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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 4: Living Rubber Toy

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; outfits; cath; mud; messy; outdoors; breathplay; torment; femdom; bond; electro; sex; climax; cons; X

continued from chapter three

Chapter 4: Living Rubber Toy

The normal regime continued apart from the slave being taken off the liquid diet to allow him to build up reserves. Some weeks late every item had been assembled and stored in the dungeon. The final delivery arrived from the States. It was the Aquala drysuit with a special modification; the fitting of a watertight drainage valve which would allow the enema tubing to be used if the slave was placed under water. This drysuit completed all items listed on the ‘RECYCLING list’, the slave had been place on the liquid only diet some days before and was completely ‘clean’; He was informed that the initial trials would commence at the next session.

Lying on his back in the gynaecological bench, legs in stirrups arms extended above him, held aloft by chains attached to a spreader bar he felt very vulnerable. The Mistress in full white latex surgical outfit even to the white rubber boots and face mask loomed over him.

“Slave this will be the first time you have been catheterised , it will not be the last catheterization as catheterization is very much part of the recycling paradigm as it allows continuous free flow of urine from your body. It underlines, most importantly, my absolute control over you, another independent autonomous area of control taken away from you!”

At this message the slave groaned and wriggled as a spasm of masochistic delight coursed through his mind, his penis swelled to be constrained by the chastity device. He gloried in his controlled condition. A gloved hand unzipped his crotch to expose his trapped penis. Taking a key from the thong around her neck the mistress unlocked and removed the polished hard black plastic CB 2000. Immediately his tumescent penis erected stiff ready for action. The Mistress ceremoniously opened the sterile pack of thin latex gloves then carefully pulled them on over her undergloves then took a medical wipe from the kidney bowl and carefully wiped the head of the staining penis. Then placed a glob of KY over the eye of his penis before opening the sterile packet containing the self retaining catheter guage14. She smiled under her latex mask which was reflected in her eyes.

“Slave I want you to describe all sensations you feel as I catheterise you; begin now!”

“Mistress to be unfettered from my chastity device is pure pleasure and delight and to have you handling me is ecstasy. The cool lubricant is a lovely sensation. I can feel the head of the catheter nosing into my urethra now, wow! Slight discomfort...I feel as if I want to urinate! ...I am sooo excited ...Ah, yes, you are pushing it deeper.....yes, keep going, wow! slight discomfort now which I gladly accept. Now I can feel slight pressure as it probes deeper into my body.....Steady please Mistress.... Agghh yes now there is no pain only an intense desire to urinate.”

“Slave you are now catheterised with drainage taking place form your bladder. The head of the catheter is deep within your bladder and all that remains is for me to inflate the retaining bulb which will anchor it until I decide to remove it. I am now pressing the external bladder at the base of the catheter filled with sterile water which will inflate the latex bulb at the head of the catheter and stop it from sliding out. There, now I am going to try to pull the catheter out. Yes, you are now fully catheterised with the self retaining catheter; good!”

The slaved penis was still fully erect.

“Slave is there no end to your masochism; you delight me!” With that she tucked his penis back into his suit and closed the zipper. Releasing him she instructed him to dress in the Aquala drysuit but not before fitting him with a black latex drainage leg bag which she connected to the catheter. Pulling the heavy watertight zip down from shoulders and across his body she sealed him into the drysuit. She pulled up the open faced hood over his slave helmet and fitted a dive mask.

“You look every inch the frogman of my fantasies. I am taking you to Pegwell Bay mud flats now where we can have fun together. Now help me into my drysuit.” Unbeknown to her slave she had ordered a matching female suit from Aquala. “We will ride the motorcycle there both clad as we are but with our black PVC oversuits covering us. We shall both wear masks and snorkels to allow us to play once on the mud flats.”

Clinging to her slave with her arms wrapped around his slim waist she was excited to be carried on the high powered machine its throbbing engine felt through the seat adding to her pleasure. The full faced crash helmet with tinted lens allowed her to see out but no one to see in. Her slave had a similar helmet. She loved the sensation associated with motorcycling and the protective nature of the waterproof oversuits which allowed for any number of exciting fetish outfit to be worn under the covering. She had always been excited by motorcycles especially the sensation of speed, leaning into the bends clinging as one together; the acceleration and the ability to cover long distances with ease. The sensation of riding close to each other as one unit was quite simply a sexual delight.

