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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 3: Mistress's Recycling Scheme

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; latex; suit; corset; hood; gag; straitjacket; feeding; chast; enema; nipple; breathplay; torment; femdom; cons; X

continued from chapter two

Chapter 3: Mistress's Recycling Scheme

Having been fed the liquid diet and taken his daily enema he was taken to the dungeon. There his Mistress in an obsidian black catsuit with crimson corset both polished to perfection awaited him. Her eyes and glossed lips accentuated by the latex helmet she was wearing.

“Slave place yourself at the St Andrews cross.”

Now securely bondaged with no movement possible he waited for her to speak. She played with his nipples until they tented his suit then applied heavy clamps before sitting directly in front of him the cat-of-nine tales across her lap.

“Right slave to business, one of the reasons for your liquid diet was that prior to attending the Conservation Conference I had been increasingly aware of the need for conservation in every area of mans existence on this planet, especially in our day to day living. As a responsible Mistress I felt I should be contributing in my own way to supporting this movement. What fascinated me was the actual reality of recycling our waste and conserving precious resources. Whilst there one lecture caught my attention in particular, it dealt with how astronauts exist in space by recycling everything sealed, as they are, within a life supporting environment. Of course my devious mind found all this fascinating; the idea of men and women being sealed with in their own purpose made space suits which I learnt incidentally are made up of many layers of protective material, one being rubber which totally seals the individual within his or her space suit. A back pack recycles all liquids, air and waste matter or stores it for disposal at a later stage when the astronauts’ suit is removed”.

“Well”, she continued, “back to my reason for putting you on a liquid only diet was I wanted to prepare you for anything that might arise. To tell you the truth I am both very excited at the endless possibilities arising and am fully committed to organising my own completely fetishistic program, as my personal contribution to conservation and recycling which I shall be applying especially to you. As you are already completely encapsulated and sealed in latex this is all to the good, but that in itself is not enough. In discussion with the NASA space experts I learned a lot about the equipment needed to make long term recycling possible, also about the body’s ability to do its own recycling utilising every last morsel of useful material. The idea of recycling exhaled air form the lungs is far simpler than I realised. So again I envisage conserving air supplies by clever recycling.”

Now in her stride the Mistress was notably sexually excited at the idea of recycling; her voice had assumed a huskiness which her slave read as a clear indication of her growing sexual arousal. She continued.

“I can see a time when I can begin an extended experiment with you as my subject. I know it is possible to recycle all liquids leaving the body. Equally the air you breathe can be recycled. As for solid waste, well there will be very little especially as you will exist on a pure liquid diet. Of course you will continue to be washed out regularly. This new recycling regime will be my own special way of contributing to actual recycling, it will also be very sexually exciting way of underling my absolute domination of you!”

As if to underline her dominance she moved very close to her bondaged slave totally invading his personal space and removed the nipples clamps and began flicking his nipples who responded by tenting the tight latex covering. She began rolling them between her gloved fingers, looking directly into his eyes she smiled and blew a kiss to her slave who responded by rapidly blinking his eyes at her and gasping as she tightened her grip. It was clear that they were both very excited.

“Slave in the first instant I shall need to assemble all equipment needed to begin this experiment. This will fall into ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ categories, ‘Hard’ will be engineering whilst ‘Soft’ will be medical and consumables, items which will have a short lifespan as they are used to keep you in an excellent state of health. As you know I find the whole concept of total power exchange most exhilarating. When we were first together you handed over to me, any independence you had whilst I delighted and took very seriously your gift of your independence. You trusted me to take all responsibility for you as we explored the delights of our rubberist world. We have travelled a long road together; you as my subservient slave, with me taking absolute control and responsibility for you. You are now permanently without any decision making, existing only to please me; your only responsibility is to accept my gifts of total latex rubber bondage. You are my devoted slave; I am your all controlling Mistress. You are totally masochistic whilst I am now almost totally sadistic enjoying and taking enormous sexual delight in planning and executing my increasingly devious designs on you! ”

“Tomorrow I shall take you to London with me where we shall purchase a large part of the equipment needed. Now whilst you remain in bondage, as befits your station as my slave I shall see to the preparation of a list of equipment I shall need. When I have completed it you may see it and add any suggestions which you feel either I have inadvertently missed out or would add to the success of this endeavour.”

Her slave was by this time in a state of near ecstasy, as all the while she had been talking she had continued rolling his nipples increasing the pressure all the time. Applying heavy weight nipple clamps to his engorged nipples she turned and left the dungeon.


The extensive list of items needed and listed was being looked over by the Mistress prior to printing it; it read:



Compressor, air cylinders. Latex rebreather bags assorted

Breathing regulators, valves. sizes, 2,3,4,5 litre.

Hoses, high/low pressure. Catheters various gauges.

Anaesthetic equipment/ventilator. Catheterisation packs.

