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The Tale of Tim & Carol Part Two Chapter 1: Carol's Version of her Rehabilitation

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2012 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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continued from Part One - Tim's Tale


Chapter 1: Carol’s Version of her Rehabilitation

Hello dear reader. This is Carol, yes, Carol, the heroine, initially reluctant, of this tale. I found Tim’s story on his computer the other day. I don’t know why he kept it there, unhidden, or what he kept it for.

I have read it several times, the scenes described are from the DVD’s that he received regularly from Monica and speak for themselves. What I found interesting are his feelings as I endured the rehabilitation process.

I shall end the story by filling you in on my feelings during the more than three weeks I was with Monica and her two friends and more importantly what has transpired since then.

The abduction/kidnapping was certainly a shock, seeing those latex-clad women just saunter into my house, overpower me without any interference from Tim and haul me away. Trussed and gagged in the sports bag, with a butt plug up my rear the overpowering smell of latex assailed me. I didn’t think they were going to permanently harm me, but I was still very worried. The subsequent electrolysis and piercing were very painful, and I think it was done so early on in my training to give me an idea what was to come and that they meant business. I got that idea quickly enough.

There are a lot of scenes of my rehabilitation that were not filmed; otherwise Tim would have dozens of DVD’s and hours and hours of viewing. But the subtle variety of the punishments I was put through was endless. In all of them was the continued presence of the latex. Whether I was being paddled, gagged, forced to play the role of pony or baby, forced to accept an enema, forced into the vacuum bed or inflatable straight jacket, latex was ever-present. The “education” was merciless, and brooked no argument from me. At first I tried to give as good as I got, and this Tim has described, but this they actually enjoyed, it gave them a bit of a challenge and a good excuse to punish me afterwards.

So I moved to being quietly resentful, hoping that if I bided my time that they would somehow get over-confident and make a mistake, at least allowing me a chance at freedom. Ha, now that was a mistake.

Over the days of course I began to realise that while they punished me, at the same time they began to arouse me. At first I tried to resist this. Up to that time, I had never been interested in women as sexual partners. Oh, but these women were different, they were so talented! It’s hard to explain, but they knew exactly what a woman, at least this woman, desires.

They knew every spot, every little nook and cranny that needed attention. So while I was being punished physically, gagged, impaled on butt plugs, and squeezed into endless varieties of latex, I was also being pushed to the heights of sexual arousal. Whether it was Monica, Polly or Natalie, it didn’t really matter for they were all extremely talented with fingers and tongues.

Most important, all the time, the tender, subtle caress of latex was present. It wasn’t as if I ever disliked it, I was just never exposed to it. It was for a good while on the fringes of the clubs I had been to and I had seen plenty of it, I just never had any of it myself.

So how do I explain rubber? It feels like nothing else, a mix of satin, silk and leather, yet….none of them. It could be gossamer thin, stretching over and tickling the skin; or it could be super-thick, unyielding, trapping, squeezing you, like some of the corsets I wore. It had the full range of colour, and could be made into anything, from a skimpy pair of thin panties to a thick hard cock to suck on, or sit on.  Gradually I knew I was succumbing to its allure, for every time I had another body-shaking orgasm, latex was present and had contributed to my pleasure. I was truly Pavlov’s dog.

The touch of it was only part of the attraction, for there was also the smell. I can quite understand some saying that the smell is a mix of sweet and pungent and they don’t like it. I can’t argue, it is sweet and it can be pungent, and as the days passed, for no accountable reason I was beginning to like it.

And then there is its look of course. With the arousing application of a silicone spray it can be shined to a brightness like no other material I know - maybe PVC but that does nothing for me.

And, as the dear Ann would say, I was being tutored in the joys of Sapphic love. I had never been kissed, full on the lips by a woman before. But very quickly Monica, Polly and Natalie had tasted my fruit. A woman’s kiss is smoother, gentler, more “knowing” and even when blinded I knew who it was that was kissing me.

That was face to face, but when they began to educate me on face to pussy, then things really began to move. They were all proficient, believe me, and if I had to pick a favourite, I suppose it would be Monica. Maybe it was her age, and the extra years that she had had that perfected her art. The first time she “performed” on me, I was still trying to repel her. What a fruitless exercise that was. When she pulled back my ringed labia and began exploring me with her tongue, lips, nose and even teeth, I had no idea that a woman could be moved that way. Despite sometimes being subjected to pain at the same time, I was still having the most extraordinary orgasms.

Then it was my turn, I was the pupil, to give rather than to receive, so had I learned from the teachers?

I had little say in the matter of course, being trussed and immobile in latex. I was initially stunned when Monica settled herself over my face and planted her pussy over my mouth. I did not know what to expect. The smell, the taste, the feel of it, well obviously all this was new to me. Perhaps I would be repulsed, disgusted by it all.

