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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 12: Special Outing

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; femdom; catsuit; outdoors; multi-layers; bond; cuffs; bodybag; cocoon; urine; nipple; tease; breathplay; toys; mast; climax; cons; XX

continued from chapter 11

Chapter 12: Special Outing

He was spread-eagled on his sleeping platform with the heavy latex sheet trapping him in a latex sandwich. He was awake having slept well in his total enclosure suit and was at peace with his condition luxuriating in the close embrace of his latex world. Although blindfolded and sealed within a completely silent world he had come to accept this default setting; he was not gagged. The gag had been deflated prior to him being restrained and chained to his bed for the sleep period. The permanent stomach feeding tube assembly with inflated balloons at stomach and gullet were still in place. Only the tube exited from the helmet mouth and was held in place by a small loop just to the side of his mouth. The click of the deeply embedded earphones coming to life signalled his Mistresses approach. He lay listening for the sound which always excited him, that of the tap tap tap of his Mistresses footsteps as she approached his cell.

Gradually he was aware of the sound which foretold of His Mistresses approach. The insertion of the key into the lock made his heart skip a beat. What would this session bring!? The removal of his blindfold allowed him to glance for a moment at his Mistress as she turned and placed the blindfold onto the small shelf above his bed ready for use for the next rest period. She was wearing a pure white latex catsuit with helmet, gloves, corset and knee high boots to match. Her dark hair exiting from the hair corset at the crown of her head interwoven with white latex ribbon; she was a sight to behold. ‘Permission to speak, Mistress?’ he waited for the answer....

“Permission granted slave” adding, “You may look at me.”

He raised his eyes blinking to gain better vision through the vinyl lens of his helmet.

“Mistress you look utterly desirable; I am so in love with you and am ready for anything you desire of me, I am your proud slave. Mistress I love you, I adore you, I worship you and I am proud to serve you!”

She looked down on him her eyes very much focussed on his. He melted utterly mesmerised by her attention then turned his eyes downwards in a submissive gesture.

“Slave Today you will please me because you have both the correct mental attitude and no alternative to do otherwise unless of course your desire is to displease me in which case you can expect no leniency from me in my retribution for such wilfulness!”

“Now today will be very special for you but first I need to feed you. You will present yourself to me in the kitchen. Once fed you will be given your daily enema and prepared for the special day.” She unlocked the chain from his slave collar and removed the latex sheet then departed.

Entering the kitchen he was ordered to mount the feeding chair, a device which both emphasised his lowly status as well humiliating him. He had come to dislike this form of feeding but knew that it was a control device used by his Mistress to complete her domination and control over him.

The ceremony of strapping him into the high chair began for the ‘nth’ time. The Mistress had kept the ritual ceremony of this as she had often explained to him that ‘through ritual behaviours are changed permanently.’ Finally he was completely immobilised and ready for feeding. The distended latex feeding bag containing both the night liquid from both Mistress and slave together with a highly nutritious feed were contained in the bag. The tube extending from the bottom of the bag was connected to the feeding tube now permanently installed into his stomach. The stomach balloon was deflated to allow the ingress of his feed.

“Enjoy your feed slave knowing that you are being used as my own personal recycling slave as well as being given a nutritious feed which supplies all your daily bodily needs. I do so love this system as it underlines my complete dominance of you. I now control your every waking and sleeping hour without any break; you are my own slave, plaything and rubberised objectified being!”


The enema completed he was now ready for his Mistresses instructions.

“Slave because you pleased me in your last session I have decided to allow you a reward which will show my appreciation of your dedication to me and will, if I am correct, excite you no end. It will involve you in a special outing today. You are to prepare yourself for a motorcycle ride with me as your pillion. I shall now fit a new and exciting device which I have had made especially for this occasion. She proceeded to buckle on a slim black rubber back pack filled with liquid which fitted comfortable over his slave suit; from the bottom extended a latex tube which she connected to his obdurating anal tube.

“As you can see I am dressed head to toe in white latex whilst you are in black, the ying and yang the good and the bad intertwined living off each other in a symbiotic liaison. I shall dress in my leathers over my latex and a complete white PVC oversuit and helmet whilst you will be dressed in your leathers over your slave suit and black PVC one piece oversuit totally in black, as befits your status as my slave. Over your slave helmet you will wear a lifelike moulded latex helmet which will allow you to open your full faced crash helmet and appear as a normal motorcyclist rather than a fully latex encapsulated slave out with his Mistress. Now off you go and prepare yourself and get the bike ready for the ride; wait for me outside the front door.” He was overcome with emotion and knelt before his Mistress showing full obsequence before leaving.

