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The Training of Slave Selena
by James W
© Copyright 2008 - James W - Used by permission
Storycodes: MF; latex; catsuit; mackingtosh; fantasy; sex; cons; X
The Training of Slave Selena 3: The Weekend by James W MF; latex; catsuit; mackingtosh; fantasy; sex; cons; X

Chapter 3: The Weekend

Returning that evening from a busy day at work she immediately stripped and showered. Then with mounting excitement, got herself ready for James, first, she slid herself into her latex suit zipping up the back zip; she shuddered with mounting excitement. Next, she fitted her corset a constant companion, admiring the combination of red on the black of her suit. The suit fitted her like a second skin. The breast cups lifted and separated her firm breasts; her nipples hard and swollen showed through the obsidian covering. She was pleased with the effect; pulling on latex gloves she wished she could spend all her time like this.

Finally she pulled on her riding boots applied fresh make up paying particular attention to her eye shadow and lipstick. She was finally ready for her knight to arrive on his powerful motorcycle. Selena had no idea where she was to spend the night and didn’t care, so long as she could be with James. She had bought an erotic card for James when she had bought the latex gloves. Now she took it from the bag and admired the image. A Bob Carlos-Clarke photo image of a lady dressed in a tightly belted mackintosh pensively looking at her reflection in the puddle she was standing in. Selena opened the card and wrote:

Dearest James,
My knight dressed in SBR I give you my latex covered body willingly. Enjoy me, enjoy yourself!
Your lady,
PS Have a super week-end.

She sealed the envelope and sat waiting for the adventure to begin; the time she thought would never come had finally arrived.

Within minutes the door bell rang and to her delight it was James. Not that any ordinary person would have been able to tell. He stood there an image to behold. Gleaming black, head to foot; a tinted visor obscured his features. Selena instantly knew it was him and without hesitation threw her arms around her lover and smothered his visor with kisses. She was blissfully unaware that she was standing in the doorway of her flat dressed in a latex suit for any of her fellow flat dwellers to see.

“James oh James you’re here at last. I thought the time would never come. You look quite stunning, you sexy man, you tease me so, I can’t get at you now but I intend to as soon as I can! Please come in, I want to kiss you!”

James picked Selena up and carried her over the thresh-hold of her flat. He had not visited it before and was interested in seeing where Selena lived. Putting her down carefully, he took off his helmet then removed the open faced latex underhelmet he was wearing. Selena swooned at the sight of his handsome features. They kissed the kiss of lovers; tongues entwining, hearts beating. They were united again. James was the first to speak.

“Selena I so want to make love to you now just as much as you want me to, yet we must get going, so let’s pack your things and be on our way.”

He carried with him a black plastic sack which contained Selena’s waterproof suit together with the pannier liner.

“May I say how delicious you look, in your latex suit,” adding, “I see gloves, a new acquisition?”

Selena pulled on the padded lined suit of glossy black PVC and zipped and buttoned the various water proof flaps, finally donning her new crash helmet before fixing the high collar to her sealed riding suit. They looked the perfect pair of matched riders James carried Selena’s packed pannier together with her SBR down to the bike. The light was just beginning to fade as they set off. It looked like rain, but they were dressed for it, indeed they welcomed the rain as a friend, let it pour, we are properly protected in our riding suits they both thought. Climbing on behind her lover she was delighted with the sensation of her latex pants tightly hugging her moist hairless vagina, and the warm caress of her latex suit under her padded oversuit she was off on an exciting adventure.

Selena clung to James; arms around his waist with gloved hands resting on his thighs. Thus the two lovers sped on their way; only James knowing where they would end up. Selena had ridden occasionally on a Motorcycle over the years and had enjoyed it greatly, but none of her boy friends had got the same enjoyment out of the dressing up for the bad weather. Now Selena was in seventh heaven; swathed in layers of protective clothing she was in her element. When it came on to rain her joy was intensified. She could feel simultaneously the thrill of being dressed as she was as well as the throb of the big bike through the seat. She was as horny as hell.

The warmth of her lovers back so close, at last, as she pressed her protected body against his, had her in complete bliss.’ this is perfect’ she voiced to herself. Not since the days where she was a child riding on the back of her dads bike had she enjoyed anything like this. Now as a mature independent woman she took sexual delight in the experience. Closing her eyes, she imagined them making love on some wet mossy bank both dressed as they were, protected yet vulnerable; James entering her willing body via a secret opening in her riding suit.

Together they sped onwards to the prearranged destination. Selena wanted this riding experience to go on for ever. Riding as one they were united at last. For his part James could feel his willing lady as occasionally she squeezed her thighs on his and pressed her twice gloved hand on his inside thighs. He knew Selena was enjoying the ride just as much as he; she was a natural pillion and moulded into him to become one. As it grew dark the heavens opened and the two of them gained a thrill as the rain dashed harmlessly against their protected bodies. To the onlooker they appeared as two glossy black figures speeding through the rain to an unknown destination.

