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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 8: Fly in a Web

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; femdom; cage; susp; insert; cath; hoods; sd; toys; enema; denial; cons; X

continued from chapter seven

Chapter 8: Fly in a Web

After a leisurely breakfast she descended to the dungeon to find all was well; her slave still asleep, head forward against the strap cage. She smiled to herself, ‘what a slave; able to sleep whatever the bondage’ She was dressed in her surgical outfit again looking every bit the competent surgeon. White rubber boots and gloves to match completed the outfit. Underneath she had inserted a self retaining catheter with drainage bag strapped to her thigh. She had chosen a vibrating dildo with control in her smock pocket. On rising she had given herself an enema; one of her delights in feeling herself internally cleansed, then taken a long shower before fitting an anal rod which had distended her sphincter. She felt in high spirits the controlling sadistic facet of her personality very much to the fore. She moved over to her Mistress chair and sat delighting in the anal penetration as the lubricated rod penetrated her deeper. She switched on the dildo at a low vibration knowing she had a whole session before her. The fact that her slave had been in strict bondage since the termination of the last session was all part of her plan. She had organised a lengthy testing session one which she knew would extend her slave beyond anything he had so far experienced.

As a cat watching a mouse she couldn’t take her eyes off her slave held within the tight embrace of the strap cage. She had to tilt her head upwards to see him from her position. She could see he was still asleep because there was no movement what so ever. Blindfolded and gagged he was sealed away form the world held fast in his latex encapsulation suspended many feet above the dungeon floor. She took great satisfaction knowing he was her plaything and that when conscious he would be under considerable duress; a wave of sexual delight rippled through her sexually charged body; she could impose her sadistic inclinations on him. She knew even when her slave was realistically beyond his limit she could coax him to endure by talking with him in the way they had developed over the years and which held many key words and phrases which sexually edged him on. He was putty in her hands. She loved the idea of keeping him in duress and extending his limits. Now she was feeling in a particularly sadistic mood. ‘Slave you are in for a surprise in this session. The medical package you were interested in will be fitted today. I wonder how you will cope.’

Musing on this and other things she became aware that her slave had awoken. His helmeted head jerked upright. She lowered the strap cage so it was but an inch above the floor her slave still held in the tightest bondage.

“Slave I trust you slept well because this session will be very long and testing for you. Eventually you will gain some relief but first I need to plumb you so I can drain the build up of urine within your bladder. I expect you are in some discomfort now and you must be hungry as well; but all in good time.”

The heavy rubber straps of the strap cage imposed an all constraining caress on the exhausted body of her slave; his nipples still clamped were thrust out between the diagonal straps of the strap cage. She pressed the clamps between her white latex gloves taking delight in noting the stark contrast between the white of her gloves and the black of her slaves suit; ‘the Ying and Yang, how appropriate.’ The hiss of breath told of the pain she imposed.

She released both nipple clamps simultaneously. There was a long drawn out hiss of breath followed by a deep keening groan from her slave as blood returned to his tortured nipples. She picked up two blocks of ice from the tray and applied them to his nipples. She could sense the relief as inflamed nipples were dramatically cooled. She rubbed the ice cubes over and around his nipples until streaks of water made their own pattern on his suit. She loved the contrast of the glistening wet streaks wth the lower shine of his dry latex.

A fully strapped head harness was carefully fitted over his head and secured with a steel closure hook from the high pulley high above him. The winch was engaged thus supporting him whilst the strap cage was removed.

“Slave I have decided that this session will have as its main theme suspension, this will link well with the session you have just enjoyed!” Her voice steely cold, she was very much enjoying her sadistic inclination.

“To have you suspended held in bondage with no contact with the floor excites me. You see you are isolated from the real world, first in your latex encapsulation then within your bondaged suspension; held as a fly in a spider’s web. Like the spider I can and shall attend to my prey when I feel like it. You slave will remain trapped until I decide to release you! Now to fit your next piece of suspension equipment so I can easily get at you to plumb you.”

