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by Ludwig

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Storycodes: Solo-f; F/f; latex; catsuit; gasmask; voyuer; camera; bond; oral; mast; breathplay; urine; toys; climax; cons; X

continued from part one

Part Two

Chapter 3: The Strangest Season

The text message confirmed what she had already guessed. Alex was going to be late. Really late, if she had understood things right. It was all over the news. Planes all over central Europe were delayed due to some terror threat again, and instead of waiting to see if the skies eventually would clear Alex had decided to go by train from Geneva to London. Not a bad idea, if only she had been lucky enough to catch one of the TGV:s, which she of course had not. It always seemed like the French had trouble keeping good ideas working in the long run, and now Niamh didn’t care if it was a strike or a glitch somewhere, what it meant was that she was going to have to spend most of the weekend alone.

She sighed and went back to the news again. Nibbling away on a bowl of suspicious eco-fancy snacks, she wondered if it was worth sulking in front of the telly much longer. It was no use trying to head back to Manchester for a night out. There really wasn’t anyone she could call- she didn’t feel like it either- but she couldn’t stand just sitting here waiting for the opportunity to flick the nutty bits she didn’t like at the weather tart.

Something was stirring within her, and she felt annoyed at her clockwork libido not paying enough attention to the fact that she wanted to put it on hold until later. Her undies cleaved to her groin, and she was for some mysterious reason salivating immensely. The dried fruit dissolved like paper in her mouth.

Niamh deliberated shortly on doing something about it right away. It would be easy enough to unbutton her pants and pull a quick one, but there would be something really unsatisfying about that. She thought about that  movie, whatever it was called she’d forgotten by now, and the woman in it eating cornflakes in front of the telly-naked- and then touching herself in a rather desperate way. It was the first time ever she had seen a woman masturbate for real, as it appeared, on film. It got her really fired up until the point when the woman climaxed and burst into tears out of sheer loneliness. So sad. She had fantasized about being there for her many times after that, in a sombre black-and-white fashion, just to comfort her. No sex. It was no use trying to focus on the pale flesh shuddering in the flickering light or the hoarse groans. That moment was lost.

Niamh bit her knuckles and got up from the sofa. She had to get that picture out of her head right now, and she thought she knew how to get it done. The key to the garret was in the top left drawer in Alex’ desk.

* * *

Niamh didn’t exactly know why she came up with the idea of doing this, and she wasn’t sure why she was acting like a cat burglar, sneaking up the stairs without turning on the lights. It was all a bit silly, but she kept moving anyway. Once Niamh had entered the room, she pushed the door shut very gently and flipped the light switch to the left which lit only the spotlights randomly placed upon the beams. Her heart still kept a steady, slightly elevated pace as she went through the options.

Most of the stuff had, as Alex had said to her, already been moved to a safer place. The large rack and the cupboard still seemed untouched, though. Niamh removed the plastic cover and ran her fingers over the cool surface of the garments hanging there, but street wear wasn’t really was she was looking for tonight. She lingered for a moment at the breeches, imagining Alex’ bum moving inside them, and stroked one of the sheer blouses just for the feel of it.

The trick was to find something that would fit her. To pick out something she could make a nice ensemble out of. She wanted to get fully dressed from head to toe in something snug-fitting, sinfully shiny black, but every item including the impressive two-piece suit she couldn’t find here would be at least four sizes too large for her. Even if that suit was like grafted on Alex, it would look like a pyjama on her.

Inside the cupboard Niamh discovered a number of small plastic bags neatly sorted and placed on top of a couple of folded up pieces of clothing on a shelf to the left. Sifting through them, she found a pair of thick stockings looking more like socks which she dropped to the floor. They could be useful. A pair of elbow-length gloves, apparently stored here for some time since they were grey with talc, was the next choice. She tried them on without pulling them further up than her wrist just to see if they would fit, and continued going through the parcels.

An open-faced mask caught her interest, and when she pulled it out of the bag something else landed on the shelf in front of her. Another mask, this one made from slightly heavier see-through latex. It was smaller and had apertures for the eyes and nostrils, and over the mouth was a moulded sheath piece that revealed what the purpose of it really was. Niamh felt a slight sting in her chest. She wondered who had been wearing this while giving head to Alex. Sniffing inside it, she tried to make out a trace, but there was nothing but the musty smell of rubber kept inside a bag for a long time. Her sharp sense of smell confirmed that it had served its purpose, though, when she brought the sheath to her nose and the scent of woman rose from it.

How silly to get all worked up over this, she thought. Anyway, feeling jealous made her more relaxed about cheating on Alex by doing this. She sat on her haunches, biting her lip. Carefully, she withdrew the garment from underneath the parcels and unfolded it... and there it was.

Suddenly, she recalled what Alex had been going on about, dressing up in an old suit of hers. Here it was, recently cleaned and still shiny, slick and black. The catsuit flapped out when she got to her feet, and Niamh instantly knew this would fit nicely. She clicked her tongue contentedly, holding it next to her while swirling around a bit. Boom! Brilliant.

The right door of the cupboard swung open with a dry creak when she shifted her feet on the wooden floor. It occurred to her that she hadn’t even looked in there yet, and she flung the suit over a covered piece of furniture to dive in. There was plenty of time to play, and this was almost as much fun.

She hadn’t really anticipated anything exciting in there, but what she saw dangling from a pair of hooks mounted on the back board made her jump.


Niamh raised a clenched fist to her mouth, stifling a mad giggle.

She actually should have guessed that Alex still had quite a few surprises for her, but she had never expected to run across any of them like this. Well, perhaps she did anyway, this was after all a good way to find out about stuff before it hit her in the head.

The two gasmasks staring back at her triggered her imagination to set off like a rocket. She had seen both types before somewhere, one of them she was sure about. A standard Israeli civilian mask she had seen being handed out to pale English kids on a kibbutz, and a strange, strapless thing in a fading shade of black. There were various tubing as well.

Niamh knew what they could be used for. The bag. Of course. Yeah, they were surely part of the whole dressing-up business and all that, but the odds were on that Alex used them to play different games as well.

There just had to be more of this stuff hidden somewhere else, she thought, but it was no use looking for it now. Niamh snatched the Israeli mask and examined it intently, letting her mind race freely. It seemed OK to her, and she had to try it to see how it was to wear.