Now walking out across the deserted mud flats bar except for one or two distant figures digging for bait they were alone. She in the lead her slave a couple of paces behind both masked and snorkelled breathing entirely through their mouths, their noses enclosed in the dive masks. There were no words spoken as they progressed towards the area which had the deeper mud and a number of water filled pools. Suddenly she turned and grabbing hold of her slave she flung her arms around his neck and pressed her twice suited body against his, her pupils dilated she gazed into her slave eyes, her eyes shining with pleasure. She felt totally sexy her vaginal dildo giving her deep pleasure until she could undress her slave and make use of him on their return.

Letting go of her arms she slid down to a kneeling position in the oozing mud. Then holding him fast around the knees she pushed him backwards. He landed flat on his back but before he had chance to recover she had climbed on top of him straddling him and pinning him to the oozing mud. From the thigh pocket of her drysuit she produced a black latex rebreathing bag which she inflated then slid over his snorkel tube. He was now sealed within a closed system. She watched fascinated as the bladder pulsed as though alive. She knew that because of CO2 build up that this could only ever be a temporary sealing. Looking down on his protective rubber dry suit she felt a surge of pure love towards her erstwhile slave. There was a deep symbiosis between them. He made no attempt to spit out the mouth piece as stale air built to the point of him seeing dark spots between his eyes. The bladder began flopping then collapsed completely. She removed it to allow her slave to suck in lungfuls of life giving air. This was a game they had played many times before. She tucked the latex rebreather bag back into her thigh pocket and clipped the male/female fastener together. She ground her crotch on to what she perceived as his tumescent penis. He raised his trapped hips to meet her. For a while they enjoyed the secret intimacy her back arched her breasts thrust forward against the thick rubber of her drysuit.

Suddenly without warning she was thrust upwards and to the side losing her balance and toppling off her position. Slave taking the initiative climbed on top of her and pinned her wrists to the mud. The positions had been reversed. She stared up at her slave giggling making strange sub vocal sounds from the end of her snorkel. She loved the game they were playing and struggled hard to escape her captor.

She felt a growing sexual tension a thin pattener of moisture beneath her latex suit added to his excitement as parts of her catsuit slid across her skin. Her slave now released her wrists and began massaging her breasts, the wet cloying mud acting as a lubricant. Scooping handfuls of mud she began coating his thighs. Their black suits progressively turning a deep mud brown. Climbing off her they both delighted in rolling in the ooze then crawling towards the muddy water filled pit. Sliding into it they kept their heads just above the water. They knew this pool from past trips; it allowed them to both stand up with feet sinking up to just above their ankles. They both delighted in the tight caress of their drysuits as water pressure imposed its squeeze, knowing that they were completely watertight and invulnerable; air being vented via the dump valves at shoulder level. She clung to him opening her legs wide and encircling his waist with them her arms around his neck seeking to be at one together. He ducked beneath the water taking her with him. Now breathing via the snorkels they remained there for some time in the stygian darkness of their watery environment. The fun continued until they were both getting cool. They crawled out of the pool their suits wet and shiny; most of the thicker mud having been washed off. Now gloved hand in hand they made their way back to the bike. Once there she removed his snorkel and spoke.

“What fun my rubber slave but now back to reality; take me home I want to use you. I have a thirst which needs slacking!”

The powerful pressure washer removed any muddy stains from their oversuits and dry suits; the Mistress taking delight in hosing her slave to gleaming perfection before it was her turn


She spread eagled her slave to the corners of her latex enshrouded bed. The crimson latex sheets setting off his polished black suit. Unzipping the crotch access point she nimbly fished out his straining penis with catheter tube snaking out from the eye and descending to the black latex collection bag strapped to his thigh he had partly filled. She disconnected the tube and removed the thigh collection bag. Opening her latex suit she straddled her slave’s penis and began feeding the catheter tube into her latex occluded lubricated vaginal entrance, her wringing wet vagina, sealed from any contact with her slave. She settled herself down over his firm penis. Her slave had been ceremoniously blindfolded and gagged once on her bed. She wanted to use him for her own ends; he had no part to play other than to remain a sealed, blindfolded mute rubber toy providing her with multiple pleasures. He had been trained to delay his orgasm until instructed. She squeezed his penis between her vaginal walls taking intense delight in feeling the heavily ribbed covering enshrouding his penis.

