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by Ludwig

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Part One

Chapter 1


The scenery in this particular district was something she under normal circumstances really appreciated. This time it was like a silent film flickering past her eyes through the window. The shifting autumn colours kept her from falling asleep. She felt nauseously tired, although the dizziness wore off a bit as she straightened herself up in the seat, and a bit ashamed for not keeping the conversation alive the way she used to whenever they were travelling together.

Sandra seemed to understand, though. There hadn’t been too many words from her for at least twelve miles, but now she turned her eyes off the road and asked her in a concerned voice;

“You seem like you’ve been through things lately. Sure you’re all right?”

Since there wasn’t much to say just yet that would make any sense at all, she wet her lips carefully before she chose to answer as truthfully as she could without revealing anything.

“I guess I will be.”

A strange grin forced itself upon her face.

“I think I’ll be just fine...”

Early April

She remembered when they first met in that awfully Kafkaesque place Tim and Karen called their gallery; and her first impression of the woman waving to her over the crowd still lingered. Radiant, well-spoken, charismatic and a real test of character to be around. The woman seemed to frighten people, and the moment her name was mentioned nearly everyone got wordy about things they had heard about her. About her appearance and wealth- money never seemed to be an issue with her- and imaginative rumours of her undisclosed past. No one ever gave way to outright backbiting, even if they would have if they had known it was safe, she thought.

When Sandra had introduced her to Mrs. de Vries that evening, Niamh had found herself looking up to make eye contact, after discovering a set of blueish white teeth level with her forehead. High heels on large but fairly well-shaped feet added another few inches to the slender woman, already standing tall at six feet two, at least. Niamh quickly realised that this was all part of her act, and tried to not let herself be intimidated.

That led to Niamh being the centre of her attention for a bit longer than she was prepared for. She should have noticed, she thought in the time that followed, what was going on from the moment the words please say Alex reached her ears. The strange glances. Fingers pushing unusually lush locks of auburn hair over ears; the whole show. Even her way of talking to her which was indeed very different from what she had heard earlier, communicating with, commanding and commenting others... Nothing else. Niamh couldn’t remember a single word she had said herself.

And here she was again. Outside one of three ghastly gazebo-styled marquees put up in the midst of a park with people strutting about like poultry ranging the grounds. Another exhibition, in the great outdoors this time, with the doubtful benefit of the fresh April breeze blowing through her jacket. Whose bright idea was this, anyway?

With remarkable ease, Mrs. de Vries paced through the crowd without nudging anyone too hard. She was dressed for the weather rather than for the occasion, in a large Burberry coat that made her stand out from the rest of the frost-bitten visitors.

“How nice to see you here!”

A firm, yet delicate handshake. Niamh mumbled something and smiled.

“I’m not surprised, though.”

“I’ve nothing to do with the arrangements...”

“Oh, I know.”

Bad start, she thought. It sounded almost like she tried to excuse herself for being there in the first place.

“But it’s always hard to say no to friends, isn’t it?”

Niamh couldn’t really see what she was getting at, but nodded anyway.

“I’ve been trying to get in touch with you.”


“Well, you told me that you sometimes do design jobs for...”

“We had a little business; me and some other people... You know Sandra... Last time it was Oxfam we made some stuff for.”

And where did all these words come from? she thought. All at once blurting out more than she had intended. In a jolly tone, and all.

“Since September I’ve really done nothing but odd-jobs here and there, barely pulling through, y’know... Digital so-called solutions. Computer graphics stuff, mostly...”

She blushed when she noticed that Mrs. de Vries already appeared to know the whole story, only waiting for her cue.

“I think I might have something for you. If you’re interested, that is...”

Walpurgis Night

Niamh was a bit surprised to be invited to her home for ‘a meeting over dinner’ a few weeks later. She had received her first check but hardly started working on the ‘little project’ they had discussed earlier, and work-wise there wasn’t really that much to be dealt with. It wasn’t simply an idea she had to develop by herself trying to satisfy a indecisive customer. Mrs. de Vries had presented an A to Z blueprint of exactly how she wanted her little online enterprise to function and look like. Niamh was in plain terms hired to carry it out according to plan.

It wasn’t that she was about to change her mind now; the pay was awfully good considering how little effort she had to put into it. It was the feeling that she had set foot in something else that made her feel uneasy.

When she stepped out of the old Metro she had borrowed and surveyed the large country house and its surroundings for a moment, she could almost hear eerie music from somewhere. There was something serene about the almost pathetic rural romance that enveloped the grounds, and yet she could sense a sort of tension. Everything in sight was extremely well arranged. Even the gravel path to her left reminded her of a Japanese garden.

Walking slowly toward the welcoming light from above the doors, she noticed a movement in a window curtain. The doors opened and Mrs. de Vries appeared with a smile that shone through the dusk.

“Right on time! Welcome!” The table in the kitchen, once meant to be used only by the staff, was set for two when Niamh entered.

“I hope you don’t mind eating in the kitchen.”

“No, not at all.”

“And I do hope you’re hungry after that long drive. I surely am. Let’s sit down and have a quiet moment for ourselves.”

Business was put on hold, then; Niamh thought. Very unlike her. She also noticed how she had let her hair down, and her face seemed even smoother than she had remembered. Also, there was a faint but appreciable scent of rather expensive perfume. Niamh became curious about what was going on.

Well seated and served, the condensed version of the Story of Mrs. de Vries Life was carefully being presented to her, half a chapter at the time as they were having their pot roast, and Niamh discovered that the woman was a skilled storyteller. She didn’t even have to act interested. She became intrigued.

The journey began with the very brief story about her early days in a pretty poor home not far from Rotterdam, and continued with young Alexandra marrying a handsome man from Britain. Before she knew it, she was partaking in the social life of high society. This changed her ways quite drastically, and her reputation of being someone of a rare kind grew on her quite comfortably as long as she found ways of taking advantage of it.

Being Mrs. de Vries was becoming more and more of a stage act as the years passed by, and she excelled in the leading role as herself. She confessed that their marriage had not been that successful, but her husband had at least meant something stable in times of turmoil. After his sudden demise in 1989 she found her life turned inside out again.

“I managed to pull through, after all.” marked the end of the story, and Niamh almost expected the sound of a book closing. Mrs. de Vries looked up and flashed a faint smile. “He was a very resourceful man. Soon I discovered that I had the means to do almost anything I wanted, so I got into business myself.”

Niamh felt a bit woozy after the fast ride through the biography. She finished her second cup of coffee as Mrs. de Vries rose from the table to look for a lighter.

