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Turmoil 5: A Journey down South

by Ludwig

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© Copyright 2010 - Ludwig - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; straitjacket; gasmask; bond; breathplay; outdoors; tease; oral; climax; cons; X

continued from part 3

Part Three

Chapter 5: A Journey down South

Sixteen panes of glass belonging to an old hothouse on the grounds lay shattered on the grass. A huge branch from a nearby tree had fallen down in the night. The rainstorm had finished what the rot had started.

Niamh did her best to rake the remains of the panes into a neat pile, but the soft soil was peppered with nasty-looking shards that literally dug themselves into the ground. Her choice of footwear didn’t exactly make thing easier either. She had borrowed a pair of proper wellingtons from Alex, which seemed to be a good idea until Niamh realised that all she would need now to cross the pond would be a pair of oars.

A sharp whistle from the old back road made her look up and wobble a bit. Alex was walking briskly toward the salvage operation, still in her riding clothes after her regular two-hour bout with the horse known to Niamh as Harry Three Legs from the neighbouring farm.

‘I pay people to do that for me, sweetie.’ Alex hooted. ‘Don’t tell me you’re getting that bored already.’

‘No, but I admit it would be more fun to watch you trying to squeeze the hell out of that farting oat burner just to make him jump a molehill.’

‘I told you that it was a gentlewoman’s agreement.’ Alex offered Niamh her hand to avoid any stumbling accidents. ‘I just couldn’t say no to their daughter.’

‘Riding that sack of hay must be like waltzing in these size 13 pontoons, but there’s no doubt he needs the bloody exercise.’

‘If you want to, I suppose we can arrange something.’ Alex chuckled. ‘Even if you seem to have some issues with horses.’

‘He bit me.’

‘Come on in now. I have some plans for Friday I’d like to discuss with you. And I haven’t eaten since breakfast.’

* * *

Half an hour later Niamh tapped on the laptop keyboard with a chewed-up pencil with a bewildered look on her face.

‘They all look fantastic.’ She took a quick sip of cooling coffee. ‘But they don’t really say how much you have to pay for... I mean, this must add up to more than a grand altogether.’

Alex leaned over her shoulder and sighed, letting a couple of fingers slip under her hair in the back of her neck. Niamh bit her lip and gave a slight shudder.

‘And you don’t think it’s worth that much­­? That you’re not worth spending a few bob on... Or what?’ Alex murmured, drifting into a disconcertingly low voice. Niamh carefully showed that she didn’t know what to say and the fingers soothingly stroked the back of her neck. ‘I would say that it was about time we ordered some goodies. I really feel like spending some of the cash I... No, we brought home last month. Spoiling us both a bit. And this is just skimming it.’

Skimming. Well, Niamh thought, that was a good way to put it.

Moving the cursor back and forth among the images and bits and pieces of information on the screen, Niamh closely examined what Alex had decided to buy. The owners had put some effort in making it look really classy. The merchandise didn’t seem too shoddy either, she thought. As the thumbnails enlarged when she moved the arrow across them, she could easily imagine how the garb would feel to wear. Especially the sparkling midnight metallic black bodysuit cut in a very interesting way... Or the tights with likewise interesting features. There was so much to get excited about.

‘But it really feels like it’s a bit too much...’ Niamh murmured. ‘Though this is something I’d never have a chance to do, or even want to do...’

‘On your own?’ Alex crushed a cardamom seed with her teeth, sounding rather pleased. ‘One of the central tenets in my philosophy is to get it while you can. There are a few strings attached to this since I always expect something in return.’

‘I figured that would be the case, Alex.’

‘It won’t hurt much, and you’ll get used to it in no time.’ Alex laughed at the look she got from Niamh. ‘Anyway, did I tell you how I got to know the couple running this little business?’

* * *

Instead of trying to get there as fast as possible, they started early, kept to the B-roads and avoided the Bank Holiday traffic on their way south. Alex, who seemed unusually relaxed, kept talking about this and that and showed Niamh houses belonging to the Landmark Trust and other quite beautiful places along the way, just like an expert tour guide.

Niamh tried to stem the flow by narrowing in on the fact that the pubs were getting scarcer by the hour nowadays, but quickly ended up in a discussion about running one.

‘I think it would be nice to have a place like that;’ Alex said, pointing over her shoulder towards a brick house quickly disappearing behind them. ‘but I wonder how I’d be getting along with the guests? I mean, the tourists...’

