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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 9: Mistresses Pleasure

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; femdom; susp; hoods; sd; enema; electro; breathplay; tease; torment; toys; cons; X

continued from chapter eight

Chapter 9: Mistresses Pleasure

He awoke with a start; his nipples were being played with. He was still blindfolded and the gagged firmly by the buckles holding it in his mouth. This was not to stop any attempt to eject the feeding tube, rather it was nothing more than an external show of the Mistresses power over her slave, as the feeding tube was now deep within his body with all self retaining balloons fully inflated. There was no chance of the slave ever having any control over anything his Mistress decided on. The addition of the strap head harness was nothing but an added embellishment to his already sealed state. Although the inflation of the latex balloons lining his body cavities within both stomach and below the lungs meant that removal without first deflating the balloons would be impossible.

Although delighting in this stimulation he was still very drowsy and muddled. Gradually as the stimulation increased so did his awareness of his situation, ‘yes I’m in the strap cage still suspended and severely bondaged, it must be my Mistress who is playing with me. How did I get into this position? I must have been lowered whilst I was asleep. How long have I been here? How long will I remain in this condition? What happens now?’ As the stimulation increased he squirmed luxuriating in the sensual pleasure, wanting it to never end. In his deeply encapsulated silent state he had no concept of what time of the day or night it was, only that he was on the receiving end of his Mistresses pleasures. Hearing a faint click deep within his head he was startled to hear his Mistress speaking.

“Slave, you begin a new session which will further test your resolve to be my slave. I know that you love your nipples being stimulated because they are; you have told me, directly connected to your genitalia and give you immense pleasure. Of course you don’t know how long my manipulation of them will last. It could be just to excite you briefly prior to fitting nipple clamps or it could go on for hours. You will be anxious to know because that is something you still can’t give up; your will to know what is to befall you. Well in this session you will experience the full gamut of sensations from this sexually stimulating direct touching from me to the sharp torment of being severely clamped with the uncertainty of not knowing if I shall apply additional weights to increase your torment. Equally I have one additional devious plan for you to increase your own torment with an ingenious device which I shall elaborate upon in my own time. I believe you will be delighted with my imaginative use of your own body to do this. Now to today’s session; I am going to devote most of it to nipple play, I know you will just love it!”

With that he was plunged back into his silent dark world. He was lowered down to touch the dungeon floor for the first time in 24 hours. He had difficulty in standing but the ‘D’ ring at the top of his fitted head strap cage allowed it to be attached to an overhead suspended rope. This stopped him from collapsing. He gradually regained the use of his legs and was able to stand on his own. He was completely sealed within his own dark universe of latex encapsulation unable and incapable of doing anything for himself. He was led over to another winch and fetters attached to his wrists before he was hauled up until he was standing on tip toe.

For the second time he felt his nipples being touched and swooned, although his nipples were still very sensitive from the heavy clamping they had received earlier. Within a few minutes of play his nipples were pert tenting the latex of his suit; he was in ecstasy writhing in his bonds deep appreciative sounds of pure pleasure emitting from his sealed mouth. The Mistress continued to play with his nipples rolling them between her white latex surgical gloves then flicking them with her fingers. Now fully aroused, writhing and squirming completely within the zone; ready for anything which his Mistress chose to visit upon him. The stimulation went on for a considerable time before she was ready to begin the next stage of this session. Lowering his arms she spoke to him via the earpieces.

“I am going to fit you with e-stim pads and electro contact bandages to give you further stimulation and to test your stamina and resolve to remain my obedient slave”.

She unlocked the padlock at the crown of his head and removed the blindfold and strap harness, commanding him to keep his eyes tightly closed. She then unpeeled the clinging latex hood from his head and shoulders; exposing his chest and nipples. She took care to fit the contact pads over his reddened nipples before zipping him into his bondage again. Opening his crotch zip she pulled out his genitalia still fully constrained within the shiny hard black plastic chastity device, his testicles tight within their restricted sac extending out each side of the ‘O-ring encircling them . She wrapped the electrical bandage around the base of his scrotal sack over the exposed flesh and carefully inserted a thin black silicon rubber sound into his urethra, beside the indwelling catheter, before making it fast so it would not slide out. Connecting the wires respectively to nipples and genitalia she pushed the chastity device back into his latex suit and closed the zip.