He straddled the powerful Honda feeling a surge of sexual excitement ripple through his encapsulated body. Through the clear vinyl lens and then through the life like mask he could see quite easily; he had adapted to the slightly diminished visual field over the time he had been fully encapsulated so he had no worries as to his ability to have a clear view of the road. He was privileged to carry his beloved Mistress as his pillion. He revved the powerful engine feeling the throb vibrate through him. The door at the top of the steps opened and his Mistress stepped through the door and descended the steps. Completely enshrouded in her gleaming white PVC rain suit she climbed onto the pillion then plugged in the communication device.

“Slave you may begin the ride, you will obey my every direction.”

A couple of sensibly clad motorcyclists exited from the 7 feet high security gates as they opened then began to close automatically as the pair rode off into the distance. Mistress was in seventh heaven clinging to her completely thrice sealed slave. The deeply embedded dildo and anal rods were working their magic on her as the throbbing vibrations from the powerful engine only a few inches beneath her open legs made it presence felt. She pushed her bottom deeply into the saddle grinding to gain closer contact. Her breasts pressing into the shiny clad back of her slave. ‘Mmm. what a delight to be moving along riding as one, both completely covered in latex, leather and PVC, feeling every indentation of the road transferring delightful vibrations into me... wow I feel so sexually charged gradually building towards a pleasure, this is pure sex on a bike. All I need to complete this magic is for it to come on to rain knowing that both my slave and I are completely protected from the elements.’ She lifted her gloved hands from the upper thighs of her slave and wrapped them around his waist pulling her close to him and squeezing him in a full physical hug. ‘Slave I love your fully rubbered body, you are my fantasy realised!’ She was at that moment fully fulfilled. Looking out through the tinted visor of her crash helmet she could see the vista opening up before her, the shiny black helmet of her pilot in the left side of her visual field delighting in the swift progress they were making together with the intoxicating lean of the bike as it was skilfully handled through the country roads; a couple riding as one.

Arriving in the busy country town she directed her slave to park up in one of the parking bays in a quiet secluded area just off from the centre of town. She noticed the sun had poked its head through the overhead gloom and that it was warm, although the weather forecast had been for a day of showers with sunny intervals. Hmm ‘I shall keep my oversuit on for a while as I love the containment aspect and the stark contrast between my slave and me. He will remain completely sealed within his suit whatever the weather.’

“Slave that was a delightful ride, you are a skilled rider and handle the bike very well. Clearly the training I am putting you through is having a good effect on you. You can be proud of your riding skill! Now to business; you will, of course remain in your riding apparel throughout this visit but I shall need to open your oversuit briefly at some stage to get at the new device you are wearing and switch on the enema tape so you can experience the exquisite delight of being given an enema whilst walking around the old town with me. Of course you know that you will, at all times, remain fully contained within your sealed attire. Although we shall appear to anyone who observes us as a couple of sensibly clad motorcyclists as we move through the streets hand in hand. Now show obsequence to me!” her voice taking on the steely cold timbre which signalled her complete dominance of him. He was plunged into silence as the internal earpieces clicked off. He knelt before his Mistress and leaned forward until his crash helmet rested on the white rubber boots she was wearing. He remained in this position for some time then rose slowly to stand beside his dominant. She stood directly in front of him and opened his helmet visor. There before her stood her slave with the lifelike latex face shrouding his slave mask. She smiled to herself, knowing that he would go unnoticed as they strolled around. She opened her visor and taking hold of his gloved hand began the stroll.

The sun was now fully out, although in the west there were threatening clouds. The warmth from the sun found its way to her catsuit, a thin patina of moisture lubricating the latex allowing it to caress her contained body. She luxuriated in her condition feeling at once contained and invulnerable, her slave at her side. They entered a small square and closed on a cafe with tables outside. Taking a seat she motioned for her slave to sit. She removed her crash helmet to reveal an open faced black latex helmet with a hole at the crown; her hair cascading down over the hood and onto her shoulders. Her slave remained in full protective apparel. A slim young waitress approached and spoke. “What can I get for you? Have you travelled far? You look amazing in your riding suits, what a lovely contrast, you in complete white and your partner in black.”