Now suspended in a sitting position with heavy padded strap under his thighs the straps extending vertically upwards to shoulder ‘D’ rings which in turn were anchored to a crossbar; his body was held with a myriad of straps crisscrossing his chest. His arms had been fitted into their own wrist and hand suspension straps and were held above his head with chains up to the crossbar. His legs were held wide apart exposing his crotch. Opening the through zip of his sealed suit exposed the chastity device with his 5 mm. Albert piercing and closing ball poking out from the slit at the end of the black plastic penis restrainer. Both the ring and chastity device were quickly removed. Immediately his penis began to stiffen, whether from a full bladder or because of the freedom of release and his Mistresses ministration could not be discerned.

“My, my Slave, what a good start an erecting penis, I am proud of you!” Eventually he was fitted with a self retaining catheter and both the chastity device and 5mm stainless steel Albert ring were back in place. The gate clamp closing off the catheter held back any release of urine. A leg bag of natural latex in the form of a rebreathing bladder was fitted to his shin; from the bottom of the bladder a pipe with a slide valve allowed emptying.

Releasing the clamp his urine flowed into the leg bladder.

Enjoy the release slave as I now have control of your bladder. However as one relief is granted it is only fair, don’t you agree? that I impose some duress as a form of payment.” Here she emphasised her last phrase, “I impose...... payment.” As to the question this was one of her rhetorical specials which neither prompted nor sought a reply. Taking up the nipple clamps she had removed earlier she carefully fitted them back on her slave’s sensitive nipples.

Although no sound escaped from his gagged mouth his head twisted from side to side. She smiled to herself, ‘Yes this is what I love to see, my slave mutely accepting all that I choose to visit on him.’

“Slave I’ve got other things I must attend to, so, to help you while away your time I am going to fit you with a breathing control hood which should keep you entertained until I have time to attend to you again. I shall feed you then.” She removed his gag before pulling on an over helmet with a tube extending out from where his mouth was with a gate clamp at the end. She adjusted it so that every exhaled breath cause the helmet to inflate grotesquely then deflate to lose clinging latex around his head; allowing only a small amount of fresh air to enter on each inhalation. She gave him a push which resulted in him pendumling from his long overhead tether. “Enjoy!” She left the dungeon.

* * * *

Floating in his own world of pain and pleasure he took stock of his situation. Although exhausted by the last session and his night in severe bondage his mind was crystal clear. ‘I am fundamentally my Mistresses latex slave. My purpose in life is to serve her in whatever way she chooses. I am devoted to her; she is the centre of my universe. I am a devout rubberist increasingly masochistic enjoying and thriving on every challenge she imposes on me. Complete containment in latex was initially a fantasy but with my Mistresses desire to have her own completely rubberised slave together with her determination to change me from a weekend sub, unable to remain in latex enclosure for more than a few hours and my latent desire to move into the whole new world of 24/7 enclosure she has accomplished much. She has by dint of her single mindedness achieved all that we both ever fantasised about.’ A shiver of realisation caused him to squirm. He could feel his penis fight against his chastity device. ‘I accept totally everything my Mistress imposes on me, I am her willing acolyte, her fully rubberized plaything. I am excited by her sadistic inclinations yet increasingly anxious at the same time. But given the chance to change or modify anything I wouldn’t dream of it, not that I am in any position to do so!’

He delighted in the confinement and sucked in another breath of latex filled air. ‘I’m in paradise!’ The penduluming adding to his delight; his nipples on fire he accepted the pain as a gift from his beloved Mistress. How long he remained thus was not something he could discern.

Without warning his intake of air was blocked. He tried desperately to suck in air then suddenly breathed in the exhaled air from his Mistresses lungs; she was controlling the air that he breathed. She knew he loved this form of breath control. Deeply satisfying sounds escaped from him as the rebreathing continued unabated for some time; all this time his penis was completely compressed and restrained by his chastity device. He was in ecstasy never wanting this intimate connection to cease.