‘Not a problem.’ Niamh sniggered. ‘It’s all a matter of making your establishment reflect who you are, and then the right customer clientele will present itself. This is part of what I do, in case you forgot...’

‘That did sound a bit oddish, if you don’t mind me saying that.’

‘No, look...’ Niamh twiddled with her sunglasses, suddenly becoming really animated. ‘I even got a name for your place already.’

‘Dare I ask?’

‘The Ball Gag and Dildo.’

‘I think I’ll have a word with Theresa when we get there. I think I’ll have to add some really painful restraints to our order. We’re turning left here and then we only have a few miles left. What time is it?’

‘Eleven forty. Wasn’t it a good suggestion, then? The name, I mean?’

‘So good that I wonder why it isn’t already taken.’

* * *

There was really nothing special about the place, Niamh thought as they were idling down the last few yards of the road leading to an old barn that had been rebuilt, and it looked just like any other piece of gentrified land. She blamed herself for expecting something perhaps a bit more shonky or maybe just different from any of these postcard scenery places. Why should it be? Nice and private, no ad costs since sheep were even less into reading than their owners and whatnot.

A fairly short and stocky girl with a face looking almost cartoonishly healthy welcomed them and offered tea and sandwiches right away. Alex answered Niamh’s tacit question after getting out of the car.

‘No, this isn’t standard guestomer procedure. This isn’t any real retail shop either; as you might have noticed.’ Alex jingled her keys. ‘I don’t think there are too many of their punters who actually come here to place an order or pick something up. I do, when I get the chance.’

‘Friends of yours, weren’t they?’

‘I’d like to see it that way. Besides, I think it’s just good fun to come here and look at all their work. It’s art, pretty much all of it.’ There was a muffled cough, and Alex whispered between her teeth. ‘And they can be very entertaining as well. Wait till you get to know Ms. Hospitable a little closer.’

* * *

‘What d’you think of it? Quite something, innit?’ Theresa burbled, dropping the fag end in her tin mug.

Niamh tried to look a little less like the proverbial Charlie in the chocolate factory, but she couldn’t keep herself from touching the goods displayed on the racks. The smell in here was a lot more tantalizing than in the workshop, and the look of the finished creations made her mind race uncontrollably.

‘Oh yeah.’ she answered dreamily. ‘I only wish I could trade all my dust-bunnies in for dosh.’

Theresa guffawed and snorted loudly, like there was something unusually funny about the statement. She didn’t sound mean, though.

‘You wouldn’t believe if I told you- and I can’t since you know how things must be if we want to stay in business, mind- who I get orders from. Heavens, what they’re willing to pay to get...’

Niamh watched her trying to take a sip from the mug, and suddenly remember what was in it.

‘Bugger.’ Theresa emptied the mug in the sink behind her. ‘I’ve done a lot like that lately. Say...’


‘You haven’t seen André’s little den yet. Upstairs. There, you got the real hardcore stuff if you would like to have a look at that as well.’

Niamh searched Theresa’s face. She recognized that knowing look, but couldn’t figure out if she was going all transparent again.

‘You sure that’s cool with André? I mean...’

‘He won’t bother if we leave things be. Come on.’

On top of the narrow stairs was a small door leading into a furnished attic. The door looked solid, and modern Chubb locks were fitted into it. Theresa led the way into the dimly lit room, fumbling for the light switch.

‘There we go.’

The place had a more secret feel to it than the stockroom downstairs, and Niamh felt a thrill as she discovered what André was working with. There was a lot of dangerous-looking metal gear lying around. Some of it she couldn’t even figure out how to use, but she definitely recognized the bondage stuff. There was simply no mistake about it.

‘He had me trying out the leg spreaders over there a while ago, just for a laugh,’ Theresa added matter-of-factly, ‘but the bastard “lost” the key the moment I had to go to the bog.’

‘But I thought he was...’

‘It was nothing like that, love. We love to piss about like that every once in a while. Gets a bit boring down here sometimes, y’know...’ Theresa giggled. ‘But you have a dirty mind. I like that.’

No problem telling that, Niamh thought. She would probably glow in the dark if the light was turned off again, considering how much she radiated with excitement. She tested a pair of cuffs she fancied, and meant to ask about a viciously designed strappado hanging from a joist when she caught sight of some things in the far end of the attic that made her freeze for a moment.