“Oh, don’t bother, Mrs. de Vries. You can use mine.”

“Please say Alex. I didn’t know you had that little vice.”

“Quit eight months ago. I found it harder to kick the habit of having lighters and matches lying around.”

Niamh reached forward to light the cigarillo. The roast formed a lump in her belly when her hand was enclosed by unusually warm fingers. She became aware of how she was carefully scrutinized by a pair of dark green eyes during a split second. It was probably no coincidence that Mrs. de Vries had paid a little extra attention to how she looked this evening.

“I wasn’t meaning to offend you in any way by dwelling on my past like this.”

“Oh, no!” Niamh assured her. It really was interesting to take part of her life, after all, even though she felt like being thrown in a tumble dryer.

“It must sound a bit pathetic” Alex continued, “and I haven’t heard a word from you yet. I was being rude as usual.”

Mrs. de Vries suggested that they should have a few drinks after dinner, and Niamh was shown into a sitting-room across the hall. She was surprised to see the satisfied expression and the approving nod when she accepted two fingers of neat single malt.

She leaned back into the leather seat and stretched her back, absent-mindedly looking around in the room. She could imagine living in this kind of place, she thought, if she didn’t have to keep it tidy herself. The whole place was immense by her standards, and sitting in this room was like being transferred back to another time; since nearly every piece of furniture was distinctively but discretely designed to look like something from the 1950’s. Rather nice, but a bit inanimate. More diorama than domestic. A few pictures hanging on the wall caught her attention. They did not really seem to belong there. Modern photography, but she could not tell whom they reminded her of.

Niamh was expecting to be questioned about how she had got on with what she was hired to do, but before she had decided on what to say Mrs. de Vries brought the subject up without asking anything.

“By the end of May I suppose we will have a better chance of telling how we’re getting on. I had plans to re-launch the website within six weeks, and I know you won’t fail me there. As for the premises, I leave it to my people to make the necessary arrangements with the craftsmen. All right?”

“All right..”

And that was that, she thought. The whisky was smooth but rather smoky, and another swig curbed her nervousness.

“Now, I noticed that you admired my photographs.”

“So it’s your work? Yeah. They’re good. I like...”

“Oh, it’s just that I think painting is a bit too messy; and I just do it for a bit of fun. Those ones are not even supposed to be here, but I didn’t know where to put them...”

Mrs. de Vries got up and brought out a couple of heavy-looking photo albums. Niamh cringed, but she realised it would probably not be the standard issue holiday snaps she was going to have to look through.

Casually seated on the arm-rest of Niamh’s chair, Mrs. de Vries showed her some of the pictures she had taken during the years. She proved to be as good a photographer as anyone Niamh had ever worked with, and the pictures were carefully chosen and neatly sorted. There were pictures from all sorts of occasions, from places around Europe and elsewhere, and none of them seemed to taken by chance, Niamh noticed. Some of them were real works of art.

Suddenly there was the annoying noise of a phone ringing. Mrs. de Vries excused herself and tiptoed away to answer. Niamh sat flicking through the pages she had not yet seen for a while, but soon she started feeling drowsy. The phone conversation seemed to become a bit lengthy, so she got on her feet to put back the albums they had been sifting through. She was pretty sure which shelf they were supposed to be on, and carefully, she fitted them into the empty slots between rare-looking leather-bound books. Something that looked like a small scarlet scrapbook was tucked away behind where the albums should fit, and without thinking twice, she pulled it out. Surely, there would be more pictures to look at in it. Maybe these would be different.

When she opened it up, her head cleared within a blink. There were pictures, all right; but not of the kind she had expected. The pictures inside showed people on parties she had only heard about. A petite blonde feigning embarrassment, wearing nothing but a kilt and a corselette, covered her naked breasts. Two young men, of whom one of them displayed his neat buttocks in black chaps, were kissing passionately. People mingled dressed in all sorts of kinky stuff, and her eyes stuck to an image of a familiar person wearing a bright blue latex top with a Wigan Nite Owl- print on the chest.


She was not really a novice to this kind of thing; mostly because of her friendship with Sandra, who tended to involve Niamh in all that was going on in her life. What made her boggle was that Mrs. de Vries had been there and taken these pictures, and that Karen was showing her the ‘I’ll eat you’-sign with her pierced tongue between her fingers through the lens. So up close you could see her pinpoint pupils.

She had not met Karen since her and Sandra more or less split up to avoid a total crash in quite a stormy relationship, and she had no idea that there was any connection between them all. But here she was at full speed on V&E again.

Niamh flicked through the pages with a not entirely unpleasant naughtiness seeping down inside her. It was a strange coincidence, she thought, that Alex would let something absolutely private like this lie just out of plain sight; not really hidden, but yet... Instead of letting any suspicion strike root, she tried to suppress the growing excitement she felt. It would be really, really embarrassing to be caught standing here all worked up by dirty pictures. She decided to put it back before Mrs. de Vries came back, but when she raised her head she was already standing in the doorway. For a split second Niamh thought she could hear a soft titter; and if Mrs. de Vries tried to appear shocked or upset by covering her mouth, the warm glint in her eyes betrayed her.

Even so; Niamh blushed deeply and tried to come up with something to say. Mrs. de Vries cut her short.

“Well, it certainly looks like you’ve found something interesting, sweetie. Don’t look so surprised.”

“But I didn’t mean to...”

“Oh, of course you didn’t.”

Mrs. de Vries gently picked the scrapbook up from the edge of the shelf where Niamh had dropped it; sat down in the leather sofa and opened it again. She smiled mildly and gave her a searching look, and Niamh suddenly felt very sober. Very ashamed as well; but something told her that this was not the moment to run off to the car and hurry back home again.

“But...” she continued, “you didn’t seem to find the pictures entirely appalling, either. I could tell from the start that you’re not easily scared, but curious. After all, you had the pluckiness to come here and meet me!”

“I’m sorry if...”

“Stop making excuses and come and sit down here with me. You would have found out about things sooner or later anyway. Let’s not make such a big fuss out of it. Now, sit. Come have a better look.”

Niamh gently placed herself next to Mrs. de Vries, who seemed to enjoy the situation quite a lot.

“Ah. Karen. Gorgeous as always. You two have met, I gather.”

Niamh nodded, trying not to feel too awkward.

“This was before she moved to Spain, I guess; and...”

Suddenly another familiar face turned up on the next page. In the picture covering a little more than a quarter of a page a lady perched on a stool, wearing a snug two-piece, very expensive-looking latex catsuit with matching high-heels and opera length gloves. The spotless, jet black rubber followed every curve nicely, and Niamh couldn’t help but admiring her body. She swallowed. There was no mistaking.

