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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 11: Objectified Plaything

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; femdom; catsuit; bond; cuffs; urine; nipple; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

continued from chapter ten

Chapter 11: Objectified Plaything

He had to be helped to walk after the ending of the extended session as he was very unsteady after the arduous testing he had been subjected to. He had been stripped of his latex encapsulation and was completely naked for the first time in a very long time. He shivered, exposed in his nakedness in the wet area of the dungeon. The internal plumbing was left in place with only the end tubes sealed and exposed; the gag part of the internal plumbing was deflated but the feeding tube with the long latex balloon surrounding it remained inflated, as did the stomach balloon. His catheter was connected to a thigh bag. He was showered, his head shaved of its stubble by his Mistress, still in her full surgical outfit, who fussed about him.

He was now dressed in a loose fitting black latex sleeping suit with integral helmet. His slave collar was fitted and locked on. A lead was attached and he was taken to his Mistresses bed chamber. There a huge four posted double bed with deep crimson valance and curtains all in heavy weight latex waited. The deeply imbedded earpieces clicked on.

“Slave climb onto the bed and lie on your back with arms and legs outstretched. You must now relax and catch up on your sleep you have pleased me immensely, you can be proud of yourself; however you will be in light bondage whilst you recharge. It would not be appropriate for you to be completely free.”

The bed was covered in heavyweight crimson latex sheets gleaming in the overhead spotlights. He had never been in his Mistresses bedchamber before and knew he was being pampered. He climbed onto the bed and lay ready for the attachment of arm and wrist fetters.

Now spread-eagled and blindfolded a sheet was pulled over him and affixed to the anchor points at the side of the bed, ensuring warmth which would ensure good rest. He succumbed to his intense exhaustion immediately and fell into the waiting arms of Morpheus. The Mistress stood for a moment looking at her slave in repose and felt an overwhelming love towards him surge through her. The curtains were pulled closed sealing him into a complete latex enclosure. She took a deep breath them hugging herself she walked quietly towards the door.


Surfacing from deep sleep in one of her guest rooms, the Mistress lay quietly, enshrouded in latex, She stretched like a cat then yawned deeply, luxuriating in the heady warm vanilla perfume of the latex; she never tired of the aroma it both satisfied a deep seated need within her as well as exciting her. She took stock; all is going well with my training of my slave he has amazing stamina and resilience. Now dawns another day and further testing of both him and new equipment, I can’t wait to recommence! But first, plans had to be made, but not before I’ve eaten a good breakfast. Although lying snug within the warm latex, she mused that time for her, but especially her slave meant little. She was at liberty to do as she pleased, there were no constraints on her time.

Eating a good breakfast she took great pleasure in the taste and texture of the food she was eating especially the bacon which tempted her to set to grilling another rasher.

Later she checked on her slave; he had not stirred since she had vacated her bedroom. She left him to sleep and returned to the kitchen. There she warmed the sachet of highly nourishing high protein drink making sure that it was at blood heat; she didn’t want to disturb her slave. She disconnected her catheter from the thigh bag she was wearing and closed the valve. The clear plastic leg bag was full. Taking a two litre latex rebreathing bag she emptied the warm golden liquid which had passed through her body into the bag then proceeded to feed the nourishing drink into the feeding bladder. She smiled to herself at the memory of her last testing session with her slave.

Entering her bedroom she moved over to the closed latex curtains and peeked through to view her slave; he was still fast asleep. She carefully connected the bladder to her slaves feeding tube. She deflated the stomach bladder to allow for filling of his stomach then opened the gate valve to commence feeding. Next she reconnected the enema tube to the enema bag hanging grotesquely from the stainless steel stand. She filled the bag with warm water. Her slave would be cleaned out and fed whilst he slept and would be ready for continuing training when completely rested. She checked to see if he was conscious, he was not, he was still soundly asleep. She left her room.

Under her one-piece latex catsuit she was sexually charged with the ideas that had flowed into her devious mind as she sat drinking coffee.

