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The Tale of Tim & Carol Part 2 Chapter 2: Carol Returns Home to Tim

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2012 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; latex; public; display; bond; hood; catsuit; maid; oral; sex; cons; X

continued from Chapter One


Chapter 2: Carol Returns Home to Tim

The journey to the station went in silence, both of us with our thoughts. The latex was warming up, and the smell was strong. I was beginning to enjoy the subterfuge and I wondered if others on the train would smell it, or if it was just me being inside it and having it against my body. We drove for about fifteen minutes and then came to the station. Monica pulled up the hood and took off the glasses.

“May I have one last look?” And she gazed at me, with a wistful look on her face. I said to her.

“This might sound really odd, but thanks for, er, everything. It’s been quite a ride.”

“For both of us, I can assure you.” We leant into each other and kissed, and finally it was she that broke away. I pulled the hood down and we exited the car at the entrance to the railway station. Now I knew where we were and it was an easy ride, without a change, and a short walk back home. I took the suitcase from her and without looking back, I couldn’t do that, entered the station.

I got my money out of the bag and approached the booth, ordered my ticket.

“Are you English?” Asked the guy behind the glass panel. That kind of surprised me, but of course he wouldn’t have expected me to speak like that.

“Well, er, actually Scottish.” I said trying to keep calm.

“So why are you wearing all that stuff?” He asked, not belligerently, but mystified.

“Well to hide from you what’s underneath.” I thought that was pretty quick, considering the circumstances.

“Well suit yourself, love, I just feel sorry for you.”

“Well don’t, I haven’t been happier in my life.” And I meant it, but he wasn’t to know why. I waited for the train on the platform, my suitcase beside me, and all that latex within arm’s reach. I giggled at the thought of it suddenly springing open exposing all the weird clothes. Ha ha, that would have been fun to see. People stared, but not in an aggressive way, almost pitying me, I thought. Finally the train came and I boarded it, a young man helping me with my bag. There, I thought, chivalry in England not gone, not yet anyway.

I found a seat by myself and sat down feeling the warm latex raise goose bumps all over me. In addition the rubber bristles inside my panties were starting to get me moist. I hoped I wasn’t going to have an orgasm on the train, they would probably think it some seizure or something, and start loosening my clothes. I chuckled quietly at the idea. Although my vision was poor, I looked out the window as we left, I was leaving the station, and Monica, I thought.

Everyone left me alone, I had a feeling that either they were mad at me and what I represented, pitying me or perhaps even a bit frightened of me. It didn’t take long to get to my station. So now I realised that Monica didn’t live too far away, but thirty miles in the UK can take you into a different world – and certainly Monica’s was that.

Now I was a short walk from home, walking down a familiar street, I wondered if anyone could recognise me. Of course not, dressed like this?

Finally I came to our house. My heart was beating hard now, and the walking in the rubber panties and burka with the strong smell of rubber had triggered something in my groin, I was sopping wet. The house is set back from the road, but nothing seemed to have changed. It seemed as if I had been away a year, not just over three weeks. 

I took a deep breath of rubber scented air and approached our front door, and rang the bell. It was the weekend so he wasn’t at work, and I started to think what I would do if he wasn’t there. But then I heard his steps and the door opened the door. I took a gulp of air as he said, pleasantly and not at all shocked to see this apparition at his door.

“Yes, can I help you?”

I raised my hands and slowly pulled the hood over my head.

“Hello darling, I’m home.” I wasn’t sure how he would react, seeing me like this but of course he’d seen a lot of DVD’s so he couldn’t be too shocked. I saw a huge look of relief and he began to shake his head slowly, then he took me in his strong arms and almost crushed me.

“Oh, oh Carol….I’m so sorry I….”

“Easy, easy, let’s go inside, you’re squeezing the air out of me.” He picked up the suitcase and led me in, staring at my outfit. Closing the door he turned and kissed me hard.

“I shouldn’t be surprised that Monica got you all dressed up to see me, ha ha. I suppose you are wearing latex under that?”

“Oh, yes, here I’ll show you.” I went to the living room, where I had last seen it as they zipped me up into the sports bag. I slowly pulled off the burka, and there I stood in latex bra and panties.

We made love there in the living room, then upstairs. He was tender, as if not wishing to hurt me, how could he do that after what I had experienced with Monica. He inspected my rings closely and asked if they hurt. I said when they went in they certainly did, but not now. Was I to get them taken out? No, I answered, I liked them. He looked surprised at this but said nothing else. For the rest of the day, and the following day, the Sunday, we barely got out of bed, just to eat and drink and wash. We talked and made love. The suitcase was open on the floor, and he had taken a look through it, commenting on the latex, but not encouraging me to try anything on, which disappointed me a little.