Two straitjackets made out of really heavy-looking black rubber hung next to what looked like a huge dark cocoon, a big rubber sack with broad straps all over it, on the wall. Beside it was a bizarre piece of furniture resembling a dental chair, and an imposing array of bladders, corrugated tubes and what looked like ambu-bags surrounded it.

‘Oh, fucking hell...’

‘Go have a closer look, won’t you. There you got his really special stuff.’

She didn’t really dare to mess with any of the gear, but Theresa was more than willing to give a helping hand. To leave things be was obviously not a top priority any longer. Down came one of the straitjackets, and within a minute Niamh knew how to put it on right.

‘Would you like to try it?’  Theresa asked cheerfully. ‘Keep your shirt on, just sling your’

Niamh felt a little embarrassed, but she didn’t have a chance to object until the broad zipper was pulled up her back. It instantly weighed her down.

‘Shit, it’s really heavy.’

‘You can imagine how it’s like when you get your arms strapped round your waist and those crotch thingies pulled between your bum cheeks.’

‘I’ll pass on those, please.’

Both laughed a little when Niamh flapped her arms around like a bat. It didn’t feel too strange to wear it like this, she thought, but it was probably a good idea not to...

‘Oh, what the hell. Fix me up.’

‘Certainly!’ Theresa’s face shone like an afternoon sun. ‘Arms crossed, please.’

Deft fingers buckled the straps behind her back, and she grinned at the trousers pinching her when the crotch piece was firmly pulled into place and secured. Obviously, it wasn’t the first time Theresa had done this. The feel and the smell of it were quite a bit different from what she was used to, but it was nevertheless exciting. There was a distinct tingle in a certain place, and she hoped it wouldn’t show too much. She tried to move around, but her upper half was nearly immobilized. Swaying lightly, toddling towards the strange chair, Niamh tried to adjust herself to the restraints.

‘Not really your size, love, but I think...’ Again, Theresa burst out giggling. ‘Oh, mind your head. How does it feel?’

‘Fine. I’m glad you didn’t stuff me in that body bag up there, though.’

‘That’s something entirely different. Haven’t tried it, but fancy getting strapped down on a gurney or hoisted up on the wall in one of those.’


‘For hours. Of course, I wouldn’t mind stringing the landlord up for a while. Up here, during daytime. Gets a bit hot, you know.’

‘I see.’

Niamh nearly stumbled over a large metal suitcase on the floor. She sidled past it and sat down in the chair. Normally, she wouldn’t have taken any notice at all, but she had a hunch that there might be something interesting inside it. Why would it be here if there wasn’t? She leaned forward to look closer and Theresa caught on immediately.

‘Ah, there’s something you’ve got to see. Really wicked stuff.’

Niamh began to say something, but Theresa had already flipped the case open. The light fell on a set of instruments neatly fitted into the grey Styrofoam lining. Niamh noticed a pressure gauge, a couple of valves and a weird set of tubing rolled up in the lower half.

‘It’s quite a funny device, this.’ Theresa smiled, looking steadily at Niamh. ‘Basically it works like this. Compressed air goes in here, passing through these, and goes out here. Into...this.’

She dug out a black surgical face mask attached to the end of the corrugated tube and wiggled it playfully in front of Niamh,

‘The trick is that you can use this little kit to restrict or mix stuff into the air. André’s friends are in favour of poppers and stuff like that. I think I can still smell some.’ Theresa puckered her nose up. ‘Phew.’

‘Shouldn’t we...I mean if someone...’ Niamh started to fidget nervously in her seat, but realised that Theresa was way past the point of fine hints when she resolutely pulled out a yellow air cylinder from under the chair and connected the feeder tube to the device. There was a sinister hissing noise as she opened the primary valve.

‘Let’s have a quick test, yeah? It won’t hurt.’

Dumbfounded, suddenly feeling very exposed, Niamh just stared questioningly at Theresa as she untangled the headpiece straps to the mask and let it slip onto Niamh’s face. Her spontaneous reaction was to try to shake it off, but it was held in place until she took her first tentative breath.

Niamh gave a muffled curse, and relaxed. She could breathe without problems, and the smell of medical rubber didn’t exactly put her off. The hissing grew and subsided as she inhaled and exhaled rhythmically a few times just to make sure that everything was all right.

She was surprised to see Theresa watching her with a totally captivated look on her face. Seeing her getting turned on by this only made it harder to act impassive. Niamh felt fingertips touching her shoulder through the thick rubber.

‘You really like this, don’t you?’ Theresa whispered. She sounded both delighted and warily surprised. ‘God, if I could take a picture of you right now.’

