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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 5: Total Enclosure Suit

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; outfits; cath; outdoors; breathplay; femdom; bdsm; electro; torment; urine; denial; cons; X

continued from chapter four

Chapter 5: Total Enclosure Suit

It was early May a carpet of bluebells in the woods combined with the light green of the newly formed canopy of leaves overhead leant a lovely hue to what was turning out to be a warm spring day. The Mistress made her way to the centre of the woods. There beneath the tall trees in a small enclosure stood a 4 seater swing complete with a Kent pegged tiled roof sheltering the bench. Shiny PVC padded cushions in gleaming black provided comfort for the sitter. The Mistress placed herself in the middle spreading out the full skirt of her SBR each side of her, she luxuriated in the feel of the two rods she was wearing as they were pushed deeper into her latex clad body.

Her mackintosh keeping her warm and protected she was excited by the new development and thought of her own slave within a sealed environment having to complete the task she had set him. The fact that he had no choice or say in the matter, his whole life being run by her, every minute of every hour of every day of every night, week, month and on and on into the future was deeply satisfying to her. She took great sexual pleasure from using her rubberised slave plaything as and when she dictated. As a devoted rubber couple it was a fundamental tenet that they would both wear latex as their default setting. For her seeing her slave enshrouded in latex was sexually highly provocative.

She let her mind drift, ‘Will my slave accomplish the task I have set him, or have I overstepped the mark? Does he have a choice? No, I know he will succeed even though I have many trials to test his devotion to me as the hours pass.’

She took some comfort in knowing her slave capabilities. She closed her eyes, her cheeks flushed by her rising sexual desires. Drifting in a haze of sexual delight she was brought back to reality by the sound of a twig snapping close by. Coming along the path towards her was her slave, the total enclosure suit sending starbursts of reflected sun light from its obsidian surface. She could make out the helmeted face of her slave through the vinyl visor of the suit. She beckoned her slave towards her then instructed him to sit beside her.

“Time for rehydration slave and as a special treat I am going to donate my own liquid to you first. Now down on your knees between my legs!”

So saying she unbuttoned the double breasted front of of her mackintosh up to her tightly belted waist to reveal her own urine collection bag connected to the catheter she wore. It was very nearly full with golden liquid. Unbuckling the white latex retaining straps and closing the valve she removed it from her latex covered thigh and connected it to her slave’s oesophageal tube.

“Now watch slave as you receive my gift to you!”

He couldn’t take his eyes off his Mistress spread thighs clad in black latex, the crotch zip slightly open with catheter tube lying snake like on the black PVC cushion. He was excited beyond measure by this rarely seen sight, his manhood seeking a reward. The Mistress had always had him blindfolded and gagged when she made use of him.

“Slave!” He needed no second reminder his eyes focussed on the empting drainage bag.

“Right slave, you may take a seat beside me. He did as instructed. Buttoning up her mackintosh the Mistress stood up then bent down to examine her slave’s external collection bag. It was completely full. The same procedure took place as before the collection hanging from a hook in the roof of the swing.

“Slave you may rest until instructed, now relax. Your have many hours ahead of you.”

Reaching across to her slave her body pressed against his chest as she released the presstud holding the blindfold to his visor to allow it to flap down and plunge him into complete darkness. She pressed home the two fastening studs to seal the blindfold in place. He tried to relax into the black universe but was so excited by the presence of his Mistress sitting close beside him that he was unable to do so. It was as if she intuitively knew what effect she had on her slave as she kept lifting the full skirt of her SBR to make macking sounds as the stiff material flopped and created it own special music He had no idea as to time passing, he was only aware of his own urgency to fulfil the task set by his beloved Mistress. They sat thus for 15 minutes then the blindfold was released and he was instructed to continue.

Leaving the woods he emerged into bright sunlight. Within minutes he felt hot latex against his undersuit he moved with a steady purposeful gait knowing that this was going to be a test of stamina; he had to conserve energy if he was to last the course. He crossed the extensive lawns making the most of shadows cast by the trees dotted around then sought shady areas to add to his accumulating distance.

Entering the shade of the wood and closing on the swing which had been deserted for what he reckoned was the last three hours. He was surprised to see this Mistress reclining on the seat dressed as before but with a black rubber shoulder bag. She allowed him to approach on his tramp until he was past her then called out, her voice icy cold. He immediately realised his error and his heart sank.