Pulling the straps to make it fit over her face wasn’t easy at first, but it was mostly because her fingers had grown numb with excitement. She discovered that it wasn’t at all as uncomfortable and restricting as she had expected, but rather easy to wear and breathe through. For a few seconds, she just looked around, peering through the lenses, listening to her breathing. Niamh immediately decided to add it to her loot. This was going to be something different. Really different. 

Having sorted out everything out, she headed for the large bathroom with the gear in one bag, and some toys and other useful stuff in another. She dressed quickly but carefully, lubing herself up quite generously before wiggling into the suit. The latex felt a little brittle and thin, but there were no pinpoint holes or rips anywhere on it. It slid on without problem, enveloping her in a warm embrace. When Niamh pulled the front zip up to her chin, she glanced at herself in the mirror. It was nearly a perfect fit, perhaps a bit long, but it looked as good as it felt. Oh fuck, she thought as she could see how much all this had turned her on. Her cheeks were crimson, and there was a strange look in her eyes. She couldn’t help but touching herself a little, but resisted the notion to keep going all the way.

Massaging herself just enough to keep the flame alive, she donned the gloves and socks and pulled the mask over her head, leaving it down round her neck as she tucked it into the suit. The tiny drops of silicone oil she sponged over herself felt chilly through the rubber, and this only heightened the tension within her. She was already sopping wet down below, and the zip pressed onto her most sensible parts as she moved around. This was something she definitely would do again, no question about that. 

Staring wildly into the mirror, she folded the mask up and strapped on the gasmask. Now she was ready.

* * *

Silently heading downstairs mincing on her toes, she stopped in front of the large Victorian mirror in the hall and had a quick glance at herself.  Her reflection looked even more strange out here in the dusky hall, almost insect-like, but deeply appealing. The oily black rubber flattered her figure and glistened almost ominously in the gloom, moving over her skin with a gentle, frictionless squeeze. The only thing that seemed out of place was the blue carrier bag with the Lancôme logo in her left hand. Or perhaps not, she thought.

Niamh had already worked out what she was going to do next. She sneaked into the study where Alex kept her laptop. She arranged a little scene by the desk, fixed some reasonable lighting and rummaged through the bottom drawers to find the little webcam Alex never had got the hang of how to use.

 Both the PowerBook and the camera weren’t exactly the cheapest stuff you could buy, so chances were good that this little prank would turn out to be a good one, if she got it right. It took some finicking before she could plug in the camera and start up the program. The gloves didn’t make it any easier, but within a few minutes an image of her belly showed up on the screen.


Niamh smiled at how her voice sounded through the mask, as she quickly plugged in the two toys of choice for this little session. A little sweat trickled down her back. It was getting a bit hot inside the suit, and she was panting with anticipation already. This had better go down the way she wanted, or else she would be really cranky.

She gently placed herself in the chair, waving hello to the camera. The image on the screen confirmed that it caught her from her head down to her shins, which was perfect. She sighed wheezily, trying to slow herself down a bit. Then she began stroking herself gently, letting her gloved fingers brush aimlessly all over her. At this moment, there was no problem shushing the inner voice telling her she was really going off her head. 

Niamh felt her mouth grow dry. It was difficult to hold back already. All she could hear was her own heart beating heavily, her ragged breathing through the mask and the faint creaks and snaps from yielding rubber. With her left hand firmly massaging her crotch, she gripped the magic wand placed next to the chair with the other, switched in on and aimed it straight to the point in a single move.

She moaned with delighted surprise at the first touch. The vibrations felt much smoother through the thin latex than she had expected. The suit dampened and distributed them evenly all over her lower body, like a pleasurable tickle. Very nice.

Sagging slightly, closing her eyes, she worked the head from side to side. It was like having eiderdown tickling the inside of her tummy, and she tittered amusedly. This was pure therapy to her. No rush to get things over with yet. The wand hummed soothingly, and with just a slight twist she could let it roll over her mons over and over again to feel the waves of vibration gradually heightening her arousal. Niamh let her free hand touch the inlet of the gasmask, inhaling the scent of her glove. She grinned behind the mask, imagining what fun she could have with Alex and all this stuff.

 This is wicked. she told herself, squinting at the screen. The image was amazingly detailed, showing her every move. Niamh carefully pressed the wand harder against her swollen sex, holding it still until she started to twitch a little, then moving it slightly up and down along the crotch zip.

Another little pleasant surprise was how being totally rubberized made her lose any inhibitions she might have had about making noises. Puffing and groaning like never before, working the wand faster, she recalled the image of Alex enjoying her ordeal with the damn thing strapped to her thigh. That face would haunt her for a really long time.

Niamh had to slow things down again. Already, tiny flares were cutting through the fluff deep inside her, and she began to tense up really bad. Her heart thumped hard enough to make her chest move with every beat. Allowing herself to enjoy a brief moment of almost coming and then turning the vibrator off only added a little zest without spoiling the fun.

The creaking sounds from the suit and the chair when she leaned over to pick up the rest of what was lying on the floor were almost deafening, despite the hood covering her ears. Every sense on full alert now.

Eyeing her own image on the screen again, she fitted with uncertain fingers the corrugated tube nicked from the cupboard to the inlet of the gasmask, and let it hang down her left side. Then, she carefully unzipped her crotch, and shuddered a little when the cool air touched her flesh. The reddish pink of her cunt peeping out looked like a gash in the black skin, and she prodded the labia gently with her fingers, spreading them. Her right hand found the eroscillator, and after a little bit of fumbling it whirred silently, like a stealth weapon.

The exposure of her tumid sex to the rod was not entirely pleasant at first. It burned slightly, but Niamh let it dance around a bit without pressing on too hard. Instead, she started fooling around with the tube dangling from her mask. She took off some of the stuff she had seen somewhere and guided the nozzle to her crotch, inhaling her own scent. It wasn’t that exciting- about as delightful as sniffing her own underpants- but the swirl of cool air around her turgid clit felt all right.

Whisking the eroscillator lazily up and down, she moved the nozzle up to her left breast. With a slight sucking sound, it stuck to the suit. Niamh suddenly felt the mask tighten around her face as she tried to inhale.

She let go of the nozzle and drew her breath. This was getting really promising, she thought. After a split second’s deliberation, Niamh decided it would be quite safe to try it for real. Should she panic or faint, it would work like a dead man’s handle.