But no, I wasn’t. She was warm and moist, and clean, not unpleasant at all. And my own reaction surprised me. Then she began to talk quietly, to coach me, encourage me, and I listened and I learned, and most important, I began to enjoy.  In the end and it took a number of “lessons” but quite soon I began to take some pride in my “skills”. What is it they say, it is better to give than to receive? Well in this instance, I’m not sure, but enjoyment was obtained by both parties, I know.

So, subtly in some ways, and not so subtly in other ways, I was not only succumbing to the sexual wiles of these women, but very much also, the feel, look and fragrance of latex. And then, perhaps fortuitously for them, they came on something that I love, and they could mix that with some more latex and bondage. It was the pony training and it worked perfectly for them, and on reflection, for me too.

I had always loved to run, I was good at it. So when I saw the treadmill I knew that at least, whatever else they had up their sleeve, I could get some pleasure from being stretched to a physical limit.  Of course I had to wear the latex, and that was fine. I would sweat so much that I would slip and slide against its tight embrace. The hoof boots were certainly an interesting addition and took me a while to get used to them. My feet were not en pointe, but I was not allowed the luxury of grounding my heel. The elevated curved steel sole gave great support, and only on a couple of occasions did I lose my footing. In the end I was really quite comfortable with them.

I did not like my arms in the rear mono-glove, this affected my balance in running and I could cramp up quite quickly. I pleaded with Monica that if she really wanted me to run, and run fast, then having them doubled up at the elbow and attached to my shoulders was fine with me. I remember her laughing at my “contribution” and from then on they were attached in this way which was fine by me. It was quite funny really running like that, my arms flapping at my sides and my boobs similarly bouncing in the rubber cups of the suit.

The corset and the posture collar were at first very tight and uncomfortable, as I suppose they were meant to be. Of course they improved my posture, but at first my breathing was certainly affected. After a few days on the treadmill coupled with my “healthy” diet, however I began to lose some weight and “tone up” and soon I was used to its constriction. I’m sure this was Monica’s intent.

And the bit was really not that much of a problem. Yes, if I had it in for a protracted time, say over two or three hours, my jaw would hurt and the sides of my mouth would be tender, but when running I could breathe all right, except for the saliva dripping down onto my boobs. It was much better biting down on a bit than having a full mouth gag, and running with that in would have been much harder.

The butt plugs? Oh yes, the butt plugs took a lot longer getting used to. At first, not pleasant at all, despite having the attentions of somebody’s tongue in my pussy. But as they say, you can get used to a lot over time. Even now I won’t say I love having my bum plundered with a big probe, but at least I know what it will be like and adjust myself to it. But occasionally I do like it there, tickling my insides, reminding me of its presence with each step I take. The smaller ones I can handle easily now, up to say a number 6 or even 7, but I still can’t gain any pleasure having a 10 up there. The electric one was interesting, at a low voltage it was, funnily enough, quite pleasant, just a little hum, a tickle, actually quite erotic; but increase the voltage then it most certainly was not. I suppose when you think about it, that’s the whole point of them!

So as each day went by, I ran faster and faster and more comfortable and confident with my clothes and tack. When I wasn’t running I was being inculcated to the further joys of latex and the attentions of Natalie and Polly.  It was very gradual, there wasn’t a moment when I said to myself, “oh my goodness, I’m hooked on this stuff, give me more”. No, but as the days passed, if I was subjected to pain, then I realised I was becoming used to it; I was riding with it, not fighting it. And the attentions of Polly or Natalie at the same time would be so pleasurable that the pain and pleasure would come hand in hand, so to speak….and again, wasn’t that the point?

What can I say about the day at the races? By then I was familiar with the feel of the latex, the grip of the two corsets, the angle of the hoof boots, and the bit. I was actually looking forward to it, and meeting others there. And I was so focussed and committed to run a good race. Having a new driving mistress was a huge shock. I dearly wanted to run for Monica, to prove how good I was, to win for her, even to feel her whip, and at the last moment to have that taken away hurt me. Then to have the electro plug thrust up my rear was a further unpleasant factor. I didn’t of course know then that my new mistress, who was to send shockwaves through my anal passage with abandon, was my own mother!

But as soon as I was off and running, far too fast, and got the first double jolt I realised that she was the boss. She knew the course and she was going to control my speed. It was only on the last lap that she let me loose and it is hard to describe the feeling, running free, well not exactly free of course, but legs pumping, lungs screaming, bells ringing, ha, I was ecstatic.