After what seemed like a few moments to Selena, she was so enjoying the riding experience, the bike pulled into a lane and slowed. Selena knew they must be nearing their destination. Soon they stopped. The two hours they had been travelling had brought them to East Sussex. Unbeknown to Selena, Bill had a weekend cottage at Afriston deep in the countryside but close to the channel. It was a retreat for him and over the years he had many pleasant hours there both alone and with other female friends.

The first words that Selena uttered were, “James take me inside and make love to me; I’ve never been so sexually aroused by anything else except sex! Riding with you like this is amazingly erotic.”

James pushed up his visor, took the wet figure of Selena and swept her off her feet, carrying her to the front door of his retreat. There he gently put her down, raised a finger to his lips and indicated that she should remain silent. He then closed Selena’s visor. She stood there eyes closed, silent, waiting for James next move. She heard the door being opened then she was picked up and carried across the threshold. She felt aglow in her latex clad body; she was ready for anything. James took her straight to his bedroom. There he began undressing his lover. First the helmet was removed allowing Selena’s plaited hair to fall. She opened her eyes briefly to see her knight still fully clad, visor down. She knew then that he was going to undress her item by item and she was to do the same to him; teasing each other to the peak of unrequited lust for each other prior to the slacking of their long held thirst.

Selena closed her eyes and stood quite still, she was his plaything, his object of desire, his tease. She would enjoy the experience every bit of it; her burning desire could and would wait. Fleeting fantasy images of snatches of film she had seen appeared as fragmented pictures. Her breathing shorter, she was primed to subside into feminine passion. Now James released the press studs at her throat and peeled back the Velcro fastening down the front of her riding suit. The zip was slowly opened, then to her consternation it was pulled up as if closing again. Selena’s heart missed a beat, an unvoiced, ‘you tease’ as she swooned. She desperately wanted to kiss James but couldn’t. The zip was opened again; she felt her riding gloves being removed then the press studs at the ankle were released. She stepped out of her riding suit, emerging like a butterfly from its cocoon.

Standing there gleaming in her black latex suit, she was manoeuvred over to a seat and her boots were removed. Now it was her turn to strip her lover. Selena opened her eyes; now fully in the game she teased James equally; she left his crash helmet on until he was standing dressed in his latex suit; she could see the bulge at the zipped crotch, yet she knew she must wait for him to make the next move. Finally, she removed his helmet but not before she played with his nipples. He squirmed and moaned with pleasure.

Then with one swift movement he grabbed hold of Selena’s narrow waist and eased her back onto his latex sheeted bed. There they both said nothing, there was no need, only voiced moanings and gasps of delight rose from the two entwined lovers as they celebrated their desire for each other. They were both overwhelmed with desire and the floodgates of orgasm were almost simultaneously arrived at; Selena climaxed first, lost beyond recall to her orgasmic pleasures. For a brief moment, she was totally lost in a euphoric state, beyond consciousness, then as James came she felt the throbbing of his tumescent member deep, oh so deep within her very being, pumping love juices into her. Selena clung to her lover, at peace, fulfilled, never wanting release from the intense source of pleasure. They lay there panting, Then they opened their eyes at the same moment; James on top gazing down still within Selena. She smiled at him; there was no need for words. Her hair, still plaited but in a tangle, small beads of perspiration glistening on her upper lip and forehead.

“Please James, stay just where you are, the feelings are divine, you look so much the knight in your glossy latex armour.” Adding,” I want to enjoy this moment.” Thus, still joined they each enjoyed the sight of the other clad in shiny black latex knowing they were confirmed rubberists. The warm aroma, of latex a sweet smell, unique to latex, a heady mixture, intoxicating and to which they were both addicted to rising from the bed and their covered bodies, as they lay contented, fulfilled and panting.

James eventually got out of bed and went off to shower. “I’ll change into my latex dressing gown; I’ve got one for you too.” He called out as he disappeared.

Selena could hear the shower running. She jumped out of bed and from the pocket of her riding suit pulled out the card she had bought for James. She went through to the sitting room into the dining room and placed it on the table setting. The table had been laid in preparation for the coming evening meal. James must have a ‘Mrs Mop’, she reasoned because when they arrived one or two lights were already on and the place felt warm.