She broke away breathless, “Slave you are my plaything to do with as I think fit; you of course have no say in what I choose to do to you. Now a question for you and you may speak candidly without fear of punishment. Are you prepared for continuation of this session or do you want a rest period?” There was a brief interlude as her slave regained both his breath and composure.

“Mistress, lady of my dreams, I am in seventh heaven all exhaustion gone. I desperately need your devious attention I am feeling so intensely masochistic, I beg you to continue!” His deep throaty tone of voice told of his sexual excitement.

“Excellent slave, as I’m feeling increasingly sadistic and planned to continue whatever your reply; now to hydrate you.” She removed the helmet he was wearing and produced his integral penis gag with a feeding tube through the middle. She carefully fed the oesophageal tube into his mouth and down into his stomach before pushing in the black rubber penis gag and buckling it tight.

“Slave you will no doubt be delighted to know that on this occasion you will be ingesting a heady mix of my urine mixed with yours. I see that you have over one litre in your feeding bladder. That combined with mine means you now have nearly two litres to ingest” A groan left her gagged slave. Draining both collection bags into a five litre black rebreathing bag she hung the distended bladder up and opened the gate valve.

“Remember recycling and conservation underlines all sessions in future!” She gave a push to the suspended slave penduluming him once again; the amber liquid slowly drained into his dehydrated body. She sat in the Mistress Chair sexually excited by the developing scenario. Turning up her deeply embedded dildo she closed her eyes and remained on the plateaux of pre-orgasmic pleasure.

The final sound of the sucking of air into the feeding pipe as air was sucked into the open tube impinged on her revelry.

She rose from her seat and fitted suspension fetters to her slave’s feet attached to a steel cross bar and winched him up until his feet were nearly above his head. She had lowered his previous suspension harness so she could up end her slave. His feeding tube was dangling grotesquely down from his gagged mouth. She released all straps from the harness that allowed him to remain suspended in a sitting position to allow complete upending of her slave. She fitted a single arm glove to his free arms then she pressed the control button on the winch which began to wind in. He was suspended head down hanging from his ankle fetters, his head a foot from the floor of the dungeon. This was a repeat of the Mistresses directions to the Housekeepers whilst she was attending the Conference.

“Slave you know what is going to happen now so I will not bore you with the detail. Needless to say you will be spotless internally before I proceed to the next surprise, one which I know you showed a particular interest in when we were unpacking all the medical equipment.”

He felt exhaustion claiming him again. He had lost any sense of time passing save that of being now far more tired than ever before. His body was thoroughly exhausted by the strictures he had been made to endure but his mind was still alert to his situation as his Mistresses latex encapsulated slave. Deep in the inner recesses of his mind he revelled in his condition never wanting the endless process of wearing him down to a mute totally accepting objectified being only existing because of his deep dependence and love for his tormentor. He hung from the ankle fetters. During the inflow of a laxative enema she had teased him with taunts of his physical weakness and lack of real dedication to her. The feeding device still in place allowed for no communication from him. The cleansing process proceeded unabated. The dilating speculum together with the co-axial tubing affixed to it to stop any leakage, allowed for a complete higher colonic irrigation to be undertaken. The clean out took a long time before his Mistress was completely satisfied. The removal of the speculum and coaxial tubing followed by the insertion of the double balloon rectal catheter completed the process. He was now fully sealed.

He was completely defeated. She hoisted him up high then began the process of getting his body and head to an upright position. He was winched about like a sack of potatoes until she had him in the vertical head up position. He was now in a head up position whilst still remaining suspended.

“Slave, now to the exciting bit.” She rubbed her body against him holding him with arms around his torso. He responded by lifting his head.

“Good, now back into the strap cage for the next procedure”.

Now standing on the circular flat base of the cage still suspended just above the floor of the dungeon the single arm glove was removed allowing his numb arms to flop down at his side.

