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The Tale of Tim & Carol Part 2 Chapter 3: Meeting Monica Again

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2012 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; dress; cape; outdoors; raincoat; petboy; tease; torment; cons; X

continued from Chapter Two


Chapter 3: Meeting Monica Again

I had left it a full month before I contacted Monica through her website. There hadn’t been a day that I hadn’t thought of her, the three weeks I had been with her, and particularly the last night. We arranged to meet in a local park in Oxford, as least local for me, for I still didn’t know where she lived. Just as with my first meeting with Ann, I was like a nervous 14 year old on her first date.

I was happy to see the weather was foul, dark clouds, rain alternating between drizzle and pelting down. This meant that I could wear my cape, and not stand out too much in a crowd. I needn’t have worried, for not a soul had braved the weather, not a single dog walker, we had the park to ourselves. I sat upright on the bench, the cape down to my ankles, and the hood up, I was warm and dry in the foul weather, but nervous.

I saw her approach, my heart skipped a beat. She wore an ankle length double breasted rubber raincoat, tightly belted, and a full hood pulled up. She was laughing out loud, holding her rubber gloved hands out wide, as if to say, didn’t we pick a great day? I stood as she approached, and she stopped a yard from me. Then we fell into each other, arms entwined, lips clamped on lips, hoods touching. We held each other for at least half a minute in the semi darkness provided by the hoods, inhaling each other’s scent. I actually had a tear in my eye, which with a knowing smile, Monica rubbed away with a rubber covered thumb. We sat.

“Part of me is a little mad with you that it’s taken a month for you to contact me.”

“And I’m sorry for that, it’s been a crazy month, so many ups and…”

“Oh, I’ve been keeping a track of you, through Fran of course, and Mags, and Ann too. I know you and Ann are quite a pair. I have to keep an eye on the one who is my prize pupil, and much more.” We were holding hands, or rather rubber gloves, and she gave mine an extra squeeze. At first it seemed hard to talk.

“So, how are Polly and Natalie?” Monica laughed, knowing we had to talk about something to get it started.

“Fine, fine, mischievous as ever, and missing you. We have several new clients so business is booming, and of course we have new members on the website, couldn’t be better.”

“Oh, good, I’m happy, give them my love.” The rain had now increased, but I hardly noticed it.

“Did Ann tell you I went back to work, just a few days a week? It’s actually fun, you know, getting into it again, and I’m making a very good salary, ha……more money to spend on latex, ha ha.”

“That’s good, my dear, I’m happy for you.” Still holding her hand I pulled my arm back inside my cape, and steered her to my love nest. She looked amused as I could feel her gloved hand explore.

“I wish it was your mouth down there.” I blurted out, and Monica answered, trying to perhaps slow things down. 

“Tell me what you are wearing.”

“Why my black and red pony suit of course, only regular boots unfortunately, shoulder gloves, and, as you have detected a pair of panties underneath. Ann gave them to me, the old Playtex style with the holes for breathing.”

“Ah, yes, I know them well, you can wear them all day without drowning in your own sweat, and other fluids ha ha. So you are well protected from my advances.” She said with a hint of irony.

“You know that wasn’t the intent, I’m right on the edge here, just sitting next to you, looking at you. I’d have thought after the last night together….”

“My dear, I was only teasing, you are very tense right now, so…..we have to talk.” And then, with her hand tenderly caressing my love nest through the latex panties, it began to flood out.

“It’s good being back with Tim, it’s better now, we’re both not at each other’s throats, that’s a start. He loves me, but he treats me like a piece of porcelain. I think despite everything I have said that he still feels guilty for “subjecting” me to your training. I think he still does. It doesn’t matter that I tell him I ended up loving it. The sex is…. good, he has hands like a feather, he is very tender, but….”

“We have a bit more bondage now, I encourage him, I’m afraid I am the instigator most of the time, but he loves me, so he goes along with it. But it is fairly straightforward, you know, stretched out on the bed, or bent over the kitchen table, that’s fun. I know he thinks he’s walking the wild side, but as you know, it’s me that’s been on the wild side. He’ll paddle me, and he’ll gag me occasionally, so that’s good. And he’s fascinated by my rings, he plays with them and I love that, so I’ve no complaints there.”