Deliberately, she began breathing really deeply, causing her heart to begin working even faster. It just might be dangerous to hyperventilate, but she had no intention of bailing out until she had tried this good and proper.

Without any further hesitation, Niamh shut off the air. Instead of holding her breath she tried to keep up a steady rhythm, exhaling a little each time she made an attempt to breathe normally. It worked, but she was a little surprised that nothing really happened.

She lost count of the seconds almost instantly. It was no use keeping track of how long she would cope without letting go anyway, when her whole being seemed to focus on the breathing. Even the pleasant buzzing between her legs faded away. A sudden, sticky feeling of being choked made her release the tube again. Niamh panted heavily, swearing under her breath. 

The fresh air cleared her head and suddenly it was like some switch inside her had been flipped. Now, the toy between her legs made her acutely aware of how effective it was.  She pressed it against her sex, feebly whinging.

Again, Niamh blocked the tube, determined to hold on this time. Now, it felt much easier to stay in control. The mask squeezed her face so that she couldn’t really open her eyes, and the lenses started to fog up quickly, but there were no unpleasant sensations that forced her to let go. Instead, she was amazed by how good it started to feel. This was something that really appealed to the naughtier bit of her mind that ran the show single-handedly at this moment.

Woozy with delight, she allowed herself a few breaths before sealing the inlet, just to be able to retain the floating sensation a bit longer. Now, she knew she wasn’t far away from coming. She pictured Alex in front of her, grinning like a wolf, sticking her thumb into the nozzle while ramming her relentlessly with a strap-on.

With no escape hatch left to use, Niamh tried to make the most of the inevitable climax that was welling up inside her really fast. The twitching, prickly sensation grew into what felt like a harsh outburst.

The tube clattered against the armrest as she was forced to let go of it, helplessly cramping. Instinctively, she tried to gulp in as much air as possible, but it was immediately strained out again in brief, loud grunts.

It wasn’t a very nice orgasm. Her body reacted too violently, too fast, which left her shuddering in the chair as the eroscillator landed on the rug, where it rolled away propelled by its own vibrations.

‘Oh, shit. Shit...’ Niamh moaned, all jittery and short of breath. Her chest felt heavy, nearly compressed, and her limbs were numb with the tension.

Her only option now was to keep going. Only slower, more gently. She had to find a way to land without crashing. A bit clumsily, she slipped her fingers between her throbbing labia and began soothing herself the way she knew best.

Slowly cooling down, Niamh came to her senses again. She found a comfortable pace, and almost immediately she began feeling much better. This wasn’t too bad. Now, she’d more or less got the hang of how to do it. A bit more practice, and... Wow.

Even though the gasmask felt a bit clammy now, she kept it on. The way the catsuit hugged her, the way her rubbered fingers felt to her clit- it all came together in a scrummy, erotic way. She would probably never get turned on by watching herself masturbate like she normally did, but this! It was the mirror thing again, knowing that there would be another pair of eyes looking- and the rubber as well. Oh, Jesus, this was good. She wasn’t going to quit experimenting now, that was for sure. 

Very dirty. Niamh mused. Naughty, naughty girl. She pinched herself lightly, trying to conjure up more scenarios she would love to make real. It was amazing how her imagination went totally wild when she got this horny, and stuff kept in the far corners of her mind flickered past. There was a big kaleidoscope full of fun stuff, but the smell, sound and crystal clear image of Alex appeared to frame it all.

Oh. Oh, now...

A peculiar, swirling orgasm caught her by surprise. A mild but merciless, pulsating eddy that seemed to last unusually long. Gratefully, Niamh just breathed. Deep, ragged breaths that made the valve flutter.

Silence followed, except from the whirring fan in the laptop and the evil toy still working its way across the rug. Now, she was at least able to relax a little. She didn’t know how long she had been at this, but decided she had enough for the little clip Alex was going to watch.

When? Well, she had to play it by heart. No use trying to flash it right after she’d come home, or something like that.

Niamh got to her feet, and managed to save the recording successfully on the novelty memory-stick she’d got from someone. Twenty-three minutes, she thought. Not half bad. She decided to check the quality, and randomly moved the index teddy bear to somewhere in the middle of the track.

It was quite good, lights and shadows, details and all. Niamh was a bit taken aback by herself glistening in the chair. It was like watching someone else, but at the same time... not.

She noticed that she had found the sequence where she started playing with the gasmask, and instead of shutting down, she kept on watching. It was weird to look at herself getting closer to orgasm, nearly suffocating, and enjoying it. And the sounds... It aroused her, and her fingers slithered closer to her sex again.

Niamh could help but wondering exactly how much of a narcissist it took to do this. She was actually masturbating to herself, masturbating on screen- but she couldn’t resist. There was that special moment she wanted to bring back, if only for a second.

With a little help from the eroscillator, she came again standing in front of the screen, her knees trembling with exertion. It felt like a necessary purge, and she snapped back to reality in a wink. Tidying up took only a few minutes, and she left the room the way it was when she arrived. Not too good to raise suspicion too soon.

* * *

Niamh ruffled her hair with her gloved hand, ambling about in the hall. Her whole head felt like a soaked cat, and she thought she’d look about that battered if she glanced in a mirror now, so she didn’t.

Swinging the gasmask like another nifty accessory, she felt good just walking around the house doing nothing in particular. All the toys were cleaned and hidden away, but Niamh wasn’t in any hurry about undressing and call it a night. Not yet. Getting the sticky stains off the chair had made her a little bit sweatier- and now she was being careful not to leave any wet traces on the floor as well- but the suit still felt great on her. The stretchy, squeezy sensation was really relaxing, and the smell was beyond description. Tactile aroma therapy, she thought. Not bad.

The downstairs phone purred, and Niamh was a bit startled. She checked the display and picked up the receiver. Alex calling from her mobile.

‘De Vries residence, her secretary speaking.’

‘And a good evening to you too, little devil.’

Niamh caught the cheerful tone in her voice over the background fuzz. Alex was in a good mood.

‘Look, I’ll get back really early tomorrow morning. Sooner than I first thought. Feel like making breakfast?’

‘Of course.’ Niamh sighed to herself. ‘What time, d’you think?’

‘About six, six-thirty. Everything all right back home?’