I have the two nipple ring gold trophies at home in a special place, for it was a special day. Meeting Maggie was a thrill too. What a ball of fun she is, mid 50’s and more fun and more open minded (and more pervy!) than most people half her age. Since returning to the “real world” I have managed to track her down through mum, and have met her (and Ron) a couple of times. She will remain a friend for life.

After the races we returned to Monica’s, with me wearing the blacked-out sunglasses. I was still on a high and frankly right then didn’t care what they had planned for me. But I think everyone was both on a high but tired as well, I was certainly tired, both physically and mentally. I took off my gold nipple ring trophies and placed them by the bed. They helped me off with my hoody and glasses, then my boots and corset, and finally unzipped my lovely red and black suit. I took a long hot shower and when I returned they had gone! On the big King size latex-covered bed was a note.

“We know you are very tired, and you really deserve a good night. Wear what you like and get up when you like. Polly is going over to see her sister and Paul tomorrow and I would like you to help Natalie and me, if you wish. We had a wonderful day, and we are immensely proud of you, love Monica.”

This almost brought tears to my eyes – “love Monica”. And what help did she want? I wondered, and I liked the phrase if you wish. It now seemed that I had their trust, I had passed all the tests. I was now fully contented, and to be honest I wouldn’t have minded a bit of company to snuggle up to that night. But I slipped on a pair of latex bloomers (I know they looked funny, but I liked the rustle as you moved in them) and a halter top. I lay back on the bed in the dark, pulling the latex sheet up to my chin, breathing in the delicious aroma, and was asleep within a minute.

I awoke with Monica sitting on my bed, wrapped in a latex dressing gown. She put her hand on my cheek.

“We had a long chat about you last night before Polly left.”

“Oh?” What did this mean?

“Don’t look so worried, we were just saying to each other that you have fulfilled, more than fulfilled your requirements for rehabilitation, we are very pleased and proud of you. You can go home when you are ready. Yes, Carol, you can. But I want to ask you a favour, which you do not, repeat not, have to agree to. We have a client coming today, it’s a lengthy session, and with Polly gone, it would help us a great deal if you could stay and assist us with his…”

“Of course.” I said immediately almost without thinking, and of course my reply spoke volumes. I wanted to get back to Tim, but I knew that I would miss these women, miss them a lot. The sessions with clients that I had been involved with previously had been a lot of fun, and now, I didn’t want to miss this last opportunity.

“Are you sure? You know we can get you ready and back to Tim this afternoon.”

“No, no I’m sure. If tomorrow is okay, I’d like to stay one last night.” After all my trials and tribulations even I found it strange that it was me saying this.

“Then we’ll make tonight a very special one for all of us.” She leant over and kissed me, oh my goodness, she knew how to kiss.

Over breakfast Monica filled me in on the client and the upcoming session. As I had been on the receiving end of so many sessions, I quickly found that I was getting very excited about being on the other side. Maybe Ann was right, maybe I was a dom. I would surely find out during this session. Like Bobby before him, Matt was a 100% committed sub, who required severe training from Monica. She said that this was going to be a heavy session, which for Matt would last 24 hours.  Monica assured me that I was not needed beyond that evening, his major “treatment” would be during the day, then he would be prepared for the night, it would be plain sailing from there, not for Matt, of course.

We showered and dressed together, which was a lot of fun, like a fuckerware party as they are now called, but a hell of a lot kinkier. The clothes were laid out on the big bed and we helped each other dress. We were now very comfortable with each other’s company, why wouldn’t we be, we knew each other’s bodies’ well. But now we were, how do I say, equals?

Natalie and I dressed identically, and Monica of course slightly differently. We both dressed Monica first in a classic dominatrix outfit all in black latex. No stockings or panties this time, just a thick pair of tights which needed the three of us to get her into. We giggled as she jumped up and down to help us get her into them. Then came a bra and shoulder length gloves. Over this came the dress - high neck, wrist-length sleeves and a hem to the knee. It was form fitting, accentuating her prominent breasts, pinched waist, contoured hips and athletic legs. The skirt was narrow and gripped her thighs, allowing her only small steps in her four inch heels. This was power dressing in the extreme. She looked stern and ready for business. Part of me wanted her to dom me there and then.

Natalie and I helped ourselves into identical gunmetal grey catsuits with attached gloves, feet and mask, with holes for eyes, nose and mouth. There were, of course, holes at nipples, pussy and bum. Getting our heads into the masks with only a single zip at the rear of the suit was a tough thing but we managed to squeeze into them. Mine was a super fit, and as I ran my hands up and down the latex I almost swooned. I knew then that I was happy I had stayed and had delayed my reunion for a day. Somehow I felt empowered. It was like I was wearing a suit of armour, I had the mask on, I was anonymous, I could do anything!