Entonox regulator, corrugated rubber Collection bags for urine.

Tubing and hoses. liquid diet packs.

Academic text books: ‘Oxygen, Entonox Sedation: the use of titration in sedation.’

Latex tubing, various sizes.

Boxes of steril surgical latex gloves.

External catheters.

An extensive range of equipment already existed and was held either in the dressing rooms or dungeon.

The Mistress had released her slave eventually having increased his duress by adding more weights to his clamped nipples over the passing hours.


He now looked over the list closely having been instructed to make any additional suggestion as to the equipment list.

The additional items were added to the list. These included:

Inflatable stomach sac.

This piece of specialist medical equipment comprised of a long oesophageal feeding tube that had a long thin latex balloon through which the feeding tube passed part way along it which could be inflated to block any regurgitation from the stomach. This was below the entry to the lungs so breathing would not be restricted. At the end of the feeding tube which sat in the stomach there was another balloon which could be partially or fully inflated depending on whether liquid nourishment was being delivered or the stomach was empty. When fully inflated it gave the patient the sensation of feeling full; thus overcoming the hunger pangs which her slave suffered from.

An ‘Aquala’ all rubber drysuit with integral hood all lined in smooth white rubber. Entry would be via front diagonal heavy duty waterproof zip.

A back pack enema set up which the slave would wear at the Mistresses discretion with all tubing and double inflatable sac, one internally one external to stop any leakage.


Looking at the revised list the Mistress closed on her seated slave and released his gag with the words, “Hmmm.... I can see I have a very imaginative rubber slave who is totally engaged with my plans. Tell me of your thoughts and feelings about what I have planned for you slave; I am all ears.”

He took a deep breath then began.

“Mistress when you told me of your plans on your return my heart skipped many beats. As you unfolded your devious intentions to introduce and follow a recycling program as your contribution to Conservation I was amazed excited and anxious not really knowing just how you planned to follow your idea. I knew, of course that you are both highly intelligent and devious and completely ruthless and focused on following a highly fetishistic lifestyle. The fact that you have me as your 24/7 rubberized slave and have extended me to comply with your vision of just how your plaything should be indicates to me that anything you want is possible. Now as I look at your list of equipment I am very very excited and totally committed to all your plans. You will see Mistress that I have suggested one or two additional items to your extensive list which I hope will be acceptable? As to your question ‘How I feel’? Infinitely excited.” Lowering his head he blurted out, “My penis is straining to escape its bondage and to used by you for your own pleasure!”

There was a stunned silence then she replied in an ice cold steely voice.

“Slave I shall decide when I use you next, your impertinence has been noted and will result in severe punishment! Clearly you have overstepped the mark in your excitement; remember your position! Now on with your feelings!”

“Mistress I feel at one with my rubberized state and have done so for over a year now. Initially I found it hard to accommodate to the special demands which latex made on my body but you gave me no choice but to accept it, now I feel naked and as if I have been unpeeled from my natural covering when not fully dressed. The periods when I am out of latex for showering feel unnatural; I can’t wait to be covered again. Your news of an exciting new departure has me totally in its grip. I feel highly aroused at the prospect of moving to, as it were, a more controlled existence. My whole being is at once fascinated, sexually excited, anxious and fully committed. The thought of recycling with me being the recipient of your desires and ministrations with your undivided attention is so very exciting. As you know Mistress I live to receive your attentions. Mistress, I love you, I adore you, I worship you and I serve you.”

“Slave I expect nothing less! I, like you are most excited at this new departure but in the meantime you will continue with your normal regime. We shall of course need to have extensive trials of all equipment before commencement of the full recycling regime. Now put on your heavy latex double breasted Mackintosh and bring your sou’weater with you. I shall fit you with the moulded male adult helmet which will allow you to be out in public without arousing too much attention. You will be carried as per normal in the boot for the journey up to London You will however drive me on our return”.

In complete darkness cushioned by the heavily padded latex covered lining of the boot of the Jaguar XF the slave breathed in the heady aroma of latex which permeated the boot. Three hours later in a secluded parking lot he emerged fully dressed in riding boots, mackintosh and sou’weater; the Mistress resplendent in a tightly belted matching outfit. Only another rubberist would have noticed that the male figure walked a couple of paces behind the female. By the end of the day most of the equipment had been bought or ordered for delivery. The Mistress had engaged the sales staff in each shop visited in extensive questioning as to the best purchase and best practice in using the various items. Her male companion had remained silent throughout the day.

By the time they returned it was growing dark. The automatic gates swung open to allow the Jaguar to pull up at the front door of the Georgian residence. The Housekeeper stood outside to welcome the Mistress on her return. A meal had been prepared for her in the dining room. The slave was taken off to the kitchen, fitted into the dreaded high chair and fed his liquid diet before being put to bed.

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Story continues in Chapter 4

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