“Slave! You did not show obsequence to me. Come here immediately!” He turned knowing he was in serious trouble.

“Kneel slave! and kiss my boots!” He did as instructed.

“Now slave come closer.” He edged closer until he was immediately in front of her. Her legs each side of him. She reached forward and closed and sealed the flap down blindfold.

“Remain where you are slave.”

She opened the shoulder bag and removed a sealed polythene bag. From it she extracted a large piece of sponge soaked in her urine the amber liquid dripping from it. Opening the top of the aroma back pack she fished out the collection of old latex pieces replacing them with the sponge. She closed the flap then opened the bottom one and fitted the flap with the smallest holes thus reducing the amount of air passing through the aroma bag. Her slave would have to work hard for every breath.

Suddenly his air supply reduced drastically causing him to stain for each lungful. He was immediately aware of the overpowering smell of his Mistresses urine. He gagged for a moment then overcame his bodies reaction. ‘I’m breathing my Mistresses body liquid aroma; the fact that it is her urine and I’ve never experienced it before is in itself exciting!’ His thoughts turned to his condition, ‘I’m her slave and as such I know I have no say in whatever she decides; this is a completely new departure; the start of her recycling and conservation drive’.

He was brought abruptly from his musings.

“Slave I am punishing you for your lapse. The fact that you are being made to inhale the aroma of my urine as well as having your breathing restricted is but a part of your punishment.” So saying she turned up the Erostech controls to a level she knew her slave could only just manage. He shuddered and bent forward in his attempt to absorb the continuous electrical pulses. Gaining control he stood to attention his head held high. “Further, you will now remain on this seat for one hour. I shall be here to increase your torment so you need have no fear of falling asleep. Now climb onto the swing!”

By the end of the hour he was being sorely tested by his Mistresses attentions. He was just able to take the e-stim but knew from past experiences that the constant stimulation gradually built-up the torment until his whole universe was filled with a special kind of pain unique to e-stim. His breathing was laboured every breath had to be sucked via the dreaded aroma casket the stench of urine reminded him of this indiscretion. To add to his woes his Mistress fed his own urine saying “There slave you have begun to contribute in your own way to my recycling program.”

He was released, his breathing restriction put back to that previously applied and the e-stim switched off. Standing before his Mistress waiting for her permission to begin walking again he was now very anxious to continue. It was, he estimated, mid afternoon; it had clouded over and subtle clues of lengthening shadows made him keen to commence walking again.

“Slave you have covered 8 kilometres so far but still have 10 to go. It looks like you will be walking long into the night to accomplish my directions.” Adding, “I must say you look very rubbery in my own designed total enclosure suit. The fact that you are self contained and recycling the liquids I choose to feed you excites me no end; I love the way I can just see your eyes peeking through your slave helmet doubly sealed as you are within two suits. The vinyl visor allows me to see you through two clear sealings; you can see but not too clearly whilst I can see perfectly, but then I am your Mistress and you are my slave and as such must be grateful for any small mercies I deign to allow you. Now off you go! Do remember my strict rule of showing obsequence otherwise suffer the consequences!”

It came on to rain later as he continued on his long walk his Hazmat suit gleaming wet, the visor spotted with rain drops which coalesced then slid off the vinyl in rivulet’s down over his Haz Mat suit. Although now weary he was no longer being heated by the spring sun and had stopped sweating he could feel a build up of liquid in his slave suit feet but at least his eyes were not stinging from sweat which trickled into them. He took stock; ‘I love walking in the rain fully protected from any ingress of rain, completely protected, invulnerable sealed completely in rubber hearing the rain splashing harmlessly from my suit knowing that I could remain like this for as long as my Mistress dictates without one drop of rain wetting me. To feel the constant embrace of latex all over my body and knowing now that I am at one with rubber is so very exciting. I remember in the early days when my Mistress told me of her decision to keep me totally encapsulated in latex my heart leaped for joy; only to find that to live like this demanded total discipline and commitment. My body fought against the total covering in every way it could skin problems and the like with me being, as it were, bombarded from two fronts. On the one hand the demands from my Mistress and on the other from my body. For a long time my body and part of my mind fought against my Mistresses demands; I couldn’t sleep for long, had itches was irritable and completely out of sorts. At one time I desperately wanted to give up and never wear latex again. It was only my Mistresses complete control over me and her determination to break down any independent thought of my own which eventually won the titanic battle Now without being completely covered in latex I feel I cannot exist, I am at one with latex rubber totally committed’

He stopped for a moment and stood completely still; his penis tumescent, his body relaxed. ‘Mistress I thank you for all your ‘gifts’, trials and challenges; I am your proud slave!’ All he could hear was the drumming rain on his special suit.