By mid-morning we went to the playroom where Matt was waiting for us. He was naked and on his knees, head bowed. He was perhaps 30, of slim build, with little body hair, clean shaven and with his head shaved. I got the feeling that he would be putty in Monica’s hands. And that is perhaps precisely what he wanted to be. Monica was quickly off the mark, pointing at the vacuum bed suspended from the ceiling.

“In.” She commanded. He slid in quickly firstly taking a quick look at Monica and the two of us in our catsuits. Before we had him zipped up and he’d found the mouthpiece I saw he was erect, which I have to say gave me a little satisfaction. Monica turned on the vacuum and quickly Matt was immobile, his limbs stretched out, his cock hard against his lower abdomen. Natalie handed me a rubber paddle, saying.

“You take the left cheek, me the right, let’s warm him up.” Well, I had been at the receiving end of this so I knew exactly what this would feel like to Matt. I took a good swing and with a loud clap landed flush on his left buttock, as I withdrew Natalie landed her shot and we continued like this for perhaps twenty swings each. On a nod from Monica we stopped and Matt’s arse was a brilliant red under the transparent latex. He was breathing heavily and grunting unintelligibly through the mouthpiece and squirming as best he could. But interestingly I noted he still had his erection. This didn’t last long for Monica took up a smaller paddle and began to beat his cock, not his balls, just his cock, and Matt’s groans grew louder. Then we took a break, allowing him to swing in his latex prison.

“Did you enjoy that, Carol?” Monica asked, swinging her paddle around her wrist.

“Ha ha, well Monica, it’s more fun to give than to receive. But you know after my last three weeks I was getting to ride the pain, strange to say. So I’d say about equal pleasure.”

“Carol, you may be a rarity, my dear. A true switch, and I say that for although there are many switches out there, nearly all of them have a preference, even if it is 45%/55%, they prefer one role over the other. You may be one of those incredibly lucky people that can gain truly equal enjoyment out of both. Imagine the fun you can have, I’m actually quite jealous. While I love to be the dom, I have never greatly enjoyed the role of sub, despite my visits to Maggie, I look on it as therapy rather than pure pleasure.”

I remember I laughed, saying, well maybe you’ve never had the right dom. And she looked at me with a rueful smile, it was hard to tell what she was thinking right then. Perhaps it was a little cheeky but I was now so comfortable with these women. We continued to chat for a while, maybe an hour, letting Matt stew.

“So what next for poor Matt?”

We extricated him from the vacuum bag, he looked a bit groggy, and his backside was less inflamed than before, but he was none the worse for wear.

Natalie now prepared the suspended rubber inflatable body bag that I had been in more than three weeks before. Trapped and squeezed by the implacable rubber they had brutally teased me while I was gagged and anally plugged. It was a strange and painful experience but also, strangely pleasurable, and now Matt was to get the treatment, but it appeared that his was to be different.

Monica quickly pulled a rubber mask over his head, it had no eye holes, just two nostril holes and a wide gap at the mouth. She cuffed Matt’s arms behind his back, then attached a chain from the ceiling grid and briskly pulled his wrists in the air. He gasped but said nothing and quickly bent over as Monica pushed his legs apart with her toe. Then she handed me a pair of surgical gloves which I pulled over my already gloved hands. She copied me and then opened a large plastic container and pulled out a tangle of tubes and bulbs. As she lubed up one end she talked quietly to me.

“I’m going to get you to do this, see how you like it. This will confirm whether you are a real dom or not, ha ha. Okay, now this is the end that goes in his rear. You’ll see the nozzle goes first and then we have a large inflatable bladder; next to this is a second bladder which is inflated by this second bulb. The two inflated bladders trap the sphincter rigidly between them making it completely watertight. Then by this tube we fill him with water. I’ll show you that later as I have introduced some interesting features, but first you can insert this in his anal passage here.

Perhaps at one time I might have found this unpleasant, but now I didn’t, as I prised his cheeks apart with one hand and inserted the tube. I felt him shudder as I pushed further and the first bladder popped in.

“Excellent, now inflate the two bladders.” Said a pleased Monica and I did. Matt groaned but I continued to squeeze the two bulbs until the outer one, the size of a golf ball, and no less comfortable, nestled firmly between his cheeks. I stopped and Monica gave the tube a gentle tug, nothing happened and she seemed satisfied. Matt was quietly moaning, and Monica leant down and whispered in his rubber-covered ear.

“Matt, wait until the water starts pouring in, then you will have something to moan about, ha ha.”

Monica and I then released the wrist chain and his cuffs and lead him over to the bag. Natalie lowered it and with our support he stepped into it. She fed the anal tubes through the rear hole and pushed his arms down the internal sleeves and pulled it over his shoulders. I saw him shiver at its clammy touch. The air hose was attached and, like me three weeks before, he quickly expanded to resemble a Michelin man. We then buckled the straps on the bag, compressing him further, and stood back.