“To answer your questions, a coffee for me and nothing for my riding companion, he is on a strict special liquid diet. As to how far, we have come today into this charming town well some miles to the Southeast near Canterbury”. The Waitress nodded and went off to get their order.

She switched on the earphones and spoke to her slave, “Slave, I do hope you are feeling the effect of the sun shining on your black PVC oversuit you must be hot within your encapsulation, but that is your lot to receive whatever I demand of you. Now when the waitress returns with my coffee I shall give you your enema so you can enjoy liquid ingress into your body as I take my coffee into mine, however you will be receiving my golden liquid into your rectum to ultimately give you a washout! Of course you will have no option other than to retain it as you are plugged, double obdurate with the two inflatable balloons fitted into your rectum”

The coffee was brought and placed beside the white suited female motorcyclist.

“Stand slave!” He did as instructed placing his gloved hands behind his back in a submissive stance. His Mistress attended to him, first opening the press studs at the high collar of his oversuit then opening the studs to allow the stormproof flap to be opened to allow access to the control mechanism of the liquid filled latex rubber container which he was wearing over his latex suit sandwiched between the rubber and leather suits he was wearing. The tap was opened and the enema began. She took care in refastening all the seals on his rain suit making sure he was completely contained within his own world. She stood back happy with the resealing. This was to be a very slow delivery into his colon over an hour or more, the intention being to remind the slave that he was still undergoing training even though he was out in public. He felt the slow ingress of liquid knowing that he could do nothing but accept this ‘gift’ from his Mistress. The Mistress knew that stomach cramps would gradually build over the time the inflow was being delivered deep into his controlled body. He stood waiting for the next command. “Slave, you may sit down and enjoy your enema which will keep you hydrated.” He did as instructed.

He was in a state of high excitement being taken out into the public arena. This was the first time he had been allowed outside the enclosed walls of the house and large secluded gardens. He was aware of the ingress of liquid into his colon knowing that this was but the beginning of his discomfort although he had come to enjoy the masochistic knowledge that he was but a recipient of his Mistresses pleasure. The tight fitting leather riding suit produced it own pressure on the enema bag pressing it tightly against his latex undersuit; the PVC riding suit had little give and sitting on the chair imposed its own pressure. He was aware of a build up of heat within his containment as a pattener of sweat began to make itself felt. A trickle of sweat from his forehead ran down his cheek he blinked knowing that he was sealed away from the outer world.

The waitress returned and began speaking to his Mistress ignoring him completely. “My boyfriend has a big bike which I love to ride on, he is a good rider and we often enjoy riding both in dry as well as wet. I just love being dressed in my leathers then to have my oversuit on top which completely protected me from the rain, knowing that we can ride like this for long periods without getting wet at all. I love the sensation of being out on a really wet day warm and comfortable.” Adding, “your oversuits are great. Your companion is very well protected in his full wet weather gear and looks very handsome in his shiny black outfit. He must be very hot in his wet weather one piece oversuit and helmet. Will he take his helmet off?”

“No, he will remain as he is, he is on a strict special diet of exotic liquids and as part of his diet he is to work up a healthy sweat each day until the end of the program. Between you and me he likes to remain as he is fully dressed, you see he knows it is ultimately for his own good.”

They left the cafe and walked off hand in hand towards the park. There she spoke to him. “Slave, I hope you are enjoying your first outing still very much under my control. We shall walk over to the far end of the park where you will be bondaged to the seat to underline my control over you. I shall leave you whilst I go shopping. You can reflect on your good fortune and contemplate what your next trial will involve. There, that will give you something to be going on with whilst I am away. I shall return in due course.”

He was handcuffed to the bench seat and left. He watched the apparition in white PVC walking away from him delighting in the erotic sight of his Mistress completely protected head to toe, with light reflecting off her shiny white outfit. He felt his penis stir fully aware of his containment. He sighed to himself resigned to his fate; happy in his condition. Sitting alone he saw one or two people walking in the distance but was not disturbed. He closed his eyes luxuriating in the warmth of his containment. Later it came on to rain, a quick downpour which drenched the ground and left everything glistening wet before the sun peaked out warming him and reminding him that he was under three layers of protection. His heart leapt as he caught sight of his Mistress returning, a shopping bag clutched in her hand. She was wearing her crash helmet but with the visor open. She approached her slave opening on the communication channel.

