objectify; foot; mast; climax; denial; true; cons; X
  • Flying into Her New Role
    Solo-F; latex; harness; toys; mast; climax; M/f; capture; wrap; encase; package; transport; FM+/f; enslave; prepare; toys; insert; machine; enema; sexslave; cons/nc; X
  • The Captured Cat 2: The Procedure
    Bone Daddy & Lady Volcano
    MFF/f; dentist; chair; latex; wrap; sleepsack; kidnap; enslave; transport; force; gas; inserts; moulds; prepare; cons/nc; X
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Rubber Tanja | Fetish videos and images
Check out RubberTania for Rubber Fetish pictures & videos
Recent Stories
  • Latex and Chains
    Solo-F; latex; catsuit; hood; cuffs; breast; toys; insert; chain; stuck; M/f; tease; denial; cons; X
  • Deserved Fate
    Solo-M; rubber; waders; catsuits; drysuits; multilayer; outdoors; caught; F/m; encase; intubate; mast; climax; cons; X
  • The Captured Cat
    Bone Daddy
    Solo-F; MF/f; dentist; chair; latex; force; gas; bond; cuffs; cons/nc; X
  • Snowbound 11: Notice of Discipline
    F/ff; D/s; naked; bond; cuffs; bfold; cell; bdsm; crop; whip; susp; punish; cons; X
  • First Fetish Ball
    Solo-M; latex; catsuits; hood; party; fetish; FM+/m; FF/m; domme; bdsm; tease; photo; denial; cons; X
  • The Prey 3: Steel Pit
    MF+/f; prison; latex; catsuits; multilayer; hoods; bond; pit; chain; gag; corset; sendep; punish; encased; isolation; entombed; cons/nc; XX
  • The Neighbour 2: Rubbermaid Training
    MMf/m; M/m; latex; catsuits; clothing; boots; costume; maid; hood; gags; toys; insert; shock; electro; training; tease; mast; denial; climax; cons/reluct; XX
  • Snowbound 10: Sleeping Arrangements
    F/f; FF; D/s; naked; bond; gag; nipple; bdsm; crop; lesb; oral; strapon; climax; cons; X
  • Transformation of Julie
    Solo-F; FM+; latex; catsuits; compression; cath; straps; hood; sendep; shave; electro; pads; club; shock; discovery; cons/reluct; X
  • Snowbound 9: The Discipline Society
    F/ff; D/s; dungeon; bond; chain; susp; naked; bdsm; flogger; whip; nipple; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; XX
  • The Prey 2: Dehumanize
    MF+/f; prison; latex; catsuits; multilayer; hoods; bond; gag; messy; depilate; prepare; chast; corset; sendep; electro; punish; cons/nc; XX
  • The Neighbour
    Solo-M; MF+/m; latex; catsuits; clothing; dungeon; caught; captive; bond; hood; gags; cuffs; armbinder; insert; toys; electro; cbt; tease; denial; oral; climax; cons/reluct; XX
  • Reality Kicks In
    Solo-M; MF; F/m; D/s; latex; pvc; shiny; hoods; public; meeting; domme; dungeon; bond; enslave; infant; feeding; nappy; sex; true; cons/reluct; X
  • The Prey
    F/m; FM+/f; captive; latex; dungeon; caught; rescue; punish; hospital; suit; encase; sealed; gag; sendep; hoods; collar; chain; cons/nc; XX
  • Snowbound 8: Cabin Fever
    F/ff; D/s; slaves; naked; bond; collar; cuffs; leather; bdsm; paddle; playroom; latex; maid; pvc; catsuit; gag; chains; susp; strapon; oral; climax; cons; XX
  • Headgear from Hell
    Solo-M; F+/m; D/s; dommes; dungeon; cell; latex; catsuit; hood; inf; gag; bond; breathplay; mast; climax; cons; X
  • Headgear from Hell 2
    F+/m; D/s; dommes; dungeon; cell; latex; catsuit; hood; inf; gag; bond; breathplay; vacbed; catheter; facesit; cage; coffin; encased; mast; climax; cons; XX
  • Hell in a Cell
    Solo-M; F/m; concert; drug; capture; latex; catsuits; vacuum; cell; bond; cuffs; chains; hoods; cbt; insert; breathplay; torment; electro; cons/nc; XX
  • Snowbound 7: Cassandra is Whipped!