Once imprisoned again in the all constraining strap cage his blindfold was removed. The white latex glove of his Mistresses shielded his eyes until he could see again through the misted vinyl lens of his helmet. His heart skipped a beat. In her gloved hands his Mistress was holding up the sealed sterile package which he had shown particular interest in a while ago.

“I ordered this piece of specialist medical equipment but with a certain modification especially for you. It will, I believe, overcome many of the niggling problems associated with your existing liquid diet. There, aren’t you a lucky cherished slave!”

She proceeded to open the package and remove the item. It flopped out looking very much like an oesophageal feeding tube but with numerous differences. Extending a few centremetres from the mouth end of the tube were three separate red rubber micro tubes with valves at the end of each to allow inflation of the three yellow sacks that encircled the feeding tube at different positions along its length. He was immediately fully engaged with the transaction, all feelings of tiredness gone in a flash, mesmerised by it.

“Let me explain to you slave the purpose of this specialist piece of medical equipment; you will observer three yellow latex bladders encircling the feeding tube at different positions along the length of the feeding tube; these can and will be inflated within your body spaces. Don’t you just love the idea of having latex both covering your external body as well as now filling you internally! The first one when inflated will effectively seal your mouth and act as a gag. The second will line your thorax below your lungs and seal any regurgitation from your stomach; the third allows inflation of a stomach sac which when fully inflated will fill your stomach and effectively stop those irritating hunger pangs you have spoken about. Of course when I choose to give you liquids I shall slightly deflate your stomach bladder. You see slave I am determined to have very real control over every function of your body; all external modalities and as far as possible, as many internal ones as well, will be controlled by me.”

“At the moment you can see, hear, smell, taste, feel and breathe. You are of course sealed within a latex enclosure of my choosing. I have you held in bondage with control only of your liquid input and output and your solid waste although with the liquid diet you are on there will be very little of that. Of course to have control only of these areas is unsatisfactory as it allows you access to auditory, taste and olfactory stimuli.” Adding, “You also have an autonomic response which controls your breathing. I am now going to take away from you another one of these functions. Gradually I shall, in my quest for total control take over every single function of your body!” She stepped back to get a better view of her slave and to monitor his reaction. She could tell that her announcement had had a major effect on her slave; his head was held high.

Speaking in a breathless manner her excitement mounting as she had delivered her message; she now unbuckled and withdrew the feeding tube and penis gag which had effectively sealed her slave in his mute world. She continued, “Tell me slave are you excited by this prospect, speak now!”

“Mistress, I love you, I adore you, I worship you and I serve you! I am so sexually excited I can feel my penis desperately trying to escape the control you have placed on it. My heart is beating wildly; my long held fantasies of progressively having every function of my body taken over and controlled by you is to be realised!” He took a deep breath and continued, “Mistress I eagerly await your ministrations, I place my bondaged body into your controlling hands.” Adding, “I know that it is for my own good!” These words were often used by his Mistress, never by him. In stating them he acknowledged and willingly accepted her total control.

She closed on her slave, her heart full of admiration for him. Wrapping her arms around him she clung to him looking deep into his eyes the magic of the moment completely taking her over. For a timeless period she clung pressing her body urgently into his; they were united in a common quest; then the moment was over. Unlocking the small silver padlock at the crown of his head she unzipped and peeled away the damp latex of his helmet exposing his shaved head. She wiped his head with a damp flannel and cleaned the misted vinyl lens of his integral helmet. Inserting fitted silicon ear plugs with small speakers into his ears she effectively sealed any auditory input save via the speakers. The thin wires she taped to his shaven head with micropor tape allowing for the thin wires to escape via the closed zips. She pulled an open faced hood over this then fitted the helmet back to her satisfaction, not one crease showing. She padlocked him into a new silent world.

Suddenly deep within the silent world he now existed in, her steely voice spoke.

“Slave, that’s better, I now have control over your hearing. The next process will give me further control!”

