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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 10: Subjugated Property

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; femdom; susp; harness; sd; urine; nipple; strapon; insert; torment; climax; denial; cons; XX

continued from chapter nine

Chapter 10: Subjugated Property

Now standing on tiptoe the exhausted slave still had all the various tubes and ear phone leads attached. He had been released earlier and the e-stim pads removed before being sealed again into his slave suit. There was to be no let up. His Mistress was determined to test him to complete and utter exhaustion. This was, after all, her delight which had taken her a lot of time to dream up over many days of planning and careful preparation.

He had been taken over to another area of the dungeon. There he had been fitted with an additional inflatable helmet with no openings save a proboscis like breathing tube exiting from where his mouth was. Over this a full head strap cage which held his head tightly within its severe embrace. The head harness had been attached to a hook above his head and shortened so that he was forced to stand on tip toe. His arms were outstretched at shoulder height; fettered within inflatable mitts, then attached to hooks via chains hanging down from the ceiling of the dungeon. His Mistress after admiring the stringent bondage she had put her slave in approached and spoke,

“Slave, now for the next step in my testing of your resolve to serve me. I should add that I am very excited about this next test, you see, this one will use your own urine to fill a black rubber rebreather bag. This will be suspended from a pulley attached to the hook from the ceiling which will in turn be attached to the chain between a pair of nipple clamps I shall soon be applying to your tender nipples. They are made of surgical steel, and look rather like a pair of scissors, hinged with a number of ratchet positions which allows for level of pressure exerted to the flesh, in your case your nipples, to be controlled.

At the clamp ends they have open round ends which will allow me to deeply clamp your nipples so the flesh and latex of your slave suit surrounding your nipples will be forced out of the opened ended clamps and be distended by the clamping thus allowing no possibility of them being pulled off. They are really meant to hold any clamped flesh for example in operating theatres where it is imperative for the clamping off of a artery or the like. So you see slave, these special clamps will hold your nipples even when a heavy weight is applied to them. Of course they will initially cause you considerable pain but that will lessen as you accommodate to it, then as you fill the black rubber rebreather bag from your catheter, so the weight will increase on the pulley and exert pulling pressure on your clamped nipples. To facilitate this process I am now going to gift you with a quantity of my urine to get you started. Remember that recycling is one of my special interests, especially after my attendance at the conference. You understand don’t you, that you will be used to recycle both your own and my urine; this way I shall be contributing to the good practice of recycling.”

Her voice assuming a sexually charged tone one that her slave had heard many times before when she was enjoying her testing of him; she added, “You will stay like you are until you have self filled the collection bag to overflowing. I have measured the weight of two litres of liquid which is believe me quite heavy. But then you are my slave and will endure until I decide you have pleased me sufficiently. Now enjoy the process of me fitting you with the paraphernalia needed to get you started! As you are blindfolded I will explain to you each process and exactly what I am doing.”

He was unable to hear anything but his Mistresses voice within his head all external sound was dulled to a muffled level. He was relieved that the breathing control helmet had been removed prior to the fitting of the additional inflatable helmet and the head harness. Although still gagged the full blown up gag had been deflated to allow the insertion of the breathing tube into his mouth and he was able to gain enough air via the small tube deep within his mouth. The inflatable helmet now pressed in on his head, he was very aware of its all over compression.

He was completely exhausted having been in constant bondage with unending manipulation by his Mistress in her attempt to completely break him down to her pliant plaything. He was ready to tell her that he couldn’t take any more testing until he had rested and recuperated. Although in his present state there was no way he could communicate; he was mute and held fast in total immovable bondage.

His Mistress knew instinctively that her slave was in trouble but she was completely focused on her mission knowing she had the natural ability to rouse her slave immediately, whatever his level of exhaustion or distress to accept more of her ‘special care’ with her way of speaking, urging on, teasing and finally demanding . She had a whole range of special words and phrases which worked wonders on him. It appeared to her that he was quite without limits. Although when left after her special contact with him he was often barely able to accept the level of duress he was in. She had seen him writhing in agony but when she had taken pity on him and asked if he wanted ‘out’ he would indicate quite forcefully that he was able to continue.