“You taught me so much about cunnilingus, ha ha, that I’ve been teaching him to be better, and he’s trying, he really is, but…..”

“My dear, you flatter me, but it really is a woman that knows what pleases a woman, so you must not be too harsh on him. Sounds to me like he loves you and he’s adjusting as best he can.”

“I know, I know. But he hasn’t really caught onto the latex yet, I wear it every day, one way or another, a little at work, and more at home, even when we go out. He certainly doesn’t complain, and he compliments me the way I look. I have bought him some latex which he wears for me, but he doesn’t really love it like I do. He says it makes him sweat a lot, which is true, but that’s not a problem, for me at least. He does try it all on, once, and then not very much again, so I have to ask him each time, and he will, at least most times, but only to please me and not himself. I want him to do it because he wants to.”

“This is not uncommon, my dear, although it’s usually the man that wants the woman to dress up. But to re-phrase a poor quote..…you can take a horse to water, and you can make him drink, well most times anyway. I believe so, and I’ve proved it countless times. I’m sure he can be persuaded to get to like the feel, look and aroma of latex, weren’t you?”

“Well I’m trying, but it’s not working, not yet anyway, and I have to say I’m getting a bit frustrated.”

“Give it a bit more time, Carol, and by the way I don’t expect us to go another month without contact, that would hurt me.” She produced a business card from her pocket, just her name and address and a phone number. The address was not far away, perhaps a thirty minutes’ drive from Oxford, so now I knew my new friends, Ann and Suzy and Monica, were all quite close to me. It made me excited at the thought.

“You had it there all the time.” I said.

“Of course I did. You know I have a phobia about privacy, but I was always going to give it to you. Now we can talk on a much more regular basis. And you can come and see me, on my own or with the girls, whenever you want. I do miss you, love, very much, but you have a husband, yes? I am not a marriage breaker, quite the opposite. I hope you will find happiness with Tim again. But I will always be here for you, for whatever you want, yes, whatever you want, whenever you want.”

I knew then, looking across at Monica, as I leant my head on her shoulder and she placed her other hand on my hooded head, that I was always going to have this woman by my side, near me, for comfort and pleasure. We parted with a long kiss, shortly after.

“Remember, any time.” She said and left.

Meeting Mum and Dad

I hadn’t spoken to my mum since I had returned and of course since she had ridden me to victory at the races. For me it had been a wonderful reunion, as we had for a while not the best relationship. But now I knew a lot more about my father, Paul, and Fran, and what they got up to.  Lucky them, I thought. So now I thought it was time to go and see my mum and dad again.

Recently, over the last couple of weeks Tim had started to work late, and so I went round to my mum and dad’s house in the late afternoon, when Paul would be back from work. Seeing as Fran had seen me in latex and pony gear up close – and had ridden me hard - I saw no reason that I shouldn’t dress up to the nines in some latex. I hadn’t really worn it, layer by layer, for a while since I had met Monica in the park, and I was excited to feel it against every pore of my skin again.

What was I to wear? I had been in latex deprivation for a while, and I needed a real fix. I wanted layers of it, I wanted to be smothered in it, so I pulled everything I had out onto the bed. Even seeing all the latex laid out like that gave me a buzz - the gleam, the smell, and the feel.

I started with my favourite panties, the Playtex high-waist ones with the ventilation holes, back and front. Then I squeezed into my favourite catsuit, the black and red one that I had run in and worn for Monica. It gripped me like a vice, but caressed me at the same time. I almost swooned at its touch. I was now covered neck to toe in gleaming red and black latex, with my bum and pussy hiding behind flesh-coloured ventilated panties. But I decided that I wasn’t going to finish there. I pulled on a garter belt and then black stockings, then a pair of black shoulder-length gloves.