“Slave I trust you have enjoyed your enforced rest and kept completely dry when the heavy shower visited you?” Adding, “I shall inspect you when we get back and if even one drop of rain has gained entry to your leathers there will be a trouble! As it is I have in mind something which will test you and entertain me when we return. Now take me back. I am ready for another exciting ride as your pillion although you are still my recycling slave”.

The ride back soon accomplished even allowing her to take pleasure on the way as the deeply embedded intruders within her body mirrored the vibrations of the powerful bike. She clung to her slave as her body convulsed as wave after wave of orgasmic release overtook her.

By the time they arrived back at the house he was very aware of the enema contained within his colon as spasm after spasm caused him increasing duress.

Now in the dungeon he assumed the classic slave position awaiting the arrival of his Mistress. He was completely in the zone focusing on his slave’s mantra in an attempt to lessen the almost continuous cramps deep within his stomach. Head bowed he repeated over and over the words of his slave mantra. The arrival of his Mistress went unnoticed by him. Suddenly a gloved hand took hold of his chin raising it until he was staring into the eyes of his Mistress now clad head to toe in a white latex catsuit her eyes and lips heavily made up. From her crotch a thin rubber tube extended down to a collection bag strapped to her thigh.

“Slave before I release your enema I am going to give you a full bladder washout, not with sterile water; I shall be using my own urine. It is my gift to you, a reward for giving me untold pleasure as we rode as one today.”

“Now I am going to connect my catheter to yours so I can, by standing over and above you, cause my urine to flow into your empty bladder. You have no control over your bladder since your catheter was fitted as it is continuously drained into your leg bag. I am going to clamp off your catheter where it enters your leg bag, to stop the continuous draining. This will allow my urine to fill your bladder. You will experience a new sensation as you feel the flow of my urine into you until your bladder is completely full. As your catheter is clamped off no release is possible until I decide to release the clamp. That way you will know that I have utter control over you! When I release the clamp your bladder will void completely into a separate collection bag. I shall then reconnect to you again and start the second and third washouts again. Three complete washouts will do the trick! There, don’t you just love my control over you? Of course you do slave! Now, kneel before me at the foot of the stool.”

He knew better than to attempt to speak or make any sound; his Mistress was in full flow, her sadistic inclinations to the fore. A tall stool stood ready for this procedure; her kneeling slave beside it. She took hold of his catheter and connected it to the dangling end of hers. A ‘T’ piece with switching control allowed for the joining with another tube which she now attached to her leg bag. This arrangement of tubes and switches allowed for different combinations of inflow to his bladder. The collection bag was raise above him allowing the contents to flow into his empty bladder.

“Slave my golden liquid is now flowing into your bladder, what do you say?” A slow nodding of his head acknowledged her ‘gift’ to him. He was immediately aware of a completely new and wholly strange sensation; his penis sensing the ingress of her urine along its urethra as the warmth from her urine seeped through the catheter tube; then an amazing build up of pressure as her urine flowed into his bladder far quicker than anything else he had ever experienced until he had an irrepressible urge to urinate as his bladder filled completely. The feelings were strange best described as a mix between a sensual massage and a wholly sexual sensation; the psychological implications were overwhelming; this was the ultimate head trip. He could feel his penis straining for release form his chastity device, the blood causing it to become engorged.

“Slave I am now going to shut off your catheter thus sealing you for a period before I drain you and begin the whole procedure over again until I am satisfied you have received a complete bladder washout; it is only then that I shall allow you to void your enema. As you are now fully aware, I have total access to every space within your body. In my quest to recycle as much as I can you are undergoing a bladder washout with my own urine thus making full use of the recycling philosophy as well as my own deeply fetishistic interpretation of this concept”. She continued to talk to him as she proceeded to complete the washout. Telling him of her complete control over his every waking and sleeping moment; he was her plaything, fully rubberised, intubated and sealed. The future for him was unending servitude under her devious control. She continued to describe some of her wilder fantasies to him which had him both sexually excited and fearful. The future was certain, he had no say whatsoever being only a willing masochistic recipient.

