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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 7: Breathe Deeply

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; femdom; cath; gasmask; breathplay; gas; cage; susp; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from chapter six

Chapter 7: Breathe Deeply...

Assembling the cylinders, compressed air, in one, pure oxygen in another and Entonox 50/50 nitrous oxide and oxygen in another to stand beside the shelved stainless steel trolley with the CO2 scrubber and ventilator. Assembling the breathing control system took over an hour. The many corrugated black rubber hoses had to be connected in a myriad of ways with control valves each requiring familiarisation. There were clear concise instructions to follow. The manual on Entonox, oxygen sedation and titration had been read by the mistress earlier.

Amongst the collection of medical equipment were black rubber rebreather bags in an assortment of sizes together with an ingenious resuscitation device incorporating a forced rebreather bag which had been modified to allow only the person administering it to deliver a measured amount of forced air on each squeeze of the black rubber bag. The recipient could not inhale on their own accord! Oral-nasal masks, retaining head bands and full faced modified respirators allowed for connection to the various breathing devices were also there; indeed this was a major collection. They both worked on this, both were excited at the prospect of being able to progressively utilise the intricacies of the sophisticated equipment.

The medical equipment included various sizes of catheters, oesophageal feeding tubes, enema lines with double occluding balloons, one internal, one external. When inflated they completely sealed the anus and allowed easy access deep into the slave’s bowels. One piece of medical paraphernalia had the slave fascinated. He had no idea of its purpose as it could not be handled sealed as it was in its own sterile package. Noting his interest the Mistress commented,

“Slave you will have to wait for that little surprise until I am ready to tell you now lay it down and continue.” There were gate clamps, kidney bowels, forceps and much besides, all looking quite sinister but equally very exciting to both of them. They were like children opening Christmas presents. Eventually they had all equipment assembled and ready.

“Slave, I’m very pleased with the way we have methodically assembled or laid out all the equipment, you have done well but now you must be put to bed, tomorrow I shall test the breathing controls on you and gain practical experience. How do you feel about that? Speak.” Although ungagged for the whole duration of this work he had remained, as though gagged knowing to remain silent unless given a direct order. During the initial 24/7 training he had found that almost impossible to follow and had, as a consequence suffered increasingly stringent punishments until he had been broken of his last few reaming independent actions.

“Mistress although anxious about this, I am never the less very excited by this amazing equipment, as it allows you to take control of my breathing, thus removing what is an autonomic action from me which I have little control over apart from the temporary holding of my breath. I will have no say in how you regulate or control my breathing or indeed what and when I breathe. The very idea of you totally controlling every aspect of my body’s physical functions will become a reality. Mistress it is a long held fantasy of mine; I can’t wait!” She looked him directly in the eye her pupils dilated.

“As you know slave I gain enormous sexual satisfaction having you under my control at all times. As we have journeyed together I have progressively completely dominated you to the point of you having absolutely no independence. I control you, I own you, I dominate you, I extend you, I play with you as my completely rubberised toy, You are my slave to do what I please with, I am your latex Mistress. I am pleased with your response slave,” her voice now increasingly husky; full of heightened sexuality. He knew she would be taking her vibrator to bed with her. He felt the pressure build in his manhood thwarted by the chastity device he was wearing. A thrill cruised through him ‘I am but a rubberized slave under the control of my beloved Mistress; he took a deep satisfaction acknowledging this.


“Breathe deeply slave.” The five litre black rubber rebreathing bag collapsed from its taut distended balloon shape a moment ago. Taking the biggest lungful he could took it was less than half of the air contained within. The full face respirator he was wearing effectively sealed him from gaining air via any other source.

“I am timing you so make each breath last as long as possible my aim is to train you to exist on less air than you normally use. You will rebreathe your own air until you have completely used up all air and the CO2 level are too high; you will just be conscious when I will remove the rebreathing bag. I shall then feed you pure oxygen via another 5 litre bag until I decide to put you back on normal air and begin your next cycle.”