Now building towards a ‘pleasure’ she gazed down on her mute slave the inflation bulb dangling obscenely from his gagged mouth. Yes, yes, my fantasy to have a living rubber toy to use and abuse to keep entirely rubberised for my own pleasure; A devoted slave who excites me enormously who is a willing recipient of all that I visit upon him. He is a true masochist who exists entirely for my pleasure, who takes pleasure in my sadistic devious ways of testing his devotion to me. She was overwhelmed by the thoughts of having such an object before her. Agh. yes, yes I’m coming.’ She was now completely overwhelmed totally out of control now. She held her breath to add to the racking pleasure which now took her to new heights. Still mounted she flopped forward on to the chest of her slave. Star bursts gradually receding as she gasped for breath. 45 minutes later, having enjoyed untold pleasures she commanded her slave to take pleasure. Rolling his nipples between her gloved hands she teased him until he was making mute grunting noises then increased the pressure and began speaking to him in her most dominating voice of ice

“Slave you are my plaything completely sealed in latex because I demand that you should be. My domination and control of you is total, your life depends on me, your pain is my pleasure, it is unending, and my domination and control of you is total. I am going to keep you under my control forever” Adding, the key words “ ... and you know it is for your own good, don’t you!..... Now come to me slave!”

All desires now focused on his own pleasures the slave raised his hips to spear his Mistress the deeper and began to do as commanded. Trashing his bondaged head from side to side he was lost deep in his own dark universe. Riding her slave the Mistress increased the pressure on his nipples as he squirmed under her direct control. His pleasure went on and on until he lay spent panting and desperately trying to suck air into his lungs via the small nose holes of his helmet.

“Good slave my control of you is total. I am pleased to see you come on my command, in the past you haven’t had the self control and have paid dearly for it. Now rest awhile.” She climbed off and left the room.

Now back in his cell under the taut latex oversheet he awaited his Mistresses pleasure. He was wide awake deeply excited at the prospect of beginning the new ‘Conservation and recycling’ program which he knew was immanent. The Mistresses parting words had made him realise just how far he had developed as her slave; He took great pride in his achievement under her tutelage. He lay totally at piece in his containment; at one with rubber. The Mistress entered his cell strutted over to him in towering stilettos setting off the obsidian black latex cat suit with integral helmet. Unlocking the fetter which connected his slave collar to the head of his sleeping platform she instructed him to sit up.

The Mistress wheeled in a trolley on which rested a heap of black latex and the Erostech box with all attachments. “Stand slave!”

He did as instructed. She unlocked the small padlock at the crown of his head and began unzipping the two zips peeling back the integral helmet of his latex suit to expose his nipples. She carefully placed the gel pads and connected the wires then rezipped and padlocked his suit. Opening his crotch zip she took hold of his genitalia, his penis erect with the catheter hanging down. She fixed an electro band around the shaft then around the base of his testicles before connecting up the wires and closing the zip.

“Good slave I see you are excited at the prospect of todays session. I can assure you that you will remember it well. As part of our preparation for my conservation and recycling drive I have a new total enclosure suit and rebreathing aroma cask which you will wear for the next 24 hours. Now swallow your feeding tube as I want to keep you hydrated. The mask you will wear has a connection which will allow access to this so I can give you liquids when I choose. Your catheter will be connected to a drainage device which again has an external connection bag fixed to the outside of your Hazmat suit so it can be drained.” Adding after a pause, “and recycled.” The heavy latex suit was essentially a devious copy of a Haz Mat suit with its own fetishistic refinements.