“That’s you. That’s you, isn’t it?”

“Hm. Yes, that would be me.”

Niamh noticed the slight shade of red on Mrs. de Vries’ cheeks.

“Oh God. You look stunning.”

“Now, really.”

Mrs. de Vries squirmed a little, but seemed at least a bit flattered by her remark. Niamh kept a finger on the picture to keep her from turning the page too quick. She was surprised at her own reaction, but the stirring feeling in her belly made her want to look really carefully.

“I mean it. That’s... Oh, Jesus; you look great in that. Are there any other shots of you?”

Mrs. de Vries did not appear to be taken by surprise by Niamh’s growing attention. Rather than anything else, she responded with moving closer to her.

“I’m not much of a social person, actually. I usually don’t let myself be caught like that in public very often. it’s... it’s much more of a private matter to me.”

Niamh nearly twitched when she felt a warm hand touch her thigh, but did not show anything. A series of thoughts raced through her mind, but she decided it might be worth to play along for now. This was actually more exciting than frightening. Private matter, she had said.

Another couple of fingers ran across her cropped hair in the back of her neck and she turned her head slowly, looking straight in Mrs. de Vries’ eyes. She suddenly felt very shaky.

“But it’s always nice to hear such words.”

The latest attempt of having an affair with a girl had not lasted for long, and was not at all what Niamh had wished for in any sense. Now, she was about to be resolutely seduced by this woman; and she really had nothing against it. At least not in this very moment. Her way of kissing was something out of the ordinary.

Niamh’s arms went numb and she got out of time for a second, missing the opportunity to return the kiss properly. Mrs. de Vries received a wet smooch on the neck, and Niamh liked the taste of her.

“It’s getting really late.” Mrs. de Vries whispered hoarsely. “Would you like to stay here with me tonight?”



May Day

Early next morning Niamh awoke with a slight headache, still in a tight embrace. She couldn’t remember when they had fallen asleep the night before, but she could still feel the exhaustion weighing her down in the large, plush bed.

Alex’ way of making love was quite different from anything she had experienced earlier. She had spent what felt like nearly an hour just cuddling and fondling Niamh, letting her feel and explore every inch of her own body without letting her go too far too soon. Niamh had become nearly obsessed with Alex’ somewhat rubenesque buttocks and remarkably firm breasts, envious of her being in such a great shape despite her age. Probably the result of endless hours of exercise, but she had doubtlessly been blessed with something to build upon as well. Even her sex was immaculately smooth and well-trimmed, really inviting, and that part had perhaps been the most unexpected one.

The frustration of having to wait for it so long had been such a pain, and when she had tried to force things or touch herself to get at last a little relief, she had been gently overpowered. When she finally was allowed to give her something, she was insatiable.

The sourish tinge on her tongue still remained. Alex had taken it sitting down at first, with her kneeling on the soft rug. She was much more juicy- and tasty- than Niamh had expected, and the look on her face when Niamh had found the right rhythm had been beyond description.

She freed her right arm and snuck her hand down between her legs. There was a growing throbbing that had to be taken care of right there and then. Niamh recalled how she desperately had tried all the tricks she knew of to satisfy Alex and right when she had been about to give up and use her hand instead, she had felt a series of cramps rippling through her. Happily, Niamh had buried her face even deeper; feeling the sudden surge of juices on her lips. Then, Alex had nearly thrust her backwards as she came.

Niamh bit her lip and sighed. What had happened next would be something to remember late at night when she was alone in bed. Alex had preferred to have her lying down on the bed as she slowly but unrelentingly brought her to orgasm with subtle fingers. Niamh shuddered with delight at the memory of how it felt to be caressed with such expertise. Not being able to resist coming, not being let down until she was begging her with tears in her eyes. It had been almost painful.

She pictured herself the wickedly smiling Alex leaning over her and tried to mimic the movements with her own hand. It was not the same, but it had to do for now. Silently, she increased the tempo.

“Mmm... Sounds good.”

Niamh gasped at the whispering voice in her ear. Alex was awake.

“Why did you stop, you naughty girl?”

The duvet was slowly lifted off her and Niamh lay still, not knowing what to do. Alex wet her lips and blinked, pushing her hair off her face.

“Do you mind if I watch?”

Niamh shook her head. She tried to start over; even more aroused by the question, but something better came across her mind.

“I’d like you to... do it... instead.”

“Oh?” Alex let the tip of her tongue run across her upper lip. “I was hoping to get a good show to start off the day; but if you want to, I’ll take a rain check.”

Niamh wondered how Alex could manage to make a simple touch of her hand seem like torment. Minute after minute she avoided taking her too far, keeping her on the boil; until Niamh moaned impatiently.

“You only have to ask nicely.”

So this was the way she was going to be treated, Niamh thought. Well, she did not object to it as long as there was something worth waiting for.


“That’s much better.”

Within a few moments, Niamh lost control over her body. She was rapidly moving close to climax without knowing how she got there so quick. Alex breathed in her ear, and she thought that she could hear her chuckle between breaths. When she finally came, Alex silenced her with a deep kiss.

“There you go, sweetie.”

* * *

With only a few miles left until she got home, she had to stop the car at a lay-by to avoid crashing. She was still all jittery.

There was no way of knowing if she had made a terrible mistake last night, or just stumbled into something great. She did not regret the promises she had made, or anything else she had done or said to Alex. Not yet, at least. But she had decided to stay low and not tell anyone about anything at this moment. She had a feeling that there were good reasons to keep things private.

Swearing silently to herself, she put the old MG into gear and wobbled off again. What she really did not need right now was more to worry about.

Spring fever

Only a few days later, Alex showed up in the shop that by now was rapidly changing. Niamh had just finished talking to one of the electricians making her life hard but rarely anything else, and was a bit surprised to see her.

“Oh, hi!” She brushed what was left of her quick lunch off her chest. “I thought you were away on business the whole week.”

“Ohoy; and yes, I was.”

“I got your text message, but I didn’t expect you to show up now.”

“Change of plans, dear.”

Niamh noticed how Alex carefully observed the few men left outside the shop, and how she seemed to relax when they got in their van and drove off for lunch. When she turned around, there was a familiar sheen in her face.

“Would it be possible for us to meet this weekend? You have deserved some time off from all this; and I really long for some company.”

“Of course.” Niamh felt her heart make a little leap. “Things are going quite well, and those blokes would love to get me out of their hair.”