‘Yeah.’ Pretty fucking all right, thank you. Can hardly stand up straight.

There was a brief silence in the other end as Niamh stretched, making the rubber rustle quite loudly.


‘M-hm?’ Oh-oh. Busted already?

‘Oh, nothing.’ Pull the other one...’I hope you don’t find it too boring to sit there all by yourself...’

‘Don’t worry.’ I’ve masturbated to orgasm three times wearing your rubber gear, tried solo breathplay, nearly pissed myself...

‘We’ll chat more later, dear.’ Should think so, yes. I reckon you suspect something. Well, do so. ‘Sleep tight- and put the coffee on, will you, please.’

‘Will do.’ And now I think I’ll nip into the shower and give myself a fourth thinking of you.

‘Bye, then.’


* * *

Chapter 4: Festival

It was a perfect Saturday to do absolutely nothing. There were still books she hadn’t managed to get through, and the deck chair was already in place in the arbour. Even the wasps nesting among the leaves had been properly disposed of by a local daredevil paid to keep the garden neat when Alex didn’t have the time for it.

The only snag was that Niamh didn’t feel like relaxing at all. It was near that time of month when her system got her all revved up over nothing, and today seemed to become one of those worse days before everything settled. She felt like cleaning the whole house all by herself, and then give herself a complete rub-down to get rid of the gritty feeling on her skin that was about to drive her insane. On top of that, her appetite for Alex was disturbingly nagging.

Eventually, she would be home to take care of that little problem, but Niamh didn’t want to have to beg for it if Alex would be too fagged out. Then, it wouldn’t really be anything worth waiting for. If she didn’t get to give anything in return, half the pleasure was lost. Very strange, but that’s how it felt. Now, Niamh wanted to play.  

* * *

The food was waiting for Alex when she arrived home, and so was Niamh, halfway through totally messing up a crossword when she heard the Mercedes outside. No gunning of the engine, no hurried steps or slamming the doors, Niamh thought. That was at least promising. Now, the odds seemed slightly better for her. She scrapped the scrawled paper and emptied her glass of half-tasteless juice. Don’t jump her. Give her time.

It surprised her a bit to feel the pleasant electricity in the air even before their eyes met. That was something new and exciting, and she wondered what lay behind that.

Alex appeared in the doorway with an incongruous smile on her face.

‘Sorry if I kept you waiting.’

‘You’re early. Did your day feel that long?’

Niamh followed her with her gaze as she stealthily tiptoed on her stockinged feet around the table. There was definitely something to watch out for here.

‘Let’s just say I’m looking forward to a really long night, kid...’

* * *

Niamh had never seen so many props being conjured up during a single session before, and her mind started racing at the thought of them all being used on her. Alex was really going in for it tonight. Into the bargain, she had obviously decided it was best to not use either of the bedrooms they normally made use of when it was time to get serious. She was now energetically staging the former laundry room in the basement, below the stairs near the service entrance.

It hadn’t been used for quite some time, Niamh thought. She noticed the faded white tiles covering the floor and half-way up the wall, and the sickly limey green damp proof paint which seemed to be a sordid remnant from the early seventies, and the slightly frowzy smell. There was an old and quite odd-looking metal framed chair with arms, now being duly prepared for later, but not much else. Two cobbler lampshades hanging from the ceiling gave a bleak light, and revealed that there had been some impressive machinery in the room that had left marks on the floor. There were still fully functional water pipes running along the walls. An ancient mixer tap with a red, long rubber garden hose coiled up next to it looked somewhat threatening.


Alex motioned to her. It was time to get ready.

Inside the downstairs scullery, various interesting items were already laid out ready to be used. Niamh wondered how Alex had managed to work so fast. This could mean nasty surprises, if she proved to be equally energetic later on. Ouch.

‘Strip, dear. You go first.’

This wasn’t the time to stall, and Niamh began undressing without a single comment. It was a bit chilly in the scullery, and she shuddered slightly when only her underwear remained.

Alex came close and sniffed her shoulder, then her hair.

‘Hmm. Yes. Must be your pheromones that are setting me off.’

‘Can you smell something on me?’

‘No. Not really.’ Alex chuckled. ‘Oh, you smell... delicious, don’t you worry about that. But I think we’re getting... Yes, synchronized is the word for it.’  

Niamh looked a little surprised.

‘Come on; I’m not drying up yet, sweetie. Not yet.’

There was a silent mumble from Niamh as she kicked away her briefs. Alex ran a warm finger down the length of her naked back, humming contentedly behind her.

‘You have a mind of a teenager, you little cheek. Now, dear, how about some lube?’

The things Alex had chosen for her to wear didn’t come as a really big surprise. It was her way of telling that she had been watching the little dirty movie more than just once. What was different was the slithery slickness of the old catsuit, the hood, gauntlets and socks. Everything slid on with the touch of a huge, wet tongue; easier than she’d ever expected. And the sheen in the fluorescent light was nothing short of baffling.

Niamh stood still, admiring herself. Alex rested her back against the old sink with an inscrutable look in her face.  

‘There we go. It looks really good on you, that.’

‘What have you done to it?’

‘Pure silicone oil, dear. A tad more viscous than the usual stuff. I happened to find some almost free of charge, and no, don’t ask. You know it comes in really handy sometimes.’

‘So smooth...’

‘You make a perfect baby seal, sweetie. Pull the hood up now. We’re not finished yet.’

Alex produced the familiar gasmask and played with it a little. It appeared to have been treated with the same stuff.

‘Your choice, I believe. Shall we strap it on?’

Helping Alex to get properly kitted out proved to be a whole lot easier than Niamh had expected, even in full gear with extremely slippery fingers. She had settled for modest things; nice sandals, black opera gloves and a t-top catsuit in a mysterious green-black shade Niamh hadn’t seen before.

‘One of my most recent purchases. Do you like it?’


Alex smirked at her muffled voice, turning around to face her. She slowly pulled the gloves up herself.

‘I skipped the corset. Too much fuss right now.’

Niamh peered through the lenses, trying to read Alex’ face.

‘It’s a bit unfair that you don’t have almost anything of your own to wear...’ Snap. The gloves were meticulously smoothed out. ‘We’ll have to see to that, dear.’

‘You shouldn’t...’

