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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 6: Ying & Yang

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; outfits; cath; outdoors; femdom; cell; gasmask; chast; denial; cons; X

continued from chapter five

Chapter 6: Ying & Yang

The insistent voice of the alarm roused a sleep deprived Mistress. Descending the stairs she checked her leg bag then made strong coffee, first drinking a large glass of water. It was dawn, the sun had returned. Tightening the belt on her SBR she carried with her the black rubber shoulder bag. Outside she soon felt the warmth of a perfect May day. In the distance her slave was still moving but very slowly. She felt a moment’s pang of regret then a surge of pride; to have a slave like him was beyond anything she had ever dreamed of. She loved him so. They were, she comforted herself with, the Ying and Yang; she the complete dominant, he the complete masochist.

She lay in wait for her slave to round the tall thorn hedge sheltering a garden seat. He still had another hour to complete the 24 hour marathon. It was fifteen minutes later that he rounded the hedge. His gait told it all; he was physically exhausted. He nearly stumbled as he knelt down to show obsequence.

“Good morning slave I see you haven’t forgotten yourself even though you must be very tired. Now stand.”

She knelt down to check the ankle pedometer and was delighted and surprised to see that her slave had now completed 20 Kilometres. The high energy glucose drink combined with her own urine and that of her slave filled his empty stomach and gave an immediate surge of energy. She noted his stance was now more erect.

“Slave I am so proud of you, you have achieved all and more than I set you, you are to be congratulated. You have covered 20 K and may now stop but of course you still have some 45 minutes remaining until the 24 hours are up. I know that if you sit or lie down you will fall asleep immediately which is strictly against my directions. So you will now follow me I know just the thing to keep you awake.”

From the mature oak tree hung wrist fetters and a pulley arrangement; from the centre of the bar dangled a head harness which she fitted over the Haz Mat suit connecting this up it held his head perfectly upright. Even if he did doze off it would appear that he was in fact still conscious. It was a thoughtful and kind gesture on his Mistresses part.

The Mistresses words had immediate effect on him. He was ready to do anything for her even to the ends of the earth. He was exhausted but exhilarated by her encouraging words. All aches now receded as endorphins kicked in; he took brief sexual pleasure his penis swelled but exhaustion took over. To be strung up thus imposing further bondage to his already heavily bondaged body he thought was a brilliant and devious way to complete the 24 hours. ‘I thank all the fetish gods for my beloved Mistress who always takes me that one step beyond that which I think I am capable of.’ With that he closed his eyes and descended into Morpheus’s arms.

He was awoken when he was released from his bondage. He was led back to the dungeon where the undressing would take place. His Mistress fussed around him like a mother superior around a new supplicant. She removed the aroma pack letting it hang then unlocked the watertight zip and helped him peel down the Hazmat suit to just above his knees. The ori-nasal breathing mask was unstrapped from his head allowing him to breathe fresh air for the first time in over 24 hours. When the suit was finally removed, she noted that the feet were awash with his accumulated sweat. Clipping a lead to his slave collar she led him to the shower where she unlocked his slave suit and corset before unpeeling his slave suit. He stood shivering completely naked his white skin a contrast to her black coverall smock. The removal of the feeding tube completed his undressing.

“Slave as a special treat I am going to wash your whole body and shave your head. Now get into the shower.”

His flaccid penis with catheter emerging from the end began rising. Turning on the warmed water she began the seduction of her slave as water cascaded off the large hood of her coverall. She murmured sweet nothings to him as she played with his erect nipples her gloved hands easily gripping them and rolling them between her fingers until he was gasping , his penis obscenely erect with the catheter flopping from side to side as he was pressed with her wet rubber. He knew he was forbidden to speak unless directed to. All he could do was to make sub vocal sounds to express his pleasure. Pinning his wrists to the tiled walls she pressed her body into his nakedness and began sliding and grinding, the shower gel acting as a lubricant allowing the latex to excite her slave. She could feel his manhood pressing into her crotch.

Releasing his hands she placed her gloved hands each side of his shaved head, opening her mouth she began simultaneously to kiss and breathe into him, her tongue exploring his unctuous mouth. He knew what to do and allowed her exhaled breath to fill his lungs then to exhale through his nostrils ready for the next breath. She was in effect keeping him alive and in the process recycling her own air to be used by her slave. She knew that the process excited her salve to the point of taking pleasure. She kept him pinned to the wall knowing that he would take pleasure if directed. Breaking free from the rebreathing just long enough to whisper “Come to me slave” She resealed his lips and continued playing with him withholding her breath from him until his body stiffened and she knew instinctively that he had taken pleasure. She withdrew her mouth to hear “Mistress I love you, I adore you, I worship you, and I serve you!” He gasped; his body now limp, he was looking directly into her eyes the latex helmet she was wearing accentuated the size of her eyes. She smiled full of admiration for her slave’s fortitude in completing the 24 hour marathon. Her strict rule of her slave never looking directly into her eyes unless instructed to do so forgotten for this special tender moment.