“Great. I’ll pick you up on Thursday night, then.”

Alex smiled at Niamh’s sudden surprise.

“I had a couple of days more in mind than just two or three...” She flicked a few stray crumbs off Niamh’s shirt and smacked her lips. “And I’d hate to see you on the road in that banger again.”

* * *

The view from the study was quite something, Niamh thought as she gazed through the window. She had gone for a tour of the house after dinner, having eaten a little too much again. Outside, spring was on its way, and the colours blended in the sunset in a way that washed away all the memories of grey winter skies.

“I never get tired of that sight.”

Niamh felt Alex’ hand on her shoulder. She could not understand how the woman could move so silently.

“Now...” Gently, she was turned away from the window. “I never got around to asking if you wanted something special for dessert.”

Normally; Niamh thought, those words would have been a real turn-off for her to hear. It clearly depended on the person saying them. She could feel that certain tingle grow deep down below, and welcomed the kiss Alex gave her. An idea entered her head, and she decided to tempt fate a little bit.

“Don’t get me wrong now.” Niamh had to pull herself together to ask. “You got me a bit curious about certain things, you know...”

Alex slowed down, suddenly looking interested. Her eyes turned a deeper shade of green and the certain glow was back again. It did not make things easier for Niamh.

“And I was sort of wondering if you would care to show me... a bit more than just pictures?”

For a minute Alex eyed her to see if her curiosity was spurious, not really believing what she just had heard; but Niamh managed to look really convincing. The response was cautiously cool, but positive. Alex grinned with delight.

“Are you really sure that you’re up for something like that?”


“I suppose we could take a little look, if you want to.”

Niamh felt like this was something Alex had expected to happen, one way or another. Before she had time to think about what she had asked for, they were on their way upstairs. She felt nervous about this, but somehow full of expectation.

Plenty of the rooms in the house were not being used. Alex had said that she used to move out to one of the cottages during the winter. They were cosy, and the heating bills could be kept less upsetting. Niamh also suspected that, given the size of the place, it was rather a dreary and empty house for one person to live in. She didn’t know what memories there were between these walls, either, but didn’t mention anything to Alex.

On the top floor, there was a single door in the end of a corridor. Alex showed Niamh into a rather chilly garret, with portable wardrobes along the walls, and pieces of odd furniture put away.

“Down there to the left.”

Alex pointed towards a large linen cupboard and a clothing rack covered up with a plastic sheet.

“I’m going to move the things I want to keep to a safer place, in case there is a fire or if something else would happen.” She moved a few boxes out of the way. “Some of it is already packed, and other things are hidden in my bedroom closet.”

“Hidden from me, too?” Niamh asked. “I guess that’s a good thought.”

“Oh, but you’re not going to be let in on all my secrets.” Alex blinked and showed her ivory teeth. “At least not yet.”

Niamh was dumbfounded as Alex revealed her treasures. There were quite a lot of different rubber garments and items hidden on the rack and in the depths of the cupboard. Alex put some of them on display for Niamh to see and feel, and soon enough, she was exploring what was in there herself. Alex was beside her looking amused, and almost like a consenting adult guiding a child, she was showing and explaining to Niamh what things were for.

Some garments and various attires that especially caught Niamh’s attention were withdrawn and examined thoroughly.

“Some of the clothing on the rack, as you can see, is more like ordinary everyday wear except from the obvious choice of material and the fact that they’re more or less hand tailored.”

Alex acted as if she was showing her newly rebuilt kitchen, but there was no mistake about the look in her eyes. Niamh, too, felt the tension. Her fingers stroked the surface of a pair of black riding trousers, hanging next to a couple of beautiful blouses in various colours. There was an overcoat, a jacket and some other street clothes. The smell was intriguing and she couldn’t resist inhaling the rich scent. It brought back memories, and she smiled at the thought of the skimpy dresses she had worn on a few occasions, when she had experienced how they first caused her to sweat tremendously when she bounced away on the dance floor, and then later freeze her arse off waiting outside for the minicab. She wondered how she would feel wearing all this.

“Those are my pieces of choice when I dress up for myself. Casual wear, if you like.” Alex bit her lower lip. “As you might understand, I don’t get much of the satisfaction of dressing up for someone else any longer. And it’s not that often I feel the need to get fully attired with the more special stuff, even though it occasionally happens...”

Niamh turned around with a black sou’wester on her head.

“I think you look adorable.” Alex said mockingly. “Please try on the mac right behind you.”

She willingly pulled the floppy mackintosh on. It was three sizes too big, and Alex giggled at her appearance.

“This isn’t really clubwear, is it?”

“Oh, I wish there were clubs for people looking like that!”

Niamh placed herself on a stool in the corner.

“Do you know what I’d really, really like?” She carefully watched Alex’ facial expression. “I’d like to see you dressed up.”

“Oh...Well, er...”

“Please, if you would. I’m not trying to embarrass you, you know that. I’d love it.”

“I bet you would.” Alex’ icy eyes saw right through her where she was propped up against the wall, but there was more mischief than malevolence in her look. “Oh, all right. I’ll do it. But don’t expect too much of me. You have to assist me, by the way.”

“Yeah, of course. That’s really sweet of you.”

“Rubbish. It doesn’t take much to talk me into that, love.”

Alex swiftly donned an ensemble Niamh had chosen out of the collection of street clothes to begin with, keeping her underwear on underneath the white blouse and black riding trousers. She buttoned the high collar and let her hair down, ruffling it slightly with her hand.

“Take a cloth from that box and the white bottle, you’ll have to be careful with the cap, and help me polish up.”

Alex completed the dressing by snapping on a pair of short, black thin latex gloves and patent leather high-heeled shoes while Niamh gently polished her where she couldn’t reach herself. Niamh stood back in admiration over the result after a quick once-over with the damp rag.

“There.” Alex proudly exhaled. “What do you think?”

“Smashin’. That’s really you, if you know what I mean.”

“Thank you. It feels just about like that, too.”

She spun around quite like a professional model, showing off every angle. The bleak light from the window reflected in her trousers, hugging her firm rear end nicely. The smart blouse with coloured seams shone bright white, contrasting with her tanned face rather effectively. The tiny wrinkles around her eyes and mouth smoothened as she casually watched her audience.

Niamh could feel those eyes thoroughly examine her reaction, which was indeed nothing but astonishment. Alex took her hand and gently let her fingers run across her chest.

“Here... Feel the texture of this blouse. it’s so smooth, marvellous to wear when it’s a bit hot.” Alex whispered.