She left the house dressed in a full length shiny black heavyweight latex mackintosh fully buttoned up with leg straps buckled and high collar closed around the open faced latex helmet she wore; a sou’wester tied under her chin. She wanted some fresh air; it had been a very busy time with the time consuming testing of her slave’s ability to both take the additional strain of increase duress as well as his ability to recycle the urine from her. She descended the steps from the front door onto the gravel path then onto the extensive lawns which surrounded the house. She loved the house and all that it represented. Steady rain fell onto her mackintosh and cascaded harmlessly from the impermeable surface. She was inviolate, protected and dressed appropriately for the weather.

She thrust her gloved hands into the deep pockets of her mackintosh and luxuriated in the feel of latex over her entire body. The deep intruders filling both her vagina and rectum added to the delight. After a leisurely stroll around the huge garden, now in pouring rain, she took a seat on the shiny wet bench at the far end of the garden. Looking back at the three story Georgian house with Kent peg roof tiles, now clad in its summer clothing of Virginia creeper, she shivered, a thrill emanating from her very soul. ‘Am I not the luckiest lady in the world? I have my own 24/7 slave who has an insatiable appetite for both pleasure and pain. We are both fulfilled in our positions each contributing to the whole, both consumed with a deep and abiding love of rubber and all that it represents in our very own fetish world.

She had decided to reward her slave when he was well rested.


Gradually surfacing from a deep sleep he was aware of utter silence and the familiar aroma of latex which he was addicted to. He had no idea as to what time of day or night it was, the blindfold kept him in stygian darkness. He felt wonderful, alert and ready for whatever was to befall him. His nipples felt sore but that was normal for him, his nipples were clamped regularly for periods each session. He was not hungry indeed his normal state was to be kept in a state of stasis. He went to turn over but was stopped by the bondage he was in. He recalled the events of the last session and whistled at both the duration and the severity. He had no idea as to where he was; he knew that he was not in his cell; his normal bed was narrow. He could not recall what had happened after the shower and fitting of his new outfit. He reasoned that he was too exhausted to take in anything. He accepted his position and enjoyed the pleasure of being apparently in a huge bed.


Returning from the wet garden the Mistress divested herself of her outer wear and went to her dressing room. There she selected an all encompassing latex helmet with mirror finished vinyl lens covering the eye openings. Returning to her bed chamber, to check on her slave, she was pleased to see that her slave was awake lying quietly his breathing regular. She switched on the communication link and spoke, “Slave I am pleased to see you are rested. Once dressed in your slave suit I have a surprise for you. Of course you don’t know whether it is good or bad that is my secret until you are properly prepared.”

Releasing her slave his Mistress instructed him to divest himself of his sleeping attire, take a shower and dress in his ubiquitous slave suit ready and waiting for him. She reminded him that any blemishes or wrinkles would result in severe penalties. She would be back to check on him in due course; once dressed he should kneel in the classic slave position and await her return.

He dressed carefully an anxiety mixed with excitement; a heady mix which kept him fully focused on the task in hand. Polishing his suit to a high shine he checked in the full length mirror that not one spec of talc or unplaced wrinkle was to be observed then proceeded to take up the classic slave position knowing that he was the submissive in this relationship and any perceived challenges would be dealt with severely. The door opening was not perceived by him now deep within his own world of submission, his head bowed eyes closed. Without warning his Mistresses voice, ice cold, steely, exploded within his brain, “Slave look up and be very afraid!” Opening his eyes he blinked to gain clear focus. What confronted him was an apparition; an anonymous helmeted figure showing only crimson lips, eyes mirrored silver, stood before him completely enshrouded in gleaming black latex; a fantasy fulfilled; a dominatrix, severe in 6 inch high stilettos, whip in hand.

His silent world was broken by the steel cold voice, “Slave follow me to the dungeon where I shall prepare you for your next session!”

His heart dropped; ‘so it is to be further testing of my resolve, I should have known!’

Now strapped into the gynaecological examination bench with his shins resting on the stirrups he felt vulnerable and exposed. His Mistress approached and buckled on a blindfold. Within his head he heard his Mistress speak.