“I love you slave in my own special way you are everything I have ever wanted in all my wildest fantasies! Now let me remove your catheter. Sit on that stool.” Taking a syringe she connected it to the inflation/deflation valve pushing it firmly into place then began withdrawing the sterile water which had inflated the retaining balloon within his bladder; the syringe now nearly full of sterile water.

“Right slave, you will feel a slight sensation as the catheter slides down your urethra. There, it’s sliding out; good, you now have control over your bladder; now to fit you into sleeping attire.”

He looked completely exhausted standing naked before his Mistress. A loose fitting suit with integral gloves and helmet in black; he never wore anything else but black latex. He had been told ‘black’ was to underline his slave status, and was taken to his cell and chained to the bed head. The heavy latex sheet held him fast in its tight embrace. As the Mistress bent to kiss his head she noticed he was already fast asleep. She smiled to herself, she suddenly felt very tired and realised she had only had three hours sleep in the last 24.

Slipping between crimson latex sheets naked as the day she had been born she snuggled down and was soon deep into a dreamless sleep.

Slave slept undisturbed for over 12 hours. His Mistress checked on him a number of times during this period. She instructed her Housekeeper to prepare a full English breakfast for the slave once he was awake and in the dining room. This would be the first solid food he would be allowed to eat. For the last ten days he had existed on a mixture of high energy drinks, a special balanced high protein liquid diet and urine. It was time to relax the regime to allow him to build up reserves in preparation for the next part of the program.

The Mistress felt a deep sense of achievement taking pride in having judged exactly just how far she could take her willing slave in any given situation. She was feeling very happy and longed to meet her slave to gain a full debrief of his experiences over the last 10 days but particularly over the last 24 hours. It was rarely that her slave was directed to the dining room. This was a place where she entertained other fetish friends. On the first occasion he was there, he was as a mute ornament, completely encapsulated and positioned on a plinth as a silent mannequin, an accessory of a powerful Mistress.

A knock on the dining room door was answered by,”Enter slave.” He was back in his slave suit his constant state of basic dress. Unusually he was not gagged. He paid obsequence to his Mistress.

“Slave take a seat opposite me and relax you are here to debrief me on your experiences over the last 10 days, but first a full English for you.” She rang a small bell sitting on the table then continued, “Whilst we are waiting you can begin your debrief,” Adding, “I trust you are rested and comfortable?” This was not a rhetorical question.

“Mistress, throughout the last 10 days the overriding emotion has been one of total dedication to you even when I was near the point of exhaustion. As you continued to extend me I kept thinking of your special ‘care’ which you lavished on me. You had constant demands on your time as you controlled me making sure I was properly hydrated. My love for you intensified as time passed. The last Hazmat test fully sealed from the world contained in a world of rubber bondage, able to just about walk but always with great difficulty was the ultimate test of me. I am so proud to have not disappointed you.” His flow was interrupted by the arrival of the first solid food he had been allowed for 10days. He glorified in the amazing aroma of bacon and eggs after the aromas he had been forced to breathe. His mouth watered in anticipation of what was to come, only waiting for his Mistresses directions to do so.

“Eat slave and enjoy whilst I dream up new ways of testing and extending you; you do know that this is only the beginning don’t you.”

Tucking into his breakfast he savoured each and every mouthful taking pure delight in tasting the complex flavours and textures until not one scrap of food was left. He felt totally satisfied as he poured the freshly made coffee into his breakfast cup.

The debrief and discussion lasted for over an hour. Serious points were made and noted at other times laughter could be heard.

The Mistress emerged leading her slave by his leash. She had decided that they would take the large touring motorcycle our for a spin as well as calling in on a supplier to collect one or two small pieces of equipment to finalise the collection prior to commencing the next part of the program of ‘Conservation and Recycling.’

“Slave make sure the bike is completely ready for our trip tomorrow. Look out our leathers and oversuits and make sure all is ready. We shall leave at 10.00am. Now to today; the grass needs cutting and the garden generally tidying up. You will wear appropriate protection for this and report to me prior to beginning your various tasks.”

“Yes Mistress, at once.”

He went to the dressing room where many of the outfits were stored on hangers. He selected the special dry suit from its hanger, which he always wore over his slave suit when cutting the lawns or completing any gardening, and began dressing. Pulling the braces over his shoulders, this kept the heavyweight suit from slipping down, then lubricating the latex wrist and neck entry seals he proceeded to dress. Using a lanyard he closed the watertight zip then pulled the open faced latex hood over his slave helmet. He took from the hook the American gasmask with additional tinted lens covers. He pulled this on making sure that it sealed correctly by placing his gloved hands over the two cheek filters then inhaling. ‘A perfect seal.’ He thought to himself.

Reporting to his Mistress he was relieved to receive her approval and was free now to complete the lawn mowing. The 48inch wide cutter deck of the ride on mower made grass cutting an easy task. Sitting on the ride on mower he delighted in his confinement he was sealed within two impermeable suits breathing air via a sophisticated filter system.

Finishing the lawns he returned the mower to its shed and busied himself around the garden. He loved the garden and in particular the seclusion afforded by the high walls surrounding two sides of the property; the other with high hedges onto farming land.