Niamh tilted her head and gave her a don’t-even-think-of-it glare. She wasn’t going to let things totally out of hand, and was prepared to kick Theresa where it hurt if she tried anything funny. Luckily, she seemed happy just to mess around with her in this way, which Niamh didn’t mind at all. Her heart thumped fervently in her chest, and she floated away momentarily savouring the sensation of being restrained in this way. She closed her eyes and thought she could hear Theresa’s heavy breathing over the intermittent hissing from the device, and hoped that she would be allowed to stay like this for at least a minute longer.

She felt a slight tugging at the tube, and blinked at Theresa playing with it. Niamh noticed that she was also fiddling with the mixer valves.

‘You know, I sort of wondered myself what you could do with this thing when André brought it here.’ she said, slowly turning a switch. ‘They have this fifty-fifty blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen in the hospitals they give to girls giving birth- I’ve tried it- and I thought about having a bottle of that stuff hooked up to this. Or maybe something else with a little oomph.’

Niamh felt how the air flow was reduced. Theresa was still keeping her finger on the mixer valve, pushing it slightly lower as she continued.

‘It would’ve been wicked if I could have tried that on you right now.’

No shit, Sherlock. Niamh thought as the mask squeezed tighter to her face. Right now she was willing to try almost anything, and she could vividly imagine getting a treatment like that.  What was supposed to sound as a protest turned into a feeble moan when Theresa kept playing with the air flow, turning it up a bit just for a few moments and then quickly restricting it again. It didn’t help that she was really losing herself to that little voice in her head that kept telling her not to be afraid to push things a little further. She tried to focus on how hurt Alex would be, and what she probably would do to them both using proper power tools.

Niamh frowned as the air flow was cut off. She grunted loudly, and the mask was carefully lifted off her face. She peered into a pair of eyes, all aglow with sheer excitement.

‘Thanks for letting me fantasize a bit. Hope you didn’t mind.’

‘No..’ Niamh cleared he throat and shrugged a little. ‘No, why should I? What bugs me is how easy people read me.’

‘But I’d never have guessed.’ Theresa blushed deeply. ‘Actually, I was...’

‘Come on. So you knew I would, you know...? How?’

‘Alex sort of let on to me what you were into. A wee bit. I just couldn’t resist.’

Niamh laughed a little sardonically.

‘Oh, yeah. And she’s known you for a while, eh? Well, we just passed the test. This was a new one, though, at least for me.’ She pulled her restraints a little. Theresa got the point and started undoing the buckles.

‘You’re not cross with me or anything?’

Niamh pulled herself free and stretched her arms. She knew the twists and turns good enough to play along. If Alex had suspected that she would try something less desired, she would have been standing on top of the stairs from the start.

‘No, of course not.’ she said in a sweet voice. ‘It was really fun to try this gear. Wouldn’t have touched it if I didn’t like it.’ True.

 ‘I’m glad you did.’

Theresa seemed relieved, albeit still seriously affected. Niamh decided to toss the dice. She got to her feet and smacked a really wet kiss right in Theresa’s face.

‘I’ll tell you what.’ she cooed. ‘Get hold of the stuff you need to get the kit together, it would be grand if you could make it before you’re done with Alex’ order, and then I’ll talk her into coming here to pick it up. You know, fitting and altering and all. That’s the way it goes, yeah?’


Got you, Niamh thought contentedly.

‘Then, perhaps...’ she nearly whispered, gently touching Theresa’s arm, ‘We could put on a little show, you and me. Letting her watch.’

Theresa looked stunned, her eyes wandering from the suitcase to Niamh and back again.

‘You’re bloody serious about this, aren’t you?’

‘As long as...’ Niamh bit her tongue. This was going to be fun. ‘As long as you play it safe. It doesn’t even have to be real gas- at least nothing that we actually might fuck up.’

‘All right, no worries.’

‘Then I’ll leave the rest to you.’

Getting the cogwheels in that little perverted mind rolling was obviously very easy, but Niamh wondered if Alex already had predicted this move. It didn’t really matter after all. There was something in it for them both, even if she had. She couldn’t resist a good ruse, that much was true.

Feeling somewhat inebriated, Niamh took Theresa by the arm as they headed for the door.

‘You haven’t got any kind of bondage suits where you have access to you-know-what? One of those would be really cool to wear...’