“Slave can you see, nod your head if you can.” He remained passive.

“Good, now I am going to prepare you.” The earlier anxiety now realised. In his silent world he only had touch sensation to gain any feedback; he was effectively sealed from the outside world within his latex confinement. He felt the zip at his crotch being opened. To his surprise he felt the indwelling catheter being removed. He knew that the Mistress had first to withdraw the sterile water from the latex balloon, preventing its removal deep within his bladder; it was a strange sensation to feel the catheter sliding out of his urethra. He wondered what was to follow; perhaps she would use sounds probing his urethra as part of the domination of his entire body? He felt gloved hands begin to remove his chastity device; first the padlock was unlocked from the pin holding the penis tube to the encircling black plastic ring around his penis and testis which had held his manhood immovably within its tight embrace for so very long. The penis tube was withdrawn, immediately he had a huge erection as his penis free from the constriction seemed to take over.

“My, oh my, slave, what a huge erection, clearly the extensive testing you have received has had no ill effect! I can see you are a glutton for punishment, well I shall deal with that soon enough!”

She closed on him and expertly fitted a black heavy weight latex all in one condom enclosing his genitalia completely. She noticed the pre ejaculation clear lubricant beading at the opening of his urethra as she enclosed his penis. He was released still blindfolded and a lead clipped onto his slave collar and led to the Mistresses bed chamber. He was instructed to climb onto the bed, find the end of it and wait in the classic slave position, kneeling with hands behind his back, for further instructions; his penis jutting out from his body. He wondered what was about to happen, He felt the bed move as his Mistress climbed up and lay on her back gazing silently at her encapsulated slave. Gagged, blindfolded and intubated apart from his staining penis. She was sexually excited by what she saw; an obsidian living mannequin, his chest moving as he breathed. She lay silently for some time just enjoying the sight of her slave then opening the communication device she spoke.

“Slave, you are now in my bedchamber waiting whatever befalls you. As I said when I released you from your last training session I was very pleased with your performance. I have decided to reward you by using your body to give me pleasure. You will be allowed to enter me but I must warn you that on no account whatsoever are you to take pleasure until I instruct you to do so. You are fitted with a very heavyweight latex condom which will lessen the stimulation. I am wearing an internal sheath within my vagina which will shield me from you. I shall lubricate both your sheath and mine so you will slip and slid. First you will crawl towards me on hands and knees until your penis finds my vagina then you will enter me. With our hips joined you will arch your back and remain on your outstretched arms so only our hips have full contact. I shall take pleasure in manipulating your nipples and watching you as I use you. You may withdraw at any time you feel a climax approaching then wait until you have overcome the urge to take pleasure before re-entering me. Once I have taken pleasure you will withdraw and assume your kneeling position. Now begin!”

He could not believe what was happening his heart beating as though it would burst. He could not remember the last time he was used in this way; he had thought that his Mistress had over time decided that her domination of her slave did not include full sexual congress, he was beneath contempt and slaves don’t have full sexual contact with their Mistresses. If allowed on rare occasions to enter her, it would in some way, diminish her absolute control of him. Or she was unsatisfied with his performance and had dismissed using him again. Crawling forward he moved very carefully until his penis touched his Mistresses vagina. He knew that to succeed he must give her complete sexual satisfaction. He rubbed his latex covered penis against the clitoris and heard a deeply felt groan of pure pleasure within his head. His Mistress had kept the communication device on. He was intent on continuing this until she either begged or demanded him to enter her. He was so sexually excited by this liaison but he knew he must keep control. To disobey his Mistress would be seen as an act of defiance and would incur excruciating punishment. Another groan followed by another, “slave enter me now! Quickly thrust deeply into my very soul I, I, I,” there was a deep gasp a shudder from her body. “I am about to take pleas...uggg .... take me, take me now!”

Now deep within her body her hands pinning his tender nipples rolling them between her fingers he was on the point of no return. He could feel her vagina walls spasm clasping his sealed manhood unctuously wanting his seed. He knew that to withdraw now would ruin his Mistresses pleasure. Summoning up all his will power he somehow managed to place his overwhelming desire to take pleasure out of reach of his physical body. A deep animal like keening sound fed directly into his mind; it was pure joy to hear. The most sexually stimulating sounds continued to echo around his enclosed head for what seems like ages.