‘Oh, stop it. I’m not being lavish. I’m spending wisely, I think... And besides, I won’t even come close to what other rueful women-or men, just think of it- spend on their spoiled excuses for lovers just to feel that they...’

‘Own them?’

‘What?’ Alex laughed. ‘Maybe, yes, but please don’t think that’s my agenda.’

She slapped Niamh hard on her left buttock.

‘It’s because I want to have a little fun. And, I think, considering your little adventures with my gear, you wouldn’t disagree.’

Niamh hesitated for a short moment, and shook her head. She clearly remembered that look now, from the moment Alex had asked... demanded to see what had happened that night together with her. The first minutes of viewing were a nightmare, since Niamh had expected a good deal of slapping and lecturing. But then, oh, there had been a lecture all right- but a rather nice and balanced one after the movie had been played both backward and forward with quite a few pause stills. Alex was really pleased with her audacity and adventurousness- she had said it was stirring her up in a good way- but less pleased with her taking certain unnecessary risks. Never ever push your limits if you don’t know where they are were the exact words. Then, Niamh had been complimented for her care with the safety release.

‘You’re really, really nutty.’ Niamh breathed.

‘Agreed. Shall we proceed?’

Six minutes later, Niamh was firmly secured by hands and feet in the armchair with what she felt were real straps. Flexible, but tough; not like the thin plastic ones she still didn’t like very much. These didn’t chafe, but put a lot of pressure around her wrists and ankles.

Alex seemed to enjoy just looking at her for a long while, standing with her arms crossed against the wall. Her new suit seemed to devour the light, reflecting only small portions of it. The dewy black contrasted heavily against the whitish tiles, giving her a ghostly appearance. Niamh tried to grind herself against the seat to achieve some sort of stimulation, only to tell her body that something was coming to get things done. It didn’t do much good, but she couldn’t stop once she had started. It tickled like hell. Already, her breathing was forcedly regular and deep, like a mantra.

‘You know...’ Alex moved silently over the floor and let her fingers lazily trace the outline of the gasmask. She paused near the inlet, and continued down towards Niamh’s heaving chest. ‘I haven’t really thought of setting something up in this room before. Thanks for the idea.’


Two gloved hands began massaging her shoulders from behind, quite gently. Alex’ breath chilled her left ear under the hood.

‘If I only could understand what makes you push your luck over and over again.’

What? Niamh sniffed, and then winced at the fingers tightening their grip. It wasn’t a very good idea to argue right now, obviously.

‘I have said, more than just once, that I don’t mind that you can’t keep from masturbating when I’m not here even if I sometimes feel a bit left out, because you enjoy it so much. Don’t you now?’

Her hands made a full stop at Niamh’s neck.

‘Say it, dear.’

‘I love to... do it.’ Niamh groaned, and Alex released her grip a bit.

‘And it’s quite charming of you to record it as well, and have the good taste of getting fully enclosed to put on a really good show. You seemed to enjoy that.’


‘My fault for telling you how nice it felt.’

Alex moved silently, and swept around the chair placing herself in front of Niamh. She pulled her chin up gently with a finger.

‘What worried me a bit was that you attempted to try something dangerous without supervision. That was a really bad move.’


‘Not as sorry as I would have been if things had gone wrong.’

For a short moment, Niamh forgot about herself and stopped wriggling. She actually felt a tiny pang of remorse for being a bit too zealous, all because of that sudden motherly look and tone of voice. And I keep losing this mind-game every single fucking time. But she’s serious. That’s concern.

Nimble fingers began searching her again, and she squirmed at their touch. Alex didn’t waste too much time doing nothing but talking. Niamh tittered at the funny feeling when the gloved fingertips caught her outer skin and then released, but bit down as Alex let them slide over her lower belly.

‘And that’s why I’ll try to teach you how I like it to be done.’

There was a slight clatter behind the chair as Alex sifted the stuff laid out for the occasion. Niamh didn’t see anything at first, and didn’t dare to guess what was going to happen. Then, a little disappointed, she noticed that there were no toys in the pipeline for now. Alex was holding the tube Niamh recognized quite well, and something that looked like a deflated, black rugby ball.

‘See this?’ Alex flipped the bladder back and forth a few times. ‘This goes on the other end. Please lend me your face now, dear.’

She quickly attached the tube to the mask inlet, and wrung the flaccid thing onto the other nozzle. Niamh noticed how the air became considerably restricted by it, and she drew deeper for breath. She saw the outline of a tiny pipe running through the bladder when Alex held it up in front of her.

‘Still nice and snug?’ she husked.

Niamh nodded. The whistling sound from her laboured breathing increased as she felt her excitement growing. She tried to stay focused.

‘Sometimes it’s really enough to have to struggle just a little bit. In a minute, you’ll feel softened up. And then...’ Alex daintily pushed a little plug into the hole on the other end of the bladder. The whistle waned to a sharp wheeze, and Niamh gripped the armrests when she suddenly was very short of air.

‘Then, I get busy.’

Alex took a few steps back to watch Niamh’s reaction.

‘You look so sweet in that ensemble.’ she laughed. ‘It’s really you, if you know what I mean.’

Oh, yeah; thanks for that. Niamh slumped in the seat. It was no use wasting too much energy on getting worked up. She could still breathe, and if she distended her belly it felt a bit easier. But she was getting really warm now, and Alex wasn’t going to rush things.

‘Would you like me to leave you there for a while?’


‘You get enough air to stay conscious, so why not? You’ll only get used to it better, dear.’

‘No.’ Niamh shook her head, panting. ‘Please.’

‘Of course, you can never know for certain how much you can take. It actually varies from time to time.’

Alex released the plug a little bit, and Niamh gratefully inhaled. This didn’t feel like too much fun, she thought. Not yet.

‘Here’s the point: Don’t push it if you’re not in control. Plastic bags are a real bugger in that way. You might faint before you feel anything’s wrong, and if you got a piece of elastic round your neck you’re gone in a matter of seconds.’

Niamh nodded. None of the interesting, tingly sensations had emerged yet. She only felt weak and vulnerable so far.

‘By the way, I would never risk anything by leaving you alone, sweetie.’

The bladder was pulled off the hose with a swift movement. The sudden flow of relatively fresh air filling her lungs went straight to Niamh’s head, making her giddy.

‘Enough of that. Let’s make you a bit more comfortable now.’