Now I was starting to sweat and my body was being squeezed even tighter by the unresisting latex. But I also wanted to wear my dominatrix dress, yes, I said to myself, my dominatrix dress, mine. It had a high neck, loose sleeves ending at the wrist, tight waist and bodice pushing out my breasts, and a mid-thigh flared skirt. By the time I had stuffed my body, with two layers of latex underneath already in some areas, into it, I was ready to come. I slid my feet into a pair of 5 inch heels, now I was feeling like a real dom.

I put my shoulder bag across my chest, containing ID and some money. Finally I placed an ankle-length hooded cape over my shoulders and zipped it to my chin. I left the house; mum lived a half hour walk away, I pulled up the hood and luxuriated in my latex heaven. After the burka, I didn’t care one jot what people thought when they saw me, stare away, I laughed.

I enjoyed the walk, some people did give me a funny look, I must have been an interesting sight, as it was a warm summer late afternoon and I was in layers of latex, head to toe. But I didn’t care and just smiled back.

I was though a little nervous when I arrived at my parents’ house. The last time I saw my mum it had gone really well, but dad was going to be there as well, in whatever state my mum had chosen to place him, so I was just a little apprehensive. It was an odd feeling coming “home”. I hadn’t been there for quite a while, I had some happy adolescent memories, but like many teenagers had left home after university and from then pretty much looked after myself. I rang the doorbell as a courtesy and then used my key, shouting out for mum.

She came out of the living room, looking stunning. I hadn’t seen my mum dressed up like this in years. She wore a classic olive green ankle length evening dress, with spaghetti straps, a very low bust line, and figure hugging from breasts to hips. In addition she wore matching shoulder length gloves. All was in latex of course. She pushed back my hood, leaned back to give me an appraising smile and hugged me.

“Darling Carol, oh my goodness you have dressed up for us, how sweet, Paul will be so happy too. Let’s see what you have on under that cape.” She helped me off with the cape and cooed when she saw my dom dress and heels.

“Oh, you are so yummy, and underneath?” I raised my skirt coyly, and she inspected my stockings and under that the riding suit and the Playtex panties exposed at my crotch.

“You look wonderful, and I do love those old rubber panties, they let you breathe nicely down there, although I fancy you must be sweating buckets in the whole outfit.”

“You could say that, I’m pretty moist, in and out. You look fabulous mum, that dress looks painted on, nothing underneath I assume?” She gave me a knowing look.

“Haven’t you come a long way, my darling daughter? I am so proud of you after that wonderful afternoon at the races. Clearly you have taken to the joys of latex. So I think you are ready to meet your dad, in all his element. I have found out that after Monica’s programme, and my own observations of you at the races you are now a very mature young woman, and therefore you shouldn’t be too shocked. Come through.”

I was a bit nervous about this, I don’t know why. My dad had not been a big presence in much of my life, I put it down to him being too busy at work, but now, after the conversation with my mum at the races regarding his initial infidelities, and her ultimatum, which I was surprised to hear that he accepted, and her treatment of him, I now knew there was an entirely different reason. I was about to find out more about her “treatment”.

“This is one of the more humiliating forms of dominance I practice over Paul. Some others are more extreme, and perhaps more painful, and over the years he’s grown to accept them. He still has the option to leave me, and you of course, if he wishes, but I have to say I admire him for sticking at it. Over the years he’s got pretty used to it though. This is more humiliating than painful, but it is rather fun, for me at least.

On the floor in the living room was my dad. I had to remind myself, this was my dad. Much like Pippa at the races, he’d been stuffed into a doggy suit, or gimp suit. It was made of thick latex and coloured white with large black spots. My father’s legs had been doubled back and his feet were crushed against his buttocks, the same with his arms, doubled up with his hands against his shoulders.

“He’s my Dalmatian doggie, aren’t you Paul?” She patted his head. “Over the years I’ve managed to stretch his calves and soles so his feet are truly hidden up against the padded tops of his thighs, see here, you can barely make them out. The torso is steel reinforced so there is no bending in the middle, and the head is held forward with this reinforced rubber posture collar. There’s padding at elbows and knees so he can stay in the suit for long periods. His cock and balls are held in these rigid facsimiles of a cock and balls, there is a small hole at the end of the cock so he can pee, not in the house of course, ha ha.”