“Slave enjoy my gift to you of my urine. I have connected your feeding tube to a full bladder of my warm urine. Of course you will not even be given the delight of tasting it, you are not worthy of that level of intimacy you are to be used only to process my urine and in doing so recycling it through your body before I decide whether to feed more of it to you again; it really depends on how good you are!”

A shudder of delight arrowed through him at the level of control which his Mistress had over him; he felt his penis strain against its chastity device to no avail. He was being used by his Mistress who was devoting her time and efforts on her plaything. He took satisfaction in knowing that.

“Now slave brace yourself as I begin the delightful process of clamping your nipples. First I need to play with them to engorge them with blood so that they are hard and ready to receive the clamps.”

She pushed herself close to her slave and began rubbing her body against him simultaneously taking hold of his nipples with her surgical gloved fingers. He squirmed with mounting desire for her clinical caress, she took hold of the open end of the breathe through tube which exited from where his mouth was and took control of his breathing as she simultaneously teased his nipples between her gloved hands and breathed into him. She removed her mouth from his breathing tube to hear a moan from him;’ it showed clearly his mounting excitement. she spoke,

“Yes slave your nipples are now ready for the clamps; what delights await you, you know that I just love playing with your nipples and giving you both pain and pleasure, as I often tell you, you can’t have one without the other! Yes my proud rubber slave you are pleasing me greatly with your fortitude. Now” and here her voice changed from the tender intimate chatting to the steely cold severe voice which always instilled fear and anxiety into her slave; “For the application of the nipple clamps.”

He steeled himself to receive the pain but was not ready for the immediate intense sensation that overwhelmed him as the first clamp was carefully applied. The application of the second came without any time for him to accommodate to the steel hot pain which flooded his body. He held his breath tensing his body and sub vocally repeated his slave mantra over and over again before succumbing and letting out a keening scream which issued from his tubed mouth as a hissing release of air combined with an animalistic sound from deep within his encapsulated body. For that brief moment he wanted total release from his pain filled universe. He took a quick breath sucking in air to partially fill his lungs then exhaled again trying, in doing so, to lessen the pain. The panting helped him. His Mistresses eagle eye took in the whole scene savouring it as a connoisseur would a work of art. She was sexually ready for congress, but delighted in the suffering her slave was undergoing knowing that she had free rein in the level of duress she ‘gifted’ to her slave. To see him struggle to accept the heavy clamping his body tensed taut like a bow string; to hear the whistling sounds emitted from his enshrouded head. It underlined the level of control she had over him; she was in her element.

The catheter was disconnected from his collection bag on his thigh and a gate valve fixed to stop any leakage from it. His collection bag, now full, was removed from his thigh. The catheter exiting and dangling from his chastity device was pushed deep into the new collection bladder and clipped to the open neck of the two litre black latex bladder which was hanging from the cord from the overhead pulley which in turn was connected to the cross chain attached to the nipple clamps clamping her slave’s nipples hanging from the pulley overhead. The gate valve was opened. The initial outflow of his urine from the gated cascaded into the collection bladder. Thus began the slow process of filling the collection bladder. This was followed by a steady drip from the open catheter tube splashing into the bottom of the awaiting bag. The Mistress switched on the communication device and spoke.

“Slave, I am sure you will enjoy this process as you will be given complete freedom to inflict further torment on yourself. You see you are now in control, in a manner of speaking, of your urine flow into the latex rebreathing bag, although of course because you are catheterised you don’t have any control over your bladder, silly me!” It was obvious to him that she was playing with him.

She continued, “The cord is connected via a pulley to your nipple clamps so the process of self imposed duress has started. Your catheter is now emptying into the free dangling black latex collection bag attached to the clamps which are connected to your nipples. What delicious excitement for you to contemplate with the certain knowledge that you are progressively self punishing yourself. You will experience the delight of actually self filling your own pain/pleasure device. Are you not the luckiest slave alive?”