The first toy of choice being the beetle-like Lelo vibe Alex had kept for herself surprised Niamh, but it was a really delightful experience. It might have looked harmless enough, suitable for demure housewives, but in the palms of Alex’ wandering hands it was like pouring ants into the catsuit.

Niamh giggled madly, trying unsuccessfully to huddle herself up, frantic with the combined sensations of the massage, and Alex shone like a winter sun with delight. She continued brushing the vibe over Niamh’s body, deliberately leaving the most sensitive areas alone, until she decided it was time to move on. The Lelo was carefully placed on the seat a few inches away from Niamh’s crotch with the setting on low, and then she motioned to her to make eye contact as she sat down on her haunches in front of her.

‘Are you ready for the next step?’

Niamh noticed the slight tug at the breathing tube, and nodded. Her ragged breathing made funny, bleating noises through it now.

‘Let’s begin slowly, and see how far we can go. Step by step. Fifteen to start with...’

Niamh instinctively drew a deep breath.

The immediate awareness of the fact that she was now totally in the hands of Alex spawned a hollow feeling inside her. It was far worse than riding any fairground attraction, but still very, very arousing.

The first fifteen or so seconds were no match at all, and Alex allowed her plenty of time to recover. It only made her more apt to continue.

When Alex shut the inlet for the second time, Niamh stared right into the deep wells looking back at her. It was marvellous to see how they grew dark with malicious lust as she clasped the tube tight to her gloved palm.

Niamh missed having something to help her along. The Lelo between her parted legs was tantalizingly close, but yet out of reach for her to feel. Now, she tried to hold on by using the tricks she had come up with during her little solo trial run. Release a little, suck in, don’t hold it. It was beginning to feel difficult. Steam began to cloud the lenses, and it was hard not to fight her bonds.


Alex let go of the nozzle, and Niamh instantly gulped in a lungful. This time, she was only allowed to breathe for only a short moment until the inlet was shut again. Niamh writhed, fighting the restraining feeling from the tight rubber.


‘That was more than... half a minute. Interesting.’

Instead of trying her further, Alex switched to shorter intervals. This kept Niamh from relaxing too much, and she really could feel her pulse going through the roof now. Alex seemed to appreciate both the sight and sound of Niamh’s hissing attempts to get enough air, letting her leisured fingers caress herself a little.

‘Good girl. Let’s see if we’ve got something more for you now.’

She reached down and picked up the little vibe, still holding on to the tube. It came to whirring life in her right hand as she pressed the button, and she wiggled it in front of Niamh. 

‘It’s a bit of this you want, isn’t it?’

There was only a groan and a quick nod for answer. Alex peered at Niamh’s eyes through the lenses, smiling with the tip of her tongue playing in the corner of her mouth. Then, she slowly guided the vibe to her own belly, lazily circling her mons, only letting it hover over her sex. Niamh grunted loudly as she watched the latex between Alex’ legs change shape, curving around her swelling labia.

She tried to plead for it by looking intently at Alex, who shook her head, still smiling. The nozzle travelled up to her mouth, where she stuck her tongue deeply into it.


‘Now, now.’

Alex pressed the nozzle to her mouth, feeding Niamh her exhale, only a little at a time. Moist, stale air smelling of strong coffee hit her nose, causing the already slightly misty lenses to steam up really bad. The more she tried to suck in, the less she got. She longed desperately for something to grind herself against now. It didn’t do her any good to watch the hazy contours of Alex happily swaying right in her face.

The sound of a zip and a slight laughter closely followed by an entirely different smell revealed that someone obviously thought it was hilarious to let her pull at some cunt while being denied serious pleasure. Niamh blinked. All right, it wasn’t that pungent. More rubbery than bodily intense, but still animal enough to make her snort a little. Then, she was able to see how much fun Alex was having, satisfying herself while plunging the nozzle deeply in between her thighs.

Please help me out of this. Now.

Alex kept fondling herself until she got bored with the Lelo. Instead of letting Niamh have a taste of it, she switched it off and tossed it onto the heap of suspicious stuff behind the chair. She pulled the crotch zip up with great care and leaned down over Niamh, leaving the tube hanging around her neck.

‘There. That’s better. Now, I wonder if you’re expecting a little reward for being so kind to let me play with you?’

Niamh puffed, giving another nod.

‘So you’ve had it, then? Kiss and make up, that’s it?’

This was a bit of unknown terrain, Niamh thought. She hesitated for a few seconds. Slowly, she looked up, shaking her head.

‘That’s right. We’re not through yet. Oh, no.’

With a gentle twist, Alex got to her feet and bent down beside the chair. The sharp buzzing sound that followed was quite unmistakable, and Niamh gasped at the feeling of the magic wand touching her left breast. It was as if the whole chair was rattling with the vibrations from the toy wedged into her groin. They were sharp, strong, unforgivingly efficient and almost painful. Fingers kept sliding all over her suit, which was moving around on her skin of its own by now. This was nearly too much, but Alex didn’t give an inch. The more she groaned and twisted, the more she got.

Suddenly the tube was lifted from her neck, and Alex crouched down next to her, one hand steadily gripping the vibrator handle.

‘This is the best part, sweetie.’

Niamh was caught on the exhale, and wasn’t prepared to hold on for long when the air was cut off again. She started to squirm and buck violently, unable to cope with the overwhelming sensations. Seconds passed.

She’s not going to let me breathe. The thought flashed through her mind, and she yelped under the mask. Alex pressed the wand tighter onto her aching sex, and Niamh tensed up like a coil. A sudden plop followed by a rush of cold air filling her lungs made her wail with relief.

‘Look at me. Look at me, sweetie!’

There was a fiery, hungry look in her face now, Niamh noticed while trying to steady herself as far as she was able. The pressure from the wand eased just a fraction, but she was still jolted by its brutal force.

‘See what I mean now? Do you understand?’

‘Yes. Yes.’

‘Next time you want to go exploring things, you ask first.’

‘It hurts...’

Niamh could feel her body respond in a way her brain wasn’t really ready to accept. Tiny bubbles burst on the surface somewhere inside her, and she was not far from boiling over now. No, it doesn’t. It feels... so good. So good. Want more. Now.

‘You don’t want me to have to worry about you, dear, do you?’