I saw her grip him between the legs, not gently, and indeed his cock and balls extended down at his rear, encased in tight latex.

“The dog’s tale has a butt plug attached to it and inside him. As it is flexible, any wagging on the tail’s part has certain repercussions inside his rear. I can remove the plug if he’s going to be in for extended periods and needs to do his business.”

The tail was maybe 18 inches long and I could see that any movement, even sitting down would lead to the plug inside him counter-reacting. She swatted it with her hand and as it wagged from side to side I could hear a grunt from inside the helmet.

“The head is fairly simple, just a thick rubber mask with a short nose attachment and floppy ears here. He’s not gagged but talking is a bit difficult due to the overall tightness. The mouth of the mask is close to his own so he can actually drink and eat, in a doggy sort of way, but over the years he’s got better at it. Generally I don’t want him to talk; he’s a dog for goodness sake, so if he wants something he has to figure out another way of communicating for it, using his nose or paws. It’s quite funny to watch. If he doesn’t behave himself, I can give his cock and balls a good whack, which brings him back in line quickly. This evening, if you wish, I will allow him to talk to you. I’m sure he will want to have things to say.”

So here was my father, I have to say, despite my treatment at the hands of Monica, and at the races, I was still a bit shocked. I suppose this was the price he had paid for fooling around behind my mum’s back. It was a hell of a price, and I believed that he must surely have got to like this treatment, to have it continue for over 20 years.

Mum had said that if he chose to leave, that he would leave me as well as her, and I wondered if I may have been the reason he had stayed. At the races she gave the impression he had gradually accepted his “lot” and that led me to the feeling that he liked at least some of it. Mum patted my bottom.

“I’ll leave you two for a while.”

I approached him, feeling quite empowered in my dom outfit and heels. I placed my gloved hand on his head, as he knelt by me.

“Hi dad, I thought I might look a bit odd, ha, but you win the prize, for sure.” He looked up and nodded. His voice was faint and muffled.

“You look fabulous, Carol love. Well, this is all a bit strange for you isn’t it, never thought you would get to see me like this. Fran and I have had this secret, from you at least, for a very long time. My goodness, you have come a long way, look at you. Fran has told me about your adventures over the last few weeks. And now it transpires you actually love all of this, ha. I wonder, is it in your blood, do you think?”

“Hmmm, who knows, dad, can you imagine us having this conversation dressed like this, two months ago, and here we are; me dressed in multiple layers of latex and a dominatrix talking to my own father dressed in a latex doggie suit. There was a time when I would have fainted probably, but now, it’s so funny, I’m not at all perturbed. So, dad, you like all this then?”

I sat down opposite him, and he approached and leant against the couch. I almost had to giggle when I saw his black latex encased cock and balls so exposed, jeez, I thought, this is my bloody dad!

“Your mum has probably filled you in on my early infidelities, Carol.” His voice was again muffled by the latex dog mask. “I was a terrible Casanova then, and she caught me several times, so she gave me the ultimatum, leave for good, and most important have no contact with you, or stay on her terms. Actually it was not a hard decision, because, and you may find this odd, I love your mother very much, and of course I wanted to see you grow up.”

“Through her friendship with Monica she got a taste for all this and very soon I was her plaything. It took a while, at first I didn’t like it at all, my machismo was under threat, but slowly I got to understand the sub mentality. We live a normal life much of the time, but when she has a hankering to be the dom, then well I’m here to suffer, but in answer to your question, I have got very much used to it, and in many instances, yes, I quite enjoy it.”

He stopped talking for a minute, to gather his thoughts, and in encouragement, I patted his head, like a dog….and then I thought again, fuck, this is my dad!

“Tonight is a little difficult, you seeing me like this, but Fran said we have lived a lie with you for too long and I agree. After your adventures with Monica, now I think was the perfect time. There was a time when I might have felt a fool, I’m your father, I bounced you on my knee, I fed you, I bathed you etc etc, but as I see you now, in your stunning dom outfit, I’m not at all ashamed.”

Then I heard him chuckle.