I was pretty impressed with what I saw. Suspended a couple of inches above the ground, Matt, his head encased in a tight black mask, with only his open mouth visible, swung slowly in the inflated bag. In front his cock and balls were exposed and at the rear a long tube now hung down from the large round bulb trapped between his cheeks.

But we weren’t finished. Natalie handed me a fresh pair of surgical gloves and I replaced the old pair with new. Then she handed me another long tube with a large bladder and inflator bulb.

“This is actually a bit more uncomfortable, if you can believe.” Said Monica coolly.

“Now we have Matt pretty well trussed up here, but generally they don’t like this, so you will still get a bit of a struggle. This is going down Matt’s throat, and the natural reaction is to retch. Matt has had it before, haven’t you Matt, but it can still be quite unpleasant. So that he can’t bite down on the tube, or our fingers, we place a ring gag in his mouth… so.” And expertly she had pushed a ring gag in his mouth, now gaping, and strapped it behind his rubber-covered head.

“Now Carol, hold his head with your forearm and hand and slide the tube down his gullet.” At first I was a bit embarrassed, a little nervous, but held in my arm was a faceless, rubber ovoid, with a single gaping hole, so I slid the end of the tube into it, and slowly fed it down. There was a bit of retching, but I held on until the bladder was past the ring. Now on Monica’s instructions I pumped up the inflatable bladder until the cheeks behind the rubber mask bulged out. He stopped struggling, and breathed through his nostrils.

I had to admit I liked the power that I had just then, holding a struggling man in my arms and making him dumb. Yes, I did, I enjoyed it.

While I was occupied, Natalie had expertly inserted a catheter through Matt’s cock and attached the tube to a transparent plastic container on the floor and released the valve. Monica meanwhile had connected the end of the mouth tube to a container hanging above Matt’s swinging body bag. There was maybe three or four pints in it, then Monica released the valve and the water very slowly poured down the tube, through the gag and into his stomach. Matt moaned but could do nothing else.

“This should take quite a while to empty. Now we’ll just fix him to the irrigation machine here and we’re done. The machine is both a vacuum and an enema hose, believe me it took forever to design but it works a treat now. So we attach the end of the tube here to the machine, release this valve and we are nearly ready. This is the best bit, we have incorporated a timer. So water from this container can be pumped into his rear, for a defined period. It is held within him for another period, and then it can be vacuumed out into this other container. All the times of the enema and cleansing and the volumes can be adjusted to suit the victim.”

She seemed very pleased with herself and I had to admit it was cruelly ingenious.

“What we are going to do is give poor Matt here a series of power enemas. Hehehe, not very comfortable at all. They will be a pint each, they will be held inside him for a period of 15 minutes although the first will be half an hour to fully dissolve all matter, and then he will be flushed out. Then a half hour later the process will be repeated. This will happen five times and will take us to early evening, and then Matt can relax for a while before we move to his night training.”

She moved a couple of dials and then turned a switch, and I saw Matt’s body bag shake and he moaned as the first enema began to enter him.  Now, as we left the room, Matt was being drip fed through his gagged mouth, flushed through his double plugged rear and peeing through a catheter, all while suspended and entombed in rigid, inflated rubber. A large part of me was a bit horrified at this, but I had to admit an equal part had enjoyed it.

So we had an afternoon to kill, and it was then that I realised Monica had really taken a bit of a shine to her pupil. From an adjacent bedroom she brought in a good sized airline case on wheels. She threw it on the bed, and said.

“You need a head start out there in the new world. Fill this with what you want.” I gawped at her. “Yes Carol, you can close your mouth now, take what you would like, really.”

I was overwhelmed, she wouldn’t hear my protestations and so I spent a very pleasurable three hours, in the company of Monica and Natalie selecting what would be the start of my new wardrobe. We took our time; Matt’s cycle would take a while to finish, and took breaks for a coffee or for Monica to plan her next client.

Eventually, the bag was full. I still felt quite guilty, but they wouldn’t hear of it. There was pretty stuff, - a few pairs of panties, some tights and stockings, suspenders, a couple of bras: there were uniforms; - a maid’s of course, a nun’s (I really liked that), and a dominatrix (of course); and then there were a few masks, plain, and elaborate, even a couple of inflatables: and of course several gags.

“Are you sure….”

“Shush, dear, it makes me happy to see you so happy. I just hope that Tim enjoys them as much as you do. Although I’m not so sure of that right now.”