Feeling helplessly attracted to all this she couldn’t resist asking for more, and somehow she knew that Alex had expected just that. It almost felt like she was treading right into a trap. It did not seem too bad.

Half an hour later, they were both in the large bathroom on the second floor dressing Alex up in some of the more luscious latexwear. Alex had paid Niamh compliments on her good choice; one of the two-piece tight suits in her wardrobe. This one was jet black. The trousers were high-waisted, had attached feet and a little zip in the crotch and the top was long-sleeved and featured zippers over the breasts. To go with that, Niamh had found a nice corselette and a pair of matching gauntlets.

Alex had picked the underwear, a plain black rubber bra with moulded cups and a pair of high-waisted knickers, and was seemingly quite fond of showing how they looked on her.

Seeing Alex niftily change undies right in front of her, daintily caressing her still considerably attractive assets made Niamh feel a bit antsy. She enthusiastically helped Alex lube up and pull on the stretchy, squeaky latex, just to watch and feel the gleaming suit envelop her. There was no way of denying that she was getting seriously hot.

Alex pranced along the corridor with a suave posture in the suit covering nearly all her flesh in liquid black, gently adjusting the corselette around her waist. She pirouetted in the light from a window, and bluegreen reflections danced on the shiny surface.

“Now, do you still think this looks good on me?””

Niamh thought that was the silliest question ever, but she tipped her head and narrowed her eyes, smacking her lips. Wide-eyed, she hovered around Alex, touching, feeling and smelling. There was a slightly amused expression in Alex’ face now.

Niamh felt the touch of cool, rubbery fingers on the back of her neck and under her shirt slightly above her waistline pulling her closer to Alex, and she drew her breath.

“Now...” Alex purred, “I think it’s your turn to do something for me’


“Well, dear...” She tipped Niamh’s nose with a finger. “I would really like you to try something on for me.” The finger traced the contour of her nearly desiccated lips. “But only if you want to.”

Niamh nodded.

Alex rummaged through her wardrobe picking out clothing that would be more about Niamh’s size. She quickly decided on some interesting-looking pieces and showed them to Niamh.

The first piece was a transparent, yellowish nightdress-like body in a pretty sheer latex quality. It had long, loose-fitting sleeves, but covered only a few inches below her buttocks. Niamh smiled at the cute frills around the sleeve and leg openings. She held it up in front of her, trying to imagine how to get in it.

“Elasticated at the neck,” Alex explained with her head buried in a drawer. “You simply step into it. Very easy...”

“You can see right through it.”


Now, it was Niamh’s turn to strip off. Alex was watching with great interest as she first got rid of her clothes in a hurry, and then carefully wiggled into the body, bit by bit.

“Wooh, it feels cold!” Niamh shuddered with delight when the rubber caught and released her skin in tiny snaps and rustles. She managed to worm her arms into the sleeves with a few twists, and then she stretched and pulled here and there to check that everything was still in place. Her short, black hair was straggly from the static, and it gave her a punkish look.

She felt even more naked wearing this, seeing her milky white tits right through it, but it was strangely seductive.

“I thought you told me that you weren’t used to wearing anything but simple dresses and stuff...”

Alex looked really amused, standing with her arms crossed in the doorway. Out of the corner of her eye, Niamh noticed that it made her ample bosom jut out even further under the gleaming surface.

“It was nothing like this; I mean, that was like more plastic and all. Cheaper-looking; not as soft.”

“It seems to me that you get on really well with it already. That’s good.”

“I didn’t...” Niamh buried her nose in the bend of her arm. “I never realised that it smelled this funny. it’s...” She sniffed again. “Mmh. Like Bassett’s. The black-and-red ones.”

“Something for all your senses, dear. That’s what makes it special.”

Alex had suggested thigh-high transparent stockings to go with the suit, and was very pleased when she found that they went all the way up Niamh’s crotch. She also saw her chance to a bit of fun when she found out that Niamh was really ticklish.

Raunchy thoughts haunted Niamh as she stood in front of the mirror in the large bathroom, with Alex fussing over her. The suit hugged her in a very sensuous way, and when she moved, the rubber stroked and nibbled at her labia and her rigid nipples. She gently ran her fingernails down the front panel of the suit, enjoying the tingly sensation.

“There we go...”

Alex eased herself up and looked in the mirror over Niamh’s shoulder. She had trouble keeping her hands off, teasing and feeling wherever they could reach.

“What do you think?”

“Oh...” Niamh watched her glistening reflection, noticing the moist lips sticking to the rubber in her crotch. “it’s wicked. Lovely.”


Now, she was nearly enveloped in Alex’ embrace. Black, smooth and shiny tentacles caressing her gently. She let herself be led, almost carried, to the bedroom where Alex placed her sitting on the foot-end of the bed facing the magnificent full-length mirror.

Niamh first felt a little puzzled, but got the point when Alex effortlessly made a little roll on the bed and straddled her from behind. A little air trapped inside her suit escaped with a humid puff when her breasts pressed against Niamh’s back, and her hands were everywhere again.

“Don’t move. Don’t speak.” Alex whispered with her lips touching Niamh’s neck. “Just watch.”

A nervous giggle escaped her lips. How could she know how much it turned her on? Niamh realised that she forgot who she was dealing with, and tried to say something. Two gloved fingers immediately closed her mouth.

“Don’t... speak.”

There was simply no use in trying to resist now. She did not really understand either why she was unable to fully recognize herself in what she saw in the mirror. Alex had full control over her, and she watched the fingers circle round her most sensitive parts; sliding under the transparent rubber. The feeling was all over her; a strange sensation even more intense than the first time Alex had played with her this way.

Within a few minutes, her twitches turned into spasms. It was becoming hard to focus on the mirror image, but she could see a pair of glowing emeralds carefully watching her rapture.

Alex started teasing her by momentary pauses in her caresses, causing Niamh to whimper loudly, wiggling like mad.

“There now...”

She eased the tempo, keeping Niamh close to boiling-point. Her breath wheezed like a hot wind in Niamh’s ear when she whispered.

“I could keep on going like this for a long, long while, you know...”

Alex brushed her left fingers over Niamh’s face, slipping a pair into her mouth. She tried to kiss them, then suck; but her mouth was becoming too dry and her jaw too slack.

“Then, of course, I couldn’t have you let loose like this.” A sudden squeeze where it really felt made Niamh wince. “I think you would like it.”


“Just like you seem to enjoy this.”

Alex gave a silent laugh and slid her fingers deep inside Niamh, making her squirm when they found a certain spot.

“I have a little confession to make.” she hissed. “I missed you so much that I had to touch myself thinking of you.”