    F/ff; D/s; playroom; slaves; naked; bond; collar; cuffs; leather; bdsm; whip; toys; strapon; insert; oral; denial; climax; cons/reluct; XX
  • Plastic Suit
    Solo-F; latex; catsuit; hood; gag; toys; insert; estim; bubbler; gasmask; plastic; cage; encase; remote; stuck; climax; cons; X
  • Snowbound 6: Kate Gets Flogged
    F/fff; D/s; playroom; slaves; naked; bond; collar; cuffs; chain; leather; toys; insert; susp; bdsm; flogger; whip; cell; cons/reluct; XX
  • Snowbound 1: A Brush With Death
    Solo-F; F/f; D/s; maid; latex; lingerie; strip; bond; collar; cuffs; susp; bdsm; crop; tease; torment; cage; chast; denial; mast; climax; cons; X
  • Snowbound 2: The Bondage Imperative
    F/f; FF; D/s; maid; latex; naked; bond; collar; rope; gag; bdsm; crop; toys; insert; tease; torment; denial; lesb; oral; climax; cons; X
  • Snowbound 3: A Strange Job Offer
    F/f; FF; D/s; maids; latex; bond; collar; cuffs; chain; corset; basement; cell; captive; naked; femdom; cons; X
  • Snowbound 4: Shared Captivity
    FF/ff; FF; D/s; latex; captives; bond; collar; cuffs; chain; basement; cell; naked; susp; bds; crop; paddle; denial; lesb; oral; climax; fantasy; cons; X
  • Snowbound 5: Wage Slavery
    F/ff; FF; D/s; cell; naked; bond; collar; cuffs; chain; leather; harness; toys; insert; bdsm; tease; lesb; mast; climax; fantasy; cons; X
  • Xia in Heaven
    Zephrum Cockrun
    F/fm+; FF; femdom; latex; catsuits; bond; armbinder; ponygirl; slaves; punish; toys; strapon; group; sex; climax; cons; X
  • Voyage of Submission
    M/m; D/s; boat; enslave; latex; clothing; catsuit; toys; insert; bond; bdsm; mc; oral; anal; climax; cons/reluct; X
  • In at the Deep End with Ms. Mackay
    Solo-F; FF; latex; clothing; catsuits; wardrobe; tease; kiss; first; lesb; mast; oral; toys; climax; cons; X
  • The Yard Sale
    Solo-M; FM; fetish; latex; boots; clothing; catsuit; encase; corset; tighten; blackout; stuck; cons/reluct; X
  • Slaves Fair
    Solo-M; M+/m; drug; capture; latex; bond; enema; toys; insert; gag; enslave; force; cupboard; electro; anal; oral; climax; cons/reluct; XX
  • From the Fire into the Rubberpan
    Sean Ingham
    Solo-F; F+/f; latex; nightwear; sheets; tease; fondle; breasts; toys; les; mast; climax; cons; X
  • Fantasies
    F+/m; D/s; femdom; maid; machine; enema; latex; suit; hood; bodymod; tv; enslave; oral; climax; cons; X
  • Pig 2: Bondage Animal
    M/f; drug; captive; latex; rubbersuit; mask; gag; bond; cuffs; stocks; bdsm; whip; cane; toys; insert; enslave; cond; denial; oral; climax; cons/nc; XX
  • Got Toys? Don't Leave Home Without Them!