Eventually he was released and instructed to stand. He still had the gate on his catheter sealing in his Mistresses urine as well as the obdurating balloons which sealed his anus. He was in considerable duress, both his bladder and bowels were full to capacity; he desperately needed to void himself. He was taken to the wet area where his gate valve and internal and external balloons were released. He was made to stand with legs wide apart and to discharge his Mistresses gifts to him. He was completely humiliated having his Mistress stand and observe the whole process. “Slave, there is no privacy for you, your humiliation is complete. Have you no shame!?” He knew this was one of his Mistresses rhetorical questions which required no verbal answer, not that he was in any position to make one, after all, he was wearing the inflatable gag, part of the feeding tube. All he could do was to acknowledge his humiliation by slowing nodding his head.

“Now slave, to the next delight; you are to be fed but not until you are deep inside your next outfit. Then it will be by your fitted oesophageal and stomach tube. Remember slave you are my recycling slave. I have made the decision that you are not to have the delight of tasting any flavours whether from my own bladder or another source”. The anal obdurating balloons were pumped up and his catheter tube was reconnected to the collection bag strapped to his thigh.

The fitting of the next item took some time before his Mistress was completely satisfied with the result. The inflatable bondage bag was now zipped closed and straps were pulled tightly closed to increase the overall pressure build up. The outer surface of the highly polished bag was of heavy weight black latex the inner wall of this device was of lighter weight latex; as the pressure of inflation grew so the outer surface, restricted, exerted an ever increasing internal pressure on her slave. The only access to her slave was via two strategically placed access points over his nipples. These circular holes were closed off with heavy weight latex panels with press studs around the holes. They were sealed shut now. From the crotch area an extension tube from his catheter snaked out form the grotesquely distended latex sausage to connect with an external collection bag. From the mouth area two tubes emerged, one allowing breathing, the other feeding.

Deep within his own world of latex the slave was completely isolated from any external sensations suspended as he was by the inflatable bondage sack which held him. Suddenly his silent world was broken by the steely voice of his Mistress.

“Slave, enjoy this period of rest because once released we shall begin your next challenge in my quest to train you as a subdued perfect compliant slave. It is in your own interest to gain some sleep whilst here. You need have no thoughts as to your welfare as I have taken over that area and have, believe me, both my own pleasure and your future completely in my hands; we are now inextricably linked. For my part, you understand that I gain sexual and psychological pleasure in keeping you under some form of duress. As for your part, well you will come to progressively know that to please me is your only aim in life; you have no other purpose save that of serving me with unending devotion. Now rest well. I shall at my leisure, return to impose further exquisite torments to your rubberised body!” with that he was plunged into the dark universe.

Lying recumbent within his strict bondage the slave’s heart soared above his earthly confinement. His whole being focused on his tormentress.

‘Mistress, I love you, I adore you, I worship you and I serve you!” His heart beating at the immensity of his challenge, he delighted in his condition. He drifted in his strict bondage aware only of the all confining pressure of his containment, knowing that in due course his body would accommodate to the squeeze and he would lose all sensation of the overwhelming pressure he was now experiencing. Eventually, long after his Mistress had retired to her bed, he drifted off to an exhausted sleep.


Raising in the warm glow of a perfect day the Mistress luxuriated in her position. She stretched aware of the silky caress of latex as the night attire she was wearing slipped within the latex sheets. Her thoughts turned inevitably towards her slave, ‘I am sure he will be deep in sleep unaware of the passing of time held as he is sandwiched within his inflatable sleep sack. I shall take a leisurely breakfast then attend to his bodily needs but before I do that I shall play with him, as a cat plays with a mouse. I think it is time to impose further duress to his constrained body before he receives any sustenance.’

She rose from her warm nest pulling on a purple latex dressing gown.

Entering the dungeon she went across to the one of the drawers and removed an item looking very much like a flatfish animated by the action of removing it from the drawer. It was however made of black latex and resembled a flatfish only in shape, nothing else. It was a 5 litre rebreathing bladder with a valve to allow control of air into the bag. She opened the valve to allow a small amount of fresh air to enter each time her slave inhaled. Approaching the recumbent bondage sack she brought the bladder to her lips, inflated it then affixed it to the outlet tube from her slave. She observed the steady inflation/deflation of the bladder. It was obvious to her that her slave was asleep; the shallow breaths causing the bag to gently rise and fall. She turned and left the dungeon.