The wand began whisking her groin in a more lenient, enticing way, creating waves of pleasure that made Niamh quiver with delight. Alex eased herself up and let her lips graze the gasmask. Again, she turned her voice into a whisper.

‘Come for me now.’

It was as if the words themselves pushed her really close to the edge. Niamh arched her back, furiously trying to buck her hips against the white, buzzing knob. A quick flush of soothing softness rolled through her, and she moaned like a pining cat.

All at once, there was no air. She felt a little pinch of anxiety, but didn’t fight it. Instead, she enjoyed the dizziness growing for each missed breath, knowing that she wasn’t far from orgasm. It feels like falling...

Then, the vibrations stopped. She opened her eyes in bewilderment, only to see Alex pressing the wand against her own crotch. Niamh tried to suck at least a little bit of air through the tube, but it was useless. The gasmask collapsed onto her face as she drew as hard as she could, her lungs burning with the exertion. Very close to fainting, she was a little surprised that she didn’t feel any panic at all; just a fuzzy warmth enveloping her. Her eyelids felt very heavy, as if she was slowly drifting into sleep.

Out of nowhere, a trembling climax overwhelmed her. She nearly blacked out when there was a sudden surge of fresh air and a fervid buzzing spreading liquid fire over her sex again. Helplessly out of control, she watched the rapturous look on Alex’ face as the orgasm seized her. Bit by bit, she deflated and sank back into the seat, gradually finding her way down again.

* * * * *

The scent of industrial grade rubber, mixed with the sultry smell of warm rubber and what probably were her own secretions, kept kicking a small part of her brain to make it stay awake. Even if Niamh only really wanted to be set free now to rest at least a while, that, and the now familiar squeezy touch from her second skin she had so fallen in love with still made her expect just a little bit more fun. Tomorrow was going to be a really hard day to get through.

She felt cautious fingers gingerly unzipping her crotch, and gasped at the feeling of something virtually bulging out as her tormented sex was freed from its tight imprisonment.

If she’s trying to finger me now, I’ll go to pieces. God.

‘Oh, will you look at that.’

Alex silently purred next to her, touching her with a feathery caress.


Niamh watched her as she removed her hand, sniffed it, and wiped it off against the seat. The tube was disconnected and thrown aside, and Niamh was left sitting tied to the chair as Alex sneaked around it a few times, distantly letting her fingers wander.

‘You feel really hot. Would you like a little refreshment before I let you go?’

Niamh nodded. Her throat actually was rather parched by now, but she suspected that Alex had something less pleasant than just a quick drink up her sleeve. The soppy mask was left unstrapped on her face, and would remain there for at least a while longer.

‘I feel like being nice to you, since you’ve been so good. I’ll even help you clean this mess up. How’s that, dear?’


‘Yes. Of course, there isn’t much to be done except...’ Alex demonstratively ripped off the condom she had pulled over the top of the wand to protect it ‘...a little wiping off here and there, putting the goods away until tomorrow and of course washing... up’

She unhinged the hose from the wall mounting and turned the water on. Niamh winced at the first spray hitting her. Although the water was pretty warm, it felt like standing naked in a hailstorm at first. The spatter on her hood nearly deafened her when Alex moved closer, and the sudden burst aimed at her belly made her yell.

‘Good.’ Alex gloatingly cooed. ‘There’s nothing like a nice cold rub-down when you’re feeling tired, don’t you think?’

There was no way of defending herself from the water splashing all over her, and Niamh tried to bite down as much as she could. A real rouser, all right, she thought. This was going to get her a proper summer cold.

‘Oh, I gathered that you already had tried out to have some fun in the shower as well. Was it as good as you’d imagined? Well?’


Niamh growled as loud as she could through the mask, to make Alex stop doing her worst to wet the whole room down. Now, she closed in on her, aiming a bit lower. Niamh turned her face away, afraid of having the hose shoved into the inlet of the gasmask.

Don’t put it there! Don’t.   

 Instead, Alex lowered the spray. It hit Niamh right between her legs.

‘Such a naughty mind. Shame to waste it all on yourself, isn’t it.’

The water didn’t feel too bad on her torrid sex. It was actually surprisingly soothing, and it tickled her more than it hurt. Instinctively, Niamh began wiggling her hips a little, making the water splash around her torso.

Suddenly, Alex pulled the gasmask off of her face and sought her lips with her own, still letting the water gush all over them both. Niamh felt as if someone was trying to suck the last out of her, before Alex let her go and turned the water off with a quick twist.

‘There. Now...’

For a moment, Alex enjoyed herself caressing the wet rubber covering her breasts and belly, apparently very aroused. A strange, relaxed expression came upon her face as her fingers eventually travelled down between her legs. She sighed and smacked her lips, winking at Niamh.

Now, there was another little problem. The chilling shower had played havoc with Niamh’s bladder, and she felt the need to go really badly. She tried to get Alex’ attention as nicely as she could. She meaningly pulled her restraints and whispered.

‘Please, can I... I have to pee. I really do.’

Alex didn’t budge. She playfully unzipped her crotch and sneaked a couple of fingers inside her suit.

‘If I let you go, would you give me...’ Her voice sounded decidedly hoarse as she pressed harder onto her crotch. ‘...a bit of delicious oral pleasure, then?’

‘Of course.’

‘Something tells me I’m going to have it anyway.’

Alex tipped her head on the side, rubbing herself even harder.

‘It’s all right. You can have your little wee-wee right there, I won’t bother.’


‘Come on. I can stand here forever, just letting you watch me. I thought you liked to watch me masturbate, sweetie. Would it be more fun if I made some sounds? Or perhaps used the toys?’

Oh, what the fuck.

Niamh relaxed her muscles, defiantly looking Alex right in the face. A warm stream flooded the seat and ran down on the floor with a slight, splashing sound. She was surprised at how much there seemed to be. It was a huge relief, and Alex’ pleased countenance intrigued her.

Don’t tell me she gets off on this as well...

With a swift spurt, Alex hosed her off. The last of the water disappeared with a slight gurgle in the drain behind the chair.

‘Would you like to be let loose now, dear?’

‘Oh, yeah.’

‘There’s a hot shower waiting for us both upstairs, and I just can’t think of anything nicer right now. ‘

The straps came undone in a blink, and Niamh instantly tried to stand up. Her legs weren’t really with her at first. Alex had to catch her as she stumbled forward.