Somehow I wasn’t sure if that would be the case either, but I kissed her on the cheek in thanks. By now we were ready to return to Matt. The bag was not moving at all, but I could see his even breathing when I approached closer to him. The machine had turned itself off a while before and now one container was full and the other empty! The catheter bag was also quite full and the drip feed was empty. For three hours or so Matt had been well and truly flushed out. Quickly we disassembled all the gear, very carefully deflating the bladders in his mouth and rear, and extracting the tubes, which was not a pleasant task for us, and certainly not for Matt. Quickly he was sent to have a shower, clean himself and the invasive equipment, and be back in fifteen minutes, while we prepared his next test of endurance.

And I could tell that this was to be as compelling as his previous one. Monica rolled the trolley with three TENS machines, with numerous wires and rubber pads up to a seven feet high four feet diameter glass cylinder on a solid metal base that I had seen in the games room over the last three weeks. Natalie and I meanwhile had collected a brutally heavy rubber suit, complete with attached gloves and feet, a medium sized butt plug and a rubber harness and attached tubing and collection bag. In addition Monica had obtained an attractive attaché case, the contents of which I didn’t know then.

Matt returned in time, his hands obediently behind his back. He bent over when he saw the butt plug and Monica bestowed the honour on me to impale him. Again, I have to say that I enjoyed the feeling of power as I gradually pushed the lubed plug in his somewhat resisting rear passage. This done, Monica had him step into a rubber harness much like a jock strap, wrapping it around his waist while his cock and balls were pushed into a tight sleeve. From the sleeve a tube ran down to a collection bag which Natalie strapped to his calf.

“This will be a bit tight for you as it serves both male and female. I am sure you are well flushed out of both ends, but I don’t want any soiling inside the suit, so now you are well taken care of front and back.” Matt seemed well prepared and resigned now when we began placing the TENS pads on his body. Large moon-shaped ones were glued to his buttocks, two inch square ones to the inside of the tops of his thighs, and finally four inch diameter ones to his chest, centred on his nipples. The rubber suit must have been 20 or 25 pounds and at least an eighth of an inch thick. At the rear, below the zip, was a double-sided round metal connector.

The suit was very unwieldy but loose fitting except for ankles and wrists, and Natalie opened up the thick watertight zip from the middle of the back and helped Matt step in. He pushed his feet through the tighter ankles into the thick bootees and we pulled it up to his waist. Then Monica gathered together all the TENS wires and plugged them into the metal internal connector at the rear of the suit. We pushed his arms down the sleeves and through the wristbands and then zipped him up to a high tight collar.

It was I suppose like a romper suit, but much thicker, heavier and considerably less attractive. Movement in it would be slow and uncomfortable. Monica now attached long leads from the TENS machines to the outer connector.

“The suit is absolutely watertight – including the zip and the connector here. All we need now is the headgear.” Monica said and she opened the attaché case. Laid out on red velvet was a nasty looking helmet, and internal attachments. These were a variety of gags – cocks and balls of various sizes. All of them had a metal screw attachment at the end and a hole to breathe through.

“As a special treat, I shall allow Carol to pick the gag.” Monica said and as a cock had been my “favourite” from of self-silence (Can one have a favourite gag? Well, I suppose I did now.) I selected a thick short rubber cock. Monica then carefully opened the helmet inside out and explained its attractions.

“The helmet is double-skinned, there is no zip so it will take a little effort to get it on your head and over your ears. It is inflatable and here are the two Perspex lenses. It does not need much inflating as the outer skin is as thick as the suit, but it will certainly make you light-headed, ha ha. I will screw the gag to the internal port… this…and you will be able to breathe through the hole here.”

Matt said nothing as we all took a grip of the long collar of the mask and pulled it hard down his head. Having a bald skull certainly helped but it still took a couple of minutes before his head disappeared behind the anonymous black ovoid. He got the message pretty quickly that in order to get air he would have to take the cock in his mouth and soon we could hear him breathing through the hole in the gag. Monica now attached a bulb to the valve at the crown of the helmet and with only a few squeezes there was no resistance in the helmet at all. There was an audible moan from Matt, but that was all.

Now Natalie wrapped a steel collar over the two overlapping collars of the suit and helmet and locked it at the rear. I took a second to look into the eyes behind the lenses of the helmet, and there was a look of mute resignation, rather than fear. Natalie now screwed an air hose to the front metal connector of the helmet, which made it a bit more difficult for him to breathe.

“Now the physical part.” Said Monica, as the three of us tipped the thick glass cylinder at an angle and leant it against the edge of the vaulting horse. I could see that this was why they needed an extra pair of hands. They then got Matt, now with the appearance of some kind of zombie or android, to waddle over to the edge of the horse and carefully slide his legs into the top of the cylinder. The thick slippery rubber of the suit helped but we were careful to make sure the wires leading to the TENS units remained connected. Holding his shoulders we helped him slide down into the cylinder. Then with a great effort we righted the cylinder, so that now Matt was trapped inside like some poor dead android in a jar of formaldehyde, his only connection to the outside being the wires connected the outside of the suit to the TENS machines and his breathing tube, about ten feet long, this hooked to the side of the cylinder. There was enough room for him to move his arms and legs, but in his condition he did nothing except stare out past the glass.