Here she lowered her voice to a whisper full of sexual menace, “Of course although apparently in complete control of the output from your catheter you realise that in reality you have absolutely none, as the action of bladder control has been taken away from you, and you are, even as I speak, sealed into your rubber with not one chance in a million of escaping from it. You are my 24/7 rubber slave! You are continuously being drained of urine. Your bladder has no capacity to store anything as the sphincter controlling the exit of liquid is forced open by the imbedded catheter which I inserted into your body. You are standing upright, your head tethered via the head harness and your arms outstretched; a standing crucifix. You will remain standing with gravity helping to drain every last drop of liquid from you. You now have my collected urine draining into you via your oesophageal tube which drains into your stomach which in turn will be processed by your body and then pass through your kidneys and in due course into the latex drainage bag suspended from your nipples. Enjoy the time between now and when the collection bag is full. You can be quite confident that the nipple clamps will not slip and that you will experience the full weight of the urine filled bag exerting exquisite pain which I know you are addicted to before I release you. I shall return at intervals to check on your progress perhaps even to talk to you but we shall see.”

He was plunged into the deepest silence together with complete and utter darkness which he had ever experienced. He could hear his heart pumping blood through his veins nothing else.

The Mistress left the dungeon; He was deeply aware of his position as her slave yet excited beyond anything he had ever experienced before. This was a new beginning for him. His penis strained to gain some freedom; blood pumping but thwarted by the chastity device reminding him of his all constraining bondage. His nipples inflamed by the previous manipulations he had been subjected to were now on fire, the dull ache which normally accompanied clamping now a thing of the past. His nipples were sending messages to his brain in the clearest manner; intense pain. On the one hand he was savouring the intensity of the pain as a connoisseur savours a fine wine; he was, he reasoned, experiencing for the ‘n’th time his Mistresses gift of pain. On the other hand, he was but an acolyte, glorifying in the crystal clear pain which now pervaded his being. He was being taken that one step further than he thought he was capable of. Here was a challenge which he knew he could, if he remained in the correct frame of mind, completely focused on his beloved Mistress, accept and accommodate to.

He was in that instant fully sexually charged wanting the process of endless duress to never end. His thoughts turned to his condition; here he was completely dominated, encapsulated, intubated and at the mercy of his demanding Mistress; a 24/7 rubberized slave object willingly and wantonly accepting and glorifying in his condition. He wanted this testing of his resolve, this was his very purpose in life, this was his destiny. ‘Mistress I willingly accept your gift of pure pain which arrows through my being; keep me as your plaything instruct me in the ways only known to you.’

He shuddered, his body reacting to the naked thrill of the extreme bondage, completely accepting the stringent bondage, in fact glorifying in his condition. Kept on tiptoe by the head harness chained to the overhead steel bar he was at maximum stretch. His legs now nearing the end of his stamina reacted to the physical stress imposed by the need to remain on tiptoe. His legs were shaking and trembling, unable to endure the set position he had been left in and progressively gave way. As the inevitable happened his body sank down suddenly thus dramatically adding the tension on the cord connected to the slowly filling latex bladder. He had been dreading this moment knowing full well that added pain would inevitably add to his already pain filled universe.

The combination of the bladder being slowly filled from the outflow from his body and his sudden collapse from tiptoe to flat footed immediately increased the tension on his nipples. He was instantly aware of intolerable. He screamed but only a keening hissing breath issued from the tube extending out from the inflated helmet. He fought to cope with the intense unbearable pain, all the time rapidly repeating over and over again the mantra he had been given, ‘For the love of my Mistress, for the love of my Mistress, for the love of my Mistress... until he managed to gain some level of accommodation. Then suddenly he was back in the zone; he wallowed in his condition knowing that this was all part of his Mistresses plan to test him to point of total exhaustion. His mind sharpened by the stimulus of pain imposed upon him from beyond his control by his devious partner.

This was exploration of a special kind of fetishistic love understood by only a few dedicated rubberist couples. It brought him to a high of pure masochistic devotion to his Mistress. He mused about where his Mistress was now. Perhaps she was watching him from the Mistress chair within the dungeon only a few metres away keeping a keen watch on his every breath. He was not to know, he was now deep within his own dark universe adrift seemingly floating in a timeless zone where only pure exquisite pain existed in the sealed latex encapsulation he existed in.