Chapter 6: Trial

There was something serene about the way the groom gently tried to help Alex mount the obviously very disinclined horse. After trying to settle the initial dispute over which party was to decide where to go and how, he had realised that meddling meant being simultaneously kicked and scolded and gone for getting the total of six legs’ worth of stubbornness out of the yard in as short time as possible.

Niamh and her companion were watching from a safe distance. Oddly enough, the pony she was straddling wasn’t at all as unwieldy as the mare Alex tried to stare down. It must have sensed that she was a total tyro, she thought, and therefore considered her an easily pleased punter. She almost felt like sitting on a slightly chubby motorbike minus the brake handle and a few other necessities, but it seemed to work even if it had been years since she tried this.

Finally, after both coercing and bribing, Alex was in the saddle holding the reins in a triumphant grip.

‘That’s more like it,’ she exclaimed. ‘Now, can we…Say, yours looks like it’s half asleep.’

‘Oh, that’s just fine.’ Niamh tried her luck by gently digging her heels into the mushy belly as she spoke, and the pony slowly started shuffling forward. ‘But that one seems to have a bad day.’

‘She’s usually not at all like this.’ The groom ventured, avoiding the questioning look from Alex. ‘But she’s sort of…Well, I dunno, a bit edgy about certain people. Strong-willed, she is. Nice to kids, though.’

‘Really?’ Alex jeered.

Before anything else was said, Niamh was on her way toward the riding path picking up a slight speed. The pony wanted to get the business over with, and it knew the way by heart. Alex followed suit, properly anchored in the stirrups and with the reins kept tight.


The weather was really nice, with a gentle breeze and a bleak sun filtered through the thick foliage. Much to her surprise, Niamh enjoyed herself bouncing along the path. It was really easy to forget to at least pretend to know what she was doing in the saddle, and let the pony take care of  pace and navigation.

They came to a clearing, and Alex managed to pull her horse to a halt. It snorted triumphantly and bobbed its head when she swung her left leg over the back to dismount, happy to get rid of her if only for a moment.

‘Let’s stop here for a while, sweetie.’ Alex moaned. ‘She’s being really pesky, and my back is starting to hurt a bit.’

Gracelessly, Niamh rolled off the pony, which decided to head into the nearest thicket before it stopped to see what had happened to the dead weight.

‘Well, wasn’t this a great idea?’ Alex sighed as she tried to tie the mare to a yew. ‘That man will have a few problems more when we- if we get back in one piece.’

‘Pugsy here works all right.’

‘Pugsy?’ Alex ducked a swing from the muzzle. ‘Well, why not? You don’t want to hear what I call this creature. Will you look at that! She’s going for my feet!’

She backed away, strapping off her helmet. Pugsy the pony was still parked in the thicket while Niamh tried to find a way to secure him to a tree, and Alex smiled at the scene. She wondered how many times that horse had been through the same routine with nice people not really at home with equine matters.

They found a place to sit, and said nothing for quite a while. Surreptitiously, Alex lit a cigarillo and smiled at Niamh who answered by shrugging a little. It was a good place to rest, and since there seemed to be no one else using the path it was really quiet except from the leaves rustling in the breeze.

‘Well,’ Alex breathed, ‘at least this is something we should do more often, don’t you think?’

‘Yeah.’ Niamh shifted her weight on the log. ‘Bit of a bummer, that horse you got, though.’

‘I just can’t figure her out. Yours seem to work on automatic, like I said. Lucky you.’

‘But I think I’m picking things up pretty fast. It’s not like…’ Niamh hesitated when Alex pulled harder on her cigarillo and gave her a look. ‘Well, it’s not that hard, anyway. But you should have seen yourself when you passed me back there, sitting upright like you were laced up in a steel corset. It was like watching Boudicca. Ma-effing-jestic.’

‘Was that a compliment?’

‘Yes, madam.’

‘I’m glad you didn’t say Godiva. Besides, Boudicca drove a chariot packed with scythes and other interesting features, I think.’

‘I’ll try to remember that.’

Niamh gave up trying to find a comfortable seat on the log and slid down on the grass below. Alex remained perched on her little soft spot, massaging her thighs.

‘Anyway…’ she volunteered, ‘speaking of corsets and stuff; you haven’t tried combining your interests?’

The response was a throaty chortle that startled the horses.

‘Oh for God’s sake! Picture yourself me in full regalia,’ Alex fought for breath as she plucked at her blouse and trousers, ‘riding mac, thin white frilly blouse and really shiny jodhpurs…Boots, whatnot…’

‘Why did you think I asked, Boudicca?’