Natalie attached a hose to the tap over the double sinks, and rested the end on the edge of the cylinder, then turned it on.  It took about ten minutes for it to fill the cylinder, and when it had, Matt was suddenly lifted off his feet to float about three inches above the base, his arms slightly spread to his side. Clearly the weight of himself coupled with the suit was perfectly balanced by the air in his helmet.

All Monica had to do now was play with the knobs and dials on the TENS units, which she did, without, I thought rather coyly, telling us the strengths and lengths of the cycles! But she did say.

“He’s going to be here for the night. We don’t want him to have heart failure so we will take it easy and every couple of hours pop in and ring some changes, he’s a strong young man, and he’ll be fine.” Then as Monica took my arm in hers and then Natalie’s, I looked back and saw Matt shake and jerk, bringing a hand up to his chest, as if trying to pry off the rubber pads glued underneath. This he must have known was a pointless exercise, and he knew, as I now knew that he was in for a long night.

Polly had returned by then and had brought in Chinese food and so, like any “happy family”, we settled in front of the TV and watched a DVD. We shared a couple of bottles of wine but the evening was quite subdued, I suppose all of us were thinking about me leaving the next day, I certainly was and although I was happy to be seeing Tim again, I really was going to miss these women, strange though that may seem.

The DVD was the one with Kate Beckinsale playing a vampire or werewolf, I couldn’t tell which and really didn’t care. It was pretty awful, and we fast-forwarded a lot of it, but stopped whenever we could get a good shot of Kate in her latex outfit.

I remember reading the critics and other web observers, and they discussed her “leather” or “PVC”. Haha, so much for critics, they couldn’t even get her costume right…latex, you idiots. We all made comments on what we would like to do with her in that outfit and had a bit of a laugh. Every half hour or so we checked on Matt, who seemed to be all right floating in the cylinder and getting the occasional shock.

Soon it was ready for bed and with a conspiratorial look at Monica, Natalie said that she and Polly would take the second bedroom. That would leave Monica and me, and Monica said.

“Your last night, and you’re probably pretty tired, it’s your choice.”

“Well, I’d like a shower first, maybe a little latex (I laughed here) and then a quiet night, with some company, if that’s okay, with you.”

“Sounds perfect to me.” Monica replied and we ventured to the bedroom. We helped each other out of our sopping suits and shared a shower. It was almost strange being naked but once in the shower, we had a really fun time, soaping each other in all the right places. Once out and dried off, Monica asked me to make the choice on nightwear. I didn’t want to get too “heavy” on the last night so I picked for both of us matching white stockings and garter belt, and shoulder length gloves, and nothing else. Monica had a quiet chuckle at this as we sat on the big latex covered bed and pulled up our stockings.

Then like a couple of kids at a pyjama party, giggling we snuggled together under the single latex sheet. It was me that took the initiative, taking her breast in my gloved hand a rolling her nipple.

“You know Carol, there is no obligation….” She whispered.

“Sssshh.” I quelled her comments with a kiss, and I was on top of her, one hand behind her head and the other at her love nest. Despite being very tired, and anticipating seeing Tim the following day, I did not sleep a lot! Lying next to her, touching her with my gloved hands, being touched, I was in a state of calm and at complete ease with my partner in bed.

It wasn’t aggressive sub/dom love-making but calm, mutual, exploration and consideration. We used tongues, fingers, then slept a bit, got up and checked Matt, returned and laid beside each other, touching, exploring again.

Too soon, the morning came and with latex dressing gowns covering our fluid slicked bodies we joined Polly and Natalie for a quick breakfast. They had already been up an hour and had vacuumed the water out of Matt’s cylinder and removed him from it. They had removed his helmet and he had proved to be fine, but very sore and tired as he hadn’t slept much, which didn’t surprise me.

They had kept his heavy rubber suit on however, and I assumed his catheter and bag and his butt plug. The outer connection to the TENS machine had been removed, and he was now locked in the three feet square glass box I had seen earlier. He was kneeling within the box with only his head protruding. They had pulled another helmet over his head, this covering him fully except for a mouth hole. In front of his face was the latex cushion, just waiting for someone to sit on it and be serviced by him.

Polly and Natalie had already been serviced and advised that Matt was improving in his tongue skills. They asked me if I wanted to have a sit, but I knew that if I started then I would never leave. After eating I showered, alone with my thoughts, and returned naked to the bedroom. Monica suggested an interesting outfit for me to wear on my return.