“And not just once.”

Come on! Niamh thought, half out of her wits. Talking dirty to her usually never worked, but again, she had not had this done to her simultaneously. Now, the combined trickery pushed her near the edge, but Alex still kept her from getting there. She feared that she would lose control of her bowels if she was kept tense like this for long.

“It only made me want you more. And now...”

Niamh’s jaw dropped open. When the cramps pressed the air out of her lungs it nearly sounded like a weird yawn. It was a crude and intense climax, lasting only a few seconds. She slumped forward, noticing as if in a snapshot the white stickiness under the rubber in her crotch, then backwards onto the bed. Lying like a fish out of water, panting with her heart trying to pound its way out of her chest, she glared at Alex leaning over her. The look in Alex’ face told her that she knew what she had done, leaving her unsatisfied like that.

“If you’ll excuse me for a second,” Alex droned while slowly undoing her crotch zip, “I’ll get a sheet for the bed. Otherwise we’ll make a mess of it. Then I want you to take it nice... and slow...”

Niamh bit her lip, impatiently rubbing herself to still the irritating itch. The thought of being force masturbated strapped to a chair suddenly did seem very appealing. Her legs still felt a bit shaky. She let her toes grip and graze the lush, soft carpet in the hall and pulled the dressing gown tighter around her.

After having served Alex most dutifully until she was satisfied, Niamh had recieved a loving but somewhat severe treatment herself. She had even been stripped and bathed like a baby girl when she was spent. Now, she had some difficulties to stand straight.

It all felt a bit unreal to her. She was not used to any kind of role-play, and had never considered it to be something she would get herself into, but this was different. Not something made up, but... natural. A faint buzz was all that was left of the turmoil of feelings she had experienced, but she could not shake off the image of Alex’ face and her body, the noises she had made, and the strange feeling of weightlessness in the aftermath. And, she thought as she sniffed at her wrist, the mysterious scent that wouldn’t really come off.

“You all right?”

Alex was still wearing her suit, and after a quick polishing up the rubber again sparkled daintily as she minced about the kitchen eating a banana. Niamh thought it looked a bit surreal, but her mouth didn’t water because of the fruit.

“Yeah. Oh, yeah.”

“Sit down, and I’ll fix you a cup of tea. It looks like you need it.”

Balancing her weight on one of the stools, Niamh carefully leaned on her elbows. Her head slowly stopped spinning, and she followed Alex around with her eyes.

“Where does all that energy come from, anyway?”

Alex laughed heartily. She filled a large mug nearly to the brim with a brew that seemed really strong and turned around in a single, sweeping movement. A bit amused, Niamh noticed the Shrek-and-Donkey print on the white mug that was put in front of her. Contradictory signals yet again.

“I...” Alex paused, tapping her smiling lips with a gloved finger as if she was carefully weighing her words. “I feel twenty years younger. Amazing isn’t it? And it’s all because of you. You were simply wonderful.”

Niamh carefully caressed the hand still holding the mug, remembering the feeling of warm fingers on her skin. She shivered.

“That was... beyond description.”

A rumbling noise of content escaped Alex as she leaned closer to her, looking her straight in the eye.

“And you’ve seen nothing of it yet, sweetie.”

Chapter 2: A Steep Learning Curve

The rain was a never-ending downpour for the ninth day in a row. The old decorator sat in the back of his old Bedford van listening to the news on the radio. The back doors were propped open with various tools and buckets, and an old tarpaulin formed a sheltering roof over the passage between the van and the back door to the almost-but-not-really finished premises.

Niamh was not even remotely amused with how things were going, but she had decided not to push on too hard. Not now, when everything was almost set and done, and the whole country seemed to be taken hostage by what the newly crowned weather-gurus called “effects of climate change.”

On the news were reports from Suffolk about rising water levels once again, and the old man shook his head while stuffing his pipe full of cheap tobacco that smelled like turpentine.

Niamh watched him from the doorway, impatiently tapping her mobile on the doorpost. Right in that moment she could have killed for a smoke. What was it that she was waiting for anyway? If Alex called, which she had promised, she was only going to be able to tell that the bloody work wasn’t done once more. Perhaps she would try to find out if she wanted to meet her anytime soon. Or not.

They had met in her apartment the week before, and Niamh had just taken on Sandra’s sister as a presumptive flatmate if things were going to change- well, she had practically moved her stuff in already- and she had felt that Alex had wanted her for herself that evening. Nichola was all over the place; cooking, serving and God knows what. Trying to be kind, but getting in the way all the time.

Then, everything got in the way. The only chance they had had to talk was over the phone, and that was not proper talking, anyway. She kicked the blunt end of the doorstop. How stupid the whole thing was. Was there really any future in having this sort of strange relationship with a woman twenty years older than her? She couldn’t get her head around it. Was this really her?

But then again, how stupid it might seem, it was something she wouldn’t have liked to miss.


Niamh cursed the weather and squeezed the mobile like a sponge.

* * *

A trail of diesel exhausts followed the old van down the lane. A day’s hard anything-but-work had come to an end, and Niamh decided to leave things where they were, lock up and head for home.

The sad face of the battered Metro, which Tim in a chivalrous fit had borrowed her indefinitely, met her out in the rainy street. It made her even more depressed to see it, knowing it was a long way home. By now, she had learned to drive it without having to fear for her safety- both mental and physical- which involved duct tape and a steady pace around 50, but it was simply no fun at all.

As she closed the door, she noticed the headlights in the mirror. Someone was coming rather fast up the alley with water cascading from the wheels, flashing the lights.

‘What the fuck now?’ Niamh squeaked to herself. She tried to turn the key, but it had jammed in the ignition. The car, a gun metal grey Mercedes, came to a halt to her right, blocking the door.

Niamh exhaled as she recognized the driver, urging her to roll down the window.

‘Hello! I’m not too late to tell you that you really shouldn’t try to drive all the way to Manchester in this weather, am I?’

‘Fucking hell! You scared me there. Why didn’t you ring or leave a message or something? I wasn’t expecting you here.’

‘No service on the mobile, sweetie. I think yours is down as well.’

‘So you drove all the way here to...’

‘No, I was on my way home. I nearly didn’t make it here. It’s bloody mayhem in some places. Now look, we can stay here and chat or you can move your bottom over here. I want to leave before it gets even worse.’