‘Riding poor old Harry Three Legs! That would be a sight!’

Niamh imagined Alex trying to look the part on top of the bandy-legged hessian fleabag trudging along, even more Eeyore-like than Pugsy the pony. She burst out laughing.

‘All right. Rubber riding and Harry do not compute, but if…’

‘If things were different?’

Alex suddenly looked serious, and put out her cigarillo with her heel.

‘Honestly, I haven’t given it that much thought. Rubber riding… Well, I suppose that could be fun. At least now, when things finally are a bit different.’

She gave Niamh a curious look, which sent a slight shiver down her spine.

‘You do remember that I told you, don’t you? There have been times when I have enjoyed…’ Alex hesitated, cleaning a fingernail. ‘wearing rubber outdoors. Mostly doing nothing in particular. I quickly learned that it wasn’t easy to dress for the weather. I easily get cold, and I layered up as best as I could. More bulky than erotic in that sense, you know. And always avoiding every possible situation where someone might see me.’

Niamh kept silent, waiting for more.

‘Not that I’m that easily ashamed, but it can be a spot of bother if you’re caught by the vicar’s wife near the public footpath doing something interesting to yourself all suited up…Or rather the neighbour’s kids…’ Alex smiled a strange, grandmotherly smile.

‘I’ve met her.’ Niamh interrupted. ‘Fuck knows if she wouldn’t get turned on by watching you jill in the woods. I think she’d get off on it. There’s always a mask or two to choose from if you wanted to show off without revealing too much… face, that is.’

‘You’re probably right.’

‘Oppressed feelings and all that. Doesn’t look too bad, though.’

‘We could invite her to find out.’

The sniggering eventually subsided. Alex eased herself next to Niamh, letting her hand wander over her lower back.

‘But I get your point about the kids, Alex. You really care for them, don’t you?’


A slight chuckle announced that the subject was still not dropped entirely.

‘You know, it’s really fun to not letting people know what you’re wearing as well. That’s something I would do more often if I only felt like it.’


‘Oh, listen to this, will you.’ Alex nearly whispered. ‘I sat through a four-hour meeting not that long ago in that dark business suit, you know. Nice skirt, jacket a bit wide over the shoulders…’

‘Yeah? The YSL?’

‘Underneath that I wore a simple zipless two-piece suit over some quite interesting lingerie. Transparent, very sheer latex and really snug. Perfect for stealth ops, so to speak. It helped me forget all the dreary talk for a while.’

‘Four whole hours?’

‘Nearly, yes.’ Alex swallowed. ‘It was really pleasant just to simmer on, really slowly, hugged and squeezed by the thin, thin rubber underneath my business suit. The stockings felt heavenly through it if I moved my legs around a little bit.’ She paused, looking down the path. ‘You stay awake when you let your special knickers with those tiny buds gently massage your most sensitive parts for a long, long time without allowing yourself the pleasure of…Well, to be honest, it would have been awfully nice to come really noisily. Several times during that bloody meeting, I’d say. Should have livened things up quite a bit.’

‘Did you come, then?’ Niamh could feel something stirring inside her. ‘And didn’t anyone even notice anything strange… I mean, four hours. The smell…’

‘You’ll learn to appreciate a really good plateau phase lasting for ver-ry long if I get the chance to teach you anything useful… Yes, of course I let myself have a few tiny ones just to let off steam, silly. And actually, I think there were at least two people who noticed and probably realized what the whole thing was about, which I think was very uplifting.’

‘No… Really?’

‘The catering couple, dear. Carla and what’s-his-name, Christian. Danish fellow. They hovered around us from time to time, and we had tea during the last session. I was quite warm by then, and I know there must have been quite a lot of scent… Anyway, Christian seems to be getting really confused every time he walks past me, and I think nothing of it until Carla leans down to pour me a cup. In an instant, I see a sudden flash in her eyes as she smells something, and her sweet face gets really rosy. The next time she comes around, she has this impish smile on her face and gets awfully close to me just to remove my cup. I swear they winked at me before they left. That was a blast.’  

‘Oh, mother…’

‘We should try something like that before we do anything more advanced on horseback than just trying to stay aboard, don’t you think? Or perhaps you’re into splashing about in mucky water and mud more than I am. In that case, you’re on the right track. We should really be getting back now, sweetie.’