    Sbm; hotel; latex; glove; straps; padlocks; mast; caught; F+/m; captive; bag; enslave; bond; mount; climax; cons/reluct; X
  • Pig
    Solo-F; M/f; drug; captive; latex; rubbersuit; harness; mask; gag; bfold; toys; insert; chast; bond; stocks; bdsm; whip; cons/nc; XX
  • The Experiment 4
    Lobo De la Sombra
    F/f; FM/f; lab; latex; liquid; tank; susp; naked; encased; solid; display; climax; cons; X
  • Room: 1
    M/f+; captives; cells; rubber; catsuits; gasmask; bond; harness; gag; cuffs; chains; transported; objectified; cond; mc; mpov; cons/nc; X
  • Ballerina Boy
    F/m; cd; fem; costumes; latex; hood; toys; insert; party; video; hum; tease; bond; cuffs; gag; sybian; chast; mast; oral; climax; denial; femdom; cons; X
  • Housewives New Hobby
    F+/m+; F/f; FF/mm; D/s; femdom; latex; catsuits; boots; hoods; cond; mc; toys; insert; oral; anal; sex; group; vr; climax; cons; X
  • The Outfit
    Solo-F; other/f; dress; leather; latex; majick; transform; corset; hood; gag; armbinder; bond; cocoon; ponyboots; inserts; tease; denial climax; cons; X
  • The Experiment 3
    Lobo De la Sombra
    F/f; F/fm+; lab; latex; liquid; catsuit; tease; kidnap; captive; bond; corset; drink; spiked; gag; blackmail; cons/reluct; X
  • CFS, Inc
    F+/m+; slave; bond; rubber; girdle; boots; breathplay; force; bar; pickup; drug; revenge; rim; mast; climax; cons/nc; XX
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  • Alterpic
    Slavegirl and Fetish Model Anna Rose invites you to her world of photos and videos in Latex, Bondage, Rubber Hoods, Fetish Sex, Kinky, Hardcore, Pussy, Explicit & Extreme Positions
  • A Thing for Rubber
    A Thing for Latex by Susann & Marcus, great images
  • Lust, Love & Latex
    The goal is to motivate, educate and share about the wonders of latex and to show outsiders that latex is a fun and creative lifestyle!
  • Bound in Latex
    A latex loving couple share a love and fetish for all things rubber and bondage, see John and his partner J in various rubber outfits.
  • FetishEyes
    Fetish Eyes is group of professional photographers, multimedia and web developers who share a single passion, to bring extremely high quality images and video to the fetish scene.
  • GwenMedia
    Looking for a good Fetish site full of hot and steamy latex fetish action, featuring the top models in the world. Bondage, heavy latex play, medical play, hoods, breath control, unique gear and scenarios to make the most extreme fetishist envious!
  • Inxesse
    Premier bondage, catsuits, gorgeous amateur models.
  • Jean Bardot
    The Very Best in Fetish from the Queen of Latex, Jean Bardot gives a glimpse into her very own style of Fetish and kink.
  • Kink Engineering
    Sponsors of the Vacbed Story Contest & Manufacturers of innovative Vacbed designs, visit their online shop & galleries.
  • Pet & Ponygirls
    Run by a dedicated Master and slave couple who, as lovers and participants of animal role play, are committed to producing high quality images of beautiful women engaging in this kind of play.
  • Rubber & Bondage
    Rubber and Bondage is about submissive women whom are dressed, encased or layered in latex rubber and restrained within strict or bizarre bondage.
  • Rubber Asylum
    a unique facility that gives you the members an opportunity to discuss each case and decide on any punishments to be met out. Rubber Asylum is equipped with a prison cell and medical facility.
  • Rubber Bound
    The Rubber world of Patrick & Miyou Andraste.
  • Rubber Clinic
    a world of heavy rubber perversion and medical mayhem as the world of the rubber clinic unfolds before your eyes
  • Rubberpal
    Online forum for lovers of Rubber.
  • Rubber Sisters
    we, the Rubbersisters, Jacline and Monica, invite you to enjoy our erotic fetish fantasies. Through our various erotic galleries, you are able to see how we live out our fetish. The Rubbersisters adore latex.
  • Sax Leather
    Leather/Latex adult discipline wear, erotic sex toys, and pleasure products.
  • Sebastian Blackcat's Magick Shoppe
    Sebastian's unique high quality rubber/furry art plus stories.
  • Shackled Maidens
    Classic High Resolution photography of Mathew Brown featuring shackled maidens in latex and custom made restraints.
  • Sinvention
    Sinvention has been manufacturing by hand and distributing quality leather BDSM and fetish gear since 1998. Customers tell us that they prefer our products over the competitors and demonstrate that choice when 95% of them purchase at least a second time!
  • Valentina Fetish Doll
    Sexy Italian rubber model Ms. Valentina, extreme fetish doll, hooked on heavy rubber and bondage, for people who love rubber, latex, PVC.
  • Zlata de
    Goddess of flexibility, fascinating how she manages to bend into those positions and gets inside suitcases. plenty of spandex outfits.
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Mistress Gwen teases her restrained slave in his chastity belt
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triple layer laytex, gasmask, and medical grade inhalation machine
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