He was in the woodland trimming overhanging branches with the loppers completely lost in his own world totally fulfilled. Gradually an awareness that there was someone close by overtook him. He turned to be confronted with an apparition. There before him stood his Mistress in a flowing fill length latex cloak in crimson with voluminous hood like the ‘French Lieutenants woman’ obscuring her helmet. He fell to his knees, his heart beating wildly and placed his gas masked head on her rubber boots, he was in seventh heaven.

“Stand slave”, clipping on a leash she led him to the swing seat in the centre of the woods where she instructed him to sit. She remained standing resplendent.

“Slave you may look at your Mistress, enjoy.”

He raised his head and took in the detail. The crimson cloak in medium weight latex shimmered in the light filtering through the growing canopy of newly forming leaves. It was as if the cloak was alive rippling as the Mistress breathed. She lifted her arms concealed within its folds causing a cascade of newly created reflections and allowing her slave to gaze upon her. She removed the voluminous hood; she could tell he was becoming sexually excited and delighted in her control of him. The black latex catsuit was without a wrinkle, the high collar in crimson accentuated her slim neck and set off the latex helmet with pony tail of her own dark hair interweaved with crimson latex ribbons cascading down from the crown of her head. The corset she wore consisted of alternate vertical sections of crimson and black. The knee length Cuban heeled boots she wore set off the whole creation. Here before his eyes was a fetishistic fantasy realized.

Taking a seat beside him she spoke, “Slave you may be wondering why I am here?” Without pausing she continued, “Well it is not to check up on you, although of course I am at liberty to do what I like. No, I am here to inform you that the day after tomorrow we shall begin preparation for my Conservation and Recycling program. I need your help in arranging, assembling, checking and testing many of the more esoteric medically orientated pieces of equipment. Of course I shall test each piece of equipment on you to sort out any wrinkles in the system.” She purposely left out the obvious word ‘kinks’ feeling it would bring a smile to her slaves lips at the too obvious reference to exactly what they were about.

“You are to continue with your gardening tasks until you hear the bell, then you are to remove your drysuit, gas mask and polish your slave suit and report to me in the dungeon.”

She pulled up the hood of her cloak did a twirl to further tease her slave and glided effortlessly from the clearing. He sucked in filtered air tasting the unique aroma. ‘Am I not the luckiest rubberist alive” He could feel his stiffening penis straining to break the sealed zip of his slave suit. He refrained from touching himself. He was after all, his Mistresses property and had long ago entered a contract with her not to pleasure himself. He sighed, closed his eyes for a moment and enjoyed the feelings she had engendered.

The bell rang much later when shadows had lengthened. The slave reported, as directed to the dungeon. Standing outside he pressed the entrance button and waited. A green LED illuminated to confirm he should enter. His Mistress dressed as before was sitting in her high backed Mistress chair.

“Come slave, show obsequence then remain kneeling.” He did as instructed.

“Right climb onto the bench slave and lie on your back; fit your legs into the stirrups with hands above you!” Adjusting all the fetters the slave was now held fast.

“You have had quite enough freedom for sometime as I have been very lenient with you for far too long. I have noticed your obvious pleasure in having your penis unfettered. Well that is at an end.” So saying she opened his crotch zip and pulled his penis and testicles through the opening. Taking a pair of circlip pliers she sprung open the ends of his thick Albert ring which passed in through his urethra and out via a piercing under the head of his penis. She removed the stainless steel ball which engaged into each end of the ring and placed it into a kidney shaped stainless steel bowl.

“It’s time you were put back into your chastity device.” So saying she applied silicon lube to the head of his penis which rose ready for action. Then opening the black retaining ring of the chastity device she fitted and closed it around the base of his scrotal sack. She waited patiently for his penis to resume its flaccid state then expertly slid it into the hollow chastity tube which held and stopped any erection. Fitting the various spacers she completed his confinement by threading a small black padlock through the locking device. She inserted his Albert ring through the eye of his penis, expanded the thick ring and replaced the ball. From the slit in the black CB 2000 his penis ring emerged. “Now I am going to re-catheterise you so you will be under my control”. He groaned knowing what was to come but his penis head showed that this was an erotic experience for him. The insertion complete his Mistress stood back as if judging a work of art.

“There slave that’s better no more erection for you, no more freedom to allow your penis to swell. Each time your penis tries to become erect you will have the physical feedback of knowing you are my slave under my total control. There don’t you just love my control of you!?”

Pure masochistic love over took her slave he nodded enthusiastically. She fitted nipple clamps to his pert nipples; he was in ecstasy.

The ride up to London on the big motorcycle was pure joy to both of them. They were both dressed identically in latex catsuits with open faced helmets however he was again fitted with the lifelike latex rubber mask which covered his slave helmet. He was gagged under the mask. Over their suits they wore leather riding apparel and over that they were sealed into the shiny PVC one-piece rainsuits. Collection of the few remaining small items completed they returned in the late evening after a stroll down the Embankment still clad in their PVC suits.

People took no notice of the pair.

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Story continues in Chapter 7

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