He took delight in his position. His thoughts turned to his body being used as a processor of both his Mistresses urine as well as his own which his Mistress had taken to feeding him, now being progressively processed by his own body. He had often fantasised about being made to recycle his own body fluids but this had remained only a fantasy until the return of his beloved Mistress from the conference. Now his wildest fantasy had been realised and exceeded in so many ways. ‘I am at one with latex, intubated with every body cavity lined with latex then sealed externally with latex until my very being is rubberised. My nipples are centres of pure pain but I am able to endure indeed to celebrate and welcome this level of duress; am I not the object of my Mistresses attention she is the centre of my universe, she is my controller, my governess, my keeper who spends time to organise my world; I am her puppet, her plaything and her slave.’

Without warning he was aware of physical contact from another he was clasped around the middle from the back. He was immediately aware of his Mistresses breasts being thrust into his back in an all enveloping hug. He responded as far as his bondage allowed by thrusting his body into the hug. Suddenly the silence he had existed in for a timeless period was broken. His heart skipped a beat.

“Slave I am pleased with the way you are recycling my golden liquid. I can see there is tension on the cord and the nipple clamps are now in the full upright position adding pull to your clamped nipples. The latex collection bag is gradually filling, good! But of course there is still a long way to go! No doubt you are experiencing my gift of pain as the tension builds on the cord and your nipples are pulled to extreme. Of course you know this is for your own good don’t you slave!”

He responded with a slight nod of his harnessed head. His head in a spin processing the full implications of what the message implied. To be praised by his demanding Mistress was rare indeed; he was brimming over with pride. Praise was so rarely given that when it was he knew he had indeed accomplished a major step in his training. However in this case, a new regime of recycling together with far more stringent bondage; this was to explore his ever increasing ability to accept his Mistresses devious demands.

The nipple clamps were being pulled progressively upwards by the cord and in doing so were imposing additional strain. Normally when in such a situation he would begin his slave mantra but the words of praise had lifted his spirits to new heights; he was willing to take anything his beloved Mistress decided to give him; he felt his penis attempt to stiffen only to be thwarted by the chastity device. Enjoying the sensation he was completely in the zone of intense masochism needing the high of intense pain to provide the endorphins which enabled him to accept even the most stringent nipple training his Mistress was imposing on him. The final words know it is for your own good...had stimulated him to new levels of masochism. He was putty in her hands and ready for anything. To feel the warm body of his Mistress as she clung to him, arms holding him tightly in a complete latex embrace were pure sexual pleasure to him.

She teased him with wicked suggestions,

“Slave to feel your warmth and your willing body even with all your impedimenta I have fitted to you excites me almost to orgasm. You are remarkable, is there nothing I do to you which inhibits your sexual readiness? You know that I find you so very sexually attractive in your latex encapsulation.

You have the most submissive eyes you know. You will only raise them to look at me when I order you to do so, but you know the consequences of doing so without express orders, don’t you? Of course you do. Now raise them so I can look into your very soul! To see your dark brown eyes gazing out through the vinyl lens of your slave helmet with the implied, ‘I am ready for anything you care to do to me’ excites me to devise new ways of testing your dedication to me”.

Adding, “ But I forget myself, of course you are completely enshrouded in latex with the double skinned inflatable helmet so I can only imagine them but that is what I find so very sexy knowing you are completely unable to comply with my instructions. You see I could just punish you now as you have not complied with my demands. That would be fun wouldn’t it!”

She changed the subject now.

“You will be permanently gagged with the new gag, oesophageal tube and stomach balloon once I have finished this little session. I can of course deflate your helmet but I choose not to do so for the present. You will remain mute because that is how I want you; I have control of every orifice; do you know I find it sexually very stimulating to have you in this state. Knowing that if you were able, you would speak of your love for me, your worshipping of me and your adoration of me.” She continued to cling to her slave then in one clean movement she hoisted herself onto his body with legs entwined around his body at the waist. He took the full weight of his Mistress which imposed additional strain on his exhausted body and pulled heavily on both the head harness and wrist fetters. His nipples were put under additional strain

“Slave I want to seduce you now even as you are undergoing extreme bondage and recycling, you see I am addicted to you!” He was in seventh heaven feeling the entire weight of his Mistress.