As the light faded into nightfall the rain increased in intensity. Suddenly there before him appeared his Mistress an apparition in her long black SBR mackintosh with full latex helmet. She was carrying a powerful lantern in one hand. From her shoulder a black rubber satchel. The lantern illuminated her dripping wet mackintosh as ever, so tightly belted her full breasts tenting the double breasted fit of the shiny black rubber mackintosh made up of the special impermeable material.

He knelt before her placing his head on her muddy rubber boot staying in that position as her acolyte.

“Stand slave it is time for your feed. I expect you will be feeling very hungry by now so I have made a special mix up for you. Of course you will not have the pleasure of tasting it, but then why should you, you are my slave, under my control, and you are my fully rubberised plaything. Now follow me to the swing.” So saying she walked ahead of her slave her silhouette exciting her slave.

He could feel the warmth in the back of his throat as the liquid flowed into his empty stomach via the imbedded feeding tube but no taste could be discerned. Rain cascaded from the tiled roof of the swing falling just in front of their feet. His Mistress handed him and pad and pen.

“Slave tell me about your sensations now as you stop for a brief rest and feeding. And then how you are fairing in you set task; hold nothing back!”

As the mixture flowed into him the slave began writing. At length he handed back the pad; it read:

Mistress to attend to me over the passing hours makes any demands you make of me turn from potentially endless drudgery into highly exciting and for me sexually charged events. To know that I am under your care gives me a warm feeling and makes any suffering my way of thanking you. To feel warmth in my feeding tube tells me that you have taken the trouble to warm the special mix rather than just feed it at room temperature fluids. Although tired now I am completely focused on completing my task; Mistress you excite your slave to the point of distraction, Mistress, I love, adore, worship and serve you: I am your willing slave.

PS You look stunning in your wet mackintosh and Mistress helmet!”

She attached the lantern to a hook in the apex of the swing and relaxing began reading; whilst doing so, the slave took chance to turn his head and look at her. He felt himself overflowing with love and devotion towards his Mistress. A tug on his catheter told him that his penis was erect. The Mistress looked up to see her slave obviously taking some sort of pleasure within his confinement.

“Slave is there no end to your masochism! Is there nothing I can do which stops you turning my demands on you into a sexually rewarding experience; what a totally dedicated rubber slave I have the good fortune to control. I can see that I shall have to be even more devious and demanding of you. Now you have had enough of breathing in the scent of my body fluids it’s time for a change and I know you will just love this one! Stand up whilst I attend to you.”

She removed the urine soaked sponge and using a damp cloth thoroughly cleaned the compartment. Then opening a polythene bag she took out a number of cotton wool balls and filled and closed the aroma chamber. Her slave had no choice but to inhale. An intense breath taking aroma flooded his lungs. Instinctively he dropped to his knees and placed his head on his Mistresses wet boots, the cascade of rain falling from the roof of the swing splashed harmlessly of his suit.

“My I can see I’ve excited you slave; now stand whilst I adjust both the e-stim to just above your comfort level; after all I know that as the hours pass so you ability to take more e-stim increases and anyway I plan to progressively increase your ability to raise your capacity to take the exquisite pleasure/pain of e-stim. I shall also adjust your breathing filter, as I have often told you, there can be no pleasure without some pain.” She placed a small inlet flap to restrict his breathing somewhat and set the e-stim just above comfort level. “Now you have both the pleasure of breathing in my favourite perfume ‘Red’ together with some pain to remind you at all times that you are my very own devoted slave.” Bending down the lantern illuminated the pedometer and his drainage bag.

“Still some way to go slave, you had better keep going I will empty your bag when I next attend to you, now off you go the rain will keep you from overheating.”

He was attended to twice during the night; each time his Mistress toyed with him egging him on to complete the task she had set him some 20 odd hours ago and informing him of the consequences of not doing so as she kept up his liquid levels. She was pleased to note the colour of is urine indicated that all was well with her regime of recycling. Finally she took the opportunity to snatch a brief rest setting her alarm for three hours ahead then still dressed head to toe in latex she pulled the scarlet latex sheet over her. Sleep came immediately.

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Story continues in Chapter 6

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