He kept apologising, time and again, referring to some of the indignities I had endured. Finally after a day or so, I said that I was fine, more than fine. I had been a bitch to him and he was entitled to do what he did. Our life in the past was past, and I wanted to start again. He was happy to start again, but I could see that he couldn’t yet get his head around me actually liking the way I had been treated. So then I told him that too, I liked the whole sub/dom thing and I really liked the latex. Was that all right with him? He nodded, hesitatingly at first, he just wanted me to be happy, whatever it entailed. It was all probably too much for him at first, the sex was good, but I wanted him to be more aggressive with me, more assertive. I wanted him to dom me, and it occurred to me that if he wasn’t going to do that, was I going to have to dom him?

The first week flew by, he would come back home and we would fuck before he got his jacket off. I introduced a bit of latex on the second day and that went quite well, just some stockings and bra and crotchless panties. He liked the feel of them – who wouldn’t - and I knew they improved the look of even my body, which was in really good shape after all the pony girl exercise, so that was fine. Then the next couple of days I tried a mask, which I don’t think he liked as it said it covered up my beautiful face. I didn’t want to tell him then at that early stage that that was the whole point, I would become anonymous and he could do what he wanted with me, fuck my face, even my bum.

But he wanted to treat me like a fragile doll.

On the fourth of fifth evening I dressed in the sexy maid’s uniform, all tight and shiny black and white. I didn’t wear a mask as I knew he probably didn’t want that, but it went all right, we fucked like crazy on the kitchen table and I sucked him off as well. I would have liked him to be in latex too, and with a mask, but knew I couldn’t push too fast. I was beginning to get frustrated.

After a week I called Ann, wanting to meet, have a chat, and laugh a little. Of all the people I met, and without exception they were pleasant to me, and fun to be with, the one that had the most profound effect on me, other than Monica and her cohorts of course, was Ann. Here was someone who is so smart, so wickedly funny, so grounded, so at peace with herself, so aware of who she was, that I knew that we would bond as one. Again, I had to ask Fran to make contact for me.

A week after the races we met for dinner in Oxford. I wore my little black silk dress and pumps, nothing else, no panties or bra. But in honour of Ann I wore my gold pony girl trophies in my ear lobes. They were quite heavy but I was thrilled to wear them again. I was nervous and arrived early. Ann also arrived early, just after me, wearing a very classy beige halter-neck, knee length dress, long sleeved, tight to her voluptuous torso.

I stood to give her a peck, but she took my head in her hands and kissed me fully on the mouth for at least two seconds. She really knew how to kiss, maybe I should have been a bit embarrassed but my heart leapt at her touch. Then she sat and said.

“Has it gone quiet in here, ha ha?” She looked gorgeous, cool and professional, even with a nose ring and half inch long hair.

“You know I only ever saw you masked, so how do you think I knew you, hhmm? Well your pretty mouth and eyes of course, but the gorgeous earrings are a giveaway and also your nipple rings are showing through your dress, ha ha.”

And they were, but then so were Ann’s, so we had a chuckle at that. The meal went wonderfully, we were immediately at ease. We talked about Suzy, and we talked about Tim and we talked about pony riding and the love of latex. I related to her what she had said to me about how she felt when she was being gagged, and how exciting it is when you are gradually reduced to muteness. I said that this is, now, exactly how I feel.

At the end of the entrée Ann handed me a small package and suggested I go to the ladies’ to open it. Intrigued, I locked myself in a booth and did so. It contained two pairs of the Playtex panties I had grown to love. They were in flesh coloured latex, high-waisted and with the holes at crotch and bottom. I giggled like a schoolgirl as I sniffed them and then eased one pair up my calves and then thighs to my crotch.

I was quite wet already, as being with Ann and discussing the topics we did made me horribly horny. I had to take a few deep breaths when pulling them up over my hips to my waist. I placed the other pair in my shoulder bag. I don’t know what came over me but when I returned to the table, I sneaked behind her, placed my hand under her chin, raising her face to mine and leant down and gave her a firm kiss. We didn’t get thrown out, but certainly there was a lull in the conversation again! I took her hand.

“Thank you, I love them, they feel so 50’s, haha. I certainly need them now; I was close to staining my dress here.”

When we finished Ann asked me back to her place. I hesitated and she laughed.

“I’m not going to jump you, Carol, Suzy is coming round after her tutorial which finishes late. She’s ordered me to be ready for her, and I am a bit pushed for time, I would like you to help me prepare myself for her.” She took my hand. “Okay?”

She had a beautiful flat, it was tastefully decorated with lovely paintings, warm and welcoming. Ann however went straight to her bedroom.

“Come into my lair.” She laughed, unzipping her dress. Now all she wore were latex bra and Playtex panties. She looked ravishing. Opening the closet she hung her dress. She opened a second door with a smile.