“Right slave, now to make you comfortable before we continue with my exquisite torment of you; I shall be delivering both pleasure and pain.” adding, “You know you can’t have one without the other, don’t you!”

A nod of his head confirmed his mute acknowledgement.


The medical bench with stirrups and tilting device amongst other specialist equipment awaited his presence. There he was helped up and strapped securely to the latex covered bench; his legs firmly in place on the stirrups exposing his crotch to his tormentor. The wires from the pads and electrical ‘Sparkler’ sound now fixed into his penis were fitted to the Eros-tech control box which was seated in its own container at the side of the bench.

The Mistress seated herself beside her heavily bondaged slave taking immense pleasure in attending to him. The time was hers; she had slept well between latex sheets in her double bed and she was both refreshed and delighting in extending her slave to the point of total physical and mental exhaustion. For her this was a one sided contest with the winner already known. She would keep her slave in constant duress. She could at any time retire to rest or attend to other matters, she could sleep between her latex sheeted bed and refresh herself until she was ready to recommence her torment of her slave.

She pressed her bottom into the stool feeling the anal rod sink deeper into her; the vaginal dildo already deeply embedded; then began rocking her body back and forward to impale both of the intruders into her unctuous body. She took pleasure in her absolute control of her slave; this combined with the sexual excitation arrowing through her body brought on her insatiable desire to extend her slave.

Without warning the slave felt the first tingling of the electrical stimulation as a series of ‘wave’ pulses began to stimulate his genitalia and nipples. He luxuriated in the stimulation but knew that this was the preliminary warm up which would be gradually ramped up over the coming hours until he was in very considerable duress. It would depend on the designs of his Mistress whether he would be taken beyond that he had accomplished in previous sessions. Of course he knew instinctively that he was in denial and the Mistress would always increase the levels, after all this was part of the unwritten contract which he had submitted to long ago. He had been informed on many occasions in the past of the exact numerical level he had been subjected to and was always proud of his accomplishments. However they had always been achieved at cost to him in terms of over stimulation to the point of intense exquisite pain.

He laid back totally enjoying the electrical stimulation which was in effect gently massaging his nipples; his penis constantly trying and failing to erect. Understanding his condition he knew that this was one of the subtle ways which kept him constantly sexually frustrated; as a red blooded male he had the natural desire to use his equipment however he had, because of his love and devotion to his Mistress, exchanged his freedom for complete and increasingly total control of his body. He was denied any physical freedom whatsoever. His whole life was now in the hands of his Mistress who ruled him totally. However his mental world was still his as he still had freedom and a desire to control what he wanted in his fantasies. His Mistress knew of this ‘selfish streak’ as he had in the past prior to becoming her 24/7 slave often tried to ‘Top from the ‘bottom’ which in effect was his attempt to control what happened to him in a given session. She had largely cured him of this trait but there was still evidence of it underlying his unconscious desire to maintain his position.

Without warning the stimulation ramped up significantly his bodies parasympathetic response reacted to the increase by jerking within the severe bondage he was in although only a shudder could be discerned by his tormentor. He was quite able to take this level of stimulation and after the initial shock delighted in the increase.

“Ah slave I can see you are enjoying the subtle stimulation which the Eros-tech is delivering. Now to increase your pleasure prior to giving my gift of pain I am going to fit a breath control helmet which you will wear until I decide otherwise, you see being forced to suck in each lungful of air is something I know you have enjoyed in the past; that feeling of the latex being sucked tight against your helmet as you desperately try to suck enough air into your lungs to keep you conscious whilst all the time the inexorable stimulation of you nipples and genitalia continues, will keep you focused on staying conscious. You know of course, that I shall increase the level of e-stim as and when I choose. After all you are my plaything to play with as I like. I shall take great pleasure in extending your limits; you can console yourself with knowing this session is entirely for my pleasure slave!”

He breathed in immediately emptying the breath control helmet and sucking the latex to his already occluded head; he was aware that his Mistress was playing games with him as no air entered the vacuum he had created by his own endeavour to gain air. He exhaled only to fill the enclosure as one would blow up a balloon. He could picture his Mistress watching the drama unfolding as the latex assumed a distorted shape like a misshapen balloon. She would be in her element, totally in control waiting as a cat, to pounce on an unsuspecting mouse. He knew he had to use up all the air within the latex enclosure before she would open the valve controlling the inlet of air, now closed.