“Now slave I am going to use your body for my own pleasure; you are my plaything to be used anyway I see fit.” So saying she slid down over his body and released the external end of the large black rubber double dildo from the harness she was wearing, allowing it to jut out from the baggy open fronted surgical trousers she was wearing. She turned her attention to her slave and began to deflate the double balloon obdurating enema tube. Removing it she placed the spotlessly clean tube in the kidney bowl ready for reinsertion when she had finished with her slave. She dipped her gloved hand into a pot of lubricant and inserted her three fingers into his rectum. He responded by pushing his body towards the stimulus.

“My, my, slave you do seem keen, but then you always are ready for the little extras I am so fond of surprising you with as a way of showing you my delight in your performance and to enhance your suffering!” Her voice now steely cold instilled fear into her slave.

She stood back admiring her slave so constrained within his rubber encapsulation, his suit reflecting star bursts of light from the bright overhead spotlights. She was feeling both sadistic and sexually charged. Taking hold of the black rubber penis she pushed it back and forward within her unctuous vagina taking a long deep satisfied breath; she was ready to enter her slave. Nosing the lubricated wet rubber prong into his anus she pulled herself onto her slave taking great sexual pleasure in slowly entering him until she had speared him to the hilt. She could feel the mounting pleasure within her body as the dildo deep within her vagina pierced her deeply until she felt the most perfect sensation within her body. She was now focused very much on her own pleasure and pumped to gain the release she so wanted.

For her slave he was lost in his own masochistic world wanting the pronging to go on forever. All pain now ceased as he rode the rod piercing him. He was in ecstasy. He held his breath and tried to clamp his sphincter around the huge rod that was being alternately pushed deeply into him until it nosed his prostrate gland then partially withdrawn. The sensation was extraordinary and unlike anything he had ever experienced before even though he had been used in this way many times before. It was the combination of extreme exhaustion combined with all that had proceeded; the intensity of his bondage, the fitment of internal control, the extreme nipple clamping and the immediacy and intimacy of this assault on him.

As if from nowhere his thoughts focused for a moment: ‘Yes oh yes, I am being used for my Mistresses pleasure I can feel every movement deep within my body as she plunges her hard rubber penis into my very being.... yes, oh yes, I am in heaven existing only to please my Mistress... I am her plaything I glory in my position as her completely rubberised slave ....Pleassseeee Mistress keep me like this for ever never release me, keep me filled with your rod until I pass out with pleasure; increase my suffering until I black out from the excess. My penis is so hard within its containment but is unable to gain any release whatsoever. The overwhelming pleasure is knowing that I am being used to give you sexual satisfaction.’ He could hear the rasping breathing of his Mistress through the earpieces deep within his ears as she built towards her pleasure. This only served to increase his own excitement but he knew from long experience that whatever happened to him he would be denied taking a pleasure until his Mistress decided. He was her subjugated property.

The pace of her thrusting increased, she clung to him as a limpet, until the breathing stopped and she went rigid. Then as if from afar he heard the most intimate sub vocal sounds gathering pace as she began a wracking pleasure. Deep within his occluded head he heard the scream of intense satisfaction; this went on and on, her body still rigid, only the pressure of her clasp on his body increased until he thought he would be crushed. “Slave, slave my slave my very own slave I am so in love with you, you are my dream come true!” issued from her lips and exploded within his head. He had never heard those words spoken since they had become Mistress and slave; he was in ecstasy now on a mental high completely at one with his condition. She clung to for some time her grip gradually relaxing until she gained full control of herself.

She withdrew the double dildo from within him and picking up the enema tube reinserted into her slave and pumped up the two obdurating balloons.

Now standing directly in front of her slave she spoke.

“Slave I so enjoyed entering you and taking pleasure using your body to give me the release I so desperately needed. Just to see you there in your complete latex coverings with tubes entering or dangling from it excites me to a point of needing to fulfil my sexual demands that on occasions like this overwhelm me. Now as a special treat I am going to remove the head harness and deflate the inflatable helmet then reapply the head harness. I shall remove your blindfold so you can see me and worship me although you will remain fully gagged because I want you that way. No doubt you took some pleasure from my attentions although whether you did or did not is irrelevant in this relationship as I am your Dominatrix your Mistress your tormentor and your guardian.” Her voice now cool and distant; she had regained her composure and was now clinical in her delivery.