“Now swallow this olive oil which will lubricate your throat so you can swallow the feeding and control tube with the three inflatable sacs”. She held a small syringe full of olive oil and injected into his mouth; then immediately began feeding the control tube into his mouth and down into his stomach. He had little difficulty in swallowing the new slightly wider tube. Swallowing continuously he mused on his predicament, his heart pounding. ‘This was easier than I thought but my Mistress is so accomplished at inserting tubes into me’. He could feel the new feeding tube sliding inexorably over his tongue and onwards down his throat. The sensation of swallowing food gradually ceased as the end of the feeding catheter found his stomach and entered it.

Within his silent world he heard a slight click then the voice of his Mistress right in the centre of his head.

“Now slave, to inflate all three latex sacs within you. What fun to know you now have latex both sealing you internally and externally! You see I am as keen as you to give you the deep satisfaction of knowing latex is completely part of you; what latex lovers we are!” She inflated all three sacs; first the mouth bladder. He felt that special sensation which he had become addicted to, that of the flaccid latex within his mouth progressively expanding with each pump of the inflator until his mouth cavity was completely filled with the inflated balloon. He tasted the new latex glorifying in the special taste before it eventually disappeared leaving him tasteless and fully gagged, only his trapped tongue sensing the wet latex. Then the throat seal and finally the stomach balloon was inflated. He felt the hunger pangs, which had been a constant companion since he began this liquid only diet; disappear immediately indeed he felt completely full. Finally the Mistress fitted the mouth shield which covered his mouth with only the three inflation tubes with valves exiting and carefully buckled the retaining straps into the buckles each side of his slave helmet. She stood back for a moment admiring her handiwork and the complexity of the whole arrangement; a heavy fetishistic assembly.

“Slave, nod your head if all is fitted appropriately and you are comfortable.” He nodded. “There, that’s another step in my complete control of you! You will keep the device deep within your body until I decide to remove it. Of course I shall deflate your mouth gag when I give you permission to speak and your inflatable stomach sack will be slightly deflated when I feed you the high protein liquid diet you will live on, but once your stomach has had time to process the nourishment I shall have pleasure in re-inflating it!”

He inwardly gasped at the level of control his Mistress now had over him. He was immediately very aware of his penis attempting to erect but knew this was impossible because of the chastity device. Then he heard a slight click as he was plunged into a completely silent world. The Mistress refastened his blindfold then fitted a full head strap harness. The next instant he felt himself being hoisted aloft.

He swung pendumling again; in his dark silent world he took stock; ‘I’m fully plumbed; catheterised, sealed orally and anally with obdurating balloons stopping any leakage; I know they will remain until my Mistress decides otherwise. My hearing has been taken away from me. My sight, taste and feel are now fully under her control. The only remaining body function remaining , as it were, free is my breathing but I know she can control that any time she has a mind too.’ A spasm of uncontrollable masochism flooded his mind. ‘I’m nearly there; I am an object of her devious controlling attention. Please Mistress, take over complete control of me, use me, abuse me, and keep me as your totally rubberised plaything. Inflict all manner of exquisite pain/pleasure experiences onto your willing acolyte. I want to remain in the strictest bondage you can devise; I want to feel your gift of pain on my body until I am completely trained to turn all pain into pleasure! I exist to please you!’

He held his breath feeling his body convulse with pleasure. After a full 60 seconds he exhaled emptying his lungs fully then held until he had to take another breath. The only sound he could hear in his silent world was the internal sound of his heart beating. Time passed but he was unaware. For him time no longer had any meaning other than marking the intervals between the training sessions which his Mistress decided to visit upon him. He was held fast in the strap cage existing in a rubber universe of his Mistresses making. He eventually calmed down and the accumulated exhaustion took his consciousness away, his head nodded forward, his body slumped slightly although he was still held in the all constraining caress of the strap cage. In his dreams he was floating in warm water completely relaxed suspended in the blue watery container. Eventually he felt himself rising through the water to gain a lungful of air. He awoke with a start realising he was still very much in bondage. He smiled to himself ‘ah yes I’m in rubber heaven.’ Before long his head nodded again as sleep overtook him.

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