In no time at all he had used up all available air. The game of suffocation was near ending he had no breath left in him. The last intake of stale air had resulted in the wet latex clinging damply to his head. He awaited the inevitable drift into unconsciousness with the knowledge that his life was absolutely in the hands of his Mistress. Spots before his eyes dulled as he began the descent; resigned to his fate. Then there was air being blown into the helmet and he drew in a full lungful of his Mistresses exhaled air before returning to consciousness. As he regained his breath he became aware of a change of stimulus as his Mistress changed from ‘waves’ to another program.

“Slave you are to be connected up to my computer program which I have devised to keep you both entertained and challenged. As time passes so the computer will change from one program to another and the levels of stimulation will also increase. You of course will be the recipient of my devious intent as I extend you levels of acceptance as the time passes. I shall return at intervals to see how you are responding. Of course you will just have to take whatever the computer delivers. As you are fully gagged I will not be disturbed by any sounds you make. Just remember that you have your slaves’ mantra to help you accept my gift of pain as well as knowing that this is for your own good!” He was plunged into silence as the earpieces were switched off.

The gate valve on the suffocation helmet was closed to the point of allowing him just enough air to remain fully conscious. Within minutes the ramping up of the e-stim began. It felt to him as if his Mistress was firmly twisting his nipples and genitalia with very brief intervals of rest between the relentless stimulation. As his nipple stimulations lessened so his genitalia stimulation increased in wave after wave of impulses. There was never a moment when he was totally at rest.

Inexorably the level of stimulation increased until he was writhing in a combination of exquisite pleasure and pain not knowing how he was going to cope with the steady increase which he knew would inevitably follow. He was in a state of high anxiety; time had no meaning he was in the dark universe of rubber adventure held as an insect pinned to a board, not knowing the passing of time or when the Mistress would decide that he had satisfied her pleasure. At one point he was mutely begging for the stimulation to cease as he was completely wracked with pain, it filled his whole dark universe. Then when he was at extremis the stimulation stopped suddenly. Deep within his head he heard the sexually charged voice of his Mistress.

“Slave I hope you are enjoying yourself, as I am, seeing you tense your bondaged body each time the e-stim is applied. You are doing well, not that you have any say in whether you are or not; that is entirely my decision. You should know however that you are only part way through what I have planned for you. The computer program has a long way to run before I take you on your next journey. You are of course aware of my intubation of your body with rubber and my complete control of all your body functions. You will progressively become at one with latex and your life of constant duress. I cannot think of any further ways of inducing a more rubbery existence for you. So I have decided to take you deeper into the realms of the dark universe which exists for you; under my control. Now on with the nipple treatment, enjoy!”

His breath hissed from his gagged mouth as the e-stim ramped up to its former level his body ridged straining to accept the pain. His thoughts now ragged his body wracked with exquisite pain. ‘I am in torment of my Mistresses making yet knowing that if released I should immediately want to be put back on this bench and the whole process recommenced. I am a submissive masochistic latex slave unable to do anything about my torment, indeed I want it to continue even though I know that it will take a heavy toll on me. I am proud of my acceptance of my Mistresses gifts of pain knowing that in giving me her attention she is showing me her ‘special care’ for me.’ Now relishing the increase of stimulation he was willing it to ramp up another notch.

Late in the session, some hours later his Mistress returned to monitor her slave and to give him some nourishment whilst he was undergoing the continuous torment of e-stim now nearing the end of the program.

She was still dressed in her surgical outfit looking every inch the professional. She deflated the stomach balloon deep within his stomach and connected up the black latex bladder full to the neck with a mix of nourishing protein and carbohydrates, now heated to a level above blood temperature so he slave would be aware that he was being fed. The bag was hooked up to the stainless steel stand. The stomach tube was connected and the gate valve opened to allow the liquid mix to flow into her slave’s stomach. She then moved around to the enema tube which was deeply embedded within her latex slave’s rectum and which exited from the side of the bench. She swiftly removed the plug only to reconnect it to the enema tube exiting from the bloated red rubber waterbottle like container hanging from anther hook above the recumbent slave. She opened the gate valve allowing the enema to flow into her slave.