Selena went through to the hall and there were a couple of mackintoshes hanging up. She returned to the bedroom put on her boots and grabbing one of James SBR’s wrapped it around her warm latex suited body, opened the front door and went to the bike. She removed the roll bag from the rear carrier and opened and removed the pannier liners containing their clothing for the weekend. Carrying them back to the cottage she took them through to the bedroom, James was still in the shower; he was singing. Selena stood quite still, closed her eyes and felt like pinching herself to make sure this was actually happening and real. James emerged from the shower to see his love dressed as if ready to leave for a walk.

“Wow! You are not thinking of leaving me.” He good-naturedly inquired. “Or is it that you are more addicted to dressing up than me?”

“On the first count,” Selena returned, walking over to James still wet naked body and throwing her arms around his neck in the way she was prone to do. “No, I’m in seventh heaven being with you, you lovely man. “ She looked steadily into his eyes and spoke. ”On the second count, I may well be more addicted than you!”

James felt a tingle in his groin. He pulled his lady still fully dressed in latex and SBR close to him, inwardly counting his blessings and gave Selena a lingering kiss; the water from his naked body harmlessly wetting the surface of her SBR. When at last the kiss ended they were both excited and breathless. “Come on my latex lady; let me help you out of your cocoon. I bet you are ready for a shower?”

“Yep, but I could stay like this for ever. I’m so happy James and want this to last.”

By the time Selena had showered, dried her hair and reapplied her make up she could hear him busying himself in the kitchen. She slipped on the deep crimson latex gown which James had thoughtfully laid on the bed. Mrs Mop had obviously stocked the fridge and larder. Selena moved through to join James. It all seemed so cosy; two lovers beginning the exciting exploration of each other, physically, mentally and spiritually. The beginning of the relationship had been most auspicious. It was clear they had so much in common.

James came out of the kitchen carrying a tray with two crystal champagne flutes and a bottle of bubbly. He immediately went over to the coffee table and picked up the card that Selena had placed there earlier. He saw the words. ‘My knight in shining latex’ and smiled as he tore it open. He read the message that Selena had penned; hearing her voice in his head. He was excited; Selena had, true to her word given herself to him.

“Selena, that was a lovely gesture, I really appreciate your care.” He said moving across the room and tenderly kissing her eyelids as light as a butterfly.

“Now, latex lady of my dreams, lets celebrate, it’s Friday evening and we have the whole weekend ahead of us. I want to ask so many questions, you fascinate me, you arouse me and you remain a mysterious erotic lady.” He went on, as he put the tray down. “I feel there are whole areas of you which I know nothing about; the fact that you love latex as much as me is terribly interesting and exciting. So come on, let’s toast our mutual love of the magic material!”

He ripped off the foil on the champagne, removed the wire and eased the cork out. Pouring the fizz into the two glasses, he picked both up and handing one to Selena. He linked arms with her and looking into her eyes said, “to us, to you and to a wonderful weekend!” They both sipped the champagne letting the bubbles tickle the roofs of their mouths. James lent forward pulling Selena to him and kissed her. As she opened her lips to receive his tongue he dribbled a small quantity of champagne into her open mouth. Selena willingly took in the fizzing liquid, held it for a moment then gave it back to her lover, They ended the kiss both laughing, enjoying the others company.

“You’re such a romantic!” Exclaimed Selena, “you really are my knight in shining black armour. You seemed to have thought of everything, I’m quite captivated by your charm, Sir Knight!” She felt positively light headed, was it the situation or was it the champagne?

Inwardly she knew it was the heady build up to this time. All those years of waiting, secretly hoping for a ‘special’ lover like James, someone who would love and protect her; all those lonely days and weeks and years of unrequited love, not daring to believe that she would ever meet up with the man of her dreams and having to come to terms with a compromise. The potential horror of a boring mundane Mr Average and never being able to openly express her deep felt need to be enclosed in what James apply described as ‘magic’ material, latex. She had not weakened when an increasing number of friends got married and began settling down. Friends aware of Selena’s various promising relationships with handsome young men but which never lasted very long were perplexed and at a loss to understand why. She was beautiful they reasoned, a catch for some lucky man, she was intelligent working with computers as a systems analysis in one of the national companies. Yet every promising relationship seemed to end prematurely. Was Selena too critical, a perfectionist, who could never be completely satisfied with her, various men? Had she too high standards they questioned. It was as if she was questing to some unobtainable goal?

James noticed Selena abstracted look and questioned, “Are you alright my love?”

His words brought Selena back to blissful reality. “Darling James” She uttered with wetness in her eyes. “I’m in heaven.”

The meal was perfect and having consumed both the champagne and half a bottle of Neit-St-George they were both quite tight. After coffee they returned to the sheepskin rug in front of the embers of the log fire. The room lit only by candles was bathed in soft living warmth. They had talked then talked some more over the meal and were both in relaxed comfortable mood. They felt at one together, lovers lost in that timeless limbo, the hours standing still. Selena lay stretched out in her dressing gown, her head on James’s chest, both comfortable on the sheepskin. They were content just chatting, continuing to learn about each other.