The removal of the blindfold brought searching bright light into the eyes of the slave. He kept them half closed until he had acclimatised then with eyes down cast he opened them completely.

“Slave you may look directly at your Mistress”. Bringing his eyes up he was completely surprised and overcome by the sight that greeted him. His Mistress was an apparition in pure white; a white latex helmet hugging every feature of her face only her heavily made up eyes showing through the eye holes. Over this she wore a pure white latex surgical mask. The white surgical outfit was complete in every detail. He was held in her piercing gaze his heart wildly beating. Pure masochistic love overwhelmed him; he was putty in her devious hands.

“I do love the way you look at me slave with those large brown subservient eyes through the clear vinyl eye openings, you see I love the reality of you being sealed away from the world in latex with complete and absolute covering. The sight of your eyes behind the steamy vinyl peering out is so sexy and to know that you accept this condition unconditionally excites me tremendously,” Adding, “Not that you have any choice in the matter!” Once I have decided that I have given you enough sight of me I am going to put you back into darkness and leave you to continue filling the collection bag. I can see that it is only a third filled so there is a long way to go before you fill it to overflowing. I shall return again to check on your progress. I should tell you that each time I shall use you in the way I have just done. There, that is something you can contemplate whilst you continue to be used as my special recycling slave. She came closer to him flashing her eyes in a special teasing way. He could only swoon at the sight of the perfectly dressed surgeon completely dressed from head to toe in the most perfect latex outfit. Suddenly without warning she picked up the blindfold and began re-buckling it into the buckles of his helmet. He groaned as he was plunged into complete silence and darkness. He was unaware of his Mistress leaving the dungeon; he was held in a dark silent world of his Mistresses choosing.

Now completely alone, as far as he could gather, no external stimulus penetrated his dark silent world he was sealed away in a covering of his Mistresses choosing. The deep ache of exhaustion was progressively taking its toll; the clamping was at the centre of his dark world with an exquisite pain which he knew he had to endure until he had fulfilled his purpose. He determined to focus on the pain; he had through the long training he had been put through achieved the ability to turn pain into pleasure by a process of focusing on the love of his Mistress; it was her gift of pain to him which he accepted. Pain in various forms excited him to the point of ecstasy. Pure unconditional love, his increasingly masochistic mindset rewarded with further gifts of pain from his Mistress completed the ever expanding cycle of pain/pleasure. This was a self fulfilling cycle in which both slave and Mistress were adherents to.

‘For the love of my Mistress, for the love of my Mistress, for the love of my Mistress...he began his slave mantra. Within a short time he was completely in the zone where only pure love existed. The pain now giving him pure pleasure. He willed for increase of duress to extend him further into the realms of delight.

The Mistress returned another two times and he was penetrated two further times before the black latex bladder was nearing its full capacity. He now hung almost suspended by the head harness and arm supports keeping him from collapsing yet still he was in ecstasy; he was completely under the spell of his Mistress; the focus of her attention.

When she returned again the collection bag was brim full, the cord taut, nipple clamps still very much attached to his nipples, the clamps pointing up at a cruel angle imposing maximum duress on him.

Opening the communication device his Mistress purred into the microphone, “Slave you please me enormously, it seems you have recycled my gift of golden wine and now your collection bag is brim full, it will only be a matter of time before it overflows. You have earned my admiration and will be rewarded in a way of my choosing. Oh yes my choosing, you have no choice but to accept everything I choose to give you as you are my slave and have no say what so ever. You do understand, don’t you? Show your acknowledgement by a nod of your head!”

The slightest nod from his sealed helmet signalled his compliance.

Over the next few minutes she gave a running commentary of the progress of the urine collection bag as the liquid at first appeared to swell up as though it didn’t want to overflow, then suddenly it burst its banks and a trickle of urine ran down the side of the black latex bladder, wetting the surface to a gleaming obsidian and splashed onto the floor of the dungeon.

“Slave I am delighted to tell you that you have successfully completed your session and now will be released and taken to be showered then put to bed for a well deserved rest period. Some refreshment in due course will be given to you once you are fully rested. Then we can recommence your training.”


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