“You look amazing Carol, what an outfit, I expect one day, soon perhaps, you’ll want to dom me, eh?”  I was shocked to hear this, but I had come a long way in the last few weeks. I don’t know what came over me, but I turned and pressed my stiletto heel on his cock and balls.

“Why dad, is that a request?” He winced and then seemed to think seriously on this.

“Ha, well maybe I’m truly a subbie now, if I get a buzz out of being dommed by my own daughter, ha.”

“What does that make me, wanting to dom my dad.” I laughed. “But I still like the sub role too. Monica thinks I’m something special, a true switch, I guess we’ll see soon enough.”

We were quiet for a while, both with our thoughts, father and daughter.

“You know.” He said. “We could have done it better, your mum and I, bringing you up, and I’m sorry if you were left short of anything….”

“Enough dad, enough, it’s all in the past now. I can tell you I am very happy where I am right now, Monica has certainly awakened something in me.” He looked at me, nodded.

“I’m so happy, we can be a real family again, hey, a very weird one, but a family. And Tim?” I looked at him and pressed my heel to his groin.

“Oh dad, don’t spoil it, mum will have told you, or maybe Monica, that we still aren’t on the same page. He says he loves me and I do him, but in a different way. But he wants to be tender and he treats me like a priceless piece of glass, when sometimes I want to be tied up and gagged and fucked rigid, ha ha. He doesn’t get it, I’m afraid….and then sometimes I want to be the one doing the tying and gagging. Dad, I’m getting quite frustrated. I have actually fantasised about being dommed by Suzy over at Ann’s place. She’s a really cruel girl, you know, but she’d love to dom us both I’m sure. I can’t tell Tim of course, but I will feel quite guilty over it.”

I was like a child again, confiding in my dad, wanting some assurances. He rolled over and waddled onto the rug by the fireplace opposite me, his tail wagging away, he looked so funny kneeling there, his rubber-covered cock (which had seemed to come erect following its contact with my spiked heel) and balls starkly sticking out between his spread thighs.

“A few of us are lucky to get what we want.  Ann and Suzy, and Paul and Pippa maybe, and Maggie and Ron, funny how they are all into this scene. You find someone with a like mind….dirty though it may be….and you stick together. You and Tim are a good pair, it just needs a final piece to the puzzle, that’s all.”

I had an odd feeling in my stomach just then.

“What are you saying dad? What are you suggesting?”

“You know exactly what I’m saying, and if I wasn’t saying it Carol, your mum would be. Difficult though it is to accept.” And it was at that moment that Fran returned, which perhaps was a relief.

“So, everything okay?”

“Yes mum, we’ve had a great chat thanks, the air is all cleared. And I think as dad said, we can have no secrets now, it’s all going to be great. Dad was even trying to tempt me to dom him sometime.”

“Oh, I think that would be fun, dear. We should set that up soon. But you need someone domming you too, don’t you. Young Tim should be the candidate, but he doesn’t seem inclined yet. No, I’m afraid not, I don’t think somehow it will be him. So you may have to rely on dear crazy Suzy, and Monica perhaps, yes?”

I thought on this a while and replied.

“Yes, Suzy is a ton of fun, and you know I love Monica, I really do, and you of course, mum. You could take me in hand on occasion, couldn’t you?” She leant over and kissed my cheek.

“I’d be honoured, my dear.”

I left shortly after. I hugged “poor” dad, giving him a friendly tap on his cock and balls, and had a long almost tearful hug with mum, then pulling my latex cape hood up, returned home. It had been an extraordinary evening, meeting my mum and dad, with all the pretences gone, open and honest. We were surely one seriously weird family, I suppose, but I think we had more fun, and were going to have more fun, than most.

What Tim had anticipating me changing into hadn’t transpired. Monica, and even Fran had been surprised at my transformation, delightedly so, but still surprised. For Tim, it was really too much, I could see that. He was trying but his innate passive love and gentleness was not what I needed. I’m afraid he didn’t get it.

I knew what my dad was suggesting, but I didn’t want to think about that at all. However that week I cheated on Tim, twice.


Story continues in Chapter 4

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