Niamh grabbed her bag, got out of the Metro in a single rush and left in unlocked, running for cover in the passenger seat of the grey missile. The snug, posh-looking leather upholstery felt a bit chilly but dry to her backside, and it was a great difference to the one she had just left. Alex seemed cheerful, in a sunny mood despite the weather, and Niamh noticed how dressed up she was. She was about to ask where she had been and where the car came from, but Alex beat her to it as she turned the car round swerving dangerously close to the scaffolding outside the shop.

‘Do you like the car?’

‘Yeah. Is it yours?’

‘I guess it is now, but I don’t know if I’ll keep it or not. Some days things go better than planned, sweetie, and this is part of today’s dividend.’

Niamh decided it was best not to dig deeper into the matter. It didn’t make any sense at all, anyway.

There was a short moment of silence. The single wiper worked away, but barely managed to keep the windscreen clear. Alex carefully put her hand on Niamh’s thigh, squeezing it gently.

‘It seems like we have to stay indoors for quite a while.’

Niamh felt a strange warmth rise through her. She clasped her bag tighter and swallowed.  

‘I guess I won’t be back here tomorrow, then?’

‘No.’ Alex drew her breath though clenched teeth. A slight twitch in the corner of her mouth revealed how uptight she was. ‘Not for a while you won’t. Not for a while.’

* * *

The wine had gone straight to her head. She had only had a couple of glasses, but still she felt warm and fluffy. They sat closely together on the sofa, occasionally listening to the rain falling on the window sills. A flickering light from the open fire made the room seem vaguely outlined, and the sound of Alex’ voice was almost lulling. 

‘Still in doubt about us?’

The question came from nowhere, but Niamh wasn’t at a loss.

‘It gets me how...’ She shook her head. ‘How much I needed this, you know what I mean. Should someone find out without me telling them, they wouldn’t understand how I really feel...’

‘Isn’t it just curiosity, then?’

‘Come on...’ Niamh swilled down the lump in her throat with the rest of the wine. ‘You, if anybody, should be able to tell, don’t you think?’

‘I think you’re dying to find out things about yourself you didn’t even know about. Not to mention...Well, me.’


‘But I also feel that’s not all of it.’

Alex came closer and let her hands start to wander, kissing Niamh on the neck. The fuzziness was superseded by a familiar electric tingle, and she relaxed. The mere scent of Alex was enough to set her off really good.

‘How about you, then?’ she ventured to ask. ‘Have I caused any trouble while I was gone?’

‘Oh yes.’ Alex’ breathed in between kisses. ‘And I’ll tell you all about it if you just let go of your uncertainty, and ask me...’ She gently locked Niamh’s wrists together with her right hand. ‘ do the things you fantasized about the last time we met.’

‘That’s blackmail.’

‘To our mutual satisfaction, I assure you.’

* * *

The plastic covering the bottom of the old wooden armchair stuck to her skin and felt a bit uncomfortable. She tried to shift in her seat, but it wasn’t easy. Alex had improvised a little set in a matter of minutes, and Niamh was secured in the chair with white plastic strap cuffs around her wrists and ankles. They resembled the ones she had seen the police use on TV.

Alex wanted her naked, and there was simply no point in arguing. She thought for herself that it would have been fun to wear rubber- at least it would have been warmer- but that had to wait. One thing that disturbed her, though, was that she couldn’t recall having said anything to Alex about what she wanted to try. She tried to shun that thought. It was probably her own mind playing tricks on her again, anyway.

‘Now, how does it feel?’ Alex asked, contentedly grinning.


‘Sorry about the plastic, darling. Now...’ She produced a thing Niamh had only seen in pictures. ‘I wonder if you’re ready to try this.’

Niamh’s mind started to race as she recognized the ball gag. This was happening for real.

‘I found this. It’s a fairly small one, and I don’t think it will be too much for you unless you are really sensitive about having things...’ Alex paused, trying not to show too much malicious pleasure. ‘...shoved in your mouth.’

Niamh eyed Alex, slowly shaking her head.

‘All rightie, then. Head forward, please.’

Before the leather straps were fastened around her head, with the little red ball still dangling close to her lower lip, Niamh shirked.


‘Yes, sweetie? Do you want to have it off?’

‘No.’ She tried to swallow. ‘No. Alex?’


‘Are you going to...You know...’

Alex stood perfectly still, as if she was expecting something.

‘You may ask nicely for a small favour before we start. What would you like me to do? Spell it out, please.’

‘I want...’

‘Do you want to be masturbated?’

Niamh felt a sudden hot flash rolling through her. She nodded silently. The gag slipped in between her lips, and was strapped tight to her head.

‘All right. My pleasure.’ Alex’ voice pitched slightly lower. ‘But you must understand that it’ll be done my way, and you have to trust me. I’ll ask you once again: Are you ready?’

A quick nod, hardly more than a slight dip of the head.

Niamh felt a light pat on the cheek and looked up. Alex was heading for the door. She grunted and tried to rock the chair.

‘I’ll be back in just a minute. I don’t think you’ll need me to hold your hand...yet.’ Alex pinched her left earlobe. ‘Patience. Be a nice girl, and please try not to tip the chair over.’

Being left alone in this predicament was less exciting, she thought. The straps around her ankles chafed already, and she could swear that a window was left open somewhere. Niamh shivered.

She examined the gag with her tongue, and discovered what felt like tiny dents on the ball. Bite marks. Other teeth had bitten down quite hard on it, and she began to wonder who those teeth belonged to. That someone had been in pain, judging from the cavities. It felt really strange. Was this going out of hand?

Niamh tried to guess what Alex was up to by listening to the sounds from the other side of the door she could barely catch, but her imagination began to interfere heavily with her actual perception. She tested her bonds instinctively, but they didn’t seem to give that easily. Parts of her wanted out of there, but there was also a slight tingling sensation in her belly.

Alex stalked into the room, quite nonchalant, carrying a few items in a plastic bag. She was wearing a petite, sheer nightgown with matching briefs made of what seemed to be very fine, smoke-coloured transparent latex with black trim. Everything was clearly visible.

‘Unfhr!’ Niamh huffed.

‘Oh, I couldn’t keep myself from donning a little something out of the ordinary. You’ll have plenty of time to play tomorrow, if you still feel up to it then.’

She started circling Niamh, who tried to keep eyes on her to see what she was going to do, lightly caressing her shoulders, neck and breasts. Suddenly, she pinched her left nipple pretty hard. Niamh snorted and gave a start. Alex leaned forward, resting her sheathed bosom on Niamh’s shoulders.

‘I will try to keep in mind that this is your first time.’ she hummed. ‘Even if these moments tend to get me in the vein.’


Niamh felt sharp fingernails scratching her skin. She thought of icicles.