“And here’s the good stuff.” Over half the closet was filled with latex clothes; suits, leotards, and dresses. Below what was hanging were drawers.

“And in here are the panties, bras, stockings, tights; and in this drawer.” She smirked. “The nasty stuff - helmets, masks, gags. Yes, we have a lot of fun with all this. I have about 15 minutes to get ready.” She stripped out of her panties and bra, I noticed with a chuckle that the inside of her panties were also wet. Quickly I helped her into a scarlet catsuit with, not surprisingly, holes at crotch, bum and nipples. It had attached feet and gloves, and a high neck. She tossed a corset at me and I wrapped it round her and began to pull in the laces.

“Wow, ow, oooo, that’s enough. Wooo, I think you would make a good dom, you know.” She lay back on the bed and parted her legs and I cuffed them to the bottom footrest. Then I did the same with her wrists.

“Good, that’s good, nice and tight. The only thing left is the mask there.” I took the red mask, opened it out and with a smug smile pulled it over her head. There were no eye holes just two small nostril holes and a gap at the mouth.

“Oh, I love this, mmm.” She whispered. “Well thanks Carol, we made it in time, so, we will see you again soon, I hope. Just pull the door closed behind you, sorry for the rush, but it has been a great evening.”

“You don’t expect me to just go Ann, do you?” I replied. “You gave me a lovely present tonight, and I’m wet wearing them, so one good turn deserves another.”

I knelt between her thighs and dipped me head to her inviting womanhood.

“Oh, no you don’t, that’s unfair…oh Carol, don’t.” It took less than 30 seconds for she was on the brink after I had tied her down. I then kissed her on the lips, her musk now on her lips.

“It’s been a great night.” I whispered. “Give Suzy my best.” I gave one of her nipples a friendly squeeze. “Bye.”

“Oh, ah, you would make a great dom Carol, we’ll see you again soon.” And with a last look back I left. That was a week after I returned from Monica’s and I have seen Ann, and Suzy on several occasions since.

The next week continued as before, with me instigating any bondage or scenes. I had started to wear latex pretty well every day, even around the house, a pair of panties or a bra. I got to really like the old Playtex panties, I could wear them all day without being dripping wet. I spent a couple of days buying some latex clothes for Tim, hoping to encourage him into them. They weren’t outrageous, just some shoulder gloves, then a t-shirt and jockey shorts. I didn’t want any tranny stuff, just yet, that would have scared the life out of him I think, but I thought he had the body for a bit of forced feminisation! I hoped that would be later, but this was not a fast process.

He tried them on; he liked the cool feel, and soon got a real sweat up. I don’t think he liked all the sweat so much, which was never a problem for me. But anyway he wore the stuff and we made love and I enjoyed it, but I got the feeling that he would just have easily done it without being dressed in latex. He was always very complimentary about my gear, he laughed at me in my maid’s uniform and I’ve worn that a couple of times since and we had great sex.

At the end of the second week I had a kind of epiphany, I decided I wanted to work again. Just like that. I called my old company, and said I wanted to work again, and would it be all right if I came on part time, say three days a week. They hadn’t wanted me to leave and just said come in tomorrow and we’ll get you started. Yes, just like that. So I started immediately and it was as if I hadn’t been away. It meant of course that if I worked late I was home after him and couldn’t get a chance to dress and surprise him.

But as a bit of compensation, I began to go to work with at least some latex on me. Usually this was panties and maybe a bra, but a couple of times I wore tights, which got incredibly hot and wet…..and me hot and wet! So I would have to take a break in the ladies’ room and wipe down. I know I must have smelt a bit of rubber, I must have, a couple of people looked at me, I could see them sort of sniffing, but no one said anything. 

I continued to try and immerse Tim in latex, very slowly. I explained to him that I really like being gagged, being made mute, and that meant I could scream my lungs out as he fucked me, I wanted that, I told him. So a couple of times he did that, and I loved it. He released me as quick as he could, saying how could he kiss me when I had a gag on? That was true of course but I told him sometimes I didn’t need smothering in kisses, much as I liked that, but I needed a fucking, good and hard.

I tried again with a mask, a simple one with a back zip, eye, nose and mouth holes. I told him to grip my head and force me to suck him off, not to hold back. He did so and it was wonderful, feeling his strong hands holding my face down on his hard cock, me mmmffing in pleasure. But again, I felt that I was the one getting most of the pleasure and was doing this to please me, and not himself.

I loved it that he was always considering me, but I also felt he was taking it too far, if that were possible. I wanted him to enjoy this as much as I was. To satisfy myself when I knew he would be late a couple of times I dressed myself in full latex, gagged and masked and lay on the bed, and I came before I had even touched myself.



Story continues in Chapter 3

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