As the CO2 level rose so his breathing rate increased as his body sought to gain the remaining oxygen and nitrogen. He knew there was no point in struggling to free himself. He was mesmerised looking at the black latex rebreathing bag as it fluttered like a fish out of water knowing that he was sealed from the world existing in his own closed rubberised circuit. Eventually he closed his eyes all hope of new air entering the closed circuit now gone. He could feel himself slipping into unconsciousness. He took a lungful then forcibly exhaled as darkness overwhelmed him.

The Mistress ground her bottom into the stool she was sitting on feeling the anal rod pierce her deeply, her vaginal dildo now gripped tightly she was on the point of taking pleasure but first she attended to her slave. Whipping the corrugated tube from the fitment at the front of her slave’s respirator to exchanged it for the full 5 litre bag of oxygen and began squeezing it forcefully to inflate her slave’s lungs. He quickly came to full consciousness opening his eyes he viewed his Mistress standing over him in full surgeons outfit and mask all in gleaming white latex. He swooned; another fantasy realised.

Soon he was back on rebreathing his own air within the black rubber rebreathing bag, trying desperately to eke out the finite supply. Each time he was taken to the same level as before, however with his Mistresses encouragement he managed to extend the duration.

“Slave, with training I can see on occasions when I decide to extend you, you will be trained progressively to reduce the amount of air you need, good I shall delight in training you to do so,” adding, “Of course you know it’s for your own good, don’t you!” which she knew excited her slave no end.

Connecting up the CO2 scrubber; a rebreathing device used by SCUBA divers, she had her slave now inhaling pure oxygen. This would, once the nitrogen had been bled off via the one way adjustable valve, allow her slave to exist on pure oxygen which would be scrubbed completely clean of CO2 build up thus allowing him to breathe his own exhaled air over and over again thus recycling it. Careful attention to replenishing the metabolised oxygen was vital. It was easy for her to keep a wary eye on the rebreathing bag to note its gradual collapse as oxygen was metabolised by the body. All she had to do was to allow a small amount of pure oxygen into the closed circuit and thus re-inflate the rebreathing bag.

After two hours of rebreathing her slave was in a very relaxed state and she had come to realise, as stated in the academic text book on rebreathing, that it was possible to have a continuous small inflow of pure oxygen which negated the need to make occasional larger inputs. She was very excited by this whole process of recycling CO2 scrubbed exhaled oxygen to her slave. This way she would have complete control of his breathing. He would be sealed away completely existing in his own self contained world of rubber; isolated completely from the external world and any contamination. He would be in this world, but sealed away from it, his only contact with it being through another who would eventually have every function under her control. She gasped at the enormity of her control.

She felt all powerful in control and delighted with her success with the oxygen rebreather. Clearly she had mastered the process. Her thoughts now turned to introducing Entonox via titration; this would involve the gradual feed of nitrous oxide into the rebreathing loop and in this way she could progressively sedate her slave. Depending on the level of gas introduced it would result in a continuum from deep relaxation through to unconsciousness. She opened the valve to the Entonox cylinder and closed the oxygen inlet, then switched one of the valves on the CO2 scrubber/rebreather to allow Entonox to progressively replace the oxygen her slave had been on for over two hours.

Her slave now very relaxed, completely at one with his rubber encapsulation was drifting, eyes closed, within the dark universe beloved of rubberists’. He was completely unaware of any external changes noting only, as a passing thought within his relaxed mind that there was a slightly different aroma now entering his lungs. The overwhelming aroma was of a heady mix of pure rubber and synthetic rubber given off respectively by the black rubber hoses and the synthetic rubber of the rebreather bags which he was connected to.

Within thirty minutes the Mistress using the proportional tables within the sedation text book had taken her slave to deep relaxation, his breathing had slowed, his heart rate decreased and he was on the point of drifting into unconsciousness. The oxygen level on the sophisticated piece of medical equipment showed that her slave was now breathing 55% nitrous oxide and 45 oxygen; she bent over his supine bondaged body and lifted the fingers of his right hand. They flopped down. She smiled to herself,

“So slave, I now have your breathing and level of consciousness under my control. Soon I shall have complete control over every function of your body; your life will be in my hands completely.”