‘Let me talk you through it. Don’t hesitate to say stop.’

Alex emptied the contents of the bag on the carpet, and picked up two familiar-looking gadgets. One big white, innocent-looking plastic device, and a bronze rod with ribs that made Niamh fear the worst.

‘This..’ she said in an educational voice, ‘is a quite powerful little bugger. It’s a vibrator wand. No need for batteries, just plug it in and go.’ She wiggled the smaller toy, equipped with a strange teaspoon-like tip. ‘This is what they call an eroscillator. It’s...Well, let’s say it does its share. Not for...’ And there was that smile again, Niamh thought. ‘...absolute beginners. Now...’

  With a few cursory movements Alex fixed the wand to Niamh’s thigh with a pair of flexible Velcro straps so that the soft knob touched her sex. Then she plugged both toys in the wall socket behind the chair, drew up a stool and placed herself right in front of Niamh.

‘Ready or not, here we go.’

Niamh grunted, rubbing off a drop of saliva from her cheek on her chest. This, she thought, was probably going to hurt. She stared at Alex’ fingers giving the control switch on the wand a light push. The sudden sensation of having a bumblebee stuck between the legs made her cringe.

‘Are you listening?’ Alex voice cut through the buzz.


‘I don’t think you’ve really deserved to hear any details about my doings while you weren’t here, but I feel obliged to you for making... things... more interesting than they have been for quite a while.’

Slipping from stern to naughty, she moved closer to Niamh, sliding her warm hand up her left thigh. A quick flick with her thumb sent the bumblebee into a frenzy. Niamh pulled her bonds, biting the gag viciously.

‘To be honest, I haven’t been at it like this for ages. Toys, the shower...’


‘In the car, yesterday, leaving the meeting. I was this close to giving myself a hand.’ Alex giggled. ‘And last week, you know, I got really inspired. Nostalgic. I wiggled into one of my old catsuits- I figured it would be too snug now and split on me or something- but it fit. God, I was in a haze for hours afterwards.’

Niamh felt that she couldn’t hold back for long. The constant vibration seemed to melt through her like a hot flame through sorbet.

‘I can’t recall the last time I got orgasmic simply by fussing about in rubber, but it happened... just like that.’

The eroscillator came to life in her hand. She slowly moved it in between her own legs, letting it graze the front panel of the briefs. Niamh watched her face soften as the tip reached a sensitive spot.

‘And I suppose you haven’t deprived yourself, have you?’

Niamh wasn’t really sure what Alex really wanted to hear, but she tentatively shook her head. Alex gave her a look of approval and smacked her tongue. Then, very slowly, she moved the eroscillator to Niamh’s already throbbing sex.

The effect was immediate and violent. A thousand needles hit Niamh where it felt the most, and she shrieked, bucking and jerking in the chair.

‘It’s getting tough, isn’t it? Do you want me to stop?’


There was a crackling noise and Niamh noticed that Alex had picked up the bag from the floor. She held it up in front of her face.

‘Would you like to try something really interesting?’

Niamh stared at her in disbelief. She baulked at the plastic touching her cheek.

‘No? I’d love to watch you struggle just a little...’

Alex moved behind her back and kept the eroscillator in place, rustling the plastic with her free hand. Niamh threw herself from side to side, snorting like a cornered boxer.

The sudden, violent climax almost knocked her over. It took her a few moments to settle, but there was still a distinct throbbing feeling that wouldn’t go away. The adrenaline boost made her hypersensitive, and every loving stroke Alex gave her felt electric. The gag was unstrapped and plopped down on her heaving chest followed by glistening strings of saliva.

‘I’m afraid I got a little carried away there.’ Alex whispered.

Niamh couldn’t trace any remorse in her voice. She tried to get her jaw straight to be able to speak properly.

‘I knew you’d pull something like that. Christ.’

‘Sorry. Shall we get rid of the straps, then?’

The motherly hint didn’t fool her, either. In a split second she tried to decide which route to take from there. She could continue acting offended and probably get a good pampering out of it, or she could simply give way to the part of her that desired a little more action right there.

She probably knew more about certain games than Alex had guessed by now- knowing Sandra entailed quite a few interesting experiences along the way- which gave her the upper hand in a bizarre way, even if she had not tried this thing before. Not for real. But...

‘No. Leave it.’


Oh, how she loved that blend of surprise and anticipation.

‘Switch it on again. I want more.’ Niamh grunted, giving Alex her best impression of a girl totally off her head, staring wildly. She grinned with pent-up excitement when she felt the buzz travelling through her again.

‘Gimme the bag...’

It was Alex turn to look at least a bit astounded, but she didn’t waste any time on questions. Niamh took a big gulp of air before the bag was pulled over her head, and sealed tight around her neck with a few twists.

After a few tentative breaths at first, she started to enjoy the thrill of not really knowing how she would react. Alex had left enough air in the bag to keep her from panicking all too soon, so Niamh retorted by breathing really deeply. The rustling noise as the bag inflated and deflated was nearly deafening, and the vibe started to hit back really good.

Seconds passed, and Niamh savoured the wee twitches that she knew was the prelude to something much bigger already waiting to happen. It was getting harder to breathe, and the bag clasped her face every time she struggled to get as much air as possible. The feeling wasn’t altogether unpleasant, but she was beginning to feel sweaty and muzzy. By now, all she could see was a moist blur.

Niamh felt semi-consciously relieved when the twitches grew into an electric surge. She spasmed violently as she lost control, overcome by a much smoother second orgasm.

The bag was lifted off, and the vibrations stopped. She still wallowed in the surging waves when Alex lips met hers. Her heart was racing uncontrollably, and there was a taste of metal in her mouth.

* * *

There was something slightly unnerving in the way Alex looked at her, Niamh thought when they were lying flat on the floor after a ravishment lasting longer than she really could stand. Her limbs were all pins and needles, and her lower back hurt from being slammed repeatedly against the carpet. Alex had came up with some new tricks with the vibes in the very thick of it all, which included buzzing them both to simultaneous insanity.

‘What are you thinking about now, then?’ Niamh croaked.

‘Nothing, really.’ Alex sighed, pushing her hair behind her ears as a pause for effect. ‘It’s just that you work in mysterious ways.’

‘Says you.’

But somehow Niamh sensed that there was that someone deep inside her who opened the door slightly to the outside world. This strange world. She wasn’t at all sure that she wanted to let that person swing it open, but that was a question for later. Much later.

Alex’ weight was upon her again, rolling over her like nightfall.


Story continues in Part 2

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