Heavy rubber boots and gloves were an integral part. He was instructed to don this suit which he did. Finally ducking his head under and into the headpiece a small clear vinyl rectangle allowed him to view the world from within the suit through two lens of vinyl. A flap which would act as a blindfold was press studded open above the vinyl visor. The closing zip, a watertight drysuit type zip began to the right side of the small of his back and extended up vertically to the back the crown of his head where it took a horizontal path before descending down wards to the left side of the small of his back. A locking device was engaged to stop any attempt at removal. At the back of the suit a rucksack like pack and shoulder straps were fitted over the slaves Haz Mat suit. Extending out from the top of the pack were four hoses which entered the Haz Mat suit and were connected to an ori-nasal breathing mask with fixing straps which would be worn within the suit. This had been carefully fitted over the slave’s latex helmet prior to the closing of the watertight zip. He had no choice but to inhale. He breathed in tentively to receive the pungent aroma of old latex. This was a new departure. ‘Wow not only wearing rubber but breathing it as well!’

Across the top of the back pack was a sealed flap, there was one at bottom of the back pack to allow access to the back pack which comprised the aroma pack. The top one gave access to the pack which was presently holding a loose arrangement of old latex clothing. The bottom flap regulated the amount of air entering the aroma pack. A series of latex flaps with all but one having perforations to allow the Mistress complete control over the aroma filled air which would enter her slave’s lungs. At present the flap with the largest holes was engaged.

“There slave, all complete! You are now sealed into this special suit and will remain so for the next 24 hours. I am now going to hydrate you with a special liquid which will both excite you and keep you hydrated.” She walked around to the front of him holding up a clear latex collection bladder distended form the amber liquid contained within it. His heart missed a beat he knew instinctively what it contained. This was a completely new departure.

His Mistress looking resplendent in jet black catsuit and helmet with clinched waist took hold of the external feeding tube and connected it with the distended bladder which she held high above his head.

“You are now receiving my golden nectar as a special treat as you begin the build up to my planned long term conservation and recycling program, and to mark this auspicious day. You are locked into my special design suit completely enclosing you. The wires from your nipples and genitalia exit through an air tight grommet; the Erostech control box is held by a special pocket just under the bottom entrance to the aroma pack. You are now totally sealed from any external contamination, the aroma filled air you breathe is filtered prior to entering the aroma pack. You already know that you are to remain within this system for the next 24 hours beginning now. What you don’t know is that you have been set a special task by me!” Her voice took on the icy tone which sent a shiver of apprehension through her slave. “In the next twenty four hour you must walk 18 Kilometres, and,” she added, “not fall asleep at any time. You know the consequences of disobedience, don’t you slave?”

A muffled sound issued form the special Haz Mat suit confirming that he fully understood the direction.

“I shall now fit a pedometer to your ankle which has been calibrated to your pace.” She bent down and attached it.

“Right slave to help you in your quest I am allowing you the privilege of making use of the garden and woods”. She closed on her slave and switched on the Erostech 312 setting it at a level which she knew her slave could tolerate. She knew from experience that she could increase the settings as time passed. Within the closed environment he had been placed in the slave felt first his nipples then testicles being stimulated. He loved the sensations and his penis stiffening in response. “Mistress I love you, adore worship and serve you; this is what I have always desired I am in heaven now completely sealed away and under your absolute control. This is what I have always desired; I will rise to your challenge and complete the 18 Kilometres”.

Trudging along the paths within the small woodland he was bathed in sweat, the heavy suit over his slave suit made every step difficult. The eye lens of his slave helmet was partially misted up. He still had to breathe the pungent latex aroma filling his lungs. He knew he just had to complete the 18K within the allotted time.

As he made his way towards the large Georgian three story house the Mistress appeared from the front door way dressed in fully buttoned up SBR and sou’wester, her corseted waist allowing for a very narrow profile. She approached her slave and stopped his forward progress by standing immediately in front of him. Some two hours had elapsed. In her gloved hand she carried what appeared to be a small hot water bottle in transparent rubber. From where the stopper would normally be there exited a thin tube. Without a word she connected the device to his feeding tube then spoke,

“Follow me slave.” She led him to stand under one of the many trees in the garden where she hung up the feeding bag. He watched fascinated as the liquid gradually drained into him. He was completely unable to discern anything happening apart from a slight fullness in his stomach.

“Keep going slave, I shall attend to you again in due course”. She patted him on the bottom then turned and walked away towards the woods.

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Story continues in Chapter 5

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