‘Ho! Easy, now. Let me help you there.’

‘Shit. I...I’m...’

‘We’ve got to get you some sugar straight away. Let’s leave this mess until later, shall we. Come on.’

* * *

Niamh felt a little better after being stripped and scrubbed thoroughly, with two wholesome Belgian truffles and half a banana tucked in her. Still, she was as battered as a rag doll in a washing machine, but grateful and relaxed.

Alex was still wearing her suit, with the rubber sparkling with tiny droplets and her hair in total disarray. She had made herself comfortable in the shower cubicle seat with her legs resting high up on the side handles, letting the hot mist from the jets around it cover them both.

Niamh was kneeling on the floor with her head firmly lodged in Alex’ crotch. It was a relief for her to be able to move around, and she excelled herself in pleasuring Alex judging from the interesting sounds from under the wet fuzz of hair.

‘Ooh, we just have to do more of this.’ Alex breathlessly hummed. ‘Right there, sweetie...’

Niamh sucked at the fleshy lips and wagged her head, making Alex groan louder.

‘Only if we play switch. I owe you one.’


Alex’ jaw dropped at the touch of teeth to her bare flesh, biting just enough to make her tickler turn into an igniting match-head. Niamh knew precisely how to do by now.

‘Godverdomme! Ok. All right.’


‘Yes. Yes.’

Niamh noticed how Alex looked for somewhere to hold on to. She was getting closer now, and a really enticing sight from below. Niamh pressed her whole tongue into the cleft and felt her quivering. Without a warning she withdrew, leaving only her fingers pressing the swelling labia very gently. Putting on her naughtiest face, she looked Alex straight in the face and stuck her tongue out with open mouth.

‘Oh, no.’ Alex puffed. ‘Don’t...You don’t want that.’

‘We’re in the shower, Alex. Come on.’

‘I'd like to smack you, you little...’

‘You had your chance. Come on now.’

‘No. Let me come first. Please.’

Niamh dived back in, working away fervently with her eyes set on Alex’ face. It was always much easier to make her orgasm by teasing her first, and so much more fun. Now, through her fingertips she could already feel the contractions in her lower belly.

Before long, a series of shocks riddled Alex, and she came silently, pressed against the back wall. Niamh was locked in a vice and had no option but to continue pleasuring her until she was done. She could feel how Alex gradually relaxed, letting her gloved hands stroke her soppy hair, pushing her back. Niamh drew her breath and slumped her head down on Alex’ rubbered thigh.


‘Thank you, sweetie.’

The mist turned into more of a drizzle at the turn of a handle, and Alex let her legs down as she straightened herself up. With her eyes half closed, Niamh watched how Alex began caressing herself again, merely brushing over her open crotch, parting her lips very carefully. She spoke softly, out of breath.

‘Are you really sure...?’

No. But how bad can it be, though? She seems to like it.

Before she had the time to prepare herself, Alex relieved herself all over her. It felt much hotter than the water, and as she gasped with surprise she accidentally got some of it in her mouth. She let the water wash it out before she could taste it. The sensation wasn’t at all that disgusting, she noticed a little pleased with herself. Not here, anyway. Not now.

With all the water running from the shower, it was no big thing to let her tongue run all the way from the puckered little orifice to the crumpled petals, and Alex’ response was really something to remember.

Slightly trembling, she watched Niamh in ecstatic astonishment, and Niamh could swear that she felt the aftermath rippling through her as well.

Goody. Nice one.

‘Mmhh.’ Niamh smacked. ‘Would you like me to wash you now?’

* * *

The tea had a tinge to it that she couldn’t really place. It wasn’t like that the night before. Perhaps it was time to check the pot, or perhaps it was something she had eaten, even if she couldn’t recall exactly what it would be that could create this taste of tin. It didn’t bother her that much, anyhow. What was a bit worse was that she still had some trouble getting her limbs to function properly. That, and the fizzy sensation in her head disturbed her. Well, it would perhaps be gone by tomorrow.

The evening was really nice, even if it had started to rain a little. Again. Alex had, quite contrary to what she had threatened not to do, helped Niamh with all the necessary business with getting all the gear cleaned up and stowed away. It went just like that, she thought. They even had a little fun doing it together. Yes, it was a nice evening.

Alex looked like a retired movie star in her kimono, with her lush hair pinned back in a bun, wearing just enough make up to create a vague aura of indifferent leisure. She appeared to feel really well. Niamh sensed a certain feline relaxation about her, as if she was about to claw the furniture and purr in front of the fireplace any minute.

Niamh had found an oversized midnight blue silk pyjama jacket she thought fitted her rather well. At least good enough for Alex to have some trouble keeping her hands off her. She was grateful, though, that her private parts were left alone for now. Alex had pitied her for how sore and swollen she had looked when they had dried off, but it didn’t hurt even if Niamh thought she looked like a bizarre fuzz ball in the lower regions.

‘It’s all your fault, you know...’

Alex mumbled between sips. It was her third glass of whiskey, and her eyes were becoming a little glazed.


‘I’m already into thinking about... next time.’

‘How nice.’

‘I’m sure I’ll dream about it tonight.’

Niamh moved closer to her in the sofa.

‘I’ll wake you up if you try anything.’

‘And I’ll definitely start looking for something suitable for you. I’m thinking of getting...’

‘Shush, Alex. Surprise me a little instead, won’t you.’

Alex started to laugh.

‘Oho. Oh, I will.’

A quick swig emptied the tumbler. She managed to get to her feet, suavely smiling. Not a single hint of the half pint now missing in the bottle, Niamh thought.

‘Now we really must get to bed. I don’t want to wait for anything to happen on this otherwise won-der-ful night. I’ve even left the phone switched off. Are you coming?’

‘In a minute. I’ll go check on the doors and feed the tigers first.’

Niamh lingered in the kitchen a few minutes after washing her cup, trying to shrug off the weird, prickly feeling in her head. She didn’t want to go to bed feeling woozy, and she doubted that any aspirin would help either. After a short while it all seemed to subside, and she was relieved. Perhaps she was just really, really done up. Nothing to worry about.

Halfway up the stairs, she had to sit down. She barely made the rest of the steps, but she decided not to tell Alex about it. There was nothing worse than making her worried over nothing tonight. Not after so much fun.


Story continues in Part 3

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