It proved to be easier said than done to get back in the saddle. Niamh tried her very best to help Alex mount up, but it just wouldn’t work. The mare was strong and agile, and very reluctant to let an angry woman up on her back. After a few more or less dangerous attempts, Niamh surprised both herself, Alex and the poor horse by placing her left foot in the stirrup and heaving herself up without much trouble at all.

‘Wow! There we go!’

The horse shifted a little, gave the new passenger a confused look and neighed slightly. Alex seemed to get ready to tackle the horse off the path.

‘Are you out of your head, girl? You might get hurt!’ she hissed, too cautious to risk anything further by screaming out loud. ‘That’s not a good idea.’

‘Look.’ Niamh took the reins, pulled a little, and the horse turned around. ‘She’s being nice to me. I bet she’s much easier to steer than you-know-who presently wondering if you might have a sugar or five to spare. He spat out the carrots I brought.’

‘Nice to kids. Pretty clever.’

‘No, it’s just the fact she can’t have a woman like you in charge over her, I think.’

‘Another compliment, sweetie?’

‘Let’s say that it was and leave it… Oh, here we go again!’ Niamh tried to rein the horse in, but only managed to slow down a little. It had had quite enough of crazy people today and wanted to get back home. ‘Your steed awaits you, madam. Let’s see if you can keep up with us.’


That evening the house seemed more quiet than usual. The only noise Niamh could hear came from the garden, where two hedgehogs were settling a score. She pattered around in her bathrobe after a really hot shower and tried to save a few plants from perishing, since the girl Alex hired only had a knack for keeping the place meticulously clean.

The light dizziness she had experienced on the way back had evaporated under the steaming jets, and now only the strange taste in her mouth remained. Sooner or later, she thought, she had to ask someone what it might be that made her feel so strange every time she got the slightest bit exhausted.

‘Put that down and come here.’

Alex was suddenly standing right behind her, and Niamh nearly dropped the watering can on the floor. There was a certain tone of anticipation in Alex’ voice that seemed promising.

‘You move like a trained assassin sometimes.’ Niamh breathed, turning around. ‘I didn’t realise it was kimono time already.’

Alex wore a very flattering deep blue silk robe, effectively covering her from the neck down. She spread her arms and winked deceitfully.

‘Danger lies beneath.’

Suddenly, Niamh recognized a faint sweet whiff. She drew closer and was caught in a tight embrace, but managed to sneak her right hand under the robe. Her fingertips touched what was not the familiar slick, cool surface she had expected, but rather a soft and velvety membrane covering every inch of flesh she explored. It made her mouth water as she brushed over a stiffening nipple under what felt like a slightly tougher layer. The body heat radiating through it fascinated her, and when she paused her tentative examination, she could feel rapid heartbeat pounding under her palm.

Alex withdrew and let her robe down; allowing Niamh to see what was underneath. She was amazed by how Alex’ body almost appeared to be caramelised by the transparent latex, so taut but yet apparently very supple. Damp spots surrounded the contours of a filmy bra nicely adding to the stunning impression, and the crotch where no briefs were to be seen. It was a very appetizing sight. 

‘I thought I had already put it away somewhere,’ Alex whispered as she slowly took Niamh by the hand and led her to the sofa. ‘but I found it. Please sit.’

There was no way of resisting letting her fingers and tongue travel wherever they could reach, but Niamh was gently but firmly warded off before she could get started.

‘I would much appreciate if you would only give my poor feet some TLC first, schatje. Those boots really were no good.’ Alex whispered, planting a gentle kiss on her forehead.

‘Sure.’ Niamh grunted. ‘Do you want me to…’

‘No, no. Don’t get down. You sit right where you are.’

A childish giggle from Alex defused the situation. She prodded Niamh in the belly with her bare toes, pinning her down.

‘I was just asking nicely this time. I enjoy your little foot rubs, you know.’

‘You always sound like you do, which is sort of hot…’ Niamh replied, gently stroking Alex’ feet. They were unusually soft and well kept, she thought, and really sensitive to touch. It was easy to get an interesting response just by pressing the right spots. A deep sigh confirmed that she was doing it right. She playfully lifted a foot and kissed it, lightly flicking the toes with her tongue. There was a tiny twitch and another bubbling giggle, which made her heart race.

‘Oh, please don’t.’ Alex twittered. ‘They are really filthy. And that tickles! Niet doen!’ 

Niamh relished the thought of having Alex properly bound and helpless. It wasn’t hard to imagine how she would treat her then. Of all the number of things she wanted to try, a few were quite hardcore. Now, she noticed how Alex couldn’t keep her fingers away from herself, and that was a promising sign. It was hard to keep her eyes from the wet spot of pink flesh pressed against the thin membrane and the fingertips leisurely slinking over it.