Her hand went down to her groin; she opened her legs and sought out her clitoris and deeply embedded dildo. Her white latex gloved hands pulling tight the white surgical trouser she was wearing eagerly seeking out her centre of pleasure. Finding the spot she arched her back, closed her eyes and threw back her helmeted head, she was in her element sexually charged her body unctuous to take pleasure, the surgical mask over her nose impeding her breathing sending heady aromas of latex deep into her lungs. She gasped as her fingers found the spot. She shuddered taking enormous sexual satisfaction from her self stimulation. She was climbing onto the plateaux of pre-orgasm yet still very much aware that she had her slave still undergoing deeply relaxing entonox titration. She looked down on him sealed as he was completely encapsulated her rubberised plaything. She held her breath and abandoned herself to the inevitable.

From deep within her very being something snapped and triggered the inevitable. She let herself go now lost in the maelstrom of orgasmic relief; she could feel her body taking over completely her mind unable to comprehend the enormity of the physical release. All senses not associated with pleasure closed down, Eyes tightly closed she continued to press her gloved hand into her centre of pleasure. Then it was upon her; she bucked, ground her bottom into her seat to press the rod deeper into her, her head thrashing from side to side holding her breath then stiffened as in a cataclysmic state. This was held for some time before a deep gasp of pure animalistic pleasure escaped her mouth followed by the words, “Slave you are mine and I love you for it!” Immediately ragged surated breathing followed as she sought to fill her depleted lungs.

Her slave was fully back from the deep relaxation he had been taken to unaware that this was a direct result of the administration of the nitrous oxide and oxygen mix. He felt totally refreshed, as though he had been asleep for a long period, He glorified in his position fully aware of his latex bondage; wanting it to never end although he knew the Mistress had only just begun testing all the new medical equipment on him and this was but the start of a journey to the extremes. He mused, ‘Mistress never does anything by halves!’

“Slave you have responded well to my ministrations but you know of course that this is only the very beginning. At our next session I shall take you further into the realms of being completely controlled by me. Prepare yourself mentally for it as there will, of course, never be any chance of choice for you but then that is what you want slave isn’t it? Answer me now!” Her voice taking on a cold clinical tone which she knew would have the desired effect on her slave ; knowing that her voice excited him to distraction as well. On the one hand it underlined her absolute control of him; on the other it made him verbally confirm that he was deeply masochistic and would delight in the absolute control which the direction implied.

Her slaves voice low and monotone, quite clearly indicating his complete subjugation to his Mistress, “Yes Mistress.” Releasing him she had him stand before her. First she inserted an inflatable gag and buckled it tight before inflating it to maximum. He had the classic slave stare His cheeks bulging out his slave helmet, eyes staring straight ahead. A blindfold was buckled on effectively cutting out any light. Without any further words being spoken she fingered his nipples until they were pert tenting the latex of his slave suit then attached heavy weight nipple clamps with a chain between them. From the chain she hung a series of lead weights.

“There slave nipple clamps and weights, one of my favourite ways of tormenting you.” Adding, “You know it’s for your own good, don’t you?” A hissing outlet of breath issued from the gagged mouth of her slave confirming her rhetorical question.


He was put into the strap cage and hoisted 10 feet above the floor of the dungeon.

“Sleep will slave; I shall recommence our testing in due course.” With that she turned out the lights plunging the dungeon in coal black darkness.

During the ‘night’ slave eventually dozed, exhaustion finally overtaking him. His nipples now completely numb; he fidgeted occasionally to no avail unable to move or gain any respite from the all constraining embrace of the strap cage, which held him fast. The metal ring above his head held the straps away from his head, the only part of his body with any degree of movement. He felt the cage swing penduluming from its high tether rope. He eventually succumbed to sleep again; fitfully dozing then reawaking to discover he was still very much in bondage. ‘Will this torment ever end?’ A sense that he was falling woke him with a start. In his heavily bondaged state he was unable to discern any movement other than the slight penduluming. He felt completely exhausted now desperate for some respite. However that was long in coming. His Mistress tired after her ministration to her slave and ‘pleasure taking’ had rested long and well in her large latex sheeted bed.

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