Lowering herself onto the stool set beside the medical gynaecological couch she felt the two intruders press deeper into her body. Taking a deep intake of breath she squirmed as her black rubber dildo and anal rod wormed their way ever deeper into her receptive latex clad body. She felt pleased with the way her planned extending of her slave was going. She longed to move to the next process which she had dreamed up some time ago and was now about to be delivered to her slave. She reached down between her legs and rubbed the latex covering her clitoris fingering the latex and sliding her gloved hand over the covering latex. The sensation was delicious and had her arching her back with helmeted head thrown back licking the covering latex face mask. She shuddered looking at her slave knowing he would always be ready to receive any treatment she meted out; a totally objectified rubberised plaything with one purpose in mind, that of pleasing his strict Mistress; ‘yes I am indeed fortunate to have such a being who exists only to please me.’

Now within the Dark Universe he was accommodating to the progressive increase of e-stim his masochism now at its maximum; he was unaware of her presence

She switched on the amplifier and spoke to her slave. Her voice steely cold, she knew that this would forewarn him that she was in a sadistic demanding mind frame and that he would receive no leniency whatsoever.

Then there was air but not the fresh air he was expecting but the exhaled breath from his Mistress. The breathing control helmet expanded to its fullest extent; air was forced into his hungry lungs. He drifted back from the brink of unconsciousness taking in gulps of his controlling Mistress air. The air scented with her unmistakable aroma. He was soon fully alert revelling in the process. This was one of her special ways of exciting her slave knowing that he was completely addicted to breathing her exhaled air. She knew that her slave would be both sustained and fully aware of the gift of life from her. They had often discussed this process in the past and he had confirmed that the very thought of being sustained by being forced to breathe her second hand air was a fantasy which he had long held. It gave him a massive erection just to think about it! She removed her lips from the inlet tube and retightened the valve to allow just enough air entering it for him to remain conscious. The earphones clicked on,

“Slave you will have to exist on much reduced air until I decide to allow you more, so relax and try not to use up more air than I am allowing you so you may be proud of your achievement of existing on less air. Now for my pleasure and yours as well; I am going to increase the settings on the Erostech; enjoy!”

A moment later he convulsed for a moment, even though he knew that the increase was coming, as the stimulation increased another two incremental points on the gauge. His nipples felt as if his Mistress had them both between her gloved fingers and was rolling them. His testicles responded to the pulsing of electrical signals arrowing though them. Both stimulations kept him on a pre ejaculation plateaux; he was now totally in the zone wanting the stimulation never to end. He willed his Mistress to increase his ‘suffering’; he wanted to suffer and be extended to his very limits and to give himself over to his increasingly sadistic Mistress. He had to strain to suck in enough air from the rapidly collapsing breathing control helmet to sustain consciousness.

‘Yes, this is amazing here I am just able to gain enough fresh air to stay conscious my Mistress has judged perfectly just the minimum amount of air I need. I can feel the stomach tube being warmed by whatever she has decided to feed me. The sensation reminds me of my intubation and the latex lining now filling my mouth, oesophagus and stomach. the feeling of being unable to control the delivery of whatever liquid she has flowing into me excites me both sexually and mentally. I have become that which I have always wanted to be, a complete 24/7 rubberised objectified slave’.

He was totally aware of the unceasing electrical stimulation which held him in an exquisite pleasure/pain cycle. Then as if to confirm his helplessness he was aware of a pressure build up in his bowels as the enema flowed into him. He tried to relax trying to ride the waves of cramps which came at regular intervals; for the moment he was fully focused on this; the e-stim which had been fully in his consciousness now faded for the moment as he fought to absorb the internal pain.

“Slave, what fun to be fed, watered and cleaned out whilst undergoing nipple training! You must be in seventh heaven feeling the many and various sensations associated with being intubated. To feel the inflowing of nourishment whilst at the very same time feeling the sensation of being cleaned out by enema all within your rubberized bondaged body, must be a realisation of your wildest dreams, what sensations! What control, what rubber fun! all whilst under my absolute control! You can take some satisfaction knowing that recycling is very much part of my plan for you. Once this feeding and clean out program finishes I have something else for you to experience and enjoy!”


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Story continues in Chapter 10

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