“Oh slave, oh slave, you give me such pleasures I can see I shall be using you more often; there is nothing like a real living slave for satisfaction!” Although sightless he could clearly see his Mistress in his mind’s eye. She was his complete focus in life.

“Rest your body on mine now; do not withdraw your penis.”

They lay sealed in mutual delight for some time before he was instructed to turn over and lie on his back.

She climbed on top of him lowering herself on to his erect penis uttering a deeply felt groan as he penetrated her. She leant forward and unbuckled his blindfold then leaned back arching her back to accentuate her pert breasts. He blinked unused to the light from the overhead spotlights which reflected off her highly polished catsuit. He swooned at the sight of his Mistress looking down on him; a fantasy realised in jet black latex not one millimetre of flesh exposed, her eyes just mirrored lens. He wanted to swear his love of her but the inflated gag negated any sounds from leaving his sealed condition. She leant forward and took hold of his nipples between her surgical weight gloves teasing them knowing he would be sexually excited.

“Slave you look utterly delicious, my own rubber plaything to enjoy as and when I decide. I love the total latex encapsulation it suits you well. You are sealed away from me but are also in an intimate relationship. Your latex enshrouded penis and balls are within me yet I am shielded from you by two thicknesses of latex, one, my own latex sheath within my vagina lining it in gossamer thin protection and two the latex which contains you and protects me from skin contact. You will never touch my skin with your bare body you will always remain sealed away from the outer world within your own rubber world. As such you are my deepest fantasy realised, my rubber slave, and my rubber objectified plaything to tease and test at my choosing. I love the idea of using you to recycle my golden liquid; I know that you find it equally satisfying knowing that by doing so you are pleasing your Mistress. I am now going to make you take pleasure before you are put back into your chastity device and I refit a new catheter.

“Look at your Mistress slave, look and take pleasure in knowing that you are mine!” He felt a surge of pure masochistic delight as he surrendered to the insistent demands made on him. His penis was now being gripped by her vaginal walls with her rising up then descending onto his rigid penis. Within moments the long awaited Pleasure overtook him; he bucked arching his back his world now focused on pumping his seed deep within his Mistress knowing all the time that not one seed would escape the latex encapsulation. Star bursts of amazing brilliance illuminated his visual cortex he was lost to the temporal world his pleasure centres at overload he existed only as an entity overloaded with pleasures of the flesh. Holding his breath he the emptied his sac into the latex sheath enclosing his penis, animalistic sounds escaping from his gagged mouth for a brief moment then he was sucking in air as an air starved frogman; his very life depending on it.


The days after the reward saw the slave very much back into the routine of continuous testing, his waking hours being a succession of trials each taking him deeper into unknown realms of his Mistresses desires. His Mistresses imagination knew no bounds. Time for her slave meant nothing save that sometimes it was light and at other times it was dark.

He had spent the last three days in deep bondage being used to recycle his own and his Mistresses golden liquids as well as being kept for long periods on the rebreathing machine which scrubbed the CO2 from the mixture. He was informed that this was to conserve his use of air. There was continuing training in pure rebreathing from the various black rubber rebreathing bags using his own or sometimes the exhaled breath of his Mistress until he was near to unconsciousness; this was very much part of the program she had planned. Each session ended with him being extolled to try harder the next time.

The Mistress kept fastidious records of his times spent on the rebreather so a plot of progress could be arrived at. She was pleased with the resulting improvements as was her slave although he knew she wanted a progressive extension of times he could exist on. He was very proud of his achievements so far but understood that as time progressed so the bar would be raised a notch. The last session had been long and testing; at the cessation of the rebreathing exercises he was informed that he had exceeded the last longest time on the 5 litre rebreather bag by some margin. There would therefore be a reward for him. He had no idea what that would be; he would be informed in due course once he had rested.


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Story continues in Chapter 12

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