Now deep under water he was aware of a gradual increase in breathing resistance; it was but a thought; he was intent on exploring the undersea cave. Deep within the all confining enclosure he was now in a dream state REM’s causing his eyes to flicker as he explored his dream. He knew he had limited time at this depth.

Deep within his bondage the demand made by the addition of the rebreathing bladder was making itself felt. The images ceased and he was once again, as far as he could make out awake; the warmth and containment held him fast; he had no external feedback to supply his cognition. He tried to regain the memory of why he was here, ‘yes, inflatable bondage bag!’ he lay content in his bondage.

Suddenly his silent world was disturbed by the click of his implanted ear pieces.

“Slave whilst you took rest you were fed and given another washout. I am now going to play with you for my own pleasure; enjoy!” With that she adjusted the control valve on the rebreather to restrict the amount of air entering. She stood over the distended fully inflated bondage bag, the latex trying to escape the constraining straps.

He felt the breathing restriction immediately as each breath had to be sucked from the latex bladder. He knew he was undergoing further training at the hands of his demanding Mistress. He was then aware that something was happening to his chest, feeling the slight difference in pressure as the covering press studs were being removed from the area of his chest. The next instant searing pain pulsed through his right nipple followed by the same treatment to his left, before he had time to either prepare himself or hold his breath. He tried to suck in a large lungful of air without success as all that happened was the rebreathing bag collapsed. The pain overwhelmed him for a moment; a deep throated scream would have left his mouth had he not been gagged with the integral inflation bulbs along his feeding tube. No sound emerged from the bondage bag, only an increase of pulsing of the rebreather bag. The gate valve was screwed down a full turn increasing the resistance of any intake of air. He really had to work hard to gain any air. The Mistress was in her element completely focused on the suffering of her slave. She was in full sadistic mode. She left her slave for a moment returning with an oxygen cylinder and resuscitation mask in readiness for the moment when the strain on her slave became too much and he lapsed into unconsciousness. The application of pure oxygen would revive her slave immediately.

The teasing went on for nearly 20 minutes before the latex rebreather bladder flapped as a fish out of water then lay still. Immediately the rebreathing bag was removed to be replaced by a oral/nasal mask with positive which she held firmly to the breathing tube. The flow of oxygen immediately revived her slave. She released the mask from the breathing tube allowing her slave to breathe normally. She sighed and left the dungeon.

An hour later she returned dressed in her full surgeons outfit with a open tray with various items of medical paraphernalia. The bondage bag which had been the receptacle for her slave overnight and long into the day was deflated and an unsteady slave was removed only to be placed in a wheel chair and securely strapped into it.

Opening the communication channel she spoke,

“Slave, I am going to conduct a health check on you to ascertain your level of fitness. You have now been on a liquid diet for two weeks. I need to check you thoroughly to see how your body has adapted to this regime.” With that she affixed a blood pressure sleeve to his arm and pumped it up.

“Hmm I like the action of inflating the rubber bulb, it’s just like when I inflate the various bulbs in your body. Yes, excellent your blood pressure and heart rate is very good; clearly the diet you have been on has had no detrimental effect on you. “

He was released from the wheel chair and made to stand on a pair of scales. “Yes, as I thought, you have lost just 2kgs this is primarily because of lack of exercise and muscle atrophy. The high energy liquid diet you are on gives you all your proteins, carbohydrates and fat together with vitamin supplements and the recycling of both my urine and your own have proved to be ideal. You are in very good physical shape; however I need to now plan your future with a balanced exercise regime. You will return to your cell shower and refresh yourself then dress in one of your new slave suits and report to me in my study at 5 pm sharp. Now let me remove your feeding tube”. She deflated the stomach balloon first then the oesophageal balloon and finally the inflatable gag. Removing the long tube from her slave’s mouth she placed it in a kidney bowl. “You may speak now slave, what do you say?” He flexed his jaw unable to speak immediately; he had been gagged for many hours. He coughed a couple of times then spoke with a low husky voice.

“Mistress, I am your proud slave, thank you for releasing my feeding tube which has been within my body since the start.”

“Slave kneel before your Mistress.” He immediately fell to his knees placing his head on her surgical boots and remained in that position.

Then spoke.

“Mistress, I love you, I adore you, I worship you and I serve you.”

“Of course you do slave, I expect nothing less!”


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