They agreed to leave the dishes until the morning then they would breakfast before dressing in their favourite material before going for a long walk all ‘Tight and tidy’ in their latex and SBR’s as James put it. They both hoped for a wet Saturday; certainly the weather forecast had not been good for a November. One low pressure after another with deepening fronts moving across the south east; the ruination of your average couples weekend, but they were anything but average.

Joining each other in bed sliding between silky latex sheets they became one again before both drifted off to deep sleep. When Selena drifted up from unconsciousness in the quiet of the early morning the silence struck her; where was she? What had happened? Then she smiled to herself, recalling the whole adventure, she stretched out to confirm her where-abouts. Yes, she was in heaven, James asleep, lying on his back with his own unique aroma combined with the warm latex caused her to delight in the heady ‘essence’ of her man. Not wanting to wake him she lay quietly beside James, stretched her naked body and resolved to surprise her lover.

She very quietly slid out of bed and tiptoed to the bathroom. There she took down her clean latex suit from a hanger in the shower tray and began turning it the right side out, then ‘talced’ it and thrilled to the caress of its constriction as she fitted herself into it. Zipping herself into it she pulled on latex gloves and tiptoed back to her lovers bed. There she snuggled up to him ready for his awaking. The crotch zip on her suit was open. Selena was moist urgently needing James’s manhood to slide into her to complete their oneness.

Drifting between wakefulness and sleep Selena imagined herself spread eagled on her knights bed, tethered hand and foot to the four corners of the bed, blindfolded entirely clad in latex, waiting, listening but seeing nothing. She had been tethered by her knight then left. She heard the door closing then his footsteps receding. What was happening to her, what fate awaited her?

She had been rescued from an evil suitor who had designs on ‘the dark-haired maiden.’ She had welcomed the striking Black Knight who so manfully rescued her pulling her up behind him to sit bare backed clad now in a heavy black cloak of latex over her suit. He had said little, but she instinctively trusted her gallant rescuer. Together they rode back to his castle. There he lifted her gently down from his charger and carried her to his bed chamber. He said only a few words. “Worry not, dark beauty what I do is for the best, trust me, have no fear.” Then removing her cloak he lay her in a latex covered bed and proceeded to tether her. Initial protests from her resulted in him raising a finger and signalling her to cease speaking. When tethered fully he brought over a second sheet of gleaming latex and threw it over her supine figure. The action of the cool sheet caressing her body brought tingles of excitement and anxiety.

She had lain there quietly for a timeless period enjoying her dark fantasy, when stirrings beside her indicated that her man was beginning to wake. Selena lay quite still within her fantasy eyes tightly shut. James opened his eyes and saw Selena clad in her latex cat suit her eyes shut. Thoughts tumbled into his mind; they had come to bed naked so his lady had obviously got up sometime earlier and dressed to return to their love bed.

He kissed Selena tenderly on the lips then putting his head down to her vagina discovered she was already aroused. The fact that she squirmed when he stroked her clitoris with his tongue confirmed to him that she was ready for penetration. Never the less he teased her for some time before he mounted her and nosing his erect ‘Durexed’ member between her swollen labia lips he quietly and gently entered his love.

Selena lying still in her fantasy had heard the return footsteps of her knight. The doors lock being turned and the vibrations of his closing presence. Blindfolded she could see nothing, only sense what was about to happen. The latex sheet was removed. The opening of her protective suit was undone. She was hugely excited in spite of her predicament and wanted the inevitable violation which she secretly yearned for and which was about to occur. She welcomed the advance and groaned in ecstasy as the knight entered her.

She had never felt anything like this; being over powered rendered helpless played with as if she were a plaything, a toy, having no control whatsoever becoming at once the controlled. Yet abandoning herself to the inevitable, a silent partner in the violation, she willingly, accepting her fate. ‘Black Knight, ravish me she gasped as she took a shuddering climax. When at last the love making was completed Selena opened her eyes and smiled weakly into her lover’s eyes. “James you are my fantasy and my reality”, she murmured. ”Oh darling man you make love like no-one else I’ve ever met. My orgasms are deeper, more satisfying and longer lasting. How do you do it?”

“You turn me on so my latex lady, how on earth did you leave my bed to dress? One of my fantasies is to wake up beside my love clad in latex.”

“ James, I’ve had a wonderful fantasy just before and during our love making. I’ll tell you over breakfast.”

Over breakfast Selena recounted her fantasy to James. He was fascinated and suggested they act out the fantasy when they next made love. Selena was keen to try.



continued in part four


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