Gradually, Niamh worked her way up the legs paying great attention to every inch of the pearlsheen surface with her tongue, fingers and nails. She slowly slithered on top of Alex, careful not to push them both down from the sofa, amused by the feel of her satin bathrobe slipping over the sturdy leather upholstery and the flimsy rubber with the same ease. Her probing hands found where the top and bottom half overlapped and tried to sneak in underneath, but that didn’t work.  She wasn’t allowed near the crotch, where Alex’ left hand firmly clasped the desired parts and firmly massaged them through the suit.

If she won’t let me in on it, I’ll bite her ears. Niamh thought with growing impatience as she watched Alex’ heavenly facial expression. Her robe came undone, and her moist skin felt sticky and hypersensitive against the rubber. When she sought Alex’ lips for a deep kiss, their eyes met.

‘Turn around. The other way.’ Alex whispered.

It took a few seconds for Niamh to understand what she asked for, but then she swiftly bounced off the sofa and swinging her legs astride Alex, back on again. Very carefully, she eased herself down and shivered at the touch of eager fingers and a hot breath on her slowly parting labia.

At first, she was a bit too tense to feel what Alex did, but within a moment it became impossible for her to keep still and silent. It was a fascinating and frightening thing, this talent for rendering her totally helpless that Alex had, Niamh thought. A constant glissando between tenderness and outright torture where the boundaries were always blurred. It nearly always ended with her asking for more, regardless of how painful it was. So sweet.

Gently rocking to and fro, savouring the tiny jolts fizzing through her, she noticed how Alex had managed to roll down the bottom half of the suit just enough to indicate what she had in mind. Niamh used her trembling hands to lift the front panel, and wriggled her head into the trousers.

At first a little hesitantly, afraid that she might burst the precious suit, she worked her way over the mons until she could reach Alex’ profusely oozing crevice with her mouth. The heat, the raw blend of smells and the constricted, womb-like feeling nearly made her withdraw her head. Her face was already a sticky mess and it was hard to breathe, but she was propelled by sheer lust and didn’t really bother if she only managed to dig her nose and mouth into Alex’ sex without any finesse whatsoever. It was getting hard to stay in control over herself, with the jolts turning into high voltage currents down below. How the hell did she do it?

A slight pressure on each side of her head was followed by the sensation of wet rubber clinging tighter to her face for each breath. Alex was using her hands to tighten the trousers at the waist around Niamh’s neck, and even if the effect wasn’t dramatic, the vague notion of what was happening triggered a series of tiny outbursts inside Niamh.

That was a cue for Alex, who suddenly changed approach.

‘Mhh. Oh God! No…’ Niamh managed before her face was pushed down further.She could almost see before her how her clit and nearly all of her swollen flesh surrounding it was sucked into a honeycoated vortex, and suddenly she was totally unable to give anything in return. Almost fainting from the treatment, exhaustion and lack of air, she succumbed to a peculiar orgasm emerging from the deep in a single wave.


The carpet felt uncannily cold under her wilting legs when she slid down from the sofa. Alex absent-mindedly caressed her cheek as she returned to pleasuring herself with deliberate, languid fingers. She guided Niamh’s head up to her chest to let her tend for the neck and breasts. 

‘You have sullied your face again.’ she said, grinning maliciously.


‘Always ending up being a messy girl. We can’t have that.’

Alex drew a whistling breath through her teeth when her left nipple was caught, only a little carelessly, between Niamh’s thumb and forefinger. She grabbed hold of the unruly hand and manoeuvred it slowly down to her crotch. There was a sudden glint of surprise in Niamh’s eyes.

‘Let’s get into a hot bath before we get to bed. After…’ Alex sighed, wiggling her hips. ‘After we’re…Oh, that’s…’

Niamh watched Alex absorbedly as she drifted off, revelling in her rapture. There was something extremely arousing about the way she felt under her hands, the rustling of the rubber creating strange patterns on her skin as it moved around, the sounds she made and the smell. A feral mix of woman with a tinge of blood on her own face and fingers. The sultry, pungent latex over warm aged leather. 

Dizziness was slowly creeping back upon her, but she didn’t care if she would feel like run over by next morning. What mattered was that she didn’t break this spell, hoping that it would last the night through.   



Story continues in Part 4

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