“This is a real “one off” Carol dear. I thought it might be quite interesting for you to wear. I am going to give you some money and drive you to the train station and from there you can make your way home. Look…I’m no good at goodbyes, or au revoirs, or whatever. So I will drop you off and bid you adieu. This costume is a bit daring for you, but I think you will be able to navigate home all right. People generally I think are now more understanding, less shockable than they used to be. You will get strange glances, and the odd negative comment, but if you keep your cool, all will be well, and a little exciting for you, I think.”

Well this intrigued me, what had she in mind I thought….and then she showed me.

“This is a full head and body burka. It will cover you from the crown of your head to your toes. The only area not full covered will be this small cloth mesh area in front of your eyes. On the inside you will see it is made of heavy latex, and this has been bonded to the outer cloth. To all intents therefore you are a devout woman. What do you think?”

“Well I like the whole idea of being covered in latex of course, but I don’t know what kind of reaction I’ll get walking around like this, there’s still a lot of hostility out there.”

“No one will touch you Carol, no one. You will get stares and maybe comments, but knowing you are wearing latex underneath might be quite fun. This is a bit of a test for us, we’ve been wanting to find a way to transport people, could be women or men, in full view and yet In full bondage, and this I think could be the perfect disguise.”

“You mean I am to be in bondage as well, under the burka?”

Monica smiled. “Carol, from now on you are free to do as you wish, you have passed with flying colours so it’s entirely up to you. Remember you are going back to Tim; maybe you want to surprise him, but perhaps not give him a heart attack, as I say it’s up to you.”

I thought about it for a few seconds.

“Well why not? It should be an interesting social experiment. Okay, so what to wear underneath? Hhmm, maybe I could go naked, no, I need a bit of latex to spice it up. How about just panties and a bra, I don’t want to shock Tim too much, although seeing me in the burka might give him a bit of a start.” I took my pick from a drawer full of panties, a shocking pink pair, high-waisted, and as an added feature a front panel of hard rubber bristles right next to my ringed labia. The bra I chose was also pink with cut out holes at the nipples. I shivered as I dressed.

“Are you sure that is all?”

“Well I’d like to wear more of course I would, but I want to have Tim ease into this, I don’t want him to freak. This is a lot for him to take in all at once.”

“All right love, I understand, now let’s get you into this cover-all.” She raised the hem of the heavy double skinned burka and I pushed my head and shoulders in and stood up. It fell about my shoulders and down to my ankles. Monica adjusted the full hood, and now I could see out of the narrow cloth mesh opposite my eyes. The vision was quite poor, how did these women get about, I thought? Also it was heavy and cool and clammy, as my body heat hadn’t warmed it yet.

The hood was also quite rigid and tight on my head. With only a very small mesh for air to ventilate me, the smell of the latex was almost overpowering, but I knew I could handle that all right.  It was quite claustrophobic, and there may have been a time when that would have got to me, but after the last three weeks, not any more. By passing my hands through panels at the sides of the garment it was possible for me to raise the front of the hood, which gave a little air. I slipped my feet into a pair of two inch pumps, quite sensible for the trip, I thought.

“So….are we ready then?” Monica asked. I nodded back.

“Well here’s your suitcase with all your goodies, and here I will put this shoulder bag diagonally over your shoulder, okay. In it is money to get you back and for some treats if you wish.” She had not changed from the night before, still wearing stockings, garter belt and gloves, and she now replaced her dressing gown with a full cape, zipping it up to her neck, and stepped into 4 inch pumps.

“Better say goodbye to the girls.” I pushed my hands through the side panels of the burka and lifted the hood, exposing my face. Polly and Natalie were taking Matt out of the glass box, but took a short break and came to me. They both laughed at my outfit, and quickly we hugged. Polly said.

“Don’t forget us now, stay in touch, I know it was hard at first but boy, did you come through. You know if ever you are looking for a job, well….” And she just looked around the room.

“I’ll bear it in mind.” I said. “I know I could do a lot worse, a lot worse.” I hugged her and then Natalie.

“Take care now, and erm, if ever you feel you need a refresher, well you know where to come, I’d be happy to oblige.” We hugged and I gave her a kiss.

“I bet you would.” I laughed. I waved at Matt who was trying to extricate himself from the glass box. He smiled, and seemed none the worse for wear, and he waved back. I didn’t want a long goodbye so I took one last look and began to leave the room. Monica handed me a pair of sunglasses, which I knew would be blacked out. I smiled and nodded and put them on, then pulled down the hood of the burka. She took me by the arm and led me out and to